diddledanwhat's the cross-platform story for ubuntu-thingies and non-ubuntu-thingies apps?00:13
diddledanit seems the only solution is "cordova"00:13
diddledanqt would be ideal except that ubuntu has components unique to ubuntu and you need to use those to get the ubuntu look-n-feel while on other platforms you just use skinned variations of the same component set (as far as I can see)00:14
diddledans/the same/a single/00:15
diddledane.g. I want to target both windows and ubuntu - so how would I build a qml frontend for that?00:16
ali1234qml is horrible for "actual" windows00:17
ali1234Qt is a huge mess of dependencies and libs00:18
diddledan"actual" windows?00:18
ali1234a in desktop yes00:18
ali1234the best cross platform library is SDL2 by about a million miles00:19
ali1234but of course it doesn't do guis00:19
ali1234so almost certainly not what you want for apps00:20
ali1234what most people do is write a core library, which is either a C++ library or a web API, and then make an app around it unique for each platform00:21
ali1234so you have a few choices for how to make a "killer" app00:23
ali1234you can make something which is effectively a webpage in an app. requires that you have access to data people can't get any other way00:24
ali1234or you can write a game00:24
diddledanI'm not sure I get what you mean with "requires that you have access to data people can't get any other way"00:24
ali1234for example all the london tube apps00:25
ali1234the only alternative is to try to use the tfl webpage and that's just a joke00:25
ali1234although that's a bad example because the data apis are public so there's already like a million of those apps00:26
ali1234last time i checked, Qt for android will increase the size of your apk by about 75mb00:28
ali1234and pretty much the same on windows00:28
ali1234in comparison, gstreamer is 12mb and SDL is about 2mb00:29
ali1234it's actually a big problem for Qt that nobody uses it by default00:30
ali1234except for... maemo and symbian... both dead00:30
ali1234and jolla/sailfish and ubuntu, both not mainstream00:31
ali1234because Qt is really a huge download if you don't already have it in your OS00:31
ali1234and people hate that00:31
diddledansucky nuts00:32
ali1234they *might* have fixed this somewhat with Qt 500:32
ali1234but... my expectations are low at this point00:32
diddledaneww - the formatting on the subpages of this page is/are evil https://developer.ubuntu.com/api/apps/html5/sdk-15.04/ContentHub/00:47
diddledanvery difficult to scan those pages without reading intently00:47
diddledane.g. "parameters" pops out several times as a section title as though that is more important than the actual function name00:48
diddledanthe vertical spacing is all wonky too - text runs-on like "destroys the remote object. this proxy object is not valid anymore.\ndirection(callback)"00:50
diddledanthe \n is newline00:50
diddledanso is that sentence describing the direction(callback) bit or the bit before it with a much larger gap00:51
diddledanseems other parts of the html5 docs are all the same, in these regards00:52
shaunohuh.  that is indeed butt-ugly00:53
diddledanthis is a good example: https://developer.ubuntu.com/api/apps/html5/sdk-15.04/UbuntuUI.Dialog/00:54
diddledanscroll down to the "show()" line00:54
diddledanHide a dialog by removing 'active' class00:54
diddledanshow(  )00:54
diddledannice, we use "show()" to hide?00:54
diddledanthe qml docs seem nicely formatted. so it's just the html5 side that's rather eye-raping00:57
shaunoI was going to say it's interesting that the qml docs get it right, but they're using table-abuse instead, which I can't condone either00:57
shaunoit's actually quite funny.  eg, https://developer.ubuntu.com/api/apps/qml/sdk-15.04/QtQuick.Drag/#dragStarted-signal00:58
diddledanoh god, the markup of the qml docs is evil00:58
shaunoeach one of those grey boxes they're using as a heading, is a table00:58
shaunoa table containing a single cell in a single row00:59
shaunowell, we know what you're doing tonight :)  I expect patches by the morning!01:00
diddledanI'm expecting they're generated somehow. so to patch it I need to figure out how they're generated01:00
shaunolooks convincing, since the qdoc.css the qml docs use, is in http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~developer-ubuntu-com-dev/developer-ubuntu-com/django-cms/files/head:/api_docs/static/api_docs/css/01:07
shaunoif not, it at least give away which team you need to go offer your bod^H^H^Hservices to01:08
shauno(also, I'm in southampton on thursday)01:09
shaunoI know.  I pick some exotic spots for summer holidays :)01:10
daftykinscould be worse, you could go wave at my old stomping grounds in Portsmouth01:11
daftykinsIBM in Apple move shocker o001:12
shaunothey must have read that article about putting them in racks01:14
shaunokinda weird to picture them moving away from thinkpads though01:15
daftykinsshows what Lenovo did with it perhaps01:16
daftykinsor more just their partnership growing01:16
shaunointersting that for all the rage ryanair get, I actually have more frustration with other airlines01:29
shaunoryanair will let me checkin up to 30 days before a flight.  flybe, 36 hours.  so on wednesday I have to make a trip to the office on my day off, just to borrow their printer01:30
mapppshi n03:34
zmoylan-piwut q03:48
mapppsthink il watch mr robot:)03:59
mapppsanyone been watching humans chan4?05:20
knightwisehey mappps , havent watched humans yet. Still on House of cards and Broadchurch05:24
mapppsahh never seen either always mant to broadchurch as bbc right?05:25
mapppshoc netflix?05:25
knightwiseits on netflix now, we watched the first season on the Bbc05:25
mapppsbroadcurch was bbc ..uk sho yea?05:27
knightwisethe american version sux05:28
mapppsah didnt know there were 205:30
knightwisesome lame american spinoff they did of season 1 .05:33
zmoylan-pihow often are remakes good?05:33
knightwisenot too often05:35
knightwiseah :) interesting material for my social engineering course :)05:36
mapppson ep2 atm of humans..seems decent06:02
mapppsdid anyone watch that misfts another one i should watch someday06:02
davmor2Morning all08:10
knightwisemornin davmor208:11
davmor2morning head songs updated and I hate Tait I am likely to travel to Derby soon to beat him mercilessly for todays song08:14
zmoylan-pithe birdie song?08:19
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)08:33
knightwisehey bigcalm zmoylan-pi08:34
* knightwise is doing some remote Rsync backups to his pi08:35
* zmoylan-pi is testing my pillow for snooze compatibility...08:35
knightwisezmoylan-pi: you lucky bugger08:37
zmoylan-pibank holiday in ireland.08:38
knightwisewhat holiday is this ?08:39
zmoylan-pithe it's the last chance of a bit of sunshine in ireland before the 13 month rainy season kicks off holiday08:40
zmoylan-piforecast is a weather warning for wind and rain08:40
davmor2knightwise: it's Ireland, It's get drunk day08:44
zmoylan-pino it's sunday 2 so you can sober up for tuesday...08:46
davmor2zmoylan-pi: ah today is sober up from being drunk day fair enough08:50
davmor2popey: oh by the way todays morning head song your fault too, you and JamesTait08:52
davmor2popey: although it is mostly Will Farrell faulty https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvRypx1lbR408:54
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:00
knightwisehey brobostigon09:10
brobostigonhi knightwise09:11
foobarrymy win7 install isn't offering me a win1009:21
zmoylan-pifoobarry must be on the naughty list... :-)09:23
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Monday and happy Watermelon Day! 😃09:25
davmor2JamesTait: for your day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RAO9Vg3wQso    for manday fun https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLBSoC_2IY8 and I hate you popey  and will farrell for this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvRypx1lbR4  that got stuck in my head this morning09:31
davmor2JamesTait: did you like that :)10:15
JamesTaitdavmor2, the watermelon one melted my brain. I haven't watched the other two, I have work to do! 😝10:16
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foobarrycool vehicle13:11
mapitoanother bad start to the da13:13
knightwiseYuck how i hate this weather13:29
mapitoi slept badly 9-3p waking up every hr;13:29
mapitonot even hot for here13:29
diddledanthis looks intriguing: https://github.com/yaronn/wopr15:19
zmoylan-pidesperate dan the cowpie man? :-)15:33
foobarryi have literally no idea what is happening15:33
davmor2Wouldn't you rather play a nice game of chess15:34
foobarryno i'd like to play thermonuclear war15:34
foobarryi should have clicked the link15:35
davmor2zmoylan-pi: http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/LocationPhotoDirectLink-g187065-d1077385-i39205908-Mad_O_Rourkes_Pie_Factory-Dudley_West_Midlands_England.html15:36
MartijnVdSso this is in my town http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-3376280616:48
daftykinsoh i didn't know Cilla Black died16:56
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daftykinsMartijnVdS: found the video of that :S https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHlfK0Ed8Zk17:08
MartijnVdSdaftykins: yeah, that was on national TV there's one from the other side as well (with a very screamy young lady)17:09
knightwisefor anyone who has an XPS13 : Bios A05 is out!17:56
daftykinssome guy was claiming Dell have stopped selling the developer edition o017:56
popeythey temporarily withrew it17:56
daftykinshrmm, any clue why ?17:56
popeyto integrate fixes into the factory17:56
popeybasically qa fail17:56
daftykinsis that why the site only says 'get pricing' now?17:57
zmoylan-pidell has qa??17:57
* knightwise is still pretty happy with his17:57
davmor2popey: oi leave us out of it nothing to do with us ;)17:57
popeyI didn't say it was :þ17:57
daftykinswho is 'us' o017:57
popeyhe works in qa17:57
directhexrare replay out tomorrow. exciting game launch!17:59
popeyno goldeneye :(17:59
directhexpopey: licensing for that one was basically impossible17:59
directhexdonkey kong games also absent. nintendo has all the rights for those18:00
directhexstill, viva pinata is amazing18:01
directhexand the less-censored n64 version of conker's bad fur day18:01
directhexand blast corps! blast corps is amazing18:01
daftykins3pm tomorrow for the xbox gamescom event i believe18:02
directhexwon't be watching. too busy playing blast corps!18:11
directhexapparently the worst thing by a wide margin in rare replay is the controls for jet force gemini being staggeringly awful18:11
ali1234battletoads :)18:30
ali1234popey: it has perfect dark, that's basically the same game as goldeneye18:30
mapitoblst corps?18:31
Nokajijust got my blu ray semi-usable an I must say as a non-film watcher, DVD sucks for quality and blu-ray blew me away (that almost rhymes), not blur(a)y at all18:41
zmoylan-pii watch most tv shows on a 7" tablet so blu ray is wasted on me.  most of the films i buy are ancient so will have no benefit on blu ray.  my eye sight sucks so 50"+ screen is wasted on me.18:43
Myrtti_knightwise: does it matter which XPS13?18:44
NokajiWell, i won't be watching too many movies so in that respect, it is wasted on me however for the first time in 3~4yrs (I forget), I can see the benefits of my23.5" IPS display18:45
NokajiI don't watch TV either18:45
mapitospain time18:46
mapitogoing to chinese all you can et and drink18:47
mapito20 euros;D18:47
directhexmapito: blast corps was an interesting and unique n64 game19:09
ali1234out of accelerometer, gyro, compass, which one would you think would be most affected by EM interference?19:15
ali1234that's what i thought too19:16
ali1234but it turns out the answer is accelerometer19:16
diddledangyro should be the most stable19:16
daftykinssurely they have very different assembly19:16
ali1234daftykins: they are all mems - they're all in one chip19:16
ali1234anyway in the graph blue is compass, green in gyro and red is accelerometer19:17
ali1234and black is motor speed19:17
ali1234i suppose the accelerometer could be picking up vibration19:18
diddledanyes it could19:18
ali1234the wheels aren't actually touching the ground though19:19
diddledanyou should test it with an em source that isn't moving19:19
ali1234i dunno if i have one though19:19
ali1234ah i know19:20
ali1234hmm okay that sent the compass off the chart19:22
ali1234and nothing from the others19:22
bittincool found an ssh client for Firefox :)19:50
* zmoylan-pi has ssh client on java phone :-)19:52
zmoylan-pii even found a vnc client but haven't tested it yet19:53
popeydaftykins: btw, "fixed" my "no audio on nvidia" issue on windows 1020:00
popeyby removing the dvi cable and using hdmi20:01
mgdmis that an E61? They were cool20:05
mgdmwait, no20:05
zmoylan-piindestructible with great battery life and does ereader, mp3s, radio, web, rss, irc, email and more.  nokia asha 302.  dumbphone with wifi20:06
mgdmThe E71 is the one I was thinking of20:06
davmor2popey: you know when you say fixed?  worked around might be a better term ;)20:06
popeyhence the quotes around it20:07
davmor2popey: with all the steam games coming to linux now surely the real fix is to install steamos on that box and be done right :D20:08
popeysadly not20:09
popeyhello czajkowski bittin20:10
* zmoylan-pi waves from the land of supermacs... :-p20:10
mgdmgettings czajkowski20:10
mgdmand indeed greetings20:10
popeydavmor2: i have ~220 games in steam, "only" ~148 are Linux compatible.20:11
davmor2popey: hahahaha20:11
popeymgdm: do you work for netgear then?20:11
mgdmpopey: heh, no...20:11
davmor2popey: why are you czajkowski bitten ;)20:12
daftykinspopey: heh, HDMI definitely wins :>20:15
czajkowskizmoylan-pi: tease!20:15
popeyannoying as it worked fine for a few days then just stopped20:15
daftykinsah well, there was a time when i didn't believe DVI could carry audio too20:16
zmoylan-pisome day they may win their case against mcdonalds and set up in uk20:16
shaunohttp://www.thejournal.ie/minion-santry-2250639-Aug2015/   I don't care how off-topic this is, dublin's hilarious20:16
shaunoI really, really want to hear that 999 call20:17
popey\o/ hcf20:18
mgdmhebridean celtic festival?20:18
popeyHalt & Catch Fire20:19
mgdmahhh - seen that on $video_service, any good?20:19
popeybinge watched the entire season 120:20
zmoylan-pididn't think much of it20:22
zmoylan-piloved mad men not a fan of hcf20:22
shaunoI loved the first season.  the second is watchable but not quite grabbing me the same way20:23
popeyyeah, not seen much of s2 yet20:23
zmoylan-pii have heard a lot of people rave about it so maybe i should try it again20:24
mgdmHmm, mad men - watched about 10 episodes of it and gave up20:28
diddledanshauno: lmao21:02
diddledanthe photos are required to fully appeciate the hilarity21:02
zmoylan-pibe glad it wasn't the states were you'd have gun happy cops taking out a cartoon character...21:03
diddledan"city police officials are once again warning residents not to shoot at the craft for fear of inadvertainly inciting an interstellar war" (I think that's the correct quote)21:05
Myrtti_if you're in UK and in the market for a new Dyson, may I warmly recommend the Dyson Outlet on eBay. We scored a cylinder Cinetic Animal Exclusive for 250, got extra bits that neither Dyson.co.uk or Tesco Direct has in their £450-£460 bundles with the same machine.21:05
Myrtti_same warranty, and from the looks of things the eBay shop is genuinely run by Dyson.21:07
Myrtti_ordered it on Saturday afternoon and it came by Parcelforce today21:09
daftykinsbit confusing that it says 'doesn't post to UK' for me o021:09
diddledandaftykins: but you're not in the uk21:10
Myrtti_works great with lots of embedded looooong hairs and wool on the carpet, I might add21:11
Myrtti_more powerful than an upright and easier to carry, too.21:11
* m0nkey_ sighs: Postage: Doesn't post to Canada21:11
Myrtti_aww :-(21:11
daftykinsdiddledan: i am when it suits us21:12
m0nkey_ok, i need a cheap flight to the uk...21:12
* zmoylan-pi looks at wind outside... open an umbrella? :-p21:13
m0nkey_cheapest I can find is $1050, direct.21:13
diddledanm0nkey_: apparently it's cheaper to use france21:15
diddledanm0nkey_: fly to france then train to the uk21:15
diddledanm0nkey_: although that example was based on it being cheaper to fly from france to ameriky via london than fly from london to ameriky21:15
zmoylan-piyou probably get a discount if you're willing to be tail gunner on train... :-p21:15
m0nkey_what airport in france is closest to the eurotunnel?21:16
Nokajiaren't there websites that break down those sorts of journeys?21:16
diddledanzmoylan-pi: it's not as if any helicopters really fly through the chunnel21:16
m0nkey_Is it CDG?21:16
diddledanno idea21:16
NokajiI'm sure I heard of one, it was compared to the current sites that do that for breaking up train journeys/tickets21:16
m0nkey_diddledan, flight to CDG is $2 cheaper than flying direct to LGW21:17
diddledanI think the taxes might be different tho21:18
m0nkey_that includes taxes21:18
m0nkey_for both flights21:18
m0nkey_Delta is $6 more, via AMS landing in LHR21:18
m0nkey_Oh, that's a KLM flight21:18
m0nkey_damn this codeshare crap21:18
m0nkey_If I fly with AirTransat, that means I have to deal with their sucky on-line check-in.21:19
m0nkey_(it's sucky, because I used to support it)21:19
m0nkey_damn.. the Transat flight is only $450, with all the taxes and crap addded on, it's over $100021:25
diddledanpopey: re the matchstick that you posted a link to on twitter earlier - their original blurb seems to state "The product is fully functional today, with the hardware design final, tooling complete, and manufacturing ready to ramp up in the next 30-60 days." so I'm not understanding what the DRM problem is23:22
diddledanfor those following-on at home, the link was kickstarter.com/projects/matchstick/matchstick-the-streaming-stick-built-on-firefox-os/posts/1266549?ref=backer_project_update23:25

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