alpha_I just built a desktop using a ssd to instal ubuntu 14.04, I have two xhds that I removed from their enclosures and plugged into sata3 ports on my mobo. They are partitioned in either fat32 or ntfs because I used them on a windows sys. Is there any way that I can get ubuntu to recognize my files and read/write to the disk?03:30
alpha_on checking the bios, only one of the two drives i have in my mobo that arent the boot drive are being recognized. Is there also a way to do something equivalent to a windows check disk?03:31
balloonswelcome home ahoneybun15:07
ahoneybunthanks balloons15:07
mhall119ahoneybun: you should sent an event summary email to the Florida team, I'm sure other would be interested in your experience and what you learned at akademy15:29
ahoneybunI've blogged15:33
DammitJimdo you guys know how I can change the password of a user (the only user on a box)?20:05
DammitJimI've tried recovery mode and single user mode, but passwd : command not found!20:05
DammitJimwhat am I missing? it must be something silly20:05
DammitJimnevermind... it's a grub thing20:19

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