waldo323Good evening01:00
waldo323Is there a meeting tonight?01:20
gamerchick02there's supposed to be but i think cmaloney is still on the road from pyOhio01:23
gamerchick02ok no meeting for now. i think i'm gonna go analogue and read a book in bed. see everyone later01:33
jrwrenwhat book?01:36
cscheibwin 701:45
cscheibugh, always do that.01:46
_stink_haha, look at the radar02:12
cmaloneyJust got home02:20
cmaloneyjrwren: Thank you. :)02:20
cmaloneyYeah, I just got home so there's no real meeting tonight.02:20
cmaloneyAbout the only thing that is on the radar is Ohio Linuxfest02:22
cmaloneynot sure who all is going to OLF02:22
cscheibOLF would be cooler if it weren't for the O16:27
cmaloneyOhio isn't so bad17:21
cmaloneywe just got back from PyOhio17:21
brouschMichigan washes the Ohio off of us every year when we return17:22
brouschI'm sorry, but if your name is James Bond, every talk you give should be spy-themed http://www.oreilly.com/pub/e/3484?imm_mid=0d5e80&cmp=em-na-webcast-info-webcast_2015080317:23

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