Unit193'This story caused the FAA to go back and look at its own rules. The best the agency can tell us is if a drone is hovering under 10 feet on your property, it might be considered trespassing.'  *Might* be?  Are you kidding?  If I can get a broom and whack it out of the sky, it sure as heck is...02:44
Unit193This whole drone thing doesn't make me happy. :/02:48
wrstI prefer the whole blow it out of the sky approach :)02:53
wrstBut use a broom if you must02:53
Unit193I do too, but that guy was jailed...02:54
Unit193We have trees, so they can't.02:54
wrstYeah jail seems a bit severe03:09
Unit193http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2015/07/kentucky-man-shoots-down-drone-hovering-over-his-backyard/ zat one.03:12
Unit193I linked it, no?03:12
wrstYeah saw that a few days ago09:55
Juzzythatwasnt the issue17:58
Juzzyhe shot a shotgun in city limits, that what he was busted on17:59
Juzzywhich is the right thing to do17:59
Juzzynext time use bow&arrow, rocks, slingshot, bb gun, paintball gun, a freaking watergun18:00
Juzzybut not a shotgun18:00
wrstJuzzy: didn't realize that18:17
wrstthat changes things a lot18:17
wrstcity limits its not bright18:17
Juzzyya, news articles are not good at telling all the facts sometimes18:32
wrstNews outlets in general seem not great at that, either due to lack of knowledge about the subject or because it doesn't fit their political tilt18:36
wrstI would love to see a real objective news cast18:37
Unit193Juzzy: Right, I read that part of it as well, but that seems to not be the bigger issue about it.19:11
Unit193wrst: Never going to see that one, sadly.19:11
wrstNo you are correct and we are all biased so it is tough19:13
netritiousjust finished my first draft of a new script-set for managing ipset(s) along with iptables.19:24
netritiouscan be used for traffic analysis, IDS/IPS, and/or just outright dropping undesired traffic from IP ranges with no logging.19:26
netritiouslooking for people that might be interested in the development of the project.19:26
netritiousanyway thought I would stop by and ask here first19:41
netritiousoh, and when I say first draft I mean a gane&sarson diagram along with working proof of concept code.20:04

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