krabadorhi , how can i use only a usb wireless card and not the internal, in a notebook ?00:08
wileeekrabador, Be sure it works and use it, many cheap plug and play out there, marked as such in searches00:09
krabadorwileee, it works, but it seems i can't disable the internale, for use only the external00:09
wileeekrabador, Should show in the network manager or what ever your control is on your desktop00:09
wileeekrabador, I believe i will default to the ethernet00:10
krabadorif i try to disable the one, both don't works00:10
wileeekrabador, You will have to give good details, you're not new here.00:11
wileeekrabador, Could it be that you don;t know if the wifi is working, it may not be and ethernet off means you'rs off the net?00:12
wileeeshowing does not always mean working00:13
ntzwhy do those ppl dance like that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgGEwqaZLKc00:18
wileee!topic | ntz00:19
ubottuntz: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic00:19
ntzsorry, i only wanted to enlighten an ubuntu users about the danceing trends00:22
wileeedon't dance here, ;)00:22
wileeenot a popular with geeks I would imagine00:23
ntzhmm ... geeks love it here00:24
wileeentz, Might be a funny discussion in #ubnutu-offtopic though00:24
wileee  #ubuntu-offtopic   sorry00:25
krabadorwileee, thank you , sudo ifconfig <dev> down , do the work00:26
wileeekrabador, Good job. ;)00:26
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Guest21111When moving my touchpad, wakeups per second in power manager goes from 100 to 700. I'm on Ubuntu 14.0400:27
Guest21111PS/2 keyboard/mouse/touchpad shows 300+wakeups, and Local Interrupts goes up to 260 when using the touchpad.00:28
wileeeGuest21111, Little loose in the description, can you detail that a bit more, compartmentalize?00:28
Guest21111wileee: I'm using Mate Power Manager. When I go to the processor tab to view Processor wakeups per second, I get an average of 100 wakeups per second when not using the touchpad. When I move the mouse using the touchpad, it immediately jumps up to 600-700.00:29
Guest21111wileee: I'm thinking this may be related to my short battery life. I've looked around on forums, it's a common issue with synaptics touchpads. But I've found no solutions. Apparently it was fixed in Ubuntu 12.04, but I still have the issue in 14.04.00:30
wileeeGuest21111, Thanks, I've not used the app or mate. If it were me I would check does this show in the use and is this just looking for problems, seems high but may be a norm, not sure here. ;)00:30
feneco_worth it upgrading from 14.04lts to 15.04?00:32
wileeeGuest21111, ps2 mouse and keyboard is a bit old hardware, I believe basically shut off on new releases, but still thee.00:32
BotchlaBimho, no. I'd stick with 14.04 LTS till the next LTS comes out.00:32
wileeefeneco_, Your decision.00:32
Guest21111wileee: most laptops still use PS/2 internally for the touchpad. Also, when idle I get 0-1% cpu usage. But as soon as I begin moving the mouse, it goes up to 7-10%.00:33
wileeeGuest21111, Can't say what is normal in this, I would not be worried however if this does not effect the systems running, can't tell if it does for you. Peoplle how can cover this may ask just that question.00:34
wileeehow=who  sorry00:35
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energizerHow do I 'find' a file on a webpage00:36
wileeeGuest21111, Were you on yesterday with the 1% use?00:36
Guest21111wileee: No, this is my first time in the IRC00:36
Guest21111wileee: In a few years anyway.00:37
datahoodsynthor< are the tech help?00:37
datahoodsynthor -<sorry typo=< are you the tech help?00:38
wileeeGuest21111, An issue if I knew this area would be your hardware info cpu, ram...etc, I would include this and proof is all for help. Very good help here but some want enough info to help as a start.00:38
datahoodcan anyone here help with a bios issue?00:39
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience00:39
wileeedatahood, everybody here is free volunteer tech help/00:39
daftykinsBIOS is beyond the scope of ubuntu support really.00:39
daftykinsbut you have to ask the question for us to know what you're on about00:39
datahoodI been trying to get help all day...I tried to update fire fox browser last night and clamtk reported a virus from the firefox update00:41
doctorly_I am trying to install grub2 onto a usb from a serperate live usb. What is the best way to install just grub2 to a USB?00:42
squintydatahood,  firefox updates come through via the repo's updating process00:42
feneco_it's weird, so ubuntu 14.04 wont have software updates? like java or firefox?00:42
wileeedatahood, You are using the ubuntu repos on both apps correct?00:42
daftykinsdatahood: and somehow you hop from this to BIOS?00:42
doctorly_It seems like most tutorials are for a fresh install, it would be nice if I could just install grub2 from the install option on the live cd though.00:42
wileeedoctorly, you can00:43
doctorly_wilee: It keeps telling me I need to select a root though, and then it trys to install ubuntu onto the root. Is there something else I can do?00:43
datahooddaftykins< yes...because after I quarantined the virus I realized that I install ubuntu 32 bit instead of 64...somehow I can not reinstall any disc from my drive00:44
wileeedoctorly, some details might help00:44
daftykinsdatahood: sorry that's a crazy leap00:44
wafflejockdaftykins, have been having problems trying to help datahood because it seems the BIOS isn't respecting the boot order or something may be wrong with the installation media possibly but we tried a few things earlier00:45
wafflejockdaftykins, long story short is just trying to reinstall to 64-bit but can't get the bootable media going00:45
doctorly_wileee: there are two devices, a usb and a HDD. HDD has Ubuntu, USB needs grub2 so that I can boot into HDD. USB only needs to have grub2 on it, nothing else.00:45
daftykinswafflejock: righty-o, thanks for the heads up :)00:46
datahoodwafflejock: thanks00:46
wileeedoctorly, So you want the usb as the grub boot always or you need to get in now to fix this on the HD?00:46
wileeedoctorly, End goal?00:47
nahtnamI have a home server, and I want to setup a nas (public w/ private accounts)00:47
nahtnamany idea how I can do that/00:47
daftykinsnahtnam: which part is relevant to ubuntu?00:48
nahtnamdaftykins: The home server is running ubuntu00:48
doctorly_wileee: I want it to always be the grub boot, because the bios actually can't boot to the hard drive. It is a eMMC, and is not detectable to the bios, but grub can boot the HDD. It is a really weird use case.00:48
daftykinsnahtnam: ok so setup samba then?00:48
datahoodwafflejock: I did get the boot order to change but did not boot from disc just went to a page that said *ubuntu, advanced options for ubuntu, memory test (memory test 86) serial console 11520000:48
nahtnamdaftykins: Kk, thanks.00:48
Shed-34046the intel websites says my graphics card don't support linux.. Is that BS?00:50
wileeedoctorly_ Ah cool, I would just use supergrub for now, but putting grub for boot on the usb is doable, I would have to google it myself. Really you need better help, to check if this is true.00:50
Shed-34046Its Intel pentium b960 with intel hd graphics.00:50
Shed-34046i believe the intel hd graphics is 2nd gen intel.00:50
wileeedoctorly_ That is checking if a no on board grub is not usable, may be, just not sure here.00:51
wileeebad wording strike the no, mistaken type00:52
doctorly_msg wileee It is for sure possible, there is someone who has accomplished it,  on this same model. It is a really weird work around and I am not sure how he did it. When I get the chance to ask I will, but he hasn't been around.00:52
doctorly_my b00:52
daftykins!pm | doctorly_00:53
ubottudoctorly_: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.00:53
doctorly_like I said, my b00:53
Shed-34046Does most graphics cards support linux or they'll say it don't but it loads fine?00:53
wileeedoctorly_, If it can be done, there are handfuls I see here daily, writing code for users at time, way beyond a support scenario in excellent service.00:53
datahooddaftykins: ok I guess wafflejock gone?00:53
wileeedoctorly, supergrub should bot it for now, I would hold out for the onboard and you knowing how to do it.00:55
doctorly_wileee: it is just a chainloader but in the reverse order to the way people usually do it. I am juts struggling to get it working. I'm sure supergrub will work for now though00:55
doctorly_wileee: at least until I can get the help I need00:55
wileeepesky nick there is doctorly & doctorly_00:56
wileeethat both of you00:56
wileeejust making sure your notified is all with either00:56
doctorly_wileee: Yeah, I'm on both, my laptop is on live distro and I don't want to kill it every time I boot00:57
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codepython777Has anyone recently bought a dell xps ubuntu version? Can't find it on the web to buy?00:58
daftykinscodepython777: beyond the scope of this channel00:59
datahoodcurrently im using ubuntu 32 bit..how can I install ubuntu 64 bit without burning a copy from a download?00:59
wileeepure voodoo01:00
Ben64datahood: you could use a flash drive instead01:00
datahoodi been having trouble mounting a flash drive01:01
wileeeprobably boot it with grub, just a guess with a bit difference, grub is 32 bit01:01
codepython777wow! Dell stopped shipping ubuntu dell xps 13 !01:02
codepython777does anyone know why?01:02
daftykinscodepython777: for the second time now, that is not on topic here.01:02
wileee!topic | codepython77701:02
ubottucodepython777: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic01:02
wafflejockcodepython777, join #ubuntu-offtopic for non support discussion01:03
wafflejockdatahood, I'm back and forth but need to do some work here but sounds like it's still just skipping the boot media01:03
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datahoodhow do I uninstall grub?01:25
wileeedatahood, Why?01:26
datahoodbecause it want let me  reinstall anything..screen just blink and goes from new install screen to grub01:27
Ben64grub is required to boot01:27
wileeedatahood, The grub boot is probably in the mbr, where the partition table info is...etc, a pro area at the least to mess with, not a good or solid idea.01:28
datahoodso how can I boot from usb or cd?01:28
wileeedatahood, Use the per-session boot and make sure the medis is good.01:29
datahoodwileee< what is the per session boot?01:29
wileeedatahood, On my computer and all others besides a bios access with a key press, you can have the bootfrom menu with another key press, mine is f1201:30
datahoodmine is f-1201:30
datahoodso what do you mean by per-session?01:30
wileeedatahood, If you are not booting from there with the media, I would check the media.01:31
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wileeedatahood, per-session is that when you boot from that f12 menu at least here it is not a saved choice01:31
datahoodits not the media...I have  numerous versions of linux....and windows...neither will boot from cd01:31
wileeedatahood, We can only assume all that media is good, problem here is over the net only so much can be done, especially depends on at least he user with issue is skilled in the tests needed to confirm any issue, here the media.01:33
wileeedatahood, Your for from any good descriptions or cause and effect that works is all. ;) You might find some local help.01:35
datahoodwell all I know is that this user knows bad media and it want load after clamtk logged and quarantine a virus...local help it is theen01:36
Nectarwhen installing Gnome, is gdm simply a gnome login screen instead of the standard ubuntu one?01:43
datahoodwileee< just ran a virus scan and can not delete 3 files found nor quarantine them...any suggestions?01:44
WarAndGeeseI think I broke my install, although I don't think I did anything too odd01:59
WarAndGeeseit was on a live usb though so I'm pretty safe, no real data lost01:59
wafflejockNectar, basically yea01:59
mnathani_how do I make an iptable rule persistent?02:00
Nectarcan gnome be installed in the application center instead of though termininal?02:01
Nectaris that possible02:01
energizerHopefully somebody knows how to do this. I'm looking to search a website for all '*.dta' files  and print their directories. Is that possible?02:03
pznenergizer, do you have an shell account to the webserver machine?02:04
energizerpzn no. i was thinking something with wget --spider | grep would work, but i can't quite figure it otu02:05
squintyNectar,  search for ubuntu-gnome-desktop02:06
bazhang!info ubuntu-gnome-desktop02:07
ubottuubuntu-gnome-desktop (source: ubuntu-gnome-meta): The Ubuntu GNOME metapackage. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.38 (vivid), package size 3 kB, installed size 28 kB02:07
pznenergizer, maybe this:  wget -r -l 999 -np http://your-site.com   than later you do "find . | grep -i dta$" in the downloaded structure02:08
PacoSinbadAnyone use f.lux in Ubuntu?02:08
Nectarif i intend on using gnome what are the benifits of downloading ubuntu-gnome rather than downloading and installing ubuntu and then installing gnome?02:08
Nectarpzn: what was that?02:09
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energizerpzn: that will download the whole site, no? (it's too big to do that)02:11
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pznenergizer, but you don't have access to the website server, to search at directories... how could you find all files without downloading all the website?02:12
energizerpzn: there are a lot of large files on the site, i don't want to download them all, i just want to search them to locate the ones i want02:13
pznenergizer, I'm not good at websites. does the website has a page that lists all files?02:14
energizerpzn: not that i can see02:15
energizerpzn: or have seen, anyway02:15
pznenergizer, sorry... don't know how search all *.ext files from a website without downloading all the files, or without downloading a file list :-(02:16
energizerno worries pzn thanks02:22
pznenergizer, you are welcome02:22
Tex_Nickpzn: as far as searching a specific website, you might try using Google's Site Search ... Example: In the Google search bar enter - site:www.imdb.com gravity02:25
=== denbeiren is now known as zz_denbeiren
Tex_Nickpzn: you will see that all the results from that search are within the www.imdb.com domain02:28
UbubeginI had added a ppa (java) to my repository. and Now I have a hard time removeing it.. Here are the steps I have taken so far..02:31
Ububeginsudo add-apt-repository -r ppa:webupd8team/java --- hangs forever..02:32
pznhey energizer, take a look into what Tex_Nick wrote. it may help your needs02:32
NectarWould installing ubuntu gnome use less space than installing ubuntu and then the gnome shell?02:33
artoisNectar: an interesting question02:33
UbubeginRemoved the file from /etc/apt/sources.list.d/02:33
Ububeginapt-key list; apt-key del $ID ; then removed the id for the java ppa.. but when I run sudo apt-get update/upgrade, it is still connecting to java url to download it..02:33
artoisNectar: they'd both use a lot02:33
bazhangUbubegin, use ppa purge for that02:34
NectarI have 55 gigs available on my hdd02:34
bazhang!ppa-purge | Ububegin02:34
ubottuUbubegin: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html02:34
MilijusAnybody running mess on 14.4?02:35
Milijusmess = mesos*02:35
dcope0 6 * * * will only run the command one time at 6 AM correct?02:35
NectarIs 55 gigs suitable for ubuntu?02:36
artoisdcope: one time a day02:36
artoisNectar: more than enough02:36
artoisfar more02:36
artoisexceedingly more02:37
dcopeartois: yeah, that's what im trying to achieve. just run once at 6 AM every day02:37
artoisnearly twice as much as a thoroughly loaded down power user's system02:37
Tex_Nickpzn: sorry my friend, I didn't scroll up far enough to see that it was energizer that I should have directed that post to02:37
wileeeNectar, basic single partition install is maybe 6 gigs, lower really02:37
Nectaris the 6 gigs for the os?02:38
pznTex_Nick, no problem02:38
Ububeginbazhang: I am not able to  "sudo apt-get install ppa-purge"  http://pastebin.com/TpF9LU5g02:38
wileeeNectar, What else would be in one partition?02:38
artoisNectar: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements02:38
Nectari just need to decide how much space i should give for the partition, to include all the programs.02:39
wileeeNectar, Basic use I would start with 20 gigs, you can resize in general if needed, some make a separate home, I don't one partition here for the os and a swap in another slightly more than the ram amount02:41
wileeeall the programs is your analysis if beyond a basic install in size needed.02:42
UbubeginHow do I clear a ppa from my system. This ppa had some problems as one of it url was down.. But NOW , i cant remove it.. http://pastebin.com/TpF9LU5g02:44
Nectarwileee, so i can have a seperate home on an external hdd?02:44
wileeeNectar, This all intended to be external? Be really clear of your intent please.02:45
artoisyou can have a sep-a-rate one =)02:45
artoisyou can have anything you want, really02:46
NectarOS on the SSD and other files on an External02:46
nahtnamUbubegin: Im not good with ubuntu, but I believe you can remove ppa's from the Ubuntu Software Center02:46
wileeeartois, Please don't make broad statements. It is obvious we are trying to be accurate here.02:46
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wileeeNectar, I would not, even a usb3 external will be slow, your call.02:47
Nectarthank you02:47
wpkegso... weird problem. it seems when i try to use wget or curl or znc on my ubuntu box, nothing resolves anymore. even google.com... yet the websites on the box are running fine. i'm using virtualmin as well if that matters. haven't ever had this issue before.02:47
Ububeginnahtnam: I am on Ubuntu Server.. there is no Softwware centre02:47
nahtnamUbubegin: Oh ok, I dont know what do to then02:47
artoiswileee: we were already accurate, though02:48
artoisplease try to... keep up? =)02:48
wileeeNectar, I would store media, docs...in general externally if space is an issue.02:48
wileeeartois, If you don not understand the statement argue with your momma, who takes care of the indigenous and poor. ;)02:49
UbubeginHow do I clear a ppa from my system. This ppa had some problems as one of it url was down.. But NOW , i cant remove it.. http://pastebin.com/TpF9LU5g02:50
artoiswell who can argue with that =)02:50
wileeeUbubegin, You have been at variations of this right for at least a day?02:53
Ububeginwileee: just for the past hour.. :) And also cant seem to install any other software like ppa-purge as well... :S02:54
wileeeUbubegin, If you can't so the ppa never downloaded right, just is in your sources.list.d?02:56
wileeeignore If you can't02:56
Ububeginwilee : it didnt even download the first time.. so that's why i wanted to remove it..02:57
=== denbeiren is now known as zz_denbeiren
wileeeUbubegin, No desktop, just the base/server?02:58
Ububeginwileee: I have removed the file from the sources.list.d directory.. Yup using the server edition02:58
wileeeUbubegin, Ah, but some where your apt-get got broken? Can we see that if so all commands and output in a pastebin.02:59
Ububeginwilee : http://pastebin.com/gwgKxmf5 .. it will take some for it to fail..03:03
wileeeUbubegin, Your earlier link looks like you were installing web updates ppa, really a confusing scenario somewhat and honestly none of which supported here, ppa's are your own responsibility.03:04
wileeeUbubegin, We will help on occasion, especially removing, but you have to be on the ball, so we can do tis in maybe 3-4 posts.03:05
Ububeginwileee: Actually, I just want to remove this ppa shit from my system...  Because of this, I unable to install anything else..03:05
redrum187I tried to install for the first time Friday, and apparently there was an error after lots of troubleshooting help here.  Ubuntu wasn't showing up in the BIOS and there was no menu to choose between Windows and Ubuntu after startup, just straight to windows.  Ultimately it was recommended that I do a clean install.  I md5 checked tehe iso and set u03:06
redrum187p a new liveboot drive on a different thumbdrive.  I am currently running Ubuntu live from that disk.  My question is this:  how do I reinstall at this point without making any mistakes?  ie my disk was already partitioned03:06
Ububeginwileee: sure, i can do that..03:06
wileeeUbubegin, If it is gone from any source.list it is gone, however looks like you probably have broken packages or the cache of the ppa. Lets see all of sudo apt-get update in a pastebin03:07
Ububeginwileee: no issues at this point... heres the pastebin http://pastebin.com/YZazkZbc03:10
wileeeUbubegin, I will take your word you did not include all of the text, always do that. Now pastebin running sudo apt-get dist-upgrade03:12
vsecvhost /Cloaks03:13
redrum187From the ubuntu desktop I clicked the install icon and have progressed to a screen that says "This computer currently has Windows Boot Manager and Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS on it.  What would you like to do?"03:14
wileeeredrum187, I beleive you were told to use the something else option and use the partitions built, and were given the mount / info etc. This sound familiar?03:15
redrum187Yes, it sounds familiar.03:15
wileeeredrum187, Totally correct the info given by a top helper here, you have that info on hand, it is in the channels history most likely.03:16
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redrum187EriC^^: are you online?03:16
wileeeredrum187, You want that info is all I mean.03:16
redrum187I see that info, but I don't know what to do with it/from it.03:17
Ububeginwileee: http://pastebin.com/FQJbye4z .. the problem appears now03:18
wileeeredrum187, Ah, that is fine, always best to just say that we all stumble in this area. ;)03:18
=== zz_denbeiren is now known as denbeiren
redrum187wileee: thank you for your understanding03:18
=== alpha is now known as Guest90513
wileeeUbubegin, I believe the consensus was the proxy was probably the issue.03:19
redrum187I think EriC^^ would remember/understand more about this situation than I do, but I don't think he's online03:19
wileeeredrum187, No problem, yeah I would have them look again or there are others as well, I'm not really up on UEFI so want to be careful. ;)03:20
Ububeginwileee: Ok, but is there any way still to remove this ppa ..03:20
wileeeUbubegin, THe ppa is gone, the ppa cache or package cache needs to be cleared in the proxy. Switch to a regular access to se if this is the issue.03:21
Guest90513I just built a desktop using a ssd to instal ubuntu 14.04, I have two xhds that I removed from their enclosures and plugged into sata3 ports on my mobo. They are partitioned in either fat32 or ntfs because I used them on a windows sys. Is there any way that I can get ubuntu to recognize my files and read/write to the disk?03:21
redrum187Should I format and install on the sda labeld Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS?03:21
Ububeginwileee: you mean by-passing the proxy..03:21
wileeeUbubegin, If it is the proxy, that is not our area, you would have to contact them.03:21
wileeeyes bypass, check it in a standard access03:22
Ububeginwileee: i have 5 servers (all of them in proxy) and only this has this issue..03:22
wileeeredrum187, any sda or sdb is the HD not a partition03:22
wileeeUbubegin, and that means?03:23
redrum187wileee: so sda7 is not a partition?03:23
wileeeredrum187, you said sda03:23
redrum187Er, sorry03:23
wileeeredrum187, sda is the HD sda7 is a partition03:23
Ububeginwileee: that's why I am more confused.. all of the other machines with the proxy have no issue accessing apt-get .. Only this one..  Maybe I messed up some setting sometwhere..03:24
frogdrshould I install 15.04 HdMedia or 15.04 NetInstall?03:24
wileeeUbubegin, Is it the broken package "1 not fully installed or removed." from your dist-upgrade03:24
wileeeUbubegin, YOu continue to not post all of the terminal info, rather frustrating from here.03:25
Ububeginwileee: Ah.. i have posted everything.. what do u mean.. The only thing, i masked was the proxy url..03:26
Ububeginwileee: jfyi, I have posted everything..03:26
BlasterMy system is booting into emergency mode after editing my fstab. :(03:26
redrum187In the installer dialog I show: /dev/sda7   ext4   131GB   5.6GB used    Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS (14.04)03:27
BlasterBut if I edit it and run mount -a it mounts the new addition fine. So I'm confused.03:27
redrum187Is this where I should reinstall?03:27
redrum187and if so, should I format it?03:27
=== gerald is now known as Guest66810
alpha_I just built a desktop using a ssd to instal ubuntu 14.04, I have two xhds that I removed from their enclosures and plugged into sata3 ports on my mobo. They are partitioned in either fat32 or ntfs because I used them on a windows sys. Is there any way that I can get ubuntu to recognize my files and read/write to the disk?03:29
alpha_Also I just checked my bios and i have two extra hdds installed. 1 is a 1tb and the other a 2tb03:29
=== denbeiren is now known as zz_denbeiren
alpha_only the 2tb is being recognized by the bios so is there also a way to run a disk check like on windows?03:29
jeremyflexerHey I got a pretty old computer. AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4000+. 1024MB DDR2 667 RAM. Some nvidia card I don03:30
jeremyflexershould i use gnome?03:30
jeremyflexeror kde or xfce or lxde or something?03:31
=== Dhs92 is now known as Yukkii
redrum187I tried to install on sda7 where it says Ubuntu is already installed and it said no root directory is known03:31
wileeeredrum187, The way your doing this leaves you with the chance for people to just comment, who do not know the issue, I remembered it exactly, you want someone like that or a detailed description to work from03:32
wileeeredrum187, You have your cart about a mile in front of you horse. ;)03:33
redrum187Thank you for the feedback.  I'm not sure how I should form my questions, or what the correct questions are to ask.03:33
wileeeredrum187, Like this basically W8 install, did not know UEFI install scenario, advised to do a reinstall using same partitions from something else (manual) install. Not sure of the instructions in this area.03:35
wileeeredrum187, Note not to detailed, but captures the essence of info needed to start with for a helper to have a general image.03:37
wileeeanyway hope all this helps, we want you to succeed!!!03:39
redrum187I am using a manufacturer installed win8.1 laptop.  Friday I installed Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS from a liveboot disk.  After troubleshooting, it was discovered that a file in /sys/firmware/efi was missing or damaged. I started over from scratch and want to confirm how I am reinstalling at this point (from livebooted Ubuntu).03:39
redrum187Me, too.03:39
redrum187Thank you for the support.03:39
wileeeredrum187, THe mention of the oem is excellent, good job. ;)  no problem helping03:40
niranjanHi, on 14.04, it was working fine until I got last update. After that wifi stopped working.03:41
wileeeredrum187, ON the average the help you want is around in about 3 hours more or less, not a specific person, a hand full of helpers actually03:41
redrum187Followup:  My primary issue is that Ubuntu does not show up in the BIOS boot order menu, nor does GRUB appear, regular boot defaults to windows.03:42
redrum187Ok, good to know.03:42
friedmicroredrum187, I'm currently running a dual-boot with Windows 8 as well...what's the manufacturer of the laptop, some of UEFI implementations are different03:43
wileeeredrum187, Be careful with additional info, put everything in each post, your basic just need to reinstall is the issue, that last post, will have people trying to fix what we know is broken. What happens is if you spread the info around it's hard top follow is all for some of us.03:43
wileeetop=to my bad03:44
wileeeredrum187, You are doing fine though, I will leave you alone, heh.03:44
redrum187No problem, I appreciate genuine feedback.03:45
friedmicroredrum187, I'm not going to give a recommendation that might break something...I'm afraid I don't have experience with Asus, but as wileee said earlier a reinstall is your best bet. Just don't accidentally erase Windows in the process.03:47
niranjanUbuntu 14.04 wifi stopped working. lshw command shows output *-network UNCLAIMED03:47
niranjan                description: Network controller03:47
niranjan                product: AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express)03:47
jeremyflexerSo can anybody help me determine if my computer can run 14.04.2 GNOME?03:47
redrum187That's all I'm really trying to confirm.  I have made sure to select "bootloader installation" to the one labeled ubuntu (based on the disk size I know this is correct) but it returns an error saying no root filesystem detected.03:48
friedmicrojeremyflexer, what are your specs?03:48
redrum187*defined not detected.03:48
jeremyflexerOne second friedmicro.03:48
neonixcoderHow can I remove all locale(Including all files associated) from my machine expect en_AU?03:48
jeremyflexerLet me pastebin dmidecode.03:49
=== zz_denbeiren is now known as denbeiren
jeremyflexerhttp://pastebin.com/Pr3d1R4S @friedmicro03:51
=== WaddupYo is now known as Waddup
friedmicro@jeremyflexer, I wouldn't recommend it...you can always try though03:53
jeremyflexer@friedmicro What about KDE?03:54
drvenom I installed linux on a second drive so that I can dual boot with windows 10. After the install I was getting the grub rescue screen. I tried to fix it with ubuntu boot-repair app. I can now boot into mint linux, but I cannot boot into windows; the boot menu does not show windows.03:55
cfhowlett!mint | drvenom03:56
ubottudrvenom: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org03:56
drvenomOh ok sorry, my apologies.03:56
drvenomI'm new to linux, so I thought it was a part of ubuntu.03:56
friedmicro@jeremyflexer, it tends to even more system resources than Gnome...03:56
roastedDoes anybody notice on 14.04 at times that their keyboard shortcuts just flat out don't work until you log out and back in? I'm trying to find a fix for it but most of the results I find are for much older Ubuntus.03:56
cfhowlett!flavors | drvenom, if it's on this list of flavors, it's ubuntu and supported here.  if not ... sorry03:57
ubottudrvenom, if it's on this list of flavors, it's ubuntu and supported here.  if not ... sorry: !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.03:57
jeremyflexerDamn. I would do XFCE but it's harder to make pretty haha.03:57
friedmicro@jeremyflexer, there's Awesome WM you could try...basically you can script the entire thing (or find someone else's)03:57
friedmicro@jeremyflexer, it's just a Window manager though03:59
jeremyflexer@friedmicro Yeah I used to use awm on debian03:59
jeremyflexerIs there an older version of Ubuntu that is LTS and still active?04:00
jeremyflexerThat doesn't use as many system resources?04:00
jeremyflexerBecause 14.04 is GNOME3 right?04:00
friedmicro@jeremyflexer, nice another fellow Debian person...14.04 is Unity by default04:00
cfhowlett!12.04 | jeremyflexer,04:00
ubottujeremyflexer,: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) is a currently-supported !LTS release of Ubuntu.  Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/12.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/120404:00
=== denbeiren is now known as zz_denbeiren
jeremyflexer@friedmicro @cfhowlett @ubottu Thanks guys I will give 12.02 a try.04:02
friedmicro@jeremyflexer, anytime...that's why we're here04:03
cfhowletthappy2help!  jeremyflexer04:03
jeremyflexerGood night for the moment.04:03
friedmicro@jeremyflexer, I think it might be worth mentioning Unity 2D is on 12.04 and should work well04:04
jeremyflexer@friedmicro Is this it with Unity 2D? http://releases.ubuntu.com/12.04/04:05
=== abigail is now known as Guest31814
redrum187wileee: do you know the nicks of any of the people you were referring to earlier?04:06
=== Guest31814 is now known as Avigail
jeremyflexerubuntu-12.04.5-desktop-i386.iso to be specific?04:07
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=== denbeiren is now known as zz_denbeiren
channmani'm having trouble accessing my USB flash drive. I want to make a bootable usb but i can't do anything with it04:38
wileeechannman, What have you tried, and how is it formatted?04:39
channmanwileee I have tried using gparted. how  do I tell you how it's formatted?04:39
wileeechannman, was hoping you knew. ;)04:40
wileeelike is it a fat32, ntfs, linux ext...etc04:40
wileeean apple formatted usb04:41
channmanwell in gparted it says unallocated but it is acting as a readonly folder04:41
wileeechannman, is it unmounted?04:41
channmanwileee as of now yes04:42
wileeechannman, So it says unallocated, is there anything that was there that you need?04:42
channmanwileee nope, can wipe it04:43
wileeechannman, So go to the top and click on make a new partition table, accept msdos, after that finishes, make a fat32 run  it and it should be good to go.04:44
wileeenew table just to be sure we have a basic fresh table is all04:44
channmanwileee i am able to do the new table and msdos, but when I choose fat32 it gives me an error04:46
wileeechannman, Can you say the error or would a picture of it be easier, I like a pic, to see the whole thang?04:48
OneMattIs there a lubuntu help channel, or can I ask here?04:49
ethMineris xfce a hard DE for begginers04:49
Matt_teniethMiner, xfce is pretty goo04:49
wileeeOneMatt, lubuntu is part of the channel support04:49
Matt_teninothing 'hard'04:49
ethMinerMatt_teni: whats the hardest for begginers04:49
OneMattAh, thank you.04:49
Matt_teniethMiner, i3 i would say04:49
Matt_tenicascading and tiling widow manager ethMiner04:50
ethMinerMatt_teni: ill get that then04:50
grandppppMatt_teni: xfce is best04:50
OneMattMy box will not see a HDD that I have, and refuses to even properly boot with that HDD inserted.04:50
channmanwileee can i post an imgur link with my screenshot04:50
Matt_teniethMiner, good luck :-)04:50
OneMattOddly enough, it works fine if I put it into a centos 6.6 machine. Any ideas?04:50
Orbitsi was trying to run OBS which is experimental anyway (it's a program for streaming) and everything would work except when I streamed the screen was just black on the stream... I read someone else having the same problem and they were told to try to switch drivers... so I tried to switch drivers and now OBS just crashes when I open it and it won't l04:50
Orbitset me select the original driver i was using :(04:50
Matt_tenigrandpppp, yup i really like XFCE04:50
wileeechannman, All this has to have the usb unmounted, cool on a pic04:51
grandppppOneMatt: try changing bios/efi settings04:51
channmanwileee https://imgur.com/aRUlp8U04:51
OneMattAlready have cycled through all settings, no luck.04:51
OneMattThe BIOS can see the HDD, as can all the other machines in the house, just not this one, but even then, only when it has l ubuntu on it.04:52
wileeechannman, show me gparted with that closed showing the usb you're working on.04:52
wileeejust the gparted gui as opened04:53
grandppppOneMatt: sometimes fstab needs modification. Try using uid04:53
OneMattUm. How would I do that?04:53
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channmanwileee https://imgur.com/8Bj2uIL04:54
grandppppOneMatt: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab04:55
wileeechannman, So you went to device-create new partition table and clicked yes on the msdos default?04:55
OneMattAh, thank you.04:55
channmanwileee yes04:56
channmanwileee that works fine04:56
OneMattOdd, it is not even seeing the disk under /dev/sd**04:56
grandppppOneMatt: sometimes if the uuid is messed up it will not boot properly.04:56
Orbitsand every time i try to redownload the driver i get "Can't find a source to download version '2:14.201-0ubuntu2.1' of 'fglrx-updates:amd64" but everyone else online says that fix works04:56
bishes414how can i view the connected USB device name?04:57
wileeechannman, Strange it should wipe the usb, the error is rather strange I have no idea. As an easy test I would unplug the usb, plugin unmount and try the table then the partition again.04:58
channmanwileee how exactly do i unmount?04:58
OneMattThat might do it.04:58
wileeechannman, You are now, gparted will do it for you on gthe plugin, shutdown gparted before you do any.04:59
bishes414I tried ls /dev and it lists all USB devices but how do I know which one is the one connected? Plz help.04:59
OneMattFor some reason, the filesystem of this drive is "promise_fasttrack_raid_member".04:59
wileeechannman, you can unmount the usb if it is, probably is not mounted, as an unalocated05:00
grandppppMatt_teni: sudo blkid what does that say05:01
Matt_teninot sure05:01
Matt_teniim on unity as for now05:01
grandppppMatt_teni: type sudo blkid in the terminal05:02
wileeechannman, Sorry m=not the best description, since it is unallocated it should not mount, so unplug plugin, make sure not mounted and do the table a partition again. My bad.05:03
channmanok i just did table05:03
channmanwileee do I unplug now or create partition?05:04
=== denbeiren is now known as zz_denbeiren
wileeechannman, nah, just wanted to start as fresh on  this again as a tewst.05:04
channmanok wileee so create now?05:05
wileeechannman, Yeah, also are you in a live environment or install doing this?05:05
channmani get the same error after trying to make a fat32 partition wileee05:06
wileeechannman, has there been an automount for it in fstab or anyplace?05:06
channmanthis sticks out to me wileee "unable to open /dev/sdb1: device or resource busy"05:07
channmanwileee i'm not sure how fstab works05:07
wileeechannman, yeah me to, I just wonder if it is automounting an unallocated.05:07
=== grandpppp is now known as scumdigdog
wileeechannman, I have to go do a job for a little while so have top go. let me give you the bots fstab info, it is the mounting config for partitions.etc05:09
wileee!fstab | channman05:09
ubottuchannman: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions05:09
channmanwileee thank you for the help05:09
wileeechannman, No problem, unless fried this is fixable, probably a dd clean maybe not sure reall, you need better help. ;)05:10
=== root is now known as Guest54236
OneMattOk, still having an issue.05:12
OneMattIt will not install lubuntu if the drive is connected, in fact it just had a kernel panic....05:13
OneMattHowever, it appears to work fine if the drive is a) not connected b) only connected after boot.05:17
OneMattAny ideas?05:17
OneMattAnyone have an idea? I have to go soon, and this thing is still not working.05:24
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jeremyflexerI have GeForce 6150 LE graphics; Is NVIDIA Accelerated Graphics Driver Version 304 The correct driver?05:31
jeremyflexerUbuntu 12.04.5 by the way.05:31
jeremyflexerI have GeForce 6150 LE graphics; Is NVIDIA Accelerated Graphics Driver Version 304 The correct driver? I am using Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS by the way.05:35
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slumkinghow do you change your username?05:36
cfhowlettslumking, in ubuntu or here on irc?05:39
slumkinghere on irc, lol. hexchat :p my bad.05:39
cfhowlett!nick | slumking05:39
ubottuslumking: Your nick is how people know you on IRC. Please don't change your nicknames too often (use /nick newnick), or it creates a lot of confusion. You should also !register your nick with freenode.05:39
slumkingI've just joined, lol. It'll only happen once ^.^05:40
slumkingthank you!05:40
cfhowletthappy2help! slumking not to worry05:40
jeremyflexerI have GeForce 6150 LE graphics; Is NVIDIA Accelerated Graphics Driver Version 304 The correct driver? I am using Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS by the way.05:41
cfhowlett!nvidia | jeremyflexer05:42
ubottujeremyflexer: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto05:42
jeremyflexerThanks mate!05:43
=== slumking is now known as newnick
=== newnick is now known as acollection_
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode05:44
Orbitokay so something is seriously wrong with my graphics card drivers, when i try to uninstall it to reinstall I get an error that some file is badly damanged so i need to reinstall to uninstall, but the reinstalling just gives me errors05:45
jeremyflexermfw I have no face @newnick05:45
Orbitsorry im not making a lot of sense... i also seemed to have broken open GL despite it working with some programs and not others05:47
energizerAm I supposed to tmux within an ssh or ssh within a tmux?05:47
17SAC8KF5anybody who might have answer to this question? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/31779778/how-to-partition-the-graph-with-edge-weights-using-metis-such-that-the-edgecut-i05:49
Redrum187What does "no root directory detected"05:52
Redrum187Mean when reinstalling?05:52
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Dashellis there a way to reinstall openGL06:03
=== denbeiren is now known as zz_denbeiren
CharlesICanyone up?06:13
baizon!ask | CharlesIC06:14
ubottuCharlesIC: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience06:14
k1l!away > zz_denbeiren06:16
ubottuzz_denbeiren, please see my private message06:16
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=== denbeiren is now known as zz_denbeiren
Redrum187I am running a manufacturer installed W8.1 Asus laptop. I am trying to reinstall Ubuntu. When I follow the prompts I click "something else" to select the bootloader install point. When I select the Ubuntu partition to continue, a message says "no root partition detected." What does this mean?06:43
Redrum187Should I go back and "wipe Ubuntu and reinstall"?06:47
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AnthaasHi guys, I have my local machine, outside of all networks, a network I want to SSH into, and a machine within that network I want to SSH into, I can only get to the internal computer through the outer network.06:57
AnthaasI have SSH public key set up to get into the outer network, and have created a key to get to the internal computer06:58
AnthaasHowever, whenever I try to use ssh user@host, I am told to enter the password for the key - is there any way I can get the outer network/server to remember this password? Seems somewhat pointless otherwise06:58
cowbaconAnthaas: ssh-agent http://mah.everybody.org/docs/ssh07:00
Anthaascowbacon: Thanks Ill look into this now07:02
=== clobrano is now known as c-lob
starkillerhey i need advice :(07:09
redrum187Backup and reinstall.07:09
redrum187Just kidding, I know nothing.07:10
wafflejock!ask | starkiller07:10
ubottustarkiller: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:10
starkillerim looking for a program that would help my xubuntu share its hardrive via ftp07:11
wafflejockstarkiller, does it have to be ftp what about scp?07:11
starkilleri just want to use it on filezilla lol07:11
wafflejockstarkiller, you can use FTP but by itself it's not secure so credentials can be pretty easily sniffed along with the traffic07:11
ikoniastarkiller: an ftp server then07:12
starkillerim just wanna use it locally  so i can keep up to date my laptop and my desktop07:12
ikoniathen you want an ftp server07:13
starkillerdo i need to have a separate computer to make an ftp server?07:13
redrum187!patience | me07:14
ubottume: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/07:14
wafflejockstarkiller, filezilla supports sftp07:14
wafflejockstarkiller, if it's just on a local network rsync is a good option07:15
starkillerthank you wafflejock , i been doing it on android with my cell to laptop and i love it, im gonna check that program right now :P07:16
wafflejockstarkiller, it uses SSH and will allow you to resume a synchronization, if you want something more hands off than dealing with an rsync script you could use some cloud sync or something like that too07:16
wafflejockstarkiller, believe there are some guis for it too like grsync I think is one07:16
wafflejockstarkiller, otherwise it's just a terminal command source, destination and some options07:16
=== redrum187 is now known as SparlockJehova
starkillerwafflejock i got this quicksyngery it helps me share my mouse and keyboard between computers :) its so usefull :)07:19
wafflejockstarkiller, nice yeah I've heard of a few of those but never got one that worked well for me cross platforms, now I just have dual monitor coming out of my laptop thx for the tip though07:20
wafflejockstarkiller, but yeah if you just have openssh installed on the computers then you should be able to use filezilla to connect from one to the other07:21
carpediembaby_Hello. I have an NTFS partition that I would like to share between a windows and ubuntu installation. I am having problems with permissions. The drive is automatically mounted in ubuntu but i am unable to change the permissions on files/folders. I looked it up here http://askubuntu.com/questions/11840/how-do-i-use-chmod-on-an-ntfs-or-fat32-partition07:22
starkilleryea wafflejock , I got this music folder and i want the same librery and all 3 of them, but i dont wanna go arround with the usb, im trying to get all of them connected, and the programs u recomended are gonna help me alot thanks07:22
wafflejockstarkiller, actually I'm over thinking this maybe too could try just browsing your network you may be able to just use the file browser if it's all stuff on a LAN07:23
carpediembaby_and it seems I have to have some user mapping file. I also note that the disk is mounted but there is nothing in /etc/fstab ... could someone tell me what is the best way to handle this?07:23
seacaptaindomainname (none) ...07:24
seacaptainany workarounds or solutions07:24
wafflejockseacaptain, that's not a very clear explanation07:24
seacaptainwell, I tried setdomainname in xubuntu, but it is only a scripted construct not a command, how can I set a domainname for the local host?07:25
wafflejockseacaptain, what are you trying to set the domain for?07:29
agent_whiteseacaptain: What do you mean? Domain name of what?  Or are you trying to set the hostname?07:30
wafflejockseacaptain, you'll need external DNS records pointing to the machine for it to matter most of the time07:30
seacaptainfor a local domain ...07:30
wafflejockfor what purpose?07:30
wafflejockconnecting to windows servers?07:30
wafflejockmail server?07:30
wafflejockweb server?07:30
agent_whiteseacaptain: Be less vague with your question, please.07:30
seacaptainno, just for to connect to a local domain07:31
seacaptainhow would you edit these records, is it in hostname file in /etc ?07:31
agent_white!elaborate | seacaptain07:34
ubottuseacaptain: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)07:34
wafflejockseacaptain, /etc/hosts07:35
wafflejockseacaptain, see, man hostname, for some details but that's what it says for a FQDN, but other settings are needed depending on what you're doing07:36
seacaptainok tnx wafflejock07:37
kreazulleHi ppl. I have some problems regarding usb-seial modules. Can anyone guide me with whom do I need to speak? or where?07:38
=== garethdaine_ is now known as garethdaine
zbyWhere is this?07:41
Kartagiskreazulle: if it's on ubuntu, this channel is the place to ask07:41
Kartagisif not, tough luck07:41
zbyo ,ok thinks07:42
colincolbyhi there looking for a guide on how to install pptpd on Ubuntu 14.0407:44
colincolbyi know one exists but it's hard to find.07:44
colincolbyanybody have it?07:45
agent_white!pptp | colincolby07:45
agent_whitecolincolby: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PPTPServer07:45
colincolbyyea i just came from there07:45
agent_whitecolincolby: What's the issue then?07:45
seacaptainkreazulle has a question ...07:45
agent_white!ask | kreazulle07:46
ubottukreazulle: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:46
colincolbyand that's only for 12.407:47
colincolbyI need 14.0407:47
colincolbythe 12.4 guide doesn't work on 14.0407:47
lrs_Hey guys07:47
lrs_I have a problem with an external soundcard07:47
agent_whitecolincolby: Which part doesn't work?07:47
lrs_USB soundcard07:47
colincolbyi forget i tried it awhile back07:47
lrs_It worked before, out of the box07:47
lrs_And now, it shows up... but it doesnt work07:48
colincolbyanyone have a 14.04 guide?07:48
agent_whitecolincolby: Try it again :)07:48
colincolbyagent_white: no :) i did07:48
agent_whitecolincolby: Recently?07:48
agent_whiteAnd where did it fail?07:48
colincolbyignoring agent_white07:48
agent_white(What do you mean "did not work" ?)07:48
colincolbyanyway, if anybody sees that guide plz PM me the link thx07:48
bazhangcut it out colincolby07:48
agent_whitecolincolby: Don't be rude.07:48
bazhangthata not the way this channel works at all07:49
agent_whitecolincolby: If you refuse to explain your issue, as I asked the simplest of questions, please feel free to look elsewhere for help.07:49
colincolby? I asked a question and he kept not answering it07:49
colincolbyso i had to ignore him because I felt I was being trolled07:49
colincolby:( sorry if I offended anybody07:49
bazhangcolincolby, so what this is volunteer07:49
agent_white!explain | cowbacon07:49
bazhanghe's gone agent_white07:50
agent_whitebazhang: Not worth our time :P07:50
seacaptainObfuscate Omidian07:50
wafflejocklrs_, in a terminal do sudo apt-get install alsa-utils07:55
wafflejocklrs_, then run alsamixer07:55
wafflejocklrs_, check that the levels are up and none of the outputs have MM (muted) below them, if they do select them and hit M to unmute07:56
wafflejocklrs_, you may need to F6 to select the sound device first07:56
lrs_wafflejock, It said that i had to do07:58
lrs_sudo dpkg --configure -a07:58
lrs_So i did that07:58
lrs_BNow when i do apt-get installa alsa utils...07:58
lrs_Errors were encountered while processing:07:58
lrs_ linux-image-3.13.0-59-generic07:58
lrs_ linux-image-3.13.0-61-generic07:58
lrs_ linux-image-extra-3.13.0-59-generic07:58
lrs_ linux-image-extra-3.13.0-61-generic07:58
lrs_ linux-image-generic07:58
wafflejocklrs_, the drone will remove quiet in a minute use paste.ubuntu.com for many lines07:59
wafflejocklrs_, something is messed up with apt-get itself, not sure why it asked you to run that dpkg command but paste what the console had08:00
wafflejockjust do it on paste.ubuntu.com08:00
lrs_wafflejock, http://paste.ubuntu.com/11991566/08:01
Gh0st-can't access my VPS through putty08:03
Gh0st-after someone nukes me08:03
invitado-848451www. netchat . cl los espero :D08:03
invitado-848451www. netchat . cl los espero :D08:03
invitado-848451www. netchat . cl los espero :D08:03
invitado-848451www. netchat . cl los espero :D08:03
invitado-848451www. netchat . cl los espero :D08:03
wafflejocklrs_, try, df -h08:03
wafflejocklrs_, I'm curious about the out of space message at the top08:03
lrs_Alsamixer starts tho08:04
wafflejocklrs_, yeah disk is pretty low on space there too, not sure if it's complaining about running out of space on /boot or the main mount point08:06
lokanyi need help for resize window when i start programs such as.. terminal, or any08:06
wafflejocklrs_, anyhow yeah in alsamixer F6 to choose device08:06
wafflejocklrs_, make sure none are muted08:07
wafflejocklrs_, if that looks okay can use aplay to test playing a sound file in the terminal, this way can rule out any pulse audio problems/config08:07
seacaptainallow options in settings to lock ICHcpu08:07
lokanywhen i run program - terminal or any, i always need to resize window. when i close the program, i get default resize window and i need to do the same process again and agian08:08
Gh0st-22 is default port ?08:08
l1n3xhow does one boot a usb via grub?08:08
Gh0st-for SSH?08:08
lrs_c-media usb headphone set08:08
lrs_Yeah its ok08:09
lrs_auto gain control 0008:09
wafflejockGh0st-, yeah08:09
Gh0st-wafflejock: Not sure why I can't connect it though08:09
Gh0st-even though I have reinstalled the ubuntu on my VPS08:09
wafflejockGh0st-, make sure your firewall settings on the VPS allow your connection on port 2208:10
lokanycan someone help me?08:10
Gh0st-how would I check that?08:10
l1n3xi can08:10
wafflejockGh0st-, depends on your VPS provider08:10
l1n3xmaybe :)08:10
Gh0st-interserver in this case08:10
lokanyl1n3x, do you understand my question about resize window - program?08:10
l1n3xerrr i just drooped in so fill me in on whats happening08:11
lrs_wafflejock, No problem there08:12
lokanyl1n3x, ok. i have issue about resizeing window every time. when i open some programs such as: terminal, or any other, i have default size every time, what ever i do - manualy resize, when i start program next time it is default again..08:12
wafflejocklrs_, okay try aplay, can google for the exact command basically aplay afile.wav08:12
l1n3xthat’s default behaviour08:13
wafflejockGh0st-, https://interserver.net/resolve/Knowledgebase/Article/View/298/0/using-putty-to-ssh-to-server you can use nmap to scan the ports on your domain to see that 22 is open looks like they don't have a firewall on the outside by default08:13
lrs_aplay and what command08:13
techkamaris der any way to recover a file deleted in ubuntu?08:13
Gh0st-wafflejock: thanks08:13
somsip!undelete | techkamar08:14
ubottutechkamar: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel08:14
lokanyl1n3x, is it possible to stop that default process?08:14
techkamartanks ll check it out08:14
kreazulleHi all. I have a chrooted Ubuntu 12.04 (3.0.101-novafusion+) running on my Samsung S3 mini and I would like to have a functional Arduino UNO v3 connected on the USB. The problem is that I have no /dev/ttyUSB on ubuntu. when I try "modprobe  usbserial product vendor" I got: "Could not load /lib/modules/3.0.101-novafusion+/modules.dep". Can anyone help please? PS: I`m kinda noob to ubuntu ... and english08:15
lokanyl1n3x, is this yes for me?08:15
somsip!behelpful | l1n3x08:15
ubottul1n3x: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.08:15
l1n3xopen a topic on ubuntu forum it probably requires X tweaking or something with compiz ect08:16
lrs_wafflejock, I change the driver in the gui in ubuntu08:16
lrs_and the ndo aplay08:16
wafflejocklrs_, aplay /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Front_Left.wav08:17
lrs_wafflejock, Yeah i downloaded a file08:17
lrs_It plays in my stereo if i pick it08:17
lrs_not the usb thing08:17
wafflejocklrs_, are you trying it with aplay?08:18
lrs_In the gui i can choose digital output (S/PDIF(08:18
lrs_And headphones08:18
lrs_Bith have audi adapter under them08:18
lrs_And when it owrked, i could pick any onef them08:18
lrs_wafflejock, Yeah08:18
=== c-lob is now known as clobrano
wafflejocklrs_, what's the USB device, can try lsusb08:20
wafflejocklrs_, lsusb should list the device id08:20
wafflejocklrs_, can try searching that with your ubuntu version to see if there is some known bug maybe a workaround or something08:21
nieehi folks. anyone to help me please. i want to update my google chrome. my source list is too old and not want to update.08:21
lrs_C.media audio adapter08:21
lrs_hmm teah08:21
lrs_Bus 001 Device 034: ID 0d8c:000c C-Media Electronics, Inc. Audio Adapter08:22
l1n3xdo sudo apt-get install chromium-browser08:22
wileeel1n3x, Be sure to preface whom you address with their nick08:23
njrHi. My ubuntu 12.04 system looks like it's in dependency hell.... When I try to install openssh-server https://gist.github.com/anonymous/c85086de178276461a39.08:23
wileeeno biggie ;)08:23
njrAny ideas how to debug?08:23
somsipl1n3x: and your advice is incorrect. Again, if you can't fully answer the specfic request, leave it to someone else to help08:24
lrs_l1n3x, Me?08:24
wafflejocklrs_, there are some google results if you use that number after the ID just try to find the one that matches your version of ubuntu and situation most closely08:24
nieel1n3x: http://pastebin.com/NgaQQr1v.08:24
wafflejocksorry gotta get to bed lrs_, good luck getting the headphones hooked up08:25
lrs_wafflejock, thx http://karuppuswamy.com/wordpress/2010/10/04/how-to-get-usb-sound-adapter-0d8c000c-working-as-primary-sound-card-in-debian-linux/ the one on this pic is eactly the one i got08:25
lrs_i wil lsee if it works08:26
l1n3xdid you try sudo apt-get install -f? @njr08:27
lrs_okkkkkk fuk. its probably some kenrel shit08:27
=== Guest54024 is now known as IdleOne
somsipniee: you want to update chrome-stable and it's being held back? Do 'sudo apt-get dist-upgrade'08:28
l1n3xwont that update to 15.04 if he's on 14.04 or lower? @somsip08:28
nieesomeone: no. i dont want to upgrade my sustem. i want this version.08:29
somsipl1n3x: no, that's do-release-upgrade08:29
l1n3xoh my bad08:29
somsipniee: what version of ubuntu are you on?08:29
nieesomsip: i use 11.0408:31
somsipniee: that's not supported, so you will struggle to upgrade. Best advice is to upgrade to a supported version of ubuntu before doing anything08:32
lordievaderniee: Why do you not want to update?08:37
bq_what is @hourly here : "@hourly docker run -volumes-from $MINECRAFT -volumes-from $MAPSERVER mapgenerator"08:37
Ragnar2This server sucks ... enter irc.netchat.cl !!! ragnar owner awaits !!!08:37
Ragnar2This server sucks ... enter irc.netchat.cl !!! ragnar owner awaits !!!08:38
Ragnar2This server sucks ... enter irc.netchat.cl !!! ragnar owner awaits !!!08:38
Ragnar2This server sucks ... enter irc.netchat.cl !!! ragnar owner awaits !!!08:38
Ragnar2This server sucks ... enter irc.netchat.cl !!! ragnar owner awaits !!!08:38
agent_whitebq_: A cron job.08:38
lordievaderWhich runs every hour.08:39
agent_whitebq_: It states for the command following "@hourly" to be run each hour as a cron job.08:39
nieesomsip: ok. tnx for help. i know this, but not want to update os onlu for one apps. new version is not like for me!!!08:39
lordievaderniee: It is not just for one app, it is for everything, security, support, etc.08:40
nieeyes, i know, but not like new version menu.08:40
somsipniee: final suggestion would be to try 'apt-get dist-upgrade --dry-run' to see if it lets you just update googel-chrome. It won't install anything but will let you check. And what lordievader says - old, unsupported version are not safe08:40
lordievaderniee: Neither do I, hence I switched to Kubuntu ;)08:41
=== stevenm_ is now known as stevenm
bq_agent_white: is it a bash feature?08:42
agent_whitebq_: A feature from `cron`.08:43
bq_agent_white: but how bash recognize @?08:44
Luyinhi, I can't log onto my ubuntu machine anymore. 14.04 LTS. after password entry it just sticks there. I can move the cursor, but that's it. VT login works. I've been looking at the logs, but don't quite now what to look for.08:45
lordievaderbq_: It is cron who parses that, not bash.08:46
systemDcbaLuyin: try ctrl-alt f1 then ctrl-alt f6 or f708:47
LuyinsystemDcba doesn't help, tried that already08:47
agent_whitesystemDcba: What's up with that PM?08:48
systemDcbaLuyin: create another user08:48
bq_lordievader: how does cron do that behind?08:49
agent_whitesystemDcba: Don't answer questions if you aren't attempting to be helpful, please.08:49
lordievaderbq_: Pff no idea, read the source code.08:49
systemDcbaLuyin: unity is corrupt probably08:49
systemDcbaLuyin: did you recently install a graphic driver08:50
=== Isla_de_Muerte is now known as NwS
LuyinsystemDcba no I didn't. hang on, trying to add the new user08:52
agent_whitesystemDcba: Did you ask him to view the logs for his window manager? Check X11 logs?08:52
agent_whitesystemDcba: Debug logs? Any other logs?08:52
bq_lordievader: for this to work, cron needs to check each input after return08:53
lordievaderbq_: Err, what? Cron just executes what ever is behind @hourly every hour.08:54
Luyinagent_white I viewed them, but as I said don't know what exactly to look for. I can provide them as a paste, though, if that helps08:54
agent_whiteLuyin: It would help.08:54
Luyinagent_white hang on a sec!08:55
agent_whitebq_: Cron will run a job/script, even if it fails. Your script needs to check to ensure it is working.08:55
agent_whiteCron only is there to schedule  it.08:55
systemDcbaLuyin: ctrl-alt f 4 rm -r ~/.config08:55
systemDcbarm -r ~/.compiz08:55
systemDcbasudo restart lightdm08:55
=== Blaster is now known as Guest76387
agent_whitesystemDcba: Lightdm starts the xserver.08:56
systemDcbaagent_white: maybe remove corrupt desktop config files.08:57
agent_whitesystemDcba: How do you know they are corrupt?08:58
agent_white"Doctor, his heart stopped!" -- "Lets remove his kidneys, that'll do the trick!"08:58
Luyinagent_white systemDcba dmesg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11991777/ X.org.0.log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11991788/09:00
LuyinsystemDcba I won't remove a directory full of configs just because I can't log in09:00
systemDcbaLuyin: askubuntu.com/questions/17381/unity-doesnt-load-no-launcher-no-dash-appears09:02
LuyinsystemDcba I get this: https://bpaste.net/show/741db8ab050709:05
systemDcbaLuyin: I gave up on unity and use XFCE.09:06
systemDcbaLuyin: install xfce09:06
k1lLuyin: did you change something with python? another version from a PPA or such?09:08
LuyinsystemDcba this is no solution. first, it isn't my own computer, so I won't change the UI for its owner, and second it doesn't solve the problem09:08
agent_whiteLuyin: Ignore systemd0wn, please. Otherwise your issue could be exacerbated.09:08
agent_whitesystemDcba is trolling. Ignore his advice.09:09
k1lLuyin: log into a tty1 and look with ls -al what is owned by root:root09:09
Luyinagent_white I see09:09
agent_whiteLuyin: k1l has you covered :)09:09
cfhowlettLuyin, long story short: sounds like your issue is fixable.  slow down, take your time and consider carefully the advice you follow09:09
Luyink1l http://paste.ubuntu.com/11991818/ nothing unusual afais09:09
Luyink1l I didn't change anything with python, no09:10
k1lLuyin: ok the important ones are .Xauthority etc and that are owned by the user. so its not that easy fix09:10
k1lLuyin: what says the .xsessin-errors ?09:11
Luyink1l http://paste.ubuntu.com/11991828/09:11
Luyinthere could be something with this line: "mktemp: failed to create file via template ‘/tmp/config-err-XXXXXX’: Permission denied" for I did make a change to fstab to make /tmp a tmpfs09:12
k1lyep, that could be the reason09:13
texasmad_i minimized xchat to tray on my other laptop and i can't find the icon09:14
texasmad_how do i fix that?09:14
cfhowletttexasmad_, try alt tab  to switch09:14
k1lLuyin: what is the line in fstab?09:15
texasmad_doesn't show up09:15
texasmad_but it's running09:15
k1ltexasmad_: should be in the systray in the "mail"icon menu09:15
nothingmuchg_byers: 10:05 vs 10:11 ;-)09:16
nothingmuchg_byers: sorry wrong channel, wrong nick ;-)09:16
Luyink1l https://bpaste.net/show/9ba8b152cf40 and fstab: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11991841/09:16
cfhowlettLuyin, are you logged in as root?09:16
texasmad_that's the issue. there is no mail icon.09:17
Luyincfhowlett not at the moment09:17
=== silver is now known as Guest40666
k1l_Luyin: are you sure about the noexec and mode?09:18
Luyink1l I got it from the archlinux wiki afair. I wouldn't issue such things myself09:18
=== apofis_ is now known as apofis
Luyinon my own machine, which is the one I'm currently connected with, I got "tmpfs    /tmp    tmpfs    nodev,nosuid00"09:19
HiltonHi, sorry this is long, figured I'd get it all out at once. After getting tired of my kid's inexplicable ability to get Windows infected with dozens of programs despite every attempt to lock it down, I've decided to 'introduce' them to Ubuntu... but I can't get their accounts to work. I initially set up their accounts without passwords, intending to have them log in and set their own. I then...09:19
Hilton...changed my mind and set passwords for them all, but none could log in. Research found they were all part of a 'nopasswdlogin' group or something; I removed them all from that group, but NOW Ubuntu simply says "Invalid password." at all times, right password or not. This does not happen on the two admin account.09:19
k1l_Luyin: yes, that looks better for a start09:20
Luyink1l so I'm going to try remove anything else than that wich works for me and reboot?09:20
cfhowlettHilton, TWO admin accounts?09:20
HiltonI even tried deleting and recreating all their accounts, with no change. Note that if I use su in a terminal window, or switch to a TTY console, I can log in to their accounts just fine.09:21
Hiltoncfhowlett: Set my wife as administrator so she could make policy changes to things like Timekpr without needing MY password.09:21
cfhowlettHilton, :)  niiiiiice.09:21
HiltonFinding a version of Timekpr that worked on 14.04 was a task in itself... 300,000 references to the original that stopped working at 11.x, 1 reference to someone else's updated version that works on 11-15.09:22
HiltonSo, this is strictly a GUI problem not letting the standard accounts log in with the right password. Why!?09:23
Luyincfhowlett k1l_ agent_white removing everything but nodev,nosuid did the trick, thanks a lot!09:24
cfhowlettLuyin, congrats on the fix!09:24
Guest23617Hi all, I'm trying to lessen the amount memory used by my chef-runs. A first big change that helps a lot is the use of the partial_search api. It seems a lot of memory gets used by shell's inside the recipes as wel,09:25
Luyinnow I feel so stupid for adding these options to fstab :D09:25
Guest23617is there a clean way to dispose of the shell's data when the needed data is extracted?09:25
somsipGuest23617: definitely one to ask the chef experts09:25
Guest23617somsip: you are correct, thanks09:26
Hiltoncfhowlett: Any idea on why the GUI rejects the passwords? I looked for another group, but the only group they are part of is their own name (i.e. user name morgan, in group morgan).09:28
phre4kwhen will Kernel 4.1 land in LTS?09:28
TJ-Any suggestions as to why Firefox (or the gtk theme/library) is magnifying all its user interface elements, whereas Chromium (using the system settings) is rendered at normal DPI (see http://imgur.com/x4yuvZb) ?09:28
cfhowlettHilton, sorry, no idea.  I'm on Ubuntustudio so I have XFCE4, not ubuntu/unity.09:28
texasmad_still no mail icon. It's just gone.09:28
k1l_phre4k: the nest release with a 4.X kernel will be 15.10, and after that release there will be the backports kernel from 15.10 after some time.09:30
k1l_!enablementstack | phre4k09:30
ubottuphre4k: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases. see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack09:30
phre4kthanks k1l_!09:32
nabdevhi, can i have some help to booting to my laptop ? after using boot-repair , i have this log : paste.ubuntu.com/1199163509:33
maclamwget http://www.sigb.net/IMG/documentation_343_fr.zip09:36
kreazulle Hi all. I will repeat my earlyer and hope I don`t break any rules. I have a chrooted Ubuntu 12.04 (3.0.101-novafusion+) running on my Samsung S3 mini and I would like to have a functional Arduino UNO v3 connected on the USB. The problem is that I have no /dev/ttyUSB on ubuntu. when I try "modprobe  usbserial product vendor" I got: "Could not load /lib/modules/3.0.101-novafusion+/modules.dep". Can anyone help please? PS: I`m kinda 09:37
texasmad_fixed it09:38
texasmad_had to get the topicons extension09:38
TJ-kreazulle: That output suggests the kernel has no additional modules built, or if so, the module dependency info usually found in /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/modules.dep isn't there  for the android build09:39
kreazulleTy TJ. Any sugestion on how to bypass this problem?09:41
TJ-kreazulle: Build a full kernel from the novafusion sources with the exact same version and config and make it available to the Ubuntu chroot09:42
akikkreazulle: can you run depmod -a which updates the modules.dep ?09:42
=== ed-09988-23 is now known as funkt1
johelishToday when I got back from work and was going to access my samba folder over the network everything was empty. So I sshed to my server and when I try to ls my directory it says "@backup-serverrummet:/media/backup$ ls ls: läser katalog .: In/ut-fel" which means "reading catalog, in/out-error". I've tried to reboot the system but without success... what can I do? :(09:43
TJ-akik: there is *no* kernel/modules for the chroot, it's hosted on an Android host09:43
Ben64johelish: input/output error usually indicates a hardware problem09:44
=== cartucho is now known as Guest65145
johelishBen64: That's not very promising. The harddrive can't have broken down can they?09:45
Ben64johelish: it can, you should check09:46
funkt1Hi there I seem to have a very weird problem. I have installed xampp and I have a localhost. The problem I am having is I cannot seem to add any folders and even weirder the folders I have removed are still completely intact every file in place even though there is no folder whatsover in htdocs. I have tried through 3 different browsers and all claim to have the files even though they do not exist has anyone ever come across this problem?09:46
kreazulleakik I get FATAL Error with no such file or directory. TJ ty again. Aparently I cannot escape what I have feared (building a full kernel)09:46
TJ-johelish: /media/backup/ suggests the samba share is on another file-system. Check the device that is hosted on, or do a file-system check. Also, first review any I/O errors in "/var/log/kern.log"09:47
bazhangfunkt1, xampp is not supported here, use lamp09:48
bazhang!xampp | funkt109:48
ubottufunkt1: We do not support XAMPP installs here. Please use the LAMP stack that is in our repositories; see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP for more information.09:48
funkt1so anyone here who can help me?09:48
TJ-kreazulle: You could explore the novafusion host directories to find other kernel modules, in case they are there but need mapping/copying into the chroot. On android do "find / -type f -name '*.ko' "09:48
bazhangsee above funkt109:48
funkt1I have!09:48
bazhangfunkt1, there are links on how to get lamp going, please read09:49
johelishTJ-: There's three discs in the system. One is for the operative system and the other two and for /media/ which we use for share09:49
funkt1I dont like lamp09:49
nabdevany help to boot to my laptop  :/09:49
bazhangfunkt1, ask in ##linux for xampp help then, its not supported here09:49
funkt1I Just need some help with xampp09:49
nabdevboot repair : paste.ubuntu.com/1199163509:49
k1lfunkt1: then ask the xampp guys for support09:50
bazhang /join09:50
funkt1yeah like thats gonna happen09:50
cfhowlettfunkt1, they are the experts.  we are not.09:50
funkt1I understand that but it may take months If I even get a response at all there maybe someone here out off allll these people on this channel and it may simply be a chmod issue or something?09:51
funkt1anyway not here to explain myself09:51
bazhangfunkt1, its simply not supported , please stop asking here09:51
cfhowlettfunkt1, https://www.apachefriends.org/community.html  lots of support options09:51
lobo_nzHi, Im trying to upgrade an old server from Lucid to Precise and have many errors like this "No candidate ver:" all the things I have tried have not fixed those errors yet, any ideas on what to do?09:52
cfhowlett!eolupgrade | lobo_nz,09:53
ubottulobo_nz,: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades09:53
kreazulleTJ: Done that and I got a list of .ko: bthid, dhd, exfat_core, exfat_fs, hwreg, j4fs, param, rng-core, scsi_wait_scan, vpnclient.09:53
johelishBen64: Is it possible that just the symlink is gone? With fdisk -l I can see the hdds but I don't know how to access them09:53
TJ-kreazulle: So the module(s) you need aren't there. That confirms you'll need to build that same kernel with the required module(s) enabled.09:54
Ben64johelish: check dmesg for errors09:54
lobo_nzubottu: thx09:55
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)09:55
lobo_nzubottu: Im getting in now before you take over the world09:55
ubottulobo_nz: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:55
nils13is it possible to have help on vsftpd here ?09:56
Ben64nils13: the best thing you can do with vsftpd is uninstall it and use sftp instead09:57
cfhowlettnils13, possible but only if you give copious details.  telepaths use Miley Cyrus OS09:57
kreazulleTJ: Just to be on the safe side, I need to build a new ubuntu image or do I have to have a new Android rom that has the modules? Again kinda noob09:57
nils13ok, will sftp work with Filezilla ?09:57
Ben64nils13: google says yes09:58
nils13ok, I found something googling sftp and understood sftp work only with command line, I was wrong, ok, I remove vsftp and install sftp ... thanks09:59
nils13thank you Ben6409:59
Ben64all you need is a ssh server for it, theres no package called "sftp"09:59
TJ-kreazulle: You'd need to build the exact same kernel but with the config options for the modules you need also enabled. Then you can install those modules into the chroot. I'd *think* the first thing to try would be check-out the android kernel at the same commit as the installed kernel, identify the modules you need, run "make xconfig" to add the modules you'll need, then try to build. If you're new to kernel hacking this will be a tortuous experience due to the10:01
TJ-differences between android and mainline/Ubuntu kernels, and the workflow required, so put aside several days to master it :)10:01
nils13Ben64: I have openssh-server installed, then how do I install sftp if there is not package named sftp ?10:02
Ben64you're already done10:02
kreazulleTJ: Ty for your time and patience. Hopefully after this experience I wil call myself lessnoob :)10:03
nils13Ben64: ok, I have a Filezilla connexion, I can write in my home dir, but still cannot write on /var/www/html/somedir10:03
Ben64you should be able to write anywhere you user can10:04
nils13the user I am using, is the first user created when Ubuntu server install10:04
Ben64can you write to /var/www/html/somedir using that user10:04
nils13Ben64: in a terminal, I use sudo to write anywhere, then, what about FTP via Filezilla ?10:05
dpnuxHi, is there any application on Ubuntu to see what an application doing such as create new folder and settings?10:05
Ben64nils13: you could add your user to the group of the directory, you could take ownership of the directory, theres a few ways to do it10:06
nils13Ben64: I can write anywhere using sudo in a terminal, and look likes sudo is not available via Filezilla10:07
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=== d- is now known as Guest98214
=== mikecmpb_ is now known as mikecmpbll
nils13Ben64: yes, I tried, adding nils to root group, but it does not work, I would like nils to be able to write any where, so I do not want to change all dirs "rights" (don't know the english word)10:09
Ben64don't add to root group, undo that10:09
Ben64and its for security that you can't write anywhere as a normal user10:09
=== lonix_ is now known as lonix
nils13Ben64: ok, already deleted, as it did not work10:10
Ben64i think /var/www is owned by www-data or something like that10:10
Ben64you can add your user to that group10:10
nils13Ben64: then ?, do I have to create a special user for FTP ?, and how I give this user rights to write anywhere ?10:11
Ben64you don't. read what i said about security10:11
TJ-nils13: If you "adduser $USER www-data" you'll also need to allow the "www-data" group *write* access to "/var/www/" and sub-dirs10:12
nils13ok, I do not understand how to do this ?, allowing one user to write anywhere via FTP, with a strong password ?, not good ?, same issue as ssh connexion as root, no ?10:13
Ben64you don't need to "write anywhere" over ftp sftp or anything really10:13
TJ-nils13: see http://askubuntu.com/questions/19898/whats-the-simplest-way-to-edit-and-add-files-to-var-www10:14
th3_4dm1nhello world10:14
th3_4dm1nwell fuck you too10:15
nils13TJ, this is a brand new Ubuntu server install, and what I can see, is all www dir belong to root, should I change all this to www-data ?10:15
nils13ok Ben6410:15
TJ-nils13: /var/www will be owned by root, but the entries in it, and sub-dirs, should be owned by "www-data"10:17
nils13Ok TJ- , I changed chown www/* to www-data:www-data10:18
pragomer1how can I do a setting... that allows me executing bash scripts on (all) ntfs partitions I use ?10:19
nils13I've seen I have a user and a group named www-data10:19
nils13now, should I add user nils to group www-data ?, I try ...10:20
TJ-nils13: As far as I recall, "/var/www/html/" is the DocumentRoot for apache, and that already is owned by "www-data"10:21
nils13no, not enough, still cannot write in /var/www/*10:21
nils13TJ-: yes, you are right, this is the case10:21
Ben64you do need to re log in in order to have the group stiff to take effect10:21
Ben64group stuff*10:21
TJ-nils13: /etc/apache2/sites-available/000-default.conf:12:       DocumentRoot /var/www/html10:22
nils13ok Ben64 , re log via Filezilla, right ?10:22
TJ-nils13: do "sg touch /var/www/html/hello.txt" and you should see the user has write permissions10:23
nils13no, I re log in Filezilla, but still cannot write in /var/www/10:23
TJ-nils13: you have to set write permissions for the group. The default is read-only. "chmod -R g+w /var/www/html"10:25
nils13TJ-: "sg touch ..." says touch group does not exist, if I touch a file, via ssh, as I did sudo bash, the file will belong to root, I have a test file, that belong now to www-data:www-data10:27
nbusronehi , I wonder why after updated nvidia driver my brightness got reset every restart ?10:27
nbusronehow to permanent set brightness of nvidia ?10:27
nils13TJ-: yes I can see, group can only read, I change it ...10:27
nils13TJ-: it works !!!10:29
TJ-nils13: sorry, the 'sg' commmand needs the group name, too. It's just a good way to test without needing to log-out/log-in, as in "sg www-data touch /var/www/hello.txt"10:31
nils13ok, to summary, no special FTP server is needed, ssh + ftp (native) is enough, user nils do not need to belong to www-data group, right ?10:31
nils13ok TJ- for sg, I understood10:32
TJ-nils13: user permissions will require any user that wants write access to /var/www/html/ to be a member of www-data group10:32
nils13TJ-: yes, I tried, add/remove me from www-data group, it works as you describe it, so thank you very much for your help !10:37
nils13and Ben64 as well, thanks !10:37
nils13when I ps aux | grep ftp I can see /usr/lib/openssh/sftp-server, that means openssh has its own ftp server ?10:38
nils13installed when I apt-get install openssh-server ?10:38
TJ-nils13: see "man sftp"10:40
nils13ok TJ-10:41
=== carlo is now known as Guest77105
nils13TJ-: man does not tell me if sftp comes with openssh ?, is it a "basic" package of ubuntu server ?10:43
nils13I do not remember to have installed sftp by myself10:43
Luyinnils13 why should sftp have something to do with openssh?10:45
k1l_nils13: it does10:46
nbusronehow to permanent set brightness of nvidia ? for desktop ?10:46
k1l_install openssh-server and you have sftp access too on that machine10:46
nils13Luyin: I don't know ?, I try to understand, because of the S ?10:46
nils13k1l_: so sftp comes with openssh install, right ?10:47
Luyinnils13 no it doesn't.10:47
Guest77105do you know an application for hacker a instagram account (sorry for bad english)10:49
Ben64not here10:49
nils13Luyin: ok, so it comes with Ubuntu server, without having to install it manually ?10:49
Guest77105xx_Kr0nUs_xx: an application for hacker a instagram account?10:50
cfhowlett!hacking | Guest77105, no and we are not going to help you hack anyones account10:50
ubottuGuest77105, no and we are not going to help you hack anyones account: A hacker is a person who delights in having an intimate understanding of the internal workings of a system, computers and computer networks in particular, as defined by Request for Comments (RFC) 1392 - i.e. a good programmer  -- crackers on the other hand break systems, see also !piracy10:50
nils13What I checked while installing Ubuntu server was : openssh server / LAMP server / Mail server, anything else, so, sftp comes with one of these choice, or with Ubuntu "native"10:51
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=== clobrano is now known as c-lob
XDS2010Will this work?:  http://ctrlv.in/614573 , keep in mind i'm already splitting the connection in the basement (possibly multiple times) after the coax comes out of the FIBER junction box. The GSH-3F is basically just a glorified splitter with a 3.5db + two 7db outputs, it has a 5mhz to 1000mhz tag on it. HTPC=Ubu box10:53
cfhowlettXDS2010, the ubuntu box should work.  as far as the other stuff, no way we would know.  ask ##networking10:54
nbusroneI had enable brightness contro l at Device section Option         "RegistryDwords" "EnableBrightnessControl=1",  what else I need to do set it permanent brightnes to -30 ?10:54
k1l_nils13: sftp comes with openssh-server isntall, yes10:55
k1l_nils13: _server_ is the important part here.10:55
XDS2010cfhowlett:  best guess on the other stuff ?10:56
nils13Luyin: when I dpkg -l *ftp* I can read openssh-sftp-server package is installed, so it should had been install with openssh-server install I suppose, as I did not installed it by myself10:56
cfhowlettXDS2010, best *advice* = ask the networking folks about network issues.10:56
Ben64cfhowlett: he's just been going around to a bunch of channels asking it10:56
k1l_nils13: if you install a server image openssh-server is already installed. since that makes sense on a server.10:57
nils13k1l_: ok, I understand now why it works, and why I don't need vsftp or proftp10:57
XDS2010cfhowlett:  ok thanks ill hit up that channel10:58
=== c-lob is now known as clobrano
=== clobrano is now known as c-lob
nbusronecfhowlett : I had enable brightness contro l at Device section Option         "RegistryDwords" "EnableBrightnessControl=1",  what else I need to do set it permanent brightnes to -30 ?10:59
cfhowlettnbusrone, sorry. no idea.  I do try to avoid responding to (the many) things I lack experience with.11:00
nbusronecfhowlett : ok thanks :)\11:00
nils13is it possible to hide "has quit" /  "has joined" lines from here ?11:03
=== medz is now known as samsn
cfhowlett!quietirc | nils1311:04
ubottunils13: To ignore joins/parts/quits in your favorite IRC client, see http://wiki.xkcd.com/irc/Hide_join_part_messages11:04
nils13ok ubottu11:04
nils13ok, thank you all for your help, I continue setting up my server ...11:05
cfhowlettnils13, you DO now about #ubuntu-server channel??11:08
=== ubuntu_user is now known as rcw2
nils13cfhowlett: no I did not know there was an #ubuntu-server channel, I did not find it, when I had a look on Google for Ubuntu irc channels11:11
nils13ok, I am going to #ubuntu-server11:11
cfhowlett!server | nils1311:12
ubottunils13: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide - Support in #ubuntu-server11:12
nils13thanks ubottu11:14
silver_310Hello o/11:14
nils13ubottu: yes it is the release I installed on my server11:14
silver_310hoping someone can help me, i installed Ubuntu server 14.04 as a virtual machine on server 2012 R2. gave it a static IP, i can ping other machines from Ubuntu, but when i try to ping it from a windows machine i always get a response from a different IP, when i ping the VM from the host though it responds with the correct IP11:17
silver_310is this an issue with the DNS server or the Ubuntu installation?11:17
ashiq-akHI. EriC^^11:18
ashiq-akProblem solved I guess EriC^^11:19
EriC^^ashiq-ak: hi11:19
EriC^^how did you solve it?11:19
ashiq-akHad to install win back :(11:19
EriC^^oh ok11:19
starkillerwaffffffle joke:P11:19
=== offsec is now known as Guest380
frizmannAt the end he says Ubuntu wit hthis pronounciation: /oobanto/ (http://youtube.com/watch?v=yX8yrOAjfKM)11:20
ashiq-akTell me which is best Linux OS for My system EriCC^^11:20
starkillerxubuntu :P11:20
EriC^^ashiq-ak: whichever one you like best11:20
frizmannWhich one is correct: /ooboontoo/ or that one?11:20
starkillerproben for 4 years in alll my 4 computers xubuntu :P11:21
ashiq-akI have 2gb ddr3, intel i3-2365 clocked@just 1.4Ghz EriC^^11:21
starkillerfrom pentium 4 to  core i 511:21
EriC^^ashiq-ak: i think it can handle anything11:21
BotchlaBashiq-ak: If you want an Ubuntu flavor that doesn't hog resources, try Xubuntu or Lubuntu.11:22
ashiq-akthats true. i was using win server 2012 before lol EriC^^11:22
ashiq-akhog Resources means? BotchlaB11:23
BotchlaBAs in, it doesn't use too much CPU or RAM to function.11:23
BotchlaBSince you don't have much to spare.11:23
starkilleri try lubuntu on an acer one really small  laptop  but xubuntu if you want a replacement for windows vista  8 or 10 :P11:24
Guest380hi guys11:24
Guest380i just installed gnome on vivid vervet11:24
Guest380it looks exactly like kali sana11:24
Guest380feeling disappointed11:24
starkillerwell i have xubuntu too because i fell it has the most variaty in programs just as close as ubuntu :P11:25
starkilleri just made my xubuntu an fta server so now i can get any file from my lap to my desktop with no cables using filezila :P11:28
phre4kstarkiller, why not SFTP?11:28
jpdsstarkiller: Why not rsync?11:28
starkillerbecause im doing it localy:P11:28
spoon_of_destinyi have a quick question about which file system to use on an install im doing for my dad. I typically use ext4, but im reading that btrfs is better. What are your opinions?11:28
starkillerno need fot rsyc just type  filezila ip adress and user name and im in my laptop getting what in need:P11:30
MonkeyDustspoon_of_destiny  "better" depends on what ypu prefer and on how skilled you are ... you'll find more support for ext411:30
OerHeksspoon, 1700 opinions ?11:30
OerHeks!btrfs | spoon_of_destiny11:30
ubottuspoon_of_destiny: Btrfs is a new filesystem available for Ubuntu. It is currently marked as experimental, and should not be used for important data. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/btrfs11:30
ring3today my copy-paste doesnt work ...11:30
ring3on the terminal11:30
ring3yesterday i used the middle buton click11:31
ring3i also tried ^insert and ctrl+^c11:31
ring3but doesn't wor11:31
starkilleris it ctrl }+ atl  = c  or v on terminal :P?11:31
ring3doesnt work11:32
spoon_of_destinyanyone's opinion here really hahaha. the thing is i like to learn by trouble shooting, but my dad isn't very technical with computers. He is just going to use it for email, browsing, and the likes. I read that btrfs can rollback if you break something so i thought that might be better for my non-techie dad. Is that a correct assumption to make?11:32
ring3this makes a ^c11:32
k1l_ctrl+c will cancel the running command11:32
MonkeyDustspoon_of_destiny  there's also #btrfs11:33
ring3yesterday all this worked11:33
starkiller right click paste :P?11:33
frizmannhttp://youtube.com/watch?v=yX8yrOAjfKM ---> /oobanto/ or /ooboontoo/?11:33
spoon_of_destiny:o i'll check that out then as well, thx MonkeyDust11:34
k1l_!ot | frizmann11:34
ubottufrizmann: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:34
starkillerThis chat is one of the things that makes linux better than windows thanks guys is been 4 years now since i left windows and i dont miss it11:35
ring3starkiller: doesnt work11:37
ring3all the copy-paste sitem is broken11:37
ring3except ^c ^v11:37
ring3but ^c doesnt work for temrinal11:38
ring3I noted the gpm is installed11:38
starkillercontrol shift11:38
ring3and yesterda gpm was not installed11:38
starkillercontrol shit V11:38
starkillercontrol shift v trhit it nowww :P11:39
starkillerring 3 try it:P11:39
ring3control shift C  makes a control c11:39
starkilleri just tried control shift V and it worked in my terminal11:40
starkillerdo ittt,,, nowwww,,, get the chopper:P11:41
ring3it worked always in my pc too11:41
ring3but not today :)11:41
starkillerlol i would try reinstaling terminal or    restarting the computer:P xchat didnt work before but i reinstall it 5 min ago and im here::P11:43
frizmann!ot | k1l11:44
ubottuk1l: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:44
frizmannjust testing11:44
ring3a mouse problem11:45
ring313:45 < ring3> a mouse problem11:45
ring3with new mouse, and middle button click works11:46
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digi_Hello :D11:56
Freizathis is my first time on irc11:57
digi_and me :)11:58
=== ubuntu_user is now known as rcw2
digi_Freiza can you use ubunutu well ?11:59
* OerHeks googles ubunutu12:00
jpdsNothing beats umbungo12:00
Freizausing for 2+ years12:01
* khax has been using ubuntu since 201112:02
digi_hey mans why you don speak12:02
MonkeyDustdigi_  this is the support channel, type /j #ubuntu-offtopic for nice social chat12:03
jpdsdigi_: Basically having 1723 people talking at random would be bad12:03
digi_sorry because i dont know rules well first time on irc12:04
MonkeyDustdigi_  that's why i'm telling you12:04
OerHeksdigi_, read the topic & channelrules before entering :-)12:05
=== oli is now known as Guest31193
Freizai read the guidelines, and what are bots anyway12:09
OerHeksBots are network-scripts, with a single purpose.12:13
k1l_we try to keep this channel for support only, so people with ubuntu issues could be helped best. for chat we have the other channels like #ubuntu-offtopic12:13
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molgrumhmm, i can print a test page alright with my printer but i cannot print a page from thunderbird, what could be wrong?12:14
=== utlemming_away is now known as utlemming
molgrumlibreoffice also works12:15
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=== utlemming_away is now known as utlemming
space_milkanyone else getting the stupid advertisement for #chan or is it just me?12:27
MonkeyDustspace_milk  what is your ubuntu question?12:27
OerHeksspace_milk, please join #ubuntu-ops for spammers, thanks in advance12:27
__martin__tester of wily.. after latest upgrades (using proposed repo as well); libmirclient conflicts with unity package // what alternative desktop session do you recommend? sth minimalistic12:32
MonkeyDust__martin__  #ubuntu+1 for wily support12:33
__martin__MonkeyDust: thanks12:33
space_milkMonkeyDust: what? what ubuntu question?12:34
space_milkMonkeyDust: you are confusing me with someone else12:34
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BluesKajHey folks12:39
rainbowwarriorhello , does Ubuntu support the  Intel 3160 AC wireless card please ?12:45
BotchlaBrainbowwarrior http://askubuntu.com/questions/540580/ubuntu-intel-wireless-3160-ac-not-working-slow-disconnecting-unstable12:47
OerHeksrainbowwarrior, lots of issues, maybe this page is any help http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=221407512:51
BotchlaBThey pinged out, OerHeks.12:51
BotchlaBHeh, and I also was about to paste that.12:51
ioriahttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1442411          seems a fix released in vivid12:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1442411 in System76 "Intel 3160 wireless card no longer able to connect to wifi networks" [Critical,Fix released]12:52
=== Blaster is now known as Guest26378
raj_can you make my pc fast12:54
raj_its making my pc slow12:55
Guest31193I have updated my fglrx drivers and after that my Ubuntu PC brings a black screen. It goes off and on all the time.12:56
KamuelaIs there any reason my wireless sometimes says "Out of Range" when only Ubuntu on this laptop does it? E.g. iPhones, PS3, this laptop in the same spot on Windows, etc all have no issues, but Ubuntu will sometimes randomly disconnect and then refuse to connect for multiple restarts12:57
techkamaragain hi.... :D13:01
Aerandirso some1 found irc? :D13:02
TuroYouCompleteMe says CMake error at ycm/CMakeLists.txt:64 No pre-built Clang 3.6 binaries for 32 bit linux. You'll have to compile Clang 3.6 from source. How to compile it?13:03
EriC^^!info clang13:04
ubottuclang (source: llvm-defaults (0.26ubuntu1)): C, C++ and Objective-C compiler (LLVM based). In component universe, is optional. Version 1:3.6-26ubuntu1 (vivid), package size 3 kB, installed size 41 kB13:04
EriC^^Turo: sudo apt-get install clang13:04
EriC^^Turo: which ubuntu version are you using?13:05
MonkeyDustTuro  cat /etc/issue13:06
TuroEriC^^: 14.04LTS. I have clang 3.6 installed13:07
EriC^^Turo: ok, it might not be in the dir it's looking in13:07
rainbowwarriorhello , does Ubuntu support the  Intel 3160 AC wireless card please ?13:08
MonkeyDustrainbowwarrior  i guess your question has been answered earlier13:09
TuroEriC^^: It seems don't look for clang for 32bit ubuntu https://github.com/Valloric/ycmd/blob/master/cpp/ycm/CMakeLists.txt13:09
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rainbowwarriorMonkeyDust,  not sure as i got disconnected and might of missed the answer13:10
BotchlaB<OerHeks> rainbowwarrior, lots of issues, maybe this page is any help http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=221407513:10
rainbowwarriorBotchlaB thank you13:10
BotchlaBYou're welcome. Also: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/144241113:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1442411 in System76 "Intel 3160 wireless card no longer able to connect to wifi networks" [Critical,Fix released]13:11
MonkeyDustrainbowwarrior   BotchlaB> rainbowwarrior13:11
rainbowwarriorMonkeyDust thank you as well13:11
dimianyone here to share some wisdome with me13:11
dimiim having a problem with popcorn time aplication13:11
MonkeyDustrainbowwarrior  and OerHeks> rainbowwarrior, lots of issues, maybe this page is any help  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=221407513:11
=== Guest98214 is now known as dazm
dimithis is what pops after program fails to open13:12
dimiATTENTION: default value of option force_s3tc_enable overridden by environment.13:12
dimi[8087:0803/151213:ERROR:sandbox_linux.cc(325)] InitializeSandbox() called with multiple threads in process gpu-process13:12
MonkeyDustdimi  use a !pastebin for multiple lines13:13
dimiright away sir13:13
EriC^^Turo: you have 32bit?13:14
EriC^^Turo: it says See the YCM docs for details on how to use a user-compiled libclang.13:14
Silenced_v2Guys. I am using wine right now . And its clashing with my GPU drivers. So can i uninstall wine right now ? Will the installed applications work ?13:18
lokany someone knows here how to resize windows permanentrly. what ever i do and start program again, i get default size-resize?13:19
pbxSilenced_v2, windows applications will not function if wine is not installed, no13:21
MonkeyDustlokany  in dconf-editor maybe13:22
pbxbut you can uninstall wine, yes13:22
lokanyMonkeyDust, pls can you be more specific?13:22
lokanyMonkeyDust, where in dconf-edito i can find for window 'decoration" or something similar?13:23
MonkeyDustlokany  you can use ctrl-f to find any useful keyword13:23
lokanyMonkeyDust, ok, i will try! thanks13:23
Silenced_v2pbx: Suggest me something that's similar to wine13:24
pbxSilenced_v2, there is nothing similar.  if you want to run windows applications under linux your options are 1) wine or 2) a VM (e.g. virtualbox) running windows13:30
Silenced_v2pbx : What about play on linux ?13:31
pbxSilenced_v2, that's built on top of wine13:31
Silenced_v2So is there any way i could prevent wine from conflicting with my GPU drivers13:32
MonkeyDustSilenced_v2  try #winehq13:33
pbxSilenced_v2, not that i know of. but i'm not a gamer so i haven't pushed the limits at all. i agree, join #winehq13:33
Silenced_v2MonkeyDust: Already in it man :P13:33
MonkeyDustSilenced_v2  then why are you asking here?13:33
Silenced_v2MonkeyDust: They aren't replying . So thought someone here might know13:34
OerHeksis it wine conflicting gpu drivers? or are your settings in the game too high ..13:35
OerHeksi think last one13:35
onlaHey. I made a ubuntu 15.4 live cd with lili on windows. But when I look at the directory it shows empty, but the usb stick shows though that it is taking some 1.5gb space13:43
Pici!fr | securite13:43
ubottusecurite: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.13:43
Amozonla, that's a feature13:45
Amoz"Hidden installation: LiLi hides the Linux installation, your USB key stays clean"13:46
onlayepyep o13:46
Amozso they probably create a smaller partition for the live-FS and let you use the rest as a FAT/NTFS fs13:46
frendaIs it possible to grap a part of video. For example the origin one is 1920x1080, grabing it to 720x480; I don't mean `converting to 720x480`; Like the time you take a snapshop of part of your desktop13:50
frendaIs there any tool?13:50
=== paul-kk1 is now known as paul-kk
MonkeyDustfrenda  try openshot video editor13:52
nokiomanzHi all, I have a ubuntu nfs server. and a centos nfs client. When i modify a line in a file on the server and go to the client. On the client the change does not appear. It can take several minute for the modification to show up. I dont understand why.13:53
frendaMonkeyDust: Can it do cropping?13:53
MonkeyDustfrenda  not sure, best way to find out what it can do, is by using it13:54
frendaAh, ok13:54
=== pkircher_ is now known as pkircher
jochanan_hello everyone13:57
jochanan_i have a tecnical question about my abuntu13:57
Silenced_v2OerHeks: There was something called as AMD catalyst center . Now it just disappeared13:57
jochanan_somebody speak spanish?13:57
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.13:57
jochanan_ok ubotu thnaks13:57
Silenced_v2And when i reinstalled it . Its said some libopensl1 was conflicting with fglrx13:58
gopan__Hi I just got Ubuntu 14.04? Is there a way to install skyrim without having bought from steam??13:58
OerHeksgopan__, maybe in wine or playonlinux13:59
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu13:59
TunaFishdaily or beta chromium build for 14.04 how can I get? Other than this ppa:saiarcot895/chromium-dev ?13:59
Silenced_v2OerHeks: And it was nothing to with games . I installed Photoshop. It was not detecting myGPU14:00
gopan__but where do i get the skyrim installation file from?? Is the torrent downloadable version of any use??14:00
Picigopan__: if you don't mind the download, you might be able to put your skyrim cd-key into steam's "activate non steam game" option.14:00
Pici!piracy | gopan__14:00
ubottugopan__: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o14:00
jochanan_guys i have a issue with my background appers pixeled cant see any pictures just black and white scuares14:01
jochanan_somebody can hel me pls14:01
OerHeksSilenced_v2, likely photoshop sees a virtual gpu. but this channel is not for wine issues.14:02
niilosHi all14:05
MonkeyDustSilenced_v2  but it sounds like you're better off with windows14:05
MonkeyDustinstead of linux/wine14:05
XxUnreliablexXNobody's better off with windows14:05
XxUnreliablexXAn easier UI doesnt make a better OS14:06
niilosI got an issue. I can't connect to my graphical session. I enter the right password, the screen turns black and the password prompt shows again14:06
niilosI can login in terminal mode (with an other tty)14:06
niilosdo you know what can cause that?14:07
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OerHeksa whole topic on that, no panel and no unity > http://askubuntu.com/questions/17381/unity-doesnt-load-no-launcher-no-dash-appears and recent http://askubuntu.com/questions/477110/14-04-lts-no-dash-launcher-after-update-through-software-updater14:10
niilosThanks you for the response but I don't use Unity, I'm using Gnome314:11
niilosI'm on Elementary OS14:12
=== joseph is now known as jcla1
=== nuke is now known as Guest48615
Guest48615hi all, i'm trying to share folders between 5 ubuntu machines14:12
niilosGuest48615 : use Samba414:13
Guest48615i'm trying in easy way, rigth clik on the folder, but i'm unable to found it in others pcs on the network14:13
daftykins!elementary | niilos Sorry we can't help you here.14:15
ubottuniilos Sorry we can't help you here.: Elementary OS is an Ubuntu derivative which is supported in their IRC channel #elementary on irc.freenode.net - http://elementaryos.org/ for more information on this distribution.14:15
OerHeksGuest48615, maybe these wikis are any help >> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Samba & https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/samba-fileserver.html14:15
OerHekselementary has its own issues indeed14:16
=== poison is now known as Guest50752
TunaFishlel elementary os demanded shekels, don't use it14:18
niilosThanks you for answering!14:19
MonkeyDustyes, i tied elementary, zorin and other beautiful derivatives... apart from their appearance, it's not special14:19
niiloshave a nice day14:19
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=== moz is now known as motz
mircx1hello again and again question i run ubuntu 14 and my question is what i need run with this commands apt-get install libre2-dev in ubuntu 10.0.4 is work but in ubuntu14 is no if someone can explain to me what i need to do then i to be happy14:25
daftykinsso you're saying that package was in 10.04 but is gone in 14.04...14:25
motzeach time I want to connect via my internet key, i need to reboot, otherwise my internet key is not recognized by the system14:25
daftykins!find libre2 trusty14:26
ubottuFound: libdjvulibre2114:26
Silenced_v2MonkeyDust: I was a Windows user till Sept 201414:28
=== offsec is now known as Guest99514
mentocHow do people break out of chroot jails and what can be done to prevent it?14:38
Abhijiti manually created /efi /boot / and /home alongside windows 8.1 after reboot it boots only in windows. how can I solve it?14:38
andolJust noticed that the http://releases.ubuntu.com/vivid/ FOOSUMS don't maps towards their corresponding FOOSUMS.gpg signatures. Even looking at the mtime the FOOSUMS are newer than the signature files.14:41
andolAny suggestion on where/how to best report that?14:41
Abhijitnvm. it requires me to change boot manager from bios.14:42
yossarianukHi - is it possible to use unattended updates - e.g ->> https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/automatic-updates.html, but only updating specified packages ?14:44
yossarianukI know you can prevent certain packages being installed...  Just wondering if you can make it so only specified packages are automatically updated.14:44
ubottupinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto14:45
yossarianukhi - not sure if pinning is right here - i'm used to pinning as I have a debian laptop and use various packages from backports14:46
yossarianukits the automatic updates I mean14:46
yossarianuki.e I want only one package to be auto updated14:46
yossarianukyou can specify packages to blacklist updating -> https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/automatic-updates.html14:47
yossarianukBut want to blacklist all but one...14:47
molgrumfor osme reason, i can print pages from libreoffice but not from thunderbird14:49
molgrumevolution also works14:50
OerHeksemail, golden rule is: get the file on your desktop before printing, i is a safety feature AFAIK14:52
artoismolgrum: what happens from thunderbird?14:53
molgrumi'll check again, evolution refuses to close :S14:54
molgrumthere we go14:54
molgrumartois: well it's just in the queue14:55
cfhowlettmolgrum, test:  print to .pdf on your desktop14:55
bitcoinassassin_Hi. I used to back up my Ubuntu install using tar - and could restore it fairly easily. This doesn't seem to work so well any longer - and wondering what people use to do a back up of your total system (minus the various directories you do not want)? Thanks.14:56
=== bitcoinassassin_ is now known as bitcoinassassin
Amozbitcoinassassin, btrfs snapshots or rsync14:57
molgrumcfhowlett: yeah that worked14:57
cfhowlettmolgrum, take a look at your settings in thunderbird14:57
onlais there a disk formatting utility on ubuntu 15.4 live cd? or can I install one if I have persistent ubuntu live cd14:57
bitcoinassassinAmoz - I've thought about rsync. So if I used rsync I imagine I'd reinstall the basic OS and then update via rsync?14:58
cfhowlettmolgrum, specifically <page setup>14:58
onlaI need to wipe 1TB disk totally and it has mbr and boot partitions and many other partitions14:58
onlaso I would boot from usb live and then totally wipe with some tool like gparted maybe?14:58
=== oli is now known as Guest25563
daftykinsonla: you don't need persistence to install an app in a live session, yes it comes with one14:58
onlaok cool thanks14:59
molgrumcfhowlett: thanks, i set it to a european standard instead of US and now it works14:59
daftykinsonla: what are you trying to achieve? you could go nuclear with a full zero fill if you so wish14:59
cfhowlettmolgrum, 'tis magic, innit?14:59
onladaftykins: how I would do that?15:00
bitcoinassassinonla: I used to use http://www.dban.org/ to wipe a drive. Overwrites everything - mbr, partitions, etc.15:00
Amozbitcoinassassin, you can backup everything as long as you exclude the non-FS parts of the tree I Believe.15:00
peetbogonla "man shred"15:00
Amozbitcoinassassin, but yeah, I usually want a clean install when I do mine, so I have a separate /home partition because of that. And if I backup, I just do a rsync on /home.15:01
daftykinsonla: what're you trying to do, first?15:01
onlayea I am selling a pc and it currently is dual booting windows and ubuntu so I just want to wipe them all. it has 1tb hd in it wit multiple partitions15:02
bitcoinassassinAmoz - I'm more interested in cron jobs and software installed and configuration of those. My data is somewhere else entirely so that's not an issue.15:02
mircx1!find libre2-1-dbg15:02
ubottuFound: libre2-1-dbg15:02
onlathe buyer is putting ssd disk in the pc and install OS to that ssd15:02
jayjoI'm trying to install gradle, and the docs say "For running Gradle, add GRADLE_HOME/bin to your PATH environment variable. Usually, this is sufficient to run Gradle."15:03
mircx1:\ this for ubuntu14?15:03
jayjoSo do I place the zip file somewhere in particular and then add a path variable?15:03
OerHeks!find libre2-1-dbg trusty15:03
ubottuPackage/file libre2-1-dbg does not exist in trusty15:03
bitcoinassassinonla: then forget about dban. it doesn't work on ssds.15:03
onlathat dban looks good but they are hosting files on sourceforge and doesnt indicate ubuntu version there15:03
Amozonla, dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdx bs=4M will wipe *everything* on the sdx drive.15:03
OerHeksmircx1, no, vivid. but we have been here before, haven't we?15:04
onlanot wiping ssd disk, just old hd15:04
daftykinsonla: yeah just run as Amoz says essentially15:04
bitcoinassassinonla: you create a boot disk that will boot into dban's utilities - and wipe from there. Ubuntu version doesn't matter.15:04
onlain any case I should wipe from live usb stick or dvd?15:04
daftykinslive USB for the easiest15:04
Amozonla, doesn't matter at all, whatever you have available works equally fine imo15:05
=== dearn_ is now known as dearn
onlabut if I run that cmd on ubuntu that is running on the hd that it will wipe15:06
bitcoinassassinonla: they're saying you need to boot from a live ... whatever... usb, cd, dvd15:06
bitcoinassassinI believe this is what they're saying, anyway15:07
onlasounds kinda shady input some mysterious command, when I could just delet partitions from gparted on live usb stick though. Is this command method better against trying to retrieve data like dban?15:07
Amozonla, the partition deletion will not clear the actual data15:07
Amozit will just remove the partition layouts15:07
onlaand with this dd command I am not breaking the hd either I guess15:07
onlaand it will be detected and I can format it later, ok15:08
Amozdetected? format?15:08
bitcoinassassinonla: for the record, dban doesn't retrieve data; is free erasure software15:08
daftykinsonla: deleting partitions doesn't do a thing.15:08
Amozthe dd command I wrote will clear the whole disk, write zeroes *everywhere*15:08
bitcoinassassinAmoz: but from a live usb or dvd, right?15:09
onlaafter that dd, when the buyer goes to some partition manager, he can see the 1tb disk, and he can choose to format it as ntfs or ext3 or such?15:09
daftykinsonla: yeah because it's a hard disk...15:09
daftykinsit doesn't stop being a hard disk15:09
onlayea I dont want it to erase the data on that live usb, but the hard disk15:09
Amozonla, when you're in a live environment, /dev/sda is *probably* your USB drive15:10
daftykinsAmoz: nope15:10
onlaokay, so I shouldnt run the command then with /dev/sda but replace that with the path to the 1tb disk15:10
TrudkoHi guys I am returning my laptopt back to shop and I want to delete user from it. How can I do that without having to create different user and delete the main one from there?15:10
mircx1OerHeks you can please explain to me how i can fix this in ubuntu14 -pipe -fPIC -DPIC -pedantic -Woverloaded-virtual -Wshadow -Wformat=2 -Wmissing-format-attribute -Wall -O2 -g1 -Iinclude -DMODNAME=m_antibotctcp.so -fPIC -shared -rdynamic15:11
cfhowlettTrudko, go into your admin account and delete the other user15:11
bitcoinassassinonla: yes, you need to run the command with the path to your 1tb disk or whatever else you want to erase15:12
daftykinsonla: just run "sudo parted -l" on live session boot to confirm which disk is which15:12
Trudkocfhowlett: how do I go into admin account when I only have one account which I want to delete?15:13
OerHeksmircx1, nope. you might want to ask in #mircx on undernet for build support, their homepage does not give any clue either15:13
AmozTrudko, boot recovery mode, that way you get root15:13
bitcoinassassinTrudko: because you have an admin account and a user account?15:14
onlaon the ubuntu itself there the 1tb is /dev/sda at least, I gonna backup some files before booting live cd15:14
bitcoinassassinonla: backing up is always wise and should be mandatory15:15
Trudkobitcoinassassin: actually I have only one now15:15
bitcoinassassinTrudko: you have only one what?15:16
=== shakamunyi is now known as barra204
bitcoinassassinTrudko: One user account?15:16
TrudkoI guess I can just format whole drive anyway15:16
=== quassel6 is now known as djsacrosanct
bitcoinassassinTrudko: which is what you want to delete, correct?15:17
bitcoinassassinWell what the others have told you is correct - about how to remove that.15:17
daftykinsan account won't stop your data being there15:17
Trudkodaftykins:  yeah I realize that I should just format the whole drive15:18
TrudkoI mean the laptop is faulty I am getting my money back so they dont care if the original software is on it15:18
daftykinsTrudko: yep so same advice as above if it's a mechanical hard disk, boot a live session, run dd15:19
daftykinswhat's up with it?15:19
bitcoinassassinTrudo: what daftykins said. You want to erase / overwrite the drive - not just delete an account.15:19
daftykinsbitcoinassassin: having you in here confirming every statement is going to get very spammy.15:20
bitcoinassassin:-) apologies15:20
newMetaI would like to try kde on a ubuntu 14.04 install. How can I do so without installing native kde apps like open office, etc?15:23
Amozbitcoinassassin, yes as daftykins said, it's gonna get very spammy ;)      (joke)15:23
daftykinsnewMeta: #kubuntu might help15:25
=== prefixed is now known as grill
newMetano, I don't want to install a complete distro flavor for it, daftykins15:26
=== wpkeg is now known as kegster
cfhowlettnewMeta, sudo apt-get install kde-plasma15:26
newMetacfhowlett, that package includes kde native apps like konquerer, office, etc15:26
cfhowlettnewMeta, false.  GUI only15:27
cfhowlettnewMeta, kubuntu-desktop is the metapackage you're thinkingof15:27
newMetaoh ok, because I checked kubuntu desktop on synaptic, maybe thats why, cfhowlett15:28
cfhowlettnewMeta, don't feel bad.  I was still wrong.  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE15:28
vubuntorafter update to Windows 10 on EFI computer, I can't boot into Ubuntu LiveUSB anymore...can someone help me?15:29
cfhowlettnewMeta, (iii) kde-plasma-desktop15:29
OerHeksnewMeta, it is --without install recommends - http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/kde/kde-plasma-desktop15:29
newMeta--without install recommends? Is it a parameter, OerHeks?15:30
raj__fix lunchingpad error 40415:30
OerHeksvubuntor, that makes me think of one thing: disable FASTboot ( not secureboot) in windows, and try again15:30
OerHeksnewMeta, no, that is what that package is.15:30
vubuntoralready disable fastboot and even secureboot15:30
daftykinsvubuntor: i bet you just need to change the boot device from 'Windows Boot Manager' -> your hard disk/SSD inside your EFI.15:30
kulelu88what is the shortcut to create a new file?15:31
kulelu88ctrl + shift + n = new folder15:31
OerHekstouch /path/to/file15:31
kulelu88OerHeks: is there nothing with a keyboard in a GUI window?15:32
vubuntor@daftytins correct, I'm stuck with that Windows Boot Manager things, I won't let me boot into anything else(Ubuntu LiveUSB, even Windows USB)15:32
daftykinsvubuntor: you're saying there's no other entry?15:32
vubuntorNo other15:32
OerHekskulelu88, mouse right click, new folder or new document15:32
vubuntoronly that WBM15:32
kulelu88OerHeks: I know that. I'm looking for a keyboard option15:32
daftykinsvubuntor: are you sure that it's not under a hard disk priority section which supplies the Windows Boot Manager entry? sometimes that's the case15:32
onlaAmoz: why bs 4M? I saw google many uses smaller size there15:33
OerHekskulelu88, nope, not available.15:33
OerHeks( in nautilus, that is)15:33
onlawill dd 1tB /dev/sda take a long time?15:33
vubuntorI even move WBM entry to the bottom on the boot order15:33
Amozonla, you write it in 4MB chunks15:33
kulelu88what about XFCE?15:34
Amozonla, a HDD is very slow latency wise, so it's good to put big blocks of data to the write queue at the same time15:34
daftykinsonla: yes quite a while.15:34
onladoes it matter in what chunks I should write there? guess not15:34
Amozonla, if you put 4K it will be much slower afaik15:34
daftykins2M or 4M doesn't matter15:34
onlaquite a while with 4M = 1h or 5h?15:34
OerHekskulelu88, if the panel menu gives no shortcut, then find out howto make that yourself15:34
daftykinsonla: more than tht15:35
kulelu88Thanks OerHeks15:35
vubuntordaftykins: you knows what's wrong?15:36
Amozonla, 70MB/s ~ 4h or something15:36
Amozthat is , if I calculated correctly15:36
daftykinsvubuntor: er as in you found it or you're still not sure?15:36
daftykinsAmoz: i hope you factored in the speed from start to end of disk :P15:37
daftykinsvubuntor: i'd boot a live session and chroot the install, then run update-grub perhaps15:37
Amozdaftykins, if he uses dd of=dev then it will be very close to linear access I think.15:37
vubuntordaftykins: i didn't found anything, other entries in the bios/uefi settings are blank.15:37
vubuntordaftykins: the point is i can't even boot into any live sessions15:37
EriC^^vubuntor: why not?15:38
vubuntorUEFI blocks me because it sticks with the WBM,  no other entry15:38
EriC^^is the usb first in the boot order?15:38
daftykinsvubuntor: shutdown from Windows properly first, "shutdown -s -t 1"15:38
Amozvubuntor, so you can't even get to a boot-menu by ESC of F2 or delete ?15:38
vubuntorAmoz: i did get boot menu,but the only entry on that menu is Windows Boot Manager, no entry for USB or DVD15:39
onlamaybe that shred is faster shred -n 5 -vz /dev/sda15:39
vubuntordaftykins: isn't that the same to disable fastboot?15:40
daftykinsdoesn't hurt to try in case something is funky15:40
daftykinsi think you have bigger problems if your flash drive isn't showing up in a boot menu15:40
Amozonla, it will definitely not be faster.15:40
vubuntorI will try and come back later15:40
EriC^^vubuntor: there's also fastboot in the bios, if it's enabled disable it15:41
daftykinsonla: waste of time, 3 users gave you the same advice - you should take it.15:41
vubuntordaftykins: this is the biggest problem since my computer is EFI only,no legacy.15:41
Amozonla, 5 times rewriting and a zeroing out in the end. That will take about 24h at least.15:41
vubuntorEriC^^: my bios has no fastboot option15:41
EriC^^vubuntor: try a different usb port15:41
Amozalso, you're not selling it to the NSA, are you onla?15:42
EriC^^^ valid point15:42
onla10¹²/(80·10⁶) = 12500 seconds = 3.47 hours:15:42
yossarianukvubuntor: my machine has the same issue sometimes, if I  reboot and re-insert the USB stick it normally shows up.15:43
onlabut where is the chunk size taken into account15:43
daftykinsonla: why do you keep saying chunk? if you mean the bs= then that's blocksize, thus it has a name15:43
onlaoh ok15:44
daftykinsyour write speed on a hard disk slows from start to end, so no point calculating it as a fixed figure15:44
daftykinsanyway all this time spent talking about it, you could be running it...15:44
onlaI am moving files atm :p15:44
onlabut very soon done15:44
onlait doesnt matter how many files I have there I guess15:45
onlawriting 0 every place anyway15:45
Amozonla, correct15:46
Amozthis is independent of any data/filesystem/whatever15:46
onlahope there is no hibernations or things in ubuntu live usb disk if I put that dd rolling and after couple of hours it will put the pc to sleep15:47
Abhijitinstalled ubuntu restricted extras vlc and ffmpeg on 15.04. when i insert video film cd nothing happends. its not appearing on file manager. help.15:47
Amozonla, easy to verify in settings I believe.15:47
cfhowlett!dvd | Abhijit15:47
ubottuAbhijit: Ubuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats15:47
Abhijit**installed ubuntu restricted extras** and libdvdread4 vlc and ffmpeg on 15.04. when i insert video film cd nothing happends. its not appearing on file manager. help.15:48
Abhijitexecuted both commands given on that page.15:48
OerHeksAbhijit, i had that issue too, i have nvidia, and needed to set vlc - preferences - video - output to VDpau ...15:51
Abhijiteven if wont play due to codecs, atleast it should appear in the file manager right?15:51
AbhijitOerHeks, my vcd is not detected at all.15:51
OerHeksoh, vcd , not dvd ?15:51
Abhijitone dvd and vcd.15:52
Abhijitnothing playes.15:52
OerHeksvideolan says: Open your VLC Player Go to Media---> Open Disc---> Select SVCD/VCD option15:53
Abhijitlet me try15:53
AbhijitOerHeks, it plays that way.15:54
Abhijitbut ubuntu is not asking me when i insert cd and also its not appearing on my filemanager?15:54
MonkeyDustOerHeks  +115:54
Abhijitthanks for that btw OerHeks :-)15:54
daftykinsdoes it really need to?15:54
daftykinsyou know when you put a disc in, because... you put a disc in15:54
OerHeksdoes it appear in filemanager as removable?15:54
Abhijitdaftykins, yes. how will i use cd drive in future?15:54
AbhijitOerHeks, no15:55
daftykinsAbhijit: depends on the task15:55
onlawhat the.. the bios has the usb mass storage set as 1 boot option, but it wont boot it but goes to grub. Now I removed the 2nd option of SATA disk altogether frmo 2nd option, and still boots to grub menu15:56
vubuntorstill no USB on boot menu15:56
OerHeksAbhijit, I hope you didn't choose 'do nothing' and 'remember my choise´ once, so that menu never turns up again15:56
onlavubuntor: was that to me?15:56
vubuntoronla: no15:56
Abhijitdaftykins, yeah but how can I leave it like that? all the things need to be in working condition in new laptop no?15:57
AbhijitOerHeks, no. it never asked any prompt.15:57
AbhijitOerHeks, where do I do that setup?15:57
vubuntordaftykins: other usb ports,shutdown,nothing15:57
daftykinsshutdown, remove power + battery, discharge, then try again?15:58
OerHeksAbhijit,  on unity, systemsettings  - details - removable media15:58
daftykinsthis is way beyond ubuntu relevance right now though15:58
OerHeksthere is also an option 'other media'15:58
onlamy pc froze to the first picture when it does system tests when I press F11 to enter boot menu now15:59
AbhijitOerHeks, ok. will try. thanks.16:00
daftykinsonla: if you wouldn't mind reducing the running commentary...16:00
onlaI guess my ubuntu usb stick is not working. I tried 3 different ports, but it wont boot to the live cd.16:02
onlasorry. so I add to this that if anyone have any ideas if something else is up :)16:03
daftykinsonla: so remake it16:03
Abhijitonla, checked everything from bios settings? enable usb booting thes set usb disk on first priority etc?16:03
daftykinspriority is a waste of time, there's no need to adjust boot order16:04
daftykinshasn't been for years16:04
daftykinsjust use one-time menus :>16:05
onlaah yes. Now it boots. I tried with usb 3 ports first, and it didnt work. Modified the boot menu and tried again no avail, then after switching to usb2 slot, the boot menu option had moved the usb down on priority16:06
onlanow for the scary dd command :)16:07
Abhijitwhy do you need dd after booting into live ubuntu usb?16:07
onlaI gonna wipe 1tb disk16:08
onlaI know the buyer and he said im being too nerd doing something like that instead of just formatting16:08
daftykinsbut it practically IS formatting16:08
daftykinsso he's too newb :)16:08
daftykins"sudo parted -l" then, pick the disk16:09
daftykins"sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdX bs=2M"16:09
HiltonHi, sorry this is long, figured I'd get all the information out at once. I'm getting a "incorrect password" errors in the GUI. I just did a fresh install of 14.04 on a PC and set up 6 accounts; my wife and I (admin) and 4 for the kids. I initially set up their accounts without passwords, intending to have them log in and set their own. I then changed my mind and set passwords for them all,...16:09
Hilton...but none could log in. Research found they were all part of a 'nopasswdlogin' group or something; I removed them all from that group, but NOW Ubuntu simply says "Invalid password." at all times, right password or not. This does not happen on the two admin account. Note that using 'su' in the terminal, or switching to a TTY console, I can log in to any of their accounts just fine.16:09
daftykinsthen if can also get progress reports by "sudo killall dd -USR1"16:09
HiltonWhat could the problem be!?16:09
daftykinsHilton: nuke those accounts and start again.16:10
jwashhi everyone, i'm on 14.04, is there a way to make the behavior of 10 min of inactivity not lead to the login screen and stoppage of play for media like youtube and online radio. does anyone know how to make it not do this?16:10
onladaftykins: I will choose 4MB bs16:11
onlaif it would be a bit faster16:11
Hiltondaftykins: I did. Same problem.16:11
onlaif I kill the dd while it is in progress, I would need to start from begin, no?16:11
Amozonla, FYI, you can check the speed and/or written amount later by sending a signal to dd16:11
onlaso I need no sudo for dd command16:11
daftykinsHilton: what about delete them, create one... log into one, set the password... then try?16:12
daftykinsonla: no kill with -USR1 prints progress16:12
HiltonDoes it make any difference if I use the User Accounts app, or the Users and Groups app I installed? (forgot the actual name...)16:12
Amozthat way you can check e.g. after 1 hour it has writen X amounts of data, and IF it is interrupted, you can use the "skip" argument to dd if you start again. That way you dont have to start over completely16:12
daftykinsonla: i wouldn't have told you to do it if it stopped it, would i? :)16:12
Abhijitjwash, its in the brightness and lock settings in system setting16:13
MonkeyDustjwash  yes, you can uncheck 'turn screen off'16:14
daftykinsAmoz: the signal -USR1 is what i'd already spoken of ;)16:14
jwashight locker settings?16:14
Abhijitjwash, no. "Brightness and Lock" Setting.16:14
EriC^^hi sanjay16:14
Amozdaftykins, you're too quick, slow down ;)16:14
sanjayi am new to ubuntu16:15
jwashAbhijit: i don't have that in my settings16:15
andrew_i can't log into my skype account on skype for linux for some reason (when i type in my microsoft account stuff it just sends me back to the login screen)16:15
Abhijitjwash, which ubuntu version you are using?16:15
andrew_can someone help16:15
Abhijitjwash, type cat /etc/*-release in terminal and paste output here16:15
sanjay14.04 lts16:15
daftykinsandrew_: test in the guest session16:15
sanjaybut i like centos more16:16
Abhijitjwash, wait. use pastebin. do not directly paste here.16:16
sanjayonly due to video playback i quit centos16:16
daftykinssanjay: this is a support channel for support questions, general chat is in #ubuntu-offtopic16:16
Abhijitsanjay, #ubuntu-offtopic this is support only channel16:16
cfhowlettsanjay, if you like centos, use it.  no need to discuss/debate it here.16:16
sanjaygood bye16:16
=== guest-wzOh6L is now known as andrew_
andrew_still doesnt work16:17
Abhijitjwash, on your left hand side of screen there is vertical menu bar, in that there is Settings Icon, click on it, you should see that Brightness setting icon of monitor inside that.16:17
onlaokhay!! :)) I got the dd running and already checked some reports too :) I looked at the system settings - power, and there was only suspend time setting and it is set to 'don't suspend' So I guess I can go out and expect that it will be running when I get back home16:18
MonkeyDustandrew_  it's possible that your ms account is blocked, due to spam or so, i had that too... had to create a new account16:18
andrew_well i did try to change my microsoft security info16:18
andrew_so it tells me to verify that someone isnt trying to hack me16:18
andrew_everytime i log into my email16:19
MonkeyDustandrew_  see, that's what i had16:19
andrew_welp i have to go ask my mom for help since her email is my alternate email for security16:20
MonkeyDustsay hi to your mom16:20
onlaalready 45GB. Oh well. I also toggeld of log out and turn screen off when inactive. Oke I go now afk thanks all!16:21
=== Enissay__ is now known as Enissay
bittin-ttp://a.uguu.se/tovvej_2015-08-03-182539_1366x768_scrot.png :)16:26
Matt_tenibittin-, did you use some ubuntu application to upload picture to that site?16:27
bittin-Matt_teni: nope16:27
horatiohbTrying to install ubuntu, but the partitioning stage can't see my hard drive, only the usb stick from which I'm booting.16:34
techkamarcan u please tell me how to partition HD from terminal16:34
techkamari mean without using GPARTED16:35
OerHekstechkamar, use parted16:35
OerHeks!info parted16:35
ubottuparted (source: parted): disk partition manipulator. In component main, is standard. Version 3.2-7ubuntu1 (vivid), package size 43 kB, installed size 183 kB16:35
techkamarso itz not possible with "fdisk"?16:35
horatiohbI assume the installer is using something like GParted, but it will allow me to create a new partition table only for the USB stick I'm booting from. How do I get it to see and partition my hard drive?16:36
daftykinshoratiohb: can you open a terminal and run "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install pastebinit"16:37
daftykinsfollowed by "sudo parted -l | pastebinit"16:37
OerHekstechkamar, sure, http://www.howtogeek.com/106873/how-to-use-fdisk-to-manage-partitions-on-linux/16:37
horatiohbdaftykins: I can't because I'm in the middle of an install.16:37
horatiohbdaftykins: do you want me to reboot into "Try Ubuntu" mode instead?16:38
regregi want to study the code that recovers a documente on libreoffice startup. how should i download the associated source code packages?16:38
daftykinshoratiohb: well, if it's not installing i guess you're not going to get very far16:38
OerHekshoratiohb, in the middle of an install, little late to see partitions now.16:38
horatiohbdaftykins: the install hasn't even started yet.16:38
daftykinshoratiohb: unless you hit ctrl+alt+F1 maybe?16:39
horatiohbOerHeks: ^^16:39
xx_Kr0nUs_xxdo you know a program for Linux 14.04 for open .zip files?16:39
horatiohbIt seems I'm not being clear. Ubuntu is asking me to define a new partition table, but it won't let me do so for my hard drive. This is the process one has to follow before installation can actually begin.16:40
MonkeyDust!zip | xx_Kr0nUs_xx16:40
ubottuxx_Kr0nUs_xx: Files with extensions .tar, .gz, .tgz, .zip, .bz2, .7z, .ace and other archive file formats can be opened with file-roller (GNOME), Ark (KDE), or Xarchiver (XFCE) - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression16:40
daftykinshoratiohb: you were pretty vague, yeah. so this is the partitioner window?16:40
daftykinshoratiohb: upload a screenshot to imgur.com16:40
horatiohbdaftykins: how? the OS isn't even installed?16:41
lukecarrierhoratiohb, boot from a livecd and open Firefox16:41
xx_Kr0nUs_xxcan i download ark from the software center?16:41
lukecarrierwelcome to the future ;-)16:41
daftykinshoratiohb: yeah but it's a live session...16:41
daftykinsxx_Kr0nUs_xx: ubuntu comes with an archiver as default16:41
MonkeyDustxx_Kr0nUs_xx  open software center and find what you need16:42
horatiohbdaftykins, lukecarrier: I'm booted from a USB stick. Are you saying I can use Firefox in the middle of setting up an installation?16:42
xx_Kr0nUs_xxthanks everyone16:42
lukecarrierdaftykins, yes, if you selected the "Try Ubuntu" option from the initial prompt16:42
daftykinslukecarrier: wrong user.16:42
lukecarriersorry bud16:43
daftykinskeep your eyes peeled ;)16:43
lukecarrierit's been a long day :(16:43
daftykinshoratiohb: yes... though you should've really selected try instead of install16:43
horatiohbdaftykins: I'll reboot with 'try' instead of 'install' now, and then maybe you can tell me how to reproduce this partitioner window...16:44
Hiltondaftykins: Okay for some reason after sitting all night everything worked this morning. Didn't have to do anything. WTF.16:44
daftykinsHilton: i have no idea what you're talking about (:16:44
xx_Kr0nUs_xxdaftykins: what's the problem?16:44
Hiltondaftykins: My incorrect password problem.16:44
MonkeyDustHilton  start from the beginning16:45
xx_Kr0nUs_xxdaftykins: change it.16:45
daftykinsxx_Kr0nUs_xx: change what? i don't HAVE a problem you fool16:45
daftykinsi'm a volunteer =|16:45
xx_Kr0nUs_xxdaftykins: ah okay16:46
HiltonI've been having another problem, sometimes when trying to switch accounts using the system menu(or whatever they call it, in the top right), I just get a black screen. System stops responding. Also, just now when I rebooted because of that, the account login screen was COMPLETELY different, grey with all the names in the middle, and I have no idea why.16:46
jwashAbhijit: the answer was to uninstall light-locker and install xscreensaver16:46
ubottuGuest13236: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».16:46
daftykinsHilton: pass. make sure you're full up to date with "sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade"16:47
gagalicioushow do i recover ogv file? i'm using ubuntu 14.0416:47
wileeegagalicious, recover from?16:47
nicomachus!it | Guest1323616:47
ubottuGuest13236: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)16:47
r-a-xI am using lubuntu, In my browser I am able to access most of the sites, but when I try to load gmail, google ,youtube on the lower left corner looking for domain-name.com keeps on coming and page load fails16:47
gagaliciousrecover from a hdd, which i accidentally... delete. not format16:47
r-a-xbut some websites works fine16:48
daftykinsgagalicious: testdisk16:48
azamrod1tengo un problema con ubuntu 15.1016:48
gagaliciouswileee: recover from a failed mdadm drive16:48
gagaliciousogv file?16:48
wileee+1 0n textdisk16:48
MonkeyDust!recover | gagalicious16:48
gagaliciousis it photorec? it only recovers ogg files. not ogv16:48
wileee!who | gagalicious16:49
ubottugagalicious: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)16:49
daftykinsgagalicious: photorec is part of testdisk16:49
daftykinsi don't see how the file extension bears any relevance16:49
=== plytro_ is now known as plytro
gagaliciousdaftykins: i used photorec and it only recovers ogg file. not ogv16:49
bccthis might be daft, how can I get "hostname.example.org" when 12.04 is matched in grep?16:49
daftykinsgagalicious: time to read up on it then i guess.16:50
gagaliciousi read up on it16:50
gagaliciousonly recovers ogg file. trying now16:50
gagaliciousno ogv files so far16:50
wileeegagalicious, Time to realize backups and you would not be here.16:51
akikbcc: i'm not sure what you're asking. can you rephrase?16:53
bcci want to match 12.04 and if true, print out the hostname16:53
Abhijitbcc, #bash16:53
PatBatemanhi, anyone have some info, I updated my ubuntu 14.04.02 server/raid 1, after restart it stops in the grub cli16:54
AbhijitPatBateman, #ubuntu-server16:54
PatBatemanok thx16:54
akik$ OSREL=12.0416:54
akik$ if [ ${OSREL} = "12.04" ]; then echo 12.04; fi16:54
daftykinsPatBateman: boot an older kernel16:55
Abhijithow can I stop ubuntu 15.04 for asking for wifi password on login prompt?16:57
Abhijitonce I login it automatically connects. thats how I want it to be.16:57
akikAbhijit: do you mean that you are asked for the wifi wallet password after login?16:59
Abhijitnot wifi wallet or ubuntu key17:00
akikAbhijit: because i had the solution for that :)17:00
Abhijitit asks me for "wifi" password.17:00
Abhijitnot the keyring password.17:00
daftykinsAbhijit: ignore it, close the window then go in through the network manager to select to connect, then be sure to set to store the password and connect automatically17:01
Abhijitdaftykins, okey.17:02
royerhello, someone can help with an upgrade to ubuntu 15.04?17:06
Abhijit!ask | royer17:06
ubotturoyer: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:06
OerHeksroyer, from 14.04 > 14.10 > 15.04 ?17:07
keithmorgUbuntu 14.10 server message to upgrade to 15.04 because it was no longer supported. After upgrade and reboot file system in read only mode. Then all my local area network connections are being refused and my PLEX server cannot connect.17:07
OerHeksroyer, you might want to considder reinstall17:08
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade17:08
OerHeksthe problem might be 14.10, which is EOL.17:09
keithmorgupgrade already done. That's why it does not function properly anymore. I am not a linux programmer but I can follow directions and not afraid of terminal.17:09
daftykinskeithmorg: best to only use LTS for servers17:09
=== arleslie_ is now known as arleslie
OerHeks" file system in read only mode " time to do a fsck i guess17:10
royerthe package extlinux is not support, the system do not star if extlinux was the only boot manager,please install grub17:10
royeri dont know what to do17:10
MikeRLI noticed something after I clean installed Ubuntu 15.04. Didn't mess with keyboard shortcuts till recently, but it seems to be not working so well.17:10
brothersomeextlinux = syslinux17:10
royerhow can i check if i have syslinux or grub?17:11
brothersomePlease do not install grub, it is grub217:11
MikeRLTried assigning CTRL+ALT+D and Super+D to "hide all normal windows" (AKA show the desktop) and it doesn't seem to work most of the time.17:11
keithmorgDaffykins. What is LTS? NO linux background....server set up by third party17:11
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. Until 12.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS versions will be supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04)17:11
OerHeksroyer is this bootloader from an other linux version ?17:12
brothersomesyslinux has the file extlinux.conf in the root and grub the /boot/... with menu.lst and grub2 is different17:12
MikeRLAlso tried installing gnome-settings-daemon and adding it to startup applications to fix it. Didn't work.17:12
royeri have ubuntu gnome 14.10 installed and i try to upgrade to 15.0417:12
brothersomeThat can be done in a fly royer - it takes about 1.5 hours (by me)17:13
k-methodHi. Does upstart emit a "starting" event before an sysv init script is started?  For instance: given the init script /etc/init.d/apache2  could you write an upstart service file that has the line "start on starting apache2"?17:13
keithmorgI am assuming it is a problem with the definition of the localhost being reset to default state.  Just do not have the expertise to fix it.17:13
HiltonIn Windows, the notification area (typically at the bottom right for most people) is often called the System Tray. What does Ubuntu call it?17:15
royeri download all files and when is ready to install that alert17:15
OerHekskeithmorg, yous issue is your disks read only, fix that by performing a fsck. filecheck17:15
dami0anyone here ever tried to send broadcasts with netcat?17:15
MikeRLI wonder if Unity and the GNOME stuff is conflicting.17:16
dami0i get permission denied or protocol not available17:16
brothersomeSystemtray ==== By me it is called "Menubalk"17:17
brothersomeMikeRL, It is Gnome OR Unitiy - you can choose it at the place where you choose your user17:18
MikeRLHmm. I have more ideas. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/texmaker/+bug/138611117:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1386111 in texmaker (Ubuntu) "Keyboard shortcuts not working on Ubuntu 14.10 and 15.04" [Medium,Confirmed]17:18
MikeRLMaybe try removingt appmenu-qt5 as a workaround.17:18
cihhanhi all! im trying to install ubuntu to a machine which as one ssd and one mechanical hdd. somehow even though ubuntu can see ssd (from terminal, i can mount and check the files ssd has), during the installation it doesnt show ssd drive in the devices. any ideas?17:20
keithmorgThank you OerHeks but the file system issue was solved. I can now get to my GUI and mount all my drives.17:21
OerHekskeithmorg, i think so, yes. have fun!17:21
nircUsercihhan, I would try to disconnect the hdd before and during installation to make it easy17:22
keithmorgBUT nothing in my local area network can connect to the server with all connections refused.  As a noob I think it has something to do with the definition of localhost being reset to defaults?17:22
max3i've disabled a site by removing it from sites-enabled AND sites-available, restarted apache, restarted the machine, and it's still being served17:23
keithmorgI have a raid5 and a raid1 that can only be accessed locally.17:23
OerHekskeithmorg, i think you need to reinstall that plex you mentioned, it is not part of our repositories17:23
max3here is apachectl -S17:24
keithmorgThanks OerHeks that is a minor issue and only mentioned because it gives the same error.17:24
fsociety_Hi. I want to dual boot Windows 10 and Ubuntu. Can someone help me out?17:24
keithmorgMy other local area clients area all Windows machines.17:25
cihhannircUser, yeah that s what i will try to do now -- you are right, good idea :)17:25
daftykinsfsociety_: you need to say what you've done and where you got stuck, first.17:27
artoisfsociety_: step one: install both oses, done17:28
fsociety_Right now I'm running Windows 10 and I have a bootable Ubuntu USB created.17:28
artoisfsociety_: you got free partition space for Ubuntu?17:29
onlaI am back at my ubuntu live cd running dd command to write zeroes to disk. Despite my setting, the screen is turned off, but when I move mouse around or press any keys on keyboard, it wont return picture to screen. It was already quite laggy to move mouse around in the ubunt live cd while it was doing dd before I left. I am not sure if this is just lag and how I can get the screen back, or if the dd process has frozen17:29
artoisakhbadhack: hi17:29
akhbadhackany body?17:30
artoisonla: why zeroing?17:30
fsociety_I haven't created a partition yet. How do I do that?17:30
=== bittin- is now known as bittin
artoisonla: you using bs=?17:30
MonkeyDustfsociety_  do you have free space?17:30
onlabecause it is faster than urandom and I wanted to wipe the disk. using bs=4M17:30
artoisfsociety_: does Windows 10 currently take up all of your only disk?17:30
brothersomefsociety, I use a puppylinux CD and use gparted for partioning a disk17:30
fsociety_artois: No, I do have free space. I have a 500 GB hard drive...17:30
artoisonla: dunno, maybe it's just old hardware?17:31
artoisfsociety_: with free _partition space_?17:31
MonkeyDustfsociety_  boot from the live usb/dvd and run gparted17:31
artoisbrothersome: why puppylinux, hate yourself?17:31
fsociety_artois: Yup.17:31
artoisfsociety_: okay, if you have enough free partition space for Ubuntu, then just install it to that space17:31
brothersomeOh writing zeroes at a disk is easier with shred17:31
artoisideally it will all 'just work'17:31
artoisbrothersome: nope17:32
onlaartois: yeah. I hope so. It did dd some 100GB already in some 15-20 minutes, and now some 80minutes has passed, so if it kept that pace and it is still doing it, it shouldn't be done yet17:32
brothersomeartois, just a choice17:32
MonkeyDustfsociety_  partitioning is the hardest part when you're new to linux, what follows is very easy and swift17:32
artoisonla: you can kill -USR1 the pid and get some output17:32
fsociety_artois: That's the part I don't know how to do. I've always installed Ubuntu alone, never alongside another OS, so I've never had to create partitions manually before.17:32
onlaartois: yea I used that, but the screen is dark now and I cant get to the terminal17:32
artoisfsociety_: you don't have to create partitions manually17:32
artoisfsociety_: just point the installer at the empty space, not the already-used-by-windows space17:33
artoisonla: CTRL+ALT+F2?17:33
fsociety_artois: In the installation, I have to select "something else," correct?17:33
artoisonla: why'd you want to wipe the disk?17:33
artoisfsociety_: which version of Ubuntu?17:33
fsociety_artois: It's 14.04.0217:34
onlaim selling the pc and I wanted to format it or such. ctrl alt f2 not giving me terminal window or anything either17:34
brothersomeonla, shred is much easier and faster17:34
artoisfsociety_: I imagine the first 'alongside' option will suffice17:35
artoisbrothersome: shred is both slower, more pointless, and not applicable to his situation17:35
keithmorgI think I put too much info in my original request. My main problem is nothing can get to my shares on the server. Connection refused. All raids are mounted and accessible locally.17:35
fsociety_artois: What does that option do?17:35
artoisonla: k17:35
=== cam is now known as Guest80207
artoisonla: dunno, I usually use http://www.sysresccd.org/ with kms off for such things, much less overhead, much less to go wrong17:35
artoisfsociety_: it'll say something like 'install Ubuntu alongside Windows: be able to use either'17:35
=== feneco_ is now known as lupado
fsociety_artois: I've heard that option sometimes messes things up?17:36
=== lupado is now known as vulpes
artoisfsociety_: what've you heard never messes things up?17:36
fsociety_artois: If I were to install it using the "something else" option, what would I have to do?17:37
artoisfsociety_: more work17:37
artoismore opportunities to mess things up yourself17:37
MonkeyDustfsociety_  then you can create a seperate /home partition17:37
artoisyou could if you wanted to, at that17:37
artoisa separate one, anyway17:37
fsociety_artois: If I do the correct things, I won't mess things up. I just have to know the correct steps..17:38
artoisthat's true, if you don't mess things up, things aren't messed up17:38
xprophetxthere are plenty of guides how to set it up the way you need it to be17:38
artoisso, so true17:38
daftykinsfsociety_: is your win10 install legacy or EFI?17:39
fsociety_daftykins: EFI17:39
daftykinsfsociety_: make sure you boot the ubuntu flash drive as EFI then17:39
keithmorgAfter upgrade to 15.04 none of my local area network client computers can connect to the shares on the server. All disks are mounted and shared. All disks are accessible locally. Connection refused on all clients.17:39
daftykins!efi | fsociety_ here for more info17:39
ubottufsociety_ here for more info: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI17:39
daftykinsonla: just watch the disk activity LED.17:40
OneMattI am having an issue.17:40
Amozkeithmorg, verify that samba is running, try to connect locally with cifsclient?17:41
OneMattI have a computer that will not install lubuntu if the drive is connected.17:41
daftykinsOneMatt: what kind of system? and define 'will not install' - what happens?17:41
MikeRLBack. I noticed I'm only having issues it seems with the show desktop shortcut.17:42
OneMattHodgepodge collections of parts, but an old AMD and some ddr1 sticks.17:42
MikeRLIf I assign a combo, like CTRL+ALT+D to show the desktop, it will work only once if I switch via ALT+TAB to show the desktop and press CTRL+ALT+D immediately. After the first keypress it doesn't work at all until I select it from ALT+TAB again.17:43
keithmorgAmoz, is that the actual command line argument?17:43
=== xangua_ is now known as xangua
daftykinsOneMatt: 'desktop' would have sufficed :) so what happens?17:43
MikeRLI wonder if Unity's ALT+TAB is conflicting with it or something. Anyone have any ideas?17:43
MonkeyDustMikeRL  try windows-key D to show the desktop17:43
OneMattIt gets stuck at the loading screen, and will either a) exit to shell, b) go into kernel panic after 20+ minutes of the loading screen, or c) stall at the loading screen, sometimes for up to half an hour plus.17:44
MikeRLIs that the default?17:44
MikeRLMonkeyDust, what exactly does Win+D do?17:44
MonkeyDustMikeRL  shows the desktop17:45
Amozkeithmorg, I don't rememeber. But you can surely check the logs as well.17:45
Amozfor the samba server, that is.17:45
MikeRLMaybe I've screwed up keyboard shortcuts by now. I could do a unity reset.17:45
MonkeyDustMikeRL  instead of asking, try it yourself17:45
OneMattIf needed, I can give the specs of the hardware.17:45
daftykinsOneMatt: so rather than it won't install, really it's the live session that won't boot?17:45
MikeRLSeems to be hit and miss.17:46
daftykinsOneMatt: check the disk and run memtest before going any further17:46
OneMattInstall or live boot.17:46
OneMattUm, what exactly is memtest?17:47
MikeRLMonkeyDust, Still doesn't seem to work.17:48
molgrumwhat's the difference between fglrx-updates and fglrx?17:48
AmozOneMatt, checking memory, you can find it in the bootmenu for ubuntu17:48
OneMattBecause I am at 70k+ errors and counting...17:48
OneMattMake that 100K.17:48
Amozmolgrum, probably newer modules for the GPU17:48
AmozOneMatt, sounds like it's borked17:48
daftykinsOneMatt: what, on running memtest? so your RAM is bad.17:48
MikeRLIs there a terminal command I could use to simulate showing the desktop? That may help.17:49
keithmorgAmoz. I have verfied that Samba is running (Samba on the command line).  I am suspicious that it has something to do with defaults being set after the upgrade and I need to define something. I am not a linux person but I can use the terminal17:49
daftykinsnot odd for some old DDR1 you cobbled together ;)17:49
OneMattThe supremely odd thing is that winXP was working on this thing just yesterday.17:49
AmozOneMatt, have you recently touched/reinserted the RAM?17:49
keithmorgPossibly in localhost....just a guess from a novice.17:49
AmozOneMatt, reinsert it then17:50
OneMattWell, bother.17:50
daftykinsOneMatt: sounds like you fried it with static perhaps17:50
Amozit might be halfway connected as well17:50
daftykinsAmoz: nope17:50
daftykinswouldn't have POST'd17:50
Amozdaftykins, oh, really?17:50
daftykinsunless it's entirely out :)17:50
Amozdaftykins, are you sure?17:51
daftykinsbeen dealing with hardware for 20 years now17:51
OneMattOdd, thought that static at 60+ percent humidity would not be an issue.17:51
=== user is now known as Guest24408
Amozdaftykins, I'm not convinced. I recently removed my RAM to try out another MB, and I got the same errors for one of the sticks. Reinsertion solved the problems.17:52
MikeRLTHat's odd. If I add show desktop to the launcher, and use it once, the keyboard shortcut works more often.17:52
daftykinsAmoz: oh well :)17:52
OneMattLooks like it is the 256MB sticks I got out of the dell at fault, oh well.17:52
daftykinsOneMatt: cleaning the connector pins with a pencil eraser before reinsertion is always good, as is taking a toothbrush to the slots17:53
daftykinsanyway, knew that wasn't ubuntu at fault ;)17:53
OneMattYeah, I kind of suspected it was a hardware issue.17:53
OneMattIs it ok to turn off the power in the middle of memtest?17:54
AmozOneMatt, yes17:54
daftykinsif you did you wouldn't have come in here, an OS support channel17:54
AmozOneMatt, can you boot it now when the faulty sticks are removed? Did you try reinsert and memtest again?17:54
OneMattIt is still running the first memtest, but not for long.17:54
daftykinsit's always frustrating when someone claims they knew what was wrong all along.17:54
MikeRLVery strange. It doesn't seem to like it if I'm quick with showing the desktop. But the behavior improved a lot when I added the Show Desktop buttonn to the Unity Launcher.17:54
keithmorgI don't17:54
OneMattIf you were here last night, you would have seen me blaming the HDD.17:55
OneMattWhich was still wrong, but not lubuntu's fault.17:55
MikeRLGuess I was too used to how Windows was by default. If I slowly press Win and then D a few seconds later, everything works.17:57
pochecheCould somebody help me, Im stuck with this for a week without system. Please help. Thanks a lot any way17:58
daftykins!elementary | pocheche17:58
ubottupocheche: Elementary OS is an Ubuntu derivative which is supported in their IRC channel #elementary on irc.freenode.net - http://elementaryos.org/ for more information on this distribution.17:58
bastianohello >(17:58
pochecheno body knows17:59
MikeRLBy the way, thanks for the help MonkeyDust. Now my OCD can rest.17:59
daftykinspocheche: knows what? you appear to be typing from elementary OS, which isn't supported here18:00
fathomHello, I am running Ubuntu Velvet and there are problems with the launch of some programs. For instance, Audacity does not launch properly. The interface is all greyed-out. This also happens to some other programs where some work and some do not. I did all my updates and cleaning too I might add.18:00
pochechelive cd18:01
daftykinspocheche: yeah, so go ask in their channel thanks18:01
OneMattAh ha!18:01
OneMattLooks like the old sticks were fried.18:01
pochecheno body knows18:01
OerHekspocheche, elementary has its own issues. sorry we cannot help.18:01
daftykinspocheche: yeah so you can't ask here... bye bye18:01
pochechethank you18:02
Comstockyou could also try in #linux18:02
daftykinsfathom: 'velvet' ? you mean vivid vervet - 15.04 ?18:02
Comstockmaybe someone might know18:02
fathomdaftykins, yes18:02
fathomSo here is a pastebin of when I run audacity http://pastebin.com/cBtnNJQn18:02
RustySha1kleforddo we have a good solution for google drive yet?18:04
fathomWhen programs will not launch, normally I switch distros but figure I would ask around to see if a fix exists. Otherwise it may mean that the OS is unstable.18:05
MonkeyDustRustySha1kleford  define "good solution"  http://askubuntu.com/questions/544646/how-to-install-google-drive-on-ubuntu-14-04#54465018:05
RustySha1klefordan excellent solution would be an official app18:06
daftykinsfathom: got any user configs that could be conflicting? i don't do any audio stuff so can't comment on that18:06
RustySha1klefordI guess good means one that works without hickups18:06
daftykinsRustySha1kleford: right, for a proprietary product from Google - for a free OS18:06
RustySha1klefordhiccups, even18:06
RustySha1klefordmeh, I'd rather get the official tool. Free as in beer is good enough for me18:06
fathomdaftykins, I do not know.18:07
Amozfathom, really looks like you have errors related to PA/ALSA etc.18:07
daftykinsfathom: well either look or try running it in a guest session / different user18:07
MonkeyDustRustySha1kleford  dirty workaround: I installed Chromixium, a Chrome OS clone, in VMware... it has google drive18:07
fathomAmoz, How would I fix?18:07
fathomAmoz, Or work around?18:07
RustySha1klefordMonkeyDust: how do you live with that lol18:07
Amozfathom, no idea. Best advice is to join PA/ALSA channels and confirm the error, and if so let them guide you18:07
MonkeyDustRustySha1kleford  i don't use google drive18:08
fathomIs  Verveta  dev version?18:08
daftykinsfathom: no18:08
RustySha1klefordI'm pretty invested in the Google platform. Android works best if you embrace it all18:08
daftykinsfathom: 15.04 = year.month, that's when they come out18:08
fathomI got a new desktop so maybe the kernel and such has yet to catch up with the hardware...18:09
fathomBut my soundcard is ancient18:10
RustySha1klefordI haven't run linux in a while. So many choices...18:10
daftykinsfathom: was it an upgrade install?18:10
fathomdaftykins, No, it was fresh18:10
fathomI have the same issue with vuze18:11
artoisVuze? Isn't that proprietary?18:13
jwashfathom: I use deluged with deluge-web18:13
jwashworks great on my local network18:13
artoisyeah, try deluge18:13
artoisI wouldn't touch Vuze with a ten foot pole18:14
artoisproprietary torrent clients will get you into trouble18:14
artoisand java ones will just make you sad18:14
artoisvuze is both of those18:14
jwashi use a central server on my network, then use http access18:14
jwashand a magnet loading app from firefox18:14
jwashits tits18:14
fathomvuze is not free as in freedom?18:14
OerHeksfathom, vuze is a piracy tool, you know that. and offtopic AFAIK, as it has a search engine for illegal stuff.18:16
daftykinsnot allowed here indeed18:16
fathomOerHeks, daftykins Linux distros are illegal?18:17
fathomWill blow me down!18:17
daftykinsdon't be silly, we didn't say that at all18:17
OerHeksfathom, no, that is why standard transmission is enough18:17
fathomGolly, torrents sharing knowledge and distros is like being a Somalian in Captain Philips18:18
urist_transmission works well for me18:18
silvahi, i've got a problem with installing 15.04 on my 12 year-old pc. there were a lot of artifacts and weird graphics issues during installation, and now it simply will not boot at all. It just boots into a black screen with green artifacts, ctrl-alt-f1 and related key combos have no effect. any ideas?18:18
fathomYou may want to inform archive.org to stop torrenting18:18
fathomAnd Ubuntu18:18
OerHeksfathom, please stop your rant, thanks.18:18
fathomThey torrent too18:18
fathomOerHeks, You were t he one who asserted torrenting is piracy18:19
jwashhe asserted that vuze18:19
jwashwas a pirate too18:19
fathomSo is a computer18:19
jwashbecause it had a pirate search18:19
fathomand a hard drive18:19
fathomand the internet18:19
OerHeksfathom, the difference is the search-tool build in, but you know that. you are ignored now.18:20
jwashfathom = troll18:20
daftykinsfathom: no we said don't speak about that specific client thanks :) now drop it.18:20
fathomIndeed, I was asking for assistance with crashing programs, not judgement18:20
fathomI think you guys are the trolls18:20
jwashvuze = not supported in #ubuntu18:20
fathomRefrain from judgement18:20
OerHekssilva, what specs does that machine has? maybe a lighter ubuntu desktop works better18:20
daftykinsanother child confused over the definition of words, oh dear me.18:20
jwashfathom try #vuze18:21
fathomPerhaps "we do not know" is a more apt answer18:21
silvaoerheks: 512 mb ram, amd athlon dual core ~2ghz, and 100gb hard disk.18:21
daftykins!nomodeset | silva18:22
ubottusilva: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter18:22
daftykinssilva: that RAM is pretty borderline for even functioning18:22
OerHeks512 is very low, just enough for Lubuntu18:22
fathomTell Ubuntu to remove Vuze from their repositories18:22
ioriasilva you downloaded the 64 bit iso ? or 32 ?18:22
silva32 bit.18:22
silvaI was planning on using it as a basic server.18:23
fathomI guess audacity is a piracy tool too, not supported18:23
fathomand ALSA...I get the picture now18:23
OerHekssilva use the server iso ( without gui)  and have fun with it18:24
ioriasilva try nomodeset... if fails try to download the server iso18:24
OerHekssaves a lot of resources too18:25
daftykinsmini.iso might be better than server18:25
silvaAlright, I'll try that. Thanks for the help :-)18:25
silvanomodeset sounds like a plan18:25
mcphailsilva: might be something as simple as the screen resolution being detected incorrectly18:25
ioriasilva if you are uncomfortable with cli env , then Lubuntu is a good choice18:26
ioriasilva better at all, add some ram :þ18:26
frostyfrogHerro :)18:27
frostyfrogThis channel is a lot quieter than I expected.18:28
xochilpilihi all18:28
* frostyfrog waves.18:28
mcphailWhilst lack of RAM is a problem, it is unlikely to cause graphical corruption...18:28
daftykinsmcphail: that wasn't the sole connection18:29
CosmicNoisesfrostyfrog, all the channels are quiet.18:29
CosmicNoisesfrostyfrog, I remember when the internet used to be bursting with chat. Now it's all dead. All giving way to the cancer that is facebook.18:29
xochilpilisome friend give me a booteable usb with expecific characteristics; and i was thinking; how does he did it?18:29
daftykinsCosmicNoises: no chat please, take it to #ubuntu-offtopic .18:29
frostyfrogCosmicNoises: xP #archlinux is very noisy.18:29
daftykinsfrostyfrog: same with you18:30
xochilpiliim sorry by my english, but how to make an customized ubuntu version or i dont know how to call this; and another doubt is how can i know if this is a live version or is this preinstalled in the usb?18:31
ubottuuck is a tool that helps you customise official Ubuntu Live CDs (including Kubuntu/Xubuntu and Edubuntu) to your needs. See http://uck.sourceforge.net/18:31
frostyfrogI actually came here to ask if anyone knew how to get a Xubuntu VM to respect the window size of virt-manager (and share the cursor with the host. capturing the cursor is annoying)18:31
OerHeksxochilpili, it is not easy to do18:32
Comstockfrostyfrog, #Xubuntu18:32
wileeexochilpili, both types of install are noticeably different18:32
daftykinsComstock: people don't need to be sent to the specific DE channels necessarily :)18:32
Comstocksorry :P18:33
xochilpilihow to know if this is preinstalled or is a live version of ubuntu?18:33
wileeexochilpili, Context?18:33
Comstocklive versions run off of media usb/cd/dvd18:33
xochilpilii have mounted the usb in my fedora workstation; and i can see all the files; /boot/ and all tree18:33
wileeexochilpili, How was this put on the usb?18:34
xochilpiliwileee, what do you mean with context?18:34
wileee!details | xochilpili context=18:34
ubottuxochilpili context=: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)18:34
Comstockdid you install it to the usb or was it a live cd converted to usb18:34
OerHeksxochilpili, just boot it, if the installer starts, it is  a live iso.18:34
frostyfrogisn't there a user named "live" or "livecd" when it's not a complete install?18:34
wileeethe os is the user18:34
wileeegood point18:35
xochilpiliThis boot, but doesnt start because is looking for some hardware; in a loop...18:35
xochilpilithere's no installer, just a splash plymouth in back <pressing ESC> i see how it's looking for a specific card reader hardware18:37
keithmorghe's back! Still no joy. The server is not seen by anything else on the local network. It connect to the internet only.18:40
silvaAlright, its toast. refuses to boot even with nomodeset.18:41
xochilpiliif i have mounted the usb in my workstation is there a way to know if this is a livecd?18:41
EriC^^xochilpili: the usb?18:41
EriC^^check the contents, type ls /mountpoint18:41
ioriasilva do you remember the graphic card model ?18:42
silvaI'm thinking about giving lubuntu a try, but are there any lighter dists?18:42
silvaNo graphics card. Its integrated.18:42
jwashsilva puppy, based on ubuntu18:42
xochilpiliEriC^^, af riend give me a usb, in it is a customized version of ubuntu; then, i have boot it from his usb in Virtualbox, when it starts there's a splash, then i press ESC key, and i can see that it's looking for a card reader hardware, in a loop, so, the OS never starts because i havent this card reader.18:44
TJ-which is the simplest-to-configure FTP server we have in the archives?18:44
jwashTJ: VSFTPD18:44
xochilpiliI was thinking, how does he did it? how can i pass this card reader and finish the boot process? and how can i make a sub-version of his version?18:44
jwashor PureFTP18:44
cryptodan_laptopI prefer ProFTPD via Tasksel18:45
silvaalright, thanks. puppy looks nice. I'll see if I can get that working, probably off to the dumpster if not. Cheers. :-)18:45
=== corey_ is now known as Guest82629
TJ-jwash: thanks, I'll check it out. I have an emergency firmware update to apply to a CDU that has failed, and it requires firmware upload over FTP18:45
ioriasilva give lubuntu a chance ....18:45
jwashsilva: i just installed it on a p4 2.8 with 1gb ram18:45
jwashit runs youtube and 720p videos with vlc just fine18:46
EriC^^xochilpili: ask your friend about it18:46
silvafine... lubuntu it is...18:46
jwashTJ-: i'd try VSFTPD first, follow tuts, very easy18:46
TJ-jwash: on my way, thanks :)18:47
silvaill stay on in case things go sour18:47
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
ioriaTJ- with vsftp you can use virtual users, and ssl18:47
jwashTJ-: i've had my vsftpd running for more than a year18:47
jwashits one of those services that never breaks18:47
ioriaTJ-  and chroot the users in their dirs18:49
Guest82629Hey all18:50
=== phillips1012 is now known as solenoids
TJ-ioria: I just need a basic anonymous access18:52
ioriaTJ-  you can set it in vsftpd.conf,18:52
ioriaTJ-  anonymous_enable=YES18:53
TJ-ioria: Yeah, I'm reading "man 5 vsftpd.conf" but I'm drowned in options, and it isn't clear where the default anonymous directory is, or how to set it18:53
ioriaTJ-  anonymous_enable=YES18:53
x4w3Hi, does someone know about LFCS and LFCE resources from Linux Foundation?18:54
ioriaTJ-  in any case : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/vsftpd18:55
TJ-ioria: Yes, I've done that. But there's no indication as to which directory will be the root for anonymous users, grrr.18:55
x4w3i had lpi books and training in edx platform, but everything will be welcome.18:55
goddardunder Ubuntu 15.04 im running the AMD drivers fglrx-updates and my screen turns black18:55
onlaany tips how i should proceed? doing dd command on ubuntu live cd, but having been idle too long, the screen went blank for power saving or something and it is not coming back. should I just power off the machine after some 4h as that would be the time it would take to complete that dd?18:56
ioriaTJ-  anon_root=/var/ftp18:57
TJ-ioria: Hmmm, couldn't see that in the man page. Thanks18:57
ioriaTJ-  http://askubuntu.com/questions/555660/create-a-vsftpd-server-with-anonymous-access18:58
cryptodan_laptopyou can install tasksel via sudo apt-get install tasksel then bring it up via sudo tasksel and install proftpd and you can edit it as you wish18:59
goddardunder Ubuntu 15.04 im running the AMD drivers fglrx-updates and my screen turns black19:01
blizzowI added the webupd8 ppa to get oracle java. I had previously installed the package oracle-java8-installer and upgraded to the oracle-java9-installer.  I then did apt-get purge oracle-java8-installer.  On some of my machines when I do an aptitude search oracle-java8-installer is shows the state is pi , on other machines it's just p.  From what I understand of aptitude, p means there is no trace of the package and i means it's installed.  How do I get a packa19:02
daftykinsgoddard: turns black when?19:02
silvagoddard: are there any other drivers you may be able to try?19:03
goddarddaftykins randomly19:04
goddardsilva yeah i could install the non-updated version i suppose19:04
daftykinsgoddard: which hardware is this too?19:06
TJ-ioria: not having a lot of success. The system already had a /home/ftp/ and an ftp user from a previous OS release, but vsftp doesn't seem to want to play so far19:06
cryptodan_laptopTJ-: what ftpd was installed prior?19:07
keithmorgwell no joy here. have a good day.19:08
goddarddaftykins r9 29019:08
nothingmuchHi, I have a version of libglapi-mesa that seems to conflict with vlc: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11995154/19:08
nothingmuchI think it got in there from a ppa which I did not properly run ppa-purge on, but I don't know it was a while ago19:09
nothingmuchapt-get install libglapi-mesa=10.5.9-2ubuntu1~vivid1 wants to reinstall half my system19:09
nothingmuchand remove the other half19:09
TJ-ioria: OK, solved! somehow there were 3 instances of vsftpd running!19:10
TJ-cryptodan_laptop: Looks like it was vsftpd before, too :)19:10
ioriaTJ-  gooooood19:10
daftykinsgoddard: you probably won't be catered for well by either of those repo drivers.19:10
OerHeksnothingmuch, add that ppa again, update, and remove it with ppa-purge.19:11
silvaioria lol, just noticed your last comment. Can't really install any more ram because it isn't manufactured for my particular mobo anymore... the few people still selling it charge too much money for a tiny amount of ram per stick.19:11
ioriaTJ-  i was suggesting you to check /etc/group19:11
nothingmuchOerHeks: how can I find out which ppa it was? it could have been xorg-edgers but I'm not sure19:11
goddarddaftykins oh? what is recommended?19:11
daftykinsgoddard: probably latest from AMD if you game19:12
ioriasilva i see....   maybe a good swap file19:12
OerHeksnothingmuch, maybe apt history, or softwarecenter history19:12
goddarddaftykins not to worried about gaming just dont want to it to go black and id like the performance increases as opposed to the open drivers that work great but aren't as fast19:12
daftykinsyeah, up to date from AMD then19:13
TJ-ioria: Yes, I had checked /etc/{passwd,group} to ensure ftp was configured correctly.  Instructing the CDU to reboot and fetch the firmware over FTP now... here's hoping19:13
ioriaTJ-  good luck19:14
TJ-ioria: thanks... funny thing is, looking at the installed /home/ftp/pub/ it contains older firmware for these same CDUs ... so obviously I used vsftpd to upgrade the firmware some years ago :)19:15
jwashnice, vsftpd working?19:15
TJ-jwash: thanks... yes, eventually.19:16
nothingmuchOerHeks: looks like your suggestion to add (just guessed xorg-edgers) and purge worked, thanks!19:16
ioriaTJ-  yep19:16
OerHeksnothingmuch, have fun19:16
ReScOi'm having some trouble with my Sky2 driver for my ethernet adapter19:18
ReScOwhen i have a lot of network traffic, it drops packets19:18
ReScODNS requests are failing from time to time too19:19
TJ-ioria: I've got the CDU in bits on the workbench right now, hooked up to a logic analyser, been trying to figure out why the main power-supply control MCU isn't talking on the SMBus.  Engineer's tell me this firmware upgrade should fix it.19:19
ioriaTJ-  you are too complicated , man ^_^19:21
TJ-ioria: moi!?19:21
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teward!offtopic | VINAYTIWARI19:33
ubottuVINAYTIWARI: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!19:33
EriC^^VINAYTIWARI: is that like in mk2 where you turn a person into a baby version of himself?19:33
ioriasilva  any luck ?19:34
silvaioria nope... lubuntu is behaving even worse than ubuntu, if that's possible19:35
ioriasilva  wow....  what machine is that ?19:36
silvaa really crappy emachines pc19:36
silvafrom circa 200319:36
ioriasilva  no it's not possible :-)19:36
silvai havent tried any kernel options yet19:37
ioriasilva  let's try ... but without the specs... i cano nly suggest a cli env  mini.iso19:37
ioriasilva  are you installing from usb ?19:40
mkultrais it ok to ask support Qs here19:41
wileeemkultra, This is ubuntu support19:41
ObrienDavemkultra, this is the right place :)19:41
mkultraok thanks19:41
mkultrahi all19:41
filipe_Vieira     Hi everyone, I was wonder if you could help me with a problem.I`ve went trough a few forums but I keep having same problem...it seems that the wifi keeps crashing down..I have an old Hp pc with a broadcom BCM578219:42
mkultraI'm trying to setup a tunnel interface in 14.04. But it's not working19:43
mkultra tun0: error fetching interface information: Device not found19:44
wileeefilipe_Vieira, To make things easiest you might put what you've tried in a pastebin with your help inquiry.19:44
silvanomodeset worked like a charm... :-) logged in without any artifacts and got to the terminal and installed what I needed to. thanks a ton.19:44
mkultraI do a mod prob for it. it doesn't seem to be there either19:44
mkultraI've doen this on centos and bsd19:44
mkultraI could've sworn I've done sucesffully in older ubuntu distros19:45
silvaioria no, installed from dvd19:45
filipe_Vieira00:1f.5 Multimedia audio controller [0401]: Intel Corporation 82801EB/ER (ICH5/ICH5R) AC'97 Audio Controller [8086:24d5] (rev 02)19:45
filipe_VieiraSubsystem: Hewlett-Packard Company d330 uT [103c:12bc]19:45
filipe_VieiraFlags: bus master, medium devsel, latency 0, IRQ 1719:45
filipe_VieiraI/O ports at 1000 [size=256]19:45
filipe_VieiraI/O ports at 1400 [size=64]19:45
filipe_VieiraMemory at fc480400 (32-bit, non-prefetchable) [size=512]19:45
ioriasilva  it works ?19:45
wileee!pastebin | filipe_Vieira19:45
ubottufilipe_Vieira: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:45
silvaioria yep, almost perfectly19:45
ioriasilva  lspci or sudo lshw and check your hardware ...19:46
onlaany tips how i should proceed. did dd command on ubuntu live cd, but having been idle too long, the screen went blank for power saving or something and it is not coming back. should I just power off the machine after some 4h as that would be the time it would take to complete that dd?19:46
ioriasilva  for now you have to make stable nomoset, otherwise every time you boot, you'll have the same problem19:47
=== zz_denbeiren is now known as denbeiren
filipe_VieiraSorry Wileee I have no idea what is a pastebin , this is first time in IRC..19:48
wileeefilipe_Vieira, I sent you a bot message look up. ;)19:48
mkultraI need to setup a tunnel interface at boot. Can someone help me?19:49
wileeefilipe_Vieira, all this would be to the channel, not me is all.19:49
wileeemkultra, a ssh?19:49
wileeemkultra, Cool, note this is free volunteer help, the channel ask you to have patience. ;)19:51
mkultrayup. I understand19:51
mkultraI wondering If I'm doing something wrong, or if things have substantially change between distro versions19:52
mkultrathat it doesn't work like I used ot set it up19:52
wileeefilipe_Vieira, pastebin is you put your info on a webpage (paste it, or type it) save and post the url here, the bot gives you one address, there are lots of web pages that are designed just for this.19:54
mkultrayeah you don't want ot paste your entire conf files on here19:54
mkultrathat's where pastebin comes handy19:55
bittinhttp://a.uguu.se/rzdrhe.png cool found an ssh client for firefox :)19:56
wileeemkultra, I had to put you in ignore, for the record, way to much posting, very little details. Over empty posting does not attract help.19:56
filipe_VieiraThanks wileee , I am really struggling with internet connection, funny enough in IRC I do not have a problem but as soon as I go online after a while I loose connection. I`ve installed firmware-b43 but no luck19:56
filipe_Vieiraanyway , the kids are destroying the house , I will pop in another day , thanks guys and specially wileee !:)19:57
wileeefilipe_Vieira, Sounds like you have seen the broadcom wiki, not an area I really know anything beyond the wiki.19:57
wileeebest of luck filipe_Vieira19:58
wileeebittin, that domain has malware and virus reported, don't post here no support links.20:04
ReScOsky2 is crashing for my ethernet adapter: http://pastie.org/private/l2tia3nuotd8zvxier1zw20:08
ReScOwhat can i do?20:08
TJ-ReScO: is that after a kernel package upgrade? Have you tried with an older kernel?20:09
impallewhy is switching irssi windows not working? I could use ALT+number in Lubuntu!20:10
xochilpilihi all20:11
=== NotANick_ is now known as NotANick
impallewhy is switching irssi windows in Ubuntu not working? I could use ALT+number in Lubuntu!20:11
xochilpilihow can i create an booteable iso from a folder? i google it and found mkisofs but it requires a isolinux folder which i havent20:11
k1l_impalle: seems like gnome-terminal is catching the alt+number20:12
impalleHi! why is switching irssi windows in Ubuntu not working? I could use ALT+digit in Lubuntu!20:12
xanguaxochilpili: a bootable iso from a folder... please elaborate20:12
k1l_impalle: and now you are getting annoying  with that repeating :/20:12
onlaimpalle: check the terminal settings to disable some certain key combos, most of the terminals have a setting for it20:12
impalle@k1L sorry I am just to slow :) did not se your response20:13
impalle@k1L_ sorry I am just to slow :) did not se your response20:13
impalle@onla thx - I was just thinking about this !20:13
=== denbeiren is now known as zz_denbeiren
k1l_!away > zz_denbeiren20:14
ubottuzz_denbeiren, please see my private message20:14
xochilpilixangua, a friend of mine (which i haven see) gave me long time a ago, a usb with some kind of ubuntu version, im trying to edit some customizations, so i cp all tree of a usb in a folder on my computer, then edit what i need, but now i cant make an booteable iso from that folder20:14
xochilpilixangua, (which i havent seen)20:14
xanguaxochilpili: long time ago....you can download a recent iso from ubuntu.com along with instructions on how to make a bootable usb stick20:15
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent20:15
xochilpilixangua, it is not a regular ubuntu ; he made some modifications20:16
=== Lee` is now known as Lee1`
wileeexochilpili, If it is a supported release you are wasting your time, custom or not.20:16
onlahey. I erased data from disk with dd. now when I open gparted, it says I don't have a partition table. I need to create one before I could create partitions. There is 9 different partition table types to choose from: aix, amiga, bsd, dvh, gpt, mac, msdos, pc98, sun and loop. Now I am not going to install ubuntu here, but if I would boot with win7 installation media, can its OS installer install the partition table, or can I do that from this gparted?20:21
bekksonla: If you are going to install windows, install windows. No need for gparted.20:22
impalle@onla msdos and fat3220:22
daftykinsonla: i thought you were selling it wiped.20:22
onlaI am selling, but I was wondering whether a hd bought from a store is equipped with some partition table already, and the windows installation media wouldn't have skills to install partition table but I guess it can :s20:23
daftykinsno it is not20:23
daftykinsthey are totally blank20:23
daftykinsyes, any OS can :)20:23
daftykinstime to power it off and ship it ;)20:24
onlaalright. So msdos is probably the partition table type that win7would install to it20:24
wileeeonla, If you're selling it with W7 on there anyone would wipe it if smart.20:24
daftykinsonla: there's no point touching it now it's been dd'd, just leave it alone...20:24
daftykinswileee: no childish comments about Windows please20:24
wileeedaftykins, I use windows and grow up.20:25
Shed-34046Hi, How do i Install ubuntu 15.04 with Wubi.exe on my flash drive?20:25
bekks!wubi | Shed-3404620:25
ubottuShed-34046: Wubi was a way to install Ubuntu from within Windows, but it is no longer supported in recent versions of Ubuntu and was never well maintained even for Ubuntu 12.04. Do not use Wubi. See !install for other options for installing Ubuntu.20:25
daftykinsWUBI is dead.20:25
Shed-34046i see the exe on the flash drive and i am wondering would i be able to run it on this windows 8 laptop20:25
wileeedaftykins, Unneeded garbage my friend.20:25
bekksShed-34046: Dont use Wubi.20:25
daftykinswileee: i don't care for your opinions, this is support20:26
wileeedaftykins, That is a two way street, I only stated what is a standard procedure, you don;t run others install, and you had to harass me.20:26
Shed-34046bekks and ubottu if i install ubuntu alongside windows will i have to manually partition the drive for it, I know about GRUb but if say 8 months later i don't want ubuntu anymore would windows bootloader restore itself? My laptop don't have legacy bios it has UEFI and a legacy BIOS mode but its UEFI and i think windows is installed in uefi mode20:27
daftykinsand back to topic20:27
=== BE_0300912 is now known as ^0300912^
* wileee remembers why daftykins was pretty much in ignore anyway.20:28
Shed-34046highlight me if you answer my question please :320:28
squintywileee,  his abusive junvinile behaviour is why I put him on permanent "ignore" ages ago.  the guy never seems to mature up20:28
daftykinsi don't really understand the confusion here wileee - you make some silly comment about removing windows being better, which is juvenile, deal with it20:29
shamuraiCan we just get an op to boot this guy?20:29
AmozShed-34046, you'll have to resize the NTFS partition and reinstall the bootloader for windows20:29
daftykinsShed-34046: resize Windows' drive from inside Windows leaving space for it... you can easily remove ubuntu afterwards20:30
wileeeThis channel can loose any helper and survive, none of us are any more important than the other, in the big picture20:30
cyberalex4lifewileee, the truth is that as much as I don't like window, sometimes you need it: like to update an android phone20:30
Shed-34046Amoz what is the difficulty of restoring it?20:30
wileeecyberalex4life, Same here, I started on opensource anyway.20:30
AmozShed-34046, if you do the normal ubuntu install, GRUB will overwrite the Windows bootloader in MBR20:30
bekksShed-34046: For restoring the Windows boot sector, please refer to the Windows support in ##windows20:31
cyberalex4lifewileee, I actually did it from o virtual machine in ubuntu and it worked (shortest way I guess)20:31
ornjI'm on 14.04; is there a utility (commandline?) preinstalled to convert WAV to Vorbis?20:31
AmozShed-34046, usually, you can just use the windows DVD and try a "boot recovery/repair" or whatever the name is.20:31
xochilpiliYou should change the topic of this channel to: "We dont help anyone, no matter what, we will change topic and give you our opinions about your question"20:31
Shed-34046Amoz and bekks would i have to change the UEFI boot order? The first thing on the list is windows boot manger, would i have to switch that to URB20:32
Shed-34046Amoz i got a factory default drive i made for this gateway/acer machine20:32
daftykinsxochilpili: is that because you're upset you didn't get an answer?20:32
shamuraiornj, ffmpeg -i audio.wav  -acodec libvorbis audio.ogg20:32
xochilpilidaftykins, you need to read history... not about me20:32
ornjshamurai>> pretty sure this has libav installed not ffmpeg, but thank you :)20:33
shamuraishould be similar I just prefer ffmpeg20:33
daftykinsxochilpili: anything specific? the world wars, a specific country maybe?20:33
ornjYes but I'm too lazy to instal it when it's already got the other. ;)20:33
AmozShed-34046, sorry, I'm not very familiar with UEFI, but I'm pretty sure the principle would be similar.20:34
=== zz_denbeiren is now known as denbeiren
shamuraiornj, try this avconv -i inputFileName -c:a libvorbis -qscale [0-255] targetFileName.ogg20:35
xochilpilidaftykins, are you high? am i talking about the world wars or a country or this channel?20:35
ornjshamurai:   <320:36
daftykinsxochilpili: well i figured 'history' had about as much relevance.20:36
ornjVorbis scale is 0-255?20:36
daftykinsxochilpili: anyway, i and many others help tonnes of people in here. so keep your comments to yourself in future please :)20:36
ornjAnd, thank you, I'd forgotten the command `avconv'20:36
ornjBeen a while20:36
MonkeyDustguys, takes the fight to #ubuntu-offtopc20:37
shamuraio being worst 255 being best20:37
ornjBossome, thank you20:38
OneMattI am having a bit of an issue with lubuntu and GNOME MPlayer. For some reason, it will not play DVDs.20:40
MonkeyDustOneMatt  try xine20:41
ornjavconv -i /run/user/1000/gvfs/cdda\:host\=sr0/Track\ 1.wav -acodec libvorbis -qscale 255 Music/01.ogg20:41
shamuraiOneMatt, you probably also need to install libdvdcss20:41
* ornj tips his hat to shamurai20:41
ornjThank you, sir20:41
derichOneMatt, have you got restricted extras and libcssread4 installed?20:41
OneMattNo, I do not have those.Installing now.20:42
BottomNotchI'm having an issue with my touchscreen and stylus, they don't work at all20:43
=== eraggo_ is now known as eraggo
shamuraiOneMatt, not sure if this is still valid but after install restricted extras you may need to run this also.20:44
shamuraisudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh20:44
derichshamurai, as i wrote this is libdvdread4 ^^20:45
OneMattOdd, libcssread4 does not exist.20:45
derich*dvd ;)20:45
derichshamurai wrote the right command20:45
shamuraiDerich, sorry thought script also pulled some other packages as well.20:46
OneMattWhat I love about this system is that this piddly little CPU is trying so hard.20:46
=== denbeiren is now known as zz_denbeiren
shamuraiOneMatt, whatever you have has got to be better than the P2 333mhz I started on lol.20:47
OneMattStill a no go.20:48
OneMattIt says loading, then playing, then flashes to stopped.20:49
derichOneMatt, have you rebootet yet? #windowsstyle20:49
shamuraiLol was just typing that.20:49
OneMattHold on, one core at a blazingly fast 1.0GHz takes a while. ;)20:50
OneMattStill not playing.20:51
derichmaybe try vlc? :(20:51
fledglinghello all20:53
OneMattMight just have too, but I am worried that this machine might not be able to handle VLC.20:54
shamuraiVLC isn't to heavy you should be fine.20:54
BottomNotchI got to serial connection on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touchscreen I typed screen /dev/ttyS0 and it said it wasn't installed.  I installed screen and tried again this time I just got a message saying screen is terminating.20:54
shamuraiJust don't try any Bluerays lol.20:55
derichif it doesnt work you can just remove vlc :)20:55
fledglingi just put crouton /w 12.04 on a chromebox but unity fails to launch after I try to use the update manager to upgrade to 14.04. any tips?20:56
OneMattWhy no blurays?20:57
=== proq`` is now known as proq
shamuraiBottomNotch, is there anything running on that tty? Sounds like there isn't.20:57
=== proq is now known as Guest30289
=== Guest30289 is now known as proq`
shamuraiOneMatt, because his computer might die...20:58
BottomNotch@ shamurai idk, how can I check that?  please bearf with me I'm kinda a newbie :P20:58
shamuraiPoor attempt at humor possibly.20:58
OneMattConsidering this machine is struggling with firefox, it might just die.20:59
OneMattAlso considering it is from early 2002....21:00
BottomNotchoh nevermind I figured it out21:00
shamuraiBottomNotch, Did you check your lsusb output for the touchscreen?21:00
OneMattHaha! VLC works!21:00
OneMattThank you!21:00
shamuraiOneMatt, anytime hope its a good movie21:01
BottomNotchshamurai, no but I figured it out, I got to TTYS4 and I get a response21:02
shamuraiBottomNotch, good deal.21:03
=== zz_denbeiren is now known as denbeiren
BottomNotchok I tried to enter the command sudo inputattach --touchit213 /dev/ttyS421:11
BottomNotchbut I got the error inputattach: device initialization failed21:11
wensiaI need to define a new variable in ubuntu, ORACLE_HOME. do I put it in -bash_profile of my user or somewhere else?21:12
daftykinswensia: that should work21:13
wensiadaftykins: is there any other file that does the same thing21:13
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HavixilWhat date does 12.04 LTS support end?21:20
k1l_Havixil: 26.04.201621:21
ubuntu-matehello everyone!21:22
ubuntu-mateI'm installing ubuntu mate on a bunch of computers to give away... (in live cd right now) does anyone know of a way to set an account up to automatically login and prompt the user to change their password?21:23
daftykins!oem | ubuntu-mate this work?21:24
ubottuubuntu-mate this work?: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate21:24
k1l_there should be something like a oem-install option in the installer21:24
OerHeksThat would be OEM install https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Ubuntu_OEM_Installer_Overview21:24
Havixilk1l_: thanks.21:24
ubuntu-mateAn oem-install! That's exactly what I need.21:25
OerHeksubuntu-mate, and print some manual https://ubuntu-manual.org/downloads21:27
ubuntu-mateAh hah! Thanks everyone, if you press shift and f4 you can run the installer in OEM mode!21:29
Knight80Hello everyone21:29
ubuntu-mateI couldn't think of what to even google to do that, thanks!21:29
Knight80I'm trying to put some music from banshee into an iPad, and it does it correctly, but then nothing appears on the iPad21:30
impallenice link/manual!21:30
Knight80any ideas?21:32
=== northsea is now known as Guest30571
MonkeyDust!ipad | Knight8021:33
ubottuKnight80: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod21:33
Knight80Thank you very much21:33
cihhanHi all! I have one ssd that i want to install ubuntu on. However, somehow during the installation harddrive page, it does not show it. however, when i try to open terminal and mount it, I can successfully mount it and check the existing partitions without any issues. Any suggestions?21:36
shamuraiWhat type of ssd is it? Sata, Msata, m2?21:37
wileeecihhan, Can you post sudo fdisk -l in a pastebin21:37
=== zz_denbeiren is now known as denbeiren
cihhanwileee, i just rebooted it. let me do the installation again21:38
wileeecihhan, no install started needed, just some commands run in the terminal21:38
cihhanwileee, the system is off now :)21:39
wileeecihhan, This a live iso boot, or a server or net install?21:39
cihhanim using live iso boot on a usb21:40
wileeecihhan, Cool, we want to be sure you have a partition table and what it is, and if any partitions exist.21:40
cihhanwileee, in fdisk -l it shows the sda and sda121:41
cihhanlet me try to put to pastebin21:42
sudormrfare any of you guys aware of a way to make gnome 3 spawn new terminals in tabs of an existing window?  I tried changing the dropdown, but it rarely does spawn a new tab.  usually it elects to spawn a new terminal window.  also, is there a way to move tabs from one terminal window to a different terminal window?21:43
cihhanwileee, pastebin.com/qCY6XTcm21:44
wileeecihhan, Now run sudo parted -l you have a gpt table21:45
wileeecihhan, Apple involved anywhere here?21:46
wileeeor windows 821:46
cihhanwileee, nope. in fact i already installed ubuntu on this sdd on another computer.. but i need to move it to this computer with a fresh installation21:47
wileeecihhan, you have a gpt table so, might you know why or what it is?21:47
cihhanwileee: actually i dont know why (and even what it is)21:48
darrenloobyI'm trying to upgrade my v12.04 server... but, apt-get update throws 404 errors21:48
cihhanwileee, http://pastebin.com/J0pZeGjA21:48
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daftykinsdarrenlooby: which mirror is it trying to hit?21:50
wileeecihhan, Not a big deal, but is a different install slightly. I see 4 partitions, under a msdos that s the max primary partitions, you can have. It may be you have msdos partitions from the look with gpt remnants in the table, hard to tell at this point.21:50
darrenloobyHere's an example message: Err http://security.ubuntu.com quantal-security/restricted i386 Packages   404  Not Found [IP: 80] daftykins21:51
daftykinsdarrenlooby: well, quantal was 12.10 so that's a bad repo right there - if you're trying to upgrade, i reckon you've got it trying to go to 12.10 instead of 14.0421:52
cihhanwileee, i see. i would say that it should have at least show the drives in the installation page21:52
cihhanwileee, let me try to hard format it21:53
daftykinsdarrenlooby: i think you'll need to specify LTS only21:53
wileeecihhan, I don't think a full HD, with max partitions will show.21:53
darrenloobydaftykins: Well, currently, I'm just trying to do sudo apt-get update. No release upgrade just yet. So, I can't even go that far. Do I need to redirect my repo?21:53
TJ-!oldreleases | darrenlooby21:54
cihhanwileee, btw, i just bought another ssd with nothing on it. and it didnt show it either :(21:54
wileeecihhan, You need a new table to hopefully remove the gpt, if that's the goal.21:54
wileeecihhan, no table on second will be a no show21:54
darrenloobyTJ-: I'm not IRC savvy, does that mean I'm in an incorrect room for old releases?21:55
TJ-anyone know the factoid for the old-releases archives? ubottu really doesn't like to tell me what all the supported factoids commands are21:55
cihhanwileee, i didnt get your point21:55
TJ-darrenlooby: sorry, the 'bot was supposed to give you some useful info... but it ignored me :)21:56
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades21:56
OneMattHey, I have a 16 GB jump drive that has a complete linux install on it, and for some reason, I cannot see that partition. How would I make that the active partition?21:56
darrenloobyTJ-: Oh, well.. cheers anyway :)21:57
daftykinsdarrenlooby: ah then you need to remove quantal from your repos21:57
TJ-!eolupgrades | darrenlooby21:57
ubottudarrenlooby: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades21:57
wileeecihhan, I can tell, problem we are having is your evidence is not any cause and effect related in the 2nd HD's ability to be seen. You have to be careful just declaring and assuming it is even related without proof. ;)21:57
darrenloobyOkay, I've got a few links to go on now. Yay, digging :)21:58
cihhanwileee, ok then let me try to remove the table and let s see21:59
cihhanwileee, i ll keep you updated if it works or fails21:59
cachorrospy de colombia21:59
wileeecihhan, Sure.21:59
wileee!es | cachorro22:00
ubottucachorro: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.22:00
daftykinsdarrenlooby: just to confirm, does "lsb_release -d" report 12.04?22:01
wileeeOneMatt, Can't be seen from?22:02
OneMattI cannot see it from ubuntu.22:03
OneMattI plug it in, and ubuntu can only see 524MB.22:03
TJ-OneMatt: that sounds suspiciously like the size of a /boot/ file-system22:04
wileeeOneMatt, Ah, so some is seen, is this a iso with a casper-rw partition or persistence in general?22:04
wileeeyeah boot22:04
OneMattI have no clue as to how to answer that.22:04
wileeeTJ-, all yours. ;)22:05
OneMattIt is just a regular centos 7.0 install.22:05
AlexPortablehow can I make my subwoofer to work in my laptop?22:05
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=== Dhs92 is now known as Yukkii
TJ-OneMatt: Try "sudo lsblk -f"22:08
bromancan someone help me? i installed a ubuntu server and couldn't get through the grub installation.. now i have a livecd booted up.. what should i do to install the grub on the /dev/sdb???22:09
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub222:09
tonyyarussobroman: That first link should help.22:09
=== zz_denbeiren is now known as denbeiren
bromantonyyarusso, ill try and brb to say something :).. meanwhile, thanks!22:10
tonyyarussoThere are a couple of ways of doing it - personally I kind of like the chroot into the installed system option.22:10
CraytorI have a question. Are y'all familiar with Ubuntu Server? (I'm assuming so)22:11
bekksCraytor: Was that your question, or just a poll?22:11
OneMattTJ-: What am I looking for in the output?22:11
CraytorI do have a question. I'm currently working on a project, and I'm wondering if I could set up a VPS and use FFMPEG to stream the display.22:12
OneMattAh ha, found the partition.22:13
CraytorI have FFMPEG all set up, but when I do this, all the stream gets is a black screen. I think it has to do with it not having an actual monitor. I'm wondering if there would be a way to get this to work.22:13
OneMattMount does not want to mount a LVM2_member filesystem type though.22:14
bekksOneMatt: Because that not a mountable filesystem, but a container.22:14
OneMattSo, how do I access it?22:14
bekksMount the LVM volume.22:15
OneMattI tried.22:15
OneMattsudo mount /dev/sdb2 /media/william/HDDPART222:15
Craytor^ that was my question bekks :P22:16
bekksOneMatt: You cannot mount a LVM physical volume. You need to activate the LVM volume group and mount the LVM volume.22:17
OneMattSo, how do I do that?22:17
bekksOneMatt: Replace /dev/sdb2 with your desired volume shown by lvdisplay -C22:19
ubuntu_irc_guyhi evil__22:19
TJ-OneMatt: "sudo vgchange -ay" then "sudo lvdisplay" then "sudo mount /dev/mapper/$VGNAME-$LVNAME /mount/point"22:20
evil__hi ubuntu_irc_guy_22:20
=== denbeiren is now known as zz_denbeiren
OneMattAh ha!22:21
=== jasoniumh_ is now known as jasoniumh
CraytorI'm currently working on a project, and I'm wondering if I could set up a VPS and use FFMPEG to stream the display. I have FFMPEG all set up, but when I do this, all the stream gets is a black screen. I think it has to do with it not having an actual monitor. I'm wondering if there would be a way to get this to work.22:21
OneMattJust running the first command worked, TJ-.22:21
AnthaasI am being asked for the password to access my key when connecting through ssh with a public key?22:24
g2000Anthaas: That's normal behaviour22:26
AnthaasBeing asked for the password to the public key rather than just the password to connect seems a bit....redundant?22:27
AnthaasWhy bother with the public key if I wanted to enter the password?22:27
g2000Anthaas: yes, ssh is asking for your key password, not the server you are connected to.22:27
AnthaasYes - is there a way I can prevent the need?22:28
AnthaasSurely if there is a key on this computer, and a matching key on that computer, the need for a password is gone?22:28
bekksAnthaas: No. Since you can protect your key with a password.22:28
AnthaasOk, not gone, but knowing I am the only person on the 3 machines involved, and that the passwords and other access to them is secure, I can reduce the need.22:28
=== zipp0man is now known as zippoman
bekksAnthaas: Just generate keys without password protecting them, then.22:29
AnthaasI have another ssh connection with a password protected key, and I can still do it22:29
AnthaasI am wondering why not on this instance.22:29
Anthaasi.e. on one connection I can do ssh 'user@host'  and it connects, but on the second connection, it asks for a password22:30
AnthaasI am on computer A connecting to B, to connect to C. A -> B -> C22:30
AnthaasA -> B is fine, but B -> C is asking for a password22:31
mancomunadoAlready reinstalled firefox, but lightspark lib (yet removed) crashes YT-player and only by viewtube VLC is possible to watch videos. Is there any easy fix or should I use another browser?22:35
netnomadAny tips for constantly crashing Flash plugin in Firefox?  I know.  I know.  Flash sucks.  But I still need it, and I'd rather run Firefox than Chrome.22:36
wafflejockAnthaas, as already described the password is for the private key, if you don't use a password when making the private/public key pair then you won't be prompted for one when using that private key22:36
wafflejockAnthaas, the disadvantage here being if someone manages to get your private key they don't need a password to have access to your server22:37
AnthaasThere are numerous other things in place to prevent any unauthorised connection with my key22:37
bekksAnthaas: Name three :)22:37
wileeemancomunado, there is an on board minitube, just info. Is YT-player this app?22:38
g2000Anthaas: Maybe A -> B key is not password protected22:38
AnthaasHmm, I am certain it is, there was an option to enter the password just once that didnt come up the second time.22:38
mancomunadowilee, is just what I refer to the embed common player22:39
wileeemancomunado, Hmm, not sure what you mean, looks vimeo.22:40
wileeemancomunado, Is this using an open source flash?22:41
=== zz_denbeiren is now known as denbeiren
fledglinganyone have experience installing ubuntu on a chromebox?22:41
JRogersyou dont really install ubuntu on chromebook22:43
cihhanwileee, nope clearing it didnt work out too. thanks a lot though :)22:43
JRogersyou still using chyromeOS22:43
fledglingi used the instrustions for crouton install22:43
wileeecihhan, I have no idea what you've done like make a new table.....etc22:43
g2000Anthaas: I doubt it is, because (unless you are using an ssh-agent) it should ask for your key password then.22:44
wileeecihhan, We never really got to crucial info, you decided to wipe the table.22:44
BlackDalekDoes anyone know how to make a Fuji Xerox ApeosPort-III C5500 work with Ubuntu?22:45
AnthaasHmm, need to look into removing the key and starting again22:45
fledglingi cant upgrade to 14.0422:45
fledglingi have 12.0422:45
Smokiehey guys, is there a way to take a full backup of my ubuntu desktop while its running?22:45
Smokieso if the hdd dies, i can simply restore it on a new hdd and boot directly?22:45
wileeeBlackDalek, Printer? have you checked printers?22:45
=== crazybluek is now known as Blueking
g2000Anthaas: I'd recommend to just generate another key without a password^^22:45
wafflejockSmokie, it's typically not a good idea to backup a live system since things on disk can be changing22:46
ipfaffySmokie: Not really.  DD is the best way to do that22:46
wafflejockSmokie, there are backup programs to backup your documents etc. built in but if you want a snapshot I personally just use clonezilla22:46
Smokieso its not like Windows?22:46
BlackDalekwileee, no driver for it is listed. There is driver here for linux http://onlinesupport.fujixerox.com/processDriverForm.do;jsessionid=13F1D9969494DF481B2132C5FD8AB4CB.worker4?ctry_code=NZ&lang_code=en&d_lang=en&corp_pid=APIIIC5500&rts=null&model=ApeosPort-III+C5500&type_id=2&oslist=GNU+%2F+Linux&lang_list=en but can't figure out how to install it.22:46
Smokiewafflejock, im trying to avoid turning it off while i need a backup22:46
wileeeBlackDalek, Have you checked printers?22:47
wafflejockSmokie, well what I said is true by default, there are more advanced filesystems like ZFS that can take live snapshots and really push that feature22:47
Smokiei mean to create a backup22:47
bprompt!clonezilla | Smokie22:47
Smokiebprompt, clonezille is a live cd22:47
wileeeBlackDalek, I assume you mean none listed in printers?22:47
impalle@Smokie, do u mean just copying the contents on the desktop?22:47
bpromptSmokie:     I'd get a clonezilla iso, run a liveusb session, and do it from there22:47
BlackDalekwileee, yes. It is not listed when you add new printer.22:47
wafflejockSmokie, you can use rsync to just backup all of your critical files (your home folder, your /etc your /var/log maybe) but in terms of a full snapshot the regular filesystem doesn't support it22:47
Smokieimpalle, no, i mean a full backup of the whole thing22:47
JRogersSmokie: its not like windows you can deploy your back up on another machine wioth out having to call ms for rearming22:47
BlackDalekwileee, not listed under fuji xerox nor under xerox list.22:48
SmokieJRogers, not to another "machine", to another HDD if needed22:48
JRogerswhat if the machine dies22:48
Smokiebprompt, im trying to not boot to a livecd every couple of days to create the backup22:48
bpromptSmokie:    because?22:49
wafflejockSmokie, your regular backups should just be of your critical files you would need to restore22:49
SmokieJRogers, im trying not to think of that heheh22:49
wafflejocklike JRogers indicated what if the system fails22:49
Smokiebprompt, for various reasons22:49
Smokiemainly cuz i have a LAMP running on it and its on 24/722:49
wafflejockSmokie, take a snapshot from the get go with Clonezilla once things are stable, then for your dailys just have it backup files you use22:49
wileeeBlackDalek, I see multiple manuals in the zip.22:49
wafflejocker dd whatever22:50
wafflejockclonezilla just makes it easier22:50
Smokiewafflejock, i assume that works for LAMP settings too?22:50
wileeeBlackDalek, Not an area I can confidently help otherwise, sorry about that.22:50
bekksSmokie: For "LAMP settings" just use rsync.22:50
bpromptSmokie:     likely none of them unworkable, as wafflejock  pointed out, safest way is to do it no when the partition or hdd is running processes and doing lots of i/o,  but when is idle and all you're doing is reading it22:50
Smokiewell.. the way you said it now might work for me wafflejock22:50
bekksSmokie: Export/dump your databases as well, done.22:51
wafflejockSmokie, works for me :)22:51
JRogerswafflej0ck_: what linux need is a way to backup all files to recreate the same environment after reinstall22:51
wafflejockJRogers, yeah would be nice22:51
Smokieso basically do full backup with clonezilla.. then daily backups of my critical data.. if i change any LAMP settings, like for apache or php, i just do another clonezilla backup when i can22:51
bekksJRogers: Those "ways" exist for decades.22:52
wafflejockhave seen hacks for how to save the programs you installed with apt-get but some sort of restore for that and config would be nice22:52
Smokieright wafflejock ?22:52
BlackDalekwilee, yeah... I tried to follow the instructions given in the archive... but it failed. I posted more details here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=228879122:52
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wafflejockSmokie, regarding lamp settings clonezilla will get everything if you just backup your /etc too you'll get all your program config22:52
bpromptSmokie:     note on using "dd", dd takes a full  raw snapshot, if your hdd is 250gbs and only 50gbs in use, dd will not do 50gbs only, is 250gbs or bust, whilst clonezilla will only take the used space, besides all other geometry data in the hdd or partition22:52
JRogersbekks: meaning they are obsolete now days_22:52
wafflejockSmokie, so that includes all your LAMP stuff whatever22:52
bekksJRogers: Which is a false assumption.22:53
wafflejockbprompt, good point22:53
Smokieone last question,22:53
Smokiewhats a good program to do regular backups of folder/files that i choose?22:53
Smokiewith a GUI22:53
bekks!backup | Smokie22:53
ubottuSmokie: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning22:53
BlackDalekHas anyone here had success installing a Fuji Xerox printer on Ubuntu? Specifically a ApeosPort-III?22:54
wafflejockSmokie, yeah I've used duplicity (built into ubuntu gnome) or grsync sure those pages have more options22:54
Smokiegrsync has a GUI?22:54
Smokieive heard that name before22:54
wafflejockwell grsync is the gui for rsync22:54
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wafflejockit just lets you pick options in a gui instead of flags at the command line22:55
JRogerstoo bad you can use the ubnutu cloud anymore22:55
Smokieah cool22:55
JRogerscant use the ubuntu cloud22:55
JRogersto sore backups22:55
teaearlgraycoldI just looked over someone's shoulder in my CS class and saw this code: http://pastebin.com/eu39viRX22:55
bekksJRogers: Even having a decent connection, it would take ages to actuall upload/download backups.22:56
tintedwindowshow much space do you get on ubuntu cloud 8?22:57
tintedwindowsfor free i mean22:57
JRogersbekks not if you using btrfs and didnt make hole lot of changes to the default instal22:57
bekksJRogers: So how long ill it take for you to upload lets say 10GB data?22:58
JRogersi could leave it running over night22:59
bekksJRogers: Thats only for uploading _one_ backup :P22:59
JRogersyou just backup the btrfs snapshots23:00
JRogersshould be like 50 megas a dayt23:00
bekksJRogers: And then you will have to restore 750 snapshots after 2 years? :)23:00
CraytorWhen I run this: ffmpeg -f x11grab -vc x264 -s xga -r 30 -b:v -g 300 -i :1.0 session-recording.avi, I get: :1.0: protocol not found, any suggestions?23:01
JRogersno the sanpshoots are incremental23:01
JRogersyou dont upload a new one everyday23:01
bekksJRogers: Then your snapshots will be much larger, when regularly updating your system.23:01
JRogersyou just merge with the previous one23:01
JRogersthats how dnf works23:02
wafflejockJRogers, yeah tarsnap offers something like what you're talking about23:02
wafflejockJRogers, it locally encrypts and dedups the data23:02
wafflejockbut it can still be a long time for 10GB initial upload or whatever it may be23:02
bewbzDoes ubuntu one deliver to the US? I need buy a dvd23:02
CraytorWhen I run this: ffmpeg -f x11grab -vc x264 -s xga -r 30 -b:v -g 300 -i :1.0 session-recording.avi, I get: :1.0: protocol not found, any suggestions?23:03
bekksbewbz: Just download the ISO and burn your dvd? :)23:03
bewbzI don't have a dvd burner and my mobo doens't boot from USB :(23:03
daftykinsbewbz: err are you sure? is it from like, pre 2004?23:03
MonkeyDust!info winff | Craytor tip23:04
ubottuCraytor tip: winff (source: winff): graphical video and audio batch converter using ffmpeg or avconv. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.5.3-4ubuntu1 (vivid), package size 113 kB, installed size 1493 kB23:04
JRogerspre 2000 more like it23:04
bewbzdaftykins: Am I sure about what?23:04
daftykinsit not being USB boot capable23:05
bewbzit's a gigabyte 78LMT23:05
CraytorMonkeyDust, how is that helpful to me?23:06
shamuraibewbz: Do you have any other bootable cd's like other distros?23:06
Ghhos7hello can someone help me23:07
Ghhos7i have been using gnome for some time now23:07
JRogerscant boot from usb 3?23:07
bekksbewbz: Thats a USB3 mainboard, I doubt it isnt capable of booting from USB.23:07
Ghhos7okay so the ubuntu logo when i log into my computer is gone and gnome recovery etc.. what is left is just gnome and im fine with that23:08
nekaneq tal?23:09
Ghhos7what i am not fine with is nautilus doesn't work when i open it. it opens and closes withing a second23:09
Whoamialgum br?23:09
wafflejockbewbz, http://www.tomshardware.com/answers/id-2277539/gigabyte-78lmt-usb3-usb-devices-work-boot-usb-flash-drive.html should work23:09
g2000!es | nekane23:09
ubottunekane: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.23:09
bewbzbekks: It doesn't can. I can select Boot from USB in the bios menu, but it just never works. I'm not the only who has trouble gigabyte mobos. apparently they don't boot from usbs easily23:09
Ghhos7so if someone can help me that woudl be great23:09
nekanethanks g200023:09
wafflejockGhhos7, try to run nautilus from a terminal23:10
wafflejockGhhos7, see if it spits out an error23:10
Ghhos7wafflejock does the same thing23:10
Ghhos7i tried to find the error online but no one got the same one23:11
wafflejockGhhos7, what's the error?23:11
wafflejockGhhos7, if it's multiple lines use paste.ubuntu.com23:11
wafflejockGhhos7, also lsb_release -a, give use the exact version of Ubuntu you're running23:12
Ghhos7thats it23:12
bewbzwaffeljock: I've been through all of the troubleshoot guides but i could not boot from usb.23:12
JRogerstry usb 2 port23:13
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wafflejockbewbz, have had hit or miss with some USB drives and some USB ports on different computers, can be flaky at times but would try a few USB ports, disconnecting anything unnecessary and give it another go, the board says it supports it, if it doesn't work from the boot menu try going into the BIOS setup and adjusting the boot order23:14
Ghhos7<wafflejock> this is the link to what i got from the second command you gave me http://paste.ubuntu.com/11996565/23:15
OneMattHow would I run a Java program in Lubuntu?23:15
JRogerstry using another program to make the use bootable frive23:15
wafflejockGhhos7, thanks23:15
Ghhos7<wafflejock> not you who should be the one saying that23:15
wafflejockGhhos7, did you add or remove any software recently?23:15
Ghhos7<wafflejock> thank you23:15
OneMattOnly the policy tools are showing up in the software list, and it tries to open the jav with archive manager.23:16
bewbzi tried every USB port and adjusted the boot order. I used  a PNY apache flash drive.23:16
wileee!java | OneMatt this may help23:16
ubottuOneMatt this may help: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.23:16
JRogershow did you creat the usb drive?23:16
kgirthoferhola - is there some keyboard shortcut for shutter's selection tool?23:17
OneMattI installed the Java 7 JDK, which also brings in the Java 7 JRE.23:17
Ghhos7<wafflejock> i wanted to delete a version of wine so what i put in was "sudo apt-get purge wine 6.0" and it ended up really badly i have been recovering from morning now and its 2 am so i ran the same command "sudo apt-get install 6.0" and it installed 1,000 something MB and the it told me to restart and nautilus didnt work23:17
g2000OneMatt: I had the same issue a while ago. I ended up creating a custom .desktop file for running JAR archives...23:18
g2000OneMatt: Just run "java -jar $ARCHIVE_NAME_HERE"23:18
nekaneQuit: Leaving23:18
kgirthofernevermind I figured it out23:19
OneMattInvalid or corrupt jarfile.23:19
OneMattAh, got it.23:19
wafflejockGhhos7, gotcha okay lets try to just purge nautilus by itself hopefully and then reinstall, that seems like an okay plan23:20
OneMattHm, even setting the executable bit didn't do it.23:20
wafflejockGhhos7, when you use apt-get you can use the -s flag to simulate which means it will just show you the options but not actually install anything23:20
g2000OneMatt: But you can place the .desktop file in ~/.local/share/applications/. You can run JAR-files by double-clicking on them after doing this.23:21
OneMattOk, how do I make this .desktop file?23:21
g2000OneMatt: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UnityLaunchersAndDesktopFiles23:22
wafflejockGhhos7, you can, sudo killall nautilus, then sudo apt-get purge nautilus -s, if everything it just says its removing nautilus or nautilus and a few packages that depend on it you should be okay to not have a bunch of packages get removed on you again23:23
OneMattAh, that looks really easy.23:23
wafflejockif that simulated one goes fine, go ahead and just purge the package (this removes the binaries and deletes the configuration for the program) then sudo apt-get install nautilus23:23
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g2000OneMatt: Yes, fortunately it is.23:24
wafflejockoh gone... shoot I shouldn't hide quits I guess23:25
wafflejockSpider, pong23:26
g2000OneMatt: Use "Exec=/your/path/to/java -jar %f"23:28
TJ-Any ideas why the Firefox chrome and content is being rendered abnormally large (even with new profile), as if the display DPI is low, whereas Chromium renders correctly (145 DPI, 1920x1200px) see http://imgur.com/x4yuvZb23:36
OneM_IndustriesSo, one router crash later.23:38
g2000TJ: tried safe mode?23:40
bewbzDo you guys trust this site for setting up my USB to boot from. http://www.pendrivelinux.com/testing-your-system-for-usb-boot-compatibility/23:41
bewbzI want to give this another shot23:41
Spiderwhy don't you use terminal command instead?23:43
TJ-g2000: Yes, tried everything I can think of. I suspect it's something to do with Firefox using the gtk-2 libraries/theme, but not been able to track down what might cause it. It only started when I moved the laptop from its usual position on the workbench where it usually drives 6 monitors over 3 GPUs, and I had something similar but that was when a display was rotated and the DPI calculated incorrectly. I've checked that and its fine.23:43
romualdoHi, I have 20gb ram, and my BIOS recognize it, but ubuntu just recognizes 11,2gb ram, someone can tell me how fix it ?23:44
artoisromualdo: what makes you think Ubuntu only recognizes 11,2?23:44
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TJ-romualdo: can you "pastebinit <(sudo dmidecode)"23:45
romualdoartois: when i go to: About this computer, show only 11,2gb23:45
romualdoTJ-: ok, one moment23:45
neorpheushey does anyone know if there is a working solution to steam not working in 64 bit ubuntu with nvidia (non optimus) graphics23:46
AndroidHackercan u use the shred command on block devices... ie shred /dev/sdc23:47
artoisdoubt it, but you could try it23:48
artoisshred without -n 0 is a waste of time, though, FYI23:48
g2000neorpheus: What in detail is not working?23:48
AndroidHackerartois, i know -n but i just mean shred in general, regardless of options23:49
artoistry it and see23:49
AndroidHackerbut thanks23:49
neorpheusg2000, specifically, upon launching steam i am greeted with a window stating "OpenGL GLX extension is not supported byt the display"23:49
ziggySobotkaterminator vs screen?23:50
romualdoTJ-: pastebin.com/6wCyMsCv23:50
TJ-AndroidHacker: The best way to randomise a block device is do "cryptsetup LuksFormat /dev/sdX" then "cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sdX blat" then "dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mapper/blat" << (this step is very fast randomisation) ... then "cryptsetup luksClose blat" and wipe the LUKS header with "dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sdX bs=2M count=1"23:50
AndroidHackerill try it out.. thanks23:51
bewbzis this a safe site?23:52
neorpheusyes imo23:52
squintyyes well known23:52
squintywith lots of great info23:52
bewbzanyone here ever build a PC? I'm trying to rectify a horrible build with a 64 bit OS : http://pcpartpicker.com/p/66kV8d23:53
bewbzcurrently have windows 723:53
squintyziggySobotka,  by any chance do you mean "terminal" rather than terminator?23:53
ziggySobotkaI meant terminator23:54
ziggySobotkathe multiplexer23:54
neorpheusg2000, i can provide full system specs if nessecary23:54
g2000neorpheus: Sounds like a driver issue, are you using nouveau or closed-source nvidia drivers?23:54
TJ-romualdo: That looks as if you've got incompatible bank config, if you look at the address mapping of the first DIMM it overlaps the mapping of DIMMs 2 and 3... which together 8+4 = 12 GB which is what you're seeing23:55
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OneM_Industriesg2000: so I have made a .desktop file, how do I use it?23:56
romualdoTJ-: The Range Size of one of the two 8gb slots appears 1kb23:57
romualdoTJ-: how can i fix this bank config ?23:57
neorpheusg2000, i am glad you asked about the drivers. i thought i had selected the proprietary drivers for my 2 cards. but apparantly i did not select them for my quadros which are the ones im trying to render steam on. i will select the proprietary drivers and reboot23:57
g2000OneM_Industries: Just copy it into ~/.local/share/applications/23:58
OneM_IndustriesDone. How do I use it?23:59
OneM_IndustriesActually, there is no .local folder...23:59
squintyhave you turned on hidden files?23:59
TJ-romualdo: It looks to be as if the mobo requires matched pairs, and you've only got 1 DIMM in the 1st bank23:59
OneM_IndustriesOh, found it.23:59

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