cfhowlettjuanjo, this really isn't the place for your phone number ....15:14
fathomHello, I am running ubuntustudio 15.04, I have issues running some programs, like Audacity http://pastebin.com/GAhKQmMA19:20
studio-user206soy nuevo en esto19:50
studio-user206espero poder aprender mas de ubuntu y de linix19:51
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netnomadHey ho.21:47
netnomadreally loving ubuntu studio so far.  :)21:47
netnomadJust the typical linux/flash eyerolling21:50
fathomHello, I am running ubuntustudio 15.04, I have issues running some programs, like Audacity http://pastebin.com/GAhKQmMA22:48
fathomPerhaps 15.04 is too unstable to run some programs?22:48
fathomPerhaps I should get version 1422:49
zequencefathom: It really depends. There's no garantee the applications you use work better on 14.0422:58
zequenceThe paste was removed on that link22:58
zequenceWhat kind of problem are you having?22:58
fathomzequence, let me repost22:59
fathomzequence, http://pastebin.com/mXkkc4mh23:00
fathomAudacity is sort of a basic needed program to do some basic stuff I need on occassion23:01
zequenceDoes it always do that?23:02
fathomzequence, yes23:02
zequenceIt says somewhere the device is not available23:03
fathomHence why I though a reinstall with 14.04 might work23:03
zequenceI'm thinking you may be using the device for something23:03
zequenceTry booting fresh, do nothing else but start audacity23:03
fathomAhh, like there is a conflict with the program23:04
zequenceSince I don't know what you do to produce that result, it is hard for me to say23:04
zequenceIf you are using jack, you can only use Audacity if you set it to use the jack driver23:05
fathomzequence, How do I enter that parameter?23:05
zequenceIt's in the system settings23:05
fathomSystem settings and then...?23:06
zequenceLet me see..23:06
zequenceAudacity -> Edit -> Preferences -> Devices23:07
zequenceThere's no need to set it to use jack, unless you ARE using jack23:07
zequenceYou know about the jack audio server?23:07
zequenceProbably you will not see Jack as an alternative if jack is not running23:08
zequenceAnyway, that is one possibility23:08
zequenceGot to go. If you want to read more about the audio system, see this:23:09
ubottuFor information on professional audio tools in Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/ProAudioIntro23:09
fathomzequence, Audacity does not launch so I cannot change settings23:09
fathomIt sort of greys out23:09

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