jmereisWould this be the right room to get help installing alonside Win10?06:58
Noskcajjmereis, #xubuntu is06:58
jmereisAh, alright thanks.06:58
dokois anybody here working on the GCC 5 related library transitions?09:13
ochosihi doko, i think Noskcaj was working on that09:14
ochosibut from what i remember, there weren't many changes needed in xubuntu or xfce related pkgs09:14
dokoochosi, are you certain that you work in wily-proposed?09:17
ochosidoko: i guess we would have to ask Noskcaj, i really didn't follow that too closely because he mentioned we'll mostly be fine09:19
ochosibut i can investigate and get back to you on that09:19
dokothat would be welcome09:20
ochosibluesabre: quick sketch for an easy integration of panel-switch in the panel's config dialog. for now, i'd just add a single button based on whether panel-switch is there or not and that button would launch it: http://imgur.com/5u6qLOS09:20
NoskcajThe only xfce thing (notes-plugin) is already fixed, then we just have 3 or 4 libs, let me find them09:20
ochosioh, speak of the devil :)09:21
Noskcajqqwing (gnome-sudoku dep) is fixed in mentors, will need a rebuild of gnome-sudoku.09:23
Noskcajlibopenraw is ignored in debian, but it's only ubuntu package is tumbler, so we might have an easier time just moving away from it09:25
dokono need for any library transition?09:25
dokobecause there are at least some of the gnome mm packages missing09:25
Noskcajqqwing is a library09:26
Noskcajlibopenraw is only by tumbler in ubuntu, but will need a transition if we don't move from it09:27
Noskcajgtkmathview and libgtk2-perl are ftbfs for other reasons09:31
Noskcajlyx has some weird aarch64 issue, and everything else is in other packagesets09:32
Noskcajdoko, Would you happen to have time to upload qqwing for me?09:38
dokoNoskcaj, sure, can you give me a source package, test built in wily-proposed?09:50
Noskcajdoko, Could you upload it to debian, or do you want an ubuntu only one?09:55
dkesselochosi: i will not be able to attend the meeting tomorrow09:57
ochosidkessel: no worries, but thanks for letting me know!10:04
dokoNoskcaj, both is fine10:10
dokoNoskcaj, uploaded10:14
Noskcajgnome-sudoku is the only r-dep, it's just some minor bugfixes (needed when we switch to gnome >=3.17) and the gcc5 lib change10:14
dokoohh, replaced Closes with Addresses, so it's not automatically closed10:15
Noskcajok, thanks10:24
andrzejrwxmaxima is a bit setting itself as a default application for application/zip etc.22:10
ochosihey andrzejr 22:21
andrzejrhi ochosi22:25
andrzejrhow are you?22:25
ochosigood good22:27
ochosia bit too busy to really code, but that's life :)22:28
ochosihow about you?22:28
* knome blinks22:31
knomei just figured out what kind of input the QA tracker xmlrpc wants to give me the output i want22:46
knomeso what do we want out of it?22:46
krytarikknome: There you go :) - http://paste.openstack.org/show/1U6G2gtJqOEcxhuL4Lyt/23:05
Unit193knome: There you go: http://paste.openstack.org/show/5KhCuR1s4j0RGIc5sav0/23:07
knomekrytarik, so you can't view the documentation with a PDF reader now?23:07
Unit193krytarik: Why unwrap?23:07
krytarikknome: Hehe. :P23:07
krytarikUnit193: Because the list seems to be growing. :P23:07
Unit193krytarik: When it grows, that's when you wrap, not when you put it on one line...23:08
krytarikWell, hardly anyone else seems to be doing it too, so... :P23:08
Unit193http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/collab-maint/inxi.git/tree/debian/control vs http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/collab-maint/thunar-dropbox-plugin.git/tree/debian/control23:09
krytarikAnd also, it looks kind of crappy to me. :D23:11
Unit193It's the standard, and really nice to not scroll.23:12
krytarikSooo... :D - http://paste.openstack.org/show/MqvUKza6T5IN3p2iZsyU/23:29
krytarikWell, I agree with the readability bit, but it still looks weird. :P23:32
knomekrytarik, Unit193: can you collaborate and make those both MP's, please?23:51
knomei don't know when i'll get to them, so to make sure they don't just vanish in my browser history...23:51
* Unit193 sets the homepage to it.23:52
knometo both?23:57
knomeno can do that.23:57
knomejust get on with it and push to branches.23:57
knomei've been too good to you23:57
Unit193I didn't have anything, really.  Mine is supposed to be reviewed by a tech person. :P23:59
knomethen push it to a branch and request a review from a tech person23:59

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