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wolflanderok accepted05:44
jmereisWould this be the best room to try to get help installing Xubuntu alongside Windows 10? I'm having some difficulties.06:52
NoskcajWhat's the issue jmereis?06:58
jmereisIt does not give me the 'install alongside' option.  It doesn't seem to be aware that there is a Windows installation.06:59
jmereisThere is also a warning about UEFI, saying that it can be forced but that I should not do that if I want to still boot my other OS (my mobo is set to Legacy + UEFI, which I suspect is what it's referring to)07:00
jmereisI have 2x HDD's.  I would like, if possible, to install xubuntu on the secondary drive - there is already a ~300GB chunk of unused space on it.07:01
unix-freakJust go to BIOS Legacy OS Options and turn-off "Only-Boot Legacy-Specific OS" or Windows Specific OS ... <jmereis>07:02
unix-freakhow can you promote a local domain server in ubuntu XFCE07:03
jmereisThere is not an option that looks like that.  I'm not sure that would fix the issue of the xubuntu installer not recognizing the presence of windows / giving an install alongside option though, would it?07:03
unix-freakAre you trying to install it alongside windows on the same partition as windows is on?07:04
jmereisNo, but I want to continue to be able to boot Windows.  The only other options I get really are to wipe my main drive, or 'something else' (manually set up partitions).07:06
unix-freakyou should manually set-up partitions / for root /usr /swap and any others you want or just install on root / only so when you have it as a bootable UEFI option in bios,07:12
unix-freakyou can boot into it and do a complete backup of it with a lbackup program. Do a full backup of root / and or any other dirs, and then delete the partitions,07:13
unix-freakreinstall the image with a wubi loader or Bart PE that has the option to use WUBI or LUBI as it would be called alongside Windows or Linux ...07:14
unix-freakGo to www.rmprepusb.com for the PE soft ...07:18
unix-freaksearch on Google for PE with WUBI to find out how to create linux installation as an executable to run in Windows that can boot in the WINBOOTLDR07:19
unix-freakany answers on how to create a local domain in xubuntu, i know you can do it in debian07:20
Lunariodoes "not commercially supported by Canonical" mean no amazon spying on xubuntu? :)07:26
jmereisSo for what it's worth.08:17
jmereisThe problem was simply that UEFI USB was higher than USB in my boot order, and my USB stick could be booted as either.08:18
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auscompgeekwhy didn't you just set up Windows as UEFI in the first place to avoid all the pain?09:31
auscompgeekUEFI is a lot less painful to set up than a legacy BIOS dual-boot.09:31
auscompgeekoh, they left.09:32
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chrisco97Hello :)11:10
chrisco97I have just installed Xubuntu 15.04 and have a bit of a problem.11:10
chrisco97The common problem people had with 14.04's screensaver is the problem I am experiencing now, in 15.04.11:11
cfhowlettchrisco97, xscreensaver has been known to conflict with lightdm.  in fact, xubuntu recommends disabling...your choice11:11
chrisco97I actually am not sure I meant screensaver.11:12
chrisco97I am not sure what it is exactly...11:12
chrisco97The login screen when I open the lid of my netbook?11:12
chrisco97It isn't showing when I open the lid after shutting it.11:12
chrisco97It does if I leave the setting in the power manager as lock screen - this does not however turn the computer off like I want it to. I do not want my computer to run when I shut it.11:13
chrisco97When I set it to suspend, shut it, and then re-open it, it is just a black screen.11:13
cfhowlettchrisco97, not login screen.  check your power manager settings > Actions > When laptop lid is closed ...11:13
chrisco97Just like the problem I had along with several others in 14.0411:13
chrisco97I set that to "suspend" and it causes the problem11:14
chrisco97If I leave it as lock screen, it works, but I want it to shut off the computer. Not just lock the screen.11:14
chrisco97I set it to suspend in the power manager so it does that, but it doesn't show the login screen after opening. Just a black screen.11:15
cfhowlettchrisco97, you can shutdown when on battery11:15
chrisco97I am not sure what to do to fix this problem.11:51
chrisco97I am not even sure I know what is causing the problem. haha11:51
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nopcodethe lightdm-gtk-greeter can't find libX11.so on my xubuntu13:35
nopcodeso i dont get a login screen13:35
nopcodestarting any X11 app from the console as a regular use wont find libX11.so13:35
nopcodeas root, it will. namely "sudo startx" works.13:35
nopcodewhat's the reason for that?13:35
holsteinnopcode: when did that happen? did you add a ppa? or, upgrade?13:35
nopcodei dont really know13:38
nopcodei switched monitor setups13:38
nopcodethen i didnt get a login13:38
nopcodethen i tried lots of stuff, including installing the official nvidia driver (it has an intel builtin card and an nvidia quadro card)13:39
nopcodei just did a reinstall ob libx11 now it's complaining about missing libxcb.....13:39
holsteinid say, thats the trick..13:39
holsteinare you up to date with upgrades? i would try, even from tty, if necessary, "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade".. then, i would share that *exact* complaint message13:40
nopcodewhats the official way to regenerate the linker ache13:42
nopcodemaybe thats the issue13:42
holsteinwhat has broken the linking?13:42
nopcodei dont know :(13:44
nopcodei just need to fix this ASAP13:44
nopcodecosts us money.13:44
holsteinxubuntu is free of cost.. though, i understand you are having an issue13:44
holsteini would personally, try and get back to whatever state you were in when things were working.. whatever hardware configuration.. and i would look and see if, the hardware is switching from intel to nvidia, etc, due to the change of monitor, or whatever13:45
holsteini would then, try and isolate my user config.. i would also consider using my installation iso that i know worked with the hardware to check that the monitor works as i expect.. the new monitor13:45
nopcodeits not that13:46
nopcodeits actually not finding libraries13:46
nopcodealready narrowed it down13:46
nopcodeas root it finds the x libs13:46
nopcodeas a user it doesnt13:47
nopcodei assume the gtk greeter runs as non-root13:47
nopcodeis there a way to reinstall the whole Xorg / desktop system?13:47
holsteincool.. you can simply try another user then, a fresh user account.. that will help you see if that is indeed the issue, and also, how to replicate that in your current user13:47
nopcodeapt-get install --reinstall xubuntu-desktop will not reinstall the dependencies right?13:47
nopcodei can try as nobody..13:47
holsteinyou can purge what you like, and reinstall what you like.. but, i dont think that is going to address whatever the issue is13:47
nopcodehow do i reinstall the desktop system13:50
nopcode1) it doesnt find a lib13:50
nopcode2) i reinstall that lib13:50
nopcode3) it doenst find another lib13:51
nopcodeit started with libX11 then libcairo then libpixman something....13:51
holsteini would simply purge what i want, and reinstall what i want.. but, you shouldnt be running anything as root that would/could break what you are describing.. so, i dont think that will address your issue13:51
holsteinyou can share what the *exact* error messages are, and the conditions that are getting you to them, and a volunteer may be able to better assist13:52
nopcodewe gave up13:59
nopcodeguy has to use windows13:59
nopcodei told you13:59
nopcodeno x11 app can find libX11.so13:59
nopcodenot even xterm13:59
nopcodeUNLESS ran as root13:59
holsteinwell, "guy" can choose to, for sure.. and may have a better experience, since there is official support14:00
nopcodei thought the ld.so config for root was usually _more_ restricted than the one for normal users14:00
nopcodehere it seems the other way around14:00
holsteinthose dual GPU's can be tricky.. what i do is, disable the nvidia portion, when possible..14:00
nopcodeyou surely mean the intel portion14:00
nopcodeintel gpus suck14:00
holsteini said what i mean, and share experiences when i want to provide linux support..14:01
nopcodei hate the very idea of a dual-gpu setup it just screams violation of KISS14:01
holsteini dont hate it.. i just try and purchase hardware with linux support either in mind, or, explicitly promised..14:02
nopcodethis is a dell workstation14:05
nopcodeand it has worked14:05
nopcodeit just stopped working after connecting another monitor and disconneting the other two14:05
nopcodeimho for a desktop machine linux shouldnt even offer using the builtin adapter if there's a discrete pcie gpu14:06
nopcodeit doesnt make any sense14:06
holsteinnopcode: right.. so, in the future, i may choose to image, or backup the OS before installing hardware/software.. so that i can easily recover from an issue, or, from a hard drive failure, since they all fail14:06
holsteinsince, we are not using supported drivers, and software, lots of things may see as though they dont make sense..14:07
nopcodewell what are your options if you want to do serious graphics programming?14:24
nopcodeeither use a proprietrary driver or.. use windows14:24
holsteinnopcode: sure.. and, thats what i do, typically. but, the issue is, nothing about linux is preventing that company that is creating the drivers and hardware from supporting your work flow..14:24
ScoDalhello again my xubunters14:25
holsteinso, we either have to search for companies that support what we are trying to do, or experiement, and expect compromises.. since, its not "breakage" that a thing that promises windows support doenst work in linux.. linux is completely open, for anyone to support.. and we may have to be pro-active in voting in the market to help support that happening14:25
holsteinnopcode: id say, if you (or your friend) is having issues, and there is a dual GPU involved, thats likely the issue.. feel free and /join #xubuntu-offtopic to discuss14:26
ScoDalDoes xubuntu not support multi core? Or is it a case by case hardware scenario?14:27
holsteinScoDal: http://askubuntu.com/questions/82562/is-ubuntu-optimized-for-multicore-cpus sums up my understandings..14:28
ScoDalExcellent, ah also just now realizing you said dual GPU14:30
holsteinScoDal: that was before you got here..14:30
ScoDalah gotcha :)14:31
nopcodecolleague not friend... remember i mentioned losing money ;)14:32
holsteinnopcode: sure.. and if you have a support question for the volunteers in the channel, feel free and ask. otherwise, /join me in #xubuntu-offtopic for more discussion.. thanks!14:33
kulelu88Hello. How do I create a window-manager-based shortcut?15:36
drckulelu88: Have you looked at Settings>Keyboard>Applications Shortcuts?15:40
kulelu88drc: if you open the thunar file manager and press: ctrl + shift + n , you will get a new folder. I want to do something similar for a new file15:42
drcin Thunar specifically?15:42
kulelu88yeah, the process of right-click and scrolling to a new file makes my workflow difficult15:43
drcI suspect Edit>Custom Actions won't do what you want?  Other than that, I'm out of ideas.15:44
drcBut I now see what you want to do...if that's any consolation :)15:44
kulelu88drc: How do I do this in xubuntu: " enable "changable menu accelerators" in xfce4-appearance-settings -> last tab and after this, hover over the entry you want to assign the shortcut and then press the shortcut" ?15:46
drcno idea15:46
drcabove my paygrade15:47
* drc thinks being a peon does have it's advantages15:47
knomekulelu88, what in it doesn't make sense for you?16:13
kulelu88knome: I found the issue via #xfce . Turns out a bug report has already been filed for it16:13
knomekulelu88, can you explain me what you are actually trying to do?16:14
kulelu88knome: https://bugzilla.xfce.org/show_bug.cgi?id=511516:15
ubottubugzilla.xfce.org bug 5115 in general "Bind "Create Document" --> "Empty File" to a shortcut" [Enhancement,Resolved: wontfix]16:15
knomekulelu88, ok, good luck with that16:18
drckulelu88: I'd start here (seeing as how it's "wontfix")  http://docs.xfce.org/xfce/thunar/custom-actions16:20
drcAnd no, I haven't done this for many years.16:20
knomei quickly tried it with custom actions too, and i don't think it works with that either16:20
kulelu88why is xubuntu 14.04 about 7 versions behind on thunar?16:41
knomeit was released over a year ago.16:42
drcProbably because it was released about 12 months ago?16:42
kulelu88so when xubuntu does updates, certain things aren't updated as well?16:42
drcknome, you're up :)16:43
knomeno backports of newer software versions are made unless there is something seriously wrong with the old version16:43
knomeif you want the latest and greatest software, use the latest and greatest xubuntu version16:43
knome(or another distribution where software is even more bleeding-edge)16:44
knomePPA's are also one possibility16:44
kulelu88I need stability, but i guess any source-code changes I make will have to be for the latest thunar version16:44
knomeof course you can do the changes against an older version too, but even then, you lose the support for thunar (and potentially other components) so it doesn't really matter16:45
kulelu88well it makes sense to do it for latest and stable. everything in between shouldn't matter16:46
knomein most cases yes16:47
knomeanyway, i'm off16:47
knomegood luck with hacking16:47
ScoDalThis sparks something I've been wondering for a while. What is the best way to upgrade to latest greatest without a total reinstall of the OS?16:49
kulelu88ScoDal: IIRC, sudo apt-get dist upgrade?16:49
ScoDalnice, I'm gonna write that down16:49
cfhowlettScoDal, sdo apt-get dist-upgrade will upgrade to the latest for currently installed distro.16:50
kulelu88Just confirm by asking in a channel like #ubuntu16:50
ScoDalconfirm what?16:50
kulelu88The command16:50
kulelu88cfhowlett: confirmed though. so you're good to go16:50
ScoDalhaha, trying to commit things to memory so I can be awesome like you all16:51
kulelu88ScoDal: I wouldn't do a dist upgrade like that though16:51
kulelu88something always breaks16:51
ScoDalGrr well that's the whole point of doing it that way lol so as not to lose all time spent on customizing things to work16:52
kulelu88ScoDal: always back your stuff up though16:52
ScoDalRight, so you feel clean install is really the best route for least headache?16:53
kulelu88thats my opinion. I don't move to the latest versions though. stable works for me16:53
cfhowlettlts only.  fewer headaches, less heartache16:55
drcScoDal: If you are updating from LTS to LTS, then yes I'd reimstall (having save all my config files so I can drop them in...but that might have it's own problems).  From point to point release than I'd upgrade.16:55
drcMany more things change in 2 years than 6 months :)16:56
ScoDalVery interesting, I do believe I'm on LTS Trusty Tahr at the moment16:56
kulelu88don't forget, systemd is now in the new versions as well16:57
ScoDalis that how you find what version you're on real quick?16:57
Comstocklsb_release -a16:58
Comstockin term16:58
Comstockthat is my quickest way lol16:58
Comstockyou could also install sysinfo , it gives more detailed info plus info about your box16:59
drcinxi -S works also16:59
ScoDalI knew I should have left my xubuntu laptop on at home so I could vnc into it17:00
ScoDalOkay I put all those lines in a txt file on my flash drive :)17:00
xubuntu70wI forgot my password how to fix this problem17:26
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xubuntu07iHey guys, I was wondering whether to go with Xubuntu or Ubuntu, as of now I´m going with Xubuntu because I like the interface more, it appears to be more customizable and it uses less RAM, anything I need to know about Ubuntu that might sounds appealing ? (instead of Xubuntu, that is)17:50
pleia2maybe you should ask the Ubuntu folks :) I just use Xubuntu, so I don't know...17:51
xubuntu07iDo you like it?17:52
xubuntu07iI tried Manjaro yesterday and I didn't like it17:53
xubuntu07itoo much terminal stuff going on, even basic installations17:53
pleia2yes, I'm a member of the Xubuntu team and have been using it for years17:53
xubuntu07iCan I download stuff from the net and install it?17:53
pleia2you might want to join #xubuntu-offtopic if you want more general chat about distros, this really is a support-focused channel17:53
xubuntu07imy bad17:53
pleia2I only use the ubuntu software center (or apt-get on the command line) to install software17:53
pleia2if you randomly download stuff off the internet you never really know what you're getting17:54
xubuntu07iWell, thanks for your help!17:54
pleia2sure, good luck17:54
xubuntu07ilol I tried minecraft from the official site and the thing just didnt install17:54
xubuntu07iI'll switch to offtopic now17:54
GreemCan you recommend a simple software for bulk editing photos for the Web? I need to set the Bulk Edit ( reduce , reduce the depth ... ) I'd prefer a graphical GUI .18:03
drcGreem: While you may get an answer here (I personally have no idea), I'd try one of the other channels that actually deal with this sort of thing.  Try searching for "photo" as a start.18:10
knomeGreem, i don't think there is many GUI software that do that to begin with... you would be best off with imagemagick (CLI) tbh18:11
knomeespecially if you have a set of actions you *know* you want to do18:11
mrkrampsimagemagick +118:12
mrkrampsand maybe phatch18:12
mrkrampswhich has a gui18:13
kulelu88I think imagemagick has a python lib, so scripting a solution would be easy18:13
kulelu88or easier than with C/C++18:13
knomekulelu88, or you can just create a bash script that does imagemagick CLI calls, which is much easier than python18:13
GreemThx, try imagemagick18:13
drcs/may/will :)18:13
mrkrampsbtw. alternatively there's also exactimage which similar to imagemagick18:14
kulelu88knome: it depends how deep the requirements are. but yes, bash would work also18:14
knomekulelu88, of course it depends, but for the vast majority of use cases (and for a person that prefers GUI to CLI), bash will be easier and can accomplish what they want18:14
frostyfrog[12:30:44] [User: frostyfrog] I actually came here to ask if anyone knew how to get a Xubuntu VM to respect the window size of virt-manager (and share the cursor with the host. capturing the cursor is annoying)18:32
kulelu88frostyfrog: there is a tool/setting on virtualbox that automatically captures the mouse when you scroll over the window of the VM.18:40
frostyfrogkulelu88: I'm using the KVM/Qemu/libvirt combo (with the virt-manager frontend) instead of virtualbox. That's what I meant by "virt-manager"18:42
kulelu88aah i don't know enough to help there18:42
holsteinfrostyfrog: from what i read, KVM doesnt have a seamless mode support like that18:45
frostyfrogholstein: My CentOS 6 VM and Windows 7 VM (using Redhat's QXL driver) actually do work seamlessly as far as resizing, mouse pointer integration, and syncing the clipboard goes.18:48
holsteini think the tool you are using is more geared toward server/headless/noGUI virtual machines.. i think if you try virtualbox, for example, you'll find desktop OS support is a focus18:48
holsteinfrostyfrog: centOS is relevant, in that scenario. you can look and see what drivers are in use, and supporting the fearures you are seeking..18:49
holsteinare you using KVM? or what?18:51
frostyfrogholstein: Yeah, though the performance is poor and it doesn't allow for remote access (sometimes I need to work from home, and vnc isn't an option for me). I'm currently trying to install xserver-xorg-video-qxl-lts-utopic and upgrade my system. I'll see how that goes.18:51
frostyfrogholstein: KVM is the underlying virtualization technology built into the Linux kernel (Virtualbox doesn't use it). QEMU sits on top of KVM as the actual VM manager. Libvirtd abstracts multiple VM technologies into a common API, and virt-manager makes all these technologies 10x easier to use.18:54
holsteinfrostyfrog: sure.., and im only trying to figure out what you are using, to assist.. you can also always try the main #ubuntu channel, or the server channel..18:55
MethylatorXi have an issue here18:55
ScoDalshare it18:55
MethylatorXwhere and how to control gpu fans AMD Catalyst Installed but there is no option for overclocks and fans18:56
MethylatorXalso how to restore repos18:56
MethylatorXi missed up some18:56
holsteini like the sources list generator..18:57
holsteinMethylatorX: you may not be provided tools from the driver that allow you to control the settings you are trying to control via linux..18:58
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto18:58
holsteini always refer to that, or a more general linux source, and try and find the facts about the driver in relation to my specific hardware18:58
ScoDalhey Obrien19:21
ScoDalSo I was pondering security just now.. Can xubuntu see hidden Ms Shares?19:23
ObrienDavei don't know19:23
ScoDalI cant see them from my mac, yosemite19:23
knomeScoDal, if windows hides them, why could linux see them?19:24
ObrienDaveyou might try asking in #ubuntu-hardened19:24
ScoDalBecause Linux doesnt always seem to play by Windows rules19:24
ObrienDavelinux almost never plays by MS rules19:25
ScoDalJoined, are they are a security chan?19:25
knomefwiw, the ubuntu channels do not share hacking advice; not saying that you are asking for one, but this gets close19:25
ScoDalNo I am trying to avoid being hacked19:25
ScoDalI use hidden MS shares19:26
knomebut this doesn't have anything to do with ubuntu security.19:26
knomeask ##windows or sth19:26
ObrienDavemore like hardening ubuntu against break ins19:26
ScoDalSorry was just thinking about certain people I know that use Linux, what they might be able to accomplish if they cracked my Wifi19:26
knomethat's a different thing.19:26
Unit193You don't have security through obscurity, make sure to put a good password on the shares if you really want to keep them priviate, but must use SMB.19:27
ScoDalPerfect, that's what I suspected but was not sure. Thank you19:28
Unit193(That is to say, if Windows doesn't broadcast it then sure Linux won't "see" it, but it's still a bad idea to rely on that alone.)19:29
ScoDalI am currently relying on that alone. I need to do some more research increase my security at home and work a lil more I think19:30
kulelu88Knowing someone is going to hack your wifi is more of a social than security thing. you need to estimate who might have the capacity to do it19:35
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MumblyPhuckawesome idea to include an irc link while installing xubunutu. . .20:01
MumblyPhuckstop yelling at me20:02
MumblyPhuckreinstalling because too drunk to remember password20:12
xubuntu98walguien en español?20:21
knome!es | xubuntu98w20:21
ubottuxubuntu98w: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.20:21
xubuntu98whello, i´m unstall xubuntu on hpmini but wlan don{t installed or not run,20:23
mrkrampsxubuntu98w, we need full specifications of this hpmini or the exact wifi chipset used20:24
mrkrampsxubuntu98w, you know how to use a terminal and pastebin?20:24
xubuntu98wwith rfkill list only show me bloetooth , and how can i find specifications exact into xubuntu20:27
knomexubuntu98w, i think you might be better asking on #ubuntu-es20:27
xubuntu98wok !!!20:28
mrkrampsxubuntu98w, has you checked in settings if there are any additional drivers available for your device?20:30
xubuntu98wyes but nothing , no apper20:31
mrkrampsxubuntu98w, check chipset with:$ lspci | grep Network20:33
kulelu88its weird how small xfce dev work is, but theres like thousands of people using xfce20:34
knomekulelu88, you're very welcome to participate in development20:35
mrkrampscoding's such a difficult task :\20:36
kulelu88but afaik, xubuntu and xfce aren't together. they are 2 different projects20:37
knometrue, but there's a lot of overlap.20:37
xubuntu98wBroadcom Corporation BC4312--11B/g LP-PHY(rev 01)20:37
mrkrampsxubuntu98w, for this chipset there should be two additional drivers listed in "Settings" → "Additional Drivers"20:41
mrkrampsare you sure nothing's shown there?20:41
xubuntu98wnothing say= driver  avaible20:45
mrkrampsxubuntu98w, would you mind checking the hardware switch on the side of your netbook?20:46
xubuntu98wyes, only have  bluetooth switch and it.s on20:48
mrkrampsis this device connected to the internet via lan or something?20:49
mrkramps--lan ++ethernet20:49

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