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smoserjoy https://github.com/testing-cabal/mock/issues/25912:35
smosercurent tox doesn't support 2.612:35
smoserer... mock. not tox12:35
openstackgerritDaniel Watkins proposed stackforge/cloud-init: Pin mock at 1.0.1.  https://review.openstack.org/20903612:48
Odd_Blokesmoser: ^ fixes that.12:50
smoseryeah, but that kinda sucks12:51
smoseri'm not sure but iknow that some recent version of mock actually had a bunch of fixes12:51
smoserthat broken lots of bad tests.12:52
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Odd_BlokeLooks like it might be re-supported, actually.12:53
openstackgerritScott Moser proposed stackforge/cloud-init: add ReportingEventStack  https://review.openstack.org/20904512:59
smoserOdd_Bloke, your thoughts on that are appreciated.12:59
arnaud_orange1h gyus13:29
arnaud_orange1hi guys13:29
Odd_Blokesmoser: Looking at it now.13:30
Odd_Blokearnaud_orange1: o/13:30
arnaud_orange1until ubuntu 14.04 I was using a metadata file like this one:13:30
arnaud_orange1but with ubuntu cloud image 15.04 it does not work anymore13:31
arnaud_orange1the /etc/network/interfaces file is well configured13:31
arnaud_orange1but the network is not going up13:31
arnaud_orange1for info, i am providing the meta-data and user-data in a /dev/vdb drive13:32
arnaud_orange1is there any new way to configure network with datasourcenocloud on ubuntu 15.04?13:32
doesntunderstandI'm looking for some clarification. Although user-data and meta-data are different, meta-data can be assigned through user-data correct?14:32
smatzekdoesntunderstand: no, not really.14:35
smatzekthis is what userdata can have:  http://cloudinit.readthedocs.org/en/latest/topics/format.html and as mentioned yesterday, it can provide input to the various modules at the 3 stages.14:36
smatzekmetadata, at least from Openstack provides these items:  system hostname, VM UUID, SSH public named key injection if you're passing a key name on the OpenStack create server request, and a pointer to the network configuration.14:37
smatzekthe pointer to the network configuration may only be there if you're using config drive, I'm not 100% sure on that.14:37
doesntunderstandso meta-data can only be assigned from the datasource interface?14:38
smatzeklet's change the conversation, what are you trying to do, what problem are you trying to solve?14:38
doesntunderstandI'm just trying to understand how all the pieces work together. I'm not currently trying to solve any problem.14:43
smosercloud-init reads some things (such as hostname) from meta-data14:45
smoserbut the user can override those values in user-data.14:45
smoserit would e a nice featureto allow user data to specifically patch over any meta-data generically. but that doesn't happen now.14:46
doesntunderstandAh, thanks for clearing that up for me14:47
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arnaud_orange1is there any way to reboot a cloud VM and réinitialise the cloud-config to simulate a first boot?15:57
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smatzekarnaud_orange1: depends what you want to do.  You can simulate a first boot or if you're interested in re-running a particular stage you can do different steps.  To simulate a first-boot do:  "Modify the instance ID found in /var/lib/cloud/data/instance-id and then rename the corresponding directory in /var/lib/cloud/instances/ to the new instance ID, then reboot the VM to have cloud-init re-execute your module."16:50
smatzekor you could just delete the instances directory and the instance-id file and reboot, depends if you want to keep the old instances directory around for some reason16:51
arnaud_orange1smatzek: ok tahnks16:51
smoserarnaud_orange1, rm -Rf /var/lib/cloud && sudo reboot17:05
smoserwill do pretty much what you want17:06
doesntunderstandIs the default frequency for modules once-per instance?17:12
harlowjai think so doesntunderstand , from what i remember17:13
doesntunderstandAlright, that makes sense with what I've been seeing17:16
harlowjaya, unless overriden by the module, once-per-instance17:31
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clouduser_Hi All. I'm trying to provide static ip configuration in cloud-config as shown in below but it doesn't work. can anyone help.22:59
clouduser_I also tried with to bring down the interfaces and restart using "bootcmd"23:00
* harlowja didn't think anyone processed 'network-interfaces' yaml sections23:10
harlowjanot in the cloud-init version i know of23:10

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