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sitterRiddell: you forgot to unpause ci07:07
lordievaderGood morning.07:45
sitterRiddell: you installed a .so symlink in a bin package http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/frameworks/kglobalaccel.git/commit/?h=kubuntu_unstable&id=66d2f3a81704cb14731377199290e27e952b396107:48
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sitterRiddell: didn't we take notes at the kubuntu bof?09:14
sitterby we I mean someone other than me :P09:14
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sitterRiddell: kjs might fail on i386 https://launchpadlibrarian.net/213546641/buildlog_ubuntu-wily-i386.kjs_5.12.0%2Bgit20150804.0918%2B15.10-0_BUILDING.txt.gz09:26
sitterRiddell: !!!!!!!!!09:48
Riddellmorning sitter09:49
sitterRiddell: backlog plz. kubuntu bof notes09:49
Riddelllooking at k3b is on my todo09:49
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blazejust upgraded to wily. well, it seems that pure qt apps doesn't understand they're on kde anymore10:15
soeewhat ? :D10:27
clivejoovidiu-florin: will you test digikam 4.12 on wily, its in my PPA?10:30
clivejosick_rimmit: hi rick10:40
BluesKajHiyas all12:13
blazesoee: wait, i'll think how to put it in a simple way, for stupid people12:31
blazekde file dialog is not working in qt4 apps12:33
ahoneybunadd a description for your ppa clivejo :)12:35
clivejoahoneybun: a description?13:02
ahoneybunyea tell us what is in the pppa13:02
ahoneybunI know we can look at the LP page13:02
ahoneybunbut still13:02
ahoneybunI'm also installing digikam13:03
ahoneybunI see a new build of kdeconnect as well13:03
clivejooh the kdeconnect is just an experiment13:05
clivejoit doesnt fix the file transter problem 13:05
ahoneybunwell it was insatlled13:05
ahoneybunwell it started  :)13:08
clivejoahoneybun: have you a PPA?13:11
ahoneybunI have a ppa13:11
clivejooh found you13:11
ahoneybunkubuntu-settings is the only useful one atm13:12
clivejoyou keep a separate archive for each?13:12
ahoneybunkinda a messup on my end13:13
* sitter preps CI for apps 15.0813:13
sitterRiddell: merging kubuntu_unstable into kubuntu_stable for 15.0813:13
sitteralso no one volunteered to package the new kf5 packages :(13:14
clivejoahoneybun: do you know how muon updater works?13:14
clivejowhere the packaging is for it?13:14
clivejoneed to add a dep on python-future13:15
sitterclivejo: why?13:16
ahoneybunhow do I force apt to upgrade packages?13:17
ahoneybunit sees 3 but then I run apt upgrade and it does nothing13:17
clivejoI was getting dist release updates nofications13:17
sitterthat has nothing to do with python-future13:18
clivejoIm on wily and it was telling me that there was a new release13:18
ahoneybundamn it13:18
clivejoafter conversation with Riddell he suggested installing python-future13:18
clivejoand the issue has been resloved13:18
clivejomuon-updater doesnt use python scripts?13:19
sitteryes it does13:19
sitterthat script does not use python future though13:19
clivejostrange :/13:19
sitternot necessarily13:19
clivejothe issue has been resolved13:19
sitterif you see the bug I am thinking about it is purely timing dependent13:19
sitterso it might not appear 300 times in a row, might reappear at the 301st start though13:20
clivejothis bug was almost all the time13:20
clivejokept displaying a nofication13:20
* ahoneybun might have broken his install13:21
clivejoahoneybun: how did you do that?!?13:22
ahoneybunI added your ppa lol13:22
ahoneybunand then removed it13:22
ahoneybunI removed the ppa but I can't update13:22
ahoneybunwell downgrade to the official kdeconnect13:22
ahoneybunstill on your version13:23
sitterclivejo: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=349787#c413:23
ubottuKDE bug 349787 in updater "the update center shows that there is a new kubuntu upgrade when I have the newest kubuntu OS" [Normal,Confirmed]13:23
clivejoahoneybun: use ppa purge13:23
ahoneybunmuon always pops up for me13:23
sitterclivejo: what you could do is remove python-future. then run /usr/share/libmuon/applicationsbackend/releasechecker see what happens if it complains about future being missing there is a bug in one of the python libraries used, if not it is simply a timing issue13:24
sitteractually, it probably is a timing issue eitherway it might jsut be that if an underlying dependency problem in python makes the python helper return quickly the condition outlined in the bug comment happens13:24
clivejositter: <Riddell> clivejo: what does python /usr/share/libmuon/applicationsbackend/releasechecker; echo $?  give you?13:24
clivejoit was saying "Could not load list of meta packages: No module named configparser"13:25
sitterright so it was tripping over missing deps, made the script return early, triggering the problem outlined in the comment13:26
clivejoI installed python-future and it now returns a !13:26
sitternot sure how future relates to configparser though :P13:27
clivejobeyond me !13:27
clivejoits magic13:27
sitterclivejo: locate configparser |grep python13:28
sittergrep -ri configparser /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/UpdateManager/13:29
clivejoadded both to that paste13:31
sitter /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/future/moves/configparser.py13:32
sitterclivejo: I only see one in the paste13:32
clivejoI revised it13:32
sitterI did :(13:32
sitterclivejo: surely the revision has a new id13:32
clivejosorry sitter didnt realise that13:32
clivejoany clues?13:33
sitterclivejo: python3-update-manager needs a dependency on python-future13:33
sitterclivejo: python3-update-manager needs a dependency on python3-future13:33
sitterpython3-future apparently contains /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/future/moves/configparser.py which is apparently used by /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/UpdateManager/Core/MetaRelease.py:    import configparser13:33
clivejois python-future just a meta package?13:34
sitterclivejo: did you install python-future or python3-future?13:34
clivejojust python-future13:35
sitterthat makes no sense now :P13:35
* sitter spins up a container13:35
sitterat any rate, whatever dependency it brought in... the problem is in some library not muon. muon's releasechecker only uses the UpdateManager module13:36
ahoneybunseems like a restart got it back to working order so far13:38
sitterclivejo: I can't reproduce this13:42
* sitter purges and tries without recommends13:43
clivejomust be my install13:43
sitterclivejo: I think installing python packages sometimes compiles the modules so it doesn't have to interpret all of it all the time, perhaps something there went wrong13:44
sitterthing is.. configparser.py is also in python minimal and that should always be installed13:44
sitterhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/12000167/ :(13:52
sitterclivejo: can't reproduce it13:54
sitterhad minimal dep set installed, releasechecker fails as it is not critical functionality. installed python3-update-manager works as expected13:54
sitterso whatever went wrong for you it doesn't appear to be an actual problem in the packaging13:54
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sgclarkugh not feeling well at all, despite 13 hours of sleep.17:42
lordievadersgclark: :(17:45
ahoneybunsgclark: you body needs to recover from jetlag and other tihings17:50
sgclarkyeah, and I ended up with sore throat and a cold :(17:51
ahoneybunoh noews17:52
clivejoprobably the old stale re-circualted air on the phone17:54
mamarleyModern planes usually have HEPA air filtration and also quite a bit of air is brought in from outside.17:57
mamarleyHowever, it is often very dry air, which can cause a sore throat and a runny nose.17:58
Riddellget lots of daylight to help with jet lag18:15
* BluesKaj has jetlag from waking up too early these days18:18
clivejoRiddell: where have you moved to?18:19
Riddellclivejo: sunny Scotland :)18:20
Riddellit was getting too hot in Barcelona18:20
clivejois it as wet and windy as it is in Ireland?18:20
clivejoLOL from one extreme to the other18:20
clivejoRiddell: I tried to package digiKam 4.12 and its in my PPA, will you have a look see if I done it right?18:22
ahoneybunany slow issues on Wily Riddell?18:31
ahoneybungot a bit slow since I got bcak18:31
Riddellclivejo: yep it's on my todo for this evening thanks :)18:40
Riddellahoneybun: all good here18:40
ahoneybundamn it18:40
ahoneybuntakes like 5 secs to click18:40
ahoneybunsometimes to type18:40
ahoneybunI wonder if it has to do with the staging-framework18:41
lordievaderahoneybun: Wily is fine for me. Even on the somewhat slow laptop.20:09
Riddellclivejo: digikam looking good, uploaded! can you update it in bzr?20:54
clivejohow do I do that?20:56
Riddellclivejo: bzr co bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/digikam/21:16
Riddellcopy in the new debian/ direcotory21:16
Riddellbzr diff21:16
Riddellbzr commit21:16
yofelhe can't do that unless he's a member, so either he'll need a merge request or you have to commit21:19
lordievaderOr he can become a member ;)21:20
ahoneybunubuntu member?21:20
yofelofc, but "right now" isn't really managable :P21:20
lordievaderTrue, true... But still ;)21:21
ahoneybunanyone of us can do it for him no?21:21
yofelyou still need council quorum21:23
yofeland he's been here for ~6 months?21:23
ahoneybunI meant to commit21:23
yofelah right, that sure21:24
yofelthat was more meant as a reminder for Riddell as he doesn't seem to remember that21:24
RiddellI think he is a member of ~kubuntu-packagers21:24
ahoneybunhe is21:25
ahoneybunyellow belt for sure21:25
ahoneybunthings are soo slowww21:26
ahoneybunon my system21:26
valoriesgclark: just saw you are sick21:27
sgclarkvery :(21:27
lordievaderahoneybun: Have you checked why that might be?21:27
valoriewe want more kubuntu members and kubuntu devels!21:28
ahoneybunthings seem a bit better after removing staging-frameworks21:28
ahoneybunlordievader: ^21:28
ahoneybuna ppa21:28
valoriethere is still a council and still a group of kubuntu devels to grill new devels21:28
ahoneybunsystem76 still love us :)21:29
valoriesitter: we put the notes for the kubuntu BoF on the bottom of the Neon BoF21:29
valoriedear god I hate windows21:29
valoriebut at least the visa is paid21:29
valorienow for the rest of the bills21:29
lordievaderahoneybun: First stop would be vmstat or atop I'd say ;)21:29
ahoneybunewwww windows21:30
* ahoneybun slides lordievader over to #kubuntu21:30
* valorie plunges back into the OS of darkness and dispair21:30
ahoneybunnot sure what vmstat is saying21:31
lordievaderHehe, thanks to my recent ram upgrade I forgot today that I had Windows running in the background as a vm... XD21:31
ahoneybunI have 8gbs21:31
Riddellclivejo: hum, not working https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/digikam/4:4.12.0-0ubuntu122:21
clivejohave to disable proposed 22:22
ahoneybunRiddell: lets have Canonical pay for a new hdd XD22:24
Riddellcanonical won't, you can always try the ubuntu community fund, but probably not22:25
ahoneybunjokes of course22:25
Riddellhi TJ-!22:30
Riddellooh frameworks 5.13 is here22:36
valorieweee, bills are paid22:38
valoriewindows machine doing updates or something22:38
* ahoneybun 's hard drive will die soon I think22:50

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