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brightness_helpi have a thinkpad t450s with an intel display. I have booted up the live usb and everything works great except for the brightness. I can control the brightness, but the number of steps is wrong. there should be about 19-20 steps of brightness control, yet in kubuntu there is only 10.01:00
brightness_helpthis is running kubuntu 15.04. i have also tested this with ubuntu 15.04 live usb and it has the correct number of brightness steps.01:01
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mrgabhello there!05:49
mrgabI have some sort of problem, I don't know if somebody culd help me a bit :)05:55
mrgabI use kubuntu 14.0405:56
mrgabAnd I have folder view on my desktop05:56
mrgabWhen a delete a file, it doesn't disappear from my dektop05:56
mrgabuntil I give F505:56
mrgabhelp please05:57
lordievaderGood morning.07:45
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BluesKajHiyas all12:13
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regeditwhat's the shell command to configure display geometries, such as seen in settings > display & monitor > display configuration?13:16
regeditwith multi monitor that is13:16
lordievaderregedit: xrandr?13:18
regeditlordievader: is there a command in xrandr to simply "refresh" the current config?13:19
regeditor must i change something in order to invoke that13:19
lordievaderWhat do you mean with refresh?13:19
regeditwell the issue is sometimes something about the display(s) goes a little bit bonkers. A workaround i've found is to cause system settings to "refresh" the display configuration, by for example, changing the monitor positioning by a pixel or 213:20
regeditcauses the screens to flash for a second and sorta re-configure into their new configuration13:20
regediti wanto know if there's a way i can cause that to happen from command line13:21
lordievaderregedit: I'd rather search for a fix than a workaround if I were you.13:22
regeditwell i've tried that for a while, and it's never yielded much yet, i'm happy with the workaround for now13:23
regediti just want to invoke that from a command shell, a sorta refresh.sh i can execute13:23
lordievaderI suppose 'xrandr --output <some output> --auto' 'refreshes' things.13:24
regeditlordievader: ok thanks i'll try that13:24
regeditooh i see edgers have put out nvidia drivers 35513:24
lordievaderUgh, xorg-edgers13:25
regeditlet's see how bad it gets, rebooting...13:26
yossarianukI don't use xorg-edgers as it can update various other packages13:26
yossarianukI just install the binary and occaionally have no desktop after xorg updates - kernel updates are ok if you use dkms13:27
regedithm, seems like installation failed...13:28
regeditwhere's TJ-, your automagic script failed! :P13:29
yossarianukwhich isn't the best solution - but until ubuntu have the latest version thats the best you can do if you want the latest driver.13:29
yossarianukAnd if you play games you want the latest driver.13:29
yossarianuk(its a personal pet hate of mine that ubuntu keep an old version of the driver with known bugs in..)13:30
regeditso there's always options, like.....edgers13:31
regediti'm not sure this combo makes sense... http://paste.ubuntu.com/12000043/13:32
BluesKajxedgers drivers aren't well supported , and bleeding edge ppa apps usually fail after the next kernel update13:36
regeditusing TJ-'s script here http://iam.tj/projects/misc/wget_nvidia_drivers.bash13:36
regeditbecause i'm experiencing weirdnesses in my displays13:37
regeditthe recommended 346 has bugs, which the 352 resolved not to bad, so now i'm wondering if 355 might have more improvements13:38
BluesKajand you expect unstable drivers to solve the weirdness..13:39
regeditwelcome to the land of the linuxes13:39
regeditit's not like (k)ubuntu is anywhere near stable unfortunately13:40
BluesKajI'm using the 340 driver , no instablity here, but my nvidia is merely an entry level type suitable for HD movies etc, not doing any gaming13:41
regediti've made a choice to try (k)ubuntu, and there's a hefty price to pay for that.. so here I am trying to live with it..13:41
lordievaderregedit: I rarely encounter instablility issues on my Kubuntu installs.13:42
regeditit's not like my laptop's 640M is a monster either (currently bottom of the supported lines i believe)13:42
BluesKajthen why edgy unstable drivers, think you're heading in the wrong direction13:43
regeditall directions have their bugs13:45
regedit- speking from my experience with kubuntu thus far13:46
* BluesKaj shrugs, the 340 works on my 8400gs without a hitch13:46
BluesKajon 15.10 wily no less13:46
regeditmulti display & all?13:47
BluesKajnope,panasonic plsama tv13:47
regeditso there13:47
regediteither way it just goes to show, you are one of the lucky winners of the "Will Linux Play Nicely With You" lottery! congrats13:47
BluesKajI'm sure the recommended driver for your gpu would work , have you tried it "?13:48
BluesKajwhich driver is it ?13:48
regeditknown issue which fixed in 35213:48
regedit346 is the proprietary recommended13:48
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BluesKajand I suppose the 352 fixes one issue but comes wqith a different one13:49
regeditnouveaux - lets. not. even. go. there. period. dot.13:49
regeditBluesKaj: as mentioned, welcome to the *nixes13:49
* BluesKaj shrugs again, not a problem for me, complain all you want, but you're the exception , not the rule13:51
LjL-Alpsthen i am the exception too13:51
regedit^ lottery13:51
LjL-Alpsneither of you alone is a big enough sample, quite obviously13:52
BluesKajyeah, the exceptions end up here looking for support, but not all linux users use multi displays13:52
LjL-Alpsi'm not here looking for support13:53
regeditoh so multi display workstations are not a very linux thing, or something now?13:56
BluesKajLjL-Alps:  how nice for you :-)13:56
regeditjust another reason why other OSs still win13:57
LjL-Alpsi'm here because i was an op in this channel for years and i was curious how things are going after KDE5, and i know pretty well that KDE has never been quite universally "stable"13:57
BluesKajmost multi display worsations aren't running off a laptop13:57
lordievaderMine is ;)13:59
lordievaderRecently downgraded from 3 screens to only 2.13:59
BluesKajI could use the old demand, define stable, but that would be almost as bad as rtfm14:01
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regeditvictim blaming, much? :)14:18
BluesKajI'm sorry if you feel like a victim, but any suggestion made to you were summarily rejected, so it's difficult to know what you expect from this chat14:24
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regeditnot much really at this point. I was actually suggested to try the edgers drivers here in this channel14:28
BluesKajedgers work for the time being, but eventually break14:29
regeditas seems to be the case with recommended drivers14:31
BluesKajI've used them in the past, but only temporarily til the recommended drivers work properly14:31
BluesKajfor my setup at least14:31
regeditthe lottery, you win it14:32
BluesKajdunno if the drivers are at fault in your case, sometimes the inerface/hdmi is difficult to configure. i wasn't very successful with my intel gpu on my laptop connected via hdmi to the tv14:36
BluesKajthe resolution was correct but the aspect rastio was wrong , even though it was set ar 16:914:37
yossarianukBluesKaj: i;ve had an issue with wrong resolution - in the end i deleted ~/.kde ~/.local ~/.config , etc  and it fixed it.14:39
yossarianuk(with kubuntu 15.04/nvidia)14:41
BluesKajyossarianuk:  kind of drastic don't you think ?14:45
MarwiI broke my linux, I've to type in console: "sudo dhclient eth0" otherwise no acces to net. How can I repair it so I've internet.14:47
lordievaderMarwi: How does you /etc/network/interfaces look?14:49
lordievader!paste | Marwi14:49
ubottuMarwi: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:49
BluesKajMarwi:  that's odd, because once run that command should have made the ethrnet connection in network-manager and the interfaces file persistent on reboots14:52
lordievaderBluesKaj: No it doesn, dhclient just sends out a dhcp request. Nothing more.14:53
BluesKajwell lordievader I'm recalling my experience with it14:54
BluesKajafter that no more dropped connections14:54
Marwilordievader: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12000549/14:57
Marwithanks ubottu14:57
MarwiI tell you guys what I've done.14:57
lordievaderMarwi: You want to remove the lines with eth0 in it and reboot.14:57
yossarianukBluesKaj: sort of, it fixed the issue though.14:58
lordievaderThat'll fix your connection.14:58
MarwiThe net was warking well until I've done installation of metasploit as explained at: http://www.uw-team.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=10806 ....>14:58
Marwithen I decided remove it14:58
Marwiso I've type the oppisite comand: apt-get remove (the stuff I've install ) :-)14:59
Marwilordievader: you mean remove : "auto eth0 " ?15:00
lordievaderMarwi: If you are going to run metasploit you want to run it in a vm.15:00
lordievaderMarwi: Lines 2 and 4.15:00
lordievaderOr actually remove just the eth0 from line 4.15:01
lordievaderI.e. make it 'iface lo inet loopback'.15:01
Marwilordievader: man I though I had to add them :-) what I've done15:02
Marwihowever consider it done.15:02
lordievaderMarwi: Well you can, but the way it was configured now was wrong.15:02
MarwiI'll be back.15:03
BluesKajMarwi:  unless the setup is for trying to run without NM as a static IP15:03
lordievaderHe was running dhclient ;)15:04
BluesKajI recall running with NM with static IP with the interfaces file in similar state15:05
BluesKajwithout NM , that is15:06
BluesKajbut now eith vpns etc NM is an asset rather than a liability:)15:06
lordievaderYou can define an ip in there, yes.15:06
lordievaderNM is rather nice if you have multiple interfaces and you plan on switching between them.15:07
lordievaderI.e. a laptop.15:07
BluesKajor a vpn, vps et15:07
yossarianukI cannot get multiple VPN's working with nm, I have to use the cli for vpnc15:08
lordievaderI usually use the userspace tools for VPN.15:08
BluesKajnot multiple vpns, multiple vpn servers15:08
yossarianukas soon as you start the 2nd the 1st connect drops using network manager15:08
lordievaderyossarianuk: Kind of sound like a routing issue.15:09
yossarianuklordievader: not sure, all I know if that I have to use the vpnc cli if I want 2 connections at same time.15:10
lordievaderyossarianuk: Investigate ;)15:11
BluesKajyossarianuk: never tried multiple vpn connections, just assumed it wasn't possibel with NM'15:11
BluesKajat least with openvpn-nm15:12
yossarianuklooks like a known issue...15:12
ubottuDebian bug 744845 in network-manager "Allow simultanious VPN connections" [Wishlist,Open]15:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 91389 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #671024 Please add support for more than one VPN simultaneously" [Wishlist,Confirmed]15:13
* Marwi is back15:16
Marwiunfortunately it did not help.15:16
lordievaderHow does your /etc/network/interfaces look like now?15:17
Marwiwhen I restarted system, "ifconfig" showed me just: lo        Link encap:Local Loopback15:17
lordievaderMarwi: Did you uninstall network manager?15:18
Marwilordievader: I was actually thinking that this is what I needed, but I'll Copy/Paste what I see when I tried install it. just give a 5s15:19
joan__is there a clean way to have an static ip through /etc/network/interfaces stuff without messing up everything in kubuntu 14.10? After setting up an static ip the ordinary way, and doing dpkg-reconfigure resolvconf, the network works fine, but then kde apps either freeze or take a long time to appear... any ideas?15:20
lordievaderjoan__: 14.10 ain't supported anymore.15:23
Marwilordievader: I'll just install it. I think I've seen it was removed when I was removing some packages.15:23
lordievaderjoan__: Sounds like your resolving is broken.15:23
lordievaderMarwi: That would explain your problems ;)15:23
joan__yeah, but how can I fix them15:24
lordievaderjoan__: How are you setting your nameservers?15:24
joan__dns-nameservers in /etc/network/interfaces for the eth0 interface15:25
lordievaderjoan__: Do they appear in /etc/resolv.conf?15:26
lordievaderjoan__: Just those you have configured or more?15:27
joan__this one and the
lordievaderIs there a dnsmasq listening on
joan__127.0.0.1 -->
joan__excuse me15:28
lordievaderSame thing, does dnsmasq listen to that address?15:29
joan__auto lo    iface lo inet loopback, that's what I've got in /etc/network/interfaces, apart from the eth0 config15:30
joan__how can I check this?15:30
joan__the dnsmasq thing?15:30
lordievaderjoan__: sudo netstat -tulpn|grep dnsmasq15:30
BluesKajjoan__:  not sure if this istill the case but /etc/resolv.conf is now overwritten by /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/base as shown here, http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/174349/what-overwrites-etc-resolv-conf-on-every-boot15:31
joan__tcp 0   0*   LISTEN   1650/dnsmasq15:31
joan__and two more udp lines without the LISTEN word15:32
lordievaderBluesKaj: It is generated from files in /etc/resolvconf15:33
lordievaderjoan__: What do you get when you try to resolve an url with 'nslookup -'?15:34
lordievaderMarwi: Any progress?15:34
Marwistill need to do: sudo dhclient eth0     however when do: ifconfig  I have been shown: lo and eth0 too15:34
lordievaderMarwi: Is network manager handeling your eth0?15:34
Marwilordievader: what I need do to check it...? I used many distros for 15years but never had to run it.15:35
BluesKajlordievader:  it's supposed to, but in the last 2yrs or so the  /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/base and head file became the defacto default /etc/resolv.conf file afaik15:35
joan__lordievader, >  Server:    Address:   Non-authoritative answer:    name = google-public-dns-a.google.com.15:36
lordievaderBluesKaj: /etc/resolv.conf -> ../run/resolvconf/resolv.conf15:36
lordievaderjoan__: Does it take a while before you get an answer?15:36
joan__no, it's immediate15:37
lordievaderMarwi: Go to the configuration of Network Manager.15:37
lordievaderjoan__: The kde apps you say are freezing do they do things with the network?15:38
joan__does dolphin do them? (I'm trying to set up an nfs-server to share files with another kubuntu box, that's why I'm setting static ip)15:39
lordievaderDolphin might. What happens when you open kate?15:40
MarwiThere is no configuration of Network Manager15:40
lordievaderMarwi: Network Manager ain't in your system tray?15:40
BluesKajMarwi:  is NM disabled?15:40
joan__lordievader, nothing, it doesn't even show, only the moving circle at the taskbar, and then nothing15:41
lordievaderjoan__: Hmm, can you still open a terminal?15:42
MarwiI have no system tray15:42
joan__lordievader, yes15:42
joan__btw, if I press the K left button it takes a while to show the menu15:43
lordievaderMarwi: You have no system tray? What version of Kubuntu are you running?15:43
lordievaderjoan__: What do you get when you run 'kate' inside of your terminal?15:44
BluesKajlordievader:  just for your info check this file,   /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head15:44
joan__QDBusConnection: session D-Bus connection created before QCoreApplication. Application may misbehave.15:45
Marwi14.04 Fluxbox and xfce15:45
lordievaderBluesKaj: Why?15:45
lordievaderMarwi: Ah fluxbox... You are kind of in the wrong room ;) Anyhow is nm-applet installed?15:46
lordievaderjoan__: That is all?15:46
lordievaderjoan__: Does kate launch though?15:46
joan__more than a minute after and nothing15:47
joan__let's try again15:47
Marwilordievader: got also kde but if that supposed to be in sys tray so what name of that...? I can find it in menu anywhere in setting or system menu15:48
lordievaderjoan__: Is pastebin installed?15:48
lordievaderMarwi: Running nm-applet will give you a sys trac icon, through there you can configure NM.15:49
joan__lordievader, ??? where?15:49
lordievaderjoan__: ? pastebin is a package.15:49
Marwilordievader: moment need restart everything to see it before sudo dhclient eth015:50
joan__wait a moment15:50
Marwilordievader: I think that will tell you more: http://i57.tinypic.com/2rejyvb.jpg15:59
BluesKajlordievader:  here's why, http://imagebin.ca/v/2AzmLCw7qHL816:01
lordievaderMarwi: Could you move your konsole so I can see your task bar (and specifically the systemtray).16:01
lordievaderBluesKaj: Yes? That is what I said?16:01
Marwithere is eth016:02
lordievaderBluesKaj: 04-17:33 < lordievader> BluesKaj: It is generated from files in /etc/resolvconf16:02
lordievaderMarwi: Yes, but likely nm is not running and thus not setting up the connection.16:02
* lordievader goes to make a pizza, is back in a bit16:03
BluesKajlordievader:  /etc/resove.conf entries are overwritten by the above file , that head file is where the settings should be entered despite the warning16:03
lordievaderBluesKaj: That file is simply the header file, ultimately it comes in /etc/resolv.conf, the warning is against editing /etc/resolv.conf since that file will be overwritten at boot time.16:06
BluesKajlordievader:  I used that file for 2yrs as the /etc/resolv.conf file when I was using a static IP without NM in the mix , it definitely overwrites any manual entries in /etcresolv.conf itself upon reboot16:08
lordievaderSure, editing that file will work. But that is not the point I am making...16:08
BluesKajany nameservers etc have to be entered there16:09
lordievaderAll I am saying is that /etc/resolv.conf is generated on boot from files in /etc/resolvconf.16:09
BluesKajyes and any IPs or DNS nameserver settings will show up in /etc/resolv.conf as long as they are entered in the head file first...it's a clunky arrangement, but for static IPs etc that's what's required when NM isn't being used or can't be configured in some situations16:16
BluesKajok , BBL ...news16:17
joanhi again, I had to go for a while16:45
joanlordievader, hi again. Another strange thing that happens is that I cannot restart or shutdown the computer from the K button, these options simply don't appear17:35
lordievaderjoan: Do you have smartmontools installed?17:35
joanlordievader, the guide I am using for the nfs stuff is: https://mostlylinux.wordpress.com/network/nfshowto/#questions17:36
joanyes, lordievader17:36
lordievaderjoan: Could you provide me with the smart data of all disks? (sudo smartctl -a /dev/<disk>)17:37
lordievaderjoan: What a horrible guide.17:38
lordievaderjoan: It is two steps: install nfs-kernel-server -> edit /etc/exports: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo17:39
joanok, thanks, I'll check that17:39
joanlordievader, http://pastebin.com/84ke6EQf  system and /home on sdb17:42
joansda is for data, but everything seems ok17:42
lordievaderjoan: The WD is fine, the Seagate though.... 9618376 raw read errors. This is likely why things are slow or simply not showing up.17:44
joanlordievader, do you mean the hdd is starting to break down? anyway, don't you think the errors are too kde specific to be caused by that overall condition of the hdd?17:46
joanlordievader, my other (old) computer has far worse hdd smart reports and everything works fine (kubuntu 14.04)17:47
lordievaderjoan: The read errors are recorded by the drive itself. Usually this is one indicator of a dying disk another indicator would be reallocated sectors. However that counter is, luckily, at zero.17:47
joanlordievader, I've just made this check: at the terminal, try to start kwrite, and after a while, check again  smartctl -a /dev/sdb, the number of read errors has gone up, from 9724744 to 9727288. Does it mean something?18:04
lordievaderjoan: Yes that is a bad sign. It likely means it tries to read some data, gets an error and gives up.18:06
lordievaderjoan: Do you have a backup of that drive?18:07
joanno, but you read my mind. I've already connected the external hdd to backup18:07
joanlet's see if it not too late...18:07
lordievaderExactly, try to make a backup if can.18:07
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lordievaderjoan: I'd image the disk with dd. (Twice preferably, one original image and one to mess with)18:08
joanI only have one hdd to do the backup.18:10
BluesKajperhaps create a couple of partitions for the images18:12
joanBluesKaj, I can't. Too much data (almost 2TB)18:12
joanI'm only interested in the /home dir18:13
joanwhich is the best way to back it up? cp? Or what?18:13
lordievaderjoan: dd, since you have read errors you want to grab as much as you can. The filesystem you might be able to restore later.18:15
joanbtw, this is from dmesg at startup: http://pastebin.com/aQmU30q318:15
BluesKajrsync works well, but depends how large your ~/home dir is and how much time you have18:16
joantime is no problem, my /home dir is almost 2TB18:18
joanlordievader, BluesKaj, and it's on a separate partition: /home --> /dev/sdb418:20
BluesKajlooks like another hdd is needed18:21
lordievaderjoan: Compress it?18:22
lordievaderdd | gzip (or some other compression tool)18:22
joanthe idea is to copy the contents of my /home partition to the external usb hdd I've got (the same size as the dying one: 2TB)18:23
BluesKajgzip can compress by a factor of 8 according to some forums18:27
BluesKajdepending on the type of data18:28
joanBluesKaj, I don't need compression, just copying, perhaps rsync is what I want18:30
BluesKajjoan:  I've used rsync for smaller files like 300GB  and it tooka while , 5-6 hrsso 2Tb is gonna be slwowhere as dd can probly copy much faster if I'm not mistaken , correct lordievader ?18:34
BluesKaj5-6 hrs that is18:35
BluesKaji've only copied smaller images like OS iso files using dd, so my experience with such large data files as 2TB is nonexistent18:36
BluesKajwith dd one cvan set the blocksize (within limits of course), but i'm not sure what the safe bs would be. It's probly worth doing some research18:39
TJ-joan: as the source drive is failing, I'd suggest using ddrescue to clone it18:43
BluesKajhere come s tha cavalry ... Hi TJ-  :-)18:44
TJ-joan: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery18:45
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TJ-BluesKaj: re: dd blocksize (bs/ibs/obs) ... it controls the in-memory buffering . I tend to use as much RAM as is available so that the reads/writes can be done in sustained large blocks. That reduces transfer times significantly. For large datasets I will sometimes use 1GB18:47
BluesKajTJ-:  cool thanks for the tip18:49
mluserIs it just me or did the latest nvidia updates mess everything up?  I can't even recognize the nvidia-settings program anymore.19:20
Osirez@mluser If your talking about the Nvidia 355 drivers, they're working fine over here19:34
OsirezOn Kubuntu 15.0419:35
mluserOsirez: Thanks.. I'm on my laptop.. will try to figure out what the problem is later when I'm done with work.  Its probably just me then :D19:41
Osirezmluser: no problem.19:52
lordievaderBluesKaj: Yes, rsync is rather slow compared to cp or dd.20:07
DDRI'm missing something. I'm developing a piece of software which for reasons beyond my responsibility crashes when I quit it. I launched it from konsole, is there any way to kill it without closing the tab or suspending and killing by process id?20:56
lordievaderDDR: Your program is killing the parent?20:58
DDRNo, it's just stopping. It never returns control to konsole.20:58
lordievaderDDR: Ah, run  it with & to run in in the background. If you want to be able to close the Konsole: nohup <program>&20:59
DDRI do not want to do either of those.20:59
DDRI want it to stop. It won't stop without a lot of typing.21:00
lordievaderThen I do not understand the problem.21:01
DDRif ctrl-c normally stops a program, and returns control to me, I am looking for a keyboard shortcut that will force the program to stop, whatever it is doing, and return control to me.21:01
DDRI keep having to click through popups or type in a code.21:02
lordievaderDDR: Ctrl - c should do that, unless your program doesn't listen to sigint.21:02
lordievaderHaving a shortcut for SIGKILL is a bad idea.21:03
DDRIt's crashed by that point. It isn't listening to anything.21:03
DDR(Basically, it throws up a dialog with the last scripting error. If I bungle the scripting, sometimes the error is ridiculously long and the program just... stops.)21:04
DDRlordievader: How do you recommend I kill a process that crashes, occasionally, a few times a minute?21:06
lordievaderIf a program crashes your promt should return. Sounds like your program is crashing into a zombie state.21:06
DDRYes. Perhaps a better word is "freezing".21:08
lordievaderThen you are going to have to look at your code as to why that is happening.21:08
DDRDigging into the internals of KDE is out of the question, I'm afraid. I don't speak very good c++.21:09
DDRThis is not something I can fix.21:09
lordievaderDDR: I thought this was your own code?21:09
DDRGroup project.21:09
lordievaderSubmit a bug report with whoever is responsible for the code then.21:10
DDRMy scripting errors cause the engine to try to display a popup dialog with an unreasonable size. The dialog appears in the window list in KDE, but does not actually have any surface area.21:10
DDROn vacation in europe. :p21:10
DDRI really, truly have looked at fixing this in our code, and I really truly have come up short.21:10
DDRThe error message is printed to the console anyway, so I'm perfectly happy to let the engine die for now.21:11
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DDRI know it needs a proper text-box, but I can't make it do so.21:11
lordievaderDDR: Does the program respond to a SIGTERM? (i.e. default kill)21:12
DDRThe window remains open, but it's an unusable solution because I have to type in both my rather long password and the rather long PID.21:15
lordievaderDDR: Err why? killall <nameofprogram>21:17
DDRThe window remains on-screen, although it doesn't update any more.21:18
DDRPerhaps there are two components of the problem - stopping the program, and closing the window?21:19
DDR(thanks for your help so far, lordievader, I'm sorry if I'm being difficult :( )21:19
lordievaderI must say the problem is still not very clear to me.21:19
DDRPerhaps a screenshot would help. Let me make one up here...21:20
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DDRlordievader: Given <>, we have three windows in question. The focused one, "Frogatto & Friends", is the engine which has just thrown an assertion. The next window, "Assertion Failed", is a modal dialog that throws up the assertion. The one behind the Frogatto window is Konsole, which is running the program that made the Frogatto window.21:27
DDRFrom the console, what is the quickest way to get rid of both the Frogatto window and the Assertion window?21:27
DDRSometimes the assertion failed window will not render on screen, it just appears in the window bar at the bottom.21:28
DDR(So I can't click OK and exit the program normally.)21:28
lordievaderLooks like you need better error handeling ;)21:29
lordievaderAnyhow, I guess you want to write a script who hunts out those programs and kills them.21:29
DDRI guess I could bind it to a hotkey.21:30
lordievaderDDR: For example.21:30
DDRBut that would only work for this one program. :(21:30
lordievaderahoneybun: https://www.linode.com/docs/uptime/monitoring/use-vmstat-to-monitor-system-performance21:31
lordievaderahoneybun: You'd want to run it like 'vmstat 1' or something.21:31
lordievaderThe first line it gives is some strange summary, or something.21:31
lordievaderahoneybun: You want to pay special attention to the 'b', 'swap' and 'wa' columns.21:33
ahoneybun80-86 in the wa21:34
ahoneybunatop is shooting something weird21:35
ahoneybunmy disk is very busy21:35
lordievaderahoneybun: There you go ;)21:35
ahoneybun90% and above21:35
lordievader80% wait is bad...21:35
ahoneybunhit 10221:35
lordievaderYou want to keep that below 20.21:35
ahoneybunnow 13%21:36
ahoneybunso my disk is going bad21:36
lordievaderHow many blocked processes (b)?21:36
ahoneybunin wmstat?21:36
lordievaderOkay, not too bad. Is smartmontools installed?21:37
ahoneybunseems like disk is going to die then no?21:37
lordievaderOkay install it and supply me with the output of 'sudo smartctl -a /dev/<disk>' of every disk in the system.21:38
ahoneybunsome errors with the mirrors21:40
ahoneybuntrying to update the list21:40
ahoneybunlordievader: https://paste.kde.org/p5azrmva721:44
ahoneybunyou think building Android has anything to do with this?21:46
lordievaderahoneybun: Your ssd looks fine, the Seagate however, it shows some errors here and there. That is likely the reason for the slowdowns.21:46
ahoneybunthe ssd has mostly nothing21:46
ahoneybun24gb is not much21:46
lordievaderThe second Seagate I see today with errors.21:46
ahoneybunI'm thinking of reinstalling but if it has errors then it is hardware21:47
lordievaderYour system is on the ssd I guess?21:47
lordievaderHmm, well if the slowdowns are really bothering you, or the error rates go up in smart I'd replace the disk and use this one for non-crucial storage.21:48
ahoneybunthey are bothering me a lot21:49
lordievaderHow large is your install?21:49
lordievaderI.e. how much of sdb1 is in use.21:50
ahoneybunthe home is 877gbs21:50
ahoneybunnot sure how much is used21:50
lordievaderahoneybun: Could you pastebin the output of 'df -h'21:50
lordievaderahoneybun: Oh, you are using a mere 7G of the 46 G, I'd  move it to the ssd ;)21:52
ahoneybunI did that once21:52
ahoneybunthen I filed it21:52
ahoneybunbut is it a hardware issue or software?21:53
ahoneybunif hardware then I would just get a new hdd and reinstall21:53
lordievaderI'd bet on hardware. Keep a look at the smart values and see if they increase.21:54
lordievaderNo need to reinstall, just dd.21:54
ahoneybunI dont know about using that for anything other then USB21:54
lordievaderOr better, start using lvm then you can move things around... live ;)21:54
ahoneybunway over me21:54
lordievaderJust last week I bought an ssd myself and since I use lvm I could just move my rootfs over to it while I was using the system :D21:55
ahoneybunI know nothing about that21:55
lordievaderOne can allways learn ;)21:55
ahoneybunovidiu-florin: moved from lvm to buterfs21:55
ahoneybunI think21:55
lordievaderAnyhow I am going to bed, have a great day ahoneybun21:55
ahoneybundarn HDD21:56
ahoneybunno point in reinstalling if it will just fail21:56
ahoneybunwas looking at system76 anyway lol21:56
ussher_having some monitor issues.  After a kernel update my nvidia stuff stopped working so i purged nvidia-* and went back to "Display Configuration".  All monitors are there and look correct, but two of them just show scrambled white and colored lines. any ideas on how to get those monitors to work?23:45
TJ-ussher_: sounds like bad modelines. check for problems in "/var/log/Xorg.0.log" and use tools like "xrandr" to list and manipulate current settings23:47
ussher_cheers TJ, how would I do the manipulating.  I can change the resolution from the "Display Configuration" screen and the monitors look like they want to work, but somethings not lining up.23:48
TJ-ussher_: "xrandr" will report the current mode selections; maybe the wrong frequencies are selected, or the log may reveal that the monitor EDID is corrupt/incorrect23:49
ussher_it (NOVEAU) seams to be getting the cards confused.  If i fiddle with it the second cards monitors are ending up with the first cards monitors resolutions.  might have to try a re-install of the nvida drivers.23:52
ussher_cant see any 'error' or 'corrupt' in the xorg logs.  thanks for that though.23:53
TJ-That's weird, I've never seen that happen. the "xrandr" tool lets you explore and change settings per-output, so you can see if its a GUI problem or more widespread23:55
ussher_i've only got 1 monitor that is capable of 1680x1050 but "display config" is showing that monitors resolutions on 2 of the displays.23:55
TJ-My laptop has 6 monitors over 3 GPUs with nvidia, and I've never seen anything like that happen.23:56
ussher_by xrandr your meaning the GUI or the command line output?23:56
TJ-ussher_: is the output set to 'clone' ... that would explain that23:56
TJ-ussher_: "xrandr" is a command line tool23:56
ussher_thats where im at.23:56
ussher_from the movement on the blurred screen it seams like its cloned23:57
TJ-clone will want to output the same modeline to the cloned output23:57
ussher_but from the positions in "display config" it should be below.23:57
ussher_i'll read the man page for xrandr.23:58
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