wgrantblr: How's it looking?04:59
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wgrantcjwatson: Did you work out your team mail stuff?10:00
cjwatsonwgrant: No serious blockers but I got distracted by landing all the things yesterday.10:09
cjwatsonHm.  I just found RecipeBuildBehaviour._extraBuildArgs and config.builddmaster.bzr_builder_sources_list.  I wonder if I should replace my tools_archive stuff with that?10:22
wgrantOh, I thought that had been removed.10:22
wgrantWe haven't used it in years.10:22
cjwatsontools_archive is in one way a bit more elegant, but it doesn't support specifying a different series, nor does it support specifying a sources.list somewhere that isn't the same LP instance.10:23
cjwatsonI assumed it had been removed ages ago and hadn't even looked; I only ran across it by accident10:23
cjwatsonI'm inclined to push the bzr_builder_sources_list stuff down to get_sources_list_for_building and remove tools_archive.  It's basically the same as the deprecated OEM external dependencies stuff.10:26
cjwatsonExcept per-build-behaviour rather than per-archive.10:27
wgrantRight, sounds reasonable to me.10:27
wgrantSorry, I hadn't realised it was still around.10:27
cjwatsonRecipeBuildBehaviour puts it after the primary archive in sources.list, but I think just before (as tools_archive) is conceptually slightly better.10:28
cjwatsonLittle difference in practice unless the same version ends up in the primary archive.10:29
wgrantOne day I am going to hack Zope to allow deep views.10:30
wgrant+webhooks, +webhook/foo, +new-webhook10:30
cjwatsonwgrant: Your celery tests seem very unreliable in buildbot ...10:57
wgrantcjwatson: Yes, I've relaxed the two unreliable ones in my latest branch.10:58
wgrantbuildbot really can be very slow at running code :(10:58
cjwatsonwgrant: Were you thinking that I should have a straight-through test that there's failure-counting if the snap source has been deleted, or is it enough to trust the general scan/scanFailed behaviour of builddmaster and check for the AssertionError on dispatch?11:35
wgrantcjwatson: I think the latter is fine.11:36
wgrantbuildd-manager tests are awkward, and that behaviour is already reasonably well tested.11:36
cjwatsonGood, that's what I thought/hoped.11:38
wgrantI'm not that cruel.11:38
cjwatsonOh, fixing this will imply making branch/repository deletion hook into snaps, though.  Which was on my to-do, just a bit further down.11:41
cjwatsonI guess it's not hard.11:41
wgrantAh, fair.11:42
wgrantIt's not a blocker for landing the branch.11:42
wgrantBut I'd quite like to have some assertion that the behaviour is sane so when we rework something in three years we don't burn alphecca down.11:42
cjwatsonI think I'll just propose a separate branch first to fix deletion.  Easier that way round than some kind of weird assertion about what happens if a reference points into the void ...11:48
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