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cjwatsonmark06: next deployment, I expect some time this week08:10
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launchgithi people,can somebody help with some Git questions?10:52
cjwatsonlaunchgit: What's the problem?10:57
launchgitis the 'team' functionality adhering only to bazzar, or is it relevant to Git based repositories too?11:04
cjwatsonlaunchgit: Most of the Launchpad permission handling is much the same between Bazaar and Git.11:07
cjwatsonlaunchgit: So you can certainly have team-owned repositories etc.11:07
cjwatsonlaunchgit: After all we clearly need *some* way to define who gets to push to a repository.11:08
cjwatsonlaunchgit: So it might as well be basically the same model ...11:08
launchgitso how does a team push to a Git repository? does it push to the 'master' branch created by the owner?11:09
launchgiti.e what would the actual command be11:09
cjwatsonlaunchgit: A team can't push to anything; it is not an actor.  A member of a team can push to a repository owned by the team.11:16
cjwatsonlaunchgit: Other than that, in terms of commands and branches, it's the same as a Git repository on any other site.11:16
cjwatsonlaunchgit: man git push11:16
launchgitand how do you assign a team to a branch? i.e have the owner commit to 'master' and team to 'development'(thank you very much for your really informative answers, by the way)11:18
cjwatsonlaunchgit: That is, what branch you push to is entirely up to the options you give to "git push".11:18
cjwatsonlaunchgit: That doesn't make sense.11:18
cjwatsonlaunchgit: What are you actually trying to do here?11:18
cjwatsonLike I say, teams don't push things, only individual members of teams do.11:19
maxbPerhaps launchgit is wondering if different branches can have different push restrictions?11:20
cjwatsonPerhaps, but I'd rather get a clear problem statement than guess.11:20
launchgitmaxb, yes exactly. like, leave the master untouched and assign users to work on another branch11:21
cjwatsonlaunchgit: Launchpad doesn't support different access control for individual branches within a repository as yet.  It's on the plan, but not implemented.11:22
cjwatsonlaunchgit: So if you want that, you'll need to use multiple repositories with different ownership.11:22
cjwatsonThe plan is something like you'd be able to supply a list of access control rules, each of which would be a wildcard matching against ref paths and a person/team.11:23
launchgitso if a team member wants to push, he does the following,or uses his own username git push --set-upstream lp:~<team>/<team>/+git/<name-of-private-repo> master11:25
cjwatsonThey would not use their own username, unless there's also a repository owned by them specifically.11:27
launchgitthe 'Branch sharing policy'. Setting it to public does it mean that all the public can see and clone but only the team members can create branches and do commits?11:28
cjwatsonCorrect.  (Well, only the team members can push.  Anyone can branch and commit locally.)11:29
launchgitnice,thank you so much, cleared up things11:30
adrien_znchi, I'm curious about the status of the git support overall: a few weeks ago it was considered beta, what is the current status?11:38
cjwatsonadrien_znc: We still have some beta labelling, and there are quite a few more features we think we need to add, but at this point it's pretty stable.11:39
adrien_zncok, thanks :)11:39
cjwatsonAlways tricky to decide what beta vs. stable or whatever actually means :-)11:39
adrien_znchehe, definitely11:41
adrien_zncdo you have the list of things to add written down somewhere btw?11:41
cjwatsonWe have a task tracker, but I'm afraid it's internal11:42
adrien_zncok :)11:42
cjwatsonA bunch of things are filed as bugs in Launchpad itself with the 'git' tag, though.11:42
adrien_zncwell, I think I should just try and see how it goes11:42
adrien_zncah, reminsd me11:42
cjwatsonSo https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bugs?field.tag=git is vaguely useful, although the ones before about 1400000 relate to git->bzr imports.11:43
adrien_zncthe "mingw-w64" name is already taken by the packaging project for it in ubuntu as far as I understand11:43
adrien_znc(by xno x)11:43
adrien_zncso we were wondering if we could get into it or whether we'd have to take another name on LP11:44
adrien_zncbut we'll probably see that next month11:44
adrien_znc(holidays and CCC this month)11:45
cjwatsonadrien_znc: You should discuss that with xnox.  Perhaps it would make sense to expand the scope of that project beyond packaging (after all, projects are meant to correspond to upstream projects first and foremost), or perhaps the packaging project can be renamed.11:45
adrien_znccjwatson: yup, definitely something to discuss with xnox :)11:49
xnoxadrien_znc: no, mingw-w64 is foremost an svn -> bzr mirror from sourceforge.12:01
xnoxadrien_znc: if you want to use it for something else, go ahead, tell me your launchpad id, and I'm happy to add you as owner/admin.12:01
adrien_zncok, I had misunderstood because of the presence of packages (or maybe only sources)12:01
xnoxadrien_znc: i know that sourceforge is down (still?!)12:01
xnoxadrien_znc: there are no packages present there.12:02
adrien_zncalso, it's now git, not svn12:02
xnoxadrien_znc: there are "links" to ubuntu.12:02
adrien_zncSF isn't down but it's a possibility that the project will move away from SF12:02
xnoxadrien_znc: right, and launchpad also supports git now, but i don't believe there is mirror available from SF -> LP of git12:02
adrien_znc(LP fits the technical bill, then it's a matter of people)12:02
xnoxadrien_znc: but it's git, so one can do push --mirror command12:03
xnoxadrien_znc: what's your launchpad id?12:03
adrien_zncI don't currently have one :P12:03
xnoxadrien_znc: well.12:03
xnoxadrien_znc: launchpad bug tracking is amazing & git integration is also very lovely these days. Imho it beats github by miles, for my use cases.12:04
xnoxcan have mailing lists as well.12:04
adrien_zncMLs were definitely the main issue12:04
xnoxthere isn't a wiki / formatted docs type of thing. But if one uses github pages, one can e.g. continue to use it.12:04
adrien_zncpretty much nothing provides them12:04
adrien_zncmingw-w64.org is currently a dokuwiki12:04
adrien_zncso it's fine12:04
xnoxadrien_znc: launchpad has mailing lists on teams. Create as many teams as needed, and they all can have mailing lists.12:05
adrien_zncthen people need to be spanked over and over so they write /some/ doc (i.e. problem is human more than technical)12:05
adrien_zncxnox: on https://launchpad.net/mingw-w64 there is a section "Packages in Distributions"; is it only a set of links to other projects?12:06
adrien_zncxnox: also, would you be OK that the mingw-w64 project moves over to the one on LP? (so far it's only a question and no move is planned)12:08
wgrantadrien_znc: Right, those are just links to packages in distributions.12:14
wgrantThey don't mean it's a packaging project, just that it is packaged somewhere.12:14
adrien_zncok :)12:15
xnoxandi'm fine with it.12:18
adrien_zncgreat :)12:18
adrien_zncI'll push that around on the mailing-list but I don't expect a quick change in any case12:18
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mark06cjwatson: about upload limit, that sounds pretty good, thanks19:14
mark06is there any way to upload files in automated way, e.g. rsync?19:25
mark06manual upload is a problem for packaging projects such as msys2 or other mingw-w64 distributions19:26
cjwatsonmark06: You can do it with launchpadlib, e.g. lp-project-upload in the lptools package19:32
cjwatsonNo idea how well it works with ginormous files19:32
mark06sounds like a good start, but any way we could use rsync directly?19:41
cjwatsonmark06: No.19:42
cjwatsonWe don't have anything shaped like an rsync daemon at the other end.19:43
mark06ok, I think some scripting can be done with lptools to upload only new files, thanks anyyway19:44

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