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fgimenezgood morning07:01
dholbachgood morning07:11
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Coast Guard Day! 😃08:59
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ogra_sergiusens, hmm, is there anything more needed for the fan support stuff ? i think that can be moved to done actually11:09
sergiusensogra_: oh, it was in TODO, I moved it to WiP just in case11:11
sergiusensas I wasn't sure what the status was11:11
ogra_yeah,. not sure what beyond seeding it is actually needed11:11
* sergiusens was doing trello board cleanup11:11
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ogra_but i would expect nothing more :)11:11
sergiusensogra_: testing and maybe docker support ;-)11:11
* ogra_ sighs ... i have the feeling i'm getting nowhere with the rpi :(11:20
ricmmogra_: what are you trying to do with it :p11:32
ogra_ricmm, the blob sets the default commandline (handing over board serial and MAC address) ... i can not manage to get uboot to see that var ...11:33
ogra_i had it working before but now cant get it to work anymore11:33
ogra_i havent tried shuffling around the start.elf binaries yet ...11:35
davmor2ogra_: what happens when the elves go on strike?11:37
ogra_then santa has to do all the work himself11:37
sergiusensdavmor2: if elf doesn't work you ask help from a dwarf ;-)11:47
davmor2sergiusens: if the dwarf is red then the H isn't help it's rimmer's head ;)11:50
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rsalvetiogra_: sergiusens: fan is a mix of a few things, right?13:20
rsalvetiseeding it is just one part, not sure if we got a new docker that is somehow compatible with it13:20
rsalvetiand I remember that sergiusens was a bit worried about the dependencies and the side effect of that13:21
sergiusensrsalveti: I'm not worried anymore; docker was on kickinz1 but we need some testing on it aside from just seeding13:23
rsalvetielopio: sergiusens: need some help for the tarmac machine13:43
rsalvetifor https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/snapcraft/arch-fixes/+merge/26614913:43
rsalvetiFileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '\''dpkg-architecture'\'''13:43
rsalvetineed dpkg-dev installed13:43
* rsalveti never tried accessing the tarmac machine 13:44
kyrofaseb128, I can't install clicks using the click scope on Personal. Is there something preventing clicks and snaps from working together there? Or just a piece missing?13:56
seb128kyrofa, is the click scope installed on personal?13:57
seb128kyrofa, snappy and click are sort of conflicting13:57
seb128we shouldn't even have the click user on that image13:57
mterryelopio, can you install dpkg-dev on the tarmac instance please?13:58
ogra_seb128, i guess it is seeded by default13:59
fgimenezrsalveti, i've added your public key, you should be able to login with ssh ubuntu@
rsalvetimterry: yeah, just asked that right before you joined :-)14:01
mterryrsalveti, :)14:01
mterryrsalveti, I also updated the branch to depend on dpkg-dev14:02
seb128ogra_, that's a bug then14:02
rsalvetifgimenez: awesome, thanks14:03
rsalvetimterry: installed, let's give it another try14:03
fgimenezmterry, your's is added too14:03
elopiogood morning.14:23
tedogra_, So my rootstock build is failing. I know you said I needed to do wily (which is fine) do you mean as the host or target (I changed the target, but want to make sure that's not my problem)14:26
ogra_rsalveti, http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/bootfiles.tgz just extract that in a working rpi system-boot14:26
ogra_ted, no, wily is broken, i said you cant use wily :)14:26
ogra_vivid works14:26
ogra_rsalveti, hmm, hold back with pulling that tarball seems my uplink has issues :/14:27
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rsalvetimterry: there is a failing test still it seems14:28
tedHeh, okay.14:28
mterryrsalveti, yeah I saw...  I don't get it locally so this will be a bit of a hunt14:28
mterryrsalveti, but am distracted by today's MIT demo14:28
rsalvetimterry: yeah, no rush14:29
rsalvetimterry: how is that going btw?14:29
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mterryrsalveti, prep is good.  just running through it again today.  It was useful for finding pain points.  The go-on-arm branch and a fix in the arch-fixes branch are from that work (the store doesn't support 'architectures' yet, only 'architecture'!)14:31
ogra_rsalveti, upload done14:36
rsalvetimterry: indeed, nice14:37
ogra_rsalveti, note that uboot.env only includes "foo=bar" so the boot will stop at the uboot prompt14:41
ogra_and what i need is the "args=" var to be set http://paste.ubuntu.com/11993082/ (in that example cmdline.txt has "elevator=deadline" in it and nothing more ... start.elf prefixes what is in cmdline.txt with the HW values to become args=14:42
* rsalveti grabs his rpi214:52
ogra_DT and ATAGs are mutually exclusive. As a result, passing a DT blob to a kernel that doesn't understand it causes a boot failure. To guard against this, the loader checks kernel images for DT-compatibility, which is marked by a trailer added by the mkknlimg utility ... Any kernel without a trailer is assumed to be non-DT-capable.14:54
ogra_now i wonder, how would start.elf then recognize that uboot is DT capable ... since we dont load a kernel14:54
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rsalvetinot sure this would have weird side effects on us14:57
rsalvetiguess it might just be used to protect the users somehow14:58
rsalveti<utlemming> rsalveti: is there a pythononic way to know if you're on snappy?14:58
rsalveti<utlemming> rsalveti: python -c 'import platform; print(platform.dist())' doesn't distinguish between regular Ubuntu and Snappy Ubuntu14:58
rsalvetisergiusens: ^ any idea?14:58
sergiusensrsalveti: we don't have a distinguishing factor between the ubuntu's15:02
beunotry apt-get'ing  :)15:03
ogra_sergiusens, rsalveti, sheck for system-image ?15:03
sergiusensbeuno: ogra_ right, apparmor has a check jdstrand doesn't like which goes along those similar lines15:08
sergiusenswell, not that I like it either15:09
ogra_not sexy indeed15:09
rsalvetiwe could check for system-image, I guess that's how we currently do for phone15:58
rsalvetibut I guess it would be good to export something15:59
ogra_i wonder is a special entry in /etc/os-release would make sense16:03
rsalvetiogra_: yeah, /etc/os-release might be the way to go19:28
rsalvetiogra_: care to take a look at that tomorrow?19:28
mterryrsalveti, elopio: it looks like ubuntu-snappy-cli is not installed on tarmac?  snapcraft tests need it20:45
rsalvetimterry: yeah, wasn't installed20:46
rsalvetimterry: it is now20:46
mterrytrying arch-fixes again20:46
mterryelopio, for your base_plugin_tests branch -- which looks great, thanks, especially the fatal() typo fix  :) -- you'll want to add wget to Build-Depends too (we didn' use it during tests before)20:59
elopiomterry: pushed. Thanks for the review.21:35
mterryelopio, text conflict with trunk?21:36
elopiomterry: ready21:37
mterryelopio, nice, approved21:37
elopiomterry: do we want plainbox tests for all the examples?21:39
mterryelopio, well I suppose so.  But usually a "test" gets put in examples because it needs big downloads like the go compiler or python3 or whatever21:46
mterryWe need a solution for those kinds of tests21:46
mterryThey can get put in as a plainbox test category "external" or whatever.  Instead of "normal"21:46
mterryAnd then we can have something that runs those tests once a day or once a week or whatever21:46
elopiomterry: do you know how to tell plainbox to run only one category?21:48
mterryelopio, in runtests.sh, you can see how we do it for 'normal': plainbox run -T 2015.com.canonical.snapcraft::normal ...21:48
elopiook. Let me try to make a simple one. I'm not sure what we want to verify here.21:49
elopiomaybe just that the .snap was generated, maybe even do a snapcraft run.21:49
elopiomterry: when trying to build the py2 example, I get http://paste.ubuntu.com/12003190/21:50
elopioany idea about that?21:50
mterryhrm... that should be provided by python-dev, installed by the plugin....21:51
* mterry tries21:51
elopioah, missin python-dev, right.21:51
mterryelopio, but it should be provided by the plugin!21:52
elopioI don't understand that part. Where does the plugin install it?21:52
mterryelopio, snapcraft/plugins/python2.py21:52
elopiomterry: yes, I see it in UbuntuOptions. But does it get python-dev from the archive and install it somewhere?21:53
mterryelopio, yes.  Try now, merged from trunk and updated to use snappy-metadata instead of old method21:55
elopiocool, works now.21:57
elopiomterry: can you snapcraft run that one? I get http://paste.ubuntu.com/12003271/22:07

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