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kenvandinefginther, there's still dependencies issues in wily-proposed... not sure what though03:14
bzoltan_kgunn:  yes, the qtcreator is indeed my domain .. Let me check what is it doing.03:21
kgunnbzoltan_: thanks man03:22
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Mirvkgunn: robru: I looked at that yesterday and it seemed it failed already when installing dependencies, ie something earlier is uninstallable. but yes, me + zoltan + benjamin can look at it when it comes to the qtcreator plugin itself failing.05:13
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om26erjgdx, Hi!08:28
dbarthgood morning08:29
om26erjgdx, can you tell how can I enable Cellular data from command_line ?08:29
dbartho/ trainguards, can i get help to clean silo 031?08:29
sil2100dbarth: hey! What's up?08:29
dbarthsil2100: i thought silo 31 was a leftover08:30
dbarthie, the dual landing attempt, turned wily only08:30
sil2100dbarth: so you want this silo gone and destroyed?08:30
dbarthbut now i'm not so sure if i still need to have qa validate it to land properly in wily08:30
dbarthsince, it's not on the qa map afaict08:30
sil2100hm, right, we'd need to switch it to 'Doesn't need QA'08:31
sil2100So you want to land that still?08:31
dbarththe fix still does make sense on wily08:31
dbarthsil2100: while we're at that, what's the way to get a silo in the new world order? ;)08:31
dbarthi didn't spot a button to add a silo request in the web interface08:32
sil2100dbarth: oh? Are you logged in with the ci-train-users checkbox checked?08:32
jgdxom26er, hi08:32
sil2100dbarth: since once you do that, you have a constant form on top of bileto to add new requests08:33
Mirvsil2100: like I mentioned yesterday, if you're logged in and when logging in select the teams before continuing, you should have empty fields to fill at the top of the page08:33
Mirvs/sil2100/dbarth/ :)08:33
sil2100dbarth: ^ :_08:33
jgdxom26er, sure, $ /usr/share/ofono/scripts/enable-gprs08:33
sil2100Sometimes those checkboxes aren't checked by default, which is a bit sad08:33
om26erjgdx, super awesome.08:34
Mirvthey seem to be then checked the next time one logins08:35
dbarthah ok08:35
dbarthi was missing the team membership checkbox ! now i see it08:35
dbarthtadah! i made a new request08:41
sil2100cjwatson: hey! Were you guys able to work-around the existing-translations issue in the batch copy? :)08:41
cjwatsonsil2100: not yet, was busy with other things yesterday08:43
greybacktrainguards: any idea how I screwed up silo11 to be in the abyss?08:47
Mirvgreyback: packages are there at least still08:54
Mirvgreyback: oh, abyss as in publish abyss08:54
greybackMirv: yep08:54
greybackMirv: welcome back btw!08:55
Mirvgreyback: that was published to vivid SRU queue and is in the queue...08:55
Mirvgreyback: thanks!08:55
greybackMirv: SRU queue? I wanted it in stable-phone-overlay. There's my problem so08:56
Mirvgreyback: the silo was not dual landing silo so vivid silo should have been configured to publish to the PPA (the train still allows eg Unity 7 updates to be published to vivid proper)08:56
cjwatsonshould I reject it from the SRU queue on the basis that you didn't want it there?08:57
greybackMirv: makes sense, I must've missed the button somewhere so. Recommendatin on how to proceed? Can I remove that from the SRU and retarget to overlay?08:57
greybackcjwatson: yes please08:57
cjwatsonmind you, I don't even see it in the SRU queue ...08:57
Mirvhmm, it has probably been already rejected08:58
cjwatsonindeed, rejected already08:58
Mirvreconfiguring and republishing, sil2100 zot zot for not checking target PPA :)08:58
sil2100Uh oh?08:58
Mirv"as if I wouldn't have done the same thing too many times" ;)08:58
sil2100What did I do? I didn't publish anything this week yet ;p08:58
sil2100Or was that... last week?!08:58
Mirvsil2100: last week yes :) https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-011-2-publish/71/console08:59
sil2100I blame it on bileto08:59
Mirvit's even on bileto, the PPA, but not reconfigured08:59
Mirvoh, no, bileto says even wily wtf08:59
Mirvah, sync, ignore that08:59
Mirvimagine bileto changes immediately automatically taking effect without manual steps!09:00
greybackMirv: I'm assuming I should rebuild all packages so :)09:01
Mirvgreyback: no, no09:02
Mirveveryone always assumes they need to rebuild, they rarely do :)09:02
greybackI'm glad I asked09:02
Mirvsil2100: that sounds to me it was not you but possibly Train failing to publish to PPA with sync silos? https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-011-2-publish/72/console - I mean, shouldn't overlay be mentioned there? (I wouldn't press ack packaging changes yet if I'm not sure it goes to correct place..)09:03
Mirvhmm, not really sure if the publish jobs say that properly09:04
Mirvhere goes possible another queue fail :)09:05
Mirvnope, it worked fine, so the line just lacked reconfiguring09:05
Mirvgreyback: it's now published properly to overlay09:05
greybackMirv: yay, thank you09:05
greybacknow with the gcc 4.9/50 difference, let's see if dual-landing qtmir might work09:11
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greyback_trainguards: I'm confused by the error in silo19, it's complaining of a missing changelog entry, but the one it cites as missing is in silo12. Is this just a consequence of hour source package landings work?10:21
sil2100greyback_: there's  0.4.5+15.10.20150728-0ubuntu2~gcc5.1  in wily-proposed, so you need to include it in the changelog10:33
sil2100Looks like it's a manual rebuild10:34
sil2100So the error  tells you: 'hey, there's this version in the archive that I don't have in my changelog, please include it with all the changes'10:34
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greyback_sil2100: yeah the error makes sense, I just was wary about manually adding the changelog entry until I understood why it was required. I get it now though, thanks10:40
LaneyIf it's a no change rebuild then you can ignore that IMHO10:41
pete-woodstrainguards: hi guys. so it looks like my silos are building as if gcc5 has landed now, but the phone images I am using (devel-proposed) don't seem to include the correct libc version10:57
pete-woodsis there some other channel I should be using at the moment>10:58
Mirvpete-woods: gcc5 and the packages rebuilt against it are in proposed, so everything builds with it now. devel-proposed indeed is built from release pocket which does not have gcc5 yet, making things a bit more interesting. if you enable wily-proposed for main and universe on the device, you get... somewhere :)10:59
Mirvpete-woods: I'm not sure if it has been discussed yet otherwise, but davmor2 could chime in if he saw unity8 running on wily-proposed (or the gcc5 silo)11:00
pete-woodsMirv: hrm. sounds a little scary. think I'll just install a vivid image11:00
pete-woodsthat's rc-proposed, right?11:01
Mirvpete-woods: if you're trying to be productive within your own turf, vivid is much easier yes :) rc-proposed is the right one.11:01
pete-woodsMirv: cool, thanks :)11:02
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Mirvkgunn: robru: just FYI qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu installs fine in wily-proposed chroot so I don't know what the autopkgtest problem is about. it's the only thing clearly preventing unity8 migration, but if you stare at the beauty of migration problems with http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html#qtbase-opensource-src GCC5 build it's clear there are a lot of thin11:13
Mirvgs to be fixed. so it's probable unity8 wouldn't migrate anyway even if it would look "green"11:13
Mirvbzoltan_: ^11:13
bzoltan_Mirv:  thanks.. i got the same results.  The only fix point is that between two timestamps it went wrong - 2015-07-31 07:15:34 UTC --  2015-07-31 17:45:29 UTC So what did happen in that half an hour?11:19
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kenvandinetvoss, ubuntu-application-api3-touch in wily-proposed still depends on libubuntu-location-service2, so platform-api needs a rebuild to link against libubuntu-location-service312:58
tvosskenvandine, ah okay, thanks12:59
kenvandinetvoss, i suspect that'll clear up the last of the boottest failures12:59
kenvandinetvoss, mind if i do a no change rebuild upload of that to confirm?12:59
tvosskenvandine, nope, fine with me12:59
rvrbzoltan_: Approving silo 1313:03
bzoltan_rvr: super! thank you very much13:30
jhodapprsalveti, I'm not sure why I am getting the error about qtmultimedia-opensource-src-gles for silo 38 (I don't fully understand the ignore missing twins concept for the train): https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-038-1-build/58/console13:32
rsalvetijhodapp: let me check13:39
jhodapprsalveti, ok13:39
rsalveti2015-08-04 13:14:09,221 ERROR Failed to build: qtmultimedia-opensource-src-gles 0 not found in Silo PPA. qtmultimedia-opensource-src 0 not found in Silo PPA.13:39
rsalvetijhodapp: yeah, that's because when landing, we need to sync the -gles package with the normal one13:40
rsalvetijhodapp: when building the normal package, you need to use the ignore missing twins so it skips such check13:40
jhodapprsalveti, yeah I did check that13:40
rsalvetibefore landing, after testing and so on, as a last step you can simply update the -gles package13:40
jhodappthat's what I thought would avoid this error, that's why I'm confused13:40
rsalvetihm, then not sure why it failed13:40
rsalvetisil2100: can you give us a hand here ^?13:41
jhodappor Mirv ^13:42
dobeykenvandine: can you fix the ubuntu-touch-meta package?13:43
Mirvlet's try it again with different parameters13:46
Mirvjhodapp: I'm trying once again at https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-038-1-build/60/console with watch_only + ignore_missing_twins14:05
jhodappMirv, ok thanks14:05
pstolowskihello trainguards , how do i reconfigure a silo in the new world order? or i don't need to do anything?14:07
jhodapppstolowski, you just click assign again14:07
jhodapppstolowski, I asked this for myself yesterday :)14:07
jhodappso edit the silo line and then click assign14:07
pstolowskiawesome, thanks jhodapp !14:08
cwaynervr: davmor2: hey, can i push instagram to the store?  the photos issue rvr reported is with the photos agg rather than this instagram14:09
rvrcwayne: It is ok for me14:09
kenvandinedobey, what specifically needs fixing in ubuntu-touch-meta?14:11
cwaynervr: neato, thanks14:12
jhodappMirv, it appears like this build will work since it's not saying it's watching qtmultimedia-opensource-src-gles this time14:13
* Mirv ->14:18
jhodappMirv, spoke too soon, hasn't failed yet but it's looking like it might14:18
dobeykenvandine: ubuntu-sdk-libs-dev still depends on libboost1.55-dev; i'm not sure why it depends on the boost dev package at all though. it needs to either be dropped, or switched to 1.58-dev instead14:20
kenvandinedobey, i'd rather someone more familiar with that meta package handle that14:21
kenvandinei'm still fighting to get other pipes unclogged14:21
alecuhi trainguards! may I ask what's missing silo 51? michi tells me that we need manual ack because of the change in packaging... who should we ask about that?14:28
alecuhe created this bug, which seems to be needed: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/148114414:28
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1481144 in Ubuntu "new package: persistent-cache-cpp" [Undecided,New]14:28
jhodappMirv, same thing...something is weird with the train and this silo14:28
tsdgeosanyone know why the CI can't compile anymore? https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/unity-phablet-qmluitests-wily/171/console14:30
tsdgeoscihelp: ↑14:30
seb128tsdgeos, looks like some packages are not rebuild yet for gcc5 in wily-proposed14:31
tsdgeosmaybe even ours14:31
dobeyalecu: ugh. the debian/changelog seems to be getting lots of nasty info there14:52
dobeyalecu: maybe we could get CI to fix that bug first too?14:52
alecudobey: where's that changelog?14:54
dobeyalecu: expand the arrows at https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-051/+packages14:55
alecudobey: the problem is with the long list of files, right?14:56
dobeyalecu: looks like it needs to mention the packaging bug in the changelog too14:57
aleculists even14:57
dobeyalecu: not just that, but it looks like it's including every bzr commit message as well14:57
dobeyrather than just the pre-existing changelog entry and adding the "Releasing blah blah" from CI train14:57
dobeycihelp: ^^ can we figure out what is causing this to happen and get it fixed?14:58
alecuit's very thorough, though :-)14:58
psivaadobey: we're in a meeting. we'll take a look in a bit14:59
dobeyand yet, there's still more that it somehow didn't include14:59
josephtdobey: I think that's a question for trainguards15:00
dobeyjosepht: do they maintain the software which generates the changelogs?15:03
jhodapprobru, are you around?15:03
dobeyalecu: i'm seeing if a force_rebuild of the silo fixes it15:07
sil2100dobey: it's the first landing of this package, right?15:13
dobeysil2100: yes15:14
sil2100dobey: ok, in this special case I would advise manually preparing the changelog entry15:15
sil2100dobey: since the CI Train in this case has no base to start off, so it includes all bzr history15:15
dobeysil2100: but it is manually prepared15:15
rvrdbarth: Silo 15 merge proposal needs review.15:15
sil2100dobey: no, I don't see any changelog entry in https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-api-team/persistent-cache-cpp/devel/+merge/26616915:15
dbarthrvr: ahem, sorry, yes15:16
dobeysil2100: oh, it's screwing up because it's only changing the version number on the existing entry in the diff?15:16
sil2100dobey: by manually preparing I mean editing debian/changelog and modifying its contents - this should help, as right now since there's no diff in debian/changelog's contents the train doesn't know it has been prepared15:17
sil2100dobey: I would guess that's the problem15:17
dobeysil2100: there is a diff in the contents in that MP15:17
sil210048=== modified file 'debian/changelog'15:17
sil210049--- debian/changelog2015-07-23 06:28:36 +000015:17
sil210050+++ debian/changelog2015-07-30 01:55:25 +000015:17
sil210051@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@15:17
sil210052-persistent-cache-cpp (1.0.0) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium15:17
sil210053+persistent-cache-cpp (1.0.0-0ubuntu1) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium15:17
sil210055   * Initial release.15:17
dobeyyou didn't need to paste the diff here15:17
sil2100So you see, the contents are not modified by this merge15:17
sil2100Initial release was already present in the branch15:18
sil2100The train is not super smart if it's about new packages15:18
dobeysil2100: still, "grab all bzr revisions and parse it incorrectly" seems like a horrible bug15:18
dobeyoh ffs15:19
dobeywell i'm glad i hit rebuild at least15:19
dobeyalecu: so it seems that package fails horribly now with gcc5, too15:20
jhodappsil2100, can you take a look at silo 38 and why ignore twins isn't working for the -gles package?15:23
sil2100jhodapp: hey, hm, looks like a train bug to me, almost as if the .project file is corrupted or something... it looks for version '0' of the qtmultimedia-opensource-src packages15:26
jhodappsil2100, weird, do you think I should try requesting a fresh silo and then we delete this one?15:26
jhodappsil2100, I noticed it was also putting a 4.0.0 version onto media-hub still when there's no way from the debian changelog that it should be...almost like things are cached15:27
sil2100jhodapp: might be a train problem or some specific case... could you contact robru once he's online?15:30
jhodappsil2100, yeah sure...Mirv was looking at this before but indeed it seems like we need robru15:30
sil2100He wrote all the code explicitly, I would need some moments to dive into that but I should basically be AFK now ;)15:31
jhodappsil2100, indeed, it's at least helpful to get confirmation that I'm not doing something obviously wrong :)15:31
jhodappso thanks15:31
dobeykenvandine: do you know who should fix ubuntu-touch-meta then? slangasek was the last to touch it i see. it's what is blocking the qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu tests though.16:11
slangaseker, anyone with upload rights can fix it16:14
slangasekI'm currently a bit busy with the other 300 library packages that need sorted for the g++ transition16:15
dobeyyeah; i don't have upload rights, or i'd have fixed it already :)16:15
dobeyeh, anyway, i have to go now. later :)16:16
jhodapprobru, please ping me when you come online16:27
dbartho/ trainguards, i would like some help to use my new silo request to land the wily release of oxide 1.8.416:55
dbarthit is built in the mozilla-security team ppa already16:55
robrudbarth: sure, which request is it?17:10
jhodapphey robru, so sil2100 told me I should ping you about my silo 38...it's not properly honoring the ignore twins request for the -gles package17:14
jhodapprobru, sil2100 indicated that the silo might have a corrupted config17:14
dbarthrobru: the one at the top of the list; says oxide-qt in the source field17:15
robrudbarth: ok one sec sorry17:16
robrujhodapp: dbarth: sorry guys it seems there's been a creds leak, I need to deal with this urgently17:17
jhodapprobru, uh oh, sure just let me know when you get a moment17:17
jhodapprobru, I might go ahead and request a new silo to unblock myself17:17
robrujhodapp: ah ok? I don't understand why you couldn't just reconfigure the one you have?17:18
jhodapprobru, it doesn't need a reconfigure...it's just not behaving properly17:18
jhodapprobru, there's a citrain bug according to sil210017:18
robrujhodapp: ok but like, if there's a bug in the code, that same code is going to run in the new silo too. I'm not sure how a new silo will solve the bug you're seeing, but I'll look into it soon17:19
jhodapprobru, ok, it seems more like the current silo's config, but I don't know how things are implemented so I'm talking in at a very high level17:20
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robrujhodapp: ok but he reconfigure process creates a completely new config each time, so if there's something wrong in the config, there isn't anything I'm aware of that can't be fixed just by reconfiguring.17:28
jhodapprobru, interesting, I'll start with that then17:29
robrujhodapp: the only issues I'm aware of needing a new silo/ppa are if you uploading a higher version number and want to go back to a lower version number, PPAs won't accept that so you need a new PPA.17:29
jhodapprobru, oh, that would explain why it keeps trying to do media-hub-4.0.017:29
jhodapprobru, instead of 3.1.x17:30
robrujhodapp: ah so maybe you do need a new PPA ;-)17:30
jhodappyep, looks like I do17:30
rvrjamesh: ping17:32
robrujhodapp: in the spreadsheet what we'd do is make a new requestid, but bileto doesn't allow that, so you'll have to hand-copy all the values into a new request. I'll file a bug to remind myself to make a 'Duplicate' button so you get a new request with the same values.17:32
jhodapprobru, ok awesome...you're able to upload a source package to this new silo PPA then right?17:33
robrujhodapp: yeah sure17:34
robrudbarth: request 91 is missing series and QA fields.17:35
robrujhodapp: where are the packages now?17:35
dbarthrobru: ah17:36
jhodapprobru, just shared it with you via google drive17:37
jhodapprobru, looks like I got silo 2117:38
robrudbarth: 'Publish without QA' is for when you're ready to actually publish. What you want it 'No QA Needed' for now and then set 'Publish without QA' once you're done testing the silo17:39
robrujhodapp: why is this package 'UNRELEASED'?17:41
robrujhodapp: Error: uploading files for distribution UNRELEASED to ppa not allowed.17:41
jhodapprobru, I was advised to have it as unreleased17:42
jhodapprobru, so you need a released version? last time sil2100 was able to upload this, unless he changed it to released17:44
robrujhodapp: UNRELEASED is only used in MPs you give the train, because the train generates your version and then sets the release series for you. if you have a manual source like this it needs to be set exactly how you want it released because the train won't change manual sources at all17:45
robrujhodapp: why don't you upload it to a PPA you control and then I'll copy it in? that's easier for me17:46
jhodapprobru, yeah makes total sense17:46
jhodapprobru, I don't have a PPA currently, nor have I ever worked with one17:46
dbarthrobru: ok17:46
robrujhodapp: you should make a personal one, then build the package like you just did, but instead of uploading to google drive, do 'dput ppa:jhodapp *.changes'17:47
dbarthrobru: should be proper now17:47
robrudbarth: thanks17:47
jhodapprobru, alright, I'll give that a try...now's as good a time as any to learn this process :)17:47
robrujhodapp: yeah PPAs are pretty great. it's a lot easier for me also, lp has a nice web interface for copying packages into silos17:48
robrudbarth: ok I got you silo 2617:48
robrudbarth: where's the oxide package?17:48
jhodapprobru, nice, so from the web interface you'll be able to upload to silo 21 directly from my personal PPA?17:48
robrujhodapp: yep17:49
jhodapprobru, very nice17:49
dbarthrobru: there: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mozilla-security/+archive/ubuntu/ppa/+packages17:49
dbarthrobru: version 1.8.417:49
robrudbarth: thanks, one sec17:49
dbarthrobru: do a binary copy, or it is 8h of build and uncertain results17:49
robrudbarth: yep, absolutely. https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-026-1-build/74/console17:50
robrudbarth: oh yeah, the diff takes ten million years to generate because it's like 3GB or something. I really gotta rework the diff code to be more efficient.17:56
dbarthrobru: oxide is a nice test case for that17:57
robrudbarth: yeah for sure17:58
cjwatsonjhodapp: BTW use 'dput ppa:jhodapp/ppa' (or whatever the name of the archive in question is) rather than 'dput ppa:jhodapp' - the latter form is for compatibility and deprecated17:59
jhodappcjwatson, yeah just noticed that in reading about ppa's, thanks18:00
cjwatsonor better 'dput ppa:jhodapp/ubuntu/ppa' if on a sufficiently modern Ubuntu version, but the two-component form isn't going away any time soon18:00
dbarthcjwatson: hey, speaking of ppas, would you be able to turn one with armhf build support?18:01
cjwatsondbarth: sorry, I don't have those superpowers.  https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad please18:02
dbarthah nw18:02
cjwatson(well, I sort of do, but only for teams I admin)18:02
dbarthok, request posted, thanks for the pointer18:04
robrujhodapp: ah sorry about that, was in a meeting. did you get the package uploaded yet?18:25
jhodapprobru, almost18:28
jhodapprobru, just trying to get my key over to my new laptop so I can sign this package18:28
robruno worries18:29
jhodapp__robru, ok, I've dput the changes file so it should be building the package now18:36
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robrujhodapp_: great, ping me once the build completes and I can copy it. also, what ppa?18:38
jhodapp_robru, ppa:jhodapp/ubuntu/ppa18:38
robrujhodapp_: great18:38
jhodapp_robru, this is cool, I've been putting off learning more about this so neat to finally get a bit more familiar18:38
robrujhodapp_: awesome ;-)18:39
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jhodapprobru, looks ready18:42
robrujhodapp: ok and you want it in silo 21?18:43
jhodapprobru, yes please18:43
robrujhodapp: just a note, your silo is configured for vivid, not vivid overlay18:44
robrujhodapp: you can configure that in your request18:44
jhodapprobru, oh I didn't see that as an option, must have missed it18:45
jhodappdo I need to reconfig?18:45
robrujhodapp: yeah you need to set 'destination ppa' field and then click assign again.18:46
jhodappah right, ok18:46
robrujhodapp: it should have the overlay ppa as an option if you double-click the text box18:46
jhodapprobru, ok it's ready18:50
robrujhodapp: ok, config looks good, packages is already copied, feel free to build18:50
jhodapprobru, thanks!18:51
robrujhodapp: you're welcome18:51
jhodapprobru, so I should only set ignore twins for this build, right?18:51
robrujhodapp: you'll probably have to type out the list of packages you specifically want built18:52
robrujhodapp: in addition to checking ignore twins18:52
jhodapprobru, ok great18:52
jhodapprobru, and I do want to specify qtmultimedia-opensource-src, but not -gles correct?18:53
robrujhodapp: yeah18:53
jhodappmakes sense18:53
renatucihelp. who can help me to setup jenkins on this project? https://code.launchpad.net/indicator-transfer-buteo19:15
fgintherrenatu, We should be get that added by tomorrow.22:25
renatufginther, ok thanks22:28

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