cyphermoxdoko: yes, was going to00:12
cyphermoxI was never really involved in it though ;)00:12
mwhudsonSetting up golang-go (2:1.5~snap~upstream201508020934gitc2db5f4ubuntu3) ...00:46
mwhudsonupdate-alternatives: using /usr/lib/go/bin/go to provide /usr/bin/go (go) in auto mode00:46
mwhudsonupdate-alternatives: warning: not replacing /usr/bin/go with a link00:46
mwhudsonsounds bad00:46
lifelesswin 3100:47
infinitymwhudson: You can't use alternatives unless all the packages particpating play along.00:48
infinitymwhudson: As in, no one can ship the actual path. :P00:48
mwhudsoni'm just wondering which package isn't playing along00:49
infinitymwhudson: dpkg -S /usr/bin/go ?00:49
mwhudsoninfinity: on a builder? :-)00:49
infinityWell, install all the build-deps, then dpkg -S?00:49
mwhudsoni think i know which package it must be though00:49
infinityBut it's probably gccgo, or some wrapper.00:49
mwhudsonnah not this time, i think it's my golang-x-tools package00:50
mwhudsonyeah that's completely messed up00:52
LoganNoskcaj: you're frustrated that I did a merge for a package where I TIL and didn't realize that you had proposed a merge without asking me first? :P02:22
Logan(that was awkwardly phrased)02:32
mwhudsonso my earlier hilarity was caused by a bit of rules that did approximately "cd directory; find -exec install \{} $(CURDIR)/debian/tmp/usr/bin/\{} \;"04:27
mwhudsonand directory not existing04:28
pittiGood morning05:17
pittiinfinity: langpacks> erk, no -- still no full export on https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/trusty/+language-packs05:17
pittiwgrant: ^ can you run this manually?05:17
pitti(I asked last Thursday, but it apparently fell through the cracks; shouldn't have used IRC, sorry)05:18
wgrantpitti: Sure, will get that kicked off.05:22
pittiwgrant: thanks05:22
wgrantpitti: It's running.05:28
pittiwgrant: yay; should be a handful of hours?05:28
wgrantpitti: I think so.05:28
pittiI'll check https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/trusty/+language-packs every hour or so and then build new trusty langpacks05:28
pittiinfinity: oops, this Thu already? do you still actually want the new packs?05:30
Guest28692I was trying to join the ubuntu development team.. and I went to the link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/Membership05:50
Guest28692It says that this page is deprecated it gave a link to https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-beginners/2013-August/002541.html05:51
Guest28692and this link is broken..05:52
Guest28692am I going to the right link??05:53
sarnoldGuest28692: looks like it, archive.org has a copy: https://web.archive.org/web/20140817091812/https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-beginners/2013-August/002541.html05:54
Guest28692it says the community is dead..05:56
Guest28692what should I do then??05:57
Guest28692It says it should check ##ubt-survivors05:57
sarnoldit dpends on what you want to work on :)05:57
Guest28692I want start with testing packages..05:58
NoskcajLogan, well now you say it like that...05:58
Guest28692I am C++ developer .. socket programming , system prgramming..05:59
sarnoldGuest28692: aha :) cool06:00
Guest28692I am joining the ##ubt-survivors chat room and let's see what comes out of it06:02
sarnoldGuest28692: there's a few different types of tests, tests during package builds (usually just upstream's tests), autopkgtest (which are more distribution-oriented..), doing stable release update tests to get updated packages into the archives...06:02
sarnoldGuest28692: check this out http://packaging.ubuntu.com/html/auto-pkg-test.html06:02
sarnoldGuest28692: and this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates06:02
Guest28692sarnold: One of my mentors suggested me to go this way.. what would you suggest me to do.. to have a head start..06:09
infinitypitti: Might be a bit late now.  I was expecting them Friday, so we could spot-check over the weekend.06:09
sarnoldGuest28692: do whatever is fun enough that you'll want to work on it, and challenging enough so that you still enjoy it in a few months or years..06:10
pittiinfinity: ok; if you don't have troubles with overflown images, it's not such a big deal -- we can SRU them after .206:10
infinitypitti: But you know langpacks better than I.  If we can test them in any meaningful way before I inevitably have to respin images in a day or two, I'm all for fresh strings.  If not, let's not risk breaking the world.06:10
infinitypitti: Image size isn't really a concern, it's just nice to have better installer coverage.06:11
infinitypitti: Though, I guess that updates from the interwebs anyway if you're online when isntalling.06:11
pittiinfinity: we can't test them automatically aside from me looking at binary debdiff and string diffs (but that won't be meaningful for most languages)06:11
pittiwe have some manual test plan, but that'll get too tight as it depends on lots of community help06:11
infinitypitti: Kay, let's skip it.  I'd rather a few out of date strings than a catastrophe due to lack of timely testing.06:12
pittisorry for the bad timing06:12
infinitypitti: Life goes on.06:12
infinitypitti: I will quit ~we-love-pitti for two days before I rejoin.06:13
* pitti breaks out in tears06:13
infinityOh man, too much QA + dyslexia for tonight's hilarious misreading.06:13
infinityI saw "* pitti breaks out in tests"06:13
pittioh, I'm breaking these too :)06:13
sarnoldpoor poor infinity06:14
* pitti is currently rolling out britney, take II06:14
pittithis time with better preparation06:14
infinitytjaalton: This bug is all over the map, do you have any input (hah, input!) on the matter? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-input-synaptics-lts-vivid/+bug/148110406:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1481104 in xserver-xorg-input-synaptics-lts-vivid (Ubuntu) "synaptics does not load in live session for my laptop " [Undecided,New]06:24
* pitti drops the "Would be considered, but pitti disabled promotion for one run" local hack from britney.py and dives in fully06:46
dholbachgood morning07:11
=== dbarth__ is now known as dbarth
tjaaltoninfinity: can't check before my evening..07:54
tjaaltonsounds weird though07:55
tjaaltonno xserver log to show if the driver is loaded07:55
tjaaltonand it should fall back to evdev07:56
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Laneypitti: is this the big switch?08:06
pittiLaney: yes, it was08:06
pittiand seems I didn't flunk it this time08:06
LaneyI'll miss you, d-jenkins.ubuntu-ci08:07
pittiit still runs boottests :)08:07
Laneyyeesh, those08:07
pittiwe need to find someone who owns them these days and make them install the new worker08:07
Laneytry f_ginther08:08
LaneyThey also need some improvements like unpacking/upgrading/repacking the image instead of trying to use apt on it directly08:09
cjwatsonari-tczew: not useful to have them on mom; they're in auto-sync output08:11
ari-tczewcjwatson: I had a case, there was a package with versioning -1fakesync1 and Debian released -2. In this case we don't know that package needs to be fakesynced. (someone just subscribed me to the bug report on LP)08:17
* ari-tczew needs to go out08:17
dokoseb128, Laney: is SweetShark available?08:32
seb128doko, he should be yes08:32
seb128having libreoffice/gcc5 issues?08:32
Laneydon't see him on IRC08:33
dokoyes, libcmis test failures08:33
seb128he might not be up yet08:35
seb128or there is an IRC split...08:35
ochosidoko: now he's around ;)08:42
dokoochosi, where?08:44
ochosiat least in #u-desktop08:44
* doko thinks slangasek would make a perfect fit as a debian-med, debian-science and debian-chem maintainer =)09:10
cjwatsonthose sound like fighting words :-)09:11
Laneybdmurray: seems http://reqorts.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/rls-mgr/?C=M;O=D has stopped updating09:14
Laney(is that yours?)09:14
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DavieyLaney / bdmurray: Seems that machine was upgraded to Trusty, as it broke one of the ubuntu-server reports that used a changed interface of python-apt. Could be related.09:24
LaneyDaviey: Ah, good clue09:26
Laneywas just about to run slangasek's script, noticed dput at the end09:56
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pittiLaney: I dia'ed together an initial overview on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ProposedMigration/AutopkgtestInfrastructure ; I'll flesh this out with description of every component in the next days10:27
Laneypitti: nice, thanks!10:31
=== dpm_ is now known as dpm
Laneyseb128: any tips before I start trying to upload renames?10:43
* Laney has a big directory of source packages now10:43
LaneyI guess test build, manually check the diff10:43
Laneybut anything special about ordering?10:43
Laneyor doko ^10:44
dokoLaney, I think slangasek did test builds before upload10:44
LaneyI'm just wondering if there is anything else I need to be aware of10:45
* Laney wants a "build these packages in the cloud" script10:46
Laneysubmit request, go away, come back to lovely emails and SSHable instances for failure cases10:46
Odd_BlokeI've just emailed ubuntu-devel with a request for help validating an SRU; if someone could ACK it, it'd be appreciated.10:47
LaneyOdd_Bloke: Approved, & note that you are allowed to self-verify SRUs10:48
Odd_BlokeLaney: Yeah, we don't have access to an appropriate environment :(; the person who helped us validate the upstream cloud-init fix has disappeared.10:49
Odd_BlokeLaney: (And thank you!)10:50
Laneyicu seems to be stuck in haskhell10:58
pittiapw: wow, that initramfs-tools delta reads scary :)11:06
Laneythat's a nice merge!11:07
pittiI'm quite some some delta is unnecessary now, but scary as this was let's land this first :)11:09
pittiapw: ah, so 0.119 runs fsck on the root fs by itself already, and thus /run/initramfs/fsck-root exists, and thus systemd-fsck-root.service doesn't get run11:10
pittithat's actually intended11:10
pittiso it seems the autopkgtest needs to be adjusted11:10
dokojamespage, python3-linecache2 - backports of the linecache module - Python 3.x11:11
dokosame for python3-traceback11:11
doko       --c10211:29
doko              Add c102 suffix to package names, for C++ ABI transition.11:29
doko              Added in version 0.811:29
doko       --ldbl11:29
doko              Add dbl suffix to package names.11:29
doko              Added in version 0.3511:29
dokodie, die, die ...11:32
seb128Laney, not really no11:34
LaneyI have a big sbuild making my computer cry atm11:36
seb128is there many renames remaning?11:37
LaneyI have 86 dscs here11:38
Laneythe script skipped packages with .symbols files11:38
Laneythose are ones people could help with11:41
Laneyflac was just done in Debian11:41
LaneyI see doko pinging about some others in #debian-ftp11:41
Laneydoko: got a list so I can avoid uploading those?11:42
seb128I keep a note about that, but still fighting device issues and I want to deal with bluez5 this week11:42
dokoLaney, sorry, don't have one11:42
dokoLaney, slangasek: skip llvm-toolchain-snapshot, we don't care, and it's -proposed only. qtwebkit-opensource-src and qttools-opensource-src were already done by Mirv. not sure about qt-gstreamer11:44
dokokdepimlibs is hopefully handled by Riddell / Kubuntu11:44
* Mirv is not familiar with qt-gstreamer, not used by phone either11:46
Laneydoko: edit http://pad.ubuntu.com/gcc-5-transition ?11:46
Laneydelete/mark those lines or something11:46
Laneyhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/11999517/ <- that's what the script gave me to upload11:48
dokoLaney, projectm is already in experimental11:50
Laneyok thanks, deleting that one11:50
pittiapw: hm, new initramfs-tools doesn't provide the plymouth-y fsck integration we used to have11:50
dokomaybe check the others too11:50
Noskcajdoko, I didn't get to pyicu today, will get it first thing tomorrow. It is just a version bump though AFAIK11:50
pittiapw: difficult thing that -- OTOH this is a rather obnoxiously difficult thing to do especially in initramfs, for an ever-waning benefit11:51
pittiapw: ext stopped doing regular fscks long ago (on new installs), and xfs, btrfs etc. don't do these either; so the more interesting question is what happens if the check fails11:52
Laneydoko: what can I check? Depends "libstdc++6 (>= 5"?11:52
* Laney will grep-dctrl11:52
pittiapw: we still need to keep the userspace fsck stuff for non-root partitions, but it seems with the "check root fs from initramfs" approahc we need to duplicate it?11:52
Laneybah, and NEW too11:53
dokoLaney, maybe just if the package builds a binary ending with v5 ...11:53
Laneymight not catch where transitions happened anwyay11:54
Laneyqpdf is the only one in NEW that I have there, /me deletes that11:55
Laneyand ScottK accepted that one (thanks)11:55
ScottKActuall it wasn't me, we had a race condition on the FTP team and someone else accepted it while I was busy filing an RC bug for missing debian/copyright stuff.11:56
LaneyOK, no thanks for you then. :P11:58
ricotzdoko, do you have a log of your libreoffice ftbfs?12:00
dokoricotz, still ftbfs because of not yet rebuilt b-d's.  Ask Sweet5hark on #ubuntu-desktop, this guy doesn't want to cooperate here on this channel :-/12:01
dokoricotz, and I'm told that libcmis tests are failing, so if you want to have something for fixing ...12:02
ricotzdoko, i pushed a rebuild to my ppa12:02
dokoricotz, waste of resources ...12:02
ricotzdoko, did you changed the packaging?12:03
dokoricotz, -> Sweet5hark12:03
pittiapw: ah, debian bug 783291 causes the "intra-OS" fsck to run again, that's why the test fails there12:03
ubottuDebian bug 783291 in initramfs-tools "/bin/touch is missing if built with BUSYBOX=n or busybox package not installed" [Important,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/78329112:03
ricotzdoko, I am asking you, so you did a no-change rebuild?12:03
ricotzof 1:4.4.4~rc3-0ubuntu112:04
ricotz(fyi the ppa build is 4.4.5~rc2)12:04
dokoricotz, no, I did not, because I trust the person telling me that b-d's aren't yet rebuilt12:05
ricotzdoko, ok12:05
jamespagedoko, this got discussed on the debian python ML - https://lists.debian.org/debian-python/2015/07/msg00006.html12:10
jamespagedoko, I'm not sure I can read a consensus decision on whether the python3 versions of backports have a place or not; but as they use a different namespace, there are come compelling arguments both ways :-)12:12
dokojamespage, sure they have a different namespace, but in the past this was handled conditionally in the using code12:13
apwpitti, ahh ok, is there a fix on that one already ?12:20
apwpitti, and thanks12:20
apwpitti, ahh yes, there is a proposed work-around in there which i'll give a go12:21
Laneydoko: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11999715/ <- should be packages needing rebuild/transition that are fixed in debian12:25
dokoinfinity, were you working on shellcheck?12:26
Laneyi.e. sync/merge these12:26
dokoLaney, ahh, csound is done12:27
dokoand see slangasek rants^Bcomments on hdf512:27
Laneyahh, we don't have Source: for all binaries in our Packages files12:32
cjwatsonSource defaults to Package if missing12:33
LaneyYeah, need to tweak the logic to know that12:33
LaneyKnow an easy way to do that with grep-dctrl?12:34
Laneyor does grep-dctrl do it already?12:34
dokocjwatson, shellcheck is maintained by the Debian Haskell group =) now wanted by d-shlibs and dh-exec12:34
dokodo you want to write a MIR?12:35
cjwatsondoko: no12:35
dokoi feared that12:35
cjwatsondoko: it's not my problem if somebody starts pulling it in :)12:35
cjwatsonLaney: as you say12:35
dokoohh, and written in haskell, so I'll disable running the tests for these12:36
Laneyno, that's for selecting input fields, not output12:36
cjwatsondoko: disable tests for which packages?12:36
dokod-shlibs and dh-exec12:37
cjwatsonright, that makes sense12:37
cjwatsonLaney: -sSource:Package12:37
cjwatson"A field specification can contain a colon.  In such a case, the part up to the colon is taken as the name of the field to be shown, and the part after the colon is taken as the name of the field whose content is to be used if the field to be shown is empty."12:38
LaneyYeah, I think this works12:42
dokoinfinity, ohh, no that was bats12:44
ricotzI assume if a rebuild generates a hard-dep on "libstdc++6 (>= 5.2)" it requires a package-rename13:03
ricotzLaney, if you like you can add libixion13:04
Laneylooks to be done in debian13:06
sbeattiepitti: do you know what's up with https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/wily-boottest-apparmor/lastBuild/artifact/results/log/*view*/ ? Looks like a test infrastructure issue to me, can you re-run?13:12
pittisbeattie: yes, I can re-run; besides keep hitting the retry button I don't know much about these boottests, I'm afraid13:12
pittisbeattie: I'm working on the systemd test regression BTW13:13
pittisbeattie: if it's urgent, I can ignore that and let apparmor propagate13:13
pittiit's the new initramfs-tools which breaks it, not apparmor13:14
sbeattienot urgent, just wanting to know if it's a legit failure.13:14
pittisbeattie: the bootest just looks like a glitch; let's see if it works now13:14
sbeattiepitti: okay, thanks.13:16
dokokenvandine, just curious, why were the no-change rebuilds for platform-api necessary?13:17
kenvandinedoko, it had a depends on libubuntu-location-service213:17
kenvandineit was built before the transition to libubuntu-location-service313:18
kenvandinedoko, i think that's the culprit causing stuff to get removed in the boottests13:18
dokokenvandine, yes, but the problem that these two packages have direct cyclic build-dependency13:19
kenvandinedoko, oh... that's not cool13:19
dokotold tvoss about it13:19
tvossdoko, yup, wasn't aware that this is causing problems like this, sorry13:20
tvosskenvandine, so does a rebuild of platform-api fix the issue?13:20
kenvandinei thought it would fix the depends issue13:20
kenvandineat least i thought it was simple :)13:20
pittiapw: fix for the "touch not found" bug? yes, it's attached to that bug and very simple; doesn't affect our cloud images as (I suppose) they have busybox, or something else which gets "/bin/touch" into the initramfs13:22
pittiapw: anyway, as far as the systemd-fsckd test goes, I'll just skip it iff /run/initramfs/fsck-root exists13:22
pittisbeattie, apw: adjusted systemd fsckd test uploaded, so autopkgtest should succeed again13:30
apwpitti, ok, i'll get that fix applied as well when i am done fixing casper13:31
pittiapw: it's not urgent raelly13:31
pittiapw: I think the more "interesting" discussion is what we want to do with fsck and plymouht13:31
apwpitti, yeah, surely it is all perfect after all systemd is doing it now ...13:32
pittiapw: ?13:32
pitti(that's the point -- with current initramfs systemd can't do it any more :) )13:32
pittisbeattie: that helped, re-run succeeded13:40
ricotzdoko, https://paste.debian.net/plain/28904213:41
apwpitti, yeah, ok, so ... so we have a plan, or do we need to make one up13:45
pittiapw: I don't have a plan/good idea right now13:45
pittiapw: technically, fsck'ing the root fs in initramfs is a much more sensible thing to do than checking it from within an already mounted (although r/o) file system13:45
pittibut of course the initramfs env is very limited, so you can't do much fancy stuff13:45
apwbut one needs a lot of heavy things hten, yeah that13:46
pittiunless you have cryptsetup or similar, we don't currently even have plymouht in the initramfs13:46
pittiI wouldn't mind putting it always there13:46
pittibut all the fsck <-> initramfs plumbing isn't there13:46
dokoricotz, thanks, uploaded13:46
pittiDebian never bothered about it, but apparently we do (or at least did) wrt. pretty boot13:46
* pitti nods to didrocks13:47
dokoricotz, hmm, shlibs file was wrong. fixed13:50
ricotzdoko, ah sorry13:52
Laneydoko: why no bug for movit?13:54
dokoLaney, forgot it? not sure, why I forgot some ...13:56
Laneyand why no log for libcmis indicating that it needed fixing? :)13:57
Laneyabout to upload first batch anyway13:58
dokomaybe it failed to build at this time?14:04
Laneyjust worried about missing things14:05
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bdmurrayLaney: I'm aware of the issue and it has to do with python-launchlib authorization tokens.14:50
dannfhallyn: i told infinity i'd look at an SRU'ing the qemu-kvm support for arm64/ppc64el/etc back to trusty (LP: #1389897), and i finally got around to preparing one. wanted to get your opinion it...14:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1389897 in qemu (Ubuntu Trusty) "no way to install "enough qemu for kvm" in a cross platform way" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/138989714:54
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=== utlemming_away is now known as utlemming
Laneybdmurray: ack!15:01
hallyndannf: will take a look, thx15:05
hallynguess infinity gave up on me :)15:05
dannfhallyn: oh, heh. want me to push my patch and/or packages somewhere? it's just a cherry pick of the change in vivid15:06
ricotzLaney, was libwpg on your list?15:11
Laneyricotz: see http://pad.ubuntu.com/gcc-5-transition (no)15:13
Laneyand that is because https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libwps/0.4.0-2ubuntu115:13
ricotzLaney, alright15:15
slangasekdoko, Laney: test builds before upload> hahano.  The script checks for symbols files, everything else is uploading and letting the builders sort it out.  For that, the build failure rate is fairly low ;P15:15
bdmurraycjwatson: I've forgotten how to create a token for launchpadlib that doesn't use "DESKTOP_INTEGRATION". Do you know?15:15
Laneyslangasek: I feel overly worried about hitting dput ...15:16
slangasekLaney: the worst thing that can happen is that you're TIL15:16
Laneygetting close to doing it15:17
slangasekLaney: do you have the last blacklist I posted on #-release?15:19
Laneyslangasek: yep, and I added some more that the script cried about15:19
slangasekLaney: ok.  I should also post an updated version of the script15:20
LaneyI've wrangled it a bit anyway15:20
slangasekwell, http://paste.ubuntu.com/12000707/ regardless - I think the only change missing vs. the last I posted was handling the case of an unknown source package15:21
* Laney nods15:22
Laneythat's why I added those blacklist entries15:22
hallyndannf: sure, either post a debdiff or whatever.  or if you're happy with it, i trust you, just push - up to you15:27
dannfhallyn: posted a debdiff15:27
dannfhallyn: i didn't see any regression fixes since the initial upload (though i did see some consolidation/rework) - that sound right to you?15:28
hallynnot understanding what you mean15:36
hallynwhy did you remov ekvm-ipxe-precise from Suggests?15:37
hallyndoesn't exist on the other arches?15:37
hallynoh, weird, that's only in contrl, not control-in15:38
dannfhallyn: ah - prepared the source package before i built it, probably should prepare a post-build one15:40
hallynhm, apparently that debian/control has been out of date wrt the control-in for a bit;  i dont' see ipxe listd at all in control-in15:41
dannfhallyn: what i meant by my question was, do you recall any fixes that had to go in after the first patch you adapted from mwhudson/etc15:41
hallynhm, yeah15:42
* hallyn checks15:42
dannfi know that the patch went through iterations, but didn't notice any changes after it got uploaded15:42
dannfwell, bugfix changes15:42
hallyndannf: yeah kvm.powerpc can't use awk15:43
hallynsee 1:2.2+dfsg-5expubuntu415:43
dannfah, ok15:43
hallynman there were a lot of uploads to vivid15:46
hallyndannf: now, do you *not* need to also port init scripts to load a module at boot?15:47
hallynno, we only need that for x86 for precise + cloud-archive, which doesn't make sense for ppc15:47
dannfit's not needed for arm64 - kvm can't be a module there15:48
dannfi dont' remember armhf - i think the same thing, but i'll doublecheck15:48
hallyni don't htink anyone's gonna care there15:50
hallyni wouldn't worry about it.  just remove awk from the powerpc kvm script, then all looks good to me - thanks!15:50
pittidoko, Laney: you use http://pad.ubuntu.com/gcc-5-transition with attaching your name to the thing your're working on? I plan to look at some FTBFSes tomorrow morning15:52
Laneypitti: yeah, I'm going to upload the chunk at the bottom15:53
Laneydidn't look at any FTBFS ones yet15:53
Laneyactually I did look at one which was libtool not found but I can't remember which package that was now :)15:53
argesinfinity: mind if I take openldap merge15:54
pittiLaney: ack (and would you mind adding your name to the pad? lots of "unnamed")15:54
pittiLaney: you are purple?15:54
LaneyI am purple and toothpaste green15:54
* pitti switches to yellow then15:55
pittiack, 'nuff work for me to do tmw morning then15:55
pittiLaney: the symbols mangling stuff is mostly just build/patch/test rebuild, upload, i. e. just annoying, but not technically hard15:56
pittiLaney: or am I missing something tehre?15:56
* pitti <- C++ n00b15:56
pittiLaney: did you already do the A-K batch? or pure coincidence that they all start with >= M?15:57
kirklandpitti: howdy!15:57
kirklandpitti: I applied and pushed your ecryptfs patches, thanks!15:57
pittihey kirkland, how are you?15:57
kirklandpitti: I have a related question15:57
pittikirkland: I saw your mail (and responded), thanks!15:58
kirklandpitti: well, thanks :-)15:58
pittislangasek, kees, infinity, stgraber: TB meeting reminder15:58
Laneypitti: I would guess slangasek did those15:59
Laneyand/or seb12815:59
LaneyI've only done a couple but indeed I just updated the symbols file15:59
Laneyand package names, etc15:59
pittiLaney: I meant in your "Test builds" section at the bottom15:59
LaneyI responded to your questions in reverse order, sorry16:00
pittiLaney: oh, are these another batch of libs to rename, not just rebuilds against the renamed libs?16:00
pittiLaney: reverse order> ah, makes more sense now :)16:00
Laneyand those test builds are all renames, yes16:01
pittiLaney: ah, I though all renames were in the PPA already16:01
slangasekpitti: no; no more ppa, this is all in wily-proposed16:02
LaneyI don't think all the renames were ever in there16:02
pittislangasek: right; I meant I thought we prepared *all* renames in the PPA16:02
slangasekcorrect, the ppa only included the phone stack renames16:02
pittiah, ok16:02
Laneyright, well, here goes debsign *_source.changes16:04
keesinfinity: meeting?16:04
pittiapw, infinity: do you know what the linux_uefi thingy is about in https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/wily/+queue?queue_state=1&queue_text= ?16:11
pittiit seems our kernel is already way past that, can it just be rejected?16:11
apwpitti, cirtianly that is the contents of the linux-signed package, being signed with the efi key, if the in pocket version is later than that it is not clear there is any value in it, i can only assme that there was no linux-signed for that level16:12
pittiapw: yeah, we are at 4.1.0-3.3, and this one is for 4.1.0-2.216:13
apwso i would assume the bits it is about to drop into dists would then be reaped16:14
pittiLaney: ack, so I'll watch out for a lot of binNEW tomorrow morning, to mop up what the American folks don't see any more during their day16:14
Laneypitti: there's going to be a zillion rebuilds to do too; check http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/transitions/16:15
LaneyI want to upload some haskell as a lot of icu seems to be haskellish stuff (unless cjwatson is going to?)16:15
pittiLaney: ah, thanks; added that link to the pad16:16
kirklandpitti: are these patches supposed to solve the problem where people are repeatedly asked for their encrypted swap passphrase during an apt-get?16:16
pittikirkland: not the upstream patches, but the post-install fixups I crowbared into the postinst16:17
pittithey shoudl clean up fstab/crypttab16:17
pittibut we had three different cases now, I woudln't be totally surprised (just really annoyed) if there's a fourth16:17
slangasekLaney: what's the section in the pad without a header listing packages like csound, geos, ...?16:17
kirklandpitti: hmm, can you drop me a patch for that?16:18
Laneyslangasek: Things which are fixed (or at least rebuilt) in Debian but not Ubuntu16:18
pittikirkland: it's all in wily16:18
* kirkland extracts16:19
* pitti waves good night16:19
pittislangasek: ah, I would have interpreted it as the results of the above commands, i. e. stuff being transitioned in Debian?16:19
kirklandpitti: ah, https://launchpadlibrarian.net/211231394/ecryptfs-utils_107-0ubuntu1.1_107-0ubuntu3.diff.gz16:19
pittikirkland: ah right, that also had an ages-old soname packaging fix16:20
LaneyI saw that dok_o was pinging the FTP team to accept stuff16:20
Laneywhich meant that maintainers were uploading things and we shouldn't duplicate that work16:20
slangasekLaney: sure.  Any chance you could show unstable vs. experimental there?16:21
pittii. e. ideally auto-sync will catch some of these?16:21
* pitti waves good night for real16:21
slangasekLaney: I guess csound (which doko worked on yesterday) and hdf5 (which after working on the package yesterday I don't trust the maintainer's fix for) are via experimental only16:22
slangasekhdf5 is a new upstream soname in experimental-only16:22
slangasekI think I'll stick with my change for now16:23
Laneycan you annotate the pad?16:23
Laneycan look to split the list if that's useful16:23
Laneyafter all that I accidently uploaded the packages I knew would fail anyway :(16:27
kirklandpitti: okay, applied, now I'll do some testing16:30
infinityapw: there was a signed for -2.2, that is from the proposed->release copy.16:42
infinityapw: Which is supposed to happen without intervention, but breaks when the origin was a PPA. :/16:42
apwwhat a mess ;)16:42
infinityYeah.  A bit.16:43
cjwatsonbdmurray: pass a consumer_name16:52
cjwatsonLaney: I was in the middle of working my way up that stack ...16:53
cjwatsonhaving noticed that it was entangled with icu16:53
Laneywell I don't want to step on your toes16:53
LaneyI've just (hopefully) got agda out of the way16:53
Laneyso feel free16:53
cjwatsonLaney: ah, great.  I think the only direct entanglement was haskell-text-icu, which I uploaded earlier, and then it's just syncing the stack16:54
Laney[276 of 278] Compiling Agda.Interaction.InteractionTop ( src/full/Agda/Interaction/InteractionTop.hs, dist-ghc/build/Agda/Interaction/InteractionTop.o )16:54
Laneyghc: out of memory (requested 1048576 bytes)16:54
Laneyoh no16:54
cjwatsonLaney: it did that last version on armhf too16:54
cjwatsonso that won't block anything16:55
Laneyoh right16:55
LaneyI thought it had built everywhere16:55
Laneyfair enough16:55
cjwatsonI probably used some kind of hammer16:56
LaneyI see depwait and then FTBFS16:56
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cjwatsonthere we go, haskell-publicsuffixlist is happier now, which was the earlier failure16:57
bdmurraycjwatson: I've tried that and I still get a DESKTOP_INTEGRATION url when authorizing the token for the first time.16:58
cjwatsonbdmurray: hm, you might need a credentials store16:59
cjwatsonI'm not very familiar with this corner16:59
ricotzdoko, jfyi https://launchpad.net/~ricotz/+archive/ubuntu/ppa/+sourcepub/5277318/+listing-archive-extra16:59
slangasekLaney: looks like packages got uploaded, thanks!  you'll track the build failures and record them in the pad for further divvying up?17:50
Laneyslangasek: yup, already fixed a couple18:23
slangasekLaney, cjwatson: so is icu in hand and I shouldn't touch it?18:26
slangasekit jumped out at me as a main lib we probably wanted transitioned soon that looks like it needs some mass rebuilding18:26
slangasekumm why is xbmc-pvr-addons dep-wait on xbmc-addons-dev (>= 2:13.1~beta2+dfsg1~) when 2:13.2+dfsg1-4ubuntu1 is in wily? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xbmc-pvr-addons/13.0+git20140512+g91cc731+dfsg1-2build1/+build/775828918:28
slangasek(both packages in universe)18:28
slangasekah, looks like it's a heuristic on the build log error message18:29
slangasekor... not?18:29
slangasekoh, it's only in *vivid*18:30
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hallyndannf: were you going to push the trusty qemu to archive yourself?18:53
dannfhallyn: yeah, unless you'd rather18:53
dannfhallyn: i've got a source package w/ the ppc/awk fix i'm about to push - let me know if i should wait18:59
hallyndannf: nope, no reason to wait - thx much19:03
hallyndannf: did you happen to run lp:qa-regression-testing test-qemu.py against it?19:03
dannfhallyn: nope, but i can19:05
cjwatsonslangasek: the haskell bits are in hand anyway, yes19:16
cjwatsonwhich I think is all of it19:16
cjwatsonit's just tedious waiting for repeated layers to build19:17
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bdmurraycjwatson: Oh, regarding consumer_name bug 75531319:44
ubottubug 755313 in launchpadlib "Launchpad.login_with *ignores* its consumer_name argument" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75531319:45
cjwatsonHeh, OK19:45

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