lordievaderGood morning.07:46
lordievaderHey EriC^^07:47
EriC^^how's it going?07:47
lordievaderStill a bit sleepy, hope coffee will fix that. How are you doing?07:49
TJ-I know the feeling :)07:50
EriC^^im good07:50
EriC^^hey ObrienDave07:52
ObrienDavehow's it going, all?07:52
TJ-I've been suffering the horrors of DOS, with 1 floppy drive and swapping between 2 diskettes... how did we ever get anything done like that?07:54
ObrienDaveslowly ;P07:54
EriC^^i rolled my ankle yesterday, it's the size of a tennis ball :>07:54
TJ-Good reason for a lie-in07:56
ObrienDavegeez louise, always has to be one jerk in the room07:57
lordievaderEriC^^: :)07:59
lordievaderThough the ankle thing is less.07:59
lordievaderObrienDave: o/07:59
lordievaderHey TJ-, how are you?07:59
TJ-Ready for bed, tired, fed-up with incompetent engineers :)08:00
ObrienDavelordievader, o/08:00
lordievaderTJ-: Isn't that your default state?08:01
TJ-Fortunately no else I'd be a serial killer :D08:02
TJ-Got up early especially to test a new firmware for the Super Talent Core Store Plus pcie SSD, for the Asmedia 106x controller that has a BIOS hang at boot problem. That didn't fix anything08:03
lordievaderDarn, those are the most annoying.08:03
TJ-Yeah, you'd think they'd provide a debug image that writes out what it is doing so we could at least narrow down where the fault is08:04
ObrienDavewe need an OP in #u08:04
lordievader#ubuntu doesn't have an op? That is a channel who needs it the most...08:05
TJ-And on top of that ... I've had a tower network switch-able Server Technology CDU that controls power to one of the data cabinets fail over the weekend, which controls 32 outlets, so I'm scrambling to get it fixed/replaced. I've done some detailed analysis of the faulty Power Control PCB using a logic analyser and reported the results to the manufacturer's support engineer... who then suggests I buy a replacement network interface/management engine PCB ...08:05
TJ- which works fine! I sent an acerbic reply asking what good replacing the working PCB would do08:05
TJ-Fancy swapping my life for yours? :)08:05
lordievaderAhem... How do I put this politely... No.08:06
lordievaderI fixed ipv6 support in a print registration program yesterday. A couple of lines was all it took :D08:07
TJ-Ahhhh, the good life - I can only dream of having access to the source code :)08:08
lordievaderObrienDave: nice one ;)08:08
lordievaderHihi, ObrienDave is on an insulting tour... reminds me of HHGTG.08:14
ObrienDaveyea, sorry, i can't understand why someone would respond to someone with an obviously asinine nick like that.08:15
lordievaderYou did get him to change his nick :)08:16
ObrienDavestep one ;P08:16
wileeetra la la boom dee ah08:16
wileeeexactly, just hiding08:17
ObrienDavethe teacher passed away,08:17
ObrienDavethere is no school today08:17
ObrienDave tra la la boom dee ah08:18
ObrienDave ;P08:18
ObrienDaveoh boy, talk about 3rd grade humor. sheesh ;P08:18
wileeeI'm not even geeked, see this is what going straight does for yah08:19
ObrienDaveyea, sometime i wish i had not gone straight 10 years ago ;P08:19
wileeejust momentarily for the day here08:20
=== quaddex- is now known as quaddex
ObrienDavemoar beer ;P08:21
wileeeI've switched to the vapor nicotine for other addictions treatment, I feel so cool "it's what all the cool people are doing" said by a user failing at source code installs08:23
wileeeI asked them why are you installing source code,  this would be in my forum if I was a member of any08:24
daftykinsEriC^^: o/13:51
daftykins10 mins until the xbox event at gamescom in Germany :O13:51
EriC^^what event?13:52
daftykinslike, Microsoft's press briefing13:53
daftykinsshowing upcoming games etc13:53
daftykinsargh 7 mins left13:53
daftykinsi'm gonna get down the coffee shop first :D13:53
EriC^^oh ok13:53
EriC^^cool :D13:53
daftykinshere's an example of the future, windows 10 on my laptop streaming the xbox one13:54
daftykinsnow i can see game patches wherever i am!13:54
daftykinshate to break it to skinux, but his pen testing career isn't off to a great start since he can't install the software14:01
daftykinsOerHeks: :D14:32
OerHeksuh oh, am i banned?14:32
EriC^^i'll probably download win10 today15:14
daftykinsusing their handy downloader?15:14
EriC^^did you download the .iso?15:14
daftykinsyep, i grabbed the UK flavour of Pro 64-bit for my boxes :)15:15
cfhowlettdoes it even provide an .iso?  I thought it just ran a hot update15:15
daftykinscfhowlett: well WU provides it, but for those in the know it makes more sense to just download it15:15
EriC^^do you just make a fat32 and copy the files there?15:15
daftykinsif your hardware is EFI capable, yep15:15
daftykinsthe program can make the flash drive for you if you want though15:16
daftykinsbut i wanted the ISO so i can do several methods15:16
daftykinsi usually wipe my drive then use diskpart to make the partition active, then use bootsect /nt60 X: to write the boot image - before pasting the files15:16
daftykinsbut i'm an awkward bugger...15:16
EriC^^i think i'll try that15:17
EriC^^it'll be a fun experience can't wait15:18
EriC^^i'm especially excited about it breaking grub15:18
daftykinsit'll be interesting15:19
EriC^^i think win10 is going to rock though15:19
EriC^^looked awesome in the screenshots15:19
daftykinsit's definitely got a lot of things you need to turn off mind15:19
EriC^^win8 has sucked for me, didn't try win8.115:19
daftykinsyou didn't miss much :)15:20
EriC^^since installing ubuntu i've maybe used windows for an hour tops15:20
daftykinsi regretted ever touching any form of 815:20
daftykinslike default feature allows WU to upload to other people online, stealing your bandwidth15:20
EriC^^win8 sucked, win98se is my favorite os probably15:20
daftykinsgo go vxd's!15:20
cfhowlettstill on 7 here.15:20
EriC^^i missed 715:21
EriC^^never used it, had vista and it was pretty slow15:21
EriC^^then i got this laptop with win815:21
cfhowlettI never had vista...15:21
EriC^^it's pretty slow and hangs a lot15:22
daftykinsmmm Vista was terrible on resources, only had it for clients or peoples systems i had to fix15:22
EriC^^when i think vista, i remember that blue/green turning thingy15:22
EriC^^the busy prompt15:22
daftykins10 seems even lighter than 715:22
daftykinsbut yeah plenty of tinfoiler articles in the news15:23
EriC^^it's fud i think15:23
EriC^^it's just technology and stuff, advertising etc.15:24
EriC^^i think it kind of sucks that it's there by default though15:24
EriC^^i mean turned on by default15:24
daftykinsyeah definitely not ideal15:24
daftykinsthere's way too much to turn off15:24
daftykinsi should find a way to automate it so i don't have to take days on clean installs :>15:25
daftykinsthough i'm in no hurry to have it in for any clients yet, too early15:25
EriC^^yeah :D15:25
OerHeksi am sure someone is writing windows-10-tweak now15:26
daftykinsyeah :>15:26
daftykinshrmm i woke up to my laptop having hibernated actually, bit confused15:26
daftykinsi've got all the silly power management off, but still it went off15:27
daftykinstotal mystery15:27
daftykinsnot as much of a mystery as this user in #ubuntu though15:33
daftykinswhat an absolute...15:42
cfhowlettman this one HAS to be reposted on "tales from tech support"15:42
daftykinsthat a site?15:43
cfhowlettso is it official then? no wifi icon when the usb isn't plugged in?15:45
daftykinshe's in a net cafe then with wired plugged in15:46
daftykinsit's probably just that the icon looks like the wired ethernet one whilst that's in, dunno with this guy15:46
cfhowlettahhhhhhhhhh, right15:46
daftykinsstill running 12.04 too :/15:46
TJ-Expect some major Wiley headaches over the next week, if people try to upgrade packages. GCC 5.0 compiler suite and libraries were just deployed and the archive state going to be inconsistent whilst broken packages catch up16:29
TJ-Recommendation is to *not* do any package upgrades for the next week or so.16:30
daftykinsah well i'll use the standard approach of "go to #ubuntu+1 " :D16:33
OerHeksLoL, Einstein and Hawking outscored by 12 year old girl from Essex19:53
daftykinswow, gypsy too19:54
daftykinsbut then my mate is from gypsy family and is doing a nuclear physics PhD19:55
OerHeksoh sure, i believe some boy or girl will change the linux kernel by some bits and make it 2x faster19:58
wileeeheh, I like the young man still less than 20, who built his own reactor, and has an excellent design for safe nuclear power.20:00
wileeebuilt at 14 years old I believe20:01
daftykinswileee: apologies for yesterday or whenever it was by the way, i didn't mean to be awkward :)20:01
wileeedaftykins, Sorry here as well I do go overboard, my apology to everyone. ;)20:02
wileeeWe all want to help, I'm certainly limited as a armchair user, so try to keep out of the way of real help.20:03
OerHeksAt least we are trying, guys20:19
wileeeI'm just to lazy to remember all the basic search and confirm commands from the cli, I know the basic structure, just not pro in the industry, or a student. Thinking of doing a Masters in this area if I can get a free ride.20:24
OerHeksI'm just lazy20:28
daftykinshrmm new tire on20:49
OerHeks!cookie | daftykins20:56
ubot5daftykins: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!20:56
daftykinsi've recently wondered if one can feed ubottu with a cookie for so many years of faithful factoid service20:57
Bashing-om^ Hummm.... Try it and see ??20:59
daftykinswhy not :D20:59
wileeeheh, my favorite and only transportation.21:07
OerHeksi'm 47 and it is still my only way of transportation.21:13
OerHeksi'm riding my 26th bicycle now21:14

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