dsmythiespmatulis. There seems to be some other meeting going on in #ubuntu-meeting-2. There was last month also. Todays Doc team meeting is cancelled.16:06
pmatulisdsmythies: acknowledged16:48
pleia2didn't we move the meetings to -3 to avoid the clash? (I thought -doc was the reason we set up -3...)17:00
pmatulispleia2: -3? another room?17:02
pleia2yeah, #ubuntu-meeting-317:05
pleia2but now I'm wondering if I just made that up, since I don't see meetings there17:05
pleia2I guess -2 *was* the one we set up x_x my mistake17:06
pmatulispleia2: yeah, you just made that up :)17:07
pleia2it's been a long... year17:08
pmatulisahoneybun: morning18:10
ahoneybunpmatulis: ^18:10

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