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Unit193Pici: Yourls broken?09:24
PiciUnit193: no?11:41
mimecargood evening, I would like register a channel related with ubuntu-phone16:34
mimecarshould I use ##ubuntu-phone-es because is not an official channel?16:35
pleia2mimecar: you can register #ubuntu-phone-es but make sure you follow these instructions so that the Ubuntu IRC Council has access should any problems arise: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/CreatingChannels16:37
mimecarOk, pleia2. I will read the documents, thanks16:38
pleia2mimecar: also, please be sure to let the english-speaking community know, so that they can join as needed :)16:38
mimecarsure :)16:39
mimecarI registered the channel and I've also added the accounts of freenode staff and irc council16:50
mimecarDo I have to add to the list of channels of Ubuntu? (not an official channel)16:52
pleia2mimecar: I think it would make sense to add it to this list https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList#IRC.2BAC8-ChannelList.2BAC8-Local.Local_Ubuntu_channels16:53
mimecarpleia2, Should I ask IRC council to see if they accept the name ?17:28
mimecarI want to get it right17:28
pleia2mimecar: I checked, it's right :)17:30
pleia2they only will need it if there is a problem, so you should be good to go17:30
Picifwiw, everything looks good to me :)17:54
mimecarI have added the channel to the list of Local Ubuntu channels :)18:10
Unit193Pici: Ah, it was just redirecting me oddly, the item no longer existed.  Sorry for botherin'19:24

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