Kilosgood morning akk of ya06:37
nhainesGood morning, Kilos!  Also dpm!06:54
Kiloshi there nhaines dpm svij 06:55
Kilosbook done nhaines ?06:55
dpmmorning all :)06:55
nhainesKilos: wrapping it up.  :)06:56
dholbachgood morning07:11
nhainesdholbach: good morning!07:12
dholbachhey nhaines :)07:12
nhainesI never thought it'd be so difficult to explain virtual machines for a book.  :)07:13
dholbach"it's like a computer in a computer" or something07:14
dholbachyeah, I can imagine :)07:14
nhainesWell, that's a bit easy, but I'm trying to explain how to set a VirtualBox VM up without just retyping the wizard descriptions, which are quite good.07:15
nhainesBut I'm not sure someone would be happy to spend $50 on a book that said "just read the screen here".  :D07:15
dholbachoh ok07:21
svijmorning all07:35
nhainesMorning, svij.07:35
svijnhaines: a book with "RTFM" would be quite good :D07:36
nhainessvij: I think I do that for the commandline tutorial...07:36
nhaines"Here's a brief overview before we find some fun stuff to do there, but if you are intrigued go out and buy a book on it."  :D07:36
nhainesSo they learn top and nethack before "scary" stuff like apt!07:37
Kilosmorning dholbach 07:37
dholbachhey Kilos07:37
svijnhaines: you're remembering me of one ubuntu for newbies book which I've read (and which was extremely bad)07:38
nhainessvij: oh, hopefully the entire book doesn't.  :)07:44
svijnhaines: yours? Hopefully not ;)07:44
nhainesdholbach: guess it's about that time.  :)07:59
MooDoohowdy all08:20
* dholbach hugs nhaines08:27
* MooDoo sniffs and feels left out ;)08:28
nhainesThanks for the summit project link!  I'll poke at it when I have more time to put it on a virtual server and shake my fist at it.08:28
* nhaines hugs MooDoo.08:47
nhainesdholbach: thanks for getting those emails out already!  They're perfect.  :D08:48
svijhey, what about me? :(08:48
nhainesSorry, reached my quota for today!08:48
nhainesJust kidding.  :)08:48
* nhaines hugs svij08:48
svijdholbach: haha :D08:49
svijnhaines: \o/08:49
dholbachSCNR :)08:49
svijexcellent :D08:49
Vivekhi... every one.. 08:49
=== Vivek is now known as Guest60633
Kiloshi MooDoo :)08:50
nhainesGuest60633: hi!08:50
Guest60633I need a help 08:50
nhainesIf it's involving community advocacy I'm happy to help, and if not then we can find the right place for such questions.  :)08:51
MooDooGuest60633: best thing to do is just ask, then we can help or as nhaines says point you in the right direction08:51
Guest60633i am unable to use usb modem in ubuntu 14.1008:51
Kilosuh oh08:51
Guest60633please help 08:52
MooDooyeah you probably need a support channel for that08:52
svij… and a supported Ubuntu version08:52
Guest60633please give me.08:52
MooDoovisit #ubuntu for a start08:52
ubot5The official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org and http://askubuntu.com08:53
MooDooooo forgot about that lol08:53
nhainesThere are a couple of nice places that shouold be able to help you.  :)  I'll bet AskUbuntu.com has a few answers about USB modems.08:53
Guest60633ok.. do i have to create an account in that?08:54
nhainesNot to search and read answers, but you can use your Ubuntu One account to log in if you have to ask a new question.08:55
Guest60633live chat is available there?08:55
nhainesNo live chat, but tens of thousands of answers already.08:55
MooDoobest thing to do is go have a look :)08:55
nhainesIf you can't find an answer there, you can come here and type "/join #ubuntu" and ask there for live chat.  :)08:56
Guest60633ok thanks.. i am goining there.. 08:56
nhainesGreat.  Best of luck!08:56
MooDoo925 results for the search of usb modem so I suspect someone will know :D08:56
Kiloscheers go well08:56
Kilosshame as well08:57
Kilosusb modems has been a nightmare since 10.1008:58
MooDoowell didn't like to say anything08:58
nhainesIt's simple!08:59
nhainesStep 1: buy the right model modem.08:59
nhainesStep 2: don't buy the wrong model modem.08:59
Kilosif he doesnt get help ping me please and ill try help him in pm08:59
MooDooKilos: crazy fool ;)09:00
Kilosi even filed bug reports09:00
Kilosand one guy sent me s script to help things along09:01
MooDooKilos: I was teasing :) 09:01
Kilosand to go through all those results to find something relevant to your modem is a massive job09:01
MooDoogoogle is your friend09:02
Kilosgoogle hates me09:02
Kilosand always gives 500 results and normally number 499 is the one you need09:03
Kilosand mobile data is expensive09:03
Kilosmy friends are irc friends09:03
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nhainesWell, finished the book up and got it uploaded an hour ago.  So now it's high time for sleep.  :)12:56
dholbachsleep tight!13:04
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