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Jimbo_JamboHi, is there the Q&A today at 15 UTC here?12:21
dpmJimbo_Jambo, yes indeed :)12:31
Jimbo_Jambo:D yuppye !12:32
destrhi all12:41
birajhi all12:50
birajthis is biraj from india12:50
Jimbo_Jambohi biraj12:51
Neko__hope it works13:13
Neko__hi everyone13:13
birajJimbo_Jambo:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               c                  13:22
birajJimbo_Jambo: hi13:22
birajNeko__: hi13:23
dholbachhey hey - starting in about 55 mins14:06
Jimbo_Jamboit wouldn't be started at 15.00 UTC (5 min ago), instead? ^^14:08
dholbachif you type in "date -u" in your terminal for example, you get UTC time14:09
dholbachTue Aug  4 14:08:45 UTC 201514:09
dholbachor click the link on ubuntuonair.com: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=2015-08-04T15:00:0014:09
k1l_most (western) european countries have +2 timezone14:09
Jimbo_JamboI think it causing by legal hours addedd on March14:11
dholbachyo yo yo14:43
davmor2dholbach: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eiKxjLkV8sA14:44
bbtt2014tbGood Morning :)14:47
davmor2damn it dholbach I just realised you were being hip and down widda kids and all that, I'm old I spend all my time chasing you young whipersnappers off my lawn ;)14:47
dholbachI'll take that as a compliment then ... or something :)14:48
dpmhi Melio, hi bbtt2014tb :)14:48
bbtt2014tbHello what is this Live Stream Going to be about14:49
dpmdavmor2, I hadn't ever heard the term whipersnappers before :)14:49
k1l_bbtt2014tb: "ubuntu" i guess :)14:49
scollonpBe very disappointed if it's not!14:50
k1l_but i think it will be about the roadmap oli.ries rolled out yesterday14:50
davmor2dpm: you're obviously not old enough either ;)14:50
dpmbbtt2014tb, it's going to be our regular Ubuntu Q&A, with olli as our featured guest to talk and take questions about the Ubuntu roadmap and convergence14:50
bbtt2014tbOh I thought it was going to be about Cat and Dogs Dang it14:50
bbtt2014tbdpm: Thanks at least you can tell me14:51
k1l_bbtt2014tb: http://www.olli-ries.com/t-242d/14:51
limivanbhi all, i'm using elementary OS freya.. what's yours?14:51
bbtt2014tbWindows 1014:52
limivanbwhat's the experience in Windows 10?14:53
Melioi dual boot windows 10 and ubuntu14:53
Melioubuntu sees way more hardware then windows does on my laptop.14:53
OhYash6 Mins to go14:53
OhYashHi everyone14:54
Meliohello OhYash14:54
k1l_windows10 went a whole step closer to the linux desktops, design and functionality wise, imho14:54
Meliothis webclient sux14:54
ollidholbach, not sure if you could hear me, I ony got noise from your end14:54
Melioit doesnt automaticly scroll to the bottom of the chat14:54
k1l_now you can get a 4x4 tiling on win10, and different workspaces....14:54
OhYashI'm on Hermes (android) this is good.14:55
dholbacholli, I heard you all right - let me log out and back in again14:55
OhYashk1l_: and here I am enjoying woobly windows14:55
bbtt2014tblimivanb  Its more stabled I think then Windows 8.114:56
Meliocontana on windows 10 is a bummer14:56
Melioit's so primative14:56
MelioI would rather just use my android "ok google" interface14:56
OhYashMelio good to hear 😂😁😀14:57
limivanb@bbtt2014tb thanks for the feedback14:57
bbtt2014tbMelio : Why do you think it a bumer. I think it has great it like a pressonal assistant14:57
Meliodragon dictate had voice control working 15 years ago properly. they keep reinventing the wheel14:57
OhYashNever heard of that14:58
Melioit doesnt launch apps, it has no search14:58
limivanbanybody here know how to install counter strike (any version) in Ubuntu?14:58
OhYashBut I can tell Google Now is the most immature voice assistant I've ever used14:58
bbtt2014tbMelio: It Launches Apps and Searches It better then OK GOOGLE14:58
Meliolimivanb: if it's on steam it'll install on linux if it's a compatible game. otherwise you need to look at wine14:59
OhYashIts gonna happen.... its gonna happen now14:59
Meliobbtt2014tb: i havent seen it do that. I'll keep playing with it14:59
dpmok, about to start in a minute15:00
limivanb@Melio: thanks.. only 2 options? wine or steam?15:00
olligoing live15:01
Meliolimivanb: i would start there15:01
popeymmmm beer15:02
OhYashI see loading bar, oh, I forgot my internet is slow15:02
olli5pm here15:02
wablablablahi all15:02
kivihi all15:02
balloonshello hello15:02
ollihey hey15:02
limivanb11pm here in the Philippines15:02
ollitotaly beer o'clock then15:02
popey4pm in grey England here :)15:02
MelioAll is good, sound and 720p video15:03
popeyalmost beer o'clock15:03
nhainesdpm: Can hear you loud and clear.  :)15:03
Melio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL IS GOOD !!!!!15:03
kiviQUESTION: News on North American Phone yet?15:03
popeyprefix questions with QUESTION: pls.15:03
birajhi david15:03
balloonsbring on the questions!15:03
wablablablaQUESTION: when can we download the Ubuntu Personal iso image (with installer)15:03
biraji love ubuntu15:04
kiviQUESTION: Will ubuntu touch support snapshots?15:04
biraji want to join ubuntu community team15:04
bbtt2Will Ubuntu run Windows Application without WINE15:04
Meliobbtt2: why would it do that?15:04
dpmbbtt2, remember to prefix the questions with QUESTION: for us not to miss them15:04
kivibbtt2, QUESTION:  Will Ubuntu run Windows Application without WINE15:05
wablablablakivi NO!15:05
kiviwablablabla, not my question!15:05
MelioWe want to know what your scrum # status is!15:05
popeyblog post olli is talking about15:05
Meliomy son uses ubuntu on his nexus 415:06
Meliohe loves it.15:06
popeyheh, nice15:06
bbtt2ITS SO LGAGGY15:06
balloonsnice Melio15:06
OhYashQUESTION: Ram consumption Unity7 (Xorg) vs Unity8 (Mir)...15:06
popeyunfortunately olli lives in a hole in the ground where internet access is spotty, bear with it :)15:06
balloons^^ I can relate15:06
nik90QUESTION: Is deb-based ubuntu going to be stopped once Ubuntu Personal becomes stable?15:06
mhall119OhYash: that's not really a question15:06
nik90QUESTION: Who is deb-based and snappy-based ubuntu targetted at?15:07
kiviI searched for ubuntu make the other day, researching gcc, and was momentarily confused~15:07
nhainespopey: TIL that olli and I are neighbors.15:07
nhaines(Because Internet)15:07
popeynhaines: caves ftw15:07
balloonsOhYash, interesting question, but it's hard to really decipher something like that15:07
OhYashmhall119 was writing a actual question, changed it..15:08
wablablablaQUSTION: when will this page (ubuntuonair.com) be redesigned? it's frustrating now!!! please at least move the comment/irc next to the video (right) and make it more beautiful! maybe drop the dotted background15:08
OhYashballoons yeah, but with windowed mode and on current state15:08
mhall119wablablabla: it'll be improved as soon as somebody offers to do the work to improve it, are you volunteering?15:09
wablablablamhall119: i'm a taxi driver :)))15:09
mhall119you have a computer that you can type on, that's all the equipment you need :)15:10
popeyand you have a car, you can drive somewhere with internet access! :D15:10
balloonsI did make changes to make the irc box bigger a bit ago15:10
wablablablai guess.. i can design something ))15:10
limivanbQuestion: What is the minimum requirements to join the ubuntu development team?15:10
balloonsit's technically nicer now :-)15:10
Mint17Hi everyone, sorry to disturb. I know it's not correct to talk about another distro here but I need some help about Linux Mint. Can anyone lend me a hand?15:10
dholbachQUESTION: In which part of Ubuntu would you like people to get involved?15:11
birajquestion: want to localize ubuntu touch localization?15:11
mhall119wablablabla: we've had people from all kinds of professions contribute to Ubuntu, it's not just those who write software for a living15:11
kiviQUESTION: olli - In ubuntu snappy, are there any things such as libraries that you will need to build statically?15:11
mhall119Mint17: have you tried Mint's help channels?15:12
dholbachkivi, not necessarily - you can also bundle shared libraries and set something like LD_LIBRARY_PATH when running the binary15:12
Mint17mhall119 there is only one(non-registered) and they are zzZz! since a while15:12
dholbachkivi, so, you could copy a library from a .deb and put it into the snap15:12
limivanbany part as long as i can manage.15:13
dholbachMint17, or ask on stackexchange or their forums or something?15:13
dholbachMint17, in any case this channel is about the current live show of http://ubuntuonair.com/15:13
mhall119Mint17: also try mailinglists, forums, whatever else Mint provides15:13
Mint17ok guys, thanks anyway.15:14
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limivanbQuestion: What are the new features of next version of Ubuntu?15:14
kividholbach, when running the binary?15:14
nik90QUESTION: Can Unity8 & Mir be used in deb-based ubuntu? (since it uses click packaging on the phone)15:14
dpmgood questions everyone!15:15
popeygot a lot of questions to queue up15:15
balloonsnik90, sure, there's a container for that!15:15
* balloons ducks15:15
kiviolli, QUESTION: What is the difference between unity8, unity next, ubuntu touch... is there one that I'm missing?15:15
rschrollQUESTION: Gnome has been working on their own application sandboxing (see, e.g., https://blogs.gnome.org/uraeus/2014/07/10/desktop-containers-the-way-forward/). Has there been / will there be any collaboration with them?15:15
mhall119kivi: snappy personal15:15
kiviheh :)15:15
dholbachkivi, yep, just add a small shell script which uses LD_LIBRARY_PATH as environment variable15:16
kiviI hadn't heard about snappy personal until 15 minutes ago.15:16
balloonsif you missed it, here's olli's blog post again: http://www.olli-ries.com/t-242d/15:16
nik90balloons: ah yes..so in the container I can install both deb-based and click-based apps?15:16
wablablablaQUESTION: when will Ubuntu Personal land on Ubuntu Phones?15:16
kividholbach, so LD_LIBRARY_PATH=somesharedlib.so15:17
kiviand then /path/to/binary?15:18
kiviwoot dd!15:18
dholbachkivi, LD_LIBRARY_PATH=./libs/ ./run-my-binary15:18
dholbachor something15:18
birajQUESTION: want to join ubuntu community team ? how?15:18
kividholbach, ah got it15:19
mhall119biraj: 90% of being a part of the Ubuntu community is just showing up :)15:19
dholbachQUESTION: What do you think the landscape will look like for 3rd party developers by 16.04?15:19
mhall119biraj: what areas are you interested in?15:19
balloonsnik90, hehe. Actually, that's a good question. I've never tried to install debs, but there's no reason I can think of that I couldn't15:19
kividholbach, what about a python interpreter though? ive been looking at virtualenv, after failing to get a satisfactory binary by building it statically.15:19
kividpm - like time machine on mac15:20
balloonsnik90, I of course was being silly as running the unity8 desktop in lxc while on unity715:20
mhall119biraj: http://community.ubuntu.com/ is a good place to start, there's a "Find a Task" button there that will direct you to other areas depending on your interests15:20
kivipopey, yes!15:20
mhall119olli: asking yourself null questions?15:20
birajmhall119: thanks15:20
balloonsmakes him seem more popular!15:20
k1l_that would be easy to answer at least :)15:21
dholbachkivi, I don't know what the newest is on python - http://www.wefearchange.org/2015/04/creating-python-snaps.html is already 4 months old15:21
dholbachkivi, maybe just ask in #snappy for now15:21
kividholbach, oh i'll take a look at that15:21
kivioh! great tips!15:21
dholbachkivi, instructions might have changed :)15:21
SilviuQUESTION: Are workspaces planned for Unity 8?15:22
birajmhall119: i am looking for basically tech evangelism and localization15:22
FirstfawQUESTION: on market there are some MHL cables to connect MX4 with monitor. Will that feature land in Ubuntu edition? Or is there any other way to connect MX4 with monitor (bluetooth, wifi)? Is there a technical problem or lack of developers to do that?15:22
wablablablaQUESTION: since SDL2 is used so much for gaming are there any plans to officially support SDL2? maybe even with a default template in Ubuntu SDK15:23
mhall119Silviu: yes, you can see them in the new switcher screen demo that's making the rounds on G+15:23
darrrenQUESTION: Canonical seem to have got rid of Ubuntu One just when it was needed the most. Are there any plans to have some kind of official way of synchronising things from Ubuntu phone to Ubuntu on your laptop etc? (or do I have to wait until we can get syncthing on the phone?)15:23
Guest44652QUESTION: Is there any communication with KDE community over "Shashlik" (Android Applications on Real Linux) approach by Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen? Does Ubuntu consider this?15:23
mhall119Silviu: the preview at hte top, above the window stack, is the workspace swither15:23
k1l_QUESTION: so 16.04 will be (the last) "traditional" desktop ubuntu with unity7, xorg and .deb packages? from that on it will start to be unity8, MIR and snappy?15:24
w2vyQUESTION: All the discussion is about Phones, where do the Tablets stand right now? (Such as 'Supported' Nexus 10)15:24
mhall119k1l_: no15:24
imnicholCan I ask questions unrelated to the blog that olli posted?15:24
gQuigsQUESTION:  Any work to let me run Snap applications on the deb system for the 16.04 release?   Would make it much easier for app developers to target us15:25
kiviFAKE QUESTION: I heard from an employee of Canonical that you were definitely moving to a rolling release on the Linux Unplugged action show. When will this happen?15:25
kivi /s/action//15:25
mhall119kivi: FAKE ANSWER as soon as we change the default browser, music player and file manager :)15:25
kiviha ha15:26
popeykivi: haha, that's not fake! :)15:26
popeydid I say that? :)15:26
balloonskivi, mhall119 it will happen 1.5 years ago15:26
nik90olli: awesome thnx, that answered my questions.15:26
balloonsor did you miss that part where we are effectively rolling?15:26
mhall119"Canonical going to rolling release (source: former Canonical employee popey )"15:26
birajmhall119: please help me to get started with tech evangelism and localization15:26
kiviha ha15:26
SilviuTaking notes...15:27
darrrenQUESTION: How long until we get languages other than QML? Any chance of a  Python SDK?15:27
popeyheheh Silviu :)15:27
wablablablaok tahnsk15:27
balloonslol Silviu15:28
mhall119biraj: biraj https://translations.launchpad.net/+groups/ubuntu-translators is the best place to get involved in translations, there's a very active community that works together on them15:28
dholbachdpm, that was a question for Olli :)15:28
dholbachdpm, or ask everyone :)15:28
mhall119darrren: we already have HTML5, and unofficially C++15:28
dholbachthat's fine too15:28
mhall119darrren: there's work on Go too15:28
limivanbQUESTION: What is the minimum requirements to join the ubuntu development team?15:28
mhall119limivanb: a computer with internet access15:28
limivanbQUESTION: What are the new features of next version of Ubuntu?15:29
mhall119limivanb: anybody can contribute to Ubuntu at any time15:29
wablablablalimivanb: 15.10?15:29
mhall119limivanb: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment15:29
dshimerQUESTION: Is is possible to switch between standard Ubuntu and Personal from the login screen? If not, is there a point where it will be possible?15:30
SteveatCiscoWhat are the potential advantages of a common OS codebase that runs clouds (datacenters), user endpoints (laptops, desktops, phones, tablets) and IoT devices ?.15:31
imnicholQUESTION: I've heard(I think from mhall119) that the backend for the snappy store isn't open sourced.  Is that true?  If so: why not?  Wouldn't it benefit uptake if other parties could distribute snaps?15:31
mhall119dshimer: the login screen lets you switch between desktops, but the difference between deb-based and snappy-based is lower level than that15:31
wablablablaQUESTION: is QML really designed for writing games? what is the official supported way for writing games for Ubuntu Phone? html5 and QML will kill your battery and set your phone on fire15:31
FirstfawQUESTION: on market there are some MHL cables to connect MX4 with monitor. Will that feature land in Ubuntu edition? Or is there any other way to connect MX4 with monitor (bluetooth, wifi)? Is there a technical problem or lack of developers to do that?15:32
SilviuQUESTION: You're saying that Mir and Unity 8 might arrive with Ubuntu 16.04, if things go well. You'll have two Ubuntu versions, one with Unity 7 and one with Unity 8. Are both going to be LTS releases?15:32
dshimermhall119: So that is something that couldn't happen?  How about between Unity 7 and 8?15:32
popeyFirstfaw: mx4 doesn't support mhl as far as I am aware.15:32
popeyFirstfaw: might do with some firmware update later, but I'm not sure.15:33
halfsailQUESTION which core apps needs the most help?15:33
kiviQUESTION: Is the ubuntu podcast putting on some sort of competition right now?15:33
popeyhalfsail: dekko, the email app, and the calendar15:33
dholbachhalfsail, probably best to just start with what you have an active interest in15:33
dholbachhalfsail, or pick a bug that looks nice and easy :)15:34
mhall119dshimer: between Unity 7 and Unity 8 is already possible15:34
popeyhalfsail: feel free to ping me after the call - my contact details are at http://launchpad.net/~popey15:34
kiviolli, will they all need to be statically linked?15:34
dholbachkivi, no15:34
dholbachkivi, I think I answered the question earlier15:34
balloonsalways remember to http://blamepopey.com/15:35
kividholbach, you did; its for the general audience.15:35
dholbachah ok, sorry :)15:35
nik90QUESTION: As a developer, how should I be distributing apps so that it reaches a wide audience? (as snaps, deb?)15:35
dholbachkivi, it's actually quite nice: unpack armhf .deb, copy library over, be done :)15:35
mhall119wablablabla: what makes you think that HTML5 or QML games would cause problems on a phone?15:35
dholbachkivi,  and there's work in progress to automate this very very much15:35
dshimermhall119: Do you have a link to instructions? And would there be a reason for a casual user to do so? (not a developer but Ubuntu is all I use for everything)15:36
wablablablamhall119: i have an ubuntu phone15:36
wablablablaand it gets really hot15:36
mhall119wablablabla: so do I, and it gets hotter on apps that use the GPS radio than games15:36
mhall119dshimer: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity8inLXC15:37
Jimbo_JamboQUESTION: Convergence also means "backward compatibility" with the applications currently running on Ubuntu Desktop? Or should they be re-packaged for UbuntuPhone?15:37
mhall119wablablabla: in fact, Neverball is a fun 3D/OpenGL game that doesn't cause any problems on my phone15:38
mhall119well, that's not QML, so maybe not a good example15:38
mhall119Pathwind is QML though, and it runs fine15:38
mhall119remember that QML is a thin layer on top of Qt, which it itself very efficiently run on top of OpenGL15:38
bq_aquaris[QUESTION] If I buy a new ubuntu phone, I've to install the apps of my old phone individual, or they can install automatically? Like Android does...15:39
popeybq_aquaris: not yet.15:39
mhall119bq_aquaris: it's coming though, the app store is already able to remember what you've installed15:40
kiviQUESTION: Can Olli sing a song for us at the end, just like Jono used to do?15:40
nik90kivi: lol15:40
mhall119death metal olli15:41
kivinik90, o/15:41
nik90olli: u might want to watch out for this :P ^15:41
popeynobody wants that15:41
mhall119popey: I do, a little bit :)15:42
UbuntuUserQUESTION: Are we ever going to see an update to BlueZ 5 in Ubuntu?15:42
dholbachUbuntuUser, the desktop team just had a meeting about this15:43
UbuntuUserdholbach, any progress? It's been a super long time since version 5 came out15:43
dholbachUbuntuUser, maybe ask in #ubuntu-desktop15:43
UbuntuUserdholbach, OK thanks15:43
dholbachUbuntuUser, I'm afraid I don't know15:43
rschrollpopey: If there were a Gnome-on-Air, I'd ask them the same question :)15:44
rschrollAs an application developer, I'd rather have one sandboxed container format to build for, not two.15:44
kiviQUESTION: Does landscape work on ubuntu phones?15:45
NunutuWhen gonna be available Stickers on Ubuntu Phone?15:46
mhall119Nunutu: do you mean in the Telegram app?15:46
UbuntuUserQUESTION: Does Canonical have any monetisation strategy with Ubuntu on the desktop?15:46
mhall119Nunutu: /join #ubuntu-telegram and you can ask the developers15:46
mhall119Nunutu: last I heard it was planned, but things like stability and getting videos working was higher priority15:47
bq_aquaris[QUESTION] Will the telegram app integrate the messages from the "messaging-app"?15:47
dholbachNunutu, feel free to subscribe to https://bugs.launchpad.net/libqtelegram/+bug/141965615:47
NunutuOkay ty ^^15:47
* mhall119 also wants Stickers working on his phone15:47
Guest44652QUESTION: Does ongoing developement requarding selling HERE to some companies, anyway affect the HERE map integration in ubuntu touch? If then waht is the next choice for ubuntu phone?15:49
mhall119Guest44652: we already use HERE maps on our commercial phones I think15:50
FirstfawQUESTION: So maybe technology like Miracast to share screen?15:50
balloonstemplate for sdl is here: https://github.com/Sturmflut/ubuntu-touch-sdl-template15:50
kiviQUESTION: If you hook up a monitor to your ubuntu phone, how will you hook up a mouse and keyboard? Bluetooth?15:51
mhall119FUD-driven-development :)15:51
OhYashIs the UOA still up or ended? Asking cuz I was out for dinner and I'm in IRC client right now. (Lazy to open the webpage)15:57
popeyOhYash: yes, almost finished15:59
imnicholsince I'm guessing that they won't get to my question, is there a better place to ask it?15:59
imnicholOh, ok, the stream *just* hit the part where david explained how they're gonna handle it... thanks!16:00
dholbachchange from the car to a bike on the fly: very funny :)16:01
OsirezQuestion: MIR will be a great step forward but how will that effect Steam on Ubuntu since Valve is using Debian as they're base?16:01
guest321their * base16:02
balloonsTHAT EXIT popey16:03
nik90did just popey just leave the hangout :P16:03
nik90nicely done16:04
popey"Network issues"16:04
dholbachwell done everyone :)16:04
balloonstons of fun.. Great great questions16:04
popeywe should do this again16:04
popeyNext tuesday!16:04
kiviElvis has left the building16:04
dholbachkivi, nice one16:04
balloonsmy blamepopey.com is still running16:05
balloonsI should package this.. It's a great idle game :-)16:05
dholbachdpm, and I found out what "broke" my microphone - we had a usb-powered laptop cooler in the office today which I used because it was super hot, turned out that Ubuntu started believing it was a dock with its own microphone which confused the rest of the system...........16:05
nik90balloons: yes I waited for a while just to see what that game did :P16:05
dpmthanks eveyone!16:06
nik90awesome session16:06
dholbachdpm, so there's no way around scorching hot hangouts16:06
dpmdholbach, that's even better than my excuse "car got towed because of a slide in the street where it was parked"16:06
balloonsthese stories16:07
balloonsI think the germans are a little sun-scorched16:07
dholbachyeah, my brain stopped working days ago16:07
dholbachall right - I call it a day - see you all tomorrow :)16:07
ollithanks everyone for joining16:15
ollimy network stack committed suicide right in time _after_ the HO16:15
ollifeel free to get in touch at any time16:15
Blueadep7stream and irc working fine on mx4... :)17:33

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