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ubottuwileee called the ops in #ubuntu (atropos)07:56
ubottucfhowlett called the ops in #ubuntu (Jock-Roach racist trolling FUD)08:49
k1lseems like its idiot day, today08:56
DJonesSchool holidays08:58
k1lon my schoolholidays i was outside doing sports or swimming with friends etc. seems like beeing a jerk on the internet is the new trend09:07
Flannelk1l: Outside is scary.  The daystar is out there.09:09
Unit193Also bugs and sunburns.09:09
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PiciI wasn'15:06
Picit paying attention in #u, so if I just told a troll to join #u-ot, then sorry15:06
k1l_seems like a bored schoolholiday guy. better keep an eye on -ot if he keeps his attitude there15:08
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Pici!guidelines > tehcha17:58

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