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balloonsgood day to everyone13:58
svijo/ dkessel17:22
dkesselhey svij17:23
svijdkessel: are you coming to ubucon.de ?17:24
dkesselsvij: i don't think so. i might come to openrheinruhr again though. how about you?17:29
svijtoo bad… I wanted to find a guy who does a Ubuntu QA Workshop/talk ;)17:30
svijoh ubucon is must (oh wonder, I'm head of the orga team :D) and I'll also be at openrheinruhr and froscon17:30
dkesselheh. okay, we might meet at ORR then, if I come.17:31
svijgreat :)17:32
svijam I the only one who has no idea what those servers are? → "I have two G5s, a G4 and a 4U G1 I can donate if someone wants to pay for17:33
svijshipping or hosting."17:33
dkesselsvij: regarding the ec2 instance: http://aws.amazon.com/de/ec2/pricing/#reserved-instances says about 29.20 USD/ per month when paying for one year? you wrote something about 40 usd17:37
dkesselsvij: i think those are HP server model names.17:38
dkesselG4 and G5 doesn't say much about the specs though: https://www.servershop24.de/server/hp/dl-serie/dl380/g5/17:38
svijdkessel: you are right, I only looked at the "on demand instances" not the reserved ones17:38
svijoh well, so the model name doesn't say much about the actual hardware17:40
dkesselyeah, it's more a "generation 4" or "generation 5" thing, I think17:42
* dkessel is no longer open to hosting the server, if it is about something as loud as a g4 or g5 :p . this would be in our private flat, after all.18:13
* svij has a basement18:16
svijbut I think an ec2 instance is a bit better18:17
flocculantcan we not try this for free first?18:18
svijI want to try that tomorrow, if shrini doesn't do it until then18:19
svijshould be only a few cents for testing…18:20
svijonly t2.micro (1 vcpu/1GB ram) is free for 750h it seems18:20
flocculantsvij: does that matter if all we need to do is prove it18:20
svijmight work with only one gb of ram…18:21
balloonshowdy all18:28
flocculanthi balloons18:28
svijhi balloons18:28
balloonswhat a day ..18:31
balloonshow is everyone?18:31
flocculantall good here thanks18:31
svijsame  here :)18:32
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svijballoons: flocculant: dkessel: it seems to work when I specifically disable kvm19:07
balloonssvij, what do you mean by that?19:07
svijI can run the tests on ec219:07
svijatleast it's boots the iso inside an ec2 instance19:08
balloonssvij, interesting19:09
balloonspresumably it would work on do then also?19:09
balloonswill ubiquity go crazy or will it run, heh19:10
svijit should yes.19:10
svijthe test script had an explicit call of "--enable-kvm" which I removed19:10
dkesselsvij: so do you get actual test results? it should get to the "known broken" point with the unexpected coordinates....19:10
balloonsahh that's true. it won't attempt a full install anyway at the moment, so that would be useful to understand19:11
svijI've started the tests… waiting now19:11
flocculantyou want us all to hum along?19:18
svij/var/log/syslog: Aug  4 19:14:15 ubuntu gnome-session[1738]: E: Command failed after 3 tries: sudo apt-get install -yq bzr ssh python3-autopilot libautopilot-gtk python3-xlib recordmydesktop19:18
svij/var/log/syslog: Aug  4 19:14:16 ubuntu gnome-session[1738]: E: Aborting!19:18
* svij scratches his head.19:18
svijoh "Failed to fork" above thos lines…19:19
svijI guess, it 512mb ram is too low for the vm inside the ec2 instance19:20
flocculantworth trying if it was free :)19:22
dkesselyou could try with swap, if you are allowed to do that :)19:23
svijheh… well after that it would possibly stop because theres not enough space left ;)19:25
svijit only has 8GB19:25
dkesselmh. you might be right then.19:28
svijbut if the iso boots in the cloud, the tests should theoretically run…19:29
svijI hope :D19:29
svijI'll try a bigger vm tomorrow.19:29
* svij goes to bed…19:33
dkesselnight svij. i'll do the same19:46
balloonsthanks for trying!20:11

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