slangasekman, what's with the sort order on http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/transitions/00:23
slangasekxnox: are you driving no-change rebuilds for boost1.58?00:24
slangasekI have a stack of ABI-breaking libraries /on top/ of gnuradio whose build-deps are currently uninstallable because of boost->libzeep->gnuradio, so if nobody is batching those up I suppose I should take a look soon00:25
slangasekOTOH I should also double-check that these gnuradio revdeps are actually libraries and not just plugins or something00:26
slangasekanyone have the url to the last full-archive rebuild test? (main+universe)01:04
slangasek looks like this might be it - https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archive/test-rebuild-2015040201:15
slangasekPackage: libgdome2-cpp-smart0v501:51
slangasekConflicts: libgdome2-cpp-smart0c2a, libgdome2-cpp-smart0, libgdome2-cpp-smart0c201:51
slangaseklatest script revision, smarts added to handle c2/c2a -> v5 renaming. http://paste.ubuntu.com/11997246/01:53
slangasekshould kdepimlibs have gotten a package name transition already?  it shows up in my to-be-converted list04:27
slangasekwow, so hdf5's C++ library has a symbols file where every single symbol is marked 'optional' and new symbols are not build failures.  ok then!07:15
slangasek... and furthermore there's a version script, which doesn't match any of the new symbols07:33
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slangasekugh who let gadap into the archive (library package builds only .a, which is used by other packages in the archive)17:53
infinityslangasek: #debian-ftp is over there.17:54
* infinity points.17:54
infinityslangasek: Though, it seems to only have one r-build-dep, so it could be worse...17:55
slangasekinfinity: yes, it's still a pain for abi transitions17:59
infinityslangasek: Don't worry, Go will save us all from this evil C++.17:59
infinityslangasek: Also, can you be a dear and review ubuntu-drivers-common/trusty?18:01
infinityI suppose I should make sure it passes its testsuite first...18:02
infinityOh look, it passes.18:06
infinitybdmurray: You around?18:13
bdmurrayinfinity: yep18:16
infinitybdmurray: Too late, I think arges is on the case.18:17
infinityslangasek: Disregard the pleading for review.18:17
bdmurrayinfinity: when is this point release?18:17
infinitybdmurray: Thursday.18:17
bdmurrayinfinity: okay, I was just thinking about meta-release changes and being out on Friday18:18
infinitybdmurray: Ahh, yeah.  Who else has commit to that?  We really need to spread it around a bit more.18:18
infinity... not that it's accurate anyway right now.18:19
infinitybdmurray: lucid still claims to be Supporter: 1 in meta-release-lts.18:19
infinityAnd in meta-release18:19
infinityAnd, not shockingly, -development.18:19
infinitybdmurray: I must have missed bugging you about EOL on that one.18:20
infinitybdmurray: Then again, no one ever changed it to 10.04.4 either, so it seems lucid is full of meta-release fail. :)18:21
argesinfinity: ok accepted ubuntu-drivers-common into trusty-proposed18:21
infinityarges: Ta!18:21
bdmurrayinfinity: I'll have a look at fixing that.18:21
slangasekinfinity: ok disregarding18:25
slangasekseb128: did you look at reverse-depends before removing xbmc from wily?  xbmc-pvr-addons, at least, should also go18:32
slangasek(or be renamed or something18:33
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bdmurrayinfinity: wrt meta-release its cjwatson, mvo and me18:51
infinitybdmurray: Yeah, should probably add me to that list, since two of those people are not directly involved in the release process anymore.18:59
bdmurrayinfinity: I'll submit an RT for you since its a group change on a server and I know the details.19:08
infinitybdmurray: Ta.19:08
infinitybdmurray: Then tell me what branch I'm supposed to check out. :P19:09
bdmurrayinfinity: ~ubuntu-core-dev/meta-release/ubuntu/19:12
infinitybdmurray: Well, based on the path, I assume lots and lots of us have commit to that...19:12
infinitybdmurray: So, there's clearly a second step here that involves changelogs.u.c19:12
bdmurrayinfinity: yeah, there is some manual copying around on the server19:13
infinitybdmurray: Check.19:13
slangasekrobru: I'm about to trigger mass-rebuilds for tinyxml, because I found some intersection between that transition and the libjsoncpp one20:28
slangasekrobru: so http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/transitions/html/tinyxml-g++5.html may be worth looking at in a little bit20:28
robruslangasek: oh hey. sorry I'm late going to lunch, the creds leak situation turned out to be worse than I thought (in addition to the fixes I told you, it's also leaking tokens when debugging is enabled). so I've only just fixed this, just about to lunch now20:29
robruslangasek: thanks for the tip though20:29
slangaseklooking into the ogre-1.8 FTBFS21:36
slangasek(by way of a convoluted chain of dependencies that will not be expanded here)21:36
robruslangasek: ok sorry about that, what am I looking at on that page there?22:28
robruslangasek: I see a whole lot of red X's. that's good, right?22:28
slangasekrobru: it's good that you see them but not good that they're there22:29
robruslangasek: so I should just drill down into the build logs and figure out what the failures are?22:29
slangasekrobru: you'll notice a double dose of them in arm64, ppc, and (to a lesser extent) ppc64el; those are ignoreable for now and just mean that the builders for those archs are a little behind.  For the ones with x in the amd64 column, yes, drill down and figure out the cause of failure22:30
robruslangasek: ah I was just about to ask if there was a distinction between "failing on all arches" and "failing on some arches", you read my mind ;-)22:30
slangasekrobru: particularly for packages that have XubuntuY version numbers, it's worth looking whether there's a newer version in Debian that might fix the failure (merges.ubuntu.com)22:31
slangasekrobru: for packages that a reasonable fix is possible, prepare a source package and submit it to sponsorship queue (which in this case means: open bug on package, upload debdiff, subscribe ubuntu-sponsors) and you can also ping here for uploads22:32
slangasekrobru: for unseeded packages where a fix seems untractable, it's often reasonable to remove the package from wily and wait for a fix from Debian; feel free to propose removals where you think this is appropriate22:33
robruslangasek: oh man that sounds like a crusty workflow. can't just dput to my ppa or something?22:33
slangasekrobru: and if you find packages that are failing to build because their build dependencies are uninstallable, that may indicate that we need to traverse a different part of the dep chain or retry the builds etc22:34
slangasekrobru: no, the sponsors don't want to be redownloading a full package from a ppa :)22:34
slangasekinterchanging debdiffs is more efficient22:35
robruslangasek: k I'm not great with debdiffs but I'll figure it out. should I be attempting to reproduce these failures locally in sbuild or something?22:35
slangasekrobru: generally yes22:35
slangasekas for debdiffs, the command is 'debdiff' to create a diff between two source packages (.dscs)22:36
infinityrobru: "Not great with debdiffs"?  After you build that source package you would have uploaded to your ppa, "debdiff old.dsc new.dsc > new.debdiff" done.22:36
robruinfinity: well I don't have old.dsc at the moment ;-)22:36
infinityFor bonus points, read the debdiff too. :P22:36
infinityrobru: How are you lacking old.dsc?22:36
infinityrobru: Oh.  If you're using UDD/bzr for this and trusting the branches to be accurate, stop that.22:37
robruinfinity: because I literally *just* started looking at this and I don't have anything on my system at all.22:37
infinityrobru: pull-lp-source $package && hack, hack, hack && debuild -S && debdiff old new.22:37
slangasekrobru: 'pull-lp-source'22:37
robruslangasek: infinity: thanks. last time I tried asking around for how to download source packages nobody seemed to know and I ended up writing some hack to fudge sources.list to make 'apt-get source' download from other archives.22:38
slangasekI guess you didn't ask the right people ;)22:39
robruslangasek: no apparently not. but they were core devs oddly22:39
cjwatsonpull-lp-source knowledge has been percolating outwards for a while.  I think most people have heard of it now but that was less so a year or so ago22:39
robrunow I need to figure out how to set up sbuild ;-)22:40
infinitySadly, pull-debian-source is in a bit of a state, with Debian's APIs in flux.  Need to fix that to use ftpmaster's new shiny on all releases.22:40
infinityBut pull-lp-source is definitely love.22:40
robruoh man, sbuild wants to pull in exim4. Can it, like, not?22:41
infinityrobru: apt-get install nullmailer sbuild22:41
robruinfinity: thanks22:42
infinityrobru: Or some real MTA of choice, if you want to mail stuff.22:42
robruinfinity: nah, happy gmail user22:42
infinity(sbuild likes to mail out build logs, but this feature is perhaps of questionable value to the average dev)22:42
robruyep, sounds useless to me22:43

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