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Hawk_is there a reason why rootstock-touch-install must perform the work on the phone instead of on the local pc?03:00
Hawk_most of the work are carried out via loop mounting?03:01
Hawk_due users groups?03:19
liuxghas anyone used actions in MainView. it seems that it does not show the icon03:20
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sauraedronhi, i am trying to build ubuntu touch https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/ubuntu-for-devices/porting-new-device/ when i type in lunch i get "The program 'lunch' is currently not installed." how do i solve this ?, do i need to install python-lunch ?06:54
dholbachgood morning07:11
nhaines!question | sauraedron07:14
ubot5sauraedron: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:14
sauraedronnever mind got it07:18
nhainessauraedron: glad to hear it!  :)07:22
sauraedronnhaines, the repo is 15gb? right ?07:22
nhainesThe git checkout for the Ubuntu touch file system?  I'm not sure.  That *sounds* right but I play around with webapps more than anything else so far.07:23
sauraedronafter running phablet-dev-bootstrap07:23
sauraedroni got only 5 gb of files07:23
nhainesI've never run that.  :)07:23
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om26erHey! How can I turn on wifi from commandline on the phone. Need that for some automation.07:34
jgdxom26er, I can prob point you in the direction, which I think is a dbus call to urfkill.08:35
om26erjgdx, yeah, I used rfkill block wlan08:35
om26er...and unblock08:35
jgdxokay so you figured it out?08:35
om26erdednick, Hi!08:49
dednickom26er: hi08:49
om26erdednick, I am trying to enable wifi through rfkill, the issue I am seeing is that if its turned off from the network indicator then doing through rfkill does not turn it on08:50
om26ercan you suggest a more "solid" command_line way to turn on wifi ?08:50
om26erI am using 'rfkill unblock wlan'08:51
dednickom26er: as far as i know, the indicator uses rfkill to turn it off, so it should work from cmd08:51
dednickom26er: give me a minute08:52
om26erdednick, sure08:52
Knipleso, I've heard much about the docking function of Ubuntu touch, but havent really seen anything explaining how to do it, are there any guides? (my google-fu has failed me)08:54
KnipleIs it still a thing?08:55
nhainesIs is still will be a thing.08:55
Knipleah, so its not done yet, makes sense I guess08:55
Knipleseen some demos, which look rather troublesome to get working08:55
nhainesYup!  But 40% of the time it works every time!08:56
nhainesThe plan is for something basic to run by Ubuntu 15.10.08:57
Knipleubuntu still uses the year.month version number, right?08:57
nhainesYes, although it's not very useful for phones per se.  :)08:58
Kniplebeen a few years since I last used ubuntu, so :)08:58
nhainesPhones and snappy is almost like a rolling release.  But still based on the year.month desktop releases.08:58
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Coast Guard Day! 😃08:59
Kniplecoast guard day?09:00
nhainesYes, it's like the phones, a read-only base Ubuntu system image that you can build on top of!  Everything isolated and secure.  http://www.ubuntu.com/internet-of-things09:00
Knipleoh right!09:00
KnipleI've heard of this.09:00
Knipleis partly why you can't use apt-get from a terminal of the phone, right?09:00
nhainesIt sort of came out of the technology designed for the phone and app store, and soon the phone will migrate to pure snappy.09:00
nhainesFortunately, they're working on a tool to convert packages to snaps!09:01
KnipleI guess you can force it, but that'd break things09:01
Kniplewill it convert any .deb package?09:01
nhainesYes, apt-get or dpkg doesn't understand hardlinks across readonly/overlay file systems or something techy like that.  Tends to break things on upgrades.09:01
nhainesSnapcraft was just announced yesterday, but yes, the goal eventually is that it converts any .deb package.09:02
Knipleseems nice09:02
nhaines2.5 minute demonstration: https://insights.ubuntu.com/2015/08/03/java-on-snappy/09:02
Knipleman, I wish I was a bit more proficient in programming, I'd make things for ubuntu touch09:03
nhainesWell, it's a great motivation to learn.  :)  And most touch apps run on the desktop, too.09:04
KnipleI guess it'd be "easy" to learn, since I already do quite a lot of scripting, so I got most things in place. I just lack the foundational knowledge of building actual applications.09:04
nhainesThere are a couple simple tutorials at http://developer.ubuntu.com/09:05
nhainesA little javascript and a little QML and you're done.09:05
Kniplewas thinking of taking one of the open courseware MIT programs on programming.09:05
Knipleeugh, javascript09:05
gvs77Can I install packages outside of the ubuntu store (want to experiment with building my own)09:06
dednickom26er: so it looks like in the device disabling the wifi actually removes the wlan device interface09:06
nhainesThe SDK will push them straight to the phone for testing, or you can install the click package right on the phone.09:06
dednickom26er: doesnt happen on desktop09:07
om26erdednick, hmm, you know a way around that ?09:07
gvs77nhaines:  upload it and click it iin the file browser?09:07
dednickom26er: perhaps enabling it through the nm interface09:07
gvs77upload to the phone I mean09:07
svijnhaines: Kniple: there is already a deb2snap tool09:08
om26erdednick, yeah, but that would probably require root09:08
guest42345gvs77, first you need to build the click, then adp push it to the phone and then pkcon something to install it09:08
nhainesgvs77: push it to the phone and run something like pkcon install --local --allow-untrusted foobar.click and there it is.09:08
Kniplesvij: really?09:08
svijyep https://github.com/mikix/deb2snap09:08
dednickom26er: yes, most likely09:08
mcphailI'd be surprised if an automatic snap creation tool was useful for anything but the most trivial cases09:10
nhainesThat's okay, because I want it to be trivial to create snaps.09:10
mcphailnhaines: most applications which have been bundled in a .deb do not have a concept of confinement09:11
popeynhaines: pkcon install-local --allow-untrusted foobar.click (not install --local) fyi09:15
nhainespopey: thanks!  I always have to look that up.09:16
* mcphail had to create an alias for that :)09:16
nhainesI shall proceed to remember it for about two and a half weeks before I forget again.  :)09:17
dednickom26er: afraid that doesnt seem to work either :/09:18
dednickom26er: you'll need to ask somebody from the indicator team why it doesnt. works fine on desktop.09:19
dednickdbus-send --print-reply --system --dest=org.freedesktop.NetworkManager /org/freedesktop/NetworkManager org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties.Set string:"org.freedesktop.NetworkManager" string:"WirelessEnabled" variant:boolean:true09:19
popeyi keep a "in.sh" in my ~/bin on my phone with that command in, so I just "in.sh foo.click"09:19
nhainesOh, I just remembered... the "Photos" scope has been missing from the app store for a month or two.09:21
Kniplethanks svij :)09:40
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guest42345some reddit people can't adb into mx4 https://www.reddit.com/r/Ubuntu/comments/3fqatf/ubuntu_phone_cannot_use_developer_mode_neither/10:21
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popeyone person :)10:23
Guest25268yep, one reddit people10:23
* popey replied10:26
* Guest25268 nice ^_^10:27
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Hawk_[   12.829848] coresight-etb coresight-etb.0: ETB aborted [   12.829971] Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init! exitcode=0x0000020011:04
Hawk_finally got a boot screen..though its a crash. :)11:05
Hawk_how to go further on what caused the kernel panic?11:05
Hawk_[    9.835708] initrd: boot mode: ubuntu11:10
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ogra_Hawk_, check your console settings in the kernel config ... upstart requires a proper tty to attach to as console11:13
Hawk_Kernel command line: console=ttyHSL0,115200,n8 androidboot.hardware=qcom user_debug=31 msm_rtb.filter=0x3F ehci-hcd.park=3 maxcpus=2 androidboot.emmc=true androidboot.bootloader=s1 oemandroidboot.s1boot=1269-1300_S1_Boot_MSM_8X30_R1_25 androidboot.serialno=ZH8000912S ta_info=1,16,256 startup=0x00000001 warmboot=0x77665501 oemandroidboot.imei=3561940520305900 oemandroidboot.phoneid=0000:356194052030590011:14
Hawk_still using upstart? thought has been switched to systemd?11:14
ogra_not the phone, no11:14
Hawk_i am using wily-tarball11:15
ogra_try appending a console=tty1 or so to your cmdline11:15
ogra_you want vivid11:15
maggotsAnyone in europe get the meizu phone yet i ordered over 2 weeks ago and it looks like they did not ship it yet?11:15
Hawk_ok, will try vivid11:15
ogra_wily is in the middle of a gcc5 transition ... it will be totally broken currently11:16
Hawk_do I need the kernel console patch?11:16
ogra_Hawk_, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/ContainerArchitecture see the third paragraph in the top section there wrt consoles11:16
maggotsanyone have the meizu phone?11:17
ogra_you need to somehow have console=tty0 or tty1 as your last console= option, else upstart tries to attach to ttyHSL0, which it cant handle11:17
Hawk_orgra_ , noted. should be ok for me to just do the patch?11:17
ogra_maggots, plenty of people i'D guess11:17
nhainesogra_: I was never so happy as not to have upgraded my desktop to devel yet.  :D11:18
ogra_Hawk_, not sure if you even need that, try to set it in the kernel or if you can via the bootloader, the patch there is very specific to samsung11:18
ogra_nhaines, haha, yeah11:18
ogra_Hawk_, only use the patch if you cant achieve it without it11:18
Hawk_is console=ttyHSL0 all right?11:19
ogra_read what i wrote again ;)11:19
Hawk_will read up11:19
ogra_<ogra_> you need to somehow have console=tty0 or tty1 as your last console= option, else upstart tries to attach to ttyHSL0, which it cant handle11:19
Hawk_oic. :)11:20
Hawk_thanks again11:20
Hawk_notice that rootstock-ng is written by you11:21
Hawk_can we not do the tar stuff locally on the pc?11:21
Hawk_instead of on the phone11:21
ogra_well, then it takes a lot longer to transfer it over USB11:22
Hawk_i see11:22
ogra_both ways have their tradeoffs :)11:22
Hawk_for newbie to touch, perhaps it will help to note that /recovery need to be able to hold the tarball11:22
Hawk_and that /data partition has to be at least 2GB11:23
ogra_(i must admit i never stopwatched which one is faster but my guiess is they are equally slow)11:23
Hawk_mainly not so much on speed but rather on disk space on phone11:23
Hawk_some of the phone dont have enough11:23
ogra_hmm, doesnt the porting guide say that somewhere ?11:23
Hawk_no, i read through the guide...dun remember seeing it anywhere11:24
ogra_well, if you ever start supporting OTA upgrades your recovery partition needs to be big enouh to hold the whole image anyway11:24
Hawk_i had to go through the rootstock-ng-install script11:24
Hawk_yeah, that is when i am already familiar with touch. :)11:24
ogra_thats kind of a requirement ... :)11:24
Hawk_given that I am totally noob...11:24
Hawk_familiar with android not touch11:25
Hawk_how is all those android developer going to port touch then?11:25
Hawk_we learn "on the job". :)11:25
ogra_we all do :)11:25
Hawk_it does help to have a good doc...at least to get to a booting stage11:26
Hawk_anyway, thanks for all the tips...going to give it another go11:26
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Isotop7is it normal that i dont get a mouse arrow in convergence mode on my arale?13:49
Isotop7there is no point in using a mouse if i dont see where it hovers i think...13:49
Tm_TIsotop7: it's normal, no cursor yet13:54
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dobeyindeed, there are no converged devices yet14:04
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Guest25268Isotop7, should't be that hard to hack a mouse cursor :> the mouse is working. hack some unity8 qml's for a DIY pointer14:27
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ogra_there is a silo PPA with working mouse cursor already, it just didnt land in any image yet14:28
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GringerHello together, does someone use the Mx4 together with Owncloud Server? I can`t acces my webinterface with the browser. I see the Loginpage but when I press Log In nothing happens...14:29
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Dragonkeeperim new to writing qml .  i have some cpp code id like to use for an app . but im not sure about qml stuff.  would someone beable to give me an example of how to use a textfield to display console output from the cpp code  and send a key press 'c'  to the cpp console16:52
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LvM_Hi guys,17:08
LvM_quick question (sorry if i log out, i m on my phone)17:09
LvM_is it possible to dual boot on an iphone?17:09
jgdxLvM_, no, sorry.17:10
LvM_thank you for your swift reply, it saves me a lot of time :-)17:12
Dragonkeeperto run on iphone   iphone would 1st need android drivers17:13
jgdxDragonkeeper, http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qtqml-cppintegration-topic.html17:14
Dragonkeeperjgdx: thanks17:15
jgdxfrom that page there's http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qtqml-cppintegration-exposecppattributes.html for the first part, and http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qtqml-cppintegration-interactqmlfromcpp.html for the latter17:15
jgdxDragonkeeper, ^17:15
Dragonkeeper:)  lots to learn17:17
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jgdxDragonkeeper, there's a lot of bindings bundled in the ubuntu toolkit, so you don't necessarily need to write one yourself.17:34
jgdxDepends on what you want to do, of course, but some things can be done using qml only.17:35
Dragonkeeperjgdx: i want to write a text based game . like zork .  but i prefer cpp  so i just want qml to read the output from cpp and send input to cpp from button presses17:36
Dragonkeeperlooking at this ... id need to rewrite the cpp code ?17:39
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studio_is there, in the moment, a way to change the ui in ubuntu-touch?19:03
studio_maybe my question is, is it possible, to downgrade the device from mir back to x-server, to use for exp. xfce with an X-Server, instead of an MIR-Server?19:12
studio_is it, or isn't it, "in the moment"?19:20
studio_anybody here?19:32
Dragonkeeperqml app with c++ plugin ... better to use qmake or cmake ?19:42
studio_ok, no answer seems to be, that this problem is known ... sorry for asking questions like that :(19:49
mcphailaargh - did I miss studio_?19:55
zubHi. I'm trying to display a simple list in QML and I must be doing something horribly wrong. http://paste.ubuntu.com/12002501/ - any idea why the items don't show up?20:06
zubI see they are created (via the Component.onCompleted expressions)20:06
kenvandinezub, hey20:11
kenvandinezub, i think you need to set the geometry of ListView20:12
kenvandinelike anchors.fill: parent20:12
kenvandinetry that just to test20:12
zubkenvandine: hooray! re're right :)20:13
zubthanks a lot20:13
kenvandineno problem20:13
zubthere's another thing I don't understand: the list happily covers the Label that is defined above; I'm a QML newb, but I thought that when there are two items in a Column, they would be arranged vertically20:14
mcphailzub: I've found Columns to be full of those headaches20:36
zubmcphail: so it's not only me20:41
zubif I set header and footer, and drag the list, the footer happily displays over the head of the Page...20:42
zub(I don't really need the header and footer of the list at the moment, but still...)20:42
zubhm, but that only happens when the ListView is in a column, which it turns out it should not be: QML Column: Cannot specify top, bottom, verticalCenter, fill or centerIn anchors for items inside Column. Column will not function.20:44
mcphailzub: I've found I need to set anchors arbitrarily to get columns to lay out correctly. It has been a process of trial and error. Really frustrating20:44
mcphailzub: however, one solution is to not use a column at all20:45
zubthere is another issue: I've got a settings page that I display in PageStack; the settings page is initially not visible (visible: false)20:48
zubthere is a (now column-less) ListView; when the page is displayed the elements don't start form the top of the page's "body"... but as soon as I drag the list a bit, it "snaps" to the top20:49
zubI suspect is has to do with visible: false (some calculation not working when the list is created but not visible?020:49
zubis there a way I can force the page to refresh when it's added to the stack?20:50
mcphailzub: not sure. The only similar thing I've done is in an app with a disclaimer page. I cheated with that by having 2 columns in the page, one with visible: true and the other with visible: false, toggling with a checkbox. Hacky, but it worked20:54
mcphailzub: you'd be better asking in #ubuntu-app-devel during European office hours, though20:54
zubok, thanks20:55

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