diddledandear lordy! https://youtu.be/S6mEo_FHZ5Y?t=77600:40
daftykinsthat can't be real XD00:43
MooDoomorning all07:32
=== zmoylan-1i is now known as zmoylan-pi
mapitojust viewed an ok apartment:)08:04
davmor2Morning all08:18
MooDoomorning davmor208:18
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:21
MooDoohowdy brobostigon08:24
brobostigonmorning MooDoo08:25
knightwiseJust got back from a meeting with a new client.08:27
MooDooknightwise: go well?08:27
knightwiseYep, They signed up for a four-hour consultancy session .. and i think there is more to come08:28
brobostigoncool, :)08:28
knightwiseyep :) nice to see that part of the business kick off :)08:28
MooDoogood good08:28
knightwiseif only i had enough hours in the day :p08:29
knightwisebut i'm not complaining at all :)08:29
knightwisejust so much to read/learn/listen to :)08:29
MooDootell me abou it08:29
* brobostigon is focusing on writing interesting things for his pebble.08:30
knightwise /me is reading a book about social engineering (and listening to the accompanying podcast) + i try to watch the Hak5 videos and practice my wireshark skills08:30
brobostigonluckily, the pebble sdk emulator can emulate os.3, without me having to have a device, so i can test things.08:31
zmoylan-piit's an advert to make you buy latest pebble... :-)08:31
knightwiseLol :)08:31
knightwisethe latest pebble looks good08:32
zmoylan-piit worked \o/08:32
knightwisei just got a huawei P8 and a 'talk band' to review08:32
knightwisealso an interesting litlle gadget08:32
brobostigonzmoylan-pi: they will be back porting os3 to og pebbles.08:32
zmoylan-pitaking care of their customers... they're doomed...08:34
brobostigonlooking after their customers is just good practice.08:34
brobostigonits a rare thing.08:35
bashrc_I should probably run wireshark against my server and check things08:36
MooDoohaving problems bashrc_ ?08:37
bashrc_no, but it would be good to look for any vulnerabilities08:37
mapitohope i get this apartment08:45
MooDoofingers crossed08:49
knightwisemapito: what do you like about the place ?08:55
mapitobigger than he other place..1st was studio in luxury block £1200 a month no oven just hob and microwae LOL08:55
mapitothis has an oven bdroom..lounge..kitchen etc..and an oven;p08:55
zmoylan-pihave ac?08:56
mapitobut she said you have to speak to the building management company and pay some fee08:57
mapitosurel just goes on your electric i thought08:57
popeydiddledan: yeah, mad (matchstick) isn't it?08:57
zmoylan-piunless it's part of the building in which case they have to open the ducts and clear out the trekkies climbing through jeffries tubes... :-)08:58
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Coast Guard Day! 😃08:59
knightwisehey JamesTait09:00
JamesTait👋 knightwise09:00
knightwisejefferies tubes zmoylan-pi :)09:01
mapito<mapito> my android phone is black screening now;(09:05
mapito<mapito> whatsapp crashed and it asked if i want to restore history..clicked yes and black screen ever since09:05
mapito* Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire009:05
mapito<mapito> rebooted ..nothing..went into recovery and it says bootup failed09:05
mapito<mapito> would a factory reset help?09:05
mapitoanyone able to help09:05
brobostigonyes, i would wipe and reflash, sounds like its fs is corrupted.09:06
davmor2JamesTait: this will make you Laugh.  Wolverhampton Pay for a working Lifeboat, it is almost certainly the one up at Rhyl :D09:25
mapitohow can i do this brobostigon ?09:26
mapitostruggling to find help09:26
mapitoits a Motorola Moto G XT106809:26
brobostigonadb reboot recovery09:27
mapitoah so i dont need this..sec09:27
brobostigondo you have a custom recovery installed?09:27
mapitowhatsapp crashed.clicked restore history then black screen09:28
mapitophone boots up logos etc..even said updating apps just now09:28
mapitobut i guess whatsapp still crashed and causing this?09:28
brobostigonthat command will just send you to the normal recovery then, you need a custom recovery to properly wipe as we described.09:28
brobostigonfactory reset will be the closest.09:29
mapitoi tried factory did nothing09:29
mapitopressed power and vol down09:29
JamesTaitdavmor2, I can't imagine there's much call for one actually in Wolverhampton. 😉09:30
brobostigondoes a custom recovery like cwm exist for your phone?09:30
JamesTaitdavmor2, I watched the lip sync battles last night, btw.09:30
mapitobrobostigon,  would this help http://forum.xda-developers.com/moto-g-2014/general/restore-to-stock-t2873657 ?09:30
mapitoif i restore to stock again? its stock atm but this might wipe it and everything09:30
brobostigonmapito: also can you get hold of a factory andorid image for said phone?09:30
JamesTaitdavmor2, thank you. 😃09:30
mapitoyep got factory image09:31
brobostigonmapito: does that page describe how to install recovery?09:31
davmor2JamesTait: you enjoyed that then :)09:31
mapitodescribes how to flash back to stock brobostigon09:31
JamesTaitdavmor2, I did. ☺09:32
brobostigonmapito: ok, use fastboot to stick it into bootloader mode, wipe from there, and reflash.09:32
davmor2popey: see I find fun videos too :P09:34
brobostigonmapito: there are alot more images described on that page, i would follow that, i can only describe how i would do it with a nexus.09:34
mapitocant find how to get
davmor2JamesTait: you should look up Dwain Johnson vs Jimmy Fallon,  The Rock sing Taylor Swift,  it is so wrong :)09:35
mapitothis looks right?09:37
brobostigonmapito: nominally standard adb and fastboot as come with the android sdk, should work without a problem.09:43
brobostigonmapito: i presume you are using windows? i havent actually done any of this from windows before, so i cant really help as to functioning of adb and fastboot within windows.09:49
mapito;[ this sucks wish id just clicked no09:49
brobostigonnominally in any case, you should be able to stick the phone into bootloader mode, wipe and reflash from there using fastboot.09:50
mapitosays 5-mb yet its a few hundred k?!09:50
brobostigonis that a link to a factory android image for said phone?09:51
zmoylan-picould suggest a lot of people are downloading it to fix that model of phone...09:51
mapitobut when i download it its a zip of a fe 100k09:51
brobostigonhavent motorola published an image themselves?09:51
mapitonot that i could see09:53
brobostigona standard CM image for mako, is about 230mb~, i would go from there as a size.09:54
mapitohmm download a file in a zip and its called09:56
brobostigonit should be a zip file, yes.09:56
mapitoyea that doesnt seem right tho;]09:56
brobostigoni agree.09:56
brobostigoni wouldnt downlaod that.09:57
brobostigona zip embedded in an exe, is very suspicious.09:57
mapitosee this is it right = http://d-h.st/VOw that when i download isnt the right size eveb09:58
brobostigonxml.zip ?09:59
mapitograbbing http://click.xda-developers.com/api/click?format=go&jsonp=vglnk_143868241532719&key=f0a7f91912ae2b52e0700f73990eb321&libId=icx5fy7801000n4o000DA593978mrpexx&loc=http%3A%2F%2Fforum.xda-developers.com%2Fmoto-g-2014%2Fgeneral%2Frestore-to-stock-t2873657&v=1&out=http%3A%2F%2Fgoo.gl%2FNoKvOu&title=%5BRestore%20to%20Stock%5D%5BXT1068%5D%5BAll%20Dual%20Sim%20Mode%E2%80%A6%20%7C%20Moto%20G%20(2014)%20%7C%20XDA%20Forums&txt=http%3A%2F%2Fgoo.gl%2FNoKvOu at10:00
mapitom and its everal hundred mb like expected10:00
brobostigonthat doesnt look right either.10:00
mapitodelta-ota-Blur_Version.21.11.14-21.11.23.titan_retaildsds.retaildsdsall.en.03.zip.b31f6760-1d35-482b-b0d6-e59b673d049c is file10:02
mapitoof course gets to 72mb/120 and fails10:03
brobostigonis there a cm image for your phone?10:03
mapito1058 but no 106810:05
mapitoah there is10:06
mapitobut i cant get to settings so how can i enable usb debuigging?  not sure if it is atm10:07
brobostigonare you in bootloader mode?10:08
mapitoon the phone is that ower an vol down? if so ye[10:08
brobostigondoes 'fastboot devices' show the device?10:09
mapitothink so shows zx1d22vkd AND FASTBOOT10:10
mapitooops caps10:10
mapitowhch ust be it10:10
brobostigoncan you paste the exact output of that command please.10:10
mapitoC:\Program Files (x86)\Minimal ADB and Fastboot>fastboot.exe devices10:12
mapitoZX1D22V4KD      fastboot10:12
brobostigongood good, you can follow the instructions on the CM site then.10:12
brobostigonjust keep in mind, updates will be as from cm, not motorola themselves as well as you will probably want to install gapps.10:14
foobarrycan i root a moto g without deleting data?10:18
foobarryi managed to do it on the hudl210:18
mapitohudl2 good? reviews seemed decent10:18
brobostigonyes, its an option in dev options on cm.10:19
mapitooh man10:23
mapitoi m stuck again10:23
mapitounlocked bootloader etc but it turns off usb debugging10:23
mapitoand as its black screen its just stuck on i dont know how to re-enable10:23
brobostigonis that after you have flashed cm?10:23
mapitoah ok i put it back into  bootloader mode10:24
mapitodo i install recovery10:27
brobostigonmapito: yes.10:29
brobostigonfastboot flash recovery recovery.img10:30
mapitohmm done that said it worked but everytime i go to recovery10:40
mapitoits just the ndroid on his back sayin no command10:40
awilkinsHold up and power10:53
awilkinsWhen he's on his back10:53
foobarryanyone heard of cf-root cf-auto-root?10:54
foobarrywhat does it do?10:54
foobarryman i hate xda-devs forum11:01
zmoylan-piyou can leave out the word xda-forum there.  all forums are annoying to navigate11:02
mapitooh man11:03
mapitowhat is going on11:03
mapitoi get no command every single time11:03
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foobarryhitchbot got murdered :(12:30
foobarryhorrific picture https://twitter.com/laurenonizzle/status/62769208252266086512:33
knightwiseat least its getting more press now then if it had actually arrivedf12:41
foobarrywhats the point without the journey?12:42
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daftykinsthey must've stolen the display etc13:04
knightwisesad ... but hey13:04
knightwiseit happens13:05
foobarryi think they beat it up and beheaded it13:05
knightwisethe whole press about it is more annoying13:05
knightwiseall the "humanity sux" posts ..13:05
foobarrywhy did he disclose? did apple ignore him?13:20
daftykinsthey do have a habit of it, so i hear13:23
mapitotime to try this aai14:06
shaunothere was no responsible disclousure on this one14:15
foobarrywhy ? they gain no kudos14:15
daftykinsah well that's a poor move then14:16
shaunono idea why.  I just noticed the original release had "At the moment it is unclear if Apple knows about this security problem or not"14:16
foobarryi read an interview with linus torvalds daughter14:21
foobarrygoogled her role model. facepalmed14:21
mapitothis is EXACTLY what's hapened to my useless phone14:23
foobarrycites shanley kane as a role model. this person has a troll twitter account in the name of "feminism". but is basically a hater14:23
foobarrymapito: try reddit14:23
daftykinsmapito: looked up unlocking the bootloader then?14:25
mapitoi have unlocked it daftykins14:25
daftykinsthat's step #1 if you don't want to go back to where you bought it14:25
daftykinsalright, so flash a recovery and ROM14:25
mapitobut the issue i also riht when i flash a recovery image14:25
mapitowit bro14:25
mapitoit says ok when i flsh it, also removed recovery before flashing14:26
foobarryhttps://www.reddit.com/r/MotoG/comments/3fntrt/need_help_unbricking_a_moto_g_falcon/ ?14:26
mapitowhen i select recover i get the android lying on hid bck and command not found..even tho it says it flashed fine14:27
foobarrywhat version of android14:28
foobarrypress power for 5 secs then tap power up14:28
foobarryon the command not found screen14:29
mapitowas lollipop before14:29
mapitowait  sec foobarry  so on the command no found screen power for 5 sec and tap power up at same time? then relese both14:29
mapitoand by tap..just press?14:29
foobarrydepends on your version14:30
foobarryhold on14:30
foobarrywhat v is lollipop? 5.x?14:31
foobarryhold power for 5 sec14:31
foobarrypress vol up after the 5 sec while still holding power14:31
mapitoso power 5 sec then vol up 5 sec and release on command not found screen?14:32
foobarryon command not found screen14:32
foobarrypress and hold power for 5 secs14:32
foobarrywithout releasing power, press vol up for < 1 sec14:32
foobarrythen release both14:32
mapitoil try it in sec14:33
foobarry5 secs may be 2-5 secs in reality14:33
mapitowont it have turned off after 5 sec14:33
foobarryno, i just did it earlier today14:33
foobarryto wipe cache14:33
mapitodid you get the command not found also then?14:34
foobarrythats "normal" in stock14:34
mapitobut i dont get it foobarry  ive flshed the recovery part?14:37
foobarryi dunno14:38
foobarrymaybe it didn't work14:38
foobarrymotorola offer an easy tool themselves14:38
mapitoconfused;[  it says command not found but yet says ok14:39
mapitothey do?14:39
foobarrylots of different ways14:40
mapitoim so stuck on what to do phone boots up and everthing but an app crashed and its just black screen backlight..was when whatsapp crashed and said do you want to restore history14:41
mapitoto do what though14:41
daftykinspatience grasshopper :>14:41
foobarrywipe the cache and do a factory rest?14:41
foobarryalthough it sounds like maybe just the launcher crashed14:41
foobarryjust do wipe cache and see if it works14:42
mapitono option to wipe the cache when i get to the fastboot menu14:42
foobarryi did it from teh no command screen14:43
foobarryhave you got past that screen yet14:43
mapitonope..shall i flash recovery aain to be sure14:46
foobarrythere are probably dedicated channels for this though14:46
foobarrywe aren't the best people to ask :D14:46
daftykinshey hey who's we ;)14:46
foobarrythe monkees14:47
mapitonoone talks in them(14:47
daftykinsyou need to ask a well phrased question for someone to take interest14:47
foobarryor watch a youtube vid14:48
mapitoi did :Z14:48
foobarrymapito: you did the vol power up thing on comand not found?14:48
daftykinsmapito: so not like in here then ;)14:48
mapitoi thought i ased enough..provided a llink which was exact same issue i had14:49
foobarrywatch this and read all the comments14:49
mapitojust doing so now foobarry14:49
foobarryif the vid doesn't work then the comments do14:49
foobarryi was on 5.02 so needed the comments14:49
foobarryforutantely the whole of ubuntu-uk is on holiday otday14:49
* daftykins looks around the channel14:54
daftykinsyeah where are they!14:54
foobarryextracted my steps14:57
MooDooi'm not here14:57
foobarryand my sleeps http://i.imgur.com/GA3PGH9.png14:57
mapitoShriyansh obsolete 4 months ago14:59
mapito +Hasher Hamza at the no command screen, hold the power button as well as the vol. up button for 5-10 secs (i use a moto g 2 running on lolliopop 5.0.1)14:59
mapitohm did that14:59
mapitoand phone turned off and rebooted14:59
foobarrynot that one14:59
foobarrydo the one i said14:59
foobarrypower 2-5 secs, then hit vol up then release14:59
mapitok sec:)14:59
mapitogot it15:01
mapitowipe cache and try normal boot?15:01
mapitoi guess factory reset now15:04
foobarrywhat do u mean by nothing15:05
mapitoboots up shows android and motorola logo then just black screen backlit..from the crashed app i think15:05
mapitohowcome i still cant get into a custom recovery ROM?15:06
mapitoshould i do factory wipe/reset now? surely wipes all settings and apps..could fix it?15:07
foobarrynot having seen what you did since the phone last worked...i don't know15:08
foobarrybut if you unlocked the bootloader you already lost your settings and apps15:08
mapitoive tried flashing recovery roms but cant get anywhere with them15:09
mapitooh really?15:09
mapitoi thought that's what it said15:09
mapitobut then i couldn't figure out why my phone's still doing exactly the same..after the last boot logo it hangs..ill see updating app 1 of 3 etc..then the black screen which happened after the whatsapp crash15:09
daftykinsyou mean optimising app?15:10
foobarrypress and hold on the black screen?15:10
daftykinsi don't see how whatsapp has anything to do with this :)15:10
mapitoand the backlight goes off and phone turns off foobarry15:10
foobarrysounds like you screwed up15:11
mapitobasically WhatsApp crashed righ..it then said do you wan to restore history i said yes..and then it crashed and I had this black screen15:11
foobarrytake it to a friendly teenage geek15:11
mapitoI had this black screen since nthe WhatsApp crash15:11
foobarryor factory reset :D15:11
mapitoi did factory reset same thing gah15:12
daftykinsit can't have worked then, doesn't sound very reset :D15:12
foobarryensure the ROM is for the correct phone15:13
daftykinsyeah those things have some subtle versions i think?15:14
mapitose recovery still shows android system recovery]15:15
mapitoyet fastboot says the Clockwork recovery was successful15:16
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)15:35
daftykinsallo o/15:35
daftykinswhat's new in bigcalm's world?15:36
bigcalmDiddly squat15:37
mapitoshould i try to flash with an official 4.4.4 kitat fw and go from lollipop back to that?15:40
mapitoI've done factory reset/clear cache.15:41
daftykinsis kitkat the newest ROM you  can find?15:43
mapitono, but the phone came with kitkat atm its on Lollipop and having issues;[15:48
brobostigoncm12.1 definatly has issues on older devices like my old nexus 7, but works beautifully on my nexus4.15:48
mapitowhat to do15:51
mapitoi dont get why i cant get custom recovery roms to work?15:51
brobostigonso you did, fastboot flash recovery recovery.img, then, fastboot reboot recovery.img, ?15:52
brobostigonand you made sure the recovery image was the right one for your device.15:54
AzelphurHmm, been brought a laptop to have a look at. Turns on, lights up, screen backlight is on, nothing much else, no image on the display, just black. Any ideas?15:54
mapitoyea , now the links not working..tried to check i did get correct imagw15:55
brobostigonon the CM wiki page for your device, there should be a link to the correct recovery image.15:55
mapitothe page is down atm15:56
mapitojust getting bad gateway15:56
daftykinsplenty of alternatives to grab such files i reckon15:57
brobostigoni would always go to official source for such things.15:59
mapitojust did it again, but as to fastboot reboot recovery -- no i didnt do it, was mistaken its not listed on page hm15:59
brobostigonfastboot reboot recovery.img16:00
brobostigonthen your phone should reboot into recovery16:00
daftykinsyeah but i meant like CM's site or XDA forums might have mirrors etc16:00
mapitocommand doesnt work..there's an adb reboot recovery? is that what i do?16:01
brobostigontry that.16:02
daftykinsall that does is restart the device into your recovery :>16:03
brobostigonbtw, i do mean, by recovery.img actually replacing that with the actual filename of the recovery image you flashed.16:03
mapitoi did fastboot reboot recover recovery-clockwork16:04
brobostigondaftykins: at which point, we can wipe and flash with the cm image and gapps.16:04
daftykinsyeah, i know how it works :>16:04
brobostigonmapito: have you been following the instructions as on the CM wiki?16:05
mapitofastboot sees the devce but adb devices isnt showing it so i cant run th command16:07
brobostigonadb only works in either recovery or in the OS itself, in bootloader mode use fastboot.16:09
mapitohm right, so i've flashed that recovery-clockwork again select recovery from fastboot menu? vol down then up? this is when it ust gives me the android icon and no command16:10
mapitodaftykins,  any ideas?16:14
daftykinsi think you're rushing into things and perhaps not following the guides well16:15
daftykinsno way guides could mess up this much16:15
daftykinsbut i don't know the device so not much for me to say16:16
daftykinssurely moto have some way to totally restore the image to stock?16:16
daftykinsi don't even know what you're trying to achieve, just fix or change ROM too :)16:17
mapitojust fix16:17
mapitohowever that neds to be done change rom or go bac to kitkat16:17
mapitoive tried clear cache/factory reset same issues still there16:17
daftykinswasn't that after starting to flash things?16:17
daftykinsis it in-warranty?16:18
mapitoas i said whatsapp crashed and it then stuck on the black backlit screen perm16:18
mapitorebooted still on it16:18
mapitowhich was when i decided to try and see if i could fix16:18
daftykinsmapito: so if you follow the cyanogenmod device install guide for example, how far do you get?16:22
daftykinsassuming that this thing absolutely is the falcon16:22
mapitoafter i flash the recovery image16:23
mapitothen i cant actually get into it16:23
mapitostep 7 complete for16:23
mapitoInstalling recovery using fastboot16:23
daftykinsso it's a titan not a falcon?16:24
mapitothats what the page said16:25
mapitobut it said the recovery image was recovery-clockwork-touch-
mapitoi using the wrong img? hmm16:25
daftykinswell they might not differ a lot16:25
daftykinsso i'm assuming you're skipping the bootloader unlock parts since you said you'd done it already16:26
daftykinsbut how about just double check anyway?16:26
mapitocant get on the page to see16:26
mapitoits unlocked it comes up with the warning message16:26
mapitoall it has is Motorola G listed..mines a moto g xt160816:27
mapitofigured must be the mg for all moto g16:27
mapitobut from fatboot if i boot into recovery i just get the no command16:27
daftykinsi don't think it's wise to guess :>16:28
mapitothere was only 1 listed for Motorola G16:28
daftykinssure you don't mean xt1068 ?16:30
daftykinsdual SIM moto g 2nd generation16:31
daftykinsmapito: ?16:32
directhexi still don't like android. maybe i'll go back to winmo16:34
daftykinsbrave :D16:35
directhexdaftykins: i liked 7, hated 8, mostly over the music app. 10 on desktop has fixed music, so...16:39
daftykinswhat was up with it?16:40
daftykinsi do local file playback only16:40
* brobostigon does like sailfishos.16:40
daftykinsmapito: you've died on me16:44
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diddledangraham clueless alert: https://grahamcluley.com/2015/08/windows-10-adult-screensaver/18:28
daftykinshrmm anyone bought motorcycle helmets before? :>18:34
diddledanyou're upgrading from pedal-power?18:34
daftykinswell, or cycle no huge difference18:34
daftykinsnah, full face required for downhill in wales D:18:34
daftykinsthough i'm on strict orders to get a normal one too18:35
daftykinspunishment for non-compliance could be worse than a crash without wearing one18:35
bittinFirefox for iOS is released to the public in 1-3 weeks someone whispered in my irc18:37
diddledanI wonder how they're wrangling that18:37
diddledanpreviously they've said "no" due to apple's policies stipulating that third-party browsers use the webkit engine18:38
diddledanafaict anywsho18:38
zmoylan-piyou duct tape the friendly rasp pi to the back of your iphone... :-)18:38
bittindiddledan: it is using Webkit but its good if you use FF on the desktop for syncing bookmarks etc18:39
diddledanthis looks silly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zr_5U4y6EG818:46
mp_sehey guys, does anyone have experience with connection laptop on two monitors. I can't make launcher to be visible on both monitors..21:17
daftykinsmp_se: can you give more detail?21:36
mp_seI'm using gnome, ubuntu 14.04.21:48
mp_setwo monitors, one via vga 23" and the second 22" via hdmi21:49
mp_seI need those two status bars (up - with Applications and Places, and bottom - opened programs) to be visible on the second monitor also21:50
mp_sein display settings I've selected Launcher placement to be All displays21:50
mp_sebut it still shows only on one21:50
mp_seI can move from one to another, but not on both21:51
daftykinsah no idea about gnome22:06
daftykinstried, at a guess, #gnome ?22:06

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