tsdgeospstolowski: ping08:05
tsdgeosltinkl: ping08:25
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dandradergreyback_, qtmir part of the mouse pointer work is pretty much done. only some optional polishing left.11:55
dandradergreyback_, unfortunately I had to come up with our own cursor API as Qt's is not expressive enough :(11:56
dandradergreyback_, but I'm supporting both11:56
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greyback_dandrader: hey. What is Qt's API lacking?11:57
dandradermore shapes in its cursor shape enum11:57
greyback_dandrader: also, could you please run the unity8 strip-tags on your qtmir branches, it's got infected somehow11:57
dandradergreyback_, for resizing we use 8 different cursors11:57
dandradergreyback_, but Qt's enum has only 411:58
greyback_oh well, your approach sounds like the best thing to do11:59
greyback_have you tested it on the nexus7, i.e. the rotated scene?11:59
dandradergreyback_, so far tested only in my touchscreen laptop with qml-demo-shell. Added a rotation button there12:00
dandradergreyback_, next step is unity812:00
dandradergreyback_, how is the app lifecycle silo going?12:01
greyback_dandrader: landed a precursor, now trying to get it going. the gcc5.0 transition complicates things12:02
dandradergreyback_, so you said that some qtmir branch of mine got bogus tags from unity8?12:03
greyback_dandrader: not just yours, seems they've been in there for a while12:03
greyback_for i in `ls`; do cd $i && strip-tags.py . && strip-tags.pg :push && cd ..; done12:04
greyback_might help12:04
greyback_oops, typo12:04
dandraderwow, even some compiz tags...12:05
dandradergreyback_, so, do you have an ETA for landing them?12:06
greyback_dandrader: hope to get silo in working order soon, then will test. ETA maybe Thurs12:07
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kgunndavmor2: hey, on this gcc5 bug you just logged, i better ask  - how exactly are you testing ? e.g. is this a "special" unity8 that's been built against gcc5 ?13:16
kgunncause the real unity8 built against gcc5 is stuck in migration (like everything else :-/ )13:17
davmor2kgunn: there is a chnnel13:17
kgunndavmor2: where is that channel coming from ?13:18
kgunni guess, i'm questioning it, since gcc5 is turned on in wily and migration is borked...shouldn't we be focused on the wily channel ?13:18
davmor2kgunn: see pm13:19
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tsdgeosltinkl: ping14:02
tsdgeoscimi: to unittests changes for you!14:02
mhall119kgunn: if I wanted to keep up with the daily development of Unity8, can I do that on vivid or do I need to upgrade to wily?14:13
mhall119by "keep up" I mean build and run the latest trunk for dev/testing, not daily use14:14
kgunnmhall119: for latest, it would be vivid+o, so ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/ubuntu(or something.en whatevah)14:23
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kgunnmhall119: also unity8 source code is the same in wily and vivid+o today...but all the devices on the horizon are targeting vivid+o14:24
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tsdgeosyeah vivid won't work, you need vivid+ppa14:28
tsdgeosanyone know why the CI can't compile anymore? https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/unity-phablet-qmluitests-wily/171/console14:29
tsdgeossil2100: Mirv: ↑ ?14:29
sil2100tsdgeos: you'd have to poke cihelp on #ubuntu-ci-eng14:30
tsdgeoslooks more like a "wily is borked" to me14:30
tsdgeostrying to install a wily chroot to check14:30
greyback_tsdgeos: yep, I suspect the gcc4.9/5.0 transition is the blame. It's not done yet14:31
ltinklgreyback_, tsdgeos: doesn't Ubuntu use a "mass rebuild" from time to time?15:06
tsdgeosi think it does yeah15:06
greyback_ltinkl: yep, but it tends to happen after debian does it, so there's an intermediary stage where stuff can be broken15:07
mhall119kgunn: so I can run the vivid overlay PPA on my laptop?15:08
tsdgeosmhall119: yes15:09
kgunnmhall119: afaik you should be able to...15:09
tsdgeosat least it works for me :D15:09
kgunnthere you go :)15:09
mhall119cool, will give that a try when I get home, I'd like to get to where I can contribute code and help others get setup to do the sae15:11
tsdgeosmhall119: https://unity.ubuntu.com/getinvolved/development/unity8/ should be uptodate15:12
mhall119tsdgeos: should be, but since I'm usually the one who updates it, I wouldn't count on it :)15:13
tsdgeosmhall119: since i updated it 2 weeks ago15:13
tsdgeosyou're wrong and it should be fine15:13
tsdgeosbut yeah don't count on anything you don't do yourself! it's the rule i follow15:13
tsdgeosthat's why i'm single :D15:13
mhall119tsdgeos: thanks of updating to include the overlay PPA info :)15:15
greyback_dandrader: hey, can I get this added to your todo list: https://bugs.launchpad.net/qtubuntu/+bug/148138915:16
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1481389 in qtubuntu "Unnecessary dependency on QtSensors" [High,Triaged]15:16
greyback_shouldn't take long15:16
dandradergreyback_, high priority?15:18
greyback_dandrader: not as high as your current cursor work15:18
dandradergreyback_, ok15:18
greyback_cimi: hey, on your bluetooth problems, have you pinged seb128 for help? Don't give up!15:45
greyback_I know we have a bluez expert who can help too15:45
cimigreyback_, yeah, normal bluetoothd doesn't give me anything15:46
cimigreyback_, what I should try now is to patch system settings source code to spit out debug info from somewhere in the stack15:46
cimigreyback_, but I suppose this is something I should not spend time doing...15:46
greyback_cimi: no, that's not your job ;)15:47
greyback_but there are people who should be able to investigate on your behalf15:47
seb128if you don't do it nobody else is going ot15:47
seb128without access to the hwd I doubt15:47
greyback_seb128: aren't there debug info he can give you that would help?15:47
greyback_hcitool etc15:47
seb128I guess, much easier with access to the hwd though15:48
seb128and everybody is overbusy15:48
seb128so I doubt we are going to do much for a device specific issue atm15:48
greyback_fair. I'd just like a way for someone to be able to report useful info to us tho15:48
cimiyeah, buying a device and being asked to recompile debug info inside some services in order to help...15:49
cimiI am saying that we need an easy way to debug bluetooth devices and such15:50
cimior at least be able to collect info we need so if other people buy kbd that don't work we can fix them without having the device15:50
greyback_cimi: have you tried pairing it with any other device?15:53
cimigreyback_, works on desktop, android, ios16:02
cimigreyback_, it's probably a system settings touch issue16:02
greyback_cimi: ok. Well sounds like nobody is going to fix it for you right now16:04
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dandraderltinkl, ping20:06
dandraderltinkl, sent you an e-mail instead20:12
mhall119kgunn: running silo0 on my phone, it keeps freezing up with unity-system-compositor using 100% CPU20:51
mhall119is this a known problem and is there a way to fix it without re-flashing?20:54
kgunnmhall119: yep, it's got a fix on the way...prolly tomorrow20:54
mhall119ok, reflashing it is then20:54
kgunnwell...you could apt-get update with that silo still in your apt sources list20:55
kgunnwe're just fixing that silo in place20:55
mhall119oh, is it in the PPA?20:55
mhall119apt-get update && upgrade only shows 4 oxide packages to be upgraded20:58
mhall119kgunn: is there a way to get that fix now? If not, I'll reflash and try again tomorrow21:01
kgunnmhall119: best to try again tomorrow....21:02
kgunnmhall119: and yeah...silo 0 is where we'll keep working, until we land everything21:02
kgunnwe have a goal to eventually not use silo 021:02
mhall119will do, thanks21:03
a1fahas anybody noticed a bug with the terminal, where terminal border, and top menu would dissapear?23:19
a1faliterally leaving terminal window on its own, unmovable but focusable23:20
a1fa2nd issue is unity launcher fails to appear, mostly when working with terminals and chrome browser, going back and forth between the two23:23

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