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* ianorlyn saw a nice sunset today03:20
Nairwolfnot me....03:22
* Roguehorse note to self: clean out heat sink once a month =/16:52
pleia2I have one annoying computer like that, the rest of mine will run forever with a giant ball of dust and heat inside16:54
Roguehorsethis is an older i5 Lynnfield 1156 socket and it's obsolete, so I'm a little paranoid about keeping it going16:55
pleia2my problem child is a shiny new i7 :(16:56
RoguehorseI also cut back on the clock from x20(2.66MHz) to x19(2.53MHz) just to cut back on heat generation, it's 6 years old now16:57
Roguehorsereally? huh16:57
RoguehorseSandy Bridge architecture?16:57
pleia2I think it's just a poorly designed case16:58
pleia2I don't remember16:58
Roguehorsewhat year did you get it?16:58
pleia22014 probably16:59
Roguehorseoh geez yeah, that's BRAND new16:59
Roguehorseyeah, poor heat dissipation is a bummer17:00
RoguehorseI also turned on another fan to my case and upped the speeds on some other fans17:00
Roguehorseit's noisier now, but moving much more air17:01
Roguehorsekeeps it cleaner inside too17:01
Roguehorseit's summer anyway, probably a good idea17:01
* pleia2 nods17:01
darthrobotTitle: [Antec Nine Hundred Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case with Upgraded USB 3.0 - Newegg.com]17:03
Roguehorsemines not upgraded though17:03
Roguehorseduring the winter, the 8" top and 4" rear exhaust work fine17:16
RoguehorseI turned on the front 4" top positive for summer, if I turn on the lower one, my mouse hand gets cold and cramps17:17
Roguehorseproblem also, the led is annoying to me now and it's integrated into the power line so I can't just clip it17:18
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