ron__Ok, let's get started. There is a link to the Ubuntu Global BugJam Wiki that gives a good overview of the event00:01
ron__You need to have a launchpad account to record your results.00:02
cryptodan_laptopSo this is just a beta test of Ubuntu 15.1000:02
ron__The BugJam starts this Friday, Aug 7 and runs to Sun, Aug 1000:03
ron__Yes it is a beta test to help debug it00:03
cryptodan_laptopWhat kernel will be default on 15.10?00:04
ron__I believe it will be 4.x00:04
ron__4.1 Kernel00:05
cryptodan_laptopThere are going to be a lot of people unhappy with nvidia and kernel 4.1.x and 4.x or later 4.0 works fine with nvidia00:06
ron__We suggest that you use Virtualbox to load the image.00:06
cryptodan_laptopI do have vmware workstation00:07
ron__It may not be 4.1.x when it is released but this is one of the reasons they do the bugjam and testing00:08
ron__vmware workstation is fine.00:08
ron__The areas that we have focused on is installing and testing packages00:09
cryptodan_laptopSo ill download it tonight and load it up Friday00:09
ron__Wait until we get closer to Friday to get the latest daily build.00:10
ron__We are doing image testing which is the installation process and Application testing00:12
ron__There are guides that you complete online as you proceed through the tests and record bugs/issues00:13
cryptodan_laptopAwesome glad I will possibly contributing to the open source community00:13
ron__You are contributing to making Ubuntu software better.00:14
ron__The software can be buggy at this point so everything may not run smoothly but that is the point of the exercise.00:15
cryptodan_laptopUsually I do not use or test beta software00:16
ron__We are working remotely this time but we met as a group for the 15.04 bugjam and had alot of fun00:16
ron__Think of helping to make it better.00:17
ron__That's also the reason we don't install it on our hardware and use virtual devices for these tests00:18
cryptodan_laptopOne thing that turned me off to ubuntu was the slow unity Ubuntu 9 to 12 were much better for my needs00:18
ron__Unity has improved dramatically over the past 4 Ubuntu versions. Unity 8 may be a part of 15.1000:20
cryptodan_laptopWould be worth giving it a shot again00:21
ron__Here is an example of testing the download iso, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/ISO/Walkthrough00:21
cryptodan_laptopokay I have done something like that for the intelligence community00:23
ron__Great, it should be similar experience. But remember the software can be buggy at this stage.00:24
ron__Here is the example of the application testing, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Cadence/Walkthrough00:25
ron__I will be putting our BugJam on the Ubuntu Wiki on Tuesday and ask that you sign in indicating that you will be participating.00:27
ron__with our team, Ubuntu-Maryland00:27
ron__An email will also sent tomorrow with some of the information and links that we discussed tonight00:28
cryptodan_laptopI will keep an eye out for it00:29
ron__Great, do you have any other questions00:29
ron__Thanks for joining me, good night00:30
cryptodan_laptopYou too00:34

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