jrwrencmaloney: you might like this: https://scalibq.wordpress.com/2015/08/02/8088-mph-the-final-version/14:16
SneakyPhildoes everyone here run ubuntu in prod or is this just an ubuntu fan channel?16:34
jrwrenSneakyPhil: by in prod, you mean server or cloudimg, right?16:46
jrwrenSneakyPhil: yes. for at least 3yrs that has been my thing.16:46
_stink_hi SneakyPhil17:00
brouschjrwren: You scared him away by being to awesome17:18
SneakyPhilcool, thanks jrwren20:45
SneakyPhilwe run Centos 6/7, Debian 7/8, and one Ubuntu server that needs to be migrated out20:46
SneakyPhilfor personal/work laptop use ubuntu is the way to go20:46
jrwrenSneakyPhil: for server, ubuntu cloudimg is the way to go :)20:47
SneakyPhilcent 7 for our hosts and then ubuntu for the docker containers20:47
jrwrendarned shame if ya ask me. :)20:49
jrwrenhey, its better than no ubuntu.20:50
jrwrenI think I'd go back to windows if I had to use rhel or centos exclusively20:50
* SneakyPhil pats jrwren on the back20:50
SneakyPhilit's not THAT bad20:50
SneakyPhilthis laptop runs 14.0420:51
SneakyPhildual monitors, audio, steam games, netflix20:52
SneakyPhilmostly like apple, it just works20:52
jrwrencentos... its pretty bad.20:53
jrwrencurl linked to gnutls so cert auth doesn't work with common cert formats, wtf?!?20:53
jrwrenits the little things20:53
jrwrenand they add up20:53
jrwrenand I've no tollerance for it.20:53
spaceburritoSneakyPhil: "mostly like apple" just without all of the nasty proprietary culture :)20:53
SneakyPhilspaceburrito: :)20:54
SneakyPhilhaven't run into an issue with curl and gnutls yet20:55
jrwrenmost folks don't use cert auth20:56
jrwrenit sok.20:56
jrwreni know I'm insane.20:56
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cscheibthat's certainly the most exciting thing to happen in my neighborhood since Bashara23:35
spaceburritonothing exciting ever happens over here. Except that earthquake a while back23:36

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