barrydkMorning all05:33
pieter2627good day all06:13
Kilosmoning all, i go sort sheep06:30
Kilosmorning too06:30
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Kiloshi mazal barrydk 06:58
mazalgaanit oom ?06:58
Kiloskoud en daar06:59
Kilosglobal warming has changed things06:59
Kilosused to be if pts temp showed 4°c on weather we got ice outsside07:00
Kilosnow its anything from 7°c and below07:00
mazalAg just another &*%^&^ day in IT support07:01
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy 07:01
mazalGlobal warming is a myth , it's getting colder every year07:05
Kilosyeah or we getting older and weaker07:06
barrydkJulle kan darem kerm en kla soos 'n klomp ou anties magies, nous ek ook skoon depresief07:07
mazalDie oom raas darem erg met ons vanmore07:37
inetprogood mornings07:48
Kiloshi inetpro 07:48
ThatGraemeGuyMaaz: tell cryterion ping!08:44
MaazThatGraemeGuy: Sure, I'll tell Cryterion on freenode08:44
Kilosai! die krag darem08:44
TinuvaMaccrazy dude that is08:50
Kiloshi TinuvaMac 08:50
TinuvaMacmorning Kilos08:51
MaNIlooks like he went full derp09:39
superflythe thing about alternating current is this: the only reason to use it is because it travels further. internally, all your appliances use DC10:12
MaNIeven that isn't really true11:14
MaNIsee e.g. cahora-basa powerline11:15
MaNIanyway I'm all for using DC power where possible - it's some of the other stuff he has done that is crazy like the food thing :p11:15
TinuvaMacyeah i dont think i'd be able to eat slush every day11:16
Kiloshmm... loadshedding huh!11:19
MaNIalso the clothes thing11:40
magespawngood afternoon12:42
mazalBye for now everyone12:44
superflyOur phone line is so stuffed. 16:38
superflyEarlier today it rang, my wife picked it up, there were two ladies on the other side taking to each other, and they apparently couldn't hear her. 16:39
Kilos-i thought that stopped happening with nommer asb16:40
Kilos-the old manual switchboards16:40
superflyI don't know. As you can imagine, our ADSL is stuffed up. 16:41
superflyConnects for 10 minutes, then disconnects, then it connects but is slow 16:42
superflyEtc 16:42
Kilos-very bad the need to do lotsa work ther16:51
Kilos-or when kabels were stolen they connected new ones up wrong16:55
magespawngood evening18:01
Kilos-hi magespawn 18:01
magespawnhi Kilos- nice tail18:03
Kilos-uh oh18:04
Kilos-i forgot18:04
Kilos-im on lappy18:04
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Kilossitting on bed is much warmer18:05
magespawnyes indeed18:05
magespawnso whats up Kilos ?18:16
Kilosworking with pro to make him loadshedding free for meetings18:24
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magespawnnice, jubane pretroleum does battries, going to investigate in the morning18:30
Kiloskeep peeps informed on prices18:31
magespawnwill do18:31
magespawnthey also do complete systems, setup and installed18:32
magespawnbut that will probable be rather pricey18:32
magespawnhi gremble 18:48
grembleDoes anyone here know how to get a mailing list up and running? 18:49
grembleHey magespawn 18:49
magespawnyou need a server and software, i think the software is open source, check out mailing list site18:50
magespawnKilos: where is our mailing list site?18:50
grembleMailman seems like the go-to software. But I don't think I am going to go through that. I found google groups give a similar service18:51
grembleI am going to try that out and see how it works18:51
grembleI want to get the TuksLUG back up18:51
grembleSeeing as I got hassled for not doing anything ;) :P18:51
magespawni think the dlug does something on google groups18:51
magespawngood idea either18:51
grembleSince tuks is an academic institution, do you think I can say something like "TLUG is for the support and promotion of libre software and the GNU/Linux eco-system in an academic environment"?18:55
magespawnthat is a bit limiting isn't it? \19:01
magespawnwhy only an academic environment? 19:02
grembleBecause there is like a million others, and it is not limited to academia. Just more specific I would say. A niche19:03
Kiloshi gremble19:11
grembleHey Kilos 19:11
Kilosim reading back log19:11
grembleI thought you left. Everytime I was here during the weekend, you seemed to be gone :P19:12
Kilosmagespawn its on our site19:12
Kiloslists.ubuntu.com and somewhere in there is a za bit19:12
Kilosin there when you go join you will find it19:13
Kilosi dont have emails here on lappy19:13
gremblewell, https://groups.google.com/d/forum/tuks-linux-user-group There. It exists now. I'll figure out a better description and see how I can get people to join up. I'll do a domain sometime in the future.19:16
superflygremble: most shared hosting packages already have mailman set up19:17
superflygremble: ping SubOracle19:17
grembleAh I am not going to pay for shared hosting. I mean, I would if I could. I almost bought a domain over the weekend. But I cannot afford it at present19:18
superflygremble: you can't afford R20 a month?19:19
grembleNope. Not at the moment. 19:20
grembleI'm at R10 petrol intervals XD19:20
grembleHey kulelu88 19:21
kulelu88hey folks. who is good with SSH here?19:21
kulelu88ola gremble-ino19:21
Kiloswho  is good with lappies here19:23
Kiloshatefull things19:23
grembleWhat seems to be the matter Kilos ?19:23
Kilosmetimes it swops words around19:24
Kilostara says im bumping the touchpad while typing19:24
kulelu88who is tara?19:24
Kilosmy daughter19:25
kulelu88place your hands away from the touchpad when typing19:25
Kiloscan i disable the touchpad thing somewhere19:25
grembleYes you can19:25
octoquadKilos, hi. There is normally an option in keyboard settings to disable the touchpad when typing19:25
grembleThe touchpad is controlled by synaptic drivers19:26
Kilosi think i might be jackets19:26
Kilosoh yay ty octoquad 19:26
Kilosdrives me nuts19:26
octoquadAre you using GNOME or KDE?19:26
octoquadah, I don't know where that setting is, but I'm sure it will be in the same place :)19:27
octoquadand hopefully works19:28
Kilosterrible things laptops19:28
Kilosbut closer to bed so good for winter19:28
grembleThere seems to be an answer19:28
grembleI don't know if that would apply to you19:28
kulelu88what does your daughter do for a living? Kilos 19:29
Kilossings and draws19:29
Kilosdoes anima art for peeps19:30
kulelu88was she on x-factor? haha19:30
magespawnkulelu88: i am relatively good with ssh19:32
kulelu88darn, Kilos is the dad of a famous musician 19:32
kulelu88magespawn: can you explain the security flaws people are mentioning here: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1000467819:32
kulelu88I don't even have a config in my ssh folder19:33
Kiloskulelu88 darn, Kilos is the dad of a famous musician ??19:35
Kilosi sing in the shower19:35
kulelu88did my sentence not make sense? Kilos 19:36
grembleI once sang in the shower. The water stopped until I did19:36
Kiloskulelu88 nope19:36
Kiloshaha  gremble19:36
kulelu88I was shocked to find out Kilos "darn!!! I didn't know Kilos daughter went on x-factor!!!"19:37
Kilosthat was years ago now19:38
magespawnkulelu88: i am going to take my time to read through all of that19:38
kulelu88shocking right magespawn . i need to also assign special keys for each service I SSH into19:39
magespawni thought the idea behind ssh was to have a different key for each server19:41
kulelu88if you're using that 1 public key, it is the same key for each server19:41
magespawnthe public key needs to be known anyway, or else how to people authenticate who it is?19:43
magespawnThe authenticity of host 'whoami.filippo.io (' can't be established.19:43
magespawnRSA key fingerprint is c8:9a:b0:9d:59:96:24:37:70:4c:ef:eb:31:47:68:40.19:43
magespawnAre you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)?19:43
kulelu88he is basically using githubs public keys to find out who you are19:43
magespawnsee this, i think means, they do not have a signed certificate, so you would be a nuts to connect anyway19:44
magespawnbecause the publc key is linked to an account?19:44
mazalNight everyone , sleep well19:44
magespawnnight mazal19:44
gremblethat "authenticity of host" think you get when you connect to github too (the only thing I use SSH for currently)19:45
magespawni thought for ssh to work securely, at the host authentication stage, you would need a certificate of some sort19:47
magespawnwell it did not show any of my public keys and i have several19:49
kulelu88most hosts will give you that error message19:50
magespawnyou could manually add them to the known hosts file first19:51
magespawnand the key fingerprint should show you that you are connecting to the same host after the first connection19:52
inetprogood evening20:08
gremblewassup dawg20:09
Kiloshi ma20:12
KilosMaNI 20:12
gremblekulelu88: https://groups.google.com/d/forum/tuks-linux-user-group I made it, finally haha20:13
Kilosoctoquad kde has a function- disable touchpad when mouse is plugged in, ty20:13
kulelu88how many members? gremble 20:14
grembleMe. I just made it 20:14
kulelu88well its a start ;)20:16
inetprogremble: +120:17
inetpronot that I have anything to do with tuks :-)20:18
kulelu88gremble: what is the primary linux OS that the COS department supports? 20:19
gremblekulelu88: the labs run on Arch linux at the moment if I recall20:30
grembleIt used to be debain 20:30
octoquadnp Kilos20:31
kulelu88arch linux ... ... ... 20:31
Kilosi ove kde20:32
Kilosbut will take forever to learn all it is capable of doing20:33
Kilosmaybe never learn it all20:33
grembleKDE is very customizable20:33
kulelu88they used to be ubuntu users at COS20:34
kulelu88I wouldn't be surprised if the lecturers use Win though20:34
Kilosnight all, sleep tight20:34
grembleNight kulelu88 20:35
grembleKilos: 20:35
grembleI'm going to hit the sack too20:35
grembleI should've gone to bed like 30min ago20:35
magespawngood night all20:45

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