g2000OneM_Industries: /home/YOUR_USERNAME/.local/...00:00
OneM_IndustriesI was in /usr/local/share.00:00
OneM_IndustriesOk, so now how do I use that?00:01
TJ-romualdo: I suspect you've mixed up the DIMM slot numbers, and left the first slot empty and filled 3 other slots. Try mirroring the layout so the empty slot has one of the 8GB modules and the hext slot has the other 8GB, then the 4GB in the 3rd slot00:01
romualdoTJ-: but why on windows 8.1 this is not a problem ? (i matched the 8gb in the 2-channel slots, and the 4gb alone in the another 2-channel00:02
TJ-romualdo: That is strange... do you have any kernel command-line options that could be affecting the way the memory is mapped? check with "cat /proc/cmdline"00:03
romualdoTJ-: BOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz-3.19.0-15-generic root=UUID=2ceae185-be3c-420a-8d7f-e66c76bf85ff ro quiet splash vt.handoff=700:04
g2000OneM_Industries: Just select the starter (=desktop-file) you just made as the default application for jar files.00:04
romualdoTJ-: this is a fresh install, just installed kvirc until now00:04
neorpheusg2000, thanks alot m8, i wouldnt have thought to look at which driver i was using again. all is well now00:05
TJ-romualdo: Well the DMI info provided by the BIOS is definitely incorrect as to the memory-mapping, so it looks like the BIOS has a bug and Linux isn't aware of it, but Windows drivers probably are00:06
OneM_IndustriesOdd, not seeing the .desktop file anywhere.00:06
g2000neorpheus: You're welcome!00:06
TJ-romualdo: do "sudo apt-get install pastebinit" and then "pastebinit /var/log/dmesg" please00:06
neorpheusnow to figure out if i can get Space Engineers working in linux =300:07
OneM_IndustriesI am not seeing the .desktop file anywhere.00:08
g2000OneM_Industries: Not even when you do a dash search? Try to log out and in again, this should really fix it Oo00:08
OneM_Industries"Dash search"?00:08
romualdoTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11996845/00:08
romualdoTJ-: paste.ubuntu.com/1199684500:09
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g2000OneM_Industries: Search for it in the unity dash00:10
TJ-romualdo: Arggh, that's got systemd logging hasn't it. Hate it! No system text logs00:10
OneMattI am using Lubuntu, which does not use unity, as far as I know.00:10
barnexHey, could someone maybe explain what's going on in bmon? See screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/PF6zGu4.png00:11
romualdoTJ-: a friend said about something called PAE, that deals with large amount of memory, is not the case ?00:11
barnexWhat I don't understand is how p3p1 has no transfer (TX bps) yet it's child (? what it even is?) has some00:11
barnexAnd ifconfig doesn't know about the transfer in p3p1 apparently, it's always at 0.0B for p3p100:12
OneMattNot seeing it, g2000.00:12
barnexAnd the traffic isn't logged in any of the interfaces ;o00:12
TJ-romualdo: I'd hope you're using the 64-bit release (amd64) in which case it won't matter. check with "dpkg --print-architecture"00:13
romualdoTJ-: amd6400:14
TJ-romualdo: Good, so PAE doesn't enter into it that's only for allowing 32-bit systems to access more than 4GB00:14
g2000OneMatt: Oh sorry, i did not know that. But it should be the same directory for all ubuntu flavours.00:15
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g2000OneMatt: could you paste the contents of your starter at http://paste.ubuntu.com and give me the link, please?00:16
OneMattI can type it into the chat, it is only one line.00:17
g2000OneMatt: Thats why it is not showing up00:17
g2000OneMatt: ill create the file for you (: give me a minute00:17
TJ-barnex: I believe what you're seeing is as expected with a true Ethernet device00:18
barnexTJ-: well, can I get transfer stats off of it somehow?00:18
TJ-barnex: I'm not sure; I would think there's some kind of config for bmon to isolate what you want00:22
barnexTJ-: yeah, probably. thanks.00:22
TJ-barnex: I see the same thing here with the physical Ethernet interfaces00:23
g2000OneMatt: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11996905/ this should do the trick.00:24
OneMattReplace %f with the file path?00:25
g2000OneMatt: Depends on how you want to use the file. Do you want a starter for your specific application or to open JAR files with java by clicking on them?00:27
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TJ-barnex: looks like the extra info about the queue discipline comes from bmon defaulting to using the netlink input module. Try "sudo bmon --input=proc" that output might be more like what you want00:27
barnexTJ-: thanks00:27
OneMattAh, so keep it as %f to open all different types of java files?00:28
g2000OneMatt: Yes, this should work if you select the starter as the default application to open jar files.00:29
OneMattOdd, still not seeing it under the applications tab...00:31
romualdoTJ-: no idea how can i fix the memory issue so ?00:32
TJ-romualdo: without being able to see the boot dmesg log there's not way to know00:33
romualdoTJ-: and how i enable dmesg log ?00:33
TJ-romualdo: systemd has made the logs binary; you'll need to tell it to dump the dmesg log as text00:35
romualdoTJ-: and how i tell ?00:35
g2000OneMatt: brb00:36
TJ-romualdo: I can't tell you; I son't use systemd00:37
romualdoTJ-: hummm, I will try discover it00:37
jaye2hello. does anyone know where i can find a list of all the preinstalled packages in server 14.04? there's a manifest for the desktop version here, but not for the server version http://releases.ubuntu.com/14.04/00:38
jamesdtest failed00:39
wafflejockSegmentation Fault (core dumped)00:39
Spideri guess i broke it00:39
g2000OneMatt: The file works perfectly for me /:00:40
TJ-jaye2: see http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-server/trusty/daily/current/00:40
g2000OneMatt: should show up as "OpenJDK 7 Runtime"00:40
OneMattUnder what section?00:40
OneMattBecause in lubuntu, the applications are split up into sections by function.00:41
jaye2TJ-: thank you00:41
g2000OneMatt: is there something like "miscellaneous"?00:42
OneMattNot seeing one.00:43
ianorlynOneMatt, try typing openjdk in the run dialog?00:44
g2000OneMatt: Just try to right-click your jar file, select "Other application..." or similar. In the new window select "OpenJDK 7 Runtime"00:45
OneMattThat is what I am doing, OpenJDK Runtime is not showing up.00:45
OneMattAnd I have opened up every category.00:46
TJ-OneMatt: "apt-cache policy openjdk-7-jre"00:46
g2000OneMatt: can you type in a custom command in the "other application..." window? did not know you are using lubuntu when i suggested using a .desktop file.00:46
xprophetxbest size for root partition?00:46
OneMattYes, I can use a custom command.00:47
g2000OneMatt: Perfect.00:47
g2000OneMatt: Get rid of the desktop file and just use "/usr/bin/java -jar %f" as a custom command.00:47
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g2000OneMatt: I originally thought you were using unity. In unity there is no "custom command" option afaik.00:49
elisa87 hey, I assume I have eventually made a bootable usb http://i.imgur.com/mHwxFdn.png I am not sure if this is correct. I don't know how to boot to USB in Windows8.1 I have tried http://www.eightforums.com/tutorials/4935-startup-options-menu-boot-windows-8-a.html but even here when I restart there is no option for booting from USB! Any help is really appreciated!!!00:50
OneMattIt lives!00:50
OneMattAnd it doesn't work because of internet settings. Kill me now...00:52
g2000OneMatt: wtf? :D00:52
OneMattYeah, it executes, but refuses to load up.00:53
OneMattAnyway, that is an issue for the #minecraft channel on espernet.00:53
OneMattThank you!00:53
TJ-elisa87: If the system has Windows 8.1 the firmware of the PC will be UEFI. You'll need to disable 'fastboot' in Windows and ensure the UEFI setup is also set not to do fastboot, if it has that option00:53
g2000you are welcome00:54
OneMattMy friend+linux+me having use linux for more than 5 seconds="Hey, can you get this working?".00:55
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elisa87TJ-: how should I disable fastboot?00:59
TJ-elisa87: There's some setting in Windows to disable it; check the Windows docs.01:00
TIOTROLLAZOhi speak spanish ?01:03
ubottuTIOTROLLAZO: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.01:04
elisa87even though I disabled fast boot in power options in windows 8, I still can't boot from the bootable Ubuntu USB! Any idea what else I can do?01:06
elisa87I have checked the advanced settings in recovery in PC setting but still the same !!!01:07
daftykinselisa87: you should be entering the EFI and looking for the boot menu, or pressing a key to get the boot menu. which system is this?01:09
elisa87It is a Dell laptop with Intel 5th generation CPU daftykins01:09
daftykinsand then the user was gone01:11
GajananHow to change cursor icon in ubuntu 1401:11
HavixilI am using Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS. Is there a piece of software that will show me installed packages and their dependencies and broken packages and stuff like that?01:15
slicepaperwordsbest irc client for ubuntu?01:17
Bashing-omHavixil: Have you examined 'synaptic' ?01:18
HavixilI usually just install from .debs instead of using software centers and things. I will check that out thanks.01:19
Bashing-om!best | slicepaperwords01:19
mancomunadoI've deleted "flash" titled itens on apper since lightspark bugged my browser, and now youtube is crashing. Seems obvious something has been suitable to the dependencies there. So could you please help my ask to quote necessary flash dependencies to make firefox (iceweasel) work again natively? regards01:19
esr_someone here has experience installing Ubuntu and Manjaro side to side? the Manjaro partition goes into a kernel panic01:20
esr_i did various reinstalls01:21
wileeeesr_, Ubuntu should have nothing to do with this, there support is what's needed.01:23
elisa87so I have tried Del, f2 and F12(said by my notebook) when restarting to go to boot option or bios. None worked. It is a Windows 8.1 Enterprise edition. Any idea what I can do!?! I need to change the boot order inorder to boot from the bootable Ubuntu usb01:23
esr_ok, I though because it has ubuntu as well, maybe can be related as well01:24
andygraybealis there a "toddler" or "child" mode for ubuntu?  something that restricts keystrokes.. and keeps them on a certain application/game?01:24
daftykinselisa87: shutdown by running "shutdown -s -t 1" in Windows, then power on and keep pressing F12 repeatedly.01:24
esr_thx anyway01:24
daftykinselisa87: Dell machines _definitely_ are F1201:24
daftykinselisa87: so unless this is a work or education machine where you don't have the right to install another OS, so it's locked down, it really should work.01:25
elisa87I have pressed f12 during the whole restart!!! it didn't work!!! it it driving me nuts daftykins01:25
esr_actually has Peach OSI an Manjaro01:25
daftykinselisa87: restart isn't what i said01:25
elisa87nah it is bought for me by my adviser and I am given full administration. I have installed Windows 8.1 enterprise on it and wiped the Win7 and I now need the Ubuntu 14.04 for my robotics project! daftykins01:26
daftykinsenterprise is only allowed for companies - sounds illegal to me01:26
elisa87I even tried the shut down and advanced setting in PC setting in recovery section. none worked. What did you mean daftykins01:26
elisa87Our department gives us the right to download the enterprise version of Windows8.1 for projects01:27
elisa87I have installed Windows8.1 enterprise in my other laptop in school which is for my other job. It is a Gigabyte notebook and by pressing F2 I can go to BIOS setting! daftykins01:27
tgm4883daftykins: there are plenty of legal ways to get enterprise. MSDN, Technet, you're a company01:27
tgm4883daftykins: academic alliance01:28
elisa87It is not a company. It is University of Wisconsin-Madison. tgm4883 daftykins01:28
daftykinselisa87: that doesn't have anything to do with the Dell though01:28
tgm4883elisa87: I didn't say you were, I was just listing several legit ways of having enterprise01:29
Rave1does this laptop have a legacy boot option?01:29
wileeeelisa87, Well known for their intercultural program and approach. ;)01:29
daftykinslegacy has no relevance01:29
elisa87daftykins: what was the way you wanted me to press f12 as you said don't press it during restart?01:29
daftykinselisa87: i typed it already above, i'm not going to type it again to save you scrolling up01:29
elisa87Rave1: yeah my BIOS mode is legacy is that is what you are asking in msinfo3201:29
Rave1legacy had lots of relavance  to boot from usb on some of mine01:30
tgm4883Rave1: I don't believe you can boot 8.1 in legacy mode01:30
daftykinssure can01:30
daftykinselisa87: you installed 8 in legacy mode? o001:30
Rave1user is asking to boot a live USB freom what I read01:30
elisa87ok I missed that. so by pressing f12 repeatedly you mean I shouldn't put my finger off the f12 button, right?> just to make sure?01:31
tgm4883daftykins: I thought 8.1 required UEFI?01:31
elisa87daftykins: I have no idea what I did, I just burn the ISO into a dvd and followed the step! Literally not sure Microsoft has set up for me01:31
Rave1so if you cant boot win 8.1 in legacy how is it I installed on old machine pre UEFI01:32
daftykinstgm4883: newp01:32
daftykinselisa87: sorry that second half doesn't make any sense to me01:33
elisa87I don't approve of my Windows knowlege! Back to Windows after quite a while due to some Intel and Microsoft hardwares!! that is all! haha01:33
daftykinselisa87: quite honestly F12 should give a boot menu on a Dell regardless, use F2 to enter the BIOS instead and have a look around - maybe F12 is disabled01:33
daftykinslots of exclamations! not a lot on topic!01:34
elisa87I'll try and come back and ping. I won't be able to see messages meanwhile! thanks for the help!!!!!01:34
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wileeetgm4883, W8 installs msdos if your setup that way, I'm in it right now.01:43
wileeeerr upgraded to W10 actually same file system01:44
MadOtisHello all, I'm trying to install 15.04 (server) on an older Dell PowerSpec 1U rack machine.  I've tried both 32 and 64 CD's (and I've confirmed that the machine is an early 64 bit architecture w/ 2 Xeon 64-bit CPUs)...  I can boot up to the language selection page, but it doesn't seem to go anywhere after that, as in Enter key doesn't seem to progress to the bootup of the install image.01:44
MadOtisAny suggestions?  I know the keyboard works, too.01:44
daftykinsMadOtis: does it have a slim optical drive?01:45
jamesdgrab an older version see that works better older hardware works better with older software01:45
daftykinsi assume you used DVDs01:45
daftykins!mini | MadOtis this one might be worth a go01:45
ubottuMadOtis this one might be worth a go: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD01:45
MadOtisdaftykins: Yes, it does.01:45
pepeewhy doesn't the ubuntu version of diff in diffutils have the --git flag?01:46
jamesdold version? not compiled with the --git option enabled?  not sure..01:46
MadOtisubotto: I have the server cd image burned.  I'll try the download install version... thanks.01:46
pepeeMadOtis, ubottu is a bot01:47
MadOtispepee:  Doh!  I see that now.  Lol.01:48
daftykinsMadOtis: you have server, but i suggested mini :)01:50
daftykins(via the bot)01:50
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD01:53
daftykinsheh i never get why people repeat the factoid trigger01:53
MadOtisI'm old and have forgotten how to use IRC.  <facepalm>01:54
MadOtismini.iso burning now.01:55
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avishhello everyone02:08
MadOtisDamn... same issue with the mini.iso.  Does the server install not recognize a USB keyboard?02:08
avishuhmm nop02:08
avishthey didnot02:09
avishi quit too02:09
jamesdi think i heard about that issue years ago.. so that may be the case...  try using the drac to configure it or dig up a ps2 keyboard02:09
MadOtisGot it going... BIOS had USB support on without bios support.  Once I enabled WITH bios support, its trucking along.  Thank you!!!02:12
Shed-34046Is Ubuntu lighter on resources than windows 802:14
wafflejockShed-34046, it all depends on what programs/services you're running on the OS how heavy/light it will be, typically you can make a linux system run lighter than a windows system02:18
wafflejockhttps://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=ubuntu%20minimum%20requirements  vs  https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=windows+8+minimum+requirements02:19
Shed-34046wafflejock I was talking about in general02:19
marioxccI tried to install Memtest86+ using synaptic but it hanged. I had to kill it, then I ran "dpkg --configure -a". What should I do in order to make sure my system is bootable?.02:20
Shed-34046My laptop has a dual core CPU (intel pentium b960) and 4GB DDR3 ram.. Idk if it was because i just got done with a game on windows and shutdown and tried live usb for 30 minutes but.. My laptop was kinda warm..02:21
Shed-34046Maybe i should try it now..02:21
Shed-34046brb guys :)02:21
wafflejockShed-34046, well the minimum requirements of ubuntu are about half of that of windows 8 so you can gather what you will from that but they are different systems running different programs and ultimately it depends on those programs how demanding the system is overall on your resources, in my experience it seems faster but you would need to do benchmarking of various tasks to decide scientifically02:21
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shed-34046hey :)02:30
shed-34046i'm testing ubuntu and right now it says its using 901.3MiB (23.5%) of 3.7GB is that lower than windows?02:31
notaeonabout the same02:31
notaeonwindows 10 is around 1gb02:31
notaeonon linux you can go lower, much lower02:32
shed-34046notaeon how do i find out the temperature of the cpu right now?02:32
notaeoni think i got ~60mb booted into openbox02:32
jeffrey_fcan anyone suggest where I can download a vanilla server VirtualBox VDI.02:32
shed-34046on windows 10 my computer ran at 31C and my pc couldn't really run windows 10 due to non-compatibility02:32
notaeonshed-34046: about temps, here's wiki page https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto02:33
notaeonram (desktop anyways) prices are falling again anyways02:34
shed-34046notaeon right now sensors says physical id 0: +51C high = 80C crit = 85C at crit would my CPU shut down for protection02:36
shed-34046not cpu but laptop02:36
gvpmFirt time using IRSSI, trying to figure all out here02:36
redditcatI'm trying to use snort to detect http traffic being forwarded via ssh socks through server.  My snort rule http://pastebin.com/easV4v2202:36
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marioxccI tried to install Memtest86+ using synaptic but it hanged. I had to kill it, then I ran "dpkg --configure -a". What should I do in order to make sure my system is bootable?.02:37
Bashing-omgvpm: #irssi is a useful resource .02:37
gvpmYou guys have any good website with search for irc chats?02:38
wafflejockshed-34046, yup at critical it should cut off to save the CPU02:38
bazhangsearchirc.com gvpm , more on #freenode02:39
wileeemarioxcc, Can you give, if you can what caused the broken boot, what ubuntu release, ?02:39
wileeeor is this just a worry it will boot?02:40
jeffrey_fI need a prebuilt Ubuntu server for VirtualBox.  Vanilla if possible.02:40
wolflarsonso .. mount the iso and install02:41
wolflarsonI give you prebuilt + backdoor built in as well02:41
shed-34046wafflejock right now its seems ubuntu isn't as hot as win8 makes it like usually 60-65C02:41
marioxccAssume my GRUB installation is broken due to a misbehaving Ubuntu installation script, what should I do *in order to fix it* (reporting the bug doesn't fixes it)?02:43
wafflejockshed-34046, good to hear, yeah in windows the search indexer has tendency to do a lot of background processing same with the update tools02:43
wileeemarioxcc, Was this the server install I saw earlier?02:43
notaeonmarioxcc: reinstall grub?02:43
wileeeand a grub bot link given?02:43
marioxccnotaeon: Which commands?.02:44
marioxccwileee: I think that you are confusing me, no, I have not asked about a server install.02:44
wileeemariorz, It was a simple question, yes or no. ;)02:45
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub202:45
notaeonmarioxcc: see above links02:46
marioxccThanks notaeon02:46
datahoodhow would I go about uninstalling ubuntu?02:48
wileeedatahood, install over it or delete it, there is no uninstall.02:48
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wileeedatahood, This a boot issue, you will loose the grub boot, unless you have another linux controlling grub there.02:49
datahoodwileee<ok how do I delete it if I can not boot from disc on restart<f-1202:49
wileeedatahood, So you are not able to boot the install media? Have you been here with this before?02:50
datahoodwileee<..yes we tried and tried different things all yesterday...surprise you do not remember our convo02:51
wileeedatahood, I do.02:52
wileeethat is why I ask02:52
wileeesomewhat anyway, seems familiar02:52
datahoodwileee<  remember I installed the wrong bit of ubuntu02:52
datahoodwileee< 32 instead of 6402:53
datahoodwileee< so will deleting the grub solve my problem?02:54
wileeedatahood, Not clearly, I'm an scientific inquiry user, I want the facts. ;)02:54
datahoodwileee< facts like?02:54
wileeedatahood, I suspect I wont be able to help, is all, sorry.02:54
datahoodwilee<< ok..no problem02:55
mnathani_service iptables save03:03
mnathani_whats the ubuntu equivalent of that03:03
Bocephusanybody have any recomendations for a user friendly encryption // I tried multiple softwares in the software center but no real luck03:03
Bocephusdocument encryption  or a better full circle solution besides encrytping my entire hard drive03:04
Bocephusguess its to vague of a question03:08
maxrideI have a bit of a question...I have linux installed on sda6 and want to expand the partition. sda4 is a data partition and I have no idea what sda7 is....sda8 is a recovery partition that can go...any advice on the best way to do this?   GParted screenshot: http://imgur.com/glb2wYb03:12
redrum187Every time I boot, my screen brighness returns to default.  I have not found any threads in the forum about his that deal with 14.04 LTS03:13
redrum187How do I disable this?03:13
firmlyhypervisorNew Link user here...so not much is easy thus far...but I really like the cont you use any cloud based storage Boxcryptor is nice and easy. If you want a premium tool Jetico Bestcrypt would be worth looking into. I am sure there is a ton...but those are all solid no matter which platform you are on. throwing it out there as my first post...hope it helps. I have a lot to learn about running Ubuntu/GNU/Linux03:16
firmlyhypervisor@Bocephus ^ replied03:17
artoiswhat the...03:18
wileeeredrum187, Try this link last post with the 'gksudo gedit /etc/rc.local' command03:19
artoisredrum187: what do you want it to be?03:19
artoismaxride: looks like Windows insanity03:19
artoismaxride: no point looking for sense in it03:19
redrum187wileee: ~20% of max or so by default03:19
redrum187wileee: what link?03:20
maxrideatrois:  Thanks....I'm thinking that wiping the drive is probably my best bet....03:20
wileeeredrum187, Doh https://askubuntu.com/questions/151651/brightness-is-reset-to-maximum-on-every-restart  heh sorry03:20
redrum187Cool, thanks I'll give it a read.03:20
firmlyhypervisorsorry bad typos in my last post...not sure if the form went into space as I was typiing or what. Aplogies.03:21
wileeefirmlyhypervisor, Ubuntu support is all, that is not even close. ;)03:22
firmlyhypervisor@Bocephus my first choice would be PGP for your encryption...last reply didn't make much sense.03:22
redrum187wileee: it said I did not have gksudo, so I ran "sudo apt-get install gksudo"03:23
wileeeRedRum sudo apt-get install gksu  than run gksudo03:24
firmlyhypervisor> wileee :-0 Sorry man, my keyboard has been up a long time.03:24
redrum187Is "sudo apt-get install gksudo" different than "sudo apt-get install gksu"?03:25
wileeeredrum187, gksu is the base for running gksudo basically, you could run gksu03:25
wileeeredrum187, the gk=graphic03:26
redrum187will gksudo and gksu install the same thing?03:26
wileeeredrum187, It is not the install choice this command is for but to call for a password, and run the file in a graphic shell.03:27
ubottuIf you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)03:28
wileeeredrum187, Excellent questions, you want to understand, in the word of Martha Stewart "it is a good thing". ;)03:29
redrum187Thanks.  I worry too often I'm not asking the right questions.03:30
redrum187I ran cat /sys/class/backlight/intel_backlight/brightness and it printed 1015, I thought the ranges were either 1-10 or 1-100?03:30
wileeeredrum187, It gets easier, here you will recognize the people here everyday if you lurk enough and know whom to follow to learn.03:31
wileeeredrum187, you don;t run it but put in the opened file and choose for 1-4 I believe for brightness default.  WE are really just testing if this will work, it can be removed no harm done, if not working.03:34
redrum187I just decided to run the command at lowest brightness and highest brightness.  When in doubt, do tests.  I determined my brightness range is from 78 to 7812.  Weird.03:34
wileeeredrum187, If this changes the default you will have to tweak it how you like by changing that X value03:35
SpeakFreely_Can someone help me. I'm trying to install ubuntu on a usb by running it in a VM. I use the command: "sudo qemu-system-x86_64 /dev/sdb ./Documents/ubuntu-15.04-desktop-amd64.so" and get "unable to mount root fs on unkownblock (0,0)"03:36
wileeeSpeakFreely_, Full install?03:37
SpeakFreely_wileee, What do you mean? I'm running this on my ubuntu laptop if that's what you're asking03:37
wileeeSpeakFreely_, Just can't follow the issue, and wondering why the vm is all.03:38
wileeeend goal maybe?03:39
SpeakFreely_wileee, Oh my end goal is to have a persitent version of ubuntu on a usb03:39
SpeakFreely_wileee, following this guide: http://askubuntu.com/questions/16988/how-do-i-install-ubuntu-to-a-usb-key-without-using-startup-disk-creator03:39
wileeeSpeakFreely_, easier done from any regular desktop, linux, ms or apple. That is a much harder road is all.03:40
SpeakFreely_wileee, care to point me to a tutorial? last one I tried left me with a live cd version instead of an actual instal03:41
wileeeSpeakFreely_, a iso with a persistence is not an actual install, it is still live.03:42
SpeakFreely_wileee, oh, well is there a way to do an actual install on a usb?03:42
wileeeactual install meaning from the live..etc03:42
wileeeSpeakFreely_, two media is all olne to boot and install to the other, which is a usb or HD.03:42
SpeakFreely_WildSoft, are you saying creating a live cd, boot from that and then install onto the usb?03:43
wileeeSpeakFreely_, actual install is way to vague here as well, two basic types, iso live, or full install.03:44
SpeakFreely_wileee, I guess full install in this case03:45
Ben64it will be horribly slow on a usb03:45
wileeeSpeakFreely_, Cool yeah a disk or usb boot of the live, or from your grub, and install to a usb.03:45
wileeevery slow yeah03:45
SpeakFreely_I'm just using it for mining a cryptocoin03:46
Ben64well, don't03:46
wileeeI would follow that advice myself03:46
wileeeI know the users skill level for one, and the issue as well.03:47
Ben64there probably is a livecd that already can do that, running a full install from usb will be very slow03:47
SpeakFreely_Would a livecd be faster or are they both slow in this case?03:48
Ben64livecd is faster03:48
SpeakFreely_Would you recommend any tutorials for livecd with persistence?03:49
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent03:49
SpeakFreely_does usb-creator-gtk usually take awhile? seems to be hanging on 49%03:55
cfhowlettSpeakFreely_, normal.  be patient03:55
cfhowlettSpeakFreely_, it could do a better job of reporting feedback so it doesn't appear stuck03:56
SpeakFreely_Cool thanks, just wanted to restart it if it was messed up03:57
wileeeSpeakFreely_, building the persistent takes a little time, especially if the full 4gigs.03:59
SpeakFreely_wileee, I made it 1 GB, going to try the resizing trick it talks about03:59
wileeeSpeakFreely_, not sure what would be resized, How big is the usb?04:00
SpeakFreely_wileee, 32 GB04:00
wileeeSpeakFreely_, the casper-rw file resized?04:00
SpeakFreely_wileee,  yes04:01
antiPoPHi, currently I'm using xrdp to copnnect  to a ubuntu computer. It works almost well, but I can't get fixed the keyboard layout issues even after following some tutorials. I have seem some vnc tutorials but they look a mess to setup. Is there some other alternative to remote connection?04:01
wileeeSpeakFreely_, YOu can make a casper-rw partition and use all the usb if you want.04:01
SpeakFreely_wileee, I'll prolly just make it 8 GB04:04
wileeeSpeakFreely_, Never heard of resizing the file, sounds like a really bad idea, but that is an opinion, Be careful and remember that casper-rw is not really easily accessible off the live and all your persistence, if damaged or removed it is all gone.04:06
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SpeakFreely_wileee, is it right if i have my 1 partition 3.16GB and the 2nd persistence the rest of the usb?04:07
friendlylaptop1Hi there, I'm looking to find out what the DE is on trusty tahr?04:07
cfhowlettfriendlylaptop1, ubuntu = unity04:08
cfhowlett!flavors | friendlylaptop104:08
ubottufriendlylaptop1: !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.04:08
friendlylaptop1i think it is gnome 2, but I could be wrong. also, where do I find a list of distro's with the DE's?04:08
friendlylaptop1nice, thx04:08
friendlylaptop1so would ubuntu always be unity then?04:09
wileeeSpeakFreely_, I'm not a big fan of this, but it is either a casper file in the OS or a partition. If you have a partitioned casper, you only need a partition just slightly bigger than the iso, as nothing is saved there.04:09
wileeeI would run light, lxde or lubuntu or openbox as lighter.04:09
friendlylaptop1cfhowlett, when I had mint, I was using lxde, right? What would be the benefit of switching to gnome?04:10
cfhowlettfriendlylaptop1, allow me to hijack your question: I'm interested in other DE's.  How can I test them easily?  simple04:11
SpeakFreely_wileee, I see. Hope this works, last time I tried this method it said there was not enough space when I tried updating04:11
friendlylaptop1yes, that's EXACTLY what i want to know....:)04:12
cfhowlettfriendlylaptop1, sudo apt-get install lxde xfce4 kde-plasma-desktop gnome04:12
cfhowlettfriendlylaptop1, then: logout/choose an alternate DE/login      and test to your heart's delight04:12
friendlylaptop1cfhowlett, will i still be able to switch back to unity?04:12
friendlylaptop1cfhowlett, great, thank you sooooo much!!!04:12
cfhowlettfriendlylaptop1, happy to help.04:12
wileeeSpeakFreely_, That is another issue, you don't have the updates like normal, you will miss security updates likely, it is not really designed to be taking all upgrades. Still just the iso but now with an upgrade script.04:13
bigbossiewhat's up all?04:13
wileeeSpeakFreely_, I would run a light vm if it were me.04:13
SpeakFreely_wileee, will I be able to install gfx card drivers?04:14
wileeeSpeakFreely_, probably, kernels are an issue as I remember. I'm not up on every limitation is all, it can be unstable if messed with enough.04:14
SpeakFreely_wileee, alright, well thanks for all the help :)04:15
wileeeSpeakFreely_, You need to travel with this stick?04:15
wileeeto other computers...etc?04:16
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SpeakFreely_wileee, Nah I just don't feel like dual booting with my windows comp, which is where my gfx card is04:17
wileeeSpeakFreely_, Use a vm, you can run both.04:18
SpeakFreely_wileee, VMs don't degrade access to a gfx card?04:19
wileeeSpeakFreely_, virtualbox has it's own drivers you will give up ram and some cpu04:20
SpeakFreely_wileee, can it access the full amount of RAM on the card though?04:21
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wileeeSpeakFreely_,  You split ram off for it, a really light vn a gig will probably do it, not sure though with what you will run.04:22
SpeakFreely_wileee, are you talking about regular RAM or the gfx card's memory?04:22
friendlylaptop1cfhowlett, so I installed them, but now it is asking me to specify a default display manager, with these options: gdm, kdm, or lightdm. which is the one least likely to cause me problems?04:23
friendlylaptop1please and thank you :)04:23
wileeeSpeakFreely_, regular ram, your graphics card will ot be used in virtualbox, they have drivers.04:23
cfhowlettfriendlylaptop1, kdm = kde, gdm = gnome and lightdm for everything else04:23
SpeakFreely_wileee, Okay thank you04:23
friendlylaptop1cfhowlett, ok thanks that's great.04:24
wileeeSpeakFreely_, No problem, just mess around till your happy.04:24
friendlylaptop1cfhowlett, you don't happen to know which distro comes with gnome do you?04:24
doctorlyWhat is the best website for writing tutorials? Like, something that is popular and has really good markdown.04:24
cfhowlett!gnome | friendlylaptop104:24
ubottufriendlylaptop1: GNOME was the default desktop environment on Ubuntu up to 10.10. To install the GNOME Shell, type [ sudo apt-get install gnome-shell ] in a !terminal. For the GNOME-based !flavor of Ubuntu, see !ubuntu-gnome04:24
SpeakFreely_wileee, will do :D wish there weren't 2-3 programs holding me back from switching to linux for good04:25
friendlylaptop1sweet. thx04:25
cfhowlettdoctorly, I believe you'll find wiki is the default here04:25
wileeeSpeakFreely_, most of us dualboot, or at least some, may be linux multiboots, apple, ms.04:25
doctorlycfhowlett: which wiki? Like is there a specific website? Or do you mean the ubuntu wiki?04:26
cfhowlettdoctorly, right. ubuntu wiki type seems to be the standard04:26
SpeakFreely_wileee, hmm maybe I'll have to give dual booting another go. Last time I did it somehow OSs ended up getting corrupted04:27
wileeeSpeakFreely_, Easier to corrupt windows in that scenario, generally not resizing or having the fast boot in a uefi, not so often with ubuntu or linux. Anything is possible though.04:28
wileeeresizing correctly*04:28
cfhowlettdoctorly, I did a bit of digging.  "moinmoin" wiki might be the clue you seek. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MoinMoin04:29
SpeakFreely_Yeah I believe it was windows that corrupted. Again wish these few programs weren't holding me back lol04:29
wileeeSpeakFreely_, Do what you need to do, I have windows for word basically, got it all cheap from academic, really cheap lol.04:30
SpeakFreely_wileee, I'm pretty much only keeping it for gaming and taking notes lol, can't find a note-taking app on *nix that isn't shit04:30
doctorlycfhowlett: Actually both answers don't really do what I need. I need wiki type formating, but somewhere I can easily submit a guide. Can I post a guide on the Ubuntu wiki...?04:31
cfhowlettdoctorly, yes you can post a guide on ubuntu04:32
antiPoPI have an  radeon xpress 1100 IGP and teh driver fails to load in 15.04. has somebody the same issue?04:34
doctorlycfhowlett: Ok awesome, thanks! I will try that right now.04:34
cfhowlettdoctorly, lots04:35
cfhowlettof user / community wikis here:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community04:35
mancomunadoSo, everytime I try to install a source code make stuck me for dependencies. It's quite insane they don't teach you how to install the dependencies on the compiler readme. How to perform it?04:36
wileeemancomunado, Why are you installing source code?04:37
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mancomunadowileee, that's what the cool guys are doing now04:38
cfhowlettmancomunado, that doesn't even make sense but ...04:39
squinty....and cross posting in the debian channel too04:39
cfhowlett!compile | mancomunado04:39
ubottumancomunado: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall04:39
wileeemancomunado, Really, you seem to be failing though.04:39
wileeeit's what people who know what there doing might do04:40
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friendlylaptop1cfhowlett, it worked! I am sooooo happy!!! (I have a DE boner)04:48
cfhowlettfriendlylaptop1, ewwwwwwwww.  I'm happy to have helped but ... !PHRASING!04:49
friendlylaptop1lol, i know i know.....04:49
friendlylaptop1i just had to tell you :)04:49
wafflejockmancomunado, if you're getting source of something that is in apt-get you can use apt-get to get the source and the build dependencies (using source and build-dep options)05:08
wafflejockmancomunado, if it's something from somewhere else then you have to rely on the source to tell you what dependencies it has05:08
pikawubzhow come i am not able to change refresh rate in the display settings?05:22
wileeepikawubz, look at man xrandr in  the terminal.05:25
wileeerun just xrandr as a refrence as well05:25
pikawubzi try to change it with xrandr -r but it keeps saying "Rate is not available for this size"05:28
pikawubzwhich is 1920x1080 btw05:28
pikawubzthe main reason im trying to do this is because i want to fix screen tear05:32
wafflejockpikawubz, I kind of feel that's not likely to fix screen tear, screen tear happens cause the video buffer isn't fully updated when the screen redraws, there are a few sync technologies I've heard of pretty recently to fix the issue but I doubt changing refresh rate will help much05:38
pikawubzwafflejock, what are these sync technologies and how do i try them05:40
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darkangelHello i was just wondering in Ubuntu is it possible to limit a folder gb or mb size with a C++ file like quota can?06:11
parapanhi fellows, I need some help with a booting issue ..06:13
parapancan somebody competent support ?06:13
badbodh^ that's insulting. incompetent like me can support too.06:13
badbodhjust ask and wait.06:13
parapanbadbodh: :)) pls don't take it that way .....I have a messy situation with a 3 system boot ....Win 7, win XP and Ubuntu 12.04 . . .06:16
badbodhbeen there, done that. what's the issue ?06:17
parapanit seems that mount points are all over the 3 HDD's I have; XP mount is in sdb1 ( and is reported to be full - causing problem when booting - missing NTLDR error ); w7 is mounted into sdc1, ubuntu 12.04 - I don't know now ...06:18
badbodhparapan, xp does have a nasty habit of placing ntldr in another partition other than C drive. if you installed win7 after it, that probably removed ntldr/boot.ini etc files.06:21
parapanproblem is: when starting the PC I get the NTLDR missing error; I have to manually press F8, choose the second HDD to make it boot to W7; it seems that HDD2 is on SATA 1 on my PC; when booting to W7 I get the grub loader . . but when trying to boot ubuntu 12.04 I get the comman line . .06:21
parapanand the error that HDD uuid is missing ...06:21
parapanbadbodh: You're the man; that was exactly the issue06:22
badbodhbut it appears your issue is more than that. you got bootloaders of three os-s in three diff hard drives. at a time you can boot to only one of them.06:23
parapanbadbodh: Now I have this crazy ideea that I can fix the booting issue with linux/ubuntu ...already booted from USB installed the boot-recovery .. but get the error ob sdb1 (win XP) being full partition and that will create problem when booting; even if I repair the boot, the next reboot ends up with the same NTLDR issue . .06:24
omkar_what is the standard way of installing nvidia drivers on ubuntu 14.0406:24
omkar_is it through the nvidia site or ubuntu has customized driver like fedora has06:24
badbodhomkar_, open software sources, go to the last tab. it lists all third party drivers available.06:25
parapanbadbodh: exactly . . .that's why I said the "competent" thing . . I already tried the usual stuff and didn't worked ...so I think the boot file must be edited manually in order to have a proper fix . .  .06:25
badbodhparapan, you need to solve boot record of each hard drive/os one by one. starting with xp.06:25
badbodhwhat makes you think 'install ubuntu' will fix boot issue ? that's not how any of this works.06:26
parapanbadbodh: I do not need XP anymore ...can I get rid of him ?06:26
badbodhyes you just have to format that partition. as for the boot loader removal/recovery i'll need more info.06:26
badbodhif you have ubuntu live usb, boot to that and we can start from there.06:27
parapanbadbodh: didn't installed ...made the try ubuntu, than added the ppa for boot-repair ...and tried to fix -it this way ...that's because it worked before06:27
badbodhlive usb/cd/anything06:27
badbodhno man, you don't use "apps" to solve boot issues without knowing what caused the issue.06:27
badbodhfact that you have three diff hard drives only complicates it further06:28
badbodhfor now, boot into live and come join this chat.06:28
parapanbadbodh: correct :D and the drives are the same type =))06:28
parapanbadbodh: be back in 5 minutes bro . . .06:29
omkar_i m still confused where should i look for open software sources,where in synaptic?06:29
badbodhparapan, ok.06:29
badbodhomkar_, which ubuntu version are you on ?06:29
omkar_trusty 14.0406:29
badbodhunity ?06:29
badbodhok go to control center, look for 'software sources'06:30
parapanbadbodh: just one q more; will it help to move the sdb HDD to the SATA0 ?06:30
omkar_any cli way06:30
omkar_I want to do for a remote machine,the person is having issues with drivers and i don't want to disturb him06:30
badbodhomkar_, apt-get install <driver name, which you wil find in 'software sources'>06:31
bujjiwhere is my start menu?06:31
badbodhparapan, setting all drives to same sata mode will help.06:31
badbodhbujji, what is your ubuntu version ?06:32
parapanbadbodh: I was thinking the same ....I'll do that06:32
bujjibadbodh: 13.1006:33
badbodhbujji, 13.10 isn't supported. install 14.04 (lts) or 15.0406:33
badbodhis it unity ?06:34
baizon13.10 isnt supported since 07.201406:34
suseelahow to copy file with the same permission to another location??06:34
bujjibadbodh: how i can upgrade to 14.0406:34
badbodhyou need to download iso, backup your /home directory, fresh install.06:35
bujjisuseela: cp -p06:35
bujjibadbodh: can't i directly upgrade from 13.10 to 14.0406:36
badbodhonce upon a time bujji , not anymore.06:36
bujjibadbodh: can you give me any link06:37
badbodhyou get about 3 months after a release to upgrade it in-situ06:37
badbodhhttp://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop <- bujji06:38
badbodhalso http://tour.ubuntu.com/en/ to find start-menu etc <- bujji06:39
gartralok all, mild emergency... I have a studio system running 14.04 and it's updating, thghe problem is it's trying to install a lot of old kernals and /boot is running out of space... how do I make it unly install the most up to date kernal and keep the currently running one?06:43
badbodhgartral, open synaptic or software center, search for "linux image generic" see what comes up. remove older versions.06:44
wileeegartral, Never seen but one kernel set at a time, the studio release has low latency.06:44
badbodhsorry just "linux image" not generic06:45
gartralbadbodh: problem with that is every other kernal is failing to install cleanly and synaptic is being retarded and not remove the broken packages06:45
bujjibadbodh: linux partions guide?06:45
gartralwileee: /boot only has 228 MB, set by the installer06:45
wileeegardar, This is a user error issue, so you know.06:46
badbodhyou may gain some space by "sudo apt-get clean"06:46
badbodhfor broken packages/ unfinished upgrades run "dpkg-reconfigure -a" followed by "apt-get install -f"06:46
badbodhall with sudo ofc06:46
gartralwileee: no, it isn't... as "user error" impies I requested 228 MB for boot, the installer automagically gave that too me at install time06:46
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agent_whiteHold the install, and resize boot instead?06:47
gartralagent_white: I would assume the installer wouldn't do something retarded... this isn't a windows install...06:48
badbodhbujji, you need some google :P i don't remember where i read such guides. been a long time.06:48
wileeegartral, Stop the drama, you have been in control it is your responsibility, if you want help own your errors06:49
bujjibadbodh: can you give me a good link to follow06:49
badbodhsorry man, don't remember. it's out there somewhere.06:49
devsi need people for reverse enginering06:49
gartralwileee: I do want help, and I wasn't aware that my humor would be construded as drama... I simply want to make sure my system survives a reboot06:50
parapanbadbodh: 5 more minutes bro...I had to undust the PC :D06:50
wileee!topic | devs06:50
ubottudevs: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic06:50
badbodhgoogle 'linux filesystem' 'mbr' 'fstab' for some digging bujji06:50
badbodhalso read "gparted" documentations06:50
agent_whitegartral: Hahah fair enough. But, again, why not just halt the upgrade, resize boot, deal with the unecessary kernels for the time being and remove them again after?06:50
badbodhgparted will help with your partitioning.06:51
gartralagent_white: I don't think I can resize live filesystems06:51
ArbitionI've seen it done06:51
gartralfile systems in use06:51
badbodhyou use live cd and run 'gparted' gartral06:51
Arbitionlive extended an LVM then live extended the ext406:52
agent_whitegartral: Oh I know. I was assuming you would be doing this resize in a normal fashion... is that not possible to take the system off for abit?06:52
gartralbadbodh: can't boot a live disk, I had to install this system over network, and I no longer have the facilities to do so06:52
parapanbadbodh: Ok, one good thing ...moving the second HDD to SATA1 ...it goes to grub directly, without the need of doing F8 . . .06:53
badbodhsorry gartral , can't get bacon without pigs06:53
gartralagent_white: I can not, as this machine has no cd/dvd rom, and the only two USB ports are used by the keyboard and mouse06:53
badbodhparapan, in your bios check your boot device order. whichever is on top will be booted first. if it has grub, grub comes first.06:54
gartralalright, i'll go through the HARD way, uninstalling all kernals except the running one and re-install the newest06:55
badbodhgartral, then download an iso, prepare a live-usb with 'startup disk creator'06:55
agent_whitegartral: Ah shoot.  No LVM partitions?06:55
gartralagent_white: I have LVM06:55
gartralbadbodh: see above, only two USBs, no optical06:55
badbodhi said 'live-usb' didn't i ?06:56
agent_whitegartral: `apt-get --purge autoclean` to get rid of the other kernels not being used?06:56
gartralbadbodh: how am I suppose to do the install? I have a keyboard, and a mouse... that's 2 USB ports06:56
gartralagent_white: tried, it doesn't06:57
badbodhdo you have internet (a very stupid question) ?06:57
badbodhgrab an iso, insert your pen drive, make a live-usb06:57
akikgartral: i think you can manage the install with only the keyboarde06:58
gartralbadbodh: I have a USB Keyboard, and a USB Mouse!06:58
badbodhi've told you several things by now, have you tried running even -one- of those ?06:58
parapanbadbodh: hard to do man; I choose the HDD . . but I have 3 of them, identical one; anyway ...moving the second drive to SATA1 solved partly06:58
gartralbadbodh: yes, I have internet on this machine06:58
badbodhdo you have pen drive ?06:58
gartralagent_white: i think your command syntax is off "E: Command line option --purge is not understood"06:59
gartralbadbodh: I do, but no free USB ports06:59
parapanbadbodh: anyway, plugged the USB, booting ... on my way to 12.04.live ......06:59
badbodhgartral, then remove your keyboard, boot to live. do the things. ubuntu has onscreen keyboard, use that.07:00
badbodhwhere there is will , there is way. stop assuming we are too stupid to solve your issue.07:01
parapan2badbodh: on the troubled PC bad(dog); waiting instruction; over :D07:01
agent_whitegartral: Woops! My bad. I believe it's just `apt-get autoremove`.07:01
badbodhgartral, have you run apt-get commands i gave you? have you removed older kernels ? do something man.07:02
badbodhparapan2, yeah man, you on live ?07:03
gartralbadbodh: I didn't see any apt commands07:03
badbodhscroll up. we're done.07:03
danishwhat is this application, Is it something live..?07:03
danishAm i talking to live peoples out there07:04
parapan2badbodh: exactly07:04
parapan2badbodh: where do I go from here ?07:04
wileeedanish, This is ubuntu support07:04
agent_whitegartral: Check out these posts->  http://askubuntu.com/questions/89710/how-do-i-free-up-more-space-in-boot  , http://askubuntu.com/questions/2793/how-do-i-remove-or-hide-old-kernel-versions-to-clean-up-the-boot-menu07:05
badbodhparapan2, open terminal, run "lsblk" "sudo blkid". paste the results on pastebin. then open gparted from dash. take a screenshot of your partitions. share that on postimage.org07:05
agent_whitegartral: If you're removing old kernels... just BE SURE not to remove the one you're using :P07:05
badbodhnot sure if you can remove the one your are using, you know, since you are using it :D07:06
wileeeyes you can07:06
agent_whiteYou can. After a reboot it will be very apparent you did so :P07:06
agent_whiteJust like rmrfing a system while in use.07:06
wileeeeasily fixed like this problem is07:07
agent_whitegartral: But, as badbodh said, really the best solution is to just remove your mouse (you don't need it to run a live-cd and resize), and plug in a usb with a live image on it to do the resizing.07:07
badbodhhey hey, i said keyboard :P07:08
agent_whiteWell... take your pick I spose! Haha!07:08
badbodhon-screen keyboard honey. i use them when in bed watching movies :D07:09
badbodhjust in case crush comes online and says 'hi'07:09
badbodhhowdy xubo07:09
agent_whitebadbodh: Hahah fair enough!07:10
agent_whiteI use a tiled window manager, so naturally my mouse is neglected.07:10
badbodhwell, i'm not judging. you like ugly things like twm. no problemo.07:11
agent_whiteHeheh I do! All I got going for me is adding transparency to my terminals so I can see my background :P07:12
* agent_white uses i3wm07:13
badbodhtrue geeks don't have a background. true geeks don't use i3 either. too simple and sane defaults.07:13
parapan2badbodh: http://pastebin.com/qXNySsU7     |      http://postimg.org/gallery/1436ia1wm/0ade4ab6/07:13
parapan2badbodh: ready Captain !07:13
* wileee practices their eye rolling07:14
ArbitionHmm, I have a black background and use xmonad07:14
Arbitionhow does that sound badbodh07:14
agent_whitebadbodh: Defaults? Psssh. This thing is fueled by vim keybinds!07:14
badbodhxmonad is geeky. me likey.07:14
=== pkircher_ is now known as pkircher
wileeeisn't this #ubuntu-offtopic chat07:15
* badbodh resists urge to start emacs vs vim07:15
agent_whitewileee: Sorry. We'll quiet down :)07:15
badbodhparapan2, hold on buddy, need some time to digest all those hard drives and partitions :D too messy indeed.07:15
wileeeheh, no biggie07:16
agent_whitebadbodh: The right answer it, be comfortable in either and you win :)07:16
spagettihey guys i got a quick question07:16
wileeehurry hurry07:16
spagetti, im runng the software updater and i keep getting a message "Please enter passphrase for disk ubuntu--mate--vg-swap_1 (cryptswap1) on none!" seeing as i never set up a password for my swap partition i press enter and continue on only to be prompted again... and again.. and again..07:17
spagettihow do i fix this? or at least automate response as "press enter key"07:17
parapan2badbodh: told you so Skipper :D ; I'm a man of my word . . .07:17
x4w31? -> (9:18:53 :A.M.) YWH_1: Received CTCP 'VERSION' (to x4w31) from YWH_107:20
badbodhparapan2, ok i see a 'boot' partition on sda1, what does that contain ?07:20
parapan2badbodh: hell knows !07:20
badbodhgot to know man, if there's a boot flag can't ignore it.07:21
wileeebadbodh, same as the boot folder in your root07:21
parapan2badbodh: aaaa ..wait a sec ...now the sda is basically the second HDD ...let me look07:21
badbodhopen that drive and see the contents. there are 3 'boot' flagged partitions overall, each containing one os.07:21
agent_whitex4w31: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Client-to-client_protocol07:22
badbodhwileee, nitwit, that's a windows partition i'm talking about :P07:22
badbodhhttp://pastebin.com/qXNySsU7  |  http://postimg.org/gallery/1436ia1wm/0ade4ab6/ <- take a look07:23
wileeebadbodh, Ah, my mistake, sorry about that.07:23
wileeethanks I will loook07:23
badbodhx4w31, it means some one is trying to stalk you, check your ip and stuff07:24
parapan2badbodh: So, sda1 is nothing . . I guess . . .it's labeled test area and it's basically a storage space or smth where I test some ftp servers . . .07:24
badbodhthen why the boogers is it a 'boot' ? you need to be more careful with your partitioning07:24
parapan2badbodh: where else are the boot flags ?07:24
parapan2badbodh: sdc is the one that counts . . here I have the W7 and the Ubuntu stored . . .07:25
badbodhparapan2, what's on sdb1 ? it's a 'boot' too07:26
parapan2badbodh: sdc1 is the W7 install . . .and the Ubuntu 12.04 too . .07:26
parapan2badbodh: it's a storage HDD . .. ntfs format only movies ...07:27
badbodhwhere was your xp parition ?07:27
wileeebadbodh, So if sdc is read first no boot?07:27
parapan2badbodh: don;t have a clue now ..w7 I've installed on the older XP partition, overwritting everything ...07:28
wileeeparapan, ^^^ you to07:28
parapan2XP doesn't exist anymore ...only the boot of him, taken on the grub ...07:28
parapan2wileee: nice joke, If I knew, I will be outside paying :D07:29
badbodhok parapan2 . do you have windows 7 dvd ?07:29
parapan2playing :D07:29
wileeeparapan, Not a joke.07:29
parapan2badbodh: nope07:29
badbodhany install media for win7 ?07:29
badbodhyou need to use 'recovery mode'07:29
parapan2I have an iso but I have to burn a DVD ..can we skip this ? w7 is booting fine if I select it from grub . . .07:30
wileeeparapan, but ubuntu is not?07:30
=== x4w31 is now known as x4w3
x4w3(9:30:39 :A.M.) Vd. ahora se llama x4w3 --> :)07:31
parapan2badbodh: Can't we fix the grub only ? by removing the XP from boot ? and fixing the start of 12.04 ?07:31
wileeeparapan2, Download supergrub boot 12.04 and then you have an easy fix.07:31
badbodhno wileee , apps won't help him. too messy to begin with.07:32
wileeebadbodh, It is not an app install, it iks a tiny boot iso07:32
wileeelooks pretty straight forward really, yes it's a mess, any way best of luck07:33
parapan2badbodh: so you think I should fix w7 anyway ?07:33
badbodhparapan2, was your xp in sdc1 before overwriting it with win7 ?07:33
parapan2badbodh: maybe making a bootable USB ?07:33
parapan2badbodh: exactly on the same place ..I've installed 7 over the XP partition C:\07:34
badbodhand in your bios you have chosen sdc as the first choice to boot ?07:34
gartralok, got the kernal problem solved, not I got another issue... VLC won't play DVDs07:36
parapan2badbodh: not sure if it's sdc; like told you I have 3 HDD x 1TB, Samsung F1 ..the same type ...how to tell wich one ?07:37
gartralit's a different machine now07:37
agent_whitegartral: http://askubuntu.com/questions/505684/vlc-wont-play-dvd-movies   ?07:38
agent_whiteFor more see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs07:38
gartralagent_white: I've already followed those07:39
agent_whitegartral: What happens when you try to open a in VLC?07:39
agent_whites/a/a DVD/07:39
gartralagent_white: the "Top Menu" loads and I can't click on "Play Movie"07:40
wileeeparapan2, Run sudo blkid identify sdc07:42
badbodhparapan2, ok let me lay this out if you, try to figure it out yourself. 1) if your sdc1 has windows7, it should be 'boot' flagged. in your screenshot it isn't. that's one anomaly. 2) your sda and sdb has a 'boot' flagged partition each, hard to tell which one has residual xp boot files. 3) using gparted see if you can remove the 'boot' flags in sda and sdb without formatting. it shouldbe possible, i haven't done that yet. 4) using windows 7 install07:42
badbodhdvd, go to recovery mode and restore win7's mbr. in dos run "bootrec.exe/fixboot" "bootrec.exe/fixmbr" "bootrec.exe/fixboot" again and reboot. you have lost your grub now. 4)boot to ubuntu live, install grub in sdc "sudo grub-install /dev/sdc" (verify if that command is correct in ubuntu's wiki)07:42
badbodhwell that's some info to begin with. happy troubleshooting.07:43
wileeethat command is correct badbodh same thing I was trying to do07:43
badbodhbtw after step (3) remove other hard drives from their ports before booting07:44
gartralbadbodh: how drunk are you?07:44
badbodhgartral, you got some ideas ?07:45
badbodhwileee, actually his windows xp residue is interfering. unless he fixes that grub will keep thinking xp is there.07:46
gartralbadbodh: the only two ideas I have are either 1) you're drunk. Or 2) you're an idiot...07:46
parapan2wileee: it gives me no info ....07:46
badbodhhis partitioning is messed up to begin with anyway07:46
wileeebadbodh, probably, the bootscript would tell you, makes sense, only boot flag need, you are correct overall. ;)07:47
wileeeonly one boot flag*07:47
badbodhwell i'll take your word for it. i haven't dealt with bootscript so can't say.07:48
wileeebadbodh, I just use supergrub to get in rather than a chroot07:48
parapan2badbodh: it seems I can manage flags with gparted . .I assume I can place them again if smth is wrong . .07:49
parapan2wileee: that command of yours it gives me no output ..07:50
badbodhparapan2, no need. better use your win7 and ubuntu dvd's for proper flogging07:50
badbodh*flagging :P07:50
gartralvlc refuses to play the disk07:51
wileeeparapan2, You have to be in ubuntu, but follow badbod's advice07:52
parapan2badbodh: I strrugle to make a w7 USB  with rufus and it;s not working ,,07:52
wileeeerr badbodh07:52
KingfisherUm Hi. I'm currently having problems with my Update Manager, and was wondering if someone could help me.07:52
badbodhparapan2, use wintoflash. that's my favourite07:52
parapan2wileee: I am in ubuntu , only in the live USB . .not on the actual install07:53
wileeeKingfisher, Probably let the channel know what is up.07:53
parapan2badbodh: k 10x07:53
x4w3LFCS/LFCE and LPIC are the same :P07:53
badbodhoh. but you said you can boot to win7 just fine. boot to win7 use wintoflash07:53
badbodhdo motice in the steps i mention i make sure you don't lose your windows :D07:54
KingfisherThanks :). Currently, I'm getting nothing but errors complaining that the Updater 'could not refresh the list of updates'. Another error states 'Could not download all repository indexes'.07:54
badbodhKingfisher, which version ?07:55
badbodh...of ubuntu07:55
parapan2badbodh: the free version seems not to have support for NTFS ??07:55
wileeeKingfisher, Can you pastebin sudo apt-get update07:55
ObrienDavei'm having same repo issues, PPAs mostly07:55
atroposWhy does Ubuntu have to have a black-ass name?07:56
badbodhparapan2, your pen drive is fat32 dude. why bother with ntfs07:56
wileee!ops | atropos07:56
ubottuatropos: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang07:56
atroposWhy can't it be named after something non-African, we all know black people in Africa can't afford computers07:56
badbodhor make it fat32, then use wintoflash07:56
badbodhatropos, read channel rules before making such comments. thank you.07:56
atroposI just wondered, sorry!07:57
badbodhwrong wondering.07:57
KingfisherI'm currently using Ubuntu 15.04. I just tried the command and got similar complaints.07:57
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Flannelatropos: This channel is for technical support, if you have a real question about ubuntu, you can ask it in #ubuntu-offtopic.  But your current phrasing isn't going to go well here, or there.07:57
wileeeKingfisher, check the ppa's are supporting the release.07:57
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badbodhKingfisher, do what wileee said. run apt-get update and share ouput on pastebin07:58
wileeeyep knew it would happen07:58
badbodhdamn script kiddies07:58
wileeethanks Flannel07:59
badbodhwileee, gotta grab lunch. hold the fort will you :P07:59
Kingfisherwileee, I am sure everything is supported. I have ran the Updater successfully before.07:59
wileeeKingfisher, You are not responding to help, what do we do now?08:00
wileeeKingfisher, I could just say ppa;s are not supported and we would be done.08:01
wileeeKingfisher, Did you stop an upgrade?08:01
KingfisherWileee, How could I check they're supported?08:02
ObrienDaverepos acting wonky right now08:02
KingfisherWileee: No.08:02
fuuuuuuuckso I just installed a ubuntu vm just so I could use an irc client08:03
ObrienDavealways has to be one jerk in the room08:03
fuuuuuuuckdon't know why08:03
thechafuuuuuuuck you're dumb08:03
wileeeKingfisher, Ah, do you know why you get lock /var/lib/apt/lists/lock You have more than one installer open?08:03
fuuuuuuuckjust tryin this08:03
fuuuuuuuckgot an actual ubuntu comp08:03
ObrienDavefigures they're from New Jersey08:04
fuuuuuuuckthis is my windows machine08:04
thechafuuuuuuuck what is your original system of operations?08:04
wileeeObrienDave, Little curl eh08:04
KingfisherWileee: Because of the errors. I'll close them and try again.08:04
wileeeKingfisher, YOu can only use one at a time is all.08:05
KingfisherWileee: Actually that does seem to have done something. Thanks very much for the help. You can see I'm new to Linux. I'll keep it in mind for the future. Thanks every so much :)08:06
wileeeKingfisher, Heh, no problem, you are doing fine to ask. ;)08:06
fuuuuuuuckidk about using linux as a main comp08:07
KingfisherWileee: Have a good day. Bye.08:07
fuuuuuuucktheres just so much you cant do that you can on windows08:07
ObrienDavehey, idiot, change your nick08:07
fuuuuuuuckalthough its very useful08:07
=== shawnive- is now known as shawniverson
=== fuuuuuuuck is now known as No
=== No is now known as Asseroth
AsserothBut seriously08:07
yossarianukfuuuuuuuck: what examples?08:12
yossarianukfuuuuuuuck: there are many things that you cannot do on Windows you can on Linux.08:12
yossarianuk(i.e control your OS fully.)08:13
ObrienDavehe's gone, fool08:13
h0merwindows is nice for somet hings08:13
yossarianukah ok.08:13
wileeewindows is always an Odyssey h0mer08:14
lordievaderOS'es are just tools.08:14
yossarianukh0mer: windows is a nightmare to fix, the updating system (i.e whilst turning the machine on or off is insane)08:14
lordievaderIf they get the job done, use it.08:15
yossarianuklordievader: yes, I have never liked Windows, I grew up with Amiga's so knew better....08:15
mcphailCan we move the philosophy to #ubuntu-offtopic please?08:15
yossarianuksure, I guess I should never debate anything with someone called fuuuuuuuck: .......08:16
h0merwindows has it's faults, but it is also better from a gui perspective, easier to use for developers, especially with cygwin.08:16
polaris_ivgood morning; since upgrading my server from 14.10 to 15.04, i have been unable to see all user processes (e.g. ps aux, top, htop) unless i use sudo. how may i restore the old behavior, please?08:17
polaris_iv(to clarify: i can see my own processes, just not that of other users)08:17
cfhowlett!sever| polaris_iv,08:17
lordievaderpolaris_iv: That is likely systemd's doing, and that is a good thing. Mortal users shouldn't see other users's processes.08:18
barqHow can I update kernel-headers? I tried sudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic, but no new packages are found.08:19
k1lbarq: what gives you uname -a?08:20
cfhowlettbarq, sudo apt-get dist-upgrade should grab all packages in you upgrade pipeline08:20
TJ-barq: that's a virtual package that depends on the latest released version08:20
polaris_ivlordievader: understood; thank you08:20
barqk1l: 3.11.0-1208:21
k1lbarq: and what ubuntu is that?08:21
mcphailpolaris_iv: not sure that is default behaviour. I'm not at my 15.04 dektop just now so can't check, but I think you can see other user's processes by default on a normal desktop install. May be worth asking in #ubuntu-server08:21
ObrienDavelooks like 12.04 there abouts08:21
barqk1l: 14.04.3 LTS08:22
cfhowlett14.04.3 hasn't been released yet08:22
barqThat's what cat /etc/lsb-release gives me.08:22
k1lbarq: erm, where did you get that kernel from?08:23
mcphailbarq: that isn't a 14.04 kernel, AFAIK08:23
k1lbarq: 3.11 was the 13.10 kernel so there seems to be a lot of mess on your system.08:23
barqmcphail: How can I get a 14.04 kernel then? I just upgraded from 13.1008:23
k1lbarq: make sure the "linux-generic" package is installed. then reboot08:23
ObrienDaveUbuntu 14.04.3 LTS \n \l08:24
ObrienDavei have it also :)08:24
ObrienDave3.13.0-61-generic kernel08:24
mcphailbarq: I suspect your upgrade did not go well08:24
ObrienDavebarq, use dist-upgrade08:25
badbodhlooks like your upgrade mcphail-ed08:25
ObrienDavePFFFFFFFFT bad pun ;P08:26
mcphailbarq: you may, of course, already have the latest kernel installed but have not selected in it GRUB08:27
barqinstalling linux-generic gets me the lastest version08:27
=== max12345 is now known as Guest36974
Xubuntu_noonHi all, I just installed xubuntu 15 & my Wi-Fi is not working can anyone please help?08:46
cfhowlett!wifi | Xubuntu_noon08:46
ubottuXubuntu_noon: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs08:46
Jock-RoachThat's the reason why, xubuntu is a very low quality os08:47
Jock-Roachit's easy configurable, usually geared towards Linux newberts08:47
Jock-RoachThere are a lot of anti-ubuntu people out there... For one thing, Ubuntu was made in Kenya by a group of niggers.  Ubuntu is like the easy-to-use version of debian, they tried to make Linux easy enough for niggers to use08:48
ObrienDaveJock-Roach, ummm, Xubuntu is the same as Ubuntu with a different DE. so your point is pretty much worthless08:48
cfhowlett!ops | Jock-Roach racist trolling FUD08:49
ubottuJock-Roach racist trolling FUD: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang08:49
oobeObrienDave, OMG you pull  Jock-roach  ip on symantics when he is making racial slurs based soley on ignorance and an inability to interpret partial information and a lot of bad guesswork08:52
badbodhtell them you use ubuntu, nobody bats an eyelid. tell them you use debian and everybody loses their minds.08:52
ObrienDaveoobe, and your point is???08:53
cfhowlettbadbodh, he wasn't kicked for debian.  He was kicked for fud, racist trolling.  now let's all move on ...08:53
badbodhcfhowlett, i wasn't referring to that troll. he got what was coming :)08:54
badbodhi was referring to people in general who look down upon ubuntu/linuxmint users08:54
oobewell its like someone looking back on history and complain the nazis uniforms were really terrible aesthetically08:54
oobeand to prove your point you mention white pink and black I mean common08:55
oobeand everyone else is like dude they killed 6 million jews08:55
badbodhi wonder what happened to that parapup guy with 3 hard drives. hope he didn't kill his boot sector08:57
ObrienDavepotAtoes ;P08:58
badbodhquick tip, edit /etc/pulse/daemon.conf , change "default-sample-format = float32le" and reboot. music starts hitting sweet spots.09:03
badbodhdamn this is eargasm ^o^09:03
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
lordievaderbadbodh: Why not float32ne, let PA figure out the eandianness.09:05
badbodhagreed, ne is better.09:06
=== Guest36974 is now known as max12345
badbodhlordievader, how do you know endian of your pc ? any terminal command ? bumper stickers ?09:11
lordievaderbadbodh: lscpu tells you09:12
badbodhthanks, little it is.09:12
huwjrhia, just rebuilt a clients LAMP stack, their code curls an URL on the same server, only the curl takes a ridiculously long time.. any ideas? I’m seeing * Hostname was NOT found in DNS cache when running curl -v09:12
badbodhthe endian i mean.09:12
huwjrthe only difference i’m seeing is resolv.conf on old server lists “domain” but the new server lists “search” for the domain.09:13
Halamix2I bought Asus r556lj-xo164h, installed Win 10, Ubuntu 15.4 but on Ubuntu fn+f5/fn+f6 combinations (lower/higher brightness) aren't working, how I can fix this?09:20
=== nik0_ is now known as niko
bujjihow can i monitor system ports09:22
badbodhbujji, 'netstat'09:23
bujjibadbodh: like usb ports09:23
badbodhHalamix2, usually these hardware-keys don't need mapping. but do check in control center > keyboard settings.09:23
badbodhbujji, lsusb ?09:25
badbodhbut if you need info on mouse/keyboard , 'xinput' will be more helpful. for pen drives use lsblk.09:27
bujjibadbodh: how can i identify particular hardware is not working09:27
badbodhdepends. what hardware are you trying to figure in particular ?09:28
ethMinerhow do i remove all accounts09:28
ethMinerand even the root account if possible09:28
ethMineror remove its password09:28
cfhowlett!root | ethMiner,09:28
ubottuethMiner,: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo09:28
ethMinerso i can boot up directly to the desktop09:28
ethMinerno this is important for me09:29
badbodhyou can't boot to anything without a user account09:29
ethMineri want the computer to start at a button and execute the startup command i give it09:29
ethMineri can boot from root09:29
bujjibadbodh: how can i monitor for these things09:29
badbodhyou want automatic login? that's possible09:29
cfhowlettethMiner, look up "kiosk mode".09:29
ethMinercfhowlett: badbodh: is it possible to do it with root09:29
badbodhyes, but don't09:30
k1lethMiner: you dont run the desktop as root09:30
ethMinerim not even running x on root09:30
ethMineri just want it to execute the 3 commands it supposed to09:30
ethMinerand continue running09:30
k1lethMiner: you could make it autologin into a user and start the desktop. and then make a script autostart09:30
k1lethMiner: what commands are we talking about?09:31
badbodhbujji, just play with lsusb, lsblk and xinput. for wifi dongles use ifconfig, iwconfig. caution advised :)09:31
ethMinerchange the gpu speed to 90% from aticonfig09:31
ethMinerstart the miner09:31
ethMinerexecute a script that sends me information09:31
badbodhbujji, in terminal run "man <command name>" to know more09:31
k1lwell, make a bash script then09:31
mcphailethMiner: so you don't need a GUI at all?09:31
ethMinernot at all09:32
ethMineri just want it to execute 3 command on the push of a button09:32
cfhowlettethMiner, sounds like #ubuntu-server09:32
mcphailethMiner: what button? hardware button?09:32
k1lethMiner: so you dont need a desktop. put that script with the commands into rc.local and go09:32
ethMinermcphail: yes the power button09:33
mcphailethMiner: then see k1l's advice or create a cron job with the @reboot time09:33
dylan_hi there guys my resuoliton has been stuffed up when i installed the guest additions09:46
dylan_like it used to be full sized res09:46
dylan_and now its not09:46
dylan_any ideas??09:46
mozhow can I set up a modem  in ubuntu?09:50
=== moz is now known as Guest36470
Guest36470wvdial: Cannot open /dev/ttyACM0: No such file or directory . any hint?09:56
dv__still no bluez 5 in the next release :(09:57
BlackDalekDoes anyone here have any experience with getting a Fuji Xerox printer working in Ubuntu? (It is not listed in the printer settings but a linux driver DOES exist on the manufacturer's website).09:58
badbodhthen you should install the driver. unless the driver is very old and throws up 'dependency not satisfied' error, you are goo to go BlackDalek10:00
BlackDalekbadbodh, it's not that simple. Running the installer as per the instructions throws up errors. The only other place that has drivers has it available as an RPM package. I can't use that because Alien can't convert it to a DEB package because the RPM is fr 32bit and my Ubuntu OS is 64bit.10:07
badbodhthat means your printer isn't supported for ubuntu.10:07
badbodhunless you can grab the source code and compile one yourself, you need to look for some inefficient generic printer drivers online10:08
badbodhthey won't work pretty, but at least get something printed10:08
gshmuanyone can give me one tpp document10:09
BlackDalekbadbodh, the source code IS available, but that gives me issues too... I am getting errors when trying to compile.10:09
shovel_bosshow do i remove slim10:09
badbodhshare the errors on pastebin10:09
BlackDalekbadbodh, I pasted the errors into Ubuntu Forums... do you want a link to the thread?10:10
llLogichow do I remove a failed apt-get install? every time I install something it asks if I want to continue installing something that fails every single time and gives me an error10:10
Ben64llLogic: pastebin the full command and errors10:10
badbodhBlackDalek, that'll do too10:10
BlackDalekbadbodh, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=228879110:10
badbodhBlackDalek, you ran install.sh with sudo ?10:11
llLogicben64, http://pastebin.com/GdAkrsBJ10:11
shovel_bosshow do i remove simple login manager10:12
llLogicI just want to remove g15stats/g15 daemon, but it doesnt give me a simple way10:12
badbodhshovel_boss, first install another display manager (lightdm, mdm, lxdm etc) during install it will ask which one to select as default.10:12
Guest36470wvdial: Cannot open /dev/ttyACM0: No such file or directory . any hint?10:13
shovel_bossi do t want a dm10:13
badbodhhow are you supposed to use ubuntu without dm ? running server ?10:13
shovel_bosssame way i use freebsd withour a dm10:14
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badbodhthen reboot, open tty shell instead of loggin into gui. remove slim. have fun10:14
ubuntu307Has anybody else had problems with unity-tweak-tool not picking up on new fonts?10:15
badbodhcan't remove a dm once you're logged in using that dm10:15
bromancan someone help me? im trying to fix my grub with boot-repair tool but im getting this error: Please enable a repository containing the [grub2] packages in the software sources10:15
shovel_bossoh im not usi g slim10:16
shovel_bosshow do i know what dm im using10:16
BlackDalekbadbodh, yes, sudo ./install.sh10:16
username1if its standart ubuntu u are usign gdm10:17
badbodhBlackDalek, for 'expected argument error' i'll need to see your install.sh file on pastebin, for the 'no file directory' error, just create that directory mentioned using 'sudo mkdir /blah/blah'10:17
badbodhxubuntu uses lightdm too. reboot, switch to tty shell (don't log in using gui) , remove lightdm10:18
badbodhapt-get remove lightdm10:19
badbodhi'm not responsible if you can't use your gui anymore :D10:19
badbodhif you want autologin, enable autologin10:20
shovel_bossnow i have to specify a username then startx10:21
shovel_bossthis is dense10:21
BlackDalekbadbodh, here is the contents of that install.sh file http://paste.ubuntu.com/11999145/10:21
shovel_bossany way i can get autologin10:22
MonkeyDustshovel_boss  what are you doing?10:22
LearnerHow to view database in linux ? AM new to linux,10:22
shovel_bossmonkeydust autologin10:22
shovel_bossi already removed my password10:22
MonkeyDustshovel_boss  system settings > user accounts > unlock10:22
badbodhBlackDalek, in line 807 you see " if [ 1 -eq $GMNUM ] " ? make that "if [ 1 -eq {$GMNUM} ] " and try10:23
badbodhfor the other error run "sudo mkdir /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/app-defaults"10:24
badbodhnow happy installing10:24
lilmoecan someone help please with activating ssh10:26
MonkeyDustlilmoe  have you installed openssh-client and or openssh-server ?10:26
lilmoejust ssh10:27
lilmoelemme try that10:27
BlackDalekbadbodh, I went to change the line 807... something doesn't look right... the { and } are not higlighting same colour... first is brown and second is blue. Shouldn't they be the same colour (using gedit).10:28
badbodhthey forgot to put { } , that's all. silly syntax error.10:28
badbodhjust don't put { anywhere else, or it will be impossible to debug :D10:29
badbodhi've had my share of segfault nightmares first year college10:29
lilmoeok MonkeyDust it appears i  have those10:30
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MonkeyDustlilmoe  now   ssh user@remote_ip10:31
nbusroneBrightness auto reset on 14.04 nvidia card. I had enable brightness contro l at Device section Option         "RegistryDwords" "EnableBrightnessControl=1",  what else I need to do set it permanent brightnes to -30 ?10:31
BlackDalekbadbodh, aaarrghh!! why is it not letting me create the app-defaults directory?.... wait - do I need a trailing "/" at end?10:32
badbodhno. "sudo mkdir /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/app-defaults" should do it.10:32
lilmoeim getting connection timed out10:33
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BlackDalekdalek@dalek-Inspiron-3520:~$ sudo mkdir /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/app-defaults10:33
BlackDalekmkdir: cannot create directory ‘/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/app-defaults’: No such file or directory10:33
MonkeyDustlilmoe  ssh must be installed on the remote machine, too10:34
mcphailBlackDalek: use "mkdir -p" if you need to create a long path10:34
badbodhtry - sudo mkdir "/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/app-defaults"  <-quotes10:34
lilmoeisn't there another program10:34
badbodhoh, long path10:34
BlackDalekok, the -p switch worked10:35
MonkeyDustlilmoe  you mean a GUI for ssh? there's gigolo10:35
MonkeyDustlilmoe  but that doesnt change anything, if ssh isnt installed on the remote machine10:35
lilmoeI have it installed10:35
MonkeyDustlilmoe  then maybe a firewall issue on the remote machine10:36
BlackDalekbadbodh, the installer ran without error.10:37
badbodhnice. pray the printer runs without error too.10:37
zeorinHi all, I'm having a problem suddenly where I cannot log in graphically. Ubuntu 15.04. Lightdm seems to start just fine. .xession-errors tells me that upstart couldn't spawn upstart-udev-bridge. Yet my system uses systemd...10:40
zeorinI'm stumped10:40
zeorinThe behaviour I'm getting is that the login prompt and the 'dots' on the background disappear and then the process stops. It's not frozen, but it doesn't continue...10:43
BlackDalekbadbodh, I don't see the printer name listed anywhere in printer settings still. I would not be able to test it tonight anyway as I am at home and printer is at work.10:44
badbodhBlackDalek, maybe the driver module isn't loaded. need more digging.10:44
badbodhmaybe next time.10:44
BlackDalekbadbodh, I just noticed there WAS an error running the install.sh.... "./install.sh: 807: [: Illegal number: {}"10:47
badbodhit should be > if [ 1 -eq {$GMNUM} ]10:50
badbodhoh wait. i see no {} in several other places.10:51
BlackDalekbadbodh, it says "if [ 1 -eq {$GMNUM} ]"10:52
roma_what are some programming channels?10:53
badbodhthen remove the {} , that's not the problem. maybe that variable isn't declared properly10:53
cfhowlett!list | roma_10:53
ubotturoma_: cfhowlett: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».10:53
cfhowlett!alis | roma_10:53
ubotturoma_: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*10:53
badbodhi'm not a programmer, can't figure out much else, sorry10:53
ubotturoma_: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».10:53
MonkeyDustroma_  type   /msg alis list what_you_want10:54
roma_doesnt work :/10:54
MonkeyDustwhat happens when you try10:55
roma_nothing, just nothing10:55
roma_tried with and without the word list, also different "what you want"'s10:55
MonkeyDustroma_  type   '/msg alis list what_you_want'   <-- without the quotes10:56
roma_nope, nothing10:56
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MonkeyDustroma_  a new tab has opened, go there10:56
mcphailroma_: it may be opeining in a different irc window10:56
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badbodhBlackDalek, i see GMVER=`rpm -q glibc | awk '{printf ("%s",substr($1,9,1))}' , maybe that means something with what's wrong10:57
badbodhin several places10:57
badbodhgmnum = gmver each time10:57
roma_how do i go to the new tab? )10:58
badbodhand somehow gmver isn't being assigned a value10:58
MonkeyDustroma_  what irc client are you using?10:58
x4w3Impossible to install wifi card, ndiswrapper or compile module :(11:09
x4w3i bought new one in amazon :(11:09
lordievaderx4w3: What chip?11:09
x4w3lordievader: i don't know, i'm checking from here -> http://www.tp-link.es/products/details/?model=Archer+T2UH#spec11:12
script-kiddiei created a file start.sh11:12
lordievaderx4w3: lspci -k|grep Network11:12
script-kiddieand i put this in it $ aticonfig --pplib-cmd "set fanspeed 0 60"11:12
script-kiddiehow do i start it11:12
lordievader!paste | x4w311:12
ubottux4w3: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.11:12
x4w3Ok, thank u.11:14
script-kiddiethis is my script start.sh11:14
script-kiddiehow do i run it11:14
zeorinHi all, I have a problem: I cannot log in to the desktop, when I try the login prompt and the dots just disappear and nothing else happens11:14
x4w3lordievader: i'm working, it's impossible do that command, but let me tell u that lspci | network only show eth0 card, and into iwconfig no wireless has been detected, i test to up ra0 and a lot of things...11:15
zeorinDoesn't matter which desktop environment I select. .xsession-errors moans that upstart can't spawn upstart-udev-bridge, but I'm not sure that isn't just a left over error from the switch to systemd11:15
x4w3script-kiddie: sudo chmod +x start.sh and then launch it with ./start.sh o sh your file.11:16
lordievaderx4w3: Is it a usb card?11:16
x4w3yes it is.11:16
x4w3and appear properly in lsusb like ralink :)11:17
lordievaderx4w3: What does lsusb give?11:17
lordievaderFull output please.11:17
x4w3let me check from internet, i have to remember := ID.11:17
TomyWorkwhenever the system runs even the slightest bit into swap, it slows down to a crawl. i noticed that i didn't have "discard" enabled for the swap partition in my fstab. i fixed that, but it's still slow11:17
zeorinwhen I try to log in the syslog logs 3 errors from different processes, each telling me: g_dbug_connection_real_closed: Remote peer vanished with error: Underlying GIOStream returned 0 bytes on async read (g-io-error-quark, 0). Exiting11:18
x4w3lordievader: Bus 002 Device 004: ID 148f:7601 Ralink Technology, Corp. something like this11:18
Stepan_привет Ubuntu11:18
maggotsanyone have the meizu phone yet?11:18
lordievaderx4w3: Is it something like that, or is that the output?11:18
x4w3the module i installed was mt7601Usta11:18
cfhowlett!ru |stepan_11:18
ubottustepan_: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.11:18
roma_Привет степа11:18
script-kiddieSteamWells: huy11:18
script-kiddieStepan_: huy11:18
cfhowlett!touch | maggots11:19
ubottumaggots: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch11:19
zeorinthe processes in question are org.a11y.Bus, org.gtk.vfs.Daemon, ca.desrt.dconf, and org.a11y.atspi.Registry11:19
x4w3lordievader: i'm working with windows sorry i'm not at home... the output is the same i remember all perfectly!11:19
roma_can you please tell me again how to see the list thing?11:19
roma_something like "/msg alis list what_you_want" ?11:19
cfhowlettroma_, /msg alis list SEARCHITEMNAMEHERE11:19
roma_thanks man, finally got it )11:20
lordievaderx4w3: Is the 'linux-firmware' package installed?11:20
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com11:21
script-kiddiehow do i make a script run /go-ethereum/build/bin/geth.sh11:21
script-kiddiewith the parametars --minegpu 0,111:21
badbodh/msg alias list windowspwnslinux11:21
huwjrcan anyone help please, it seems ipv6 being preferred, so I unhashed #precedence ::ffff:0:0/96  100 in gai.cfg - but CURLs on command line (and php ping function) are still preferring ipv6 :/11:21
x4w3lordievader: http://askubuntu.com/questions/498680/ralink-148f760b-mt7601-driver-not-working11:22
x4w3i have same problem.11:22
script-kiddiehow do i make a script run a file11:22
script-kiddiein some location11:22
x4w3lordievader: linux firmware? headers and src?11:22
MonkeyDustscript-kiddie  better ask in #bash11:22
lordievaderx4w3: No, the 'linux-firmware' package, is that installed?11:23
x4w3i don't what is it, then i don't if it is installed, i will check it at home.11:23
badbodhscript-kiddie, exec /path/to/script or sh /path/to/script11:30
zeorinI've also managed to find out that lightdm spawns upstart when I log in, which itself then spawns a shell, which then spawns a sleep process. The sleep and the shell eventually terminate, but upstart does not11:30
zeorinshould lightdm even be spawning upstart on a systemd system?11:32
gulzarI enabled root login via ssh in 14.04. But only one user is able to login at a time. How to allow multiple root logins via ssh?11:33
zeorinDoes anyone have any idea of where I should be asking this? I feel like I'm talking out to the ether where no one can hear me scream :-)11:33
badbodhmaybe the upstart remains for compatibility purpose. if you run upstart and sysvinit things, they get piped to systemd11:33
badbodhthen systemd does the rest11:34
ioriaas far as i know the transition to systemd it's not completed yet...11:34
zeorinOK. I don't event know what the real problem is yet because I'm not sure which error relates to what11:35
ioriawe would say that is "hybrid"11:36
zeorinBasically, I can't login to the desktop. No error messages, after entering my password the login prompt and the 'dots' just disappear, and then the process stops (although the mouse is still responsive and I can access the vtty's)11:36
badbodhnot really, systemd does everything. all upstart commands get sent/translated to systemd.11:36
zeorinChoosing a different session (e.g. Xfce instead of Unity), makes no difference.11:37
ioriazeorin, and you think is related to systemd ?11:37
zeorinI have no idea what it's related to... It was working fine, and after a reboot it was not11:38
zeorinNo packages were updated since the last reboot11:38
badbodhzeorin, what were yuou doing prior to this problem.11:38
zeorinI was configuring my zsh startup scripts11:38
zeorinSpecifically, editing /etc/zsh/zshenv11:38
zeorinWhich ought to have absolutely no bearing on this problem... but there you have it11:39
badbodhthere you go. that's something. startup-scripts = not startup :D11:39
ioriazeorin, check .profile11:39
badbodhremove zsh from tty shell and reboot11:39
badbodhthat too. check .profile and /etc/profile.d11:40
ioriazeorin, maybe is very related11:41
pragomer1according to this post: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2189855  (that one from davidlukas.m)  I urgently need an ubuntu with 32bit-efi... anyone know where to get? because my skills arent good enought to do this11:41
zeorinioria, I just changed the file back to what it was before the problem occurred and after restarting lightdm I still have the same problem.11:41
badbodhanything prior to that zsh thingy ?11:42
ioriazeorin, ls -al .Xauthority ?11:42
zeorinioria: -xr------- 1 user user 49 Aug 4 13:43 .Xauthority11:44
zeorinIf I remove it and restart lightdm it's just recreated11:44
zeorinyeah sorry that's what I meant to type11:45
ioriazeorin,  .ICEauthority , the same ?11:45
zeorinI've been bitten by the .Xauthority file being owned by root a couple of times. Yup .ICEauthority is the same11:46
badbodhjust chown the damn home folder and get over it :D11:46
zeorinbadbodh: I was installing Nvidia CUDA before the zsh thing, but I had many restarts after I had installed it without issue11:48
badbodhso it boils down to zsh thing. apt-get purge and check. you can always install again. deb files will still be cached in /var/vache11:49
badbodhyou can 'cat ~/.xsession-errors' and see any error messages11:50
zeorinseems strange that it would be zsh... All I was doing was configuring the PATH env variable. As far as I know the only time Unity cares about what's in my zsh startup files is when I launch a virtual terminal11:51
zeorinanyway will try a reboot11:51
ioriazeorin,  and run  ls -al /home/user ... maybe something else owned by root11:51
badbodhtouch -R will also indicate root ownership, with less ouput :311:52
badbodhoh, no -R11:52
zeorinioria: noting in the root of my home folder is owned by root11:52
ioriazeorin,  not a problem, i think /home is for root11:53
zeorinbadbodh: upstart: Failed to spawn upstart-udev-bridge main process: unable to execute: No such file or directory11:54
zeorinbadbodh: unity-gtk-module main process (9246) terminated with status 12711:55
zeorinbadbodh: dbus-prestart process (9247) terminated with status 12711:55
badbodhthat's a lot of boing-s11:55
zeorinalso some interesting things in /var/log/syslog when I try to long in11:56
zeorinwhen I try to log in the syslog logs 3 errors from different processes, each telling me: g_dbug_connection_real_closed: Remote peer vanished with error: Underlying GIOStream returned 0 bytes on async read (g-io-error-quark, 0). Exiting11:56
zeorinthe processes in question are org.a11y.Bus, org.gtk.vfs.Daemon, ca.desrt.dconf, and org.a11y.atspi.Registry11:56
zeorinGoogle has been most unhelpfull with these error messages11:58
zeorinbadbodh, ioria: .cache/upstart/dbus.log says: /proc/self/fd/9/: 3: /proc/self/fd/9: initctl: not found12:04
badbodhzeorin,  unity-gtk-module main process (9246) terminated with status 127 could be the problem12:06
badbodhignore stuff in .cache, it's a cache folder12:06
badbodhyou can rmf it without consequences, sort of12:06
zeorinbadbodh: do you know where I could find error logs for unity-gtk-module?12:09
ioriazeorin,  locate initctl ?12:09
gulzarPlease help. I enabled root login via ssh in 14.04. But only one root user is able to login at a time. How to allow multiple root logins via ssh?12:10
ioriazeorin,  you should have 4 entries12:10
badbodhgulzar, create another user account with full root privileges using adduser12:11
gulzarbadbodh: this is 'root' . I enabled it12:11
gulzarbatden: root@host12:11
BoogymanxHey guys, does anyone know why my alt-tab switcher is no longer always on top after a reboot?12:12
gulzarbatden: users can connect but only one connection, how to allow multiple connections?12:12
BluesKajHiyas all12:13
zeorinioria: there are a few entries, there is one in /sbin/initctl12:13
badbodhgulzar, use adduser command to add another user . there should be an option to inherit privileges. 'man adduser' to check. i don't know any further.12:13
MonkeyDustBoogymanx  how can a key combination be on top of something?12:13
BoogymanxMonkeyDust: I don't know, all I know is that I'm used to my alt-tab app switcher being on top and it no longer is12:14
gulzarbadbodh: you are not getting it. I am talking about 'root' account ,. via ssh doing "" ssh root@<my ip> "" users can login with 'root' account, but only  one connection. When they login once more they can't beacuse one connection is already created12:15
badbodhobviously, only one login per account.12:15
MonkeyDustBoogymanx  on top of what?12:15
BoogymanxMonkeyDust: the current screen12:15
badbodhdo you need root privileges or the fancy name 'root' on your terminal ?12:15
Boogymanxor current active window12:15
Boogymanxnot screen12:16
gulzarbadbodh: no, it is possible12:16
BoogymanxMonkeyDust: After reboot I'm actually also having an issue with my launcher no longer showing, it only does so if I'm on the desktop12:16
MonkeyDustBoogymanx  alt tab is on your keyboard, not on your screen, or what do you mean?12:16
BoogymanxMonkeyDust: The key combo alt & tab opens an app switcher12:17
ioriazeorin,  do you have for any chance a unity-gtk-module.log ?12:17
badbodhgulzar, then consult ssh documentation, i don't think it is an ubuntu specific issue12:17
MonkeyDustBoogymanx  is this useful   http://askubuntu.com/questions/336609/how-to-make-ubuntu-switcher-bring-to-front-windows-while-im-holding-alttab12:18
BoogymanxMonkeyDust: I'll have a look at that, thanks :)12:19
madonna_1hey guys, which is the best VPN app for ubuntu ???12:21
zeorinioria, badbodh: so the issue was that the PATH wasn't set correctly in /etc/environment. It had escaped me that I had commented a line out there because I'd read that the preferred way to set environments is in /etc/login.defs, and that /etc/environment is supposed to be deprecated.12:22
zeorinGuess what I read was wrong :-(12:22
rorymadonna_1: Ubuntu comes with VPN support built into the network manager12:22
zeorinioria, badbodh: thank you both so much for your help! It's really appreciated! :-)12:22
ltsamproshey guys12:22
ltsampros14.04 LTS user here12:22
badbodhzeorin, so all this time it was something you did about that zsh that caused it12:22
ioriazeorin,  no problem, good job12:22
ltsamprosbig problem with ssh-agent etc etc12:22
madonna_1rory: not that one12:22
ltsamprosand gnome-keyring12:22
zeorinbadbodh: technically not zsh, it ignores /etc/environment anyway12:23
rorymadonna_1: What are you trying to do?12:23
ltsamprosis there any reliable workaround/fix/remedy that could allow me to have SSH_AUTH_SOCK under all X processes?12:23
badbodhzeorin, so it was you. which makes it even worse.12:23
badbodhyou owe us apology12:23
badbodhlinux doesn't stop working by itself (except arch) , it's always something you do that's to be blamed.12:24
rorymadonna_1: Ubuntu comes with support for PPTP type VPNs out of the box. You can install openvpn support within network manager by installing the "network-manager-openvpn" package, and logging out and in12:24
madonna_1rory : tanqqqqqqqqqqqqq. ;-)12:25
zeorinbadbodh: please accept my apology :-)12:25
rorymadonna_1: stop being cryptic. What are you trying to do?12:25
badbodhzeorin, and ioria too, not just me12:25
zeorinioria: also please accept my apology12:26
ltsamprosis anyone affected by bug 1271591 in here?12:26
ubottubug 1271591 in gnome-keyring (Ubuntu Trusty) "upstart job race prevents gnome-keyring from being ssh agent" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127159112:26
badbodhif ioria says no, so do i12:26
zeorinioria: I can't do more than that :-) Good luck with inner peace you guys!12:26
funkenstrahlenhey I try to run this command in one line, but I always get an error. any help? https://gist.github.com/funkenstrahlen/e60f7e103c2f697c44c612:27
roryfunkenstrahlen: What error do you get?12:27
funkenstrahlenrory: see gist12:27
funkenstrahlenrory: https://gist.github.com/funkenstrahlen/e60f7e103c2f697c44c612:27
funkenstrahlenrory: it does not source the vars before running clean-all12:28
rorydoes the source command work by itsself?12:29
funkenstrahlenrory: yes, if I run it separately it works12:29
funkenstrahlenrory: however I want to run this in one line (ansible role)12:30
funkenstrahlenI really can not see the error in this shell line ...12:30
funkenstrahlenI tried sudo source ./vars No difference12:31
madonna_1hey guys, my android fon is not detecting in ubuntu 12.04 as modem. It was detecting earliar. I want to connect as mobile broadband12:31
badbodhmadonna_1, check usbsettings in your phone. make sure to enable tethering12:32
badbodhubuntu doesn't need any tinkering here12:32
MonkeyDust!ics | madonna_1 start here12:32
ubottumadonna_1 start here: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing12:32
madonna_1also i cant copy paste files between pc and fon12:33
badbodhMonkeyDust, he's trying to use his android phone as modem, aka usb tethering12:33
madonna_1copy fails12:33
badbodhany error message(s) ?12:33
madonna_1wow.,.. usb tethering works12:34
nabdevany help to resolve this issue http://i.imgur.com/fEsXDAm.jpg ? i can' write my password to login in my VM ( ubuntu 14.04 )12:35
badbodhnabdev, type in your pass and hit enter. does that work ?12:37
=== Braciola is now known as Guest98099
nabdevbadbodh> no12:37
badbodhyou chose 'encypted home' during install ?12:38
nabdevi don't remember that but sometime i have this not all the time ; with ctrl+alt+f2 i can login normally12:39
fidel_nabdev: if it happens just sometimes and you are ok with an ugly fix - simply start to another tty and restart lightdm12:41
iorianabdev, have you tried to restart lightdm ?12:42
fidel_i guess if that isnt a known bug - might be 1 of several easy ways to handle it. one other would be jumping to another login-manager i.e. gdm instead of lightdm. But i cant offer a real fix as i havent seen this before myself12:42
martinramehi, I cannot define a route to a 2nd ubuntu PC with two nics. My PC is in network 192.65.214.x, server's 1nst nic is 192.65.214.x, 2nd 192.168.0.x. I need to set the gw of my PC to 192.168.0.x, but I get SIOCADDRT.12:42
nabdevioria> lightdm is a service ?12:42
iorianabdev, (in console) sudo service lightdm restart12:43
nabdevwork it ! thx12:44
iorianabdev, i think it's a bug, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/131131612:45
infodoggyHi there everyone12:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1311316 in unity (Ubuntu) "After locking screen there is no input field to type password for unlock" [High,Fix released]12:45
tompawI have an entry in /etc/hosts and when I try to resolv it I'm getting Host xxx not found: 2(SERVFAIL) - nsswitch is set to hosts: files dns12:45
nabdevioria> yes12:46
tompawWhy does ubuntu ignore my /etc/hosts?12:46
bjui want to install viver application in my ubuntu 14.04 laptop12:46
iorianabdev, are you fully updated ?12:46
bromancan someone help me? i just update my server machine and now i cant connect through ssh (no route to host)... a have physical access to the server12:47
ioriaubottu it says fix released ... but not in the report ...12:47
ubottuioria: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:47
nabdevioria> no more , some updated my me in Big problem of config, so i ignore them12:49
iorianabdev, it's just my opinion ... but updates are very important ...12:49
DeMiNe0broman: type "ip addr | curl -F 'sprunge=<-' http://sprunge.us" and paste the link that comes out12:50
DeMiNe0and "route | curl -F 'sprunge=<-' http://sprunge.us"12:51
jrowI just removed a load of old linux headers in an attempt to free up some disk space. I eventually ran suod apt-get autoremove but it gets 'stuck' at the following step: "run-parts: executing /etc/kernel/postinst.d/zz-update-grub"12:51
jrowAny ideas?12:51
jrowIt also syas "Error! Your kernel headers for kernel 3.13.0-53-generic cannot be found" which is no surprise since i just uninstalled it12:52
eL_bAmbayou removed with apt or manual rm12:53
nabdevyeh , may be i msut change my opinion about updated os12:53
=== moz is now known as Guest64076
Guest64076pls, help: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11999869/12:53
jrowwith apt12:53
DzAirmaXhi guyz12:54
jrowSo then I try to reinstall the headers and i just get stuck still trying to do the post uninstall step12:54
fidel_nabdev: there is no quaranty that updating an os always works without issues - but not updating a system which is connected to the internet isnt a solution either ;)12:55
jrowIs there a way to "reset" the package manager's state?12:56
nabdevfidel_ > yeh .. :=)12:56
eL_bAmbajrow see dpkg-reconfigure -a12:56
eL_bAmbaread about it before execute12:57
DeMiNe0Does anyone know the major differences between the Ubuntu Openstack and just setting openstack up on your own?12:57
eL_bAmbajrow its a desktop distro?12:58
eL_bAmbaif its, i usually remove old kernel stuff with ubuntu tweaker and no problem with it12:59
k1l_jrow: make sure you have "linux-generic" installed12:59
k1l_no need for tweakers12:59
MonkeyDustDeMiNe0  type /j #openstack12:59
eL_bAmbasure, but help12:59
eL_bAmbareally its a frontend for apt13:00
=== zengine_ is now known as zengine
n0rp3ddoes anybody now how to remove the "x has joined the chat"?13:03
n0rp3dirc client irssi :/13:03
k1l_!quietirc | n0rp3d13:03
ubottun0rp3d: To ignore joins/parts/quits in your favorite IRC client, see http://wiki.xkcd.com/irc/Hide_join_part_messages13:03
DJones!quietirssi | n0rp3d13:03
ubottun0rp3d: To ignore joins, parts, quits in irssi:  /ignore #ubuntu +JOINS +PARTS +QUITS13:03
thechaor just type /ignore #ubuntu13:04
MonkeyDust+MODES +NICKS13:04
thechahas any of your watched bird up?13:05
=== dearn_ is now known as dearn
MonkeyDustthecha  this is ubuntu support13:05
n0rp3dthanks )13:05
DrunkenDwarfHi all. I listen to a lot of ShoutCast radio while I work and have been looking for a media player to play it. I know most players will play the streams, but im looking for one that will do a listing of all the stations, like what winamp does (or at least did, been years since i used it). . Ive googled my heart out but cant seem to find what im looking for13:05
n0rp3dwont ignore with no parameters ignore the messages too?13:05
thechaI don't understand your question13:06
Picin0rp3d: no13:06
DrunkenDwarfmy question or someone elses?13:06
Guest64076I have a problem with my internet key: here are the details: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11999869/ any hint?13:06
sagatbom dia13:07
PiciDrunkenDwarf: I was under the impression that VLC could do that... but I don't find VLC a great music player.13:07
MonkeyDustGuest64076  put your question in a decent phrase13:07
n0rp3dwhy dont people find vlc a good player?13:07
MonkeyDustn0rp3d  why do you think that?13:07
n0rp3di mean yeah it sometimes does those graphic smudge things, but generally it's pretty stable and neat13:08
DrunkenDwarfPici: I know VLC can play the streams if you give it the address. But im looking for something that can also browse the directory of all the stations13:08
n0rp3di don't, ive been using it for years, but people usually shit on it13:08
Guest64076MonkeyDust, my internet key works just after reboot. why?13:08
MonkeyDustn0rp3d  do they? never noticed13:08
MonkeyDustGuest64076  define 'internet key'13:09
DrunkenDwarfwhen it comes to playing music on my HD, just can't beat cmus :)13:09
Guest64076MonkeyDust, http://www.ondacommunication.com/it/prodotti/o/27/MT833UP-Blue?id_cat=213:10
MonkeyDustGuest64076  ok, that's a wifi dongle13:10
Guest64076MonkeyDust, I don't know13:11
Guest64076MonkeyDust, no, I don't think so. this is a modem13:11
n0rp3dmodem, 100%13:12
sagatbom dia13:12
n0rp3di have one of these13:12
sagatalguem pode me ajudar13:12
MonkeyDust!pt | sagat13:12
ubottusagat: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.13:12
n0rp3dbut depends, some sim modems can distribute network via usb & wifi13:12
Guest64076MonkeyDust, any hint?13:13
MonkeyDustGuest64076  no, i'm not familiar with it13:13
=== pavelz_ is now known as pavelz
MonkeyDustGuest64076  next time, be more specific than 'internet key'13:15
MonkeyDustsagat  keep it in the channel13:15
=== Tsunami1 is now known as Guest70313
n0rp3dwhat about removing/chaning the limit that the '/msg alis list ...." sets by default?13:17
daftykinsn0rp3d: that's a network bot, go talk to #freenode about it - not us.13:17
n0rp3doh oh13:18
NectarHi. Whats that app called which displays computer stats in terminal?13:28
Nectarwith the accii ubuntu logo13:29
pkullgunicorn/nginx trouble: http://pastebin.com/9e6bb79y What is the error message telling me and what IP address is xx.xxx.xx.xx (I don't have such IP anywhere in my project)?13:29
pkull\join #python13:32
mate_Touchpad on thinkpad s440 freezes every time i dont use it. i need to move my finger over the touchpad a few times till ubuntu recognises that as movement, what or where should i look/do?13:38
mate_i am very new to ubuntu, please help13:40
=== ubuntu_user is now known as rcw2
JayBauHi guys, does anyone knows how to enable the brightness for my Lenovo z500?13:46
JayBauI've tried lots of solution, but non of them worked13:47
skinuxI'm trying to execute a .run file, no matter what I do it says cannot execute binary file13:47
daftykinsskinux: what is it?13:48
k1l_skinux: set it +x with chmod. but dont run .run files just blindly13:48
daftykinshaving one is sign #1 that you're not doing something the most ideal way13:48
skinuxmetasploit penetration testing tool13:48
JayBautry to chmod +x on your .run file13:48
skinuxI did that already13:48
daftykinsso then switch to root with "sudo -i" and run it with ./blah.run13:48
daftykinsas long as it's +x'd for root :D13:48
daftykinsalternatively, install it properly ;)13:49
skinuxI get permission denied using sudo -i13:49
daftykinsyou know i mean just "sudo -i" and that's it, yeah?13:50
skinuxI did sudo -i first and then tried it, said permission denied13:50
daftykinschmod +x it first?13:50
JayBaustrange, permission problem should be fixed by chmod +x13:50
EriC^^what is it supposed to be run by anyways13:51
skinuxchmod +x didn't make a difference.13:51
n0rp3dsudo chmod?13:51
k1l_skinux: where is that file? please show the command and output in a pastebin13:51
EriC^^type head -1 /path/to/.run13:51
daftykinsshow us an "ls -al" in the folder where that file is13:51
skinuxHead appears to have returned a bunch of encryption13:52
k1l_!paste | skinux13:52
ubottuskinux: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:52
EriC^^ok ./.run runs something by looking for a shebang13:52
k1l_skinux: details matter. so show it in a pastebin please13:53
EriC^^no shebang, no run13:53
tutolatohi guys, i have a problem with my touchpad. i am very new to linux so i dont really know what to do. Thinkpad S440, the touchpad freezes everytime i let go of it and only starts working again after some time moving my finger over it.13:53
skinuxI don't know how that encryption or encoding help any, but it's there.13:56
k1l_are you sure the file is not corrupted?13:57
EriC^^skinux: type file /path/to/run13:57
skinuxOkay, updated the Gist13:58
EriC^^ok so what's ls -l /path/to/run say13:59
skinuxThat's already on the Gist14:01
EriC^^skinux: it's not +x14:02
EriC^^chmod +x it14:02
=== adellam_ is now known as adellam
skinuxI did14:02
skinuxI did that twice in fact14:02
daftykinsis it stored on an NTFS volume maybe?14:02
EriC^^is it on ^14:02
daftykinssomething non-EXT3/414:02
skinuxUmm...actually I think it is.14:02
=== tutolato is now known as tutolato_
daftykinsis which14:03
daftykinsi think you need to read up on permissions after this :)14:03
=== tutolato_ is now known as tutolato
skinuxI got it.14:06
daftykins"thanks all"14:07
=== love is now known as Guest33266
rypervencheGuest33266: 有14:10
rypervenche!cn | Guest3326614:10
ubottuGuest33266: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw14:10
cfhowlett!kylin | Guest3326614:10
ubottuGuest33266: Ubuntu Kylin is a variant of Ubuntu that focuses on Chinese users. It is a formal part of Ubuntu. For more information, see http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/ubuntukylin14:10
tutolato hi guys, i have a problem with my touchpad. i am very new to linux so i dont really know what to do. Thinkpad S440, the touchpad freezes everytime i let go of it and only starts working again after some time moving my finger over it.14:11
BotchlaBtutolato: What distro are you using? You already asked in ##linux, it's confusing if you asked in both places.14:13
tutolatoBotchlaB i am using ubuntu mate14:13
tutolatoam i doing something wrong or why does nobody answer :O ?14:16
cfhowlett!patience | tutolato14:16
ubottututolato: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/14:16
=== user is now known as Guest95752
tutolato>the year of the linux desktop14:17
k1l_tutolato: is this a known issue for your device?14:18
k1l_that sounds like some standby issue?14:18
=== tuxfox is now known as ash1k
skinuxA web script I'm using is complaining I don't have AES crypto library installed. Is it a apache mod I'm missing or just a package?14:18
Bangladeshii am using xubuntu, do u gys support it here?14:18
cfhowlettBangladeshi, yes or in #xubuntu14:18
tutolatok1l_ yes i also think this is some powersaving issue, a few years ago i had ubuntu on my system and tried to lower the discharge rate with powertop and the same issure acured14:19
tutolatobut this is a clean install14:19
tutolatomy trackpoint works flawlessly14:20
skinuxBangadeshi: Does your nick mean anything in English?14:20
Bangladeshiok i have this problem, i use a wimax modem, that needs a usb port to be connected with internet. unfortuately the model company doesnt have a driver for linux for this modem. i have found a diver of this modem in a blog. but the driver doesnt work properly, like sometimes the modem doesnt show signal line when i connect it with computer. so can anyone help me find or develp a good driver for14:21
Bangladeshithis wimax modem,14:21
r3S1L13n7How to I reinstall the i915 drivers for ubuntu 14.04. A recent update is causing my system to hang up about 5 seconds after I login14:21
cfhowlettBangladeshi, best to contact the driver maintainers with this issue and ask them for the fix.14:22
amtronhow to instal tally14:22
Bangladeshicfhowlett they dont provide linux related help, their driver only works in windows14:22
Bangladeshiiv heard this place is full of brilliant and powreful coders, who penetrate digital world, so iv came here with a hope14:23
k1l_tutolato: dont know. it should work ootb. maybe see the bios settings for that if there is something disabled14:23
cfhowlettBangladeshi, then the sanest option is to purchase a device that actually DOES suppot linux14:23
Bangladeshithat someone will be able to help14:23
amtroni  really agree with you14:23
cfhowlett!hardware | Bangladeshi14:23
ubottuBangladeshi: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection14:23
tutolatok1l_ under win it works14:23
tutolatoi am dualbooting14:23
Bangladeshicfhowlett ur solution seems, if a person has a problem in his leg, u want him to cut it down :P14:23
cfhowlettBangladeshi, false.  Given a choice, select what works.14:24
orzel2001How to install eclipse 4.2 on ubuntu mate?14:24
Bangladeshilol ok bro14:24
Bangladeshithanks for ur help14:24
OerHeksorzel2001, find a PPA or build it yourself14:25
k1l_tutolato: well i dont know. maybe you need to find if others have that issue on the s440 too. you can try to see if there is something in dmesg or syslog about that.14:28
r3S1L13n7How to I reinstall the i915 drivers for ubuntu 14.04. A recent update is causing my system to hang up about 5 seconds after I login14:28
k1l_r3S1L13n7: try booting the older kernel and see if that helps14:29
k1l_r3S1L13n7: if yes, file a bug to that new kernel14:29
r3S1L13n7k1l_: ok i will try14:29
tutolatothis is so frustrating. really want to use linux insted of windows - what happens? my touchpad doesnt work properly and its a pain in the ass ^^14:30
=== utlemming is now known as utlemming_away
OerHekstutolato, touchpad in your ass ... please keep this irc channel family & touchpad friendly14:31
ShukaHas anyone had a problom where at login when you type the password it just does nothing? It tells me its an error with X11, anyone know anything?14:33
EriC^^Shuka: type cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | nc termbin.com 999914:35
mac_marcusShuka, read this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/232926/etc-x11-x-not-executable-error-when-startx14:36
infohoundAnybody know when they will fix track pad compatibility with the 2015 rmbp?14:37
cfhowlett!mac | infohound,14:37
ubottuinfohound,: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages14:37
sloofI've got a /boot that is full and apt is complaining about unmet dependencies.  I'd like to clear out old kernel packages but I doesn't look like apt will let me.  Any ideas?14:37
EriC^^sloof: remove the initrd of the old kernels manually then purge with apt14:37
ShukaEriC^^: The log tells me AIGLX: Suspending AIGLX clients for VT switch14:39
EriC^^that's normal i thinnk14:39
ShukaEriC^^: The rest is just No input driver specified, ignoring this device14:39
EriC^^Shuka: can you paste the whole log?14:40
notrooti installed ubuntu 15 on an old laptop14:40
notrootsound isn't working14:40
ShukaEriC^^: I'm on my laptop, the problom is on my main computer.14:40
notrootwhats the name of that pau control14:40
EriC^^does it have internet?14:40
notrootfor pulse audio14:40
ShukaEriC^^, yes it does14:40
notrootthank you14:40
EriC^^Shuka: type cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | nc termbin.com 999914:40
EriC^^no problem14:41
ShukaEriC^^, its http://termbin.com/zbh414:42
ShukaEriC^^, thats a neat trick14:42
soulissonHello, quick question please, when tcp is used for syslog, is the tcp connection between the client and the server maintained?14:43
EriC^^Shuka: anything in ~/.xsession-errors ?14:44
notrootthis laptop isn't showing any real output devices for audio. what step can i take to see about finding the correct audio driver?14:45
ShukaEriC^^: ~/.xsession-errors    termbin.com/d44114:45
EriC^^Shuka: page not found14:45
ShukaEriC^^: http://termbin.com/5py114:46
EriC^^Shuka: type ls -l ~/.Xauthority14:47
ShukaEriC^^: Its there14:48
EriC^^who's the owner?14:48
ShukaEriC^^: root, only r and w privliges.14:48
k1l_root is bad. should be the user14:49
EriC^^ok, type sudo chown <your user>: ~/.Xauthority14:49
EriC^^Shuka: did you run sudo startx ?14:49
ShukaYea I tried sudo startx before, and it is under my user.14:49
EriC^^Shuka: don't use sudo with startx it'll mess up the permissions14:50
EriC^^and startx doesn14:50
ShukaAlright, is that why the file was under root?14:50
EriC^^'t work too well with ubuntu14:50
ShukaWould reinstalling x11 and my wm solve this problom?14:51
EriC^^no, just chown the file14:51
ShukaEriC^^: Same problom14:52
ShukaEriC^^: Not sure if restart is needed14:52
EriC^^Shuka: it's not, try the guest session for a sec14:52
EriC^^just so we know it's system-wide14:52
ShukaEriC^^: Thats not enabled14:53
EriC^^try making another user real quick, sudo adduser14:53
ShukaShould I login in gui with it?14:54
Shukacause su works fine with it14:54
ShukaSame thing, just blinks to terminal and goes back to login.14:54
=== gavin_ is now known as gavinguo
ShukaEriC^^: Well thanks for trying to help me, I am just going to back to slackware.14:56
=== utlemming_away is now known as utlemming
daftykinsShuka: giving up won't teach you anything :)14:57
Spiderdo or do not therer is no try14:58
EriC^^abra ka dabra much?14:58
Shukadaftykins: Yes but I can't spend all day and all night fixing ubuntu.14:59
Shukadaftykins: Ubuntu distros always break for me14:59
daftykinsShuka: well, you did run startx :)14:59
daftykinsShuka: check the guest session works ok14:59
k1l_and running irc as root.15:00
Spiderwhy do you insist on using ubuntu? why not use some other linux?15:00
=== guilherme is now known as Guest63055
k1l_Shuka: if you want to run as root all the time, ubuntu is not the right choice.15:00
daftykinsSpider: this is a support channel, conversation like that can be had in #ubuntu-offtopic15:00
daftykinsSpider: pro tip though, just 'cause we're in here doesn't mean we use something ;)15:00
ShukaI use slackware on all my laptops, one some I dual boot. Thing is when I install slackware on my main computer I get some kernel error at boot time.15:01
daftykinsShuka: ok but that's off topic here15:01
Spideri get it but free speech much?15:01
Giwrgarashi sos please15:01
Shukadaftykins: sorry15:01
Giwrgarasive got a netgear n300 wifi rooter and ubuntu cant see it15:01
daftykinsSpider: no, channel policy - this isn't somewhere for you to complain about supposed rights15:01
Giwrgaraswhat do i have to do15:01
Giwrgarasive  bought a wifi device and its not visible15:02
k1l_Spider: your false concept of free speech is not part of this channel.15:02
Spiderhaha very funny15:02
daftykinsGiwrgaras: ubuntu version? wireless card/dongle make + model / chipset ?15:04
PrinceOfCatsGiwrgaras:  Can you see other wifis/routers?15:05
Spiderso where in the ever-loving land of ubuntu can i go to shoot the bull?15:05
PiciSpider: #ubuntu-offtopic15:05
Giwrgaras12.04 daftykins15:07
daftykinsGiwrgaras: wow, bit old - is this a clean install? what resulted in you having no wifi today?15:07
GiwrgarasPrinceOfCats: no i cant see the device now im connected via ethernet15:07
Giwrgarasfrom the time ive bought the device it isnt visible15:08
tutolatocan someone with a 2013-2015 thinkpad please run "xinput list-props "SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad" ? so that i can verify if my install uses the correct defaults?15:08
Giwrgaraswhat can i do now to install some drivers, wine isnt working15:08
daftykinsGiwrgaras: are you fully dist-upgrade'd ?15:08
caronGiwrgaras, and how did you install wine?15:09
daftykinsGiwrgaras: well you haven't answered what your wireless hardware is yet - so "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install pastebinit" then type "lspci | pastebinit" and "lsusb | pastebinit"15:09
Giwrgarasno how do i do that15:09
k1l_Giwrgaras: is the router sending on a channel or a frequency the wifi card doesnt support?15:09
Giwrgarasi had that in my pc15:09
daftykinsGiwrgaras: if you're not up to date, "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"15:09
=== gleyser is now known as Rayden
Giwrgarasi did that15:10
Giwrgarasi have the last version15:10
daftykinsGiwrgaras: ok run the above commands and paste the links here please15:10
Giwrgarasnormally i have to see the wifi on the upper corner of my desktop right? so i can select the wifi and put the code15:11
Giwrgarasthere is nothing there15:11
daftykinsso you don't have the network manager15:11
daftykinsso that's not necessarily not having working wifi15:11
GiwrgarasMy ubuntu is not in English language15:11
daftykinsalright but are you running the commands i suggested?15:11
Giwrgarassudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source is allready the last one; or something like that it says15:12
daftykinsnobody said to run that15:12
Giwrgarasoops false sorry15:12
Giwrgaraswrong cp now i do dist upgrade15:13
daftykinsi thought you said you did that already15:13
daftykinsGiwrgaras: i'm waiting for "lspci | pastebinit"15:13
Giwrgarasdaftykins: what is that?15:13
daftykinsa command to run to show your hardware15:14
daftykinsi typed it ages ago and asked you to run it, but you still haven't15:14
k1l_Giwrgaras: you said the wifi card did work already and you bought a new router?15:15
Giwrgarask1l_: i just bought it the wifi15:21
k1l_Giwrgaras: router or wifi card?15:22
Giwrgaraswifi router15:23
daftykinsstill waiting on the command output15:23
k1l_Giwrgaras: is it running? is it seen by other laptops, smartphones?15:24
Giwrgarasit cant see anything15:25
Giwrgarasor i cant see it on the upper corner15:26
daftykins"lspci | pastebinit"15:26
k1l_Giwrgaras: please make sure to not make such short and confusing answers. "yes", "no", "i cant see it"... so you got a new router and the old wifi card on that ubuntu 12.04 cant see it?15:27
k1l_Giwrgaras: so is the router sending on a frequency the old wifi card doesnt work with? please make sure tha hardware is alright15:27
Giwrgarasno i just cant see it15:29
Giwrgaraslike it doesnt exist15:29
Giwrgarasi tried the pastbinit15:29
Giwrgarasbut i dont have the prog and cant install it15:29
daftykinswhy can't you install it?15:29
daftykinsGiwrgaras: don't you think saying you had problems makes more sense than staying silent?15:29
daftykinsvisit http://paste.ubuntu.com manually and paste in the output of "lspci" from the terminal15:30
Giwrgarasnow i do the dist upgrade15:31
Giwrgarasits sitll doing it15:31
daftykinsyou can do the above at the same time15:31
F6F7always after waking up my ubuntu (most recent version) rom sleep/hibernation it shows just a black screen so that i have to restart. what is the reason for that?15:33
OerHeksF6F7, encrypted home perhaps?15:34
B-MaxHey. I'm attempting to set up a proxy server using Squid3 using these steps: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Proxy - I'm fairly certain I was successful in this as I'm able to configure my network settings on my MAC to use it. However, I'm trying to configure another Ubuntu server to use it to no avail. I have the following in my /etc/environment: http://pastebin.com/R12E8Wtu - I try doing various network activities on the second serve15:34
daftykinscould be graphics driver related15:34
B-Maxaccess logs. Any ideas?15:34
Spiderinternal conflict15:34
F6F7OerHeks: full disk encryption15:34
Giwrgaraslspci can i paste it here?15:35
Giwrgarasor do i risk a ban15:35
Giwrgarasits 15 lines long15:35
OerHeksF6F7, all i know is that hybernate does not work on encrypted drives, the code cannot be read from encrypted swap.15:35
OerHeksmaybe i am wrong ..15:35
F6F7OerHeks: alright, thanks for letting me know15:35
daftykinsGiwrgaras: i linked you to the site where to paste it...15:35
F6F7however, on a debian laptop i can always wake it up from hibernation despite full disk encryption15:35
F6F7so maybe it is indeed graphics driver related. is there a wayto find out?15:36
F6F7i have a nvidia gpu15:36
daftykinsGiwrgaras: is the wifi device a USB dongle plugged in?15:37
F6F7the drivers menu says my ubuntu is using an alternative driver (intel-microcode). maybe I should try the Nvidia binary driver?15:37
Giwrgarasjust a moment please15:37
hfpHi all, I have a MacBookPro5,3 (mid-2009, core2duo, nvidia 9400+9600m gt) and I can't get any Ubuntu LiveCDs to boot. I get into the bootloader, choose Try Ubuntu or Install Ubuntu (tried both, same outcome). Ubuntu starts to load, I see the Ubuntu screen and it eventually hangs. The only way to get out of it is to reset the computer. What am I doing wrong? Is there an issue with this particular laptop/gfx car15:38
hfpd? I tried several Ubuntu versions, derivatives and ...15:38
hfp... ISOs: always the same issue.15:38
daftykinshfp: is the disk blank or do you have an OS X on there?15:38
B-Maxnevermind my previous question...bad test15:38
daftykinshfp: i don't think it likes seeing both cards.15:39
Giwrgarasthats the new one15:39
OerHeksF6F7, intel microcode is for intel CPU' s, nothing to do ith nvidia .. for your previous Q: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnableHibernateWithEncryptedSwap15:39
Giwrgarasi cant see it and ive upgraded my dist15:39
daftykinsGiwrgaras: they're identical and show no wireless card15:39
daftykinsGiwrgaras: try "lsusb"15:39
hfpdaftykins: I have OS X installed. There is no way to turn off one card, it's one of those systems where you can switch between integrated for battery power or discrete for intensive applications. When I was running Windows, it could only every see the discrete card and I couldn't switch between integrated and discrete. As far as Win was concerned, there was only one gfx card in this system15:40
F6F7OerHeks: thanks for the link15:40
daftykinshfp: not turn off, you need to boot with nomodeset i think15:40
Giwrgarasyes it sees it now15:40
daftykinsGiwrgaras: so it *is* a USB dongle plugged into the side...15:41
Giwrgarasi just plugged it15:41
cfhowlett!mac | hfp15:41
ubottuhfp: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages15:41
Giwrgarasand normally on the upper corner i have to see it right?15:41
daftykinsGiwrgaras: we just spent the last 20 minutes identifying the device and you had it unplugged?15:41
Giwrgarasthats not the problem daftykins15:42
Giwrgarasit could see it from the first15:42
Giwrgarasbut i cant choose a wifi15:42
Giwrgarasit is not working15:42
Giwrgarasnormally i have to be able to see it on the upper corner15:42
daftykinsthat doesn't even matter, you had it out the whole time and said it wasn't USB15:42
* rypervenche pats daftykins on the shoulder.15:43
hfpcfhowlett: Is the "most recent release" column accurate on that link? Because it says that for 2009 MBPs, the latest is Karmic which is ancient AFAIK15:43
daftykinsrypervenche: hold me!15:43
Giwrgarashow can i make it work?15:44
Giwrgarasto be visible on the upper corner like a normal wifi usb devic15:44
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx15:44
daftykinshave a read there, my patience has run out i'm afraid.15:44
cfhowletthfp, use 14.04 ... Mac support has gotten better over the yers15:45
Giwrgarasyes but im on a net cafe please15:45
Giwrgarasi dont have lots of time15:45
Giwrgarasthats why it took me so long to answer15:45
daftykinsGiwrgaras: don't care, sorry.15:45
rypervencheGiwrgaras: I would suggest coming back when you have some time to properly troubleshoot this.15:45
hfpcfhowlett: Ok, gotta go now I'll try that later. Thanks15:45
cfhowletthfp, happy2help!15:46
Giwrgarasyeah how about now some troublesouting?15:46
Giwrgaraswhat can i do now ?15:46
Giwrgarasdo i have to download drivers?15:46
Giwrgaraswifi drivers?15:47
ioriaGiwrgaras, don't know if things have changed, but seems that your dongle will work only with ndiswrapper http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=222125115:47
ioriaGiwrgaras, in other words you should use the windows drivers15:48
Giwrgarasok so i have to install the ndswrapper15:48
OerHeksmaybe the drivertool gives a solution, did you check that? alt F2: type driver in search15:49
ioriaGiwrgaras, yes, follow the link15:49
B-MaxI do have a follow up question, though: how can I make it so that my Ubuntu server can ONLY go through the proxy? In other words, how can I block all non-proxied requests?15:49
Giwrgaraswhat is the command for ndiswrapper ?15:49
Giwrgarassudo apt-get install ndisgtk ndiswrapper-dkms dkms linux-headers-generic build-essential15:49
Giwrgarasthis one?15:49
Ramzihow nwould i go about puting a package on a flash stick and installing said pkg on a diff machine from said stick15:50
Giwrgarasor this one?15:50
Giwrgarassudo modprobe -v ndiswrapper15:50
Giwrgarassudo ndiswrapper -ma15:50
Giwrgarasdmesg | grep ndis15:50
MonkeyDustB-Max  there's also #ubuntu-server15:51
OerHeksRamzi, dpkg -i <package>.deb15:51
AmozRamzi, just make sure you have all dependencies etc.15:52
Amozit would certainly help if you could tell us what package you're referring to15:53
RamziHow can I include all of the dependencies?  Like can I just copy a particular directory from a system that has them and put them in the same dir on the other system?15:53
fenecois there anyway to make ubuntu display the whole <select> in pages like os x?15:53
OerHeks!offline | Ramzi for dependencies., you didn't mention it, use this method:15:54
ubottuRamzi for dependencies., you didn't mention it, use this method:: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. See also !APTonCD15:54
MonkeyDustfeneco  select from what and display where?15:54
fenecoMonkeyDust from webpages, on browsers. on ubuntu and windows, when the <select> is too big, it shows just some options, while on osx, it shows a big list of options15:55
Ramziit sounds like that method may require an internet connection... what if the box is offline, i.e. I want to just copy all of the packages from one system to another via USB stick...15:55
feneconot sure if you get what i mean15:56
MonkeyDustfeneco  what is the <select> exactly?15:56
RamziI know it's easy if there's just one or two packages, I can just install the dpkg file, but how can I accommodate the dependencies, is there a location where dpkg will look to find these first?15:56
RamziLike in FreeBSD I can place dependencies in a directory and when installing it will check there before trying to go online to download them...15:56
daftykinsfeneco: yep no idea what you mean15:57
int-mainAnyone with knowledge of networking here?15:57
Ramziint -main shoot15:58
daftykinsint-main: either here or more appropriately, ##networking15:58
PrinceOfCatsWe probably all know about networking, the question is at what level :-)15:58
fenecodaftykins MonkeyDust i will show in a minute15:58
int-mainso I'm using dnsmasq, the nameserver in /etc/resolv.conf is and listener in dnsmasq is also the same (, what I wonder is what DNS it will connect to if no local cache is found?15:59
daftykinsfeneco: oh so a drop-down menu15:59
fenecoyeah, a dropdown menu15:59
OerHeks!offline | Ramzi again: for dependencies, use this method:15:59
ubottuRamzi again: for dependencies, use this method:: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. See also !APTonCD15:59
daftykinsfeneco: that's nothing to do with ubuntu support then really15:59
MonkeyDustfeneco  is that a html tag?15:59
fenecoMonkeyDust yes15:59
MonkeyDustfeneco  that's not for this channel16:00
AmozRamzi, maybe this could help as well? http://www.tuxradar.com/answers/51716:00
fenecoMonkeyDust the thing is, on ubuntu it doesnt show like that16:00
fenecoits not about the html tag i guess16:00
OerHeksRamzi, You do need an internetconnection to perform this.16:00
fenecoseems to be something in the OS16:00
k1l_feneco: where on ubuntu?16:00
k1l_feneco: in what program?16:00
fenecok1l_ any browser16:00
MonkeyDustfeneco  better ask in #html5 i guess16:01
fenecoi will try MonkeyDust16:01
k1l_yeah, i think that better suits into webdev channel16:02
fenecothank you16:05
daftykinsint-main: tbh i purge resolvconf and hardcode DNS the first chance i get on servers ;)16:05
int-maindaftykins: you mean custom DNS?16:06
daftykinsint-main: well, be it ISP or an online provider, whichever16:07
daftykinsi just don't trust or require the automated hassles :)16:07
rockstar_why ultimateguitar launch autoscroll don't show up in Ubuntu>Chrome? For example in this link >> http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/e/ellie_goulding/burn_ver3_crd.htm#16:08
MonkeyDustrockstar_  what is there to see in that link? looks perfectly normal16:11
bombermancan i play steam games on ubuntu 14.04?16:12
daftykinsbomberman: yes, ones which have the little Tux penguin beside them on Steam's website16:13
urist_yeahhh... not all developers do a good job though16:13
urist_some linux games are very buggy16:13
urist_but im just happy that's an option these days16:13
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bomberman<daftykins> thx16:13
rockstar_MonkeyDust: as I mentioned Launch Autoscroll button on left, it is supposed pop up scroller, if clicked.16:14
OerHeksrockstar_, works fine here, autoscroll. maybe you have an agressive popupblocker?16:19
MonkeyDustrockstar_  ok, i see what you mean... it pops up here, in firefox16:21
MonkeyDustnice, never seen it before16:21
rockstar_MonkeyDust: thanks. Its strange though. I tried it in firefox yesterday didn't happen. Now its working in firefox. Then it started working in Chrome too.16:22
rockstar_MonkeyDust: Did you use ultimateguitar website before? :)16:23
thepatze1@rockstar i know i did back in the days :)16:23
MonkeyDustrockstar_  never, tried playing the guitar for a while, but i'll leave it to more talented people16:23
rockstar_MonkeyDust: thepatze1 thank you :)16:24
thepatze1little off topic but what's the best irc client? I am running irssi but i doesn't work as desired16:32
OerHeksxchat is discontinued, use Hexcaht as supported clone16:33
thepatze1thx disconnectedave16:33
MonkeyDustthepatze1  "best" is what suits you most, it's a personal choice16:33
OerHeksor weechat within terminal16:33
thepatze1hexcaht hm maybe i give that a try then16:33
disconnectedavedamn didnt know16:33
thepatze1i wanted to be able to switch from root to user in terminal while stay root and start irc client16:34
thepatze1it works with irssi but sometimes it doesn't recognize commands. I have an ancient computer16:34
OerHeksirc client as root .. sure you have a reason for it ....16:35
ubottuIt's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.16:35
thepatze1nono OerHeks i switch via su - my username and start as this user16:35
thepatze1not crazy enough to go irc with root ;)16:35
thepatze1my useraccount has not privileges at all not even sudo16:36
thepatze1'sup boeng16:38
OerHeksthepatze1,  you are fine :-)16:38
boengwhere is this16:39
disconnectedavethis is the world wide web16:39
boengvery very old skul16:40
thepatze1dayum weed is stronger than i is ;)16:46
CosmicNoisesthepatze1, you're about to be moved along to the chat channel...16:46
TJ-Finally discovered why Firefox is rendering its interface with oversized elements as this shows: http://imgur.com/x4yuvZb    It has suddenly decided it's using a high-DPI display (display hasn't changed). The fix is to change the user preference "layout.css.devPixelsPerPx" to "1.0" scaling rather than the default "-1.0" which allows Firefox to alter the scaling factor.16:46
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austinprogI am very dissapointed with windows, how do I delete my windows distro and make my ubuntu distro the onlyone?16:46
austinprogcurrently its dual boot16:46
thepatze1just get the recent flavor and dd it onto your usb stick16:47
aoeu124I used to always use ALT+D to open the address bar in firefox, now it also opens the Unity interface over top of it. How can I stop this from happening?16:47
daftykinsTJ-: odd, i had read FF was coming with high DPI icons in v4016:47
thepatze1you can choose xubuntu, lubuntu, ubuntu16:47
CosmicNoisesaustin, I'd probably judt delete it using Gparted and then update grub.16:47
g2000TJ-: Congratz! :D16:47
daftykinsalt+D? what about Ctrl+L16:47
CosmicNoisesand use Gparted to extend your ubuntu partition.16:47
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thepatze1i would terminate the entire disk (safe your data)16:48
TJ-daftykins: Maybe, but I didn't want it scaling at all, certainly not changing the way things had been. Too many so-called 'developers' do not understand the basic premise that you do *not* surprise users16:48
thepatze1xubuntu i like the most16:49
aoeu124daftykins: Thanks,  guess I'll have to get used to using a new combination. Weird they have two different key combinations for the address bar.16:49
Amozaustinprog, depending on what the layout of the disk I'd just delete the windows partition and resize my ubuntu partition16:49
TJ-g2000: Took long enough to figure out - useful bit of knowledge there :)16:49
daftykinsaoeu124: i never knew of the one you used, ctrl+L has been browser-agnostic forever16:49
thepatze1Best bet to me always was to wipe the disk and install a dew morning fresh linux distro16:51
bomberman<austinprog> I did some :(16:52
austinprogthanks Amoz16:52
austinprog<bomberman> WIndows 10?16:52
TJ-austin: If the current Ubuntu install is using LVM then you could over-write the start of the Windows partition file-system to stop tools seeing it, then add that partition as a LVM Physical Volume to the existing Ubuntu Volume Group, and then assign the space as you require for Ubuntu. Also, after wiping out Windows do "update-grub" so it is removed from GRUB's menu (os-prober will no longer find it)16:53
boenggtg ppl16:54
thepatze1see you16:54
boeng12.54 am16:55
bombermanno , when i installed ubuntu , on disk space i deleted my  windows location16:55
killerHey ,anyone installed ubuntu on macbook air (2015) ? How does it perform with  battery?16:56
ubottuFor help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages16:56
daftykinsany info for your model there?16:56
vincenzociao a tutti16:58
killerI think the page has not been updated , the latest model it lists is "Macbook 2012"16:58
daftykinskiller: ah ok, it's a wiki so anyone can edit16:59
bombermanCan anyone help me with installing my chipset driver on Ubuntu ?16:59
daftykinsbomberman: what chipset driver?16:59
CosmicNoisesMy /boot directory gets FULL of images after a while. I take it my system is failing to delete old images during updates.17:00
CosmicNoisesAny ideas?17:01
bomberman<daftykins>  AMD A6-3670 APU17:01
AmozCosmicNoises, old kernels?17:01
CosmicNoisesAmoz, yeah.17:01
Amozthose aren't automatically removed17:01
OerHeksCosmicNoises, there is no automatic removal of old kernels, you need to do this manually17:01
CosmicNoisesAmoz, why not? It means my updates stop working eventually.17:01
CosmicNoisesBecause of no space left in /boot.17:01
daftykinsCosmicNoises: shouldn't have made a separate /boot17:01
daftykinsor given it more space17:02
AmozCosmicNoises, the reason is that it would break some systems if you suddenly removed stable kernels, and if the newer kernels fail to boot17:02
daftykinsbomberman: so do you really mean graphics drivers?17:02
BluesKajCosmicNoises:  that would be your / dir  not boot afaik17:02
TJ-CosmicNoises: it's been a long-running annoyance but so far no plan to permanently solve it has emerged. see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/RemoveOldKernels17:03
AmozCosmicNoises, you could pastebin the output from dpkg --list | grep linux please?17:03
bomberman<daftykins> No , i have installed catalyst control center for my graphical card , but i mean cpu driver17:03
daftykinsbomberman: that's not a thing.17:03
daftykinsbomberman: if you needed a CPU driver, you would not have booted :)17:03
Amozbomberman, if you installed CCC then the fglrx module should be there as well I think17:04
daftykinsi think that's the point made, yeah17:04
Black_StarI don't speak english :( :(17:05
bomberman<daftykins> So i don't need that installation?17:05
Black_Stari speak italian17:05
daftykinsBlack_Star: what do you speak?17:05
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)17:05
daftykinsmight be someone there, Black_Star17:05
daftykinsbomberman: no, you don't need CPU drivers - that's not a thing :)17:05
daftykinsnot on any OS o017:05
Exagone313Hello, is there a dns server that uses root servers which allow fixed address for a specific subnet? I want my users through my VPN (192.168.42/24) to have my domain names resolved to and the connections out of the VPN to have the correct IP address. Also I have thousands of domains to set to for all users. Actually I use dnsmasq, no root server, and only for the VPN (and the server itself). Thanks for helping.17:05
bomberman<Amoz> fglrx that is command ?17:06
Amozbomberman, what exactly are you trying to do? I suppose you want the GPU module, no?17:06
daftykinsbomberman: no fglrx is the name of the AMD graphics driver module17:07
daftykinsAmoz: nope re-read :)17:07
daftykinsbomberman was just after a non-existant thing, all is well17:07
bomberman<daftykins> Ok, i got it , thx for helping17:07
Amozdaftykins, he probably is after *something*, it's just that his tech-abilities confused him ;)17:08
daftykinsAmoz: yeah but it was clear to me *shrug* :)17:08
x4w3lordievader: i had linux-firmware installed.17:09
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delta9how do I setup automaTIC UPDATES?17:10
delta9sorry for caps17:10
shamuraiDelta9, you could edit your /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/50unattended-upgrades file but probably not suggested.17:12
OerHeksdelta9, open dash: software & updates, and see 3th tab updates "download and install immediatly'17:12
shamuraiDelta9, heres a link with more info. https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/automatic-updates.html17:12
delta9OerHeks, thanks17:14
shamuraiOerHeks, won't that just do security updates?17:16
OerHeksshamurai, yes17:16
lordievaderx4w3: Do you see anything in the systemlog when you plug it in?17:17
shamuraiI guess I thought delta9 was asking for all updates17:17
OerHeksSharkMa-san, there is no such option, i wish there is, with the optional dist-upgrade too17:18
OerHeksshamurai ^^17:18
bitwigglerShould this be expected to be missing? http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/s/sqlite3/libsqlite3-0_3.7.9-2ubuntu1.1_amd64.deb17:18
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OerHeksbitwiggler, yes17:20
OerHeksbitwiggler, that package was for the EOL version precise.17:20
bitwigglerapt-get update keeps finding it.17:20
shamuraiOerHeks, pretty sure this file can do that. /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/50unattended-upgrades17:20
Picibitwiggler: yes. is the release in precise-updates/security now. not 1.117:20
x4w3lordievader: nothing strange http://paste.ubuntu.com/12001373/17:20
JayBaumy laptop have this switchable graphics, it has Intel and NVidia, but in the software updates, I can only see NVdia and everytime I chose a proprietary driver for it and try to adjust the brightness, it will go very deem and won't be able to adjust it back. so I am using the default driver instead.17:21
bitwigglerwonder where apt keeps getting it on a fresh install. perhaps 12.04 is no longer supported?17:21
daftykinsJayBau: nvidia will install fine with nvidia-prime, which version of ubuntu is this?17:21
JayBauI am using 14.04 LTS17:21
daftykinsJayBau: standard unity desktop?17:21
JayBauthis is what I have in lspci17:21
daftykinsdon't paste D:17:22
JayBauyes, standard, nothing changed or customized17:22
OerHeksOh, 12.40 is not EOL yet, my bad17:22
daftykinsJayBau: i don't see any nvidia there at all17:22
urist_12.4 is still supporteD?17:22
JayBau(although I tried some solutions already)17:22
lordievaderx4w3: Do you have usbutils installed?17:22
daftykinsurist_: yes17:22
tgm4883urist_: yes17:22
urist_cause my 12.4 server hasn't been getting updated for a while now17:23
tgm4883urist_: you should check that out then17:23
JayBauthat's actually strange because in my software updates tab, I can only see nvidia17:23
bitwigglerso 12.04 it is17:23
bitwiggler12.05 rather17:23
tgm4883urist_: it's supported until 201717:23
daftykinsno 12.0417:23
urist_i didn't know... ty17:23
daftykins12.04.5 :>17:23
x4w3lordievader: yes i have.17:23
JayBauso that means, I should force my machine to use intel driver even if nvidia shows in sotware updates tab?17:23
daftykinsJayBau: can you pastebin /var/log/Xorg.0.log ?17:23
tgm4883daftykins: which is 12.04 plus updates17:23
daftykinstgm4883: trust me, i don't need it explained17:24
lordievaderx4w3: Okay, what is the output of usb-devices?17:24
* tgm4883 trusts daftykins explicitly17:24
JayBauhere it is: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12001400/17:24
tgm4883JayBau: how did you install the nvidia driver?17:25
daftykinsJayBau: no sign of nvidia at all, are you sure you're pastebin'ing from the right system? :)17:25
JayBauI'm about to reinstall the OS to cleanup my mess after trying some solution found in the internet17:25
x4w3lordievader: lsusb output -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/12001412/17:25
bitwigglerso what is the right way to refresh apt to know about the proper versions?17:26
JayBau@tgm4883 System Settings -> Software & Updates -> Additional Drivers Tab17:26
JayBauyes, pretty sure17:26
tgm4883bitwiggler: 'sudo apt-get update'17:26
JayBauthis is Lenovo Z50017:26
daftykinsJayBau: weird, maybe the BIOS/EFI is set to a specific chip and not hybrid mode17:27
lordievaderx4w3: lsbusb != usb-devices17:27
daftykinscan't explain it not showing up in lspci17:27
bitwigglertgm4883:  doing that. and it's still insisting on installing an old version17:27
JayBaunot really sure when this Nvidia will be used, I am trying to screenshot the driver tab to show17:27
bitwigglerfresh docker install everytime17:27
tgm4883bitwiggler: are you using the standard repos?17:28
bitwigglerdefault with ubuntu 12.0217:28
JayBauah, let me reboot and check that17:28
bitwiggler12.04 rather17:28
x4w3lordievader: here http://paste.ubuntu.com/12001430/17:28
lordievaderx4w3: Ah: Driver=(none)17:30
x4w3lordievader: how can i load it to this device?17:31
JayBau@daftykins http://paste.ubuntu.com/12001442/17:31
lordievaderx4w3: The problem is the linux kernel doesn't have a driver available for that device, else it would have loaded it.17:31
JayBauI have updated and cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log17:31
x4w3lordievader: ok i build again...17:32
daftykinsJayBau: was it disabled?17:32
daftykinsJayBau: "dpkg -l | grep nvidia | pastebinit" (with 'pastebinit' installed)17:32
lordievaderx4w3: The driver?17:32
JayBauyes, I disabled it earlier because if I accidentally adjust the brightness, it would go deem17:32
x4w3lordievader: kernel17:32
JayBaushould I install prime?17:33
daftykinsJayBau: ah well if you're going to reinstall anyway, not much point fighting it now17:33
daftykinsit already is on17:33
lordievaderx4w3: Do your sources contain the driver?17:33
daftykinsJayBau: but your nvidia driver isn't in use17:34
daftykinsJayBau: fresh lspci ?17:34
x4w3lordievader:  when i compile it i do it...17:34
JayBauI am planning to fix it to know what exactly need to be done, before doing reinstall17:34
lordievaderx4w3: What?17:35
JayBauit's been 3days now, and no luck17:35
JuJuBeeNeed help with a filesystem problem... fsck.ext2: Attempt to read block from filesystem resulted in short read while trying to open /dev/sdd1 Could this be a zero-length partition?17:35
daftykinsJayBau: oh, GT 740M hmm... i would "sudo apt-get purge nvidia* " (note the * at the end there)17:35
lordievaderx4w3: There is no point in compiling your own kernel if it doesn't have to driver.17:35
JuJuBeeI can read part of the drive but not all17:36
JayBaudaftykins purging nvdia*17:36
x4w3lordievader: i did http://askubuntu.com/questions/457061/ralink-148f7601-wifi-adapter-installation this installation...17:37
rando3_14Hi, i'm trying to create a jailed chroot using jailkit, but at the time of ssh login the answer i got is:  ssh: connect to host localhost port 22: Connection refused17:37
JayBaushould I install nvidia-prime now?17:37
daftykinsJayBau: reboot17:38
MonkeyDustrando3_14  did you install openssh-client and/or openssh-server?17:38
skinuxPHP script  says encryptor is missing. I'm trying to use AES encryption, so what package am I missing?17:38
x4w3lordievader: i installed only the driver and headers...17:39
rando3_14MonkeyDust:  i controlled, the server was not installed17:39
rando3_14i'm doing it now17:39
JayBaudaftykins: done rebooting17:39
lordievaderx4w3: The first answer (chile555) compiles just the module, not the kernel.17:40
daftykinsJayBau: what PPAs do you have on? according to ubottu trusty doesn't have 346 o017:40
rando3_14ok MonkeyDust , now the connection goes fine, thank you17:40
daftykinsoh yes it does17:40
MonkeyDustrando3_14  glad i could help17:41
daftykinsJayBau: "sudo apt-get clean" followed by "sudo apt-get install nvidia-346 nvidia-prime nvidia-settings"17:41
x4w3lordievader:  yes but in current kernel not run the driver. I will try include driver to kernel.. :) thank u.17:41
artoisno /proc/config.gz for 15.04 live image?17:42
JayBauhere's the list of PPA17:42
BotchlaBdaftykins: Out of curiosity, what does "sudo apt-get clean" do exactly?17:42
wadDo you guys know of a way to put data into my copy-paste buffer, from the commandline?17:42
SimonNLhey kadiro!17:42
daftykinsBotchlaB: clear locally cached debs17:42
kadirohi SimonNL17:42
artoiswad: xclip -selection clipboard17:42
kadirothk's SimonNL that worked17:42
lordievaderx4w3: What error do you get when you try to modprobe the driver?17:42
JuJuBeeanybody assist with filesystem errors17:42
kadirohi every body17:43
wadartois, thanks! I'll look into that.17:43
SimonNLkadiro: > your welcome CU \o17:43
daftykinsJuJuBee: step 1 is ask17:43
JuJuBeeI did...  Need help with a filesystem problem... fsck.ext2: Attempt to read block from filesystem resulted in short read while trying to open /dev/sdd1 Could this be a zero-length partition?17:43
kadirofinally i have another help ( i hop it's not like mint with no help )17:43
x4w3lordievader:  modprobe mt7601Usta have no output17:43
daftykinskadiro: are you using mint?17:43
kadiroyes daftykins17:44
daftykins!mint | kadiro sorry17:44
ubottukadiro sorry: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org17:44
JayBaudaftykins: it's downloading 349mb, this would take a while :)17:44
MonkeyDustkadiro  mint is too different from uibuntu, it's not supported here17:44
lordievaderx4w3: So the driver loads fine...17:44
wadAaaahhh, sweet! cat foo | xclip -i17:44
kadirook guys, i don't want to ask any thing about mint17:45
lordievaderx4w3: Did you modprobe it before plugging in the device?17:45
x4w3lordievader: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12001549/17:45
kadiroi have lubuntu too17:45
Amozkadiro, ask your question then17:45
x4w3lordievader: no, after.17:45
kadirothk's to you all17:45
lordievaderx4w3: Ah, unplug and plug back in, then take another look at usb-devices.17:46
kadiromy only problem i think in lubuntu is update-grub take a long times and the boot too ( with or withou deleting quiet splash )17:46
daftykinsJayBau: sounds like it's getting more than just the nvidia packages17:46
Amozkadiro, define "long time"17:47
x4w3lordievader: Driver=(none)17:47
daftykinsJuJuBee: share a pastebin of "sudo parted -l" and also have you checked the health of sdd recently? is it a mechanical disk?17:47
aarobchi! so, I can't figure out how to start a terminal based on a udev rule17:47
kadiroabout 3 to 5 minute for update and 10 minutes to boot17:47
aarobcI know udev stuff runs as root, but I can't think why that would matter17:47
skinuxCan anyone tell me what package I need so Apache/PHP has AES encryption support?17:47
kadiroI'm not now from ubuntu to check17:47
JayBaudaftykins: I bought this laptop 2years ago with a Win8 on it. After the warranty period, I decided to install Ubuntu on it and facing this problem17:48
Amozskinux, AES?17:48
daftykinsJayBau: ok, that doesn't affect anything though17:48
artoisany way to get at /proc/config.gz or equivalent from 15.04 image?17:48
JuJuBeedaftykins: http://pastebin.com/86Fnh00a  but sdd1 (my /backup drive) is not mounted17:48
JayBaunext time, I will buy something that has ubuntu loaded on it to avoid these problems17:48
kadirocan be a problem in my IDE cable cause that?17:48
lordievaderx4w3: You could try to see what udev says about it when you plug it in.17:48
JayBauatleast, I will be sure that Ubuntu works fine :)17:48
Amozkadiro, sounds like you have a very old drive :P17:49
daftykinsJuJuBee: how is it connected? what type of drive is it?17:49
kadiroyes Amoz :/17:49
JuJuBeedaftykins: it is a 2T sata drive internal\17:49
skinuxAmoz: Why is that surprising?17:50
x4w3lordievader: by default in ubuntu udev is not debugging, isnt it?17:50
daftykinsJuJuBee: "dmesg > /tmp/test" then "pastebinit /tmp/test"17:50
lordievaderx4w3: sudo udevadm monitor --environment --udev17:50
kadiroso Amoz my drive cause that?17:51
JayBaudaftykins: done installing17:51
JuJuBeedaftykins: http://pastebin.com/KcZE8Kqq17:52
JayBaushould I reboot?17:52
x4w3lordievader: the udevadm monitor output here -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/12001593/17:52
daftykinsJayBau: reboot then and fresh /var/log/Xorg.0.log17:52
kadiroany one can help me?17:52
daftykinsJuJuBee: bad cable or dead disk17:52
JuJuBeedaftykins: crap, prolly not a cable, but I can hope I guess...17:53
lordievaderx4w3: Hmm, that is not very informative, is it...17:53
daftykinsJuJuBee: ;]17:53
kadirodamn i'm invisible here17:53
daftykinsJuJuBee: looks bad17:53
x4w3lordievader: monitor not show more, it continue running...17:53
MonkeyDust!patience | kadiro17:54
ubottukadiro: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/17:54
JuJuBeeOK, well I will shutdown and check cable first... Thanks daftykins17:54
aarobccan anyone tell me how to start a terminal from a udev script?17:55
TJ-skinux: apache2 uses libcrypto++/libssl - to specify specific algorithms uses apache's SSLCipherSuite17:55
JayBauhdaftykins: ttp://paste.ubuntu.com/12001616/17:55
Amozskinux, you probably just need the normal packages for SSL support, and then set your conf to exclusively use AES in that case.17:55
kadirothk's guys for yours suggession but i searched before with no answer ( my internet is very slow to do a lot search too )17:55
JayBaudaftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12001616/17:55
lordievaderx4w3: I'm not really sure what to do at this point.17:55
kadirofrom here is very fast17:55
lordievaderTJ-: Could you assist in a (usb wifi) driver problem?17:55
x4w3lordievader: thank u, dont worry other wifi card is coming from amazon.17:56
tehchalordievader is it weird that i like women with a lot of facial hair?17:56
daftykinsJayBau: nvidia loading properly now, see how you get on17:56
JayBaudidn't worked, when I hit the adjust brightness, it's still going deem17:57
tehchalordievader my gf has dreadlocks hanging from her armpits i wring em out and drink the precious juices17:57
skinuxTried to install the library, it thinks I'm trying to use regex.17:57
TJ-lordievader: I'm not paying great attention right now; cooking :)17:57
JayBaudeem like you would put your face on it to see what is being displayed17:57
lordievaderTJ-: Nevermind, x4w3 said he has another card coming in. Thanks anyways.17:58
daftykinsJayBau: down but not up? i don't really follow17:58
lordievaderPici: Thank you, but he is back already.17:58
kadiroI will help now until some one may be have an answer17:58
tehchasorry i wont do it agian :(17:58
JayBaudaftykins: once you adjust the brightness, down or up, it will be deemed17:59
Amozkadiro, it's hard to say why. You could try another distro/version/fresh install, or you can install bootchart and check where the time is spent.17:59
Picidaftykins: "dimmed" maybe?17:59
JayBaudaftykins: oh yes :)18:00
daftykinsno idea then18:00
kadirothk's Amoz i will try bootchat18:00
daftykinsJayBau: latest system BIOS on?18:00
JayBaudaftykins: that's the reason why I disabled it in my BIOS to avoid this problem18:00
daftykinsi don't entirely follow tbh18:01
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thepatze1Offtopic i gues but can someone explain to me what /dev/null means? I know i could have googled it but i prefer to talk to breating ,living human beings :)18:02
JayBaudaftykins: hhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/12001660/18:02
Leverquin_anyone? hello18:02
MonkeyDustthepatze1  /dev/null means "nowhere", like 2>/dev/null sends error messages to 'nowhere', meaning they're not displayed18:02
pbxLeverquin_, jump in and ask your question18:03
kadiroyou are like me thepatze118:03
MonkeyDustthepatze1  keep it in the channel18:03
thepatze1hoe is it useful @ MokeyDust=18:04
p1l0tNeither of my browsers will load, syslog says database closed ( org.gnome.zeitgeist.SimpleIndexer[27587])18:04
pbxthepatze1, sometimes you have a command whose output you don't care about (and don't want clutttering up your terminal)18:04
Leverquin_well i am bit interesting in linux. i have seen one on computers on my univeristy and they didn't have internet (for some reason) and i didn't find in that time interesting. but now i do. any suggetsion? i am on win 718:04
p1l0tChromium and Firefox throwing same error. I'd google it but heh..18:04
BotchlaBLeverquin_: Try out some liveCDs, explore, see what you like.18:05
AmozLeverquin_, put Ubuntu on an USB and try it out.18:05
MonkeyDustthepatze1  like so, also try it without the 2>/dev/null    find / -size +500M -exec ls -lh {} \; 2>/dev/null18:05
thepatze1like a commands output is send into the void?18:05
Leverquin_does live cd work on usb? i am kinda... out of burner.18:05
Amozthepatze1, yes18:05
MonkeyDustLeverquin_  yes18:05
BotchlaBLeverquin_: Yes, but your computer needs to support booting from a USB as well. Most modern computers do.18:05
BotchlaBLeverquin_, use something like UNetBootin to make a USB bootable from an ISO file.18:06
Leverquin_my computer is around 6years old.18:06
BotchlaBLeverquin_, when your computer turns on, during the POST, see if you can press F12 or something to see which devices it can boot from.18:06
MonkeyDustLeverquin_  that's younger than mine18:06
BotchlaBIf USB is not an option, try and see if you can use an optical drive.18:07
BotchlaBIt's what I had to do.18:07
kadiroLeverquin_: mine old than yours and support to boot from an usb18:07
Leverquin_anyway. i am not IT expert. I am journalist. without job. and i just wanna learn C.18:07
JayBaudaftykins: this machine should stay with Windows and I need to buy another one that would work perfectly on Ubuntu...18:07
AmozLeverquin_, that's the spirit. Do you have an USB handy?18:07
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=== aktx_ is now known as aktx
Leverquin_yes i have like 6usb ports.18:08
AmozLeverquin_, USB *stick*18:08
BotchlaBThey mean a USB pen drive, Leverquin_.18:08
daftykinsJayBau: i can't really help you with finding if you have a BIOS update available... just look up the page for the machine :)18:08
Leverquin_ah yes i have 1.5 tb usb "stick"18:08
kadiroflash disk18:08
Leverquin_2tb actually18:08
BotchlaBYou mean GB? lol18:08
kadirothis exist?18:08
kadirololl i'm confused18:09
thepatze1if one was about to cat /etc/passwd 2>/dev/null what would happen from a security perspective?18:09
thepatze1on a remote host18:09
BotchlaBProbably just a mistake on their part.18:09
Amozthepatze1, not much18:09
tonyyarussothepatze1: Nothing.18:09
p1l0tNeither of my browsers will load, syslog says database closed ( org.gnome.zeitgeist.SimpleIndexer[27587]) I'm trying not to have to reboot here, but I can't really google this either.18:09
Leverquin_yea its toshiba18:09
Amozp1l0t, is it possible the zeitgeist db is full?18:10
JayBaudaftykins: I understand, but thanks for trying. really appreciate it :)18:10
arunpyasiguys, is cdimage.ubuntu.com down ??18:10
Leverquin_problem is i cant choice: what i see on university was ubuntu but after reading some info on net there are like a lot of linuxes...18:10
Amozarunpyasi, nope18:10
daftykinsarunpyasi: fine here too18:11
kadiroyes Leverquin_18:11
Leverquin_is it ubuntu good for start?18:11
AmozLeverquin_, you are new, right? Then use ubunt18:11
Leverquin_pretty new18:11
Leverquin_like new born.18:11
arunpyasiits not opening in my end18:11
Amozthen you're at the right place Leverquin_18:11
kadiroLeverquin_: I began from ubuntu18:11
p1l0tAmoz: Maybe something to do with this? com.canonical.Unity.Scope.File.Gdrive[27587]: (process:30575): accounts-glib-WARNING **: Cannot create directory: /home/p1l0t/.config/libaccounts-glib18:11
Amozp1l0t, do you have free space on disk?18:12
MonkeyDustthepatze1  it displays the passwd file... 2>/dev/null is useless, because there are no errors18:12
Leverquin_ok i hope i will not fu. up something.18:12
p1l0tAmoz: I should but I'll double check18:12
devops_guyDoes anyone know how to get right click working for Ubuntu 14.04 on a chromebook pixel 2015 model?18:12
AmozLeverquin_, if you just try it out on a USB stick then you shouldn't destroy anything.18:12
Leverquin_ah yes one question: if i keep win 7 and install linux. do i need to reinstall on programs? like i dunno hexchat?18:12
Bashing-omLeverquin_: That is the beauty of linux, choice. Try an few and see what you like . ubuntu is the favored here on the channel .18:12
kadirop1l0t: what about typing from terminal: sudo chown -R p1l0t /home/p1l0t/.config/libaccounts-glib18:12
ramsub08hello, my system is connected to a router and that router is the part of LAN. How do i scan other systems that are part of the LAN to which my router is connected ?18:13
AmozLeverquin_, Ubuntu is a completely different OS, nothing you see in windows will be "available" in Ubuntu, except for the actual Windows filesystem, which you can mount to e.g. reach files.18:13
ramsub08*scan using nmap18:13
BotchlaBLeverquin_: You'll need to get HexChat for your separate Ubuntu install, yes; I am sure there's a way to save configurations though.18:13
Leverquin_so i need to install every thing again?18:13
AmozLeverquin_, it's a different OS, of course you have to setup everything there.18:14
kadiroramsub08: good question i hop some one give an answer18:14
MonkeyDust!pm | thepatze118:14
ubottuthepatze1: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.18:14
AmozLeverquin_, have you never reinstalled Windows before?18:14
Leverquin_i did.18:14
AmozLeverquin_, did you lose all your data and programs back then?18:15
Amozas in, did you have to reinstall stuff?18:15
Amozthink of a fresh install of Ubuntu as the same thing18:15
Leverquin_oh i see.18:15
Leverquin_thank amoz18:15
kadiroLeverquin_: installing ubuntu you will have two systems without loosing anything in windows exept if you do an format or an mistakes when installng it18:15
p1l0tkadiro: It's still saying "database has been closed"18:16
Leverquin_i hope i iwll not18:16
AmozLeverquin_, although, a good thing with Linux is that you can easily have two separate partitions, such that your personal data in /home can stay, while the system is reformatted.18:16
kadirop1l0t: and the other message error disapeered?18:16
p1l0tkadiro: yes18:16
Leverquin_what version of ununtu to get?18:17
kadirofor a message about database i have no idea, but i like to know what the application is about?18:17
thepatze1latest lts i figure18:17
AmozLeverquin_, depends on what you want, but I'd recommend 14.04 for stability.18:17
BotchlaBLeverquin_: For people new to Ubuntu, 14.04, the current LTS, seems to be the best bet.18:18
Bashing-omLeverquin_: "what version of ununtu to get?" for a new user 14.04 !18:18
thepatze1I can sign that18:18
Leverquin_ok so no 15.0418:18
thepatze1lts is best bet18:18
urist_im sure 15.04 is fine but if you are new you want something stable18:18
urist_i still use 14.04 and it works very well18:18
kadiroah i see your browser can't connect to internet? p1l0t18:18
urist_im curious to try ubuntu mate though... ppl seem to love it18:19
p1l0tkadiro: the browser won't even load18:19
p1l0tkadiro: neither firefox or chromuim18:19
Bashing-omLeverquin_: Release 15.04 is an interim release, support ends in 9 months from date of release. That EOL is Jan . Not much time to learn the ropes .18:19
thepatze1mate mimics the old gnome2 desktop18:19
thepatze1i like that18:20
Leverquin_in my country there are wise words: even God loves when it free :)18:20
urist_yeah... supposed to be pretty light too... maybe not as light as fxce18:20
urist_but pretty good18:20
thepatze1i prefer xfce18:20
urist_don't know if i want to replace my xfce install18:20
urist_i like it a lot18:20
p1l0tkadiro: I don't know what zeitgeist-fts is, I'd google it but I can't. I assume if I reboot I might be alright I just dual monitors and 4 workspaces up and don't want to loose everything18:20
kadirop1l0t: surelly something about your utf i think18:20
urist_thepatze1: u use Xubuntu?18:21
kadirofirewall* utf18:21
p1l0tOh wait my phone.. haha I can google on my phone browser18:21
thepatze1xfce is my desktop and wm3 is nice aswell18:23
MonkeyDustp1l0t  i guess zeitgeist is what is used to have access to "recent files" in apps18:23
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest26250
p1l0tMonkeyDust: maybe I can restart zerigiest service?18:24
p1l0tMY SPELLING haha18:24
arunpyasinow its fine :D18:25
slayerIm new18:25
thepatze1I dislike ubuntu because of its unity comercials18:26
thepatze1is gnome-fallback even possible anymore?18:26
artoisif you want old GNOME, you should probably go with MATE instead18:26
artoisor Xfce18:26
tonyyarussothepatze1: I haven't tried 15.04, but it is in 14.04, renamed flashback instead of fallback.18:27
urist_I actually like unity. I love the HUD and the dash18:27
BottomNotchI'm having issues getting my touchscreen working18:27
p1l0tWhat is the proper way to restart the Zeitgeist deamon18:29
p1l0tzietgeist-deamon --restart18:30
BottomNotchanyone know how to get a touchscreen working if the instructions on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touchscreen don't work?18:32
bittinFirefox for iOS is released to the public in 1-3 weeks someone whispered in my irc18:36
MonkeyDustbittin  this is ubuntu support18:36
BottomNotch out of te 1797 users here no one can help me :/18:37
iamImawhat is it?18:38
BottomNotchI can't get my touchscreen to work18:38
BottomNotchI followed the instructions on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touchscreen but I only got it sorta working18:38
iamImasorry man, i have no experience with touchscreens :/18:38
BottomNotchand callibration didn't help18:39
pbxBottomNotch, touchscreen on my latitude e7240 works, but i never use it. what's broken?18:39
MeatPopsicleanyone have an idea why I am getting this error- http://pastebin.com/Umba7UaX18:39
iamImaI didnt even know that ubuntu had touchscreen support18:39
g2000MeatPopsicle: remove space before /dev/sdb18:40
BottomNotchI follow the instructions on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touchscreen18:40
MonkeyDustMeatPopsicle  what g2000 says, i saw it too18:40
BottomNotchI found my touchscreen on ttyS418:40
BottomNotchI try to attach and a few sorta work18:41
MeatPopsiclewas it really that stupid of an error -____-18:41
BottomNotchbut no make it usable18:41
BottomNotcheven with callibration18:41
g2000MeatPopsicle: I know that feeling :D18:42
pbxBottomNotch, mine "just worked" with a standard 14.04 install so i'm afraid i'm no use to you18:42
MeatPopsicleim not a smart man sometimes18:42
MeatPopsicleNow to fix my other laptop and toss something on it, maybe Ubuntu Mate18:43
g2000BottomNotch: What do you mean by "sorta work"?18:43
BottomNotchg2000, with mtouch when I touch the screen it goes crazy and it like i'm pressing everywhere at once and calibration doesn't fix it18:44
kadiroI have question about DE, between lxde and xfce who is best? ( I'm using lxde for both lubuntu and fedora )18:44
MonkeyDustkadiro  "best" depends on what you prefer18:44
p1l0tSo I did a zeitgeist-daemon -q and then attempted to start it again. I got this: Could not access the database file.18:45
urist_i think lxde and xfce are pretty comparable... I personally like fxce just cause it looks a bit nicer18:45
p1l0tPlease check the permissions of file /home/p1l0t/.local/share/zeitgeist/activity.sqlite.18:45
p1l0t/home/p1l0t/.local doesn't even exist18:45
g2000BottomNotch: I have never used any touchscreen device with Ubuntu, but are you sure that there is no hardware error?18:45
kadiroMonkeyDust: thk's, i just want the lighter one18:45
kadirothk's urist_18:46
urist_lxde is the lightest one of the 2. but i think there is something even lighter18:46
Ramziis there a way to use the contents of a file as input to apt-get without writing a loop? I was hop there was a command that would output the contents of a file in a way that it could be piped into apt-get.18:46
BottomNotchg200, it works fine in windows 8.1 Pro18:46
urist_whatever arch comes with usually18:46
kadirop1l0t: what you means about .local is not exist?18:46
mcphailp1l0t: you do know that /home/p1lot/.local/ is a hidden directory?18:46
kadirourist_: exist others DE lighter than both?18:47
EriC^^Ramzi: xargs18:47
p1l0tkadiro: mcphail: I tried using sudo ls -a doesn't appear in there18:47
kadirop1l0t: try to add it18:47
mcphailp1l0t: fair enough. It is a directory that tends to get added quickly as a lot of programs write to it18:48
BottomNotchmaybe I should downgrade to ubuntu 12.04, I here the touchscreen on my laptop works out of box on 12.0418:48
urist_kadiro: I've never used it. but I believe the DE arch uses is lighter but I think it's also a bit bare bones. i think it's called openbox18:49
g2000BottomNotch: I'd recommend trying that out on a live cd / thumbdrive first.18:49
kadirooh yes thk's urist_ i heared that from someone tell me that too18:50
g2000BottomNotch: If it is working on 12.04, there are good chances to get it running on the latest Ubuntu version, too.18:50
BottomNotchg200, good idea, I don't really feel like it right now though.  I would also much rather figure out how to get it working on 14.0418:51
Rave1urist_,   openbox is a window manager  in fact it is the window manager used by LXDE'18:51
pbxBottomNotch, mine "just worked" with a standard 14.04 install so i'm afraid i'm no use to you18:51
BottomNotchpbx, it's ok18:51
g2000BottomNotch: But I doubt I can really help you because I never used any touchscreen device with Ubuntu /:18:52
BottomNotchg2000, thanks anyways18:52
kadiroRave1: so that means there is no DE lighter than both xfce and lxde?18:52
Rave1urist_,   and you could have any DE or window manager you wish on most distros18:52
urist_Rave1: oh thank you for clarifying this. i've never actually used it before18:53
Rave1kadiro,   I bet google knows18:53
TJ-BottomNotch: best advice is 'read the logs' - for the basic "input" device(s) see "/var/log/kern.log". For the Xserver GUI input device detection/configuration, see "/var/log/Xorg.0.log".18:53
kadiroRave1: thk's anyway18:53
BottomNotchTJ-, i'll take a look18:54
wafflejockkadiro, I believe lxqt is a contender on the lightest desktop front but not sure how the tiling window managers compare, something like Awesome TWM might be lighter18:54
kadiroRave1: google confuse me some users said that this DE is lighter than other and other said something else so google give me nothing18:54
wafflejockkadiro, you need to look for benchmarks18:55
MeatPopsicleI thought MATE was the lightest?18:55
wafflejockkadiro, not opinions :)18:55
kadirooh cool thk's wafflej0ck_18:55
TJ-BottomNotch: if the device is 'sort-of' working with the X server then the latter might reveal something. As always, use the things you find that are relevant as keys to further web searches for documentation.18:55
RamziEric^^: Muchas Gracias!!!18:55
EriC^^Ramzi: no problem18:55
kadiroi tried it ( lxqt ) but still uncomplet ( under develloping i think )18:55
wafflejockkadiro, yeah believe it's pretty new18:56
BottomNotchTJ-, what do you mean by X server?18:56
BottomNotchI'm a bit of a newb :P18:56
kadirothk's again wafflej0ck_18:56
wafflejockkadiro, np18:56
TJ-BottomNotch: The X server is what drives the GUI18:56
kadirothere are many good helper in this channel i'm happy for that18:57
x4w3lordievader: new wifi card from amazon arrived, but it's incompatible too with ubuntu : 148f:3070 ubuntu 1418:58
kadirosorry is wafflejock and not wafflej0ck_ ( tab do that automatically ) sorry for that18:59
wafflejockkadiro, yup definitely one of the big pluses with ubuntu is lots of users and some very helpful people who hang around these parts, no worries on the nick sure that other one is just an idle account of mine that didn't get signed out18:59
NectarHi. What's that application called which shows your system specs when you start terminal? Thans.18:59
kadirothk's you very much Mr wafflejock19:00
wafflejockNectar, believe it's in the motd (message of the day)19:00
xanguax4w3: if it's incompatible with any future release also, consider investigate next time the hardware is linux compatible19:00
BottomNotchTJ-, I don't see anything that looks helpfull in the X server log and I'd rather not have touchscreen than weed through the kernal log19:01
NectarFound it. Its called screenfetch.19:02
kadiroBottomNotch: sorry i'm not seeing your problem before, how i can help you?19:02
mersaI want to remove this                         unix  2      [ ACC ]     STREAM     LISTENING     21289    3277/wineserver                                tried removing wine package but it's- still there19:03
BottomNotchkadiro, do you know how to get a serial toucscreen to work on ubuntu 14.0419:03
x4w3lordievader and xangua i run it with sudo modprobe rt2800usb :P19:03
x4w3and run now!19:03
OerHeksmersa, reboot. or next time: stop the service first, before removal.19:04
kadirosorry BottomNotch never heard that , but i think you have to look in /dev/ttyS0 .. ttyS1 .. ttyS2 ...19:05
wafflejockNectar, ah didn't know what you were asking there I guess that's an interesting one... the motd lets you run some commands to show system stats or whatever when someone logs in to a terminal19:05
mersaOerHeks: so you mean removing the wine program will stop this service19:05
BottomNotchkadiro, I have allready found it in ttyS419:05
OerHeksmersa, no, linux keeps it running in memory.19:05
mersaOerHeks: I mean after rebooting19:05
mersamy fear is it won't go away and I need to remove something else19:05
JustAPersonAnyone have experience using a Wiimote with ubuntu? I found a random USB bluetooth receiver, but I can't pair with my wiimote. It briefly flashes a screen saying "enter this pin xxxxxx" but quickly says pairing failed19:06
OerHeksmersa, no, if ther server is running on wine, and you removed it, it will not return19:06
BottomNotchI could buy a capacitive multitouch layer that uses USB19:06
mersaOerHeks: besides wine package, is there any other package related? like wine-server, I don't know..19:06
BottomNotchthis screen right now is only single point resistive19:06
OerHeksmersa, i do not support wine servers19:07
mersaOerHeks: you don't know19:07
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu19:08
mersais there a way to find all packages installed with a name I provide?19:08
kadirolook here BottomNotch19:08
kadiromay be this will help too: https://www.linux.com/learn/tutorials/799669-how-to-configure-a-touchscreen-on-linux/19:09
ubottusubversion is an open source application used for revision control. It is sometimes abbreviated to svn in reference to the name of its command line interface. Look here for a Subversion How To on Ubuntu: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Subversion19:10
mersais there a way to find all packages installed with a name I provide?19:10
kadiroi hop i'm in right idea19:10
kadiroubottu is a bot?19:11
ubottukadiro: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:11
kadiro!code kadiro19:12
BottomNotchkadiro, it's not a matter of converting my touch gestures into mouse movement19:12
BottomNotchit's not working at all19:12
wafflejockmerpnderp, https://wiki.debian.org/ListInstalledPackages19:12
BottomNotchat least not in a usable way19:12
BottomNotchand I know for a fact that the screen in single point, no software can fix that19:13
kadiroBottomNotch: all serial ports worked?19:13
squintymersa:  might want to try   aptitude search <package_name> | grep 'i '  in a terminal.  might have to install aptitude19:13
wafflejockmersa, ^^19:13
wafflejockmerpnderp, sorry wrong nick bad autocomplete19:13
BottomNotchkadiro, no tty S0 through S3 don't, I found it at S$19:15
BottomNotchI mean S419:15
kadiroah i see19:15
BottomNotchThe issue seems to be finding the correct driver19:16
mersasquinty: wafflejock found a way                 dpkg --get-selections19:16
BottomNotchif i attach with mtouch atleast somthing on the screen happens19:17
squintymersa:  if you prefer gui, then synaptic will fit the bill too19:17
wafflejockmersa, yeah that dpkg-query is nice too just found that and tried it out19:17
BottomNotchbut it looks like I'm touching everything on the scren19:17
BottomNotchand calibration doesn't fix it19:17
kadiroyes I guess too, because you saying that in 12.04 work fine or may be a cproblem in config file some where19:17
BottomNotchkadiro, maybe, also I don't know for sure if it works in 12.04, it's just what I've heard19:18
kadiroBottomNotch: may be a problem is hardware and not software at all19:18
BottomNotchkadiro, I don't think so, it works fine in windows19:18
Guest4719is anyone here familiar with PHP? I have a simple mail script that I could use help with19:18
Bashing-ommersa: How about ' dpkg -L <package_name> ' to see the full list of files a package installs .19:18
kadiroBottomNotch: even now?19:18
BottomNotchand others seem to have similliar issues19:19
BottomNotchkadiro, well i'm not 100% sure19:19
BottomNotchlet me check, brb19:19
kadirohmm ok19:19
* OerHeks wonders if a wineserver package ends up in the packagelist19:20
BottomNotchtouch still works on windows19:22
kadiromy english is very bad please let me know if i do a mistakes thk's you19:22
kadirocool, so you have right something about drivers or config file19:23
BottomNotchlol, your English is better than many you live in th US19:23
LonelyDanboremind me how to put this Xubuntu installer .iso on USB.19:23
xangua!usb | LonelyDanbo19:24
ubottuLonelyDanbo: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent19:24
kadirololl hmm i'm look like this now >.<19:24
bazbing81is it possible to monitor my lan and see what people are googling/ what sites they are visiting? Is it legal to do so?19:24
wafflejockbazbing80, legal depends on where you are and local laws etc.19:24
BottomNotchkadiro, that's what it seems like19:24
al2o3-cr!ettercap | bazbing8119:24
myselfTo whom would I direct a request, to put md5sums on the download pages?19:25
kadirobazbing80: i see that in wifislax but possible in ubuntu i'm sure19:25
kadiroBottomNotch: where is a config file for your touchscreen?19:25
al2o3-crbazbing81: ettercap and urlsnarf should do it19:25
BottomNotchkadiro, I have no idea19:26
myselfI just fetched ubuntu-14.04.2-desktop-amd64.iso and I'd like to verify the sums before burning it. It's 1B305D585B1918F297164ADD46784116 if anyone has it handy to compare with.19:26
kadiroBottomNotch: give some minutes i will check that out19:26
DJonesmd5 | myself19:26
al2o3-crmyself: md5sum ubuntu.iso19:26
wafflejockbazbing80, I am not a lawyer, (my brother is but doesn't qualify me at all) I would talk to a lawyer regarding the legality you may need to notify the people using the network or may just not be allowed to do it depending on where you are19:27
al2o3-croh nvm19:27
bazbing81al2o3-cr: thanks, will urlsnarf work if Ubuntu is running in a vm?19:27
DJones!md5sum | muh200019:27
ubottumuh2000: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows19:27
al2o3-crbazbing81: sure19:27
jmgilmeza@LeonelyDanbo I use to create a booteable USB whit unetbootin. It works for any ISO Linux.19:27
al2o3-crfastest way to burn an iso is: sudo -i; cat ubuntu.iso > /dev/sdX && sync19:28
CupricRekiI'm trying to run a shell script that only executes a command of a specifially named docker container is running. What would that look like?19:29
kadiroBottomNotch: are you there?19:29
myselfubottu: I've got the image and my sum, but the download page from which I _fetched_ the image doesn't list a sum that I can compare to. Your comment "for which an MD5 checksum is provided" assumes the sum is provided, which Ubuntu's download page doesn't appear to do...19:29
ubottumyself: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:29
kadiroBottomNotch: I think the config is located here /etc/ts.conf19:29
arooni-mobilehey everyone;  i have an old pc i'd like to put a 2.5" SATA hard drive in.  its ATX form factor.  there is an available 3.5" and 5.25" slots.  which is the ideal adapter to get ?  one for 2.5" or one for 3.5"?19:30
myselfwell nevermind.19:30
BottomNotchkadiro, ok I'll look there19:30
al2o3-crmyself: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes19:30
xanguaarooni-mobile: /join #hardware19:31
al2o3-crso from the website it's 1b305d585b1918f297164add4678411619:31
BottomNotchkadiro, there is np /etc/ts.conf19:31
al2o3-crmyself: which match yours19:32
myselfal2o3-cr: sweet, thank you :) that's exactly what I couldn't find.19:32
JustAPersonAnyone familiar with xinput devices? Trying to use a wiimote, but dolphin-emu doesn't show a "XInput/0/gamepad" device :(19:32
myselfIt would be stupendous if that was linked from the download page, but naah.19:33
JayBauHi guys, earlier daftykins helped me figure out testing driver for my secondary graphic card it didn't worked, so I decided to disable it and just use my main graphic card. How can install the correct graphic card driver?19:33
myselfOh. I could've just googled the hash. Heh.19:33
kadirotry reconfigure it something like: sudo dpkg-reconfigure yourapp19:33
DJonesmyself: Its listed in the link the bot sent you19:34
bazbing81al2o3-cr: I run sudo urlsnarf -i eth019:35
bazbing81urlsnarf: listening on eth0 [tcp port 80 or port 8080 or port 3128]19:35
DJonesmyself: Pretty much the first link on the page19:35
al2o3-crbazbing81: this is offtopic in here sorry :(19:35
bazbing81al2o3-cr: no worries can you redirect me?19:35
al2o3-crbazbing81: try #kali-linux19:35
Bashing-omJayBau: As you are now running on the Intel chip set. What Intel provides us is the best there is . Not a thing to be done - if the driver is loaded .19:36
kadiroso BottomNotch19:36
JayBauyes, problem is I can't change the brightness :(19:37
JayBauBashing-om http://paste.ubuntu.com/12002309/19:37
kadiroBottomNotch: you still here?19:37
BottomNotchI couldn't find a config file for my touchscreen19:37
kadiroBottomNotch: try sudo dpkg-reconfigure touchscreen19:38
JayBauBashing-om: can I install an intel driver for this?19:38
wileeeJayBau, If the OS is fine, anything outside the ubuntu repos is not supported here, you have what is needed.19:39
kadirosome man talking to itself XD19:39
BottomNotchdpkg-query: package 'touchscreen' is not installed and no information is available19:39
BottomNotchUse dpkg --info (= dpkg-deb --info) to examine archive files,19:39
BottomNotchand dpkg --contents (= dpkg-deb --contents) to list their contents.19:39
BottomNotch/usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: touchscreen is not installed19:39
BottomNotchusername@TheBrick:~$ sudo apt-get install touchscreen19:39
BottomNotchReading package lists... Done19:39
JayBauwileee: I understand that, it just happen that the brightness need to be adjusted19:39
wileeeJayBau, We can address that, was this the issue to begin with?19:40
JayBauwileee: so I really need to have a work around to make it brighter19:40
JayBauwileee: there's no way to adjust the brightness19:40
=== michaela is now known as Guest11635
OneMattThe what...my lubuntu computer's trash folder is channeling old, deleted files from my main desktop...19:40
kadirooh is not installed?? what about " locate touchscreen " if it is in kernel drivers19:40
Bashing-omJayBau: I am not ecpreienced with laptops, but Intel is the weaker graphics set, which is why for heavy duty stuff there is the Nvidia chip set. What Intel provides is the Best there is for what it is . As to adjusting screen brightenn, I have seen some config files around, Not sure they will apply in your use case .19:41
wileeeJayBau, Your original helper is great help, as when you worked with them details are crucial19:41
BottomNotchgive me a moment, I'll past the output to paste.ubuntu.com19:42
OerHeksJayBau, maybe this article is any help http://itsfoss.com/fix-brightness-ubuntu-1310/ ( still valid )19:42
wileeeBashing-om, looks like your set, I try not to interrupt, heh, carry on.19:42
kadiroBottomNotch: the content of mine have:19:43
MoonBurstThere seem to be a lot of different Linux OS variations, how would I know which one is the right one for me?19:43
kadiromodule_raw input19:43
kadiromodule pthres pmin=119:43
wileeeMoonBurst, BY trying them19:43
kadiromodule variance delta=3019:43
al2o3-crJayBau: what does `cat /sys/class/backlight/intel_backlight/brightness` say?19:43
JayBauOerHeks: tried that already, been on different forums too but none of them worked :(19:43
kadiromodule dejitter delta=10019:43
kadiromodule linear19:43
kadirothat's all19:43
OerHeksJayBau, did you logout/login again after that?19:43
MoonBurstThat's one way I suppose.19:43
BottomNotchI have this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12002352/19:43
wileeeMoonBurst, They are all more alike than different, hardly different in my opinion. Ease of use might be a goal is all.19:44
JayBaual2o3-cr: 97619:44
JayBauOerHeks: yes19:44
MoonBurstI'm thinking of switching to a Linux base after seeing the W10 user agreement. A shame too, for the longest time I was looking forward to W10 too.19:44
wafflejockMoonBurst, you can check reviews or just try them out, using virtual box is an easy way to check out different distros or desktop environments for yourself but good to keep in mind they will run slower in there and you may have some issues a regular install wouldn't have19:44
al2o3-crJayBau: try: echo 800 | sudo tee /sys/class/backlight/intel_backlight/brightness19:45
kadiroBottomNotch: you have touchscreen in kernel i think you have to create a ts.conf and try to see what happen ( but you will to configure it your self if worked with some problem )19:45
JayBaual2o3-cr: done, should I reboot?19:45
al2o3-crJayBau: no, it should take effect straight away, no?19:46
al2o3-crJayBau: did it not dim?19:46
JayBaual2o3-cr: nothing happened, I am expecting to dim19:46
kadiroBottomNotch: this is my ts.conf: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12002364/19:46
al2o3-crJayBau: try a lower number say 650?19:46
wafflejockMoonBurst, this doesn't cover all the desktop environments you could possibly get (there are a lot wikipedia has lists) but some of the most common are shown here http://www.howtogeek.com/163154/linux-users-have-a-choice-8-linux-desktop-environments/19:46
p1l0tkadiro: Amoz: Wow there was a lot more than just zeitgeist missing from .local I guess.. after a reboot now everything including zeitgeist works again. I did try making blank sqlite file and it attempted to rebuild but then the browser wouldn't start and was throwing no error at all so I gave in and rebooted. Everything is fine now though thanks for your help.19:47
MoonBurstAhh, thanks. I'll actually check that now.19:47
kadirop1l0t: you welcome19:47
JayBaual2o3-cr: tried 100, no change or flicker19:48
al2o3-crJayBau: this is intel graphics card, yeah?19:48
JayBaual2o3-cr: yes19:49
BottomNotchkadiro, how to I creat a new ts.conf?19:49
JayBaual2o3-cr: what is changing is the brightness indicator, but not the brightness itself, strange19:49
kadiroBottomNotch: sudo gedit /etc/ts.conf and then past the content of my link with some modifications and then save it19:50
JayBaual2o3-cr: hitting bright up and bright down shows the indicator, although it's not changing19:50
kadirocahnge gedit with the editor you have19:50
al2o3-crJayBau: what does cat /sys/class/backlight/acpi_video0/brightness say then?19:50
BottomNotchkadiro, thank you19:50
JayBaual2o3-cr: cat: /sys/class/backlight/acpi_video0/brightness: No such file or directory19:51
kadiroBottomNotch: you welcome, but i have a question, is your device shown in the comment in a link i paste it?19:51
al2o3-crJayBau: what have you got in /sys/class/backlight?19:51
kadirowhat's yours BottomNotch ?19:52
BottomNotchidk, I know it's made by wacom though19:52
=== apple_ is now known as Guest64959
JayBaual2o3-cr: /sys/class/backlight/intel_backlight/ and contents are19:53
kadiroBottomNotch: from terminall install it please by: sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-input-wacom19:53
JayBaual2o3-cr: actual_brightness  bl_power  brightness  device  max_brightness  power  subsystem  type  uevent19:53
kadiroyou have to reboot to see ( my guess )19:54
BottomNotchugh, dependencies19:55
kadiroBottomNotch: if not worked, this one should be but follow it exactely: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2053258&p=12553078#post1255307819:55
al2o3-crJayBau: you definently using the intel card?19:55
MoonBurstActually, I think I've been overthinking the idea of which linux to get.19:55
BottomNotchI'll go to that forum post, there are several dependencies19:56
al2o3-crJayBau: idk whats wrong then that should of dimmed the brightness19:56
JayBaual2o3-cr: yes, and you can check here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12002426/19:56
kadirook BottomNotch nice choose19:56
wileeeMoonBurst, You might dualboot or use a vm as suggested, depending on your needs and skill level a switch to linux only has a learning curve.19:57
MoonBurstDualboot for sure. I did try a linux before a few years back, but I had quite a bit of trouble getting it to work.19:57
BotchlaBMoonBurst: Try a few LiveCDs out, pick one you like.19:57
MoonBurstSimply because it wasn't as user friendly as other big name OSs.19:58
MoonBurstBut I suppose that's sort of the point19:58
JayBaual2o3-cr: I will just reinstall this one, maybe something would work if I installed the OS having the secondary card disabled :)19:58
JayBaual2o3-cr: thanks19:58
p1l0tMoonBurst: I think you'll be pleasantly surprised how far it's come.19:58
BottomNotchkadiro, ok, i'm on the hunt for dependencies, one of the downloads from the forum post gives me a 404 page19:59
al2o3-crok, np19:59
BotchlaBMoonBurst: Well, yes and no -- desktop environments these days are every bit as friendly as Windows or OS X; and if you ever want full control, pop open a terminal, and get typing. ;)19:59
wileeeMoonBurst, I think ubuntu is a great start, very user friendly in several ways including a large support base.19:59
BotchlaBBest of both worlds.19:59
MoonBursta large support base is a strong point for any new task I'd think.20:00
kadiroBottomNotch: choose one of this: http://sourceforge.net/projects/linuxwacom/files/xf86-input-wacom/20:00
kadiroand go back to the link i shared before20:00
MoonBurstI'm just hoping my programs are all compatable. I've heard some things just don't like Linux.20:00
BotchlaBMoonBurst: Definitely. I'd say all of the major distros (the first 20 or so on DistroWatch) have very active support communities.20:00
BotchlaBMoonBurst: These include Ubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint, Fedora, OpenSUSE, Arch Linux, etc.20:00
bittinken göras för varje request?20:01
bittin21:59 <@chloe> typ om någon länkar här i irc: hej.se/kuk20:01
bittin21:59 <@chloe> ska /kuk också kolla om man är tor?20:01
bittin22:00 <@chloe> eller bara index?20:01
bittin22:00 < kittyj> det var det som fick mig att tänka om.20:01
bittin22:00 < kittyj> för det är ju dumt att bara ha det på index.20:01
persa_is it safe to remove this package?    xserver-xorg-video-vmware20:01
t4nkdHey ubuntu, this is probably something dumb that I don't understand about packages, but, I found a package I really want to use, here: http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/p7zip-rar -- and I've build a ubuntu:trusty docker container (which has this sources.list - https://gist.github.com/anonymous/6d433829c8b24e2c4dea) but I still can't seem to find or install p7zip-rar, what am I missing?20:01
MoonBurstThe ones I've heard of are Ubuntu, Mint, and Wine. Though I heard Ubuntu is a good base for getting your feet wet with Linux. Or something like that.20:01
BotchlaBMoonBurst: "Wine" isn't a distro in and of itself, it's a layer of sorts that allows you to run Windows applications, to a degree, within GNU/Linux distributions.20:02
persa_what can I remove frmo here        http://pastebin.com/3jnjTef620:03
kadirot4nkd: this command: apt-cache search 7z gives you some help?20:03
t4nkdNo, thing is, the package is in multiverse because it uses non-free stuff20:04
OerHekst4nkd, it is part of universe,make sure you have that enabled20:04
MoonBurstJust for support and ease of use, I'm going to go with a dualboot of ubuntu. Thanks for the help and suggestions. I think I can install it easy enough, if I can't... then I probably shouldn't be messing with Linux anyway.20:04
BotchlaBMoonBurst: It is very easy to install, and if you run into issues, this channel is always around anyway. ;) Good luck!20:04
wileeeMoonBurst, YOu will be fine, stop in if you need any help.20:04
t4nkdAh, okay, I need to add multiverse20:05
kadirot4nkd: like OerHeks said20:05
OerHekst4nkd, oh multiverse indeed.. i was looking @ p7zip-full20:05
Bashing-omt4nkd: Why ? The package is avaialable in the repositiry - Version: 9.20.1~dfsg.1-4 - .20:05
t4nkdNo worries20:05
OerHeks!info p7zip-rar20:05
ubottup7zip-rar (source: p7zip-rar): non-free rar module for p7zip. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 9.20.1~ds.1-3 (vivid), package size 44 kB, installed size 140 kB20:05
MoonBurstI can't imagine it being much trouble, I mean... I did it before. I'll get out of the way for now though.20:05
Spiderhow do i backtrace a netstat using pcat in ubuntu?20:05
kadiro!info p7zip-full20:05
ubottup7zip-full (source: p7zip): 7z and 7za file archivers with high compression ratio. In component universe, is optional. Version 9.20.1~dfsg.1-4.1+deb8u1build0.15.04.1 (vivid), package size 1022 kB, installed size 3906 kB20:05
OerHekskadiro, i think it is because rar is non-free20:06
t4nkd^ truth20:06
kadiroyes OerHeks true20:06
clynamenhello, I am installing a deb with dpkg -i, but it says that there are unmet dependencies20:07
clynamenhowever the listed packages are actually installed, with the right version20:08
kadiroclynamen: why not from apt-get ?20:08
wileeeMoonBurst, Be sure to resize the windows from the windows partition manager leaving the unallocated for ubuntu, and restart windows to make sure it's good. You can do it with the install, however it is nice to see the windows resized and running before installing linux.20:08
Spideruse -f20:08
clynamenkadiro: it is a package I built20:08
kadirooh i see20:08
clynamenkadiro: actually, I put it on a repo and apt-get gives the same problem20:08
kadirolike Spider said force it with -f20:08
OerHeksclynamen, does that error say: apt-get install -f # to correct these problems?20:08
MoonBurstI only really need the OS on the drive, since I have a slave drive for all the heavy data20:09
clynamenno, it doesn't. I tried that and it didn't change anything20:09
Jeff__can someone help take a look at my upstart script - https://bpaste.net/show/a5bcb536087b20:09
t4nkdthanks again :D20:09
clynamenderFlo: Spider dpkg has not -f options20:10
kadiroyou welcome t4nkd ( you gone but good to said that ) O_o20:10
OerHeksclynamen, well, own package, own repo, we cannot do much about that.20:10
Spiderapt-get does20:10
Spidersorry for the confusion20:10
roy2098Hi all, maybe someone's written a current how-to regarding dual-booting windows 10 and ubuntu on uefi bios (actually bios does autodetect but the windows install is uefi). I've upgraded to Windows 10, shrunk the win partition to 150 gb and installed Ubunto 15 beside it. but I guess the ubuntu install isn't up to all of Microsoft's tricks yet ... wh20:11
roy2098at to do?20:11
clynamenI know, but maybe someone knows how apt-get and dpkg work, and can have some idea on why it fail20:11
Spiderapt-get -f install20:11
al2o3-crclynamen: it's failing due to unmet dependencies20:11
roy2098i'd prefer to put win 10 in its place as a virtualbox guest but I had no luck with p2v20:11
clynamenal2o3-cr: they are met, actually20:12
Spider-f = --fix-broken20:12
OerHeksclynamen, for a start: use paste.ubuntu.com for the error log20:12
al2o3-crwell, we're sort of guessing then20:12
BottomNotchkadiro, at step 2 I get cp: cannot stat ‘3.7/wacom.ko’: No such file or directory20:12
Spideryou need to add the sources manually then.20:12
squinty!uefi | roy209820:13
ubotturoy2098: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI20:13
Jeff__I wrote an upstart script, but not sure it's right bc upstart has 'exec' stanza, and bash has 'exec' command.  I'm trying to use both, in different cases - https://bpaste.net/show/a5bcb536087b20:13
Spideradd sources to sources.list20:13
=== xdm83_ is now known as xdm83
kadiroBottomNotch: replace the '3.8.0-9-generic' part with the one shown with # uname -r20:14
roy2098ubotto: thanks, i think this is my problem20:14
BottomNotchkadiro, I did, maybe a typo?20:14
clynamenOerHeks: I noticed that actualy dpkg -i installed the package, even if it gave an error20:15
clynamen(the unmet dependencies error)20:15
BottomNotchkadiro, nope not a typo20:15
kadiroBottomNotch: check inside input-wacom20:15
kadirobecause a different archives from source link and one i give to you20:16
Spiderdid you --ignore-depends?20:16
BottomNotchkadiro, what am I looking for?20:17
NGC3982Hi. I have a new computer with Ubuntu installed on it. I simply connected my old Ubuntu harddrive to it, to be used as an external drive. Should i remove Grub or something like that on the old hard drive?20:17
clynamenSpider: no, I didn't. just plain dpkg -i20:17
* squinty quips "kinda hard to --ignore-depends after reaching a certain age"20:17
omgitsmitNGC3982: it would prevent you from accidently booting off of it, but otherwise harmless20:17
NGC3982omgitsmit: I see. How can i remove it? Simply delete everything but /home/ on the old drive?20:18
Spiderdpkg -i --ignore-depends20:18
BottomNotchoh, kadiro, you want me to find install instructions right?20:18
NGC3982 /home/ contains the only data i'm interested in.20:18
NGC3982That said.20:18
omgitsmitNGC3982: i usually just remove the boot flag from the partition20:18
wileeeNGC3982, long as it is not read first, or your grub breaks you should be fine20:18
omgitsmitNGC3982: using gparted or some other util20:18
NGC3982omgitsmit: Oh. Allright.20:18
wileeeomgitsmit, linux does not need a boot flag20:19
omgitsmitwileee: i dual boot, maybe thats why?20:19
kadiroBottomNotch: yes but under archive extracted you will to do: ./configure and make and finally make install20:19
kadiromake install with root20:19
wileeeomgitsmit, nope, but it is no biggie.20:19
NGC3982In the Ubuntu disk settings, i can mark it "[X] Bootable". Should de-marking that one solve my issue?20:20
kadiroso i think you will to jump the 2 instruction20:20
omgitsmitNGC3982: apparaently it wont20:20
zykotick9!checkinstall | BottomNotch a suggestion...20:20
ubottuBottomNotch a suggestion...: checkinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!20:20
wileeeomgitsmit, If you have two linux OS, it is which has the grub control, it is the first kernel in grub having the control, unless modified.20:21
kadirojust after make install ( reboot to see ) BottomNotch20:21
NGC3982I tried it, but i have not restarted yet. Can i do anything else?20:21
omgitsmitwileee: yes, that's ovbious, but we're talking about an old grub installation on an old external drive20:21
NGC3982That i want to remove20:22
NGC3982Simply not use20:22
NGC3982The actual files on the hard drives is the interesting thing.20:22
NGC3982Also, i guess i could cleanse everything but /home/ on it20:22
BottomNotchrebooting now20:22
* NGC3982 tries to reboot.20:23
wileeeomgitsmit, No boot flag has ever been needed is all.20:24
wileeeit is the mbr is all20:25
omgitsmityeah thats what i thought20:25
BottomNotchok  kadiro, rebooted and pen and touch is not working20:26
BottomNotchoh, forgot about xf8620:26
=== io is now known as Guest61384
=== Rondom_ is now known as Rondom
TraumatizerHas anyone installed tropico 5 on ubuntu?20:27
Guest61384chi cè20:27
wileeeGuest61384, English?20:28
=== denbeiren is now known as zz_denbeiren
wileeeGuest61384, Than you will have to find a channel that is your native language.20:28
Omiluni hane an error : The keybinding you chose for "Pull Down Terminal" is invalid. Please choose another.20:28
Jeff__I ran this manually, and it worked - https://github.com/jeff1evesque/machine-learning/blob/master/build/web/web_js20:29
Jeff__but, I'm trying to convert that to an upstart script https://bpaste.net/show/a5bcb536087b20:29
Pici!it | Guest6138420:29
tgm4883!it | Guest6138420:29
ubottuGuest61384: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)20:29
persa_Guest61384: WHAT YOUR PROBLEM ESEEE20:29
Jeff__something is off on my upstart script - when i edit a javascript, the upstart script doesn't compile the js20:29
Omilunhow can i fix that?20:29
Guest61384ok thanks20:29
wileeeOmilun, This the gnome 3 shell addon?20:30
Omilunwileee: ammm a have gnome 220:30
wileeeOmilun, Ah, what ubuntu release?20:31
OerHeksTraumatizer, i think tropico 5 is more a #ubuntu-steam issue20:31
Omilunwileee: it has a shell with out main menu20:31
Omilunwileee: ubuntu 15.0420:31
wileeeOmilun, You don't have gnome 220:31
TraumatizerOerHeks, I got a copy from my brother. Which might be why its not working though? (A)20:31
Omilunwileee: i have mate20:31
wileeeis not supported if you do20:31
wileeeOmilun, Cool, details are your best friend here.20:32
OerHeksmate is a gnome2 look on gnome320:32
Omilunwileee: ammm20:32
Omilunwileee: how can i hide this shell and tilda 0 config?20:33
=== quassel6 is now known as djsacrosanct
wileeeOmilun, Not sure. I've only looked at the ubuntu mate release, seems nice.20:34
Omilunwileee: ammm ok how can i fix that?20:35
wileeeOmilun, I would wait for better help. ;)20:35
Omilunwileee: ok thx20:36
Leverquin_have one question does umbuntu 14.04 has all programs when it is installed like mint? like firefox?gimp dunno something for music/video?20:37
badbodhOmilun, what have you chosen as keybinding ? open mate control center > keyboard settings. make sure that combo isn't assigned to smething else.20:37
=== zz_denbeiren is now known as denbeiren
badbodhLeverquin_, linuxmint uses ubuntu 14.04 repo so yes, all apps will be present. however mint specific apps like minst-sources, mintupdate etc won't be available here.20:38
mcphailLeverquin_: there are tens of thousands of packages in the Ubuntu repositories. No, they are not all installed by default20:39
kadiroI'm back20:40
* badbodh slaps kadiro with anorexic trout20:41
* kadiro slaps badbodh 20:41
lickalottgents, I'm have a h@ll of a time trying to get my phone to show up AND STAY on my puter.  I've install gMTP as well as libmtp-common -dev and -runtime.  It pops up, I can see it, then it goes away.20:42
lickalottam I missing something?20:42
lickalottbtw: it's an android20:42
kadiroso BottomNotch ??20:43
BottomNotch  didn't work :'(20:43
kadirowith the three commands too?20:44
badbodhlickalott, if i recall just setting your usb to mtp shouldbe enough. you don't need any additional junk for it.20:44
lickalottit just shows up as "installer" mode then20:44
badbodhusb-storage/mtp/camera all modes work natively. even media players grab them20:44
lickalottwell...before I say that.  How do you mean "setting your usb to mtp"?20:45
Spiderlickalott have you tried a different usb cable?20:45
lickalottyes sir20:45
wafflejockLeverquin_, there are default apps for all the common tasks in any version of ubuntu typically firefox some image viewer (typically not gimp) some video viewer and libreoffice is pretty standard for ubuntu desktop distros20:45
BottomNotch_I tried inputattach --mtouch /dev/ttyS4 again20:46
badbodhin your notification an item regarding your usb-cable comes up,tap on that, all modes are shown, chose one (other than charge only) and it'll come up on nautilus20:46
BottomNotch_same results as before20:46
BottomNotch_and left click doesn't work now -_-20:46
kadirowhat's that gives you BottomNotch20:47
Spiderlickalott did you check your connection with lsusb?20:47
lickalottSpider, no  I will do that now20:47
squintyLeverquin_,   http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/features   (sent this before but not sure if it was actually sent due to problems here)  that page should give you a good overview20:47
BottomNotch____I need to reboot to get rightclick working again20:47
lickalottSpider, shows up as device 00520:48
badbodhkadiro, he is slipping. underscores are getting longer and longer.20:48
Spiderlickalott do you know the permissions of that device?20:49
kadirololl badbodh20:49
kadiroBottomNotch: I think you use this and rebooted: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialMouseHowto20:50
BottomNotchI used this:20:51
=== hawking is now known as NGC3982
NGC3982Hi, the boot thing worked. Although, i do not understand how to mount my external hard drive to /home/20:51
NGC3982It seems like i have created a faulty symlink20:51
NairwolfHi, I would like to add writing rights in a repertory. How I am supposed to do ? Like that ? dr-x------ 1 odroid odroid    0 Dec  4  2014 Vid?os20:52
badbodhNGC3982, mkdir ~/name-of-mount-point , mount /dev/xxx ~/name-of-mount20:53
kadiroBottomNotch: you do that from a real serial port or an usb one?20:53
Spiderlickalott ls -l /dev/bus/usb/005 maybe?20:53
badbodh/home is an 'already mounted' directory20:53
BottomNotchit's a built in touchscreen so I'm pretty sure it's a real serial port20:54
mp_seI've connected two monitors on my laptop, but I can't make launch placement to be on both monitors20:54
badbodhNGC3982, if doesn't work without sudo, then use full path /home/<user>/mount-point instead of ~ thingy20:54
mp_seI've selected Launcher placement to be All Displays but it still shows only on one monitor, not on the other.. any hint for this?20:55
badbodhsudo mount /dev/xxx /home/<username>/<name-of-mount>20:55
FancypantsQuick question guys. I have an SSD for my Windows install, I have a big 1tb dump drive for extra storage. Can I make a partition on that dump drive to install linux without erasing the drive or anything? I'm not sure how all this works.20:55
kadiroBottomNotch: and only /dev/ttyS4 gives you an answer if i understand20:55
BottomNotchI believe so, I havn't tried anything beyond S4 though20:56
BottomNotchwant me to see if I ge an answer from anything beyond S4?20:56
mcphailFancypants: usually, yes20:57
Leverquin_i like that game fancypants XD20:57
FancypantsHeh, thanks. mcphail: What would I need to do that? Sorry, I'm a giant scrub when it comes to this stuff.20:57
kadiroBottomNotch: yes just to see what's happen20:58
FancypantsOr if you could point me to a guide online, that would be mega rad too.20:58
BottomNotch just went all the way through S12 and nothing20:58
kadiroah i see surelly S4 is a right one20:59
mcphailFancypants: the installer should let you shrink your data partition and create space for Ubuntu21:00
mcphailFancypants: make sure you have a backup, though21:01
badbodhjust make sure you choose that same drive for installing mbr21:01
Fancypantsmcphail: Oh, I didn't even think of that. I was thinking I'd need a partition program and jigger around with that a ton. That's an interesting idea. Thank you.21:01
kadiroBottomNotch: you said about: sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-input-wacom that gives you some errors, can you paste them?21:01
badbodhmcphail, that's a 1tb drive, back up where ? :D21:01
jwashFancypants: you should use the gparted live cd21:01
BottomNotchkadiro, just issues with dependencies21:01
mcphailjwash: that is not necessary21:02
jwashFancypants: i've used it several times to do a shrink with success21:02
kadiroBottomNotch: sho me21:02
BottomNotchso, I guess I should install the dependencies21:02
jwashit's easier than the built in partitioner during install21:02
derichmy system (15.04) can't display chinese and other unicode characters, any idea? :|21:02
Fancypantsmchail jwash: Using gparted or something like that is what i was afraid of. I'm not too confident in my skills to not bugger this whole thing up.21:02
mcphailjwash: if gparted is needed, it can be run directly from the ubuntu install disk21:03
jwashFancypants: it really isn't a big deal21:03
jwashjust defragment first21:03
mcphailFancypants: gparted is simple enough, but the installer _should_ be enough in itself21:03
=== lei00 is now known as Lei00
jwashit's pretty hard to screw up if you make sure and defragment first21:04
Fancypantsjwash mcphail: Right on. Thank you guys. I appreciate the help. I'll see what I can do here.21:04
FancypantsOooh one last thing...21:04
mcphailFancypants: but you must have a backup. Any partition-noodling can go horribly wrong21:04
BottomNotchkadiro, http://paste.ubuntu.com/12002857/21:04
FancypantsI have Windows 8 on my SSD and that's what it always boots into first. When I install, do I need to install grub onto the SSD as well so I can choose which to boot?21:04
wileeeFancypants, This 1tb an external?21:04
jwashinstall grub to the 1tb drive and let it discover your windows loader21:04
lickalottSpider, so apparently gMTP was fighting with the libmtp-???? for control.  uninstall gMTP and rebooted.  seems to be fine now.21:04
FancypantsInternal wileee21:04
mcphailFancypants: you can install GRUB on either. Just asl your BIOS to boot from whatever disk21:05
jwashthen switch the boot disc in your BIOS21:05
wileeeFancypants, awesome, carry on. ;)21:05
jwashi typically don't change the bootloader on my windows disc, so i can always switch back via BIOS21:05
FancypantsThanks! And thanks again jwash. Much appreciated.21:05
EriC^^Fancypants are you using uefi?21:05
FancypantsI am not21:05
lickalottSpoke wayyyy too soon21:06
Spiderlickalott glad you fixed it. gotta love linux for the learning experience.21:06
lickalottSpider, read last....  :(21:06
Spiderso lickalott i just did.21:07
Spiderim reading something now about having to possibly add a plugdev group.21:07
kadiroBottomNotch: give me a momment ( my internet is too slow )21:08
lickalottit copied over about 250m of info/data, then a files window pops up every 5 - 7 secs and the icon showing connectivity flashes multiple times until I unplug it.21:08
lickalotttrying a third cable now21:09
Spidercool lmk21:09
BottomNotchkadiro, I gtg,thanks for your help, I hope I can fix this later21:13
mp_sehey guys, does anyone have experience with connection laptop on two monitors. I can't make launcher to be visible on both monitors..21:14
derichmy system (15.04) can't display chinese and other unicode characters, any idea? :|21:18
CosmicNoisesmp_se, in the display settings there is usually an option to have launcher span monitors.21:19
CosmicNoisesmp_se, but tell us more about your setup. You have a laptop with two external video outs?21:19
columboPlaces yesterday a SSD, ubuntu is flying now!!21:20
CosmicNoisescolumbo, yes. Works very well on SSDs now.21:20
mp_seyep, one  is on connected via vga, and the second one via hdmi21:20
CosmicNoisesmp_se, and you see output on both monitors?21:20
CosmicNoisesmp_se, http://i.stack.imgur.com/XN5c1.png21:21
columboI added noatime to my partitions, but are there more options to optimize SSD?21:21
jwashmp_se install arandr21:21
columbolike TRIM21:21
jwashit is a graphic tool which will help alot21:21
CosmicNoisesmp_se, should see something like that in the display settings. Launcher placement should have an option for both displays.21:21
CosmicNoisesjwash, true in general, but I don't think it has options for launcher placement.21:22
=== panos is now known as Guest93899
mp_seyes, everything is fine with that, but I need upper menu (Aplications, Places) and bottom with opened programs on both monitors21:22
lickalottSpider, 1 copied over 7 in progress.  May have been the other two cables.  They were the OEM cables21:22
CosmicNoisesmp_se, you're not using unity?21:22
CosmicNoisesmp_se, what DE?21:22
jwashi use xfce and just change it in the panel settings21:22
OerHekstrim is enabled by default21:22
ubottuMany Solid State Drives support TRIM, which allows the drive to do garbage collection and improves performance. Ubuntu 14.04 activates it by default. For older versions, see http://askubuntu.com/a/19480 for information on activating it.21:22
mp_sehow to see that :(21:22
mp_seI think it's gnome21:22
jwashdid you just download the ubuntu iso burn and install?21:23
CosmicNoisesmp_se, what version of ubuntu are you on? Just plain ubuntu? Or Xubuntu? Or Kubuntu?21:23
mp_sebut how to be suer?21:23
columboCan you check it? I'm running 15.0421:23
jwashif yes then it is gnome21:23
Jeff__how do i open a file without opening it - this way i can trick watchers (like inotifywait) to execute21:23
mp_seubuntu 14.0421:23
jwashlikely gnome21:23
CosmicNoisesjwash, how? Unity is standard.21:23
jwashyou didn't download xubuntu or kubuntu?21:23
jwashCosmicNoises: i use Xubuntu21:23
Spidercables can cause lots of issues I have had my fair share of bad cables.21:23
CosmicNoisesjwash, me too. But standard ubuntu uses unity as standard, not gnome.21:24
jwashunity/gnome, it isn't XFCE to me21:25
jwashall the same junk21:25
wafflejocknot at all but ok21:25
CosmicNoisesmp_se, https://www.gnome.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/activities-overview-applications-420x236.png or https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/93/Ubuntu_Unity_Keyboard_shortcuts_-_En.png21:25
columboI switched from Gnome distro's to Unity, Gnome isn't userfriendly anymore21:25
wileeeCosmicNoises, unity is a plugin in compiz sitting on top of gnome 3.21:25
CosmicNoisesmp_se, there's two links in that message, in case it's not clear.21:26
CosmicNoisesOkay, so not unity then.21:26
CosmicNoisesGnome indeed.21:26
wileeewe just want accuracy here is all, it is all good21:26
CosmicNoiseswileee, ofc.21:27
mp_semaybe because I have one monitor 22" and the second 23"21:27
mp_sebut they're on the same resolution, and I've selected that content fits with smaller monitor21:27
CosmicNoisesmp_se, shouldn't be an issue. Although you will probably end up with 'dead space' on your desktop, so watch out for that.21:27
CosmicNoisesBut shouldn't cause issues with launcher placement, etc.21:28
mp_seyep, I know21:29
CosmicNoisesmp_se, I personally don't understand why you'd want the launcher duplicated on two screens though :P21:29
CosmicNoisesmp_se, well, if the display options ain't doing it for you, try compiz settings.21:29
mp_sebecause I've to move mouse to my left monitor and open something in the right monitor21:29
mp_sehm... I'll be back in 15mins21:30
mp_seand try that out21:30
kadiroIf we have two grafics cards, we must two mouses?21:30
jmaderohi all - just upgraded my server and having an issue mounting cifs on clients now21:30
jmaderogetting "unable to find suitable address" error21:31
jwashfirewall issue?21:31
jmaderomy smb config is really straight forward http://pastebin.com/r5uy9gBM21:31
jmaderono firewall issue21:31
jwashany warnings when you restart the service?21:32
jwashand no log file entries?21:32
jmaderowhere would that log be at?21:33
jwashtry /var/log/messages21:33
jmaderoclient or server?21:33
jwashserver and client21:33
jwashlook for a smb or nmb file21:33
jmaderoI have a samba folder - empty21:33
jmaderoon client21:33
jwashok, on client note the time and try to connect, let it timeout21:34
jwashthen do 'tail -20 /var/log/messages'21:34
impallehi! instead of writing "sudo pm-suspend", I wrote only "suspend" and the terminal hanged. How can I kill it?21:34
jwashthe last 20 lines should be displayed21:34
jwashdo 'tail -20 /var/log/messages' on the server too, after the timeout21:35
jmaderojwash: it doesn't time out, it just spits out that error21:35
jmaderoeven when I try to mount command line with sudo mount -t cifs // /media/MEGAMAN -o user=osmc21:35
jwashanything about smb or samba in the tail -20?21:35
jmaderotail: cannot open ‘/var/log/messages’ for reading: No such file or directory21:36
jwashis there a directory /var/log?21:36
impalleHow can one find out which terminal "hanged" ( I wrote "suspend" and it hanged)21:36
jwashanything inside that was updated very recently?21:36
jmaderoimpalle: we read it the first time, please don't spam questions21:36
jmaderogive it a few minutes, see if someone responds21:37
kadiroimpalle: no idea sorry21:37
impallejmadero: yes, but I rephrased the question...21:37
jmaderoit was the same question - it was easy to understand the first time21:37
jmaderojwash: nothing updated recently21:37
impalleOk so if you have many windows open, how can you find out by "ps -eaf" which is which?21:37
kadiroimpalle: this was happen to me in the past, i'm thinking i'm invisible but not still question have no answer yet21:38
columboAnybody tried Koning Icon Theme?21:38
KoningI made that theme bro21:38
columbosend link pls21:38
jmssHi, what's the Ubuntu equivalent of "chkconfig service on"? Command line, without manually creating links, etc.21:39
Koningit's proprietary21:39
Ramziis there a way to get multiple specific packages and their respective dependencies onto a usb stick without having to create a local repository21:40
persa_I removed a couple of packages from my ubuntu and now I can't see the clock any more. also when I go to sound configuration it justs shows a super general configuration menu and I can't don anything21:42
Koningnow why did you do that?21:42
persa_Koning: I wanted to remove packages not in use21:42
columbopersa_ : sudo apt-get install indicator-datetime21:43
jwashtry dmesg in /var/log21:43
kadiropersa_: just remove panel and recreate it21:43
persa_columbo: what does indicator-datetime do'21:43
k1l_persa_: see in /var/log/apt what packages you actually removed.21:44
columbopersa_ : Don't be scared. It installs the package again21:44
kadiropersa_: still i'm invisible XD but look here: http://superuser.com/questions/59702/how-to-get-default-panels-back-on-ubuntu-jaunty21:44
MonkeyDustdid anyone see kadiro?21:45
Ramziis there a way to get multiple specific packages and their respective dependencies onto a usb stick without having to create a local repository?21:46
jmaderoRamzi: please don't spam your question21:46
jmaderoit's really obnoxious in an IRC channel - we read it the first time21:46
jmaderogive it 15-20 minutes, then try again21:46
ubottuIf you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. See also !APTonCD21:46
Ramzilol thanx jmadero21:46
EriC^^Ramzi you can use apt-rdepends to get the dependencies21:48
EriC^^and then download the debs, aptoncd would be easier21:48
Amozimpalle, still having problems?21:49
DzAirmaXcan someone explain me how I can set intel_pstate to performance ?21:50
kadirothk's guys about apt-rdepend and aptoncd nzvzr heard that before21:51
MonkeyDustDzAirmaX  i use inicator-cpufreq to that end, very handy21:51
jmaderoLOL sob - I didn't realize samba wasn't installed when you install cifs-utils21:51
kadiro*  s/nzvzr/never21:52
jwashbut you had a smb start script?21:52
jmaderoor at least not all the packages - samba must have been installed because I could restart it...but when I did sudo apt-get install samba . . . bunch of stuff happened21:52
DzAirmaXMonkeyDust : I need a version for ubuntu server21:52
F6F7I activated the nvidia graphic driver on ubuntu to see what they look like. however now i cannot deselect them anymore, just run them in combination with the alternative driver (intel-microcode). is there a way to deactivate them in the Additional Drivers menu (or anywhere else)?21:52
DzAirmaXMonkeyDust : my cpu never scale ....21:53
BlackDalekdoes anyone know if those cheap firewire to USB adapters on ebay from china actually work with Ubuntu or do they require some kind of windows driver/software?21:53
jmaderojwash: lol apparently I didn't even have a sambashare group....lesson learned :-b usually it's the simple solution (restart or missing package)21:53
jwashvery true21:54
kadiro!info xautomation21:55
ubottuxautomation (source: xautomation): Control X from the command line, and find things on the screen. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.09-1 (vivid), package size 34 kB, installed size 183 kB21:55
jmaderojwash: bingo - mounted without a hitch:)21:55
jwashgotta love samba21:55
jmaderoyeah - I prefer nfs but it gives the RPi some trouble21:55
Amozjwash, I'm more of a tango kind of guy21:55
omgitsmitim more of a waltz21:56
jwashi've stopped using nfs because of a mixed environment21:56
jwashbut i'm phasing out non-*nix21:56
BlackDalekSorry, that should have read "USB to Firewire" adapter/cable.21:57
kadiroIf someone banned here, how many time to be back?21:58
mp_se@CosmicNoises - nope, there's no option for that, seems like some bug.. I give up21:58
omgitsmitkadiro: IRC Guidelines http://ubottu.com/y/gl21:59
CosmicNoisesmp_se, to be fair, dual screen support is not as good as it could be. There's a lot of functionality not allowed for, and it's an issue I've found myself "giving up" on for a few years now.22:00
omgitsmitCosmicNoises: running quad display with dual SLI without issues here.22:00
CosmicNoisesomgitsmit, absolutely. But there's just certain NICHE things you might want to do that I've yet to find a solution for.22:01
CosmicNoisesFor example, I have a small monitor above my main monitor, and it's centered above it.22:01
CosmicNoisesThis results in deadspace to the left side of the desktop, where icons gather unseen.22:01
MoPacHello. I'm wondering if there are tools in Ubuntu (or really in any environment) that I could use to readily swap the assigned locations of partitions and empty space on my SSD, which is quite full, complicating any wholesale movement of existing ones. Since it's an SSD, after all (and using GPT), is there some way to just arbitrarily move unallocated space or assign to a distant partition?22:02
CosmicNoisesYet to find a fix.22:02
omgitsmitCosmicNoises: i see22:02
mp_sethanx for help22:02
omgitsmitCosmicNoises: i'm just doing vabilla landscape, nothing fancy here22:02
CosmicNoisesomgitsmit, yeah, it works great for basic set ups. Multiple monitors all the same size? Not an issue.22:02
omgitsmitCosmicNoises: two different sizes, i just had to bump the position around so my mouse wouldnt jump 6-8inches22:03
greyback_MoPac: gparted the best choice you've got for resizing partitions22:03
CosmicNoisesmp_se, I recommend XFCE as a desktop environment which is COMPLETELY customisable across multiple monitors if you like.22:03
kadiroubuntu look better than mint22:03
MoPacgreyback_: I've tried using gparted, but it doesn't seem to have that kind of power right out of the box.22:04
kadiroalso the users here are very good22:04
CosmicNoiseskadiro, it ain't no pissing match./22:04
kadiroCosmicNoises: what you means?22:04
CosmicNoisesmp_se, you can choose as many panels in as many locations as you like, completely customise them, etc.22:04
greyback_MoPac: it's a tool you need to control. I can resize and move partitions, but it won't figure out the best scenario for you.22:04
MoPacThe situation looks a bit like: [stuff] [unallocated space] [giant LUKS-crypt partition] [small Windows partition that could really use some extra space]22:04
CosmicNoiseskadiro, just saying, it's not a competition :P22:05
CosmicNoiseseven though it is.22:05
CosmicNoisesmp_se, and the xubuntu flavour is officially and very well supported.22:05
omgitsmitwhat it is it aint, and what it aint, it is.22:05
CosmicNoisesmp_se, not that you need to reinstall a new distro - just install xfce and enable as your DE.22:05
kadiroI'm banned from all chanels from mint just saying one word22:05
CosmicNoiseskadiro, what word?22:05
greyback_MoPac: gparted may be unable to resize ntfs however. But try resizing stuff so you've free space around the windows/ntfs  partition. Then use window's disk manager to resize the ntfs partition to use that free space up22:06
kadiroCosmicNoises: can i say it here ( swear word ) ?22:06
CosmicNoiseskadiro, nope.22:06
omgitsmitkadiro: IRC Guidelines http://ubottu.com/y/gl22:06
CosmicNoiseskadiro, I'm surprised I got away with pissing.22:06
greyback_MoPac: so use gparted to move your LUKS partition, then have window expand its partition to suit22:06
CosmicNoisesI think the idea is to keep the IRC child-friendly. Most children I know swear more than I do.22:06
mp_seok, thanks. I'll try one of your suggestions22:06
badbodhkadiro, you were caught by gay lesbihan. no one can help you now.22:07
omgitsmitCosmicNoises: they learned it from you ;)22:07
kadirojust aying one word by mistakes give me banned for 7 days?22:07
badbodhwhoops wrong channel22:07
CosmicNoisesomgitsmit, I'm Scottish. Possible exception.22:07
CosmicNoisesAnyway, this chat is for #ubuntu-offtopic.22:07
=== daniel is now known as Guest13775
MoPacgreyback_: Aren't there issues with resizing/moving LUKS partitions in gparted as though they were normal? Or is it fully supported/transparent now?22:07
greyback_MoPac: no idea, sorry22:08
k1l_kadiro: talk to their ops. see their channelrules to find them. we have channelrules in here too.( see topic). for more questions about ubuntu channels see #ubuntu-ops22:08
kadirothk's k1l_22:08
MoPacgreyback_: I know that at least fairly recently it could be complex and seemed dangerous22:08
kadirobut i decided to never go to their channel22:09
radian_hey im new in ubuntu mate for raspberry pi 222:09
MoPacgreyback_: The point of my original question was: since this is an *SSD*, and therefore I assume that the "locations" of the partitions are totally arbitrary, is there some tool to take advantage of that rather than treating them like they're on a magnetic disk?22:09
omgitsmitMoPac: data is data, i would think it could move the bits over without issues.22:10
omgitsmitMoPac: im lazy and just clonezilla everything these days hahaha22:11
MoPacomgitsmit: You mean re: the LuKS thing?22:11
omgitsmitMoPac: yeah22:11
MoPacomgitsmit: http://gparted.org/features.php22:11
MoPacgreyback_: omgitsmit:  And there's this [I think quite outdated] guide to doing what is otherwise this simple task https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ResizeEncryptedPartitions22:12
DarthFrogHi folks.  With the new 3.19.0-25-generic kernel, is safe to turn trim on again in fstab for my Samsung SSD drives?22:13
MoPacBut again, I'm sitting here thinking: "Is it really necessary for me to be going through all of that to get the unallocated space located 'adjaect' to a certain partition when on an SSD there's no physical meaning to that?"22:13
greyback_MoPac: yep, unless you're gonna hack the firmware of the SSD ;)22:15
skittishtriggerI am not sure where to start here. I want to run a command (du -hs /path/to/directory) and output the results to a text file. I would lke that command to run say once every 5 minutes(temporary thing). Where would I start research to accomplish this all from terminal?22:15
fishcookerhow to negate routing in case on vpn i want all connection to certain network will use this routing rule, other will use default route/gateway?22:15
=== vopi22 is now known as vopix
=== no-name_ is now known as All-We-Can-Do-Is
omgitsmitskittishtrigger: cronjobs, which are basically scheduled tasks for linux22:16
=== All-We-Can-Do-Is is now known as AllWeCanDoIsMove
skittishtriggerok. so that handles automation. What about outputting the result from just the command and not everything in terminal?22:16
k1l_skittishtrigger: command > textfile.txt22:16
skittishtriggerthat simple? lol awesome. thank you! All fo you :)22:17
skittishtriggerue thats going in. Don't mean its done yet.22:17
k1l_you even dont need ".txt" on linux22:17
omgitsmitk1l_: skittishtrigger: i still put .txt for cross platform support lol22:17
M1ST1CHey guys I just came in here to say that you guys are awsome and Ubuntu kicks ass22:18
skittishtriggeroops. wrong window. still getting used to multi-tasking on multiple monitors :?22:18
miosoI was finally able to USB boot. I now have linux for the first time with ubuntu 15.04, but it's sooooo much slower than windows 7? What gives?22:18
=== dv__ is now known as dv_
wileeemioso, Ste the hardware and evidence.22:19
miosowilee, I think I have a link to my pcpartpicker.22:19
badbodhmioso, you need graphics drivers if you got nvidia/ati . also check your system monitor (task manager) and see what's eating cpu.22:19
=== AllWeCanDoIsMove is now known as Akagi
omgitsmitskittishtrigger: k1l_: you could even get more in depth and parse your output with awk, but even thats way over my head22:20
miosoI do not have a graphics card, just a amd fx 832022:20
M1ST1CMioso try downgrading22:20
wileeemioso, I suspect you need a lighter desktop, just a guess.22:20
skittishtriggerya, just trying to add a basic directory size indicator. I set up a jailed root for sftp and I am going to refresh a .txt so they know rough file size in that directory22:21
skittishtriggertotal wise^22:21
mioso What does lighter mean?22:21
wileeeM1ST1C, Downgrading? To what?22:21
M1ST1C12.10 LTS 32 bit try that22:21
k1l_mioso: so the build in gpu needs the fglrx too?22:21
k1l_M1ST1C: that is just a wrong advice, mioso22:21
wileeemioso, LInux has many desktops to choose from, some use less hardware resources than others22:22
omgitsmitmioso: check out xubuntu, which has xfce window manager instead of unity window manager which can be a bit more demanding on the graphics (heavy)22:22
skittishtrigger^ I had fun with xbuntu22:22
omgitsmitstill running it on my vm's22:22
omgitsmitits solid22:22
k1l_mioso: wait. does that even have a build in gpu? what is your gpu?22:22
skittishtriggerI only do headless now for most of my nix stuff22:22
M1ST1CK1l_ how so?22:22
miosoNo GPU.22:22
skittishtriggerdecided to quit being scared and jumped on in. lol22:22
Amozmioso, are you running from an USB?22:23
miosointegrated graphics throug the 832022:23
miosoI installed on a SSD22:23
k1l_mioso: can you show a "lspci" in a pastebin please?22:23
Amozmioso, and exactly how would you describe it to be  "slow", if more detailed?22:23
miosokll, i'd love to! how though22:23
k1l_!paste | mioso22:24
ubottumioso: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:24
k1l_do "lspci" in a terminal, and copy the text, put it on that site, show the link here.22:24
miosojust type lspci22:26
wileeeM1ST1C, 13.10 is eol22:27
radian_hey i want to ask , how to check sensor in ubuntu mate for raspberry pi ? i got lm-sensors like sensors for pc , but nothing work22:28
wileeeM1ST1C, channel topic gives you supported releasaes22:28
mioso00:00.0 Host bridge: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD] RS780 Host Bridge 00:01.0 PCI bridge: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD] RS780/RS880 PCI to PCI bridge (int gfx) 00:02.0 PCI bridge: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD] RS780 PCI to PCI bridge (ext gfx port 0) 00:04.0 PCI bridge: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD] RS780/RS880 PCI to PCI bridge (PCIE port 0) 00:06.0 PCI bridge: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD] RS780 PCI to PCI bri22:28
omgitsmitradian_: which sensor are you trying to detect?22:28
Amozmioso, use pastebin22:28
radian_pcu temp22:28
k1l_mioso: please use the pastebin22:28
k1l_!paste | mioso22:28
radian_cpu temp and gpu tem22:28
miososorry, paste in the bin and nothing happened22:28
k1l_mioso: come on. its like uploading a picture just with text.22:29
wileeeM1ST1C, Sorry 12.10 is eol, my mistake, in what you posted.22:29
Amozmioso, http://paste.ubuntu.com/22:29
Amozput the text there, and press the "paste!" button22:29
miososorry. done.22:31
omgitsmitradian_: im seeing some raspian tools here, https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=91&t=3499422:32
radian_ok thanks , your helpfull22:32
omgitsmitnot really lol, but i try22:32
M1ST1CI got problems with my graphics driver on my dell inspiron mini 1011.  http://imgur.com/nLzntK922:32
k1l_mioso: ok, your video card is that old, that its not supported by amd driver since 14.04. you you can only use the free dirver (which runs automatically)22:33
omgitsmitM1ST1C: did you check for additional drivers?22:33
wileeeM1ST1C, Is the OS running fine graphics work fine? lspci in a terminal will tell you the graphics22:34
k1l_M1ST1C: please pastebin a "lspci"22:34
bitwiggleris there anyway to force "apt-get upgrade" to actually pull a newer valid package list from archive.ubuntu.com? and avoid the 404 on apt-get upgrade22:34
miosok1l: Thank you. Any advice on improving that video card?22:34
k1l_mioso: yes, buy a new one22:34
omgitsmitbitwiggler: just apt-get update?22:34
wileeeM1ST1C, gotta be intel  most likely22:34
wileeeM1ST1C, Do the lspci pastebin as suggested if you can22:35
k1l_M1ST1C: that is really really low memory in there. i would not hope that its running "usable" on any other ubuntu than the Lubuntu.22:35
bitwiggleromgitsmit: wish that was fixing it. :P22:35
omgitsmitbitwiggler: i mean you could just remove the sources that are 404'ing out22:36
M1ST1CI will I have to go to work22:36
k1l_bitwiggler: run a apt-get update.22:36
M1ST1CYou guys are on 24/722:36
omgitsmitbitwiggler: but if you want to refresh the software it's pulling down from archive.ubuntu.org just apt-get update22:36
k1l_bitwiggler: that will get you a proper new package list from the servers22:36
wileeeM1ST1C, yeah, the memory is low lubuntu will be better22:37
k1l_bitwiggler: if you get any errors, please put all that output into a pastebin and show the link here22:37
bitwigglerapt-get update + apt-get upgrade is what is breaking22:37
omgitsmitbitwiggler: you most likely have some sources that are no longer available (404), run the command and pastebin the errors22:38
k1l_bitwiggler: put it all into a pastebin and show the link here22:38
bitwigglerhold on22:38
mioso<k1l> unfortuanetly, this is my build > Any GPUs that you'd recommend. I don't play games http://pcpartpicker.com/p/j3MDFT22:39
bitwigglerk1l_: there you gohttps://gist.github.com/449c21934dd8f479262922:41
=== LittleSister is now known as mIRC32
k1l_mioso: i am not too much a video card/ hardware guy. better start a thread on askubuntu or ubuntuforums or such. but amd/ati is known to drop old cards quite fast. before i had a i7 cpu i was fine with the nvidia i had.22:41
bitwigglerapt-get update then apt-get install is hitting the 404 on old libsqlite package22:42
bitwigglerproblem solved22:42
miosoBefore I purchase a GPU, Would I have this same problem with other xubuntu or kubuntu, etc? I'd rather not buy anything22:43
k1l_mioso: that pc seems quite fast with enough ram and a ssd. i really think the old video card could be the issue22:44
miosowhich line specifically points to the old driver22:44
miosovideo card*22:44
k1l_mioso: the one that says "vga"22:45
miosoVGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] RS780L [Radeon 3000]?22:46
k1l_mioso: yes22:46
OerHeksindeed, radeon 2xxx 3xxx 4xxx22:47
miosok1l: Thank you . I just found a thread on this, and you're absolutely right. I should buy a new video card. I know you're not a hardware guy, buy any pointers before I drop $200?22:49
ubuntu903hi.. i have some problem here..https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bz9EAGVXU-hFU3BMRFBPYV9FMlk/view?usp=docslist_api  can you help me?22:52
k1l_mioso: sorry, i dont use a video card, i got a gpu bioöd in the intel i7. that is enough for my usage.22:53
Leverquin_looks like you need help from the best hacker in the world. better call HACKERMAN22:53
omgitsmitLeverquin_: you rang?22:53
miosook. thanks again22:53
Leverquin_@omnitsmit yes i ranked.22:53
Leverquin_lol wrong chat :D22:54
SpeakFreelyCan someone tell me how I can import an openVPN config? I cannot find the import button..22:57
omgitsmitSpeakFreely: i import from terminal, otherwise i think you need a package for it to show up in nm-manager22:58
AndroUserWhat desktop environment do you guys use?22:58
SpeakFreelyomgitsmit, well I downloaded network-manager-openvpn. How do I import from terminal?22:58
Bashing-ommioso: I run an older ATI card . That also no longer has ATI support. BUT, a bit newer and have no problems with the 'radeon' open sourcse driver. Paid $15 US for the card .22:58
omgitsmitSpeakFreely: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenVPN22:59
omgitsmitSpeakFreely: down at the end of "Getting Clients Connected"22:59
omgitsmitSpeakFreely: er, no its not.23:00
LtLmioso: i bought a EVGA Nvidia GEForce 750ti pci-express card for $127.00 ... works fine with nouveau driver out of the box23:00
SpeakFreelyomgitsmit, yeah don't see a command23:00
omgitsmitSpeakFreely: sec23:00
AndroUserHi there23:00
joker_89I have a doubt, I want to have a Ubuntu server and 2 windows clients. How can I add users to the ubuntu server? LDAP, SAMBA, ...?23:01
WarAndGeeseMy second ubuntu live usb seems to have broken !g23:02
joker_89to autenticate the users23:02
WarAndGeeseignore that "!g"23:02
AndroUserJoker: depends what functions you want23:02
omgitsmitSpeakFreely: this is what i have bookmarked for my setup - https://goo.gl/c8M3Ri23:03
omgitsmitSpeakFreely: it let me get it working in the network manager23:03
joker_89[andatche] i want only to share files with samba23:03
AndroUserJoker: Do you want to control the computers and users, like in active directory,  or only share files?23:03
joker_89which is the solution for each one?23:04
WarAndGeeseIs that a thing? ubuntu live usb's breaking a lot? I followed what seemed to be the most recommended instructions, and got the distribution from a legitimate source23:04
AndroUserI use samba myself for my homeserver. I think it's the best way to go.23:04
joker_89if i want both f23:04
SpeakFreelyomgitsmit, Alright thank you, going to try it now23:04
joker_89and if i want to use as an active direcotry?23:04
AndroUserI only need file sharing, so it works Great for me.23:04
omgitsmitSpeakFreely: love openvpn, i set up the "access server" package so i can easily browse, download, import and connect23:04
squintyWarAndGeese, best way to download in my opinion is torrent (psp) from the ubuntu site.  check the md5 sum to test the integrity of your download23:05
AndroUserI haven't tried that out, but i've heard it's pretty straight forward. I think Google, or other participents of this channel,  are a greater help than me in that case.23:05
WarAndGeeseThat's what I did, from the ubuntu site23:05
WarAndGeeseor a linux site, whatever the official one was23:05
SpeakFreelyomgitsmit, what is the "access server" package?23:06
skittishtriggerok, so I tried    * * * * * du -hs home/user/ > home/luser/spaceused.txt and evern after restarting cron it does not seem to be updating. running the base command from term updates it.23:06
omgitsmitSpeakFreely: https://openvpn.net/index.php/access-server/overview.html23:06
joker_89thanks andatche23:06
SpeakFreelyomgitsmit, also I have a zip file with multiple ovpn files, will this still work?23:06
joker_89[AndroUser] xd23:06
area51pilotI have a Dell Inspiron 15 with Synaptics touchpad and its too sensitive when using the touchpad input. I need to increase the pressure and palm detection but everthing I try doesnt seem to work. When I use the touchpad, just moving my finger selects text and scrolls a page without clicking. When in Nautilus, it grabs the resizing bar and shortcuts/bookmarks/folders and attempts to drag them. Can anyone help me23:07
LtLskittishtrigger: try a / slash before home23:07
omgitsmitSpeakFreely: gives me a landing page that auto detects what im browsing on (android, windows, linux, osx) and gives me the openvpn profile to import for that platform23:07
AndroUserJoker: No problem. Happy to help23:07
SpeakFreelyomgitsmit, oh wow that's cool23:07
skittishtriggerin both cases?23:07
omgitsmitSpeakFreely: makes it painfully easy to set up a new vpn on a new device (something a dummy like myself really needs lol)23:07
LtLskittishtrigger: absolute paths are always best23:08
cogitation1I'm trying to read a cd that I've just burned in ubuntu 14.04 LTS live cd and the cd-rom icons for both of my drives have disappeared in the unity bar.  Can anyone help?23:08
toshibai have a toshiba satellite a215 running 14.04.1lts, when i install and update, the kernal changes to 14.04.3 and the screen starts flickering. i can reproduce this everytime. on install #3 and have no updated to see if it was hardware or software. looking for a way to continue to getupdates and not have to deal with major flicker23:08
SatelliteWHO PINGED ME23:08
Satelliteman that joke never gets old23:08
skittishtriggercron runs as system/root correct?23:08
k1l_Satellite: please stop that joke in here. this channel is support only23:09
squintyWarAndGeese,  pendrivelinux.com for various usb programs and good tutorials.  or you could try unetbootin  (http://unetbootin.github.io/)23:09
omgitsmitskittishtrigger: runs as user i believe23:09
LtLskittishtrigger: crontab can run as user23:09
Satellitek1l_: :rolleyes:23:09
SpeakFreelyomgitsmit, this tutorial looks like its still running from the cli?23:09
skittishtriggeri made it as root hoping it would run as root. lol23:09
LtLskittishtrigger: provided what the command is of course23:09
toshibaomgitsmit likes middle school girls23:09
skittishtriggercuess I could su in as user then make the cron there to run command23:10
cogitation1Can anyone help?23:10
squintyWarAndGeese,  http://www.ubuntu.com/download/alternative-downloads  for torrent download    also check your md5sum23:10
skittishtrigger* * * * * du -hs home/user/ > home/luser/spaceused.txt should output directory size every 1min23:10
WarAndGeesesquinty: pendrivelinux is the one I used, using the universal usb installer. Maybe I'll try the other one23:10
WarAndGeeseand yes, I used the torrent directly from the ubuntu site23:10
omgitsmitskittishtrigger: you're missing a slash before "home"23:10
skittishtriggerthat was the up arrow trick. cron has slashed before both homes now23:11
AndroUserWarandgeese: I use Rawrite23:11
AndroUserWorks every time.23:11
omgitsmitskittishtrigger: also, when im having cronjob issues - to quickly troubleshoot i run the cron line manually to see if it even works23:12
omgitsmitusually its a syntax issue23:13
skittishtriggerthe base command works but I have not tried it with the * * * * * arguments23:13
toshibaas usual this room BLOWs for help23:13
omgitsmitwithout the *23:13
skittishtriggerI am thinking a user issue because my other cron job in that file seems to work23:13
WarAndGeeseMaybe I'll try rawrite too23:13
omgitsmitskittishtrigger: the stars are just the timing, check out this cronjob calculator http://cron.nmonitoring.com/cron-generator.html23:14
skittishtriggernice utility. :) It output the exact think I had in cron the first time. lol23:15
omgitsmitskittishtrigger: from what you pasted, i see missing slashes for /home/user and /home/luser23:15
skittishtriggercron job utility suggested without it. I have tried both ways so far23:16
KoningDoes anyone in here know a way to make the terminal background blurry?23:16
Koning(or a nice terminal that supports it)23:16
AndroUserWarandgeese: I've only used it on my Windows computer, but maybe it's been ported to Linux.23:16
cogitation1How do I make the icons appear in the Unity bar for my two dvd-rom drives?  They disappeared and I need to access a dvd.23:17
k1lKoning: did you try the settings of the profile from the gnome-terminal?23:17
Koningit only supports transparancy23:17
Koningbut a nice guassian blur would help with readability, if you know what I mean23:18
Koninga transparant terminal over a window with text ins't really comfortable23:18
k1lKoning: adjust the transarency to your needs?23:18
Koningthat's not enough xd23:18
KoningI was able to do it in i3 using compton23:19
TJ-skittishtrigger: I'm wondering why you need to report that info so frequently. It begs the question have you considered using Quotas which incidentally provide tools for querying the user quota vs used values23:21
skittishtriggerit was just a temporary thing so they could keep track themselves. Letting them use my private ftp to back a laptops info before getting shipped out. they are jsut curious really23:22
carpediembaby_Hi. Is there some unified place where a proxy can be set and also offers a bit of control? I am using the standard network proxy switcher available with ubuntu but it doesn't have an option to exclude addresses23:22
skittishtriggerI can do it manually running the command but ehh. too lazy to stay here all night updating. lol23:23
omgitsmitcarpediembaby_: i ended up using a proxy switcher extension for chrome23:23
carpediembaby_I tried updating the setting of excluded addresses in dconf-editor and added for local addresses but it apparently doesn't work in chrome ..23:23
TJ-skittishtrigger: I'd suggest 1 minute intervals is too frequent. That's a lot of dirent reads and potential I/O to slow down the system and pollute the cache23:24
colincolbyanyone have a guide for 14.04 setting up email servers and also hopefully23:24
skittishtriggerya, that was more for testing to see if it was updatign the file. was going to set it at 10min intervals once working23:24
omgitsmitcarpediembaby_: yeah the extension has white/blacklists that you can tell it to say, always push ubuntu traffic over proxy23:24
omgitsmitcarpediembaby_: but my gmail web page wont go over proxy23:24
colincolbyssl certs23:24
carpediembaby_omgitsmit: which extension? even though i would like to avoid setting proxies for everything individually..23:25
omgitsmitproxify or something, lemme google23:25
colincolbyand a web based login too. one newbie can do all that in about a day i hope23:25
carpediembaby_omgitsmit: the default proxy works fine with chrome, i can access everything except my own machine :)23:25
colincolbyi tried squirrel once... meh23:25
skittishtriggerNo, I saw a squirrel...23:26
omgitsmitcarpediembaby_: the extension i use is called FoxyProxy23:26
colincolbyskittishtrigger: rofl23:26
cogitation1don't mean to be rude at all... did I get really lucky the first one or two times I came here?  Seemed like I got help right away, but this time no responses on something I thought would be simple.23:26
cogitation1Or rather, the last 3 times or so I've come here, it's taken a really long time for a response.23:26
omgitsmitcarpediembaby_: i use it so my personal traffic doesnt go across my work network23:26
skittishtriggerI don't know the answer. I don't use a gui to miss icons with :?23:27
colincolbycogitation1: maybe i can help23:27
colincolbywhat's up23:27
cogitation1thanks colincolby23:27
cogitation1"How do I make the icons appear in the Unity bar for my two dvd-rom drives?  They disappeared and I need to access a dvd."23:27
carpediembaby_omgitsmit: ah, i am not talking about that kind of proxy.. i am talking about network proxy i am behind..23:28
omgitsmitcarpediembaby_: i would look into iptables23:28
cogitation1colincolby: "How do I make the icons appear in the Unity bar for my two dvd-rom drives?  They disappeared and I need to access a dvd."23:30
=== aum_ is now known as aum
TJ-skittishtrigger: I tested it here and it works. Did you create the crontab with "crontab -e -u <username>" ? Does "/var/log/auth.log" report CRON jobs every minute for that user?23:34
skittishtriggertried from/as root and did a su user and made crontab there also. none of the worked atm23:34
skittishtriggerof them^23:35
kadiroI'm back23:37
TJ-skittishtrigger: You should use "crontab -e -u ..." to install a user crontab, see "man 1 crontab"23:37
skittishtriggerkk. i'll check that out.23:38
kadiro!info crontab23:38
ubottuPackage crontab does not exist in vivid23:38
ubottucron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto23:39
skittishtriggerEverytime I try something new on nix I end up with two browser windows open and 8 tabs on top of putty and irc :?23:41
TJ-skittishtrigger: As part of Debian Policy, almost every system executable and configuration file has a man-page entry which is installed by default23:43
skittishtriggerya. was a lot of help with stuff like scripts and fstab and such. some stuff I am just slow with. lol23:44
NoobJayI am getting this on a newly installed ubuntu 14.04 http://paste.ubuntu.com/12003712/23:49
NoobJayanyone familiar with this? it may not be a problem but it's just annoying23:49
k1lNoobJay: run "sudo apt full-upgrade"23:49
NoobJayis that safe?23:50
k1lNoobJay: yes.23:50
cogitation1How do I make the icons appear in the Unity bar for my two dvd-rom drives?  They disappeared and I need to access a dvd.23:50
cogitation1Can anyone tell me if that's a dumb question, how I should modify it?23:50
NoobJaydownloading 65mb23:51
k1lNoobJay: for kernel updates you need to run the "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" or the "sudo apt full-upgrade" commands, since they need to install "new" packages23:51
TJ-skittishtrigger: Using "crontab -e" for my current user, I added "* * * * * /bin/echo "$(/bin/date +\%Y:\%m:\%d-\%H:\%M:\%S) $(du -hs $HOME/Downloads)" > $HOME/spaceused.txt" and it results in: "2015:08:05-00:52:01 4.9G        /home/tj/Downloads" every minute23:53
skittishtriggermy syntax is wrong then. using the examples on ask ubuntu it didn't work.  i'll try your format. thank you very much btw!23:54
nicekiwihow can I 'su' who dosent have a password?23:55
nicekiwito a a user*23:56
herpderphurrnicekiwi: sudo su?23:56
julian-delphikinicekiwi, sudo su - username23:56
nicekiwiherpderphurr, julian-delphiki heeey :) awesome. thanks23:56
jamesdwhen you are root,  su doesn't ask for a passwd23:57
jtermansmead: as02.en1 is now running last nights build. There are a lot of trinkets that are piling up.23:57
cogitation1Is there any advice on my issue?  I tried looking around on the web and ran into hurdles.  (How do I make the icons appear in the Unity bar for my two dvd-rom drives?  They disappeared and I need to access a dvd.)23:57
NoobJaygot it fixed, thanks23:57
nicekiwiwhen you are root, there are no Nucular launch codes :P23:57

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