zequenceFF coming up.09:44
zequenceOvenWerks: Don't think we will get much closer with categorization this cycle, so we might just as well think about how to make the menu work for 15.10, with customizations.09:44
zequenceI will package -controls this week and get it uploaded.09:45
zequenceIt will only be able to add RT privilege to users, but it is enough for now.09:45
zequenceOnce I'm done with that, I'd like to take a look at testing, so we have that somewhat nailed 'til next cycle. 09:46
zequenceWould be great to get lots of people involved in that. 09:46
zequenceI'll write something about all this on the mail list later too.09:46
zequence(testing would involve testing post Debian Freeze applications, aside from regular ISO testing)09:47
OvenWerkszequence: there is only one real big snaffu with the menu right now. For some reason the category "Documentation" shows up in "System" in 15.10 using the exact same menu file as 14.04 where it doesn't.15:29
OvenWerksother than that comments have been favourable.15:29

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