flocculantknome pleia2 - could you social media LTS testing please :)06:17
knomei'll tweet06:18
flocculantthanks knome :)06:18
ochosimorning all06:46
flocculantmorning ochosi 06:47
knomehey ochosi 07:10
knomeflocculant, what was it you thought potentially useful information from tracker?07:11
flocculantfor others - a sum of test report numbers 07:12
knomeper milestone?07:12
knomeor per build?07:12
knomeor per cycle?07:12
flocculantwell 07:12
knomei can get any and each, fwiw07:12
flocculantmaybe a weekly running total 07:12
knomewell - at least i believe so07:12
knomethat's the hardest one :D07:12
knomebut i'll see per milestone first07:13
flocculantha ha 07:13
ochosinicely played, flocculant 07:13
flocculantwell milestone is a now and again thing - not sure what use that is07:13
knomeflocculant, that's a starting point for further introspection07:13
flocculantmaybe - 2 - milestone(s) and daily(ies) 07:14
knomemilestone being any milestone set in tracker07:14
knomeinluding daily07:14
flocculantreason I say sum is assuming our tracker grabs numbers once a day 07:14
knomeit can do it more often07:15
knomei can also get xubuntu upgrade tests in there relatively easily07:15
flocculantand if it is going to do so, grab before 10:00UTC 07:15
knomei can make it grab at 9:35:2307:16
knomeif that's what you fancy07:16
flocculantnot going to be able to get into much discussion - getting sorted for work07:16
flocculantthat time would be ok - image builds ~10am 07:16
knomeok - let's see what comes of this07:16
flocculantwhat *I* would love is a way to put in date x and date y and get numbers of tests done per milestone 07:23
flocculantI'll try and talk to dkessel and balloons about that07:24
knomeflocculant, i might be able to do that... it's not completely trivial, or a light operation, but it can be donw07:26
flocculantok :)07:27
knomeit's better to do that in the tracker07:27
knome$things are better done $elsewhere07:27
flocculantyep - would be - but with tracker we have it's not possible to do that 07:27
ochosiflocculant: anything you want us to discuss in the meeting or will you be about?07:29
ochosi(read "getting ready for work, so that sounded like you're not going to make it)07:29
flocculantyou could bring up trusty testing - woke up to that ... 07:29
flocculantknome: what I'd love to see from tracker is something like http://paste.ubuntu.com/11998490/07:31
flocculantmight be best to report that as tracker bug07:31
flocculantochosi: and no - not going to be here - so just trusty atm :) 07:32
ochosialrighty :)07:32
flocculantthere'll be QA mails going to list - lots 07:32
ochosianything you want us to discuss concretely or shall we just #info it?07:32
flocculantjust want to get trusty done first07:32
flocculantinfo will do :)07:32
ochosiokeydokey :)07:33
flocculantknome: I thought as much :)07:33
flocculantmight get lost today in change to fibre broadband - if I do I'll see you tomorrow :) 07:36
flocculantbbl 07:36
ochosiokeydokey, hf flocculant :)07:36
ochosi!team | meeting in 30mins08:02
ubottumeeting in 30mins: bluesabre, jjfrv8, knome, lderan, micahg, Noskcaj, ochosi, pleia2, slickymaster, Unit19308:02
meetingologyMeeting started Tue Aug  4 08:31:16 2015 UTC.  The chair is ochosi. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.08:31
meetingologyAvailable commands: action commands idea info link nick08:31
ochosi!team | meeting time!08:31
ubottumeeting time!: bluesabre, jjfrv8, knome, lderan, micahg, Noskcaj, ochosi, pleia2, slickymaster, Unit19308:31
ochosiwelcome everybody, who's about?08:31
ochosihm, menage a deux? :)08:33
ochosiwake up Unit193!08:33
ObrienDavehe's sleeping ;P08:33
knomeObrienDave, isn't that when you tell somebody to wake up?08:33
ochosiyeah, seemingly went bacak to bed08:33
ochosithat sucks, the first work item is for him :)08:34
knomeochosi, my action is done08:34
ochosioh perfect, a netsplit08:35
knometime for secret decisions!08:35
knomeboring meeting08:37
ochosiwell, i guess we can come back to the open action items later08:37
knomeis this why i'm up before noon?08:37
ochosi#topic Open action items08:37
ochosiknome: you mentioned something about having completed something there?08:38
knomeyes, my only open action item08:38
ochosioddly, i only see the xubuntu-dev action item as open from last meeting08:38
knometake the garbage out of your eye08:38
ochosithere it is08:39
knomeyes, under the "Action items, by person" header08:39
knomeit's very confusing, i know!08:39
ochosionly looked at the top of the summary therer08:39
ochosiso anyway, Unit193 ?08:39
ochosiany news on xubuntu-dev to review requirements for xubuntu-core iso, investigating patches to livecd-rootfs, ubuntu-cdimage and debian-cd ?08:40
knomei saw a patch for that yesterday08:40
ochosiright, i've seen that one before too08:40
knomebut - i don't know what that is supposed to be a patch against08:40
knomei tried to get Unit193 push it into a branch so we could have nice MPs...08:41
Unit193Doubt it's ready for that.08:41
knomefor "what" exactly?08:41
ochosialso, Unit193, would you mind splitting up the workitem in the blueprint a bit?08:41
knomethat would be nice.08:42
Unit193Wouldn't mind.08:42
knomeUnit193, split it up - you'll got to keep all pieces though08:42
knomeanyway, please do MPs08:42
ochosi#action Unit193 to split up the xubuntu-core workitem on the blueprint to be able to track the progress better08:43
meetingologyACTION: Unit193 to split up the xubuntu-core workitem on the blueprint to be able to track the progress better08:43
Unit193When they're ready.08:43
knomeUnit193, thanks.08:43
Unit193ochosi: Split it however you like.08:43
ochosiactually MPs can be updated easily08:43
ochosiUnit193: wait, that was your action item08:43
ochosialso, iirc micahg said he would help, but wasn't sure what part you needed help with, so just create a workitem for him that tells him what to do08:43
knomeand MPs need branches, so you can push to a branch and do a MP once the branch is ready for a merge... but i don't really care if you prepare and do MPs once stuff is ready08:43
ochosiuhm right, since it's obviously early and Unit193 doesn't seem to want to discuss this any further, let's move on...08:45
ochosi#topic Team updates08:45
Unit193ochosi: Not much to say, so I said little. :P08:45
ochosifrankly, the paste you link to every now and then tells me practically nothing, so i really wouldn't know where you stand on the matter and how to help08:46
knome#done knome improved the status tracker and fixed some bugs (assigned bugs are now correctly assigned to the assignee)08:47
ochosiUnit193: maybe micah understands the livecd stuff, but in that case just create a workitem for him to review some branches of yours (before that you obviously have to push some branches)08:47
knome#done knome started looking at the QA trackers XML-RPC interface08:47
knomeochosi, ^^please #undo08:47
meetingologyRemoving item from minutes: TOPIC08:47
ochosithe #done thing doesn't really work it seems08:48
ochosi#topic Team updates08:48
knomenot when undoing, it seems...08:48
knome#done knome improved the status tracker and fixed some bugs (assigned bugs are now correctly assigned to the assignee)08:48
knome#done knome started looking at the QA trackers XML-RPC interface in preparation to pulling data to the tracker08:48
ochosi#info ochosi pushed several updates to Greybird to improve the look of CSDs, can be tested via the shimmer-daily PPA08:49
knome#done knome updated the "For Derivatives" page on the website - landing the preliminary package list with xubuntu branding - feedback welcome from developers08:49
ochosi#info ochosi started working on an "a11y" version of Greybird's window manager theme, WIP can be checked out and commented on here: https://github.com/shimmerproject/Greybird/tree/xfwm4-a11y08:50
knome#done knome worked on PDF exports for the documentation; basic exports are now ready to go08:51
ochosinice one08:51
knome#done krytarik updated the Makefiles for the documentation08:51
knome#nick krytarik08:51
ochosihmright, i'm done, anything/anyone else?08:53
knomehmm i guess yes08:53
knometo be complete08:53
knome#done knome added a burndown chart for the status tracker08:53
ochosi#done bluesabre and micahg uploaded shimmer-themes 2.0.0 to wily08:54
ochosimkay, then let's move on08:54
ochosi#topic Announcements08:54
ochosi#info there's a new 14.04 LTS point release coming up, please help with testing!08:55
Unit193Mmm, indeed.08:55
knome#info more information at https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/xubuntu-devel/2015-August/010839.html08:55
knome(slightly, but more)08:55
ochosidarn, beat me to it :)08:55
* ochosi empties his paste-cache08:56
Unit193Mica forwarded one that was more.08:56
knome#info General information on 14.04.3: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/xubuntu-devel/2015-August/010838.html08:56
ochosigood good08:56
ochosiany other announcements?08:58
ochosiok good, let's move on then09:00
ochosi#topic Discussion09:00
ochosiknome: anything you wanna discuss wrt tracker?09:00
knomenot really, unless anybody has feature requests or complaints09:01
knomeor have found bugs09:01
ochosino complaints, this is really awesome sauce09:01
knomegood to hear09:01
ochosii'd love to see it hooked up to xubuntu.org asap09:01
knomewell, one thing i just figured out would be great too:09:01
knomewhen a work item gets marked done, save an entry to the database09:01
knomeso we can track when certain things have happened09:02
knomeuseful for the team updates too09:02
knomeor maybe even replaces09:02
knomeunless there is something that doesn't fit into work items09:02
ochosimm, right09:02
ochosihow do you do that for the burndown now?09:02
ochosior is that just the sum that you save there09:02
knomejust save a done/inprogress/total of items09:02
ochosiright, so you're considering individual workitem dates09:03
ochosimakes sense to me09:03
knomeyes, but just as a list09:03
knomeeg. no more/different burndown charts09:03
Unit193Going to put it on the /dev page?09:03
knomeUnit193, at some point maybe.09:03
knomei'd rather get some hosting that is not mine.09:03
Unit193Or rather more useful, in this topic.09:03
knomeand get it hooked09:04
knomei will have to talk about that, likely with pleia2 09:04
ochosimhm, indeed09:04
ochosiknome: workitem? ;)09:04
knomei just added a few already...09:04
knomeif you look at the details page, i have loads...09:04
ochosianyway, i guess the email reminders/summaries will be really helpful too09:05
knomemore than any individual09:05
ochosiyeah i know09:05
knomeyeah, i should hook that up09:05
ochosibut you're known to be workitem-king09:05
ochosii think you've been for several cycles09:05
knomeyeah, i'm not saying "i'm doing more", i'm just saying "yes, i will track work"...09:05
ochosiyeah, but that's quite good09:05
ochosiit has taken some time for me to appreciate the usefulness of that09:06
knomeok, i have another discussion item09:06
ochosianyhow, apart from the email feature i have the feeling that the tracker is rather feature-complete atm09:07
knomefrom the UI yes, but not the admin UI; there is literally no admin UI09:07
knomeand many things are hardcoded09:07
knomeso i'll need to consider how i will want to manage that in the future09:07
ochosiright, but i'm not sure there was any admin interface to status.ubuntu.com09:07
knomei don't think so09:08
ochosibut yeah, that'd be another feature09:08
knomebut that doesn't mean we shouldn't have one09:08
knomethere are a few things that would be "nice to have" regarding that, so..09:08
ochosi#subtopic Seeds & Composition XSD Review09:08
knomeso anyway09:08
knomei believe the outcome of that thread was that people are fine with it09:09
knomethough, i didn't get any comments from eg. micahg, who said he wanted to comment09:09
ochosii'd say we update it now as it is clearly better than what we have09:09
knomeotoh, it's 5 months since the thread began...09:09
ochosiif he has concerns he can always mention them and we can try to work them out09:10
Unit193I think I made comments on that.09:10
knomeyes... we likely have a pad for that09:10
knomebut where...09:10
knomethat's the one09:11
knomeso i believe that's the version we want09:11
ochosiah yeah, i remember that one09:11
knomeUnit193, would you say your concerns are addressed in that version?09:12
Unit193I don't remember so I'll say 'sure'09:12
ochosithat's the spirit09:12
knomecan you check it, please?09:12
knomethe brownish color is Unit19309:13
Unit193* The package should be maintained well upstream    hrm..09:14
knome"The above guidelines can be omitted when there are extensive benefits to seeding the package, ..."09:15
knomethis is a strategy document, it's idealist, we'll never get tehre09:15
Unit193(Also, if we have 'well', can't it be 'well maintained'?)09:16
knomebut it's good to have a goal09:16
knomeok, so ochosi, will you do the honors of updating the wiki, or shall i?09:16
ochosiknome: thou shallst09:16
knome#action knome to update the Strategy Document wiki page with the new "Seeds & Composition" section09:17
meetingologyACTION: knome to update the Strategy Document wiki page with the new "Seeds & Composition" section09:17
ochosiis that it or is there more to discuss?09:17
knomei think that's about it09:17
ochosiUnit193: anything else from your side?09:18
knome#undo the last item09:18
* ochosi waits09:18
knomei did it already09:18
meetingologyRemoving item from minutes: ACTION09:18
Unit193Not that I can think of.09:18
Unit193I wouldn't know, ask krytarik.09:18
ochosiok, then let's conclude that part and the meeting ftm09:18
ochosi#Schedule next meeting09:18
ochosido i have to undo that?09:19
ochosior will the clowns eat me if i try09:19
ochosi#topic Schedule next meeting09:19
knomeit isn't recognised as a command09:19
ochosi#info slickymaster is to schedule the next meeting09:20
knomeboo, Unit193 isn't the next chair09:20
meetingologyMeeting ended Tue Aug  4 09:20:15 2015 UTC.  09:20
meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/xubuntu-devel/2015/xubuntu-devel.2015-08-04-08.31.moin.txt09:20
knomethat would have been the cherry on top of the cake topping09:20
ochosihehe indeed09:20
Unit193Good, that'd be bad.09:20
knomethanks ochosi 09:20
Unit193Too many meetings with nothing on the agenda.09:20
* ochosi considers to change the order on the meetings page09:20
ochosithanks y'all09:20
knomeochosi, if you ordered by team name alphabetically...09:21
knomeXPL -> Artwork -> Debian09:21
ochosiok, minutes are up09:24
ochosialrighty, gotta take off09:24
ochosihave a nice day everyone!09:24
knomehave a nice day09:24
ochosiand sorry again for the odd meeting time09:25
Unit193Works better than others..09:25
bluesabrewoops, meeting10:42
flocculantcan someone check that cdimage isn't just playing up for me please - http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/daily-live/20150804/wily-desktop-amd64.iso16:13
flocculantgetting network unreachable - but I've had internet work going on here 16:14
drclooks like I'm grabbing it...16:15
flocculant... looks like I can grab ubuntu's daily ok :|16:15
flocculantwhich is not helpful :p16:15
krytarikflocculant: Same here though - the entirety of cdimage.16:17
flocculantkrytarik: dead do you mean? 16:17
flocculantok - perhaps the big pipe across the pond has a leak then :p16:17
drcOK, I'm confused.  I can go to http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/daily-live/20150804/ and grab anything I see...what am I doing wrong? :)16:18
flocculantthough - I appear to be able to connect with f/fox but not wget nor with zsync16:18
flocculantdrc: it's downloading ok for you? 16:18
drcso far, but remember the other day when it failed at the end...16:19
flocculantheh 16:19
flocculanttoday's cdbuild log for us ends with "ssh: connect to host goldenapple.canonical.com port 22: Connection timed out"16:19
krytarikflocculant: Only we are on the same side of pond. :P16:19
krytarik+ the16:20
flocculantyea - and it's not working for us - or for me - it works a bit :D16:20
flocculantkrytarik: did you try with a browser or? 16:20
krytarikYep, FF.16:20
flocculantoh - now it's working with wget ... 16:20
krytarikWas going to mention that.16:20
drcnow...what am I going to do with a spare 15.10 daily image?16:21
flocculanttest it :D16:22
krytarikSeems to be working here too now.16:22
drcyou thin it has rabies?16:22
flocculantwget working - zsync was still failing ... 16:22
flocculantdrc: for sure 16:22
pleia2flocculant: knome got twitter, updated fb and G+16:22
flocculantpleia2: thanks :)16:22
drcDL'd completely16:23
flocculantdrc: ok - cheers 16:23
flocculantsomething's up somewhere 16:23
drcGCHQ must have gotten back from their tea break and decided to play with you :)16:24
flocculantat least krytarik proved it wasn't dodgy isp's for me :)16:24
krytarikLOL - yes.16:24
drchehe...14.04.3 support requests starting already...and it's not even out :)16:25
flocculantan unlucky tester ;)16:26
krytarikThat's just usual updates though.16:28
krytarikTada! :P - http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/main/b/base-files/base-files_7.2ubuntu5.3/changelog16:29
flocculanteven so - surely it shouldn't be updat/grading to .3 if it's not been released16:29
flocculantok - so they upgraded the number assuming that the world wouldn't collapse between then and Thursday :p16:31
drcignorance here...can one "upgrade" before a release (i.e., a daily not an alpha/beta/releease).16:32
flocculantnot a clue 16:32
flocculantthese point releases I guess are oddballs anyway16:33
krytarikHah, this one still lives :P - http://paste.openstack.org/show/LD8ALdFLOmjjIXfpC0K9/17:12
ochosibluesabre: what did you think of my lame mockup for xfpanel-switch btw?22:57
bluesabrehm, which one?22:57
ochosiposted it a day ago or so22:58
ochosilet me dig it up again or repost...22:58
ochosithere it is again: http://imgur.com/nLK2ZD622:58
ochosithis would be the place i'd include it somehow22:59
ochosinot sure yet of the label, that's more of a placeholder really22:59
bluesabrethat is lame23:03
bluesabresure, if we can find a nice way to stick it in there23:03
ochosihehe yeah i know23:14
ochosii did announce the lameness part though23:14
ochosiso no surprises there23:14
ochosihowever, i thought about it a bit and i guess having a single button from which to launch the app is sufficient. deeper integration would basically mean patching it all directly into the panel23:15
ochosiand i wonder whether it wouldn't be good to close the panel preferences upon opening xfpanel-switch23:16
ochosimight crash anyway when the panel gets restarted23:16
bluesabrepretty likely :)23:20
bluesabre2 menulibre bug fixes in one night, I'm on a roll23:20
Unit193micahg: lp:~unit193/debian-cd/xubuntu-core lp:~unit193/livecd-rootfs/xubuntu-core23:27
cjbaylissochosi: maybe put the "Load/Save Configuration" between the "Help" and "Close" buttons?23:42

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