openstackgerritScott Moser proposed stackforge/cloud-init: add cloud-init main  https://review.openstack.org/20274301:23
openstackgerritScott Moser proposed stackforge/cloud-init: add ReportingEventStack  https://review.openstack.org/20904501:50
openstackgerritScott Moser proposed stackforge/cloud-init: add ReportingEventStack  https://review.openstack.org/20904501:51
openstackgerritScott Moser proposed stackforge/cloud-init: add ReportingEventStack  https://review.openstack.org/20904501:52
arnaud_orangesmoser: thanks for the tip yesterday07:39
openstackgerritClaudiu Popa proposed stackforge/cloud-init: Make ReportingHandler a proper base class  https://review.openstack.org/20945410:49
openstackgerritClaudiu Popa proposed stackforge/cloud-init: Make ReportingHandler a proper base class  https://review.openstack.org/20945411:12
openstackgerritMerged stackforge/cloud-init: Make ReportingHandler a proper base class  https://review.openstack.org/20945411:26
openstackgerritClaudiu Popa proposed stackforge/cloud-init: Add an API for loading a data source  https://review.openstack.org/20952013:40
smatzeksmoser:  Last week you mentioned a weekly 10ET Wed meeting.  Is that going to be held here or on one of the openstack-meeting channels?14:02
smoserit'd be here.14:02
smoserand that is now.14:02
smoserand ... hm..14:02
Odd_Blokesmoser: We're in the hangout. :)14:03
claudiupopahey guys.14:03
smoserclaudiupopa, Odd_Bloke i'm sprinting, not erally available for call.14:03
claudiupopaWe're already here.14:03
Odd_Blokesmoser: Ack.14:03
Odd_Blokesmoser: Available for IRC meeting instead?14:03
smoseri've been working on the reporting stuff.14:03
claudiupopaWell, I think we can talk on IRC then.14:03
Odd_BlokeOr just plain busy?14:03
smatzekI'm on the phone on a sprint scrum as well.14:03
smoserOdd_Bloke, probably i can sort of do this. but i need to change location . so 5 minutes ?14:04
Odd_BlokeWell claudiupopa and I have abandoned the hangout.14:04
Odd_BlokeSo we can meet here. :)14:04
smoserk. back.14:10
Odd_BlokeSo I'm planning on _actually_ getting the webhook stuff done by the end of the week.14:11
Odd_BlokeAt the very least an implementation without support for any sort of complex auth.14:11
Odd_BlokeAnd hopefully a patch on top of that to add OAuth.14:12
smoserOdd_Bloke, that would be fabulous14:12
smoserOdd_Bloke, i have a oauthhelper that i had worked on last niht that might be useful for you14:12
smoserthe gist of it is in http://paste.ubuntu.com/12007052/14:12
Odd_Blokesmoser: Oh, if you're already working on a web hook handler, why don't you just take that all the way and I can start looking at something else?14:14
smoserOdd_Bloke, and then the use of it http://paste.ubuntu.com/12007107/14:14
smoserin that first paste, i changed the reporting a bit.. we can talk later.14:14
smoserclaudiupopa, 'childrens_finish_info' is "the children's finish info"14:15
smoseras opposed to multiple childrens14:16
smoserthat make sense >14:16
smoserwrt https://review.openstack.org/#/c/209045/4/cloudinit/reporting/__init__.py14:16
claudiupopaAh, it wasn't obvious. ;-)14:16
claudiupopasmoser: by the way, a review of this and the general approach will be appreciated: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/209520/14:17
smoserif you want me to drop the s, i can do that.14:17
claudiupopait's okay, it's not a big deal.14:18
smatzekcan you refresh my memory on where / how the reporting framework will be used?  I see it being used to write log entries.  Will it also be used to send events for parallel datasource discovery?  Is it also intended to be used if we do post-first boot configruation changes via some notifiation from the metadata service?14:22
Odd_Blokesmatzek: The intent is that it will be used to report on events that are happening in cloud-init; the log is the simplest case.14:23
Odd_Blokesmatzek: It will also be used to update MAAS/Juju on the status of instances as they come up.14:23
smatzekok, and I could see a future use to notify OpenStack Heat?14:23
smoserprimarily its "status" at this event.14:24
smoserso something (in this case maas or juju) could see that stuff is happening14:24
smoseror failing14:24
Odd_Blokesmatzek: Yeah, I don't see why not in principle.14:24
smatzekso given https://trello.com/b/HoPNdiTI/cloud-init-development-roadmap is the general direction of the work to get several of the datasources working and then move into the stages like the network stage and get the OS distros in likely as part of that?14:26
smoseryeah, we'd like to get the 'main' going. . i have a very stub branch for that14:27
smoserbut we'd like a basic main first.14:27
smoserone that can find a datasource, and import ssh keys as iminila14:27
smoserOdd_Bloke, i'd appreciate your thoughts on these changes15:03
smoser http://paste.ubuntu.com/12007369/15:03
smoserclaudiupopa, what does list_all_modules actually do ?15:04
claudiupopaGetting all the modules that it can find, while list_valid_modules will return only those which are interesting for a particular finder.15:05
claudiupopaI'm working on changing the API, since I don't like it so much that implementation details leak outside (finder from pkgutil).15:05
smoserbut what does it do ?15:06
smatzekI've been studying that code for the past 30+ minutes and was working on some comments.15:07
smoseri dont basically want to stat every single possible python path15:07
smatzekWe intend to reuse the finders for config modules and possibly distros right?  We probably don't want to have the design be that the import of the module does some registration of the module given that.15:08
smoserthat will be slow15:08
claudiupopaIt will not stat every possible path, only those starting from a given root, such as cloudinit.sources.15:08
smoserok, that wasnt clear.15:08
claudiupopasmatzek: yeah, that's the point, to reuse the same infrastructure for config modules.15:09
claudiupopaWhile distros are already loaded specifically.15:09
claudiupopasmoser: check cloudinit.sources.base.DataSourceLoader, that's the place where list_all_modules is used.15:10
smoserbecause of 'search_paths'15:11
smatzekmy comment was in reply to  Odd_Bloke's comment on BaseModuleFinder's find_module method.15:12
smatzekv0.7 has the ability to set the datasource list in cloud.cfg.  This is very handy in customized images in private clouds.  Could we get the ability to trim the datasource list before class initialization based on that in a future patch set?15:13
claudiupopayeah, why not.15:14
Odd_Blokesmoser: It's much easier to see what the changes are if you submit a WIP code review. :p15:17
Odd_Blokesmatzek: I'm not sure I follow; if the registration is performed by the module, then the plugin loading code can be even more generic (as it doesn't need to know _what_ it's importing, just where it should be looking).15:18
Odd_BlokeI still don't actually have a strong opinion either way though. :p15:18
Odd_BlokeExcept to say that if we want {meta,user,vendor}-data to supply plugins, then we are going to need to have a way for them to register themselves anyway.15:19
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Odd_Blokesmoser: So if you take the webhook stuff, I can look at what the next step towards getting something bootable is.15:23
Odd_BlokeWhether that is picking up your main stuff, or looking at a distro for Ubuntu.15:23
smoseri'd say picking up main, Odd_Bloke .15:24
smoseri will want some of your help... but i'll try to get you a review proposal15:24
smatzekI see your point.  One thought is that we let the modules do the initialization / registering it would make it harder to use cloud.cfg to trim out datasources from beinig inited that you don't want or need in private clouds.15:25
Odd_BlokeYeah, in fact, sold.15:30
Odd_BlokeWe will need to do things differently for config though, I think.15:30
Odd_Bloke(Though probably not that differently)15:31
openstackgerritScott Moser proposed stackforge/cloud-init: add ReportingEventStack  https://review.openstack.org/20904515:33
smoserclaudiupopa, or Odd_Bloke if you could review ^15:49
smoserthat'd be good. i have somethign to stack on top of it.15:49
smoseri think i addressed each of your concerns.15:49
smoserand i jsut realize that having reporting/__init__.py call 'add_configuration' is a pita15:52
smoseras anyuthing that imports that gets the default config added15:52
Odd_Blokesmoser: Yeah, that's not necessarily a long-term thing.16:44
Odd_Bloke(As in, once we have actual configuration stuff, that should disappear)16:44
smoserOdd_Bloke, well, i think i have that coming16:46
smoserthis is just so painful.16:46
smoserjust getting there (not your code)16:46
Odd_Blokesmoser: A module should only get imported once, and be cached from then on.16:47
Odd_Blokesmoser: Are you seeing something other than that?16:48
smoserembarrasing i didn't know this.16:49
smoserso then your16:50
smoser add_configuration(DEFAULT_CONFIG)16:50
smoserwill only be called once16:50
Odd_BlokeThat _should_ only happen once.16:50
smoserthank you.16:50
Odd_BlokeUnless we're doing something weird (i.e. plugin loading).16:50
Odd_BlokeAnd even then, we might hit the module cache depending on how we do it.16:51
Odd_BlokeLooking at #209045 now.16:54
smoserharlowja, around ?21:58
harlowjasup dawg21:58
harlowjau been busy21:59
clouduser_hey. what is the key for setting the hostname. i see two are there. 'hostname' and 'local-hostname' does anyone know where these should be user-data/meta-data21:59
harlowjasmoser feel free to use https://github.com/openstack/taskflow/blob/master/taskflow/types/tree.py if u  want :-P21:59
harlowjaseems like u made a tree like thing, ha22:00
harlowjaif u so desire22:00
smoseri want to do update_configuration(DEFAULT_CONFIG, reset=True) to set instantiated_handler_registry22:00
smoserbut it wants to set the local variable instantiated_handler_registry22:00
smoserwhat is the proper way to do that ?22:00
harlowjaglobal instantiated_handler_registry in 'update_configuration'22:01
harlowjafirst line22:01
harlowjaglobal instantiated_handler_registry22:01
harlowja*makes python know to look for global22:01
smoseri dint' know if that was generally considered accetpab.e22:01
harlowjaother option22:02
harlowjamake update_configuration a method on DictRegistry22:02
smoserclouduser_, https://github.com/openstack/taskflow/blob/master/taskflow/types/tree.py22:02
harlowjaseeing that its like def update_configuration(config, reset=False):22:02
harlowjathat makes me wonder if it should be `def update_configuration(self, reset=False):`22:02
smoserthanks i'll look at that22:05
harlowjasmoser https://review.openstack.org/#/c/209661/ since i know u care, haha22:09
harlowja* no haha, serious talk only22:10
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smoserharlowja, help my gerrit foo22:35
harlowjasmoser ?22:36
harlowjawhats up22:36
harlowjagit-review -R ?22:39
harlowjatry that one instead i thnk22:39
smosersame thing22:39
smoseri have the the one review at https://review.openstack.org/#/c/209045/422:40
smoserand wanted to put another one that depended on it22:40
openstackgerritMerged stackforge/cloud-init: add ReportingEventStack  https://review.openstack.org/20904522:40
harlowjatypically what i do is say checkout the code @  https://review.openstack.org/20904522:41
harlowjathen add new code, commit it locally, then git-review -R22:41
harlowjawhich creates new review with parent of the other review22:42
harlowjatypically that works for me :-/22:42
openstackgerritScott Moser proposed stackforge/cloud-init: add unregister and reset to DictRegistry and use  https://review.openstack.org/20969622:51
smosergot there one way or another22:51

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