sitteryofel: it occurs to me that you broke the breeze automerge http://kci.pangea.pub/job/merger_breeze/346/01:07
kfunkguys, anyone running Wily as "production" system already? is it usable?07:27
* kfunk wants to break his system again07:27
ovidiu-florinsgclark: ping07:31
lordievaderGood morning.07:54
=== tazz_ is now known as tazz
soeekfunk: yes, im usign it since few weeks08:14
lordievaderkfunk: Running a development release in production is never a good idea.08:16
kfunklordievader: pff :)08:16
lordievaderEspecially not now with the transition to GCC5.08:16
kfunkoh, right, that's troublesome, I can imagine08:17
yofelsitter: how would I fix breeze? It looks like it's failing on the unstable>stable merge, but:08:20
yofel$ git checkout kubuntu_unstable 08:20
yofelBranch kubuntu_unstable set up to track remote branch kubuntu_unstable from origin.08:20
yofelSwitched to a new branch 'kubuntu_unstable'08:20
yofel$ git merge origin/kubuntu_stable 08:20
yofelAlready up-to-date.08:20
sitteryofel: because sgclark fixed it :P http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/plasma/breeze.git/commit/?id=7473fd16fbcb37e7dff530b5cd45fb152177a56408:22
yofelthen don't ping me if it's fixed..08:22
sitteryofel: she fixed it after I pung 08:22
Riddell!testers | 14.04 trusty .3 update tests needed08:41
ubottu14.04 trusty .3 update tests needed: testers is Help is needed in #kubuntu-devel. Please ping Riddell, yofel, soee, Tm_T, shadeslayer, BluesKaj, James147, Quintasan, lordievader, shrini, tester56, parad1se, mamarley, alket, SourBlues, sgclark, neo31, vip, mparillo for information08:41
lordievaderIs it time to make my test box a triple boot ;)08:42
Riddelllordievader: could well be, can you help out?08:43
lordievaderThat is if login.ubuntu.com will respond...08:44
lordievaderAh, there we go.08:44
dokocalligra has hardcoded b-d's on boost1.55 ...08:49
* sitter welcomes doko to his daily http://tinyurl.com/aoal68o08:51
Riddelldoko: what should it have?08:52
sittera bdep without version08:52
Riddellhmm, I thought it was ubuntu practice to add an explicit version to boost?08:53
Riddelldebian does it without08:53
dokolibboost-system1.55-dev -> unversioned08:54
dokowho told you that?08:54
sitterRiddell: not sure where you got that idea tbh08:54
sitteranyway, fix should be a test build away one presumes08:55
Riddellfrom ScottK surely?08:57
Riddellanyway I can fix calligra08:57
sitterRiddell: since I joined late for the kubuntu bof... do you remember why exactly we are marking gcc5 retracted symbols optional?09:19
sitterdoko: just in case. do you have any guesses why santa would get a symbol while I don't for std::_Sp_counted_ptr<decltype(nullptr), (__gnu_cxx::_Lock_policy)2>::_M_dispose()09:22
sitter- (optional=templinst)_ZNSt15_Sp_counted_ptrIDnLN9__gnu_cxx12_Lock_policyE2EE10_M_disposeEv@Base 5.12.009:22
sitter+#MISSING: 5.12.0+git20150805.0211+15.10-0# (optional=templinst)_ZNSt15_Sp_counted_ptrIDnLN9__gnu_cxx12_Lock_policyE2EE10_M_disposeEv@Base 5.12.009:22
dokositter, these are destructors, the go and come, depending on compiler version and optimization level09:23
dokothey even09:25
sitterok thanks09:25
sitterRiddell: should you run into build failures with symbols in frameworks please make sure to merge your changes into kubuntu_unstable manually as well, I did a number of additional tweaking for CI already, so chances are things will fail to build unless you make sure the symbols changes are merged correctly09:39
Riddellsitter: santa used optional just to make sure it compiled everywhere all the time including backports09:40
RiddellI expect we can move to default now09:40
Riddellsitter: merges, gotcha09:40
sittermh, it occurs to me that this is more work since we now don't know which symbosl are properly optional and which ones arent ;)09:41
sitteron a related note though... I think backports should have their symbols files dropped as part of the backport09:41
sitterthat's what KCI is doing for vivid builds anyway09:41
=== drawkward is now known as drawkward_away
sgclarkgood morning, I had to fix some plasma 5.3.2 vivid backports yesterday, and need testers please.10:29
ubottutesters is Help is needed in #kubuntu-devel. Please ping Riddell, yofel, soee, Tm_T, shadeslayer, BluesKaj, James147, Quintasan, lordievader, shrini, tester56, parad1se, mamarley, alket, SourBlues, sgclark, neo31, vip, mparillo for information10:29
vipsgclark: staging repo? already upgraded10:29
sgclarkI still feel right crummy :(10:29
lordievadersgclark: That is too bad. :(10:30
lordievaderI installed 5.3.2 a couple of days ago, upgrade went smooth.10:30
yofelfor me it still says:10:32
yofelThe following packages will be REMOVED:10:33
yofel  ksysguard kubuntu-desktop10:33
yofelframeworks still not released?10:33
Riddellclivejo: looks like digikam is now caught up in gcc transition10:33
yofelsgclark: does plasma depend on some unreleased frameworks version?10:36
clivejoI had to remove the proposed archive to build on LP10:36
BluesKajHey folks10:37
yofelclivejo: right, and we can't do that for the archive10:37
clivejooh, didnt know that10:38
* sitter puts summer '15 down as the great proposed implosion10:38
clivejooh no, not an implosion10:39
sgclarkyofel: hmm, ok looking into it10:50
ovidiu-florinsgclark: re ping11:09
sgclarkovidiu-florin: pong11:29
sgclarkok ksysguard wants things that don't exist anymore and my brain is too brokien to fix it 11:29
sitterlibksysguard had an ABI break but I think that will be in 5.411:30
sittersgclark: got an error?11:30
sgclarkit wants 5 and the libs are at 711:31
dokoRiddell, sgclark: how are kde uploads going?11:31
sgclarkksysguard : Depends: libksgrd5 but it is not going to be installed11:31
sgclarkdoko: I am extreemely sick, doing the best I can11:32
Riddelldoko: frameworks is up, I haven't looked into what's next11:32
ovidiu-florinsgclark: is phabricator connected to the CI?11:32
ovidiu-florinor will it be?11:32
sgclarkit will be eventually11:33
dokosgclark, ta11:34
ScottKRiddell: since boost-defaults is watched more closely now, it's probably OK to go with unversioned.  Historically I didn't like it because one doesn't want to change boost versions accidentally.11:40
sittersgclark: ksysguard needs a rebuild11:46
sittersgclark: although I do not know the context of the build you are talking about, so there might be trickier foo involved ;)11:46
sittergenerally though a rebuild should fix it11:47
sgclarkyeah no worries11:47
sgclarkif I was a tad less sick I am sure I could sort it out. Will try rebuild, ty11:47
sittersomeone really needs to work on automated b-dep generation or at least review all things that depend on kdelibs4support11:53
sitterit seems to me way too much stuff from plasma bottlenecks on it11:53
sitterRiddell: completely wiping out breeze-qt4 and oxygen-qt4 now12:07
sitterfrom KCI12:08
sitterthis is now including stable12:08
Riddellkill them dead12:08
dokoare marble and okteta part of your updates?12:39
Riddelldoko: yes, they're part of the KDE Applications release12:42
Riddellwhich we're behind on and need to update12:42
Riddellthey're also both quite ugly for their libraries12:42
dokoI can imagine ...12:45
sitterRiddell: if you want to update apps 15.04.x you mustn't merge12:49
sitterstable is now 15.0812:49
sitteractually, I need to send mailz12:49
Riddellsitter: how about if I package 15.07.80 ?12:50
sitterthen it's fine to base on stable12:50
sitteralso that version still needs packaging as per the mail I sent likea month ago >.<12:50
Riddellwe just need to get clivejo and ahoneybun interested in packaging and updating new things :)12:57
ahoneybunI need exp more 12:57
ahoneybun*more exp12:57
ahoneybunRiddell: is there a kde-usa/kde-community irc room?12:59
Riddellnot that I know of12:59
ahoneybunoh ok13:01
ahoneybunthe kde-usa ML is pretty dead13:01
ahoneybunlast message was in march of this year13:01
ahoneybunI won't mind doing some promotion at fossetcon if I had stickers/booth13:02
ahoneybungetting a booth will not be hard I think13:03
ahoneybunI need a cool table cloth13:03
BluesKajahoneybun:  with K-gear logos 13:09
ahoneybunyep lol13:09
ximionRiddell: http://appstream.kubuntu.co.uk/hints_html/wily/main/13:11
* ahoneybun waits for bestbuy to open13:12
ximionuniverse looks way worse, but if I refine the icon searching code, some of the errors might already vanish13:13
Riddellximion: awooga :)13:15
sitterRiddell: image hosting needs a CDN account13:15
ximionI also made a small package (based on the Tanglu packaging) for Kubuntu :)13:15
sitterrandom thought du jour that was13:16
Riddellsitter: what what?13:16
sitterRiddell: since appstream screenshots are hosted by the distro we need a CDN to host them13:16
sitterotherwise they are either going to be ETOOSLOW in !europe or blow up the server, or both :P13:17
Riddellwhat's a CDN?13:18
ximionRiddel: I noticed a few odd things in the Kubuntu metadata, which I want to fix - so treat the current data as preliminary stuff to experiment with13:18
ximionthat's also the reason why this isn't official at Debian yet13:18
ximioncontent delivery network13:18
sitterRiddell: special file hosting service with servers in different geographic regions that figures out where to direct traffic13:19
sitterlike a mirror network essentially but for the web13:19
sitterRiddell: what do we do with the missing dep there? http://kci.pangea.pub/job/wily_unstable_oxygen/29/parsed_console/job/wily_unstable_oxygen/29/parsed_console/log_content.html#WARNING1 13:27
clivejoRiddell: Im interested in package, just need to learn how to!13:44
Riddellclivejo: ahoneybun: we need new packages for kwallet-pam and plasma-pa if you're up for a challenge13:54
clivejoRiddell: are you willing to explain very slowly how to do it, step by step13:55
Riddellclivejo: sure, do you have a spare hour or two? I'll set up an ec213:55
clivejoand prepared to answer, "but why" and "are we there yet" questions13:56
soeedo we package LO ? i see there is v 5.0 already released ?14:11
Riddellclivejo: try   ssh ubuntu@ec2-54-158-140-126.compute-1.amazonaws.com14:13
Riddellsoee: kubuntu team doesn't no14:13
clivejoRiddell: Im in14:16
Riddellclivejo: groovy, shall we package kwallet-pam?14:16
clivejois ahoneybun here too?14:16
Riddellno, I can add him if he wants to watch/help out14:17
clivejocause I can do it locally if he wants to take the lead14:17
Riddellclivejo: lets just start here14:18
Riddellclivejo: there's an older package at you can put into an old/ directory https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archive/primary/+files/pam-kwallet_0.0%7Egit20140429-0ubuntu2.dsc14:18
Riddelluse dget to download that14:18
Riddellclivejo: and the new stuff we want to package is still in git, not tars until toorrow  https://projects.kde.org/projects/playground/base/kwallet-pam/repository14:20
clivejogit clone ?14:20
clivejolike that?14:21
Riddelloh, no not like that :)14:22
Riddellopen that url and find the real one14:22
clivejolike that?14:22
clivejodo I need a branch/revision?14:23
clivejoput my debian folder here?14:24
Riddellclivejo: not yet14:24
Riddellyou need to make a .orig.tar first14:25
Riddelland  rm -rf the .git directory14:25
clivejois there a tool?14:25
Riddellrm and tar :)14:26
clivejocant I just use the tarball link?14:26
Riddellthere is no tarball14:26
Riddellgosh where did you find that?14:27
clivejoon the page you sent me, click the tarball button14:27
Riddellhmm that seem to be the git repository not the files in the git repository14:28
sittereh eh eh14:28
clivejocan I try it?14:28
Riddellsure look and see14:29
sitterRiddell: you did read that I packaged, right?14:29
Riddellsitter: ooh?14:29
sitterI mentioned it at least twice14:29
sitterin two different channels probably14:29
Riddellsitter: but where's the packaging?14:30
clivejowhat version are we?14:31
sitterneeds rules changed to default to kwallet5 and optin for kwallet4 though, as per changes done earlier today in git14:32
Riddellsitter: did you package plasma-pa ?14:33
sittercalled plasma-volume-control on git.debian presently14:34
sitternot sure it has a copyright though etc.14:34
sitter(and well, theres the obvious problem that it needs renaming)14:34
Riddelland moved into plasma14:35
Riddellclivejo: how are you getting on?14:35
clivejowhat version?14:36
clivejoand how do I know?14:36
Riddellwe're taking a snapshot so you can make one up14:36
sitterRiddell, clivejo: look for mail 'kde applications 15.08 - kf5 ports' on the devel mailing list14:36
Riddell0.0+git20150805 for example14:36
sitterit lists a whole bunch of stuff that needs porting to kf5 packaging14:36
sitterand that list actually grew ... https://community.kde.org/Applications/15.08_Release_Notes14:38
sittereverything that has a [new] tag in the kf5 list needs porting14:38
clivejodo I remove the git info before I tarball it?14:40
Riddellclivejo: yes please14:40
clivejoRiddell: is that right?14:43
Riddellclivejo: looking good14:43
Riddellclivejo: so now you want to add in sitter's packaging http://people.ubuntu.com/~apachelogger/tmp/debian.tar14:44
Riddellclivejo: which presumably is better than the old package else he wouldn't have pointed us to it14:44
clivejonot the one from before?14:44
Riddellclivejo: right, ignore current stuff use sitter stuff14:44
Riddellshadeslayer: can you remember why you called that pam-kwallet?14:46
Riddelland not kwallet-pam?14:46
Riddellclivejo: rename it to kwallet-pam on that first line14:46
Riddellclivejo: stick your own name in and add a line saying new snapshot14:47
clivejoRiddell: look ok?14:48
clivejogrr not nano14:48
clivejohow do I save14:48
Riddellemacs :)  control-x-s  control-x-c14:49
Riddellclivejo: hang on, sitter said we'd need to swap the 4/5 logic14:50
clivejowhat is 4/5 logic when its at home?14:50
Riddellclivejo: this package has the annoying feature that it builds itself twice, once for kdelibs4 and once for frameworks 514:51
clivejowhat did you do?14:52
Riddellclivejo: and just today the author changed it so by default it builds kwallet5 and you have to ask for kwallet414:52
Riddellpreviously it was the opposite way round14:52
Riddellclivejo: so edit debian/rules14:53
Riddelland remove the bit that defines KWALLET5 and move it to the live above to it defines KWALLET414:53
Riddelland remove that define for phonon which is just left over from a bad copy/paste sitter did I think14:53
Riddellclivejo: it's the dh_auto_configure lines to change14:54
clivejoIm confused14:55
clivejohave you done this?14:55
Riddellno I haven't14:56
Riddellunder override_dh_auto_configure: the first line builds the kwallet4 version and the second line builds the kwallet5 version14:56
Riddellfirstly remove that -DPHONON thing, that's junk14:56
Riddellclivejo: now move that -DKWALLET5 up to the kwallet4 line14:58
Riddelland change the 5 to a 414:58
clivejois it the wrong way around?15:00
Riddellclivejo: it is15:00
Riddellclivejo: first of those lines should say   -- -DKWALLET4=115:00
Riddellsecond one should say  -- --builddirectory=$(QT5_BUILD_DIR)15:00
clivejowhy do we need version 4?15:01
Riddellgood question, shame sitter's not around to answer it15:01
Riddellclivejo: I'm wrong about the "--" move those to the first line15:02
clivejowhat does that mean ?15:02
Riddellbuilddirectory is an argument for dh_auto_configure, the -DKWALLET4 is an argument for dh_auto_configure to pass to cmake15:02
ximionRiddell: fixed a few bugs in the DEP-11 generator, this will drastically reduce the amount of broken apps (especially if they are KDE applications)15:02
Riddellclivejo: so when you run debuild one of the first things that happens is it needs to run  cmake  to configure the package15:03
clivejobut isnt -- and option?15:03
Riddellclivejo: normally it guesses correctly how to do that but being a strange package we build twice we have to override it which we do with the override_dh_auto_configure: rule15:03
clivejobut its blank here ?15:04
Riddellso first we run  dh_auto_configure and tell it to pass -DKWALLET4=1 to cmake15:04
Riddellanything after the "--" is passed to cmake rather than being used by dh_auto_configure15:04
clivejoI didnt know that15:04
Riddellsecondly we run dh_auto_configure and tell it to build in a different directory15:04
Riddellbut on that second line we now don't pass anything to cmake because cmake was changed today to build kwallet5 by default15:05
=== Tm_Tr is now known as Guest98434
Riddellclivejo: tidy up by removing that dh_strip stuff at the bottom, we don't need that15:05
Riddellclivejo: control-k is your friend15:06
Riddellgroovy, save and quit15:06
Riddellclivejo: now in debian/control we'll need to rename the package on the first line15:06
clivejohere too?15:07
Riddellclivejo: nah let's keep them with the same names15:07
Riddellclivejo: set Standards-Version: to 3.9.615:08
clivejowill I bump the standards15:08
Riddellclivejo: oh here's more stuff you can put in debian/control15:08
RiddellHomepage: https://projects.kde.org/projects/kde/workspace/libkscreen15:08
RiddellVcs-Browser: http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/plasma/libkscreen.git15:08
RiddellVcs-Git: git://anonscm.debian.org/pkg-kde/plasma/libkscreen.git15:08
Riddelladd those at the bottom of the first block and replace libkscreen with kwallet-pam 15:09
Riddellclivejo: lets see what a debuild does15:10
clivejocan I put the deps on separate lines?15:10
clivejolike that?15:11
Riddellclivejo: there's a magic script called  wrap-and-sort  to do that15:11
Riddellmuch better than doing it by hand15:11
clivejoeasier to read!15:11
Riddellclivejo: save the file then run wrap-and-sort15:12
clivejolike that?15:12
Riddellclivejo: nah that's it, it doesn't think that build-depends line is long enough to wrap15:13
Riddellclivejo: so that's fine, try a debuild15:13
Riddellclivejo: ah rename the tar I think, use a ~ instead of a +15:14
Riddellclivejo: an export LANG=C; export LC_ALL=C  will make things tidyer :)15:16
clivejomissing seperator15:18
Riddellso groovy it built15:21
Riddellhmm I think harald has forgotten the .install files15:21
Riddellso add in a .install file for each package15:21
clivejoRiddell: ok?15:25
Riddellclivejo: looking good15:31
Riddellclivejo: run lesspipe over the three .deb files to check them15:31
clivejonew to me15:31
Riddellyes, it'll show you what's in the files15:31
BluesKajintertsting, just installed google-earth on 15.10 and it runs just fine so far 15:31
clivejocan you show me how?15:32
Riddellclivejo: that one looks good15:33
clivejodo not publish the version 4 one?15:33
Riddellwe'll publish this15:34
Riddellbut we'll only put the kwallet5 one on the ISO images15:34
clivejodo we need that one?15:35
Riddellclivejo: fancy fixing up the debian/copyright now?15:35
Riddellyes it's a transitional because pam-kwallet is now called pam-kwallet415:35
Riddellso this empty package just depends on the newly named package15:35
Riddellclivejo: I think it's just that Source: line which need fixed15:35
Riddellget the right url from debian/control15:36
clivejois the source not the git archive?15:36
Riddellwell whatever, just somewhere that people can find upstream15:36
clivejolike that?15:37
Riddellso now let's upload it to the staging-plasma ppa15:38
Riddellrun debuild -S  15:38
Riddellah wait there's another lnitian issue15:38
Riddellit's getting very fussy about these copyright files15:38
Riddellclivejo: can you change the line where it says BSD to BSD-3-clause15:39
clivejowill you have to sign it?15:40
Riddellclivejo: yep, I just signed kwallet-pam_0.0~git20150805-0ubuntu1_source.changes15:40
Riddellso now you can  dput ppa:kubuntu-ppa/staging-plasma kwallet-pam_0.0~git20150805-0ubuntu1_source.changes15:40
Riddellclivejo: dput -u15:41
Riddellthat should appear at https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/staging-plasma shortly15:42
clivejocan I push to plasma_staging?15:43
clivejoif I was to do all that locally15:43
Riddellclivejo: I think so, I added you to ~kubuntu-packagers15:45
clivejo386 version failed15:45
clivejoshould be /lib/*/security ?15:47
Riddellclivejo: exactly :)15:47
clivejodo I have to increase the version number?15:48
clivejocan I just do that?15:49
clivejoubuntu2 ?15:49
clivejowill you do your thing again pls15:52
clivejodid you let me make that mistake on puspose?!?15:54
Riddellclivejo: signed15:55
clivejoRiddell: did you let me make that mistake on purpose?15:57
Riddellclivejo: nope, I didn't see any mistake15:57
Riddellclivejo: so well done, you're an elite packager15:58
Riddellif you fancy another challenge plasma-pa needs something similar done15:58
clivejoI have to go for a while15:59
clivejobut maybe later15:59
clivejois there a plan or diagram how everything fits together?16:00
Riddellnot really, KDE has three big releases of frameworks, plasma and applications16:00
Riddelland other stuff that gets released on its own16:00
Riddelland it's the task of packagers to keep track of it all16:00
ahoneybunyay back up and running16:00
Riddellhi ahoneybun16:00
ahoneybunhey Riddell16:00
ahoneybunjust got a 240GB SSD16:01
clivejowhy does kwallet need to talk to PAM?16:01
* clivejo chokes16:01
Riddellclivejo: when you log in it opens kwallet so you don't have to open it all the time with a separate password, I think16:01
clivejothat makes sense, now you explain it16:02
* ahoneybun should have made a script for packages he needs to package...16:02
ahoneybunto install16:02
clivejoapt-get install ahoneybun ;)16:03
ahoneybunnot sure of the packages I had before16:03
ahoneybunfor packaging :_16:04
clivejoRiddell: I cant find the v2 on LP16:06
clivejodid it get rejected?16:06
Riddellahoneybun: lots to package  https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kubuntu-devel/2015-July/009767.html  https://community.kde.org/Applications/15.08_Release_Notes16:07
Riddellclivejo: ahem, you uploaded it to the ubuntu archive :)16:07
Riddellclivejo: run dput again but  add back in the ppa:kubuntu-ppa/staging-plasma 16:08
clivejoeakkk sorry16:08
clivejocan you delete it?16:08
Riddellclivejo: yep done :)16:12
clivejoboth arch seem to have built ok :)16:12
clivejotime for tea!16:12
ahoneybunRiddell: still around?16:21
Riddellhola ahoneybun16:21
ahoneybunwhat are the needed packages to build?16:21
ahoneybunie, use debuild16:21
ahoneybunplus I need to import my key crap16:21
ahoneybunand I deleted my key...16:22
Riddelldevscripts has debuild16:25
Riddellthen it depends on the package you're building16:25
ahoneybunjust base packages really16:26
ahoneybunRiddell: this will be much faster with a SSD now 16:27
ahoneybunhow do I get my key from LP?16:27
Riddellyou public key is linked from your profile page16:27
Riddellyour private key you don't because only you should have that16:27
ahoneybunbut how to import and such16:28
RiddellI forget, gpg --help will know16:28
ahoneybunok got the public16:32
ahoneybungpg --recv-keys16:32
davmor2ahoneybun: you need the private key on your machine16:32
ahoneybunno clue how to get it16:32
davmor2ahoneybun: you should have a back up of it off you old system/harddrive16:33
ahoneybunI did on GDrive16:33
ahoneybunbut that was not a good idea16:33
davmor2ahoneybun: you may have to create a new key and null your old one16:34
ahoneybunjust imported the public one16:34
ahoneybungpg --gen-key   ?16:36
davmor2ahoneybun: http://irtfweb.ifa.hawaii.edu/~lockhart/gpg/gpg-cs.html16:36
davmor2ahoneybun: I recommend when you create it you back it up the .gnupg folder to a pendrive and store it somewhere safe.16:37
ahoneybunyea this time I will for sure16:38
ahoneybunthanks davmor216:38
davmor2ahoneybun: you'll need this again too I think https://help.launchpad.net/YourAccount/ImportingYourPGPKey16:38
ahoneybunyea import the new one into LP16:39
ahoneybunseems I broke kgpg16:43
ahoneybundavmor2: got the secret key and pubilc16:51
ahoneybunjust have to upload to the keyserver16:51
ahoneybunthe public one16:51
* Riddell out17:06
ahoneybunI don't understand sitter's email17:10
ahoneybunwhat needs packaging17:11
=== a7med is now known as Neo31
shadeslayerRiddell: convention probably17:13
ahoneybunshadeslayer: do you understand?17:35
clivejowhat is plasma-pa, pulse-audio?18:32
clivejoRiddell: you about?18:35
clivejois there anyway to make the clipboard remember more than 6 entries?19:00
mamarleyclivejo: Yeah, right click somewhere on the popup and click "Configure Clipboard".19:01
mamarleyYou can configure it to remember up to 2048 entries.19:01
clivejomamarley: thanks, you're a star!19:01
mamarleyNo problem :)19:01
clivejothats been annoying me for a while19:02
clivejoI want a hat!19:02
mamarleySorry, I have no hats :(19:03
clivejomamarley: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uG40fJzlJiM19:03
* mamarley is at work and can't watch youtube videos, sorry.19:03
clivejoits the Kubuntu Podcast :)19:03
mamarleyI really hope Kubuntu stays around in some form.  It is a really awesome KDE distro, and you guys are awesome too. :)19:06
ovidiu-florinKubuntu Podcast Episode 3 has started. Join us here: http://youtu.be/uG40fJzlJiM19:31
clivejohas plasma-volume-control changed ot plasma-pa ?19:32
clivejoah santa!19:46
=== santa is now known as Guest65423
clivejohow are you?19:46
=== Guest65423 is now known as santa__
santa__fine, thanks19:47
santa__nope, not hiding, I was moved from one house to another19:48
santa__and I purchased internetz for my mobile19:48
clivejowhat is a boof?19:48
santa__maybe you mean bof?19:49
QuintasanBirds of Feather IIRC19:49
clivejo"there was a bog for "19:49
QuintasanIt's a gathering of people to work on a same topic19:49
santa__clivejo: it's an informal reunion to discuss something19:50
santa__like things to do in kubuntu and such19:50
santa__we had some bof's @ akademy19:50
clivejosanta__: thats what ovidiu-florin is talking about on podcast19:51
clivejobut didnt know what a bof was19:51
santa__ah, well now you know19:51
QuintasanBah, can someone paste me a magnet link for willy alpha 2 image?19:51
Quintasancdimage doesn't respond here.19:51
QuintasanOh now it does.19:52
BluesKajqui don't think there is one, only the torrent tracker option19:52
BluesKajQuintasan: ^19:53
clivejoanyone able to help me with plasma-pa previously plasma-volume-control19:53
BluesKajok , good :)19:53
clivejoBluesKaj: yeah, I think so#19:54
clivejotrying to package it19:54
QuintasanBluesKaj: You can generate a magnet link for any torrent from within KTorrent19:54
clivejobut getting lot of lintan errors/warnings I need to resolve19:54
BluesKajwish that package didn't exist, i pulled my m-audio soundcard in favour of using the onboard intel-hda which runs alsa just fine without pulse ..unfortunately some soundcards rely on the pulseaudio soundserver19:56
QuintasanWhich card exactly relies on PA?19:58
BluesKajQuintasan:  m-audio audiophile 192 will run without pualse, but webaudio/flashaudio doesn't play without it20:28
BluesKajI think most cards do, but some need pulse to link flash audio to alsa ...i haven't figured out why 20:31
MichaelPkubuntu 15.10 alpha2 .....apt dist-upgrade....E: Can't find a source to download version '1:2.26.2-6ubuntu3' of 'bsdutils:amd64'20:43
dokoRiddell, you probably might kill me, but I'll bump the openexr soname20:49
Riddelldoko: okay dokay21:10
clivejoRiddell: !!21:11
Riddellhi clivejo21:11
clivejohas plasma-volume-control changed its name to plasma-pa?21:11
Riddellclivejo: yes, it's about to anyway21:11
clivejocan you have a look at this?21:12
clivejolots of lintan errors :(21:12
Riddellclivejo: looking good21:18
Riddellcompant says 9 but build-depends says debhelper >= 821:18
Riddellit should be >= 921:18
clivejohow do I sort the copyright?21:18
MichaelPkubuntu 15.10 alpha2 .....apt dist-upgrade....E: Can't find a source to download version '1:2.26.2-6ubuntu3' of 'bsdutils:amd64'  21:19
Riddellclivejo: rather than using dh directly in debian/rules we use  "include /usr/share/pkg-kde-tools/qt-kde-team/3/debian-qt-kde.mk"21:20
Riddellwhich sets some useful kde bits21:20
Riddellclivejo: debian/copyright is just a case of filling in the gaps, it takes some detective work21:21
Riddelllooking at the source code, seeing who's the copyright owners and what the licences are21:21
MichaelPnever mind muon took care of it21:21
clivejoso how do I fix the rules?21:22
Riddelllicensecheck * -r  helps21:22
Riddellsorry MichaelP, busy with other stuff just now21:22
Riddellclivejo: take a look at any other plasma package, kwrited say21:23
MichaelPRiddell: installed muon.. then set package for upgrade... then did apt dist-upgrade again21:23
Riddellclivejo: it's LGPL 2 or 3 or ev and copyright to harald sitter, except stuff in cmake/ which is BSD licence21:24
Riddellclivejo: non-native-package-with-native-version version should be 0.0-0ubuntu1~gitfoo21:29
Riddellpackage-needs-versioned-debhelper-build-depends as I said before21:29
Riddellwrong-section-according-to-package-name  add Secton: debug Priority: extra to that block in debian/rules21:30
Riddelland that should tidy it all up :)21:30
clivejoto rules or control?21:39
Riddellclivejo: which?21:42
clivejosection: debug priority: extra21:42
Riddellthat's in debian/control21:42
ahoneybunoh Riddell back21:46
Riddellhola chico21:48
clivejoRiddell: https://paste.kde.org/pvaziggzk22:01
clivejo4 I cant get rid of22:02
ahoneybunI don't understand what needs packaged Riddell22:02
Riddellahoneybun: lots of things need ported to kf5, e.g. kgamma22:03
Riddellclivejo: package-name-doesnt-match-sonames and shlib-without-versioned-soname ignore22:03
ahoneybunare they on git.debian.org?22:03
ahoneybunported is different then packaged22:04
Riddellahoneybun: kgamma is yes22:04
ahoneybunor at the very least misleading with "ported22:04
Riddellahoneybun: the packaging is already there it needs adapted because the code is now frameworks 5 now kdelibs422:04
Riddellnot kdelibs422:04
Riddellclivejo: pkg-has-shlibs-control-file-but-no-actual-shared-libs I don't understand it does have shared libs and shlibs does expand to things, ignore for now I guess22:10
* ahoneybun trys to find that email from harald22:10
Riddellclivejo: for the last one you want something like:22:11
Riddell        $(overridden_command) --dbg-package=plasma-workspace-dbg22:11
Riddellbut with the package name fixed22:11
Riddellahoneybun: yes that's the one22:11
Riddellahoneybun: needs build-deps updated and debian/rules updated to use the kf5 rules files22:11
clivejoI have dh $@ --with kf5 --dbg-package=plasma-pa-dbg22:11
ahoneybunRiddell: I'm looking for that email that says those things22:12
ahoneybunharald sent it out22:12
ahoneybunRiddell: where are some examples of the kf5 rules?22:12
Riddellahoneybun: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kubuntu-devel/2015-July/009767.html22:12
Riddellahoneybun: other plasma bits, kwrited for example22:12
ahoneybunthats the email22:13
Riddellclivejo: use the pkg-kde include in debian/rules22:13
ahoneybunbut I have to understand what needs changing with the ruls22:13
Riddellahoneybun: use the version 3 script instead of 222:16
Riddellcopy and paste from another package22:16
ahoneybunI see the /2/ and /3/ thing22:17
ahoneybunI'm guessing in the json files that harald linked to22:18
ahoneybunis the depsn22:18
ximionRiddell: okay, the recent modifications on the appstream generator had a pretty huge impact on the generated data, the warnings of the metadata generator are now mostly sane, from what I have looked at (I will, however, improve the output, so we have a lintian-like directory of hints, with human-readable descriptions for each error)22:18
ahoneybunlike this: include /usr/share/pkg-kde-tools/qt-kde-team/3/debian-qt-kde.mk ?22:18
Riddellahoneybun: looks good22:18
ahoneybunnow the deps lol22:18
ximionstarting to fix the existing issues would be crucial for Kubuntu though. I can help with that @KDE upstream. Is there a place where I can announce the DEP-11 support at Kubuntu, so others can look at the hints as well and help solving problems? Or is that not yet wanted?22:19
clivejoRiddell: I dont understand "use the pkg-kde include in debian/rules"22:19
ahoneybunRiddell: this is what harald gave us for deps: https://paste.kde.org/pt3qmpcy822:19
ahoneybunfor kgamma anyway22:19
Riddellclivejo: what ahoneybun is just talking about22:19
clivejoI have that in my rules file22:20
Riddellclivejo: see for example http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/plasma/kwrited.git/tree/debian/rules?h=kubuntu_wily_archive22:20
clivejoRiddell: so I need that override_dh_strip in my rules too?22:21
Riddellclivejo: aye22:21
ahoneybungood question 22:21
ahoneybunso I need it too22:22
ahoneybunI don't have that22:22
Riddellahoneybun: if you have a debug package yes22:22
clivejofinally clicked22:22
ahoneybunguessing I don't22:22
ahoneybuna debug package?22:22
ahoneybunRiddell: this is what harald gave us for deps: https://paste.kde.org/pt3qmpcy822:23
Riddellahoneybun: I have no idea what that file is22:24
ahoneybunwell that is what that thing harald sent in that email is22:24
Riddellahoneybun: check in debian/rules if there's a debug package, consider adding one if not22:24
ahoneybunso I have no idea abotu the deps22:24
Riddellahoneybun: you need to work them out22:25
ahoneybunkgamma does not have any debuging in debian/rules22:25
ahoneybunhow do I work out the deps?22:25
ahoneybundebian sid?22:25
ahoneybundamn sid is old22:27
Riddellahoneybun: build the package in pbuilder and see what cmake complains is missing22:28
ahoneybunnot used to pbuilder22:28
ahoneybunok reading it22:29
ahoneybundamn ssd's are fast lol22:30
* clivejo hisses and spits22:31
ahoneybunI just had to upgrade my HDD22:31
ahoneybunso I'm like lets get a SSD now22:31
clivejohow much was it?22:33
clivejoRiddell: new version in my PPA22:35
ahoneybun80 bucks for 240gbs22:36
ahoneybunRiddell: how do I uncomment the deb-src line in pbuild?22:36
Riddellahoneybun: pbuilder --login --save-after-login22:36
clivejonot bad22:36
ahoneybunI built the base.tar.gz file thing22:37
ahoneybunthe next part is confusing22:37
ahoneybunor does that depend on the system vs chroot22:37
Riddellahoneybun: what's confusing?22:38
Riddellclivejo: in debian/copyright add yourself a copyright holder (of debian/)22:38
Riddellclivejo: in debian/copyright add a new block for src/ which is LGPL22:38
Riddellclivejo: in debian/rules remove the %: and dh lines, they're already covered by the pkg-kde include22:39
clivejoI dont understand this copyright stuff22:39
Riddellclivejo: files have a copying licence and copyright holders and debian/copyright should document that22:40
ahoneybunRiddell: you mean use pdebuild22:40
Riddellclivejo: src/ is LGPL which the rest is GPL so you need another block for Files: src/*22:40
MichaelPSystem Settings was unable to find any views, and hence has nothing to display.22:40
Riddellahoneybun: you need to make a source package then   pbuilder build *dsc   22:41
ahoneybunbut that is a old version no?22:42
Riddellahoneybun: the version in the archive is old so don't download that22:44
ahoneybunso where do I get the source...22:44
Riddellahoneybun: instead make a checkout from git   git clone kde:kgamma  and make a .orig.tar from that and put the packaging into it22:44
ahoneybunthat a lot22:44
ahoneybunthat I kninda don't understand22:45
ahoneybunI did clone it22:45
clivejotoo tired to look at this copyright stuff22:48
ahoneybunI;m trying to checkout but it is not working22:53
ahoneybungit put some fatal error out22:53
* Riddell snoozes23:14

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