SmilexI tried the lowlatency kernel, but it didn't solve my issues, now I want to revert. How do I do that?00:01
TJ-Smilex: what issues were you trying to solve?00:03
SmilexTJ-: "Monitoring" I think it's called. Tried to play with some plugins, without latency00:04
TJ-Smilex: the -lowlatency or -generic kernels can be installed alongside each other, and grub will list them in the boot menu. Removing the -lowlatency package(s) is sufficient00:04
TJ-Smilex: is that audio related?00:04
SmilexTJ-: Thanks and yes00:04
TJ-Smilex: Of course, if you're removing -lowlatency kernel packages make sure the system has the -generic packages installed first... if the system suffers a power-failure with no kernel packages installed it will be 'difficult'00:06
ussher_Thanks TJ, I've got the monitors working again.  I think when the update happened it updated the nvidia drivers to the newest version which was not compatible with the older of the 2 cards.  I couldn't get NOVEAU working, so reverted the nvidia drivers and im good again.  Thanks for your help.00:33
TJ-ussher_: That's a pain! My laptop  has to use the legacy 340.76 driver because the internal, and external, GPUs are no longer supported in the 'current' releases00:34
ussher_my older card needs the 304 drivers.  For me the pain point is that twinview went away somewhere so each screen needs its own x server, before I only needed 2 x servers, now 4 so its a bit slow at times.00:36
ussher_but they all work, so hey.00:36
TJ-I work over 4 X screens with KDE.00:39
ussher_you dont have any issues with stickyness when moving windows around or stickeyness when scrolling long pages?00:39
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lordievaderGood morning.07:54
DarkShadowHi I am installing Kubuntu 15.04 and I want to make sure i get the catalyst control panel and driver installed. The driver manager is asking which driver to use.  Is there a preferred choice? Should I also click on the "using Processor microcode firmware" radio button? Thanks.07:57
DarkShadowMy video card is a Radeon HD577007:57
lordievaderDarkShadow: The radeon driver doesn't cut it for you? And yes I would check the CPU microcode checkbox.07:59
DarkShadowlordievader: I have Kubuntu installed and am doing my first update. When I did driver manager came up asking which driver to use 'fglrx' or xorg-video-ati.. which of those should I use? I feel like I might want 'fglrx-update'.08:04
DarkShadow'xserver-xorg-video-ati' is being recommened.08:05
lordievaderThat is the closed source one, the xorg-video-ati should already be installed.08:06
lordievaderDarkShadow: Could you pastebin the output of 'lspci -k|grep -A2 VGA'?08:06
lordievader!paste | DarkShadow08:06
ubottuDarkShadow: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.08:06
DarkShadowwill do.. may take a few.08:07
DarkShadowBy the way. Done with Windows and now live in Linux. Win10 privacy issues ended it for me.08:16
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anabainwhich is the best gui tool for hardware monitoring?09:54
soeenot usre, but in Plasma there are plasmoids to monitor cpus, hdd, ram etc.09:57
DarkShadowaka - widgets09:58
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anabainok, I'll check, thanks10:25
lordievaderanabain: Check out ksysguard.10:28
anabainTJ, lordievader, do you remember yesterday, about the "failing" drive (I changed my nick) ? I'm not sure it's failing. Seagates tend to report SMART Raw_Read_Error_Rate, but as long as they don't outnumber Hardware_ECC_Recovered things are ok.10:29
lordievaderStill wouldn't trust it...10:30
TJ-anabain: Something certainly seemed incorrect on that system. If the drive isn't failing then there's a controller or firmware/BIOS issue10:30
anabainAnd another thing: these figures have gone down!!!10:30
lordievaderWhat sorcery is this?10:31
TJ-anabain: If it's a seagate drive did you use their drive test program. That's the authoritative guide to drive health (their public SMART values may not tell the entire story, nor be in line with SMART expectations)10:32
anabainTJ-, could it be the controller? Last week I lost another identical hdd on this system... I was able to do the backup, fortunately10:33
anabainNo, I haven't tried SeaTools on those drives...10:33
DarkShadowlordievader: The driver-manager was asking to use the proprietary video driver. I did and is working. Love Kubuntu + plasma 5 :D10:35
lordievaderDarkShadow: Good to hear :D10:36
anabainTJ-, did you have a look at this yesterday? From dmesg: pastebin.com/aQmU30q310:36
BluesKajHey folks10:37
anabainhi, BluesKaj10:37
TJ-anabain: Is the controller interface in firmware set to AHCI mode?10:37
BluesKajhi anabain10:37
DarkShadowDo I need dependencies to run 32 bit executables? With Kubuntu?10:37
lordievaderDarkShadow: You should be able to run them just fine.10:38
DarkShadowK Thanks! :)10:38
anabainTJ-, I don't know. Is there any way to know without rebooting? Right now the backup is ongoing...10:38
* DarkShadow in love with Kubuntu :)10:39
TJ-anabain: Yes: "grep -i ahci /var/log/dmesg"10:39
TJ-DarkShadow: Usually it'll need multi-arch libraries enabling. Check with "dpkg --print-foreign-architectures" - you will need to see "i386" to have 32-bit package support10:40
anabainTJ-, it seems yes:  pastebin.com/ueHN70m210:41
DarkShadowTG: Will do. I am developing an MMO and my game did not run and is 32 bit. So I have installed those libs before.10:42
BluesKajinteresting how a lot of software/games are still 32 bit. It must be costly to convert them to 6410:47
DarkShadowmore like dev tools catching up in my case10:48
anabainTJ-, anything to worry about?10:49
BluesKajWife plays LOTRO  a relatively new game, but iwas dev'd in 32 bit10:49
TJ-anabain: nothing obvious... but you said yesterday that system has had issues for a while, but you didn't say what kind of issues. But if it has a history then my first aim would be to identify what those are caused by and how to fix or woraround them10:51
DarkShadowTJ: If you have a link on installing multi-arch libs on Kubuntu 15.04 let me know ;)10:53
anabainTJ-, the whole story: I upgraded from 14.10 to 15.04. Everything seemed fine, but in one reboot I had problems: first failing drive. I backed up and disconnected the hdd, but kept having issues. I found that if I didn't delete the fstab entry for this hdd the system would keep complaining. OK, I deleted that. Another reboot and everything seemed ok... until I started having problems: black screen with the cursor after logging in.10:56
anabainTJ-, It could be a video driver issue, but I don't use nvidia (using radeon). Finally, I decided to downgrade to 14.10. I installed 14.04 and upgraded. Everything fine, until I tried to change to static ip via modifying /etc/network/interfaces in order to set up some nfs shared dirs between my box and my wife's11:01
prillian5yesterday I still had an Icon in dolphin (left side) for network, now it's gone.11:01
prillian5How can I got it back?11:01
prillian5It was the section where i could add ftp-connections, webdav ...11:01
anabainTJ-, Then, kde apps started to fail: dolphin freezes when you click on some dir/file icon, kwrite/kate don't do anything, not even when launched from a terminal.. I thought it was something related to routing and resolving the localhost, but then came the failing hdd hypothesis... until now11:04
BluesKajanabain:  most routers allow reserved IP settings (static) for various devices on a LAN and following this tutorial is probly the best one for your situation. I've used it very successfully in the past.  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo11:08
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kalibHello guys. I´m running a new kubuntu 15.04 machine.. and I´m asking myself.. how can I install flash? I mean, I did install the flashplugin-installer, but then it only works on firefox. Not on chromium. So I tried google. Some sits tells me to install the pepper package, so it will works for chromium, but I saw another page from ubuntu docs telling me that this package is not used anymore, and that I12:11
kalibshould install adobe-flashplugin. So I did it.. removed the flashplugin-installer, and installed this adobe-flashplugin.. firefox works, but chromium not. Any tip?12:11
BluesKajkalib:  install google-chrome instead of chromium , it contains it's own embedded flash which works fine12:14
kalibBluesKaj: thanks for your answer, but that´s not a solution. :/12:15
kalibI want to use chromium, always used it.12:15
BluesKajkalib:  you won't be able to tell the difference and all your bookmarks and settings etc from chromium will be autotransferred12:16
kalibfor real? didn´t know it..12:17
kalibso.. just aptitude install google-chrome?12:17
kalibwithout removing chromium?12:17
BluesKajyou try them side by side12:18
kalibBluesKaj: not on reps, right?!12:19
kalibaptitude didn´t find it12:20
BluesKajyou have download the deb file from the chrome site12:20
kaliblet me add the ppa..12:21
kalibdownload the deb? I was thinking about add the ppa from google..12:21
kalibso I can receive updates, etc..12:21
kalibwouldn´t be better?12:21
BluesKajno need for a ppa , it's deb file it will update with the rest of your packages12:21
ahoneybunI use chromium just fine12:21
kalibahoneybun: chromium doesn´t run netflix..12:22
kalibBluesKaj: I´ll download it.. thanks.12:22
ahoneybunI know firefox won't12:22
* ahoneybun has a PS3 for that12:22
BluesKajran netflix on chrome once , using my daughter's pw ..netflix isn't worth it for me , i found one movie out of a hundred that I might watch12:24
kalibBluesKaj: didn´t work as you said.. installed, and I´m running it right now.. but it didn´t bring my theme, bookmarks, etc..12:26
kalibI´ll try to copy the content of my .cconfig/chromium/* to my .config/chrome..12:26
BluesKajkaj it takes about a minute after you sign in12:26
kalibops... .config/google-chrome/12:26
BluesKajkalib: ^12:26
kalibdidn´t use to sig-in on chromium..12:27
kalibI have this configs local...12:27
BluesKajkalib:  no gmail accty ?12:27
kalibyes, I have..  but that´s not what I´m saying..12:28
kalibanyway.. let me try it.12:28
BluesKajwell if you have a gmail acct then a sign in should show up in chrome12:29
kalibthis is a new installation.. I backed up all my files before re-installing it.. and backed-up .config/chromium/*12:29
kalibafter installing it, I just restored those files.. and there was chromium as it was before..themes, bookmarks, etc..12:30
ahoneybunyour google account syncs everything12:30
kaliblet me try... because I have more than one google account..12:31
kalibI mean, one gmail and one on my domain (that uses google apps)12:31
BluesKajkalib:  check ~/.config/google-chrome/12:32
kalibok.. what for?12:32
BluesKajto make sure12:33
kalibtried my first account.. on my domain.. nothing happened..12:33
kaliblet me try to login to @gmail account12:34
kalibagain, nothing happened..12:35
kalibas I said, I never used to login on my browser..12:35
kalibthat´s why always liked chromium instead of chrome..12:35
kalibwell, I think I´ll just manual import my bookmarks from chromium12:35
kaliband that´s it..12:35
BluesKajit should still sync your settings , unless chromium needs to be removed12:36
kalibBluesKaj: yeah... anyway.. exported and imported.. now I have my bookmarks.12:47
kalibthanks ;]12:47
BluesKajkalib:  netflix should work and flash sites should as wel , but don't rely on youtube to test flash since most of the content runs in HTML512:50
kalibBluesKaj: yes, got it.. already tested on adobe site. :p12:54
kalibeverything working.. thanks12:54
BluesKajok good12:54
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Guest36421Hello.I think i shot my system. KDE wont boot anymore, and i need to restart lightdm manually at boot. Moreover my audio wont work anymore13:43
Guest36421Can someone help me fix this?13:43
Guest36421i reinstalled lightdm. KDE booting screen will stp and darken at thrid symbol if it helps. in log i found something suspicious about ibux13:44
Guest36421but cant work with it - too noob13:44
Guest36421it may be a driver issue too, for i find : XvScreenInit: screen devPrivates ptr non-NULL before init13:47
BluesKajGuest36421:  which kubuntu version            /13:54
anubis_Im using kubuntu 14.0414:04
anubis_shot my kde or soundor graphics driver, im not sure about it yet14:04
anubis_suspicious logs in /var/log/lightdm14:05
anubis_but im too stupid to fix it14:05
regedit_does this channel hava alog?14:28
regedit_*a log14:28
lordievaderregedit_: Yes.14:28
lordievaderregedit_: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/14:29
regedit_lordievader: cool! thanks14:29
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anabainBluesKaj, for the nfs part, the doc you said is fine (SettingUpnfshowto), but that's the second half of the story. The first one: how do I set up a static IP *without* breaking networking in kubuntu, preferably via /etc/network/interfaces ?17:13
BluesKajanabain: afaik you don't need to use static IP for NFS, i don't recall seeing that requirement in the tutorial, once your router assigns IPs to devices on a LAN  they won't change unless you do so manually17:17
audreelissWhy disappear after a few minutes wifi connection? On Xubuntu and Lubuntu will not happen. How to solve it?17:17
lordievaderIt is very usefull to use a static ip for an nfs host. That way you can throw the mounts in fstab.17:22
anabainBluesKaj, right, then let's forget the nfs stuff: how do I set up a static IP *without* breaking networking in kubuntu (I mean network managers, and the like)17:23
lordievaderanabain: The problem yesterday was that NM wasn't running, right?17:26
anabainNM? excuse me17:27
lordievaderNetwork manager.17:28
anabainlordievader, the problem was that after a fresh install-upgrade of 14.04 to 14.10 and setting the static ip via /etc/network/interfaces, kde apps stopped working: kwrite or kate didn't show up, nothing appeared if launched from the terminal, the K button takes about 20 seconds to pop its menu, dolphin freezes when you click some icon...17:30
lordievaderAh, were you the other one with the Seagate?17:31
anabainyeah, I changed my nick17:31
anabainthen came the failing hdd hypothesis17:31
lordievaderAh, right. Did you change anything about your disk(s)?17:32
anabainright now I'm finishing the  backup (~20 hours), so I haven't touched anything so far17:33
anabaineverything seems fine, rsync has not reported any problems17:33
anabainthe funny thing about the hdd is that Seagates report Raw_Read_Error_Rate and Hardware_ECC_Recovered, and as long as both figures are the same, there's no problem. More diversion: these figures seem to go down or reset or something like that! Today I'm getting lower numbers than yesterday.17:36
lordievaderStrange stuff.17:37
anabainlordievader, reallocated sectors and current pending sectors are to 017:37
lordievaderI know, but still. I do not trust drives with read errors. Especially when things simply do not show up.17:38
lordievaderanabain: Does vmstat 1'17:38
anabainlordievader, TJ- suggested using Seagate Tools, which I'll do when I just finish backing up.17:38
lordievaderanabain: Does 'vmstat 1' show a high io wait time (don't do that now, you'll just see rsync)17:39
anabainlordievader, ok, then I wait until rsync finishes and to check 'vmstat 1' ?17:42
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thispersonIn Ubuntu Unity you press Shift + Alt + Ctrl and arrow key to move the active window to another desktop. How do you set that up in Kubuntu?18:48
thispersonI setup a lot of things, but haven't found that one yet18:48
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kriseProblem, I started my laptop this morning, it asks password on log in screen, after i insert password, it starts loading and returns to log in screen.My system is set up so it dont ask the password at start up19:00
krisewhat might be the problem19:00
krisepassword anyway is right19:01
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BluesKajkrise:  try using the recovery kernel in grub, then choose networking, then repair broken packages in the dialog19:13
krisehow can i do that BluesKaj19:14
BluesKajhold the shift key down right after the post screen when booting, grub should appear, then do the above19:15
kriseok , im in gnu grub screen19:18
BluesKajchoose the next kernel below the default it shoulr show a couple of others after clicking on it, then choose the recovery kernel19:20
kriseSorry BluesKaj im little confused. .First line on this screen is Minimal BASH like line editing is supported.For the first word.TAB lists possible command comletions,Anywhere else TAB lists possible device or file completions.And then next line is grub>19:28
BluesKajsorry I didn't mean /etc/default/grub , I meantn the grub bootloader itself19:30
ovidiu-florinKubuntu Podcast Episode 3 has started. Join us here: http://youtu.be/uG40fJzlJiM19:31
kriseholding down shift wont do anything19:31
lost_and_afraidHi, I just upgraded Kubuntu 14.04 to 15.04 and mostly like it a lot but I don't seem to be able to resize my kicker / kickoff menu. Is this because I did an upgrade and have a strange setting?19:32
ovidiu-florinKubuntu Podcast Episode 3 has started. Join us here: http://youtu.be/uG40fJzlJiM19:36
BluesKajkrise:  sorry , guess I've forgotten howw to prevent grub from autobooting into the login page, but you could do ctl+alt+F1-F6 and login to the VT/TTY then update and upgrade, which might fix your problem, then startx or reboot19:39
BluesKajkrise:  are ou pressing the shift key immediately after the BIOS//Post page?19:46
BluesKajdon't wait even one second19:47
BluesKajyou have to hold it down19:47
kriseyes i did19:49
BluesKajwell the try the alternative I suggested with ctl+alt+F1 to F619:50
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kriseok, now im on screen where is ubuntu, advanced options for ubuntu, system setup19:57
BluesKajchoose advanced options19:58
Vidiot-XHowdy. I am looking to install the Radeon 'catalyst' drivers for Kubuntu. I would like to have access to the catalyst control center. Does anyone have a link/guide on how to install ATI catalyst drivers fro ATI? Thanks.19:58
krisenow here is list ubuntu with linux 3.19.0-15 to 2519:59
Vidiot-XBy the way Windows user since 3.1. Done with Windows and Windows 1o EULA (privacy). :D20:00
krise15, 16, 18, 20, 21, 22, 23, 2520:01
BluesKajkrise:  choose the kernel that calls itself recovery20:02
kriseall of thems have this option20:02
BluesKajVidiot-X:  look for fglrx in the package-manager20:02
BluesKajthen choose the 25 recovery, krise20:03
krisenow im in rwcovery menu20:03
Vidiot-XBluesKaj: Already have them installed 'fglrx' . I did the fglrx-update.. but no 'ATI' control center/panel (were would it be in Kubuntu).20:05
kriseresume, clean, dpkg, fsck, grub, network, root, system summary20:05
BluesKajVidiot-X:  fglrx-amdcccle20:06
BluesKajkrise:  dpkg20:06
douglVidiot-X, did you check settings? lemme check where my nvidia crap hides.20:06
BluesKajdougl:  he's using ati/amd20:07
dougljust thot it may be in the same place20:07
Vidiot-XBluesKaj: would I do ' fglrx-amdcccle' through console?20:07
BluesKajVidiot-X:  I think so20:08
kriseinstalled some packeges, resume to normal boot ?20:08
BluesKajkrise: yes20:09
Vidiot-XBlueKaj: I'll look up 'fglrx-amdcccle' and see whats up. Thanks.20:09
douglBluesKaj, don't forget those errands you mentioned - lol20:09
krisenow i have blank screen20:10
krisesome error poped up, Executable: plasmashell PID: 1736 Signal: Aborted (6)20:14
BluesKajkrise which graphics gpu?20:36
whitedaPlease advise - I am running kubuntu 14.04.3 on an HP Pavilion laptop - after the last update it starts up in command line no graphics - I think there were nvidia updates that may be the problem.  do I have to remove nvidia?  or is there configuration that needs to be updated for nvidia?20:38
BluesKajwhiteda:  run sudo apt-get dist-upgrade after the normal update and upgrade20:40
whitedahas 14.04 LTS been replaced?20:42
soee_woth reading guys: https://mail.kde.org/pipermail/kde-distro-packagers/2015-August/000088.html20:42
BluesKajdist-upgrade just upgrades kernel packages/modules  not the OS20:43
whitedathanks I will try it20:44
Vidiot-Xsoee_: AMD  here :)20:46
Vidiot-XAMD and Kubuntu 15.04 running very nice here BTW.20:48
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whitedaBluesKaj: ran update, ugrade, then dist-upgrade and rebooted - still nothing but command line21:08
whitedaI am tempted to back up my important files and then reinstall kkubuntu21:10
anabainWhat is the right way to rebuild kde stuff for a user? (I mean, what should I remove, keep, etc., to get fresh kde settings for one existing user)22:04
bpromptanabain:   w0t?22:06
bpromptanabain:    all kde settings are at ~/.kde  if that's what you mean22:07
anabainyes, but everywhere you are told no to remove this dir22:07
lordievaderWith kde5 they are in ~/.config/kde (and a couple other folders in ~/.config), usually a good idea to rename rather than delete.22:19
anabainok, thanks22:22
Vidiot-XComing from Window 7 and leaving Windows forever my experience with Kubuntu has been awesome. Well done!22:28
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ahoneybunthanks Vidiot-X :)22:32
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