darkxstI have ubuntu-gnome-bugs team set as bug supervisor team for ubuntu-gnome project, however members of this team can't access private bugs in the project, is this intended behavious08:00
darkxstI'm pretty certain it did used to work in the past08:01
cjwatsondarkxst: Check https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-gnome/+sharing08:06
darkxstcjwatson, that shows me that user can only see his own private bugs08:11
darkxstcjwatson, bruce pieterson is a member of the bug supervisor team, and should be able to see all private bugs?08:12
darkxstor are you saying I have to manually set this on each user?08:12
cjwatsonWilliam might correct me, but I don't think bug supervisor implies sharing private bugs.  But on +sharing you can share all private bugs with that whole team.08:20
cjwatson(and private security, I guess)08:21
darkxstcjwatson, oh ok08:25
darkxstcjwatson, except, teams do seem to appear on the sharing page?08:26
wgrantdarkxst: As Colin says, bug supvervisors can't implicitly see privatebugs -- they can only set importance etc.10:28
wgrantUntil 2012 they were subscribed to new private bugs in some configurations, but +sharing replaces that functionality.10:28
darkxstwgrant, ok, but is ther some way to set that? given teams don't appear to show on the sharing page10:31
cjwatsondarkxst: "Share with someone" and then you can pick a team10:32
darkxstcjwatson, ok10:32
cjwatsonIt's a javascript-only operation I think10:32
cjwatsonSo if you have stuff disabled in your browser I guess that might explain why you didn't notice it?10:33
darkxstcjwatson, me that won't take ubuntu-gnome-bugs, but it will accept our other teams10:34
cjwatsondarkxst: really?  works for me with a different project on qastaging10:36
cjwatsonand ubuntu-gnome-bugs is an exclusive team (restricted), so it should work10:36
darkxstI cannot add ubuntu-gnome-bugs to ubuntu-gnome sharing page10:37
darkxstcjwatson, it just says "No items matched "ubuntu-gnome-bugs"10:37
darkxstI can get a screenshot if you really, but need dinner first10:38
cjwatsondarkxst: http://people.canonical.com/~cjwatson/tmp/ubuntu-gnome-bugs.png10:39
darkxstcjwatson, can you try on ubuntu-gnome project? be back in half or so10:40
cjwatsonHuh, indeed ...10:41
cjwatsondarkxst: Oh, that's because ubuntu-gnome-bugs already has stuff shared with it10:47
cjwatsondarkxst: this is all somewhat unhelpful UI, sorry, but if you go to https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-gnome/+sharing?orderby=&memo=[%22Tariq%22%2C%20%22tariq-abusheikh%22]&start=1275 then search for ubuntu-gnome-bugs and use the + icon there, you should be able to sort it out10:47
darkxstcjwatson, ok that should be sorted now, but why does it take some foo link to get teams showing up on the sharing page!10:56
cjwatsondarkxst: well, I found that by paging through the list until I found ubuntu-gnome-bugs10:56
cjwatsondarkxst: but this is certainly bug-worthy, it's pretty confusing10:56
darkxstok, maybe I just missed it, it a simple filter would help, alot!10:57
darkxstcjwatson, just double checked, when I directly go via the +sharing link there are no entries starting with U11:07
cjwatsondarkxst: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-gnome/+sharing and press Next 17 times11:09
cjwatsonit's sorted A-Z then a-z it seems11:09
cjwatsondefinitely there but this is undoubtedly a pain11:09
darkxstcjwatson, oj that would do it, I pressed last, and then back until I got U11:10
cjwatsonyou perhaps got to u rather than U11:10
darkxstcjwatson, yes, aparently u, is after U11:10
cjwatsonand it's sorted by displayname rather than name11:10
cjwatson(which is arguable)11:11
cjwatsonI tend to prefer sorting this kind of thing by name11:11
darkxstand I wouldnt care, if there was a filter ;)11:11
darkxstyou want me to file a bug? or are you on it?11:14
cjwatsonplease file a bug, I'm firefighting something else11:15
darkxstcjwatson, bug 1481717, its short, I'm hungry and gone now11:21
ubot5bug 1481717 in Launchpad itself "There is no search filter on project sharing page" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148171711:21
cjwatsondarkxst: thanks11:22
cjwatsondjjeff: that implies that your build-dependencies can't all be concurrently installed; probably something broken in that PPA11:56
cjwatsonor its dependencies11:56
cjwatsondjjeff: this build was nearly a month ago though, and things look installable now.  Have you considered just retrying?12:02
djjeffits not my PPA its obs-studio12:03
dobeyyou should contact the owner of the PPA if you have a problem with the contents of a PPA12:04
cjwatsondjjeff: generally you should do ... what dobey just said; but I've retried those builds for you12:04
djjeffthank you12:04
cjwatsondjjeff: ... and they still fail.  Please contact the maintainer of the PPA.12:05
djjeffthey have their channel on Quakenet #obsproject12:05
cjwatsonOK, feel free to ask there, but we aren't going to :)12:05
cjwatsonThere are a *lot* of PPAs hosted on Launchpad, we don't take responsibility for all of them building cleanly12:05
djjeffis there a new build log?12:06
cjwatsonA maintainer of the PPA can come to us for help if there's something that they can't fix that seems to be an infrastructure problem12:06
djjeffdoes it fail because of qtbase5-dev ?12:06
dobey(or for the version of ubuntu you might use)12:06
cjwatsonYes, but it's basically the same.  https://launchpad.net/~obsproject/+archive/ubuntu/obs-studio/+build/763722912:06
cjwatsonI don't know why it's failing, somebody will have to track it down12:06
cjwatsonapt doesn't give very helpful error messages when something deep in the stack is uninstallable12:07
dobeyif it's for wily, and depends on wily-proposed, and you're building c++ stuff, there is a very high probability of failure at the moment, due to gcc-5 transition12:07
cjwatsondobey: this isn't wily, please don't introduce confusion12:07
djjefffaruton on quakenet is the maintainer of this PPA12:14
cjwatsondjjeff: don't tell us, ask them12:15
djjeffannoying they do not use freenode12:15
dobeycomlpain to them about it, not us :)12:15
cjwatsonthey'll have got mail notifications of the failure too12:15
djjeffI have spent almost 1 hour in their channel on quakenet and gotten nowhere12:16
djjeffit builds for utopic and vivid just fine12:17
djjeffwhy would trusty be any diff12:17
cjwatsonI don't know, could be something in their PPA, could be something in the other random PPA they depend on, could be that build-dependencies need to be subtly different in trusty for some reason12:18
cjwatsonthey are welcome to come to us if they can't work it out, but we can't fix their builds for them12:18
cjwatsoncertainly not without their involvement12:19
cjwatsonif they come to us I would be happy to discuss the problem with them and help figure it out12:22
cjwatsondjjeff: The reason is mysterious, but changing "libgl-dev" to "libgl1-mesa-dev | libgl-dev" in Build-Depends is good practice anyway, and appears to fix this problem12:37
cjwatsondjjeff: Please pass that on to the PPA maintainer12:37
djjeffdid it build?12:37
cjwatsondjjeff: It fixed the build-dependency installation in my local test rig.  I cannot apply it to that PPA myself12:38
cjwatsondjjeff: That's why I'm asking you to pass it on to the PPA maintainer, since apparently you have contact with them12:39
cjwatsonMore than I do12:39
djjeffas i said they are in #obsproject on quakenet12:39
cjwatsonI've given you the exact fix to apply12:39
cjwatsonYou're apparently already there, you could just copy and paste what I'm saying12:40
cjwatsonOtherwise I'm done12:40
djjeffI have12:40
cjwatsonOK, so that should be good once they apply that change then12:41
djjeffI may just reply to his thread of obsproject forums12:41
cjwatsonThanks for passing that on12:42
djjeffreplying directly to12:43
dobeypatience is the key. or self-directed problem solving.12:43
djjeffcjwatson: do you have a working .deb on your local test rig?12:43
cjwatsondjjeff: no, I didn't run it through that far, and didn't particularly want to run untrusted code on this test rig since it isn't properly sandboxed12:44
djjeffuntrusted? is it not open source?12:44
cjwatsonthat doesn't make it trusted12:44
cjwatsonanyone can upload anything at all to a PPA12:44
djjeffcan I create a PPA for myself?12:45
djjeffthat would be awesome!12:45
cjwatsonI mean, you can trust what you like, obviously, but I hope you'll respect me being cautious about running stuff without proper sandboxing on my laptop with close-to-superuser privileges on Launchpad and Ubuntu :)12:47
djjeffyour test rig is not sandboxed?12:48
wgrantdarkxst, cjwatson: Ah, yes, I'm not sure why the person picker on +sharing doesn't just pretend you clicked the (+) icon next to the person if it's already in the list.12:48
cjwatsondjjeff: I could put more effort into making it so, but it wasn't necessary for just testing out the build-dependency bits.12:49
djjeffok cjwatson I created a thread and quoted you in it12:57
djjeffoh its awaiting moderation12:58
djjeffthe PPA maintainer is online now14:03
djjeffhe was confused that you can use "or" in build depends14:04
dobeydjjeff: you don't need to inform us of the general ongoings of a different channel on a different network. :)14:05
djjeffno clue why he wont just join here14:05
djjeffits his PPA not mine14:05
cjwatsonare they deconfused now?14:06
djjeffI hope so.... I really want this to be dealt with so I can go on with my day14:06
djjeffand maybe get some sleep soon14:06
djjeffI might just turn on netflix and crawl into bed I am exhausted now14:07
cjwatsongenerally speaking, when build-depending on a virtual package (as libgl-dev is), it's a good idea to specify a preferred "real" alternative14:07
cjwatsonso libgl1-mesa-dev | libgl-dev says "preferably libgl1-mesa-dev, but in a pinch, anything that provides libgl-dev will do"14:08
cjwatsonI haven't worked out why that unconfuses apt in this case, but like I say, it's a good idea anyway14:08
dobeycjwatson: was something else pulling in part of the lts-utopic or lts-vivid xorg stack? i think those create some dependency confusion with the virtual packages; i had some issues there when installing the lts-utopic stack on my trusty machine for runtime.14:11
cjwatsonI don't think so, but it's possible14:11
cjwatsonI didn't keep the log14:11
cjwatsonfaruton: hi, thanks for joining.  I'm not sure how much was relayed to you?14:12
farutonYeah, everything pertinent I believe.  Appreciate the help regarding this14:12
cjwatsondobey: it's certainly possible that apt went in that direction by default and needed prompting14:13
cjwatsonit tends not to backtrack, because things get NP-complete that way14:13
djjeffok he joined now I can /part and get on with my day thanks again cjwatson for your help14:15
farutonApparently I was too stubborn to actually just ask about this issue, rather than declare 14.04 unfit and shove it under the carpet.  Waiting on jenkins to finish the release14:15
farutonThanks jeff14:15
cjwatsonfaruton: heh, easy to do.  It wasn't an obvious problem14:32
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farutoncjwatson: That appears to have fixed it, thanks!15:36
cjwatsonfaruton: excellent15:36
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mwhudsonhow do you use ubuntu-archive-tools/copy-package to copy from proposed?21:15
cjwatsonmwhudson: --from-suite foo-proposed21:15
mwhudsoncjwatson: thanks21:22
mwhudsonoh and --to-suite=foo for a ppa21:25

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