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BotchlaBWill future versions of Lubuntu use LXQt?09:44
bioterrorWork continues on integrating LXQt into Lubuntu, but we'll likely not see it released until 16.10 (Y cycle). If you're curious about development, check out the blueprints.09:47
BotchlaBbioterror: I see.10:26
BotchlaBbioterror: Thanks for the info!10:26
GeogtsWhat's a good lightweight browser?  I'm still struggling to find a browser that can play youtube videos smoothly on this old machine (amd athlon 64 3400+ with 2GB ram).  Light browsers like qupzilla and epiphany web don't seem to play videos as well as firefox or chrome but normal browsing with firefox and chrome seems sluggish for displaying normal pages and they consume more ram. quite a pickle15:59
BotchlaBI have a similar system, Core 2 Duo @ 2.0 GHz, 2 GB RAM, FireFox is OK with YouTube videos. That being said, to take some load off the system, I just download the videos locally and play them sometimes.16:00
BotchlaBEspecially if they're long.16:00
Geogtshmm, that seems a bit cumbersome16:02
leszekyoutube and html5 very much depends on the graphicscard you have. I have an old intel 945GM and this one really struggles on firefox as long as the youtube video osd is on and I get a log of frames skip. With chromium it runs fluently.16:02
leszekGeogts: tools like mpv or vlc can directly play youtube videos also if you just copy the url. This works best in terms of framerate and performance16:04
Geogtsi've got a geforce 6800 so i guess that's my biggest problem16:04
BotchlaBMinitube is also an option, iirc16:05
leszekGeogts: oh thats a pretty much good card. It should have no problem with youtube16:05
BotchlaBGeogts: Are you using the Noveau drivers, or the proprietary ones?16:05
BotchlaBMost of the time, the proprietary ones from Nvidia *tend* to work better.16:05
leszekBotchlaB: that should not matter for video playback16:05
BotchlaBI'm not so sure, some people have reported tearing even on more simple stuff like videos.16:06
BotchlaBNot just games.16:06
leszekat least if you have Lubuntu 14.x . On older versions it might be better with nvidia16:06
leszekas nouveau is too old16:06
GeogtsBotchlaB: i'm using the nvidia legacy version 304.125 driver16:07
BotchlaBI see.16:08
Geogtsi'm downloading minitube right now16:09
leszekGeogts: if the videos run fluently but you have struggle with the browser overall maybe you have too much tabs open. 2 GB RAM on 64bit is the bare minimum and browsers and websites tend to use more and more ram16:09
BotchlaBGeogts: I had good luck with Minitube on another distro on an older 32-bit system, it should serve you well. I may also use it to conserve HDD space. :-)16:11
Geogtsminitube seems to run very smoothly, great recommendation!  vlc seems to give an error when i try to stream a youtube video from it16:11
BotchlaBThe VLC error is odd, but I remember it happened on an old version of VLC on that old system. Is yours up to date?16:12
leszekah too bad. VLC runs fine here. But if minitube works fine for you thats good also16:12
BotchlaBYEah, VLC is also fine here.16:12
BotchlaBGood player; I prefer it over Audacious or the GNOME player that came with Lubuntu.16:12
BotchlaBThough those are also good and get the job done.16:12
Geogtsoh well, minitube has the ability to browse for videos.  using vlc, i'd still have to rely on a browser to get the urls.  now i can keep browsers closed and have more resources16:13
leszekthe best player I saw yet was mpv though it has a very minimalistic gui but playback, pause and skipping back and forward works smooth as butter16:13
leszekThough I am not sure minitube can play or displays all videos available. There are some videos that have weird restrictions16:14
Geogtshmm, probably like how not all videos display on mobile apps16:15
BotchlaBiirc, the way Minitube worked is you search for keywords.16:15
BotchlaBSo, while the search functionality isn't as refined as what you'd get on the website, it works.16:16
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khalidZidjaliHi I am seekng for help in adding another keyboard layout on my lubuntu18:49
khalidZidjaliI am using english right now obviuslly and want to add arabic keyboard18:50
khalidZidjalithose much of user and no response :|19:43
krytarikkhalidZidjali: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Keyboard#Keyboard_mapping_for_13.10_and_beyond19:59

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