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didrockszsombi: hey, I think I may doing something wrong with a Flickable + OptionSelector. Would appreciate if you can give a hand. Here is a small example: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12005153/06:54
didrockswhat happens is:06:54
didrocks- the flickable is not with contentY: 0 at start, it only behaves that way once drag06:54
didrocks- it doesn't seem to take into account the new OptionSelector height when I click on it (seems it's clipped, and so, I don't have the options)06:55
didrocks- this behavior is """fixed""" when I add the foo label. However, I find the OptionSelector animation to expand its choice to be jumpy06:55
didrocksI hope the example is skimmed down enough to find what wrong in my practice :)06:56
dholbachgood morning06:57
didrockshey dholbach06:57
dholbachhey didrocks06:57
zsombididrocks: the contentY is not at 0 at start as MainView header management adjusts it to be header.height06:59
didrockszsombi: doesn't seem to be recalculated in that example until I drag it07:01
zsombididrocks: let me check07:01
zsombididrocks: btw, you know that Column's width in the Flickable is 007:07
didrockszsombi: yeah, I changed it locally07:08
zsombididrocks: because Column's parent is the Flickable.contentItem, not the flickable :)07:08
zsombididrocks: ah, yeah, the flickable's topMargin and contentY is screwed.... t1mp may help you on that, he may know a trick to get this fixed07:10
zsombididrocks: but, also beware that childrentRect doesn't get updated :/07:11
didrockszsombi: yeah, that's my second point, right?07:11
zsombididrocks: yes07:11
didrockszsombi: so, how to deal with this properly?07:11
zsombididrocks: actually I managed to fix the top margin :)07:13
zsombididrocks: but the OptionSelector ain't seem to work properly...07:14
zsombididrocks: if I put a label after it, it expands nicely07:14
zsombididrocks: if it is teh last component, you can see the background not expanding at all07:15
zsombididrocks: so OptionSelector looks the same, doesn't expand07:15
didrockszsombi: you don't need to put a label after it, it can be before (that's why I put a label and comment it)07:16
zsombididrocks: ahha...07:16
didrockszsombi: but anything less hackish? :)07:16
zsombididrocks: that seems to be a bug of OptionSelector then...07:16
didrockst1mp should be bugged as well on this?07:17
zsombididrocks: nope...07:17
zsombididrocks: OptionSelector is a bloatware... since we got it as a present, we got more problems with it than beneffit :(07:18
zsombididrocks: but, the flickable issue:07:18
didrockszsombi: as long as you provide me an alternative, I'm fine :)07:18
zsombididrocks: give an ID to your flickable (i.e. id: flickable), and set the width of the column using that (width: flickable.width)07:19
zsombididrocks: then, Flickable.contentHeight: column.height07:19
zsombididrocks: this will solve you the top margin issue07:19
zsombididrocks: also the childrentRect changes07:20
didrockszsombi: hum, I get the top margin issue fixed, but not the childrentRect one?07:20
zsombididrocks: for the OptionSelector, I'd use a Label with an empty string to get it working, and put it after the OptionSelector... I don't know whether we will have time to fix this bug on the component which is on teh deprecation list :(07:21
zsombi<zsombi> didrocks: but, the flickable issue:07:21
zsombididrocks: you had two issues, I provided a fix for that first :)07:21
didrocks"zsombi | didrocks: also the childrentRect changes" -> I thought you mentionned this non refresh07:21
didrockszsombi: what component should be used then, if no OptionSelector?07:22
didrocks(also, there is no deprecation mention as of now)07:22
zsombididrocks: yes, it doesn't refresh, but that won't necessarily work with the extra label either... at least not always updates properly07:22
didrocksit doesn't with the extra label07:22
didrockswith empty text07:22
zsombididrocks: OptionSelector is on teh deprecation list, we are working on a component set to replace it, but we need time07:22
zsombididrocks: it works for me....07:23
zsombididrocks: empty text means you have at least a space... sorry07:23
zsombimy mistake :)07:23
didrocksyeah, the animation is horribly sloppy, but at least it works :)07:23
didrocksok, at least, I can log bugs and refer to that :)07:24
didrocksthanks zsombi07:24
zsombiit is, but that is just one problem with the OptionSelector07:24
zsombididrocks: there are bunch of others, like just not good for any app :/07:24
didrockszsombi: well, we have to use something until you come with the new set I guess :)07:24
zsombididrocks: I know ;(07:24
zsombididrocks: also design changed a lot, and changing anything on the component is a pain :(07:25
didrocksat least, the bugs will document for devs what's the workaround07:25
didrockszsombi: welcome to ubuntu! (on design changing a lot ;))07:25
zsombididrocks: and we ahve ItemSelector and OptionSelector, both crap07:25
justCarakassudo su07:30
justCarakasoops :)07:30
rararahey, I need help with my javascript animation in the qml canvas. None of the methods which are supposed to redraw, like requestPaint() or clearRect(0,0,width, height) redraw my canvas, but if i resize the window, i see progress.08:21
rararait really drives me NUTS!08:21
rararacode is here: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/12005466/08:22
rararait would be great to know which method is called even when the canvas resizes. Becausse if i resize it manually or from within the application, it redraws nicely.08:33
kiviI receieved some spam on google plus from a company who's logo made me thing it was some ubuntu product https://updraftplus.com/shop/updraftplus-premium/?11:04
balloonspopey, is file manager going to get an update anytime soon?13:43
balloonsI'd like to unpublish my x86 build of it :-)13:44
popeyballoons: yeah, will set aside some time to update it on friday if I can13:48
NymeriaFrhello guys15:25
NymeriaFrI need your help, I cannot export my application into my Aquaris E4.515:25
NymeriaFrSdk-Launcher> Received a failed event15:25
NymeriaFrdo you know why I have this error ?15:26
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mhall119kalikiana: would be great to have a blog post about the new components on developer.u.c19:03
kalikianamhall119: I guess I can do one. g+ is just tons easier :-D19:04
mhall119kalikiana: it is, but blogs last longer and are easier to find19:06
Paddy_NIHello I am trying to reset the Ubuntu SDK to it's "factory defaults" if that is the correct term, would anyone know where I should look?22:06
Paddy_NIThe options don't immediately seem to offer any such option22:06
Paddy_NII guess I could "apt-get purge" but that seems a little too much like the nuclear option22:07
skinuxCan Ubuntu apps (which live in the top panel area) be written in Java?23:05
JanCskinux: do you mean indicators?23:22
skinuxTo begin with I suppose that would be it.23:22
JanCskinux: it should be possible, but I don't know about any ready-to-use Java library23:40

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