dholbachgood morning06:57
MooDoomorning :)07:16
* dholbach relocates to the office, brb08:48
MooDoohowdy czajkowski10:07
popeyhey czajkowski10:31
czajkowskihows folks10:39
popeyTickety boo :)10:54
popeyGoing out this evening, 15th wedding anniversary today :)10:55
czajkowskiawwww congrats10:55
nigelbHello czajkowski, popey10:57
nigelbpopey: Happy Anniversary!10:57
popeythanks :)10:58
MooDoocongrats :D11:03
dholbachpopey, congratulations!!!11:42
balloonsoO, good stuff popey12:06
popey-> lunch12:22
balloonsI swear, I've no idea how this got there: https://uappexplorer.com/apps?q=popey13:18
dholbachballoons, no problem - I'll talk to IS, they'll get your credentials revoked13:19
balloonsbrillant, ty13:23
popeyThe only downside I see with this is that the guy who runs blamepopey.com redirects it to something unsavoury :)13:31
balloonsyea, then I'd be forced to update it again to something even more fun13:33
josedholbach, dpm, mhall119, popey: any of you gonna use ubuntuonair what's left of this week?14:02
popeyI am not14:03
popeynothing planned anyway. You gonna make some changes?14:03
dpmjose, nothing planned for me other than yesterday's Q&A14:03
dpmUbuConLA+? :-)14:03
joseyep! I'm intending to change the password so the AV team has full control and can use it during the two ubuconla event days, if you don't mind of course14:04
josethen we can change it back to what we have14:04
dpmjcastro uses ubuntuonair too ^14:05
jcastroI won't be using it this week14:07
josegreat then14:09
jcastrodibs on summit when you're done though. :D14:09
josepassword should be set back to original on Monday14:10
joselol, mineminemine14:10
dholbachjose, no, nothing from me14:12
dholbachmhall119, dpm: I have a quick question for you - when auto-importing lp:snapcraft docs, there's currently just intro.md and your-first-snap.md - in developer.u.c that'd be /snappy/snapcraft/intro/ and snappy/snapcraft/your-first-snap/14:31
dholbachso far so good14:31
dholbachI think /snappy/snapcraft/intro/ should actually be /snappy/snapcraft/14:32
dholbachfor that to work automatically across various branches, I'm thinking of adding another (optional) field to the ExternalDocsBranch model, so you can specify an overview_doc14:33
dholbachwhat do you think?14:33
mhall119dholbach: or index_doc in keeping with general web conventions14:33
dholbachsure, that works for me14:33
dholbachok, I'll go ahead with that then14:34
dholbachdpm, ^ is the above fine with you - if yes I'll go ahead with the manual import now14:34
dpmdholbach, mhall119, +114:35
dholbachall right my friends - see you all tomorrow!15:55
popeyo/ going out for beer and falling over16:44

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