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pittiGood morning03:58
pittiinfinity: ah, so the linux -2.2 efi thing could just be rejected? thanks for cleaning up03:59
infinitypitti: if by rejected, you mean accepted, then yes.04:01
pittiinfinity: ok04:02
Mirvwould there be a core dev around to ack UITK packaging changes? it seems mainly using more default Qt build options and some more documentation/examples. https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-013-2-publish/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/ubuntu-ui-toolkit_packaging_changes.diff05:12
pitti+export CFLAGS := $(shell dpkg-buildflags --get CFLAGS) $(shell dpkg-buildflags --get CPPFLAGS)05:12
pittiis that actually necessary? this looks redundant05:12
pittior does the build system not respect CPPFLAGS?05:13
pittimoving the mkdir/cp stuff from dh_install to dh_build seems wrong05:14
pittithis is installation, thus happening under fakeroot; it's only to debian/tmp/, but it still feels like the wrong direction05:14
pitti--fail-missing is now specified twice05:14
pittiMirv: ^ so, I don't see anything which I'd consider a blocker, just several things which look odd05:15
infinitypitti: The point of the core-dev review is to block on odd. :)05:16
infinitypitti: Don't let 'em be sloppy.05:16
pittiMirv: oh, and don't call dh_auto_build in override_dh_install (not a change from this version, but that's most definitively wrong)05:17
pittithis might all "work" by chance, but it's utterly confusing and unnecessarily hard to maintain and understand05:18
Mirvpitti: thanks for all the input, I'll bring them to bzoltan/zbenjamin and discuss05:24
Mirvpitti: I'm sure their next question would be "but it was QA granted, can we publish it and fix the issues later by filing a bug now?"05:26
Mirvso I'm just saving time by asking at this point05:26
pittiI'm actually more concerned why this was moved around without giving a rationale in the changelog05:27
pittibuilding docs in dh_install and installing docs in dh_build is just wrong05:27
pittiso, we know how the "we'll fix it later" goes, but if there's a way to file a bug that will actually stick (milestoning, or assigning to someone, or what not), ok for me05:28
Mirvok. I'll get answers but file and assign the bug already now for all those question marks.05:30
pittiMirv: thanks05:30
Mirvthanks to you.05:30
Mirvbug #1481584 filed05:35
ubottubug 1481584 in ubuntu-ui-toolkit (Ubuntu) "Fix reported packaging question marks / issues in UITK" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148158405:35
infinitypitti: Did autopkgtest chroots used to have deb-src URIs in sources.list?06:00
infinitypitti: Trying to figure out if the apport regression in vivid is an infrastructure regression or test regression.06:01
pittiinfinity: where "used to have" == pre-cloud or the ancient stuff that we had in saucy/trusty?06:01
pittiah, vivid; hang on06:01
infinitypitti: Although, it passed on cloud infra on Jul 14, started failing on Jul 17...06:02
pittiwe used to have deb-src, but this test is for a "sandbox" with its own apt sources, so it shouldn't even matter06:03
pittiinfinity: I'll have a closer look06:03
infinitypitti: Not so sure about that.  The logs show deb-src being the difference here, I think.06:03
infinitypitti: The successful logs have Source in the initial update, the failures don't.06:03
infinitypitti: Still arguably a broken test, mind you, but yeah.06:04
pittiinfinity: ah, so that sounds like a plausible reason then06:04
infinitypitti: Not sure if the spec gives any reason to assume deb-src would be available, but I've not read it end-to-end.06:05
pittiI added this to userdata some weeks ago:06:05
pitti- source: deb \$MIRROR \$RELEASE restricted multiverse06:05
pitti- source: deb-src \$MIRROR \$RELEASE restricted multiverse06:05
pittiapparently that dropped the main apt sources06:05
pitti(which is supposed to add additional ones only)06:06
infinitypitti: Actually, weirder still, the succesful logs show an apt-get update to start, the newer logs don't.06:06
infinitypitti: So even if deb-src was in sources.list, the lists wouldn't have been downloaded.  Unless that's happening before the log starts now.06:07
infinitypitti: Oh.  But an update happens way later, and does include Sources.  Now I'm just confused.06:08
infinitypitti: and too tired to make sense.06:08
infinitypitti: So I'll go to bed instead. :P06:08
pittiinfinity: so e. g. https://objectstorage.prodstack4-5.canonical.com/v1/AUTH_77e2ada1e7a84929a74ba3b87153c0ac/autopkgtest-vivid/vivid/amd64/a/apport/20150730_003039@/log.gz06:11
pittiSources is part of apt-get update at the very top, and that's the only update that I see06:11
pittiso, not that06:11
* pitti queues for investigation06:13
pittiwah wah cmake06:15
dholbachgood morning06:57
pittiinfinity, slangasek: hm, are you binNEWing stuff before builds on all arches are done? (e. g. I was waiting for gmsh/armhf before newing them)08:44
om26erpitti, Hi! is there a way to include and install pypy package along with debs for autopkg test run ?08:47
pittiom26er: your test can do whatever it wants to, including calling pypy or pip install08:47
pitti(not sure what a "pypy package" is)08:48
pittiah, ok08:49
pittiom26er: pypy is an actual thing (compiled python), hence my confusion :)08:49
om26erpitti, so the way you temporary install packages on the phone in /tmp ? I was hoping if I could do the same for a source that is not in ubuntu yet.08:50
pittiom26er: pip has a mode to install to $HOME/.local, doesn't it?08:50
om26erpitti, I didn't look into that. Will take a look.08:51
ochosidpm: ping09:03
dokopitti, when you reassign to release, please set the severity to normal as well09:22
pittidoko: oh, ok; I'll adjust the ones I sent today09:22
dokodo you upload these too to unstable?09:22
dokoalso: block <this issue> by 79075609:22
pittidoko: no, so far I'm just sending patches and tagging09:23
pittidoko: I included the "block" thingy09:23
pittidoko: I could upload them as 2-day NMUs I figure09:24
dokopitti, but then please don't yet reassign ... the release team wonders what happens, and the package owner doesn't see things anymore09:24
pittidoko: right, I don't reassign (as per our IRC chat a few days ago)09:24
dokoyep doing the NMUs would be nice, if all other b-d's are ready09:24
pittitag 791079 confirmed patch09:25
pittiuser release.debian.org@packages.debian.org09:25
pittiusertag 791079 + transition09:25
pittiblock 791079 by 79075609:25
pittithat's what I'm doing right now09:25
dokoahh, I see09:25
dpmhi ochosi, please feel free to ping questions directly09:25
pittidoko: ack, I'll NMU the 6 I did so far; but it's all delayed/2, so I think we should still upload them directly to wily?09:25
pittidoko: (and sync them back later) to avoid another 3 days delay09:25
ochosidpm: sure, just wanted to make sure i don't disturb you doing anything else, also i wanted to quickly pm you if you don't mind (since it's not really a u-dev matter)09:25
dpmochosi, sure, no need to ask permission to pm, feel free to go ahead :)09:26
dokoseb128, Laney: please tell LazyShark that libreoffice is done (armhf build pending)09:27
seb128doko, k09:30
Laneydoko: can you please note in the pad when you see things fixed in debian/NEW?09:32
Laneyno point us working on them then09:32
dokoLaney, will try, but will be away 'til Monday09:33
dokopitti, Laney: so all transitions were at least tried once until now?09:35
pitti"all transitions"?09:35
LaneyI uploaded the rest of the ones from your debian build logs that didn't have symbols files09:35
Laneybut we saw yesterday that some things were missing from there09:36
Laneyso I can't say it is "all"09:36
dokoyeah, but it should be safe, to remove the block-proposed from gcc-5 and see what happens. everything else should be blocked by the new packages09:36
pittidoko: oops, my important->normal change was probably wrong -- this should only be done when reassinging to release@, but we don't do that?09:36
LaneyI've been reassigning to release09:37
dokopitti, yep, sorry for the confusion09:37
Laneybecause the bug told me to09:37
Laneyis that not good?09:37
dokoif you NMU yes09:37
Laneyhaven't been09:37
pittiI just NMUed libvsqplitepp (and about to do some others)09:37
Laneyand didn't forward the scripted deltas that I uploaded yesterday09:37
Laneydoing that individually seems quite daunting :/09:38
pittishould the bugs be reassigned now? and why? (still sounds a bit strange)09:38
Laneymight save that as a debconf task or something09:38
pittiLaney: yeah, I'm only forwarding patches after I fixed the FTBFS, i. e. package specific changes; forwaring a thousand scripted patches seems a bit pointless09:38
LaneyNMUing them to speed the transition along in Debian feels like it would be useful though09:38
Laneybut there's a risk of false positives without analysis09:39
dokoyou are allowed to do 2day delayed NMUs. so NMUing and reassigning would be the best09:39
dokobe sure that all b-d's are ready09:39
pittidoko: OOI, why reassign in this case?09:40
Laneydid someone prune the "appear to be transitioned in Debian" list?09:41
pittiLaney: yes, for the bits that I synced/built/NEWed09:41
Laneyah, great09:41
pittiLaney: there's 3 left which we can't do yet09:41
pittiI left a comment09:42
pittitwo of them should be syncable this afternoon09:42
Laneyyeah, I see those, just wondered about the rest09:42
pittiwell, it's a TODO list -- stuff that's done should just disappear09:42
Laney05/08 08:35:57 <doko> GCC 5 stuff in NEW: rtmidi rtaudio tinyxml guichan09:42
pittiI'm also pruning the FTBFS and others09:42
willcookeLaney, sladen - hi, did you manage to get that font zip file sorted?10:08
pittidoko: this (ipe) does not look like an ABI break to me: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12005903/ - WDYT?10:09
pittidoko: or is that the __cxx114 thingy?10:10
pittidoko: I was wondering because a rebuild in sid still generates libstdc++6 (>= 4.6) only, not >= 510:10
Laneywillcooke: not yet I'm afraid, still standing by10:11
dokopitti: the bumped dependency on libstdc++ only appears if you reference any of the new symbols in libstdc++.10:11
dokobut the library defines some cxx11 symbols on its own, so yes, I'd say an ABI break10:12
pittidoko: ok, thanks for checking10:12
willcookeLaney, thanks.10:12
* pitti goes on with NMUing then10:12
sladenwillcooke: no, was prioritising other actual _potential to block_ stuff10:24
willcookesladen, nw, any idea of an ETA, or if you can let me or Laney know what needs doing we can have a stab at it10:26
dokowtf, onboard manually depends on every single shared library???10:32
pittisome build systems just outsmart themselves10:39
sidiIs this the right channel for Unity development?10:40
Laneysidi: #ubuntu-unity10:40
sidithanks Laney10:40
pittiah, d-shlibmove -- apparently that needs a --suffix=v5 or so, /me tries10:40
dokopitti, I fixed d-shlibmove, needs --v510:43
pittidoko: ah, I used --suffix=v510:43
dokohmm, I tried that too ... anyway10:44
pitti/usr/bin/d-shlibmove: [--suffix=v5] is not a valid shared library file name10:46
seb128grub-efi-amd64 fails to configure on my wily test laptop10:47
seb128it bails out on10:47
seb128"ERROR: cannot determine partition label for rootfs"10:47
seb128does anyone has an idea how to solve it?.10:47
pittidoko: ah, --v5 is in wily only; I'm trying to fix sid too10:50
dokopitti: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=79456110:50
ubottuDebian bug 794561 in src:d-shlibs "d-shlibmove could use a --v5 option" [Normal,Open]10:50
seb128it's upgrade-gru10:52
seb128it's upgrade-grub which fails on that error10:52
pittidoko: ah, thanks; reading the code, --suffix should work as well; maybe only "--suffix v5", not "--suffix=v5", trying with the former10:52
pittidoko: ah! --suffix v5 works! \o/10:54
dokoI love Jonas too10:55
pittidebian/control.in.in, yummy ;)10:56
dokorbasak, https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1481333 is this seen in -proposed as well?10:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1481333 in gcc-5 (Ubuntu) "internal compiler error: in final_scan_insn, at final.c:3020" [Undecided,Incomplete]10:58
dokopitti: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=79458711:19
ubottuDebian bug 794587 in libvpb1 "man page is part of both libvbp0 and libvbp1" [Serious,Open]11:19
* Laney sees d-shlibmove for the first time11:23
dokodon't take a second look11:23
Laneyhm, control.in.in too - pitti, were you talking about ucommon?11:25
pittiLaney: no, libsass12:04
pittidoko: argh, thanks; I'll upload a Conflicts:/Replaces:12:05
dokopitti, as a break to the library uploads, could we walk throught the failing autopkg tests triggered by gcc-5?12:06
dokoLaney, pitti: http://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/packages/a/autopilot-gtk/wily/amd64/  this was triggered before the GCC change. could you have a look?12:09
pittidoko: looks "just" flaky at first sight, I'll retry a few times12:16
pittidoko: uploaded C/R for vpb-driver, thanks for pointing out12:18
pittiLaney, doko: BTW, do you know whether it's normal that ftp://ftp-master.debian.org/pub/UploadQueue/DELAYED/2-day/ is empty?12:21
pittidput -e 2 ftp-master succeeded, but I never got any kind of mail from ftpmaster12:22
dokopitti, beware, exiv2 in debian NEW with a different library name. maybe we should merge that (new upstream)12:25
pittidoko: ah yes, quite a bunch of rdepends12:30
pittidoko: we can't download stuff from Debian new, but I can piece it together from packaging svn12:30
dokopitti, please update rdeps in main too after that12:31
dokoI'm already running a wily-proposed desktop12:31
pittiadded to pad12:32
pittidoko: meh -- they didn't commit 0.25-1 to svn :(12:36
pittidoko: so I guess we'll have to wait for Debian NEW12:37
dokopitti, will appear in incoming soonish12:37
pittiwe might get a few rebuilds against v5 by then, so we'll just have to do it again12:37
pittidoko: oh, was it just NEWed?12:37
pittiok, postponing that until it hits incoming, and continuing FTBFS fixing by then12:38
pittiLaney: ok, you stole my color, I switched to red now :)12:39
bzoltan_pitti: infinity: refering to the UITK packaging issues -> I have addressed all your comments in this MR -> https://code.launchpad.net/~bzoltan/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/packaging_fixes_lp1481584/+merge/267012 The  CFLAGS exports I used straight from the Qt packages. It is like that in all debian packages too.12:45
pittibzoltan_: ah, that looks nicer already, thanks12:46
pittibzoltan_: I still don't understand why this CFLAGS dance is necessary, though12:47
bzoltan_pitti:  thank you for point out ... The CFLAGS I do not get either.12:47
Laneypitti: no mail from DELAYED - I just check https://ftp-master.debian.org/deferred.html after a bit13:08
Laneydon't know where the files end up living13:08
pittiLaney: aah! that's what replaces https://people.debian.org/~djpig/delayed.html, thanks!13:08
Laneyshowing your age there :P13:08
pittiLaney: great timing! at the very second you say that I asked in #debian-release :)13:08
pittiLaney: libdynamicedt3d1.6 wasn't renamed in the octomap source; on purpose, or doesn't the script get along multiple libs?13:16
seb128slangasek, cjwatson, cyphermox, hey, who is looking after grub issues nowadays?13:17
Laneypitti: The script tries to rename only the packages with changed symbols13:18
pittiLaney: ah, cool13:18
pittiLaney: I'll verify in the (fixed) builds, but good to know13:19
Laneyif the test rebuild is to be believed then this looks right13:19
Laney(octomap & octovis)13:19
cjwatsonseb128: cyphermox13:20
seb128cjwatson, thanks13:20
pittiLaney: ah! all tmpfails fixed :)13:37
Laneyeven n-m/vivid?13:38
pittiLaney: this morning we had tmpfails for all packages with "network" in the name13:38
pittiLaney: *all*13:38
pittiLaney: well, vivid is just a "real" failure now13:38
pitti(it needs the same "disable 80211.a" change that cyphermox applied to wily)13:38
pittiLaney: that was a funny parsing bug of "nova show" (for finding the IP)13:39
dokopitti, http://incoming.debian.org/debian-buildd/pool/main/e/exiv2/13:39
pittiI wish nova had some --machine-readable thingy instead of having to parse ascii art tables13:39
pittidoko: yay, fake-syncing13:39
pittidoko: I'll upload rebuilds after it published13:40
dokoslangasek, Laney, pitti: so geos, spatialite, postgis, gdal have a build-dependency cycle now ...13:43
dokowas looking at these to fix autopkg test failures for gcc-5, but running out of time now13:44
pittidoko: geos built fine, WDYM?13:44
pittioh, you mean the latter 3 have not co-installable build-deps now?13:45
Laneydoko: looks like you can turn off spatialiate in gdal13:53
pittimeh, exiv2 FTBFS on 32 bit arches14:01
pittiah, just symbols madness14:01
rbasakdoko: that bug doesn't affect MySQL in Ubuntu yet (AFAIK). Upstream reported it - we'll need to wait for them to reply I think.14:06
dokoLaney, thanks. and found: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/opencv/2.4.9+dfsg-1ubuntu514:07
dokorbasak, thanks for checking14:07
dokorbasak, is anybody checking for image installability using wily-proposed?14:07
rbasakdoko: I don't think so, no.14:08
dokorbasak, I asked smoser in the past, but never got a reply14:09
pittiLaney: do you happen to know how to untangle a C++ per-arch symbols mismatch like https://launchpadlibrarian.net/213670636/buildlog_ubuntu-wily-armhf.exiv2_0.25-1_BUILDING.txt.gz ?14:25
pittiLaney: if so, quick tutorial appreciated (I've never done this)14:26
pittior anyone C++ savvy ^14:26
rbasakdoko: matsubara is the QA contact on our team. Maybe he knows? He'd be the person to speak to about it anyway but I don't see him online right now.14:38
Laneypitti: ah, is that size_t?14:43
pittiLaney: it's in some "string" class obviously, but apart from that this is just gobbledigok to me :(14:43
pittiLaney: size_t in a string class sounds plausible, though14:44
pittiat least it fails on the three 32 bit arches and succeeds on the three 6414:44
* Laney runs it through c++filt14:44
LaneyGET https://launchpadlibrarian.net/213670636/buildlog_ubuntu-wily-armhf.exiv2_0.25-1_BUILDING.txt.gz | zcat | c++filt | vim - # or so14:44
* pitti uploads the next FTBFS fix in teh meantime14:44
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pittiLaney: do you need a hand with ucommon? (that hasn't changed in a while)14:45
LaneyI got confused about it14:45
Laneynow d-shlibmove is failing and I didn't get to the bottom of why yet14:46
Laneyyeah these look like size_t14:46
LaneyI think the state of the art, unless it changed while I wasn't looking, is to use pkgkde-symbolshelper for those14:47
Laneyyou can do some subst thing so it substitutes the right type per-arch with that14:47
Laneyor you can include two versions with the right arch= for each one14:47
Laney(which is obviously more brittle but easier to get going now)14:47
pittiLaney: the .symbols doesn't have any arch=, nor size_t, I wonder how previous versions did that14:48
pittioh! all symbols say "0.25", so apparently they just added that14:49
pittiisn't there some sane way to put demangled symbols into *.symbols instead of this arch specific mess?14:49
Laneyit still demangles to the actual type and not size_t14:51
Laneybut yes, you can c++filt them14:51
Laney(c++)"<c++filted thing>"14:52
pittiah, so that wouldn't even help14:52
pittiLaney: as this is totally new in 0.25-1, would it be okay to drop it temporarily for us and let the DD sort out the symbols?14:53
pitti"this" -> the .symbols file14:53
LaneyI saw an example yesterday or so where doko split 32/64 bit specific symbols out into different files and included them14:53
Laneybut I can't find it now :(14:54
dokopitti, look if this is managed with the kde symbols helper14:56
* pitti looks at omnievents -- no reverse deps, last upload 2011, obsolete stuff -- shouldn't we rather just remove this?14:56
pitti(I fixed it in wily, wondering whether to NMU or not)14:57
pittidoko: I'd say no, nothing "kde"ish in debian/rules or control14:57
pittithey just added the .symbols file without any changes to debian/rules14:58
Laneypitti: meh, new d-shlibs breaks ucommon15:00
Laneyit's added some new and wrong quoting15:00
pittiLaney: new in Ubuntu or new in Debian?15:01
pittiLaney: I tried "--suffix v5" (which works in Debian, for NMUing), and that works; I didn't try the ubuntu specific --v515:01
Laneyit's a call to objdump which dies15:02
Laneyand doesn't with 0.5815:02
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hallyndannf: when you ran test-qemu.py ,did you first go into the scripts/qemu and scripts/libvirt subdirectories and wget the files the readmes say to get?15:58
hallynmaybe i'll post a MR to do that automatically15:59
dannfhallyn: yeah.15:59
hallynnot good15:59
Laneyxnox: did you fix the moc/BOOST_JOIN thing?15:59
dannfits weird - it complained the file wasn't there - but it was15:59
dannfand then the tests ran15:59
dannfw/o the file they didn't15:59
dannfhallyn: i also think its funny that it downloads the key insecurely, the tarball insecurely, then verifies the tarball w/ the key... but i guess it doesn' tmake things *worse* :)16:00
hallyni assume someone had intended to embed a public key into the bzr tree and neve got around to it16:03
dannfyeah, i guess i could MP that instead of whining16:04
hallyndannf: fwiw i wont' be able to look at that today i don't think;  if you still have trouble tomorrow pls shout16:04
dannfhallyn: ok16:05
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pittidoko, Laney: just in case you wonder, removing libsass from wily-proposed; the DD does not want this transitioned, and there are no rdepends16:29
pitti(also cancelled the NMU)16:30
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dokorbasak, please could you merge libecap? background: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=79111719:03
ubottuDebian bug 791117 in src:libecap "libecap: library transition may be needed when GCC 5 is the default" [Important,Open]19:03
rbasakShould logrotate scripts be using invoke-rc.d? Or is the service wrapper acceptable?19:03
rbasakdoko: looking19:03
dokosoonish would be good, then we don't need to rename the library package19:04
rbasakkickinz1: Blocking fix for 794536: squid3: FTBS on GCC-519:04
rbasakdoko: arges is taking it.19:05
kickinz1rbasak, thanks19:05
dokoslangasek, Laney, pitti: so renaming all libs first, without rebuilding all rdeps is a good way to find cyclic dependencies ;-P19:12
dokonow coming to a solution for postgis/spatialite/gdal19:12
dokoLaney, did you make progress with opencv?19:12
rbasakIn case it got missed: should logrotate scripts be using invoke-rc.d? Or is the service wrapper acceptable?19:18
rbasakinfinity: ^^ any opinion on that please?19:18
rbasakI'm leaning towards invoke-rc.d but am wondering if there's any existing best practice on that19:19
infinityrbasak: Not sure there's a policy or even established best practice, but in my mind, anything a *maintainer* does should use invoke-rc.d, so a sysadmin can override with policy-rc.d19:21
infinityrbasak: So, that's not just dpkg maintainer scripts, but any script you ship that wants to fiddle with services, including logrotate.19:21
infinityrbasak: Policy might say something sort of like that somewhere, but I don't recall seeing it.19:22
infinityrbasak: /etc/network/if-up.d/ntpdate seems to follow this, for instance.19:23
infinityAnd openssh-server.19:23
rbasakinfinity: understood, with the reasoning. Thanks!19:23
infinityrbasak: So, yeah.  invoke away.19:23
argescyphermox: i see you are having a productive SRU day19:24
argescyphermox: reviewing a lot of your packages now19:24
infinityrbasak: So, on my system, that would make the logrotate scripts for samba and rsyslog buggy.  And probably rightfully so.19:24
infinityrbasak: Eww, and speech-dispatched double-buggy, it calls /etc/init.d/foo directly.19:24
infinityrbasak: Thanks, I didn't want to know this.19:25
cyphermoxarges: yeah, those are all special magic, don't hesitate to include infinity, he was delegating to me ;)19:25
infinitycyphermox: Half the reason to delegate to you was so I could do the reviews.19:26
infinityarges: So, yeah, if you're not comfy reviewing ppc64-diag, I'll hit it up after breakfast.19:26
rbasakinfinity: well, I didn't ask you to look :)19:32
rbasakinfinity: rcj is just fixing this kind of thing in freeradius and so I just wanted to make sure that we fix it the right way.19:33
infinityrbasak: I can't help looking.19:33
infinityrbasak: And now I know the world is a little bit less shiny than I hoped.19:33
barryinfinity: ping re python-apt and apt (since mvo isn't around and you did the last upload to apt in wily)19:34
infinitybarry: I feel like your ping lacks content.19:35
barryinfinity: python-apt b-d's on apt (>= 1.0.10) but is in w-p19:36
barryinfinity: what's the eta for 1.0.10 in wily?19:36
barryinfinity: (sorry, was clicking around ;)19:36
infinitybarry: Man, David only uploaded it to unstable two days ago!19:37
barryinfinity: it == apt?19:37
argesinfinity: ok either way I was just about to look at ppc64-diag19:37
infinitybarry: I hadn't had any intention of taking over the merges there, so no ETA.  Why did we merge python-apt?19:37
argesinfinity: in fact i'll just handle that19:37
barryinfinity: dunno!  i just started looking at this, and mvo isn't around19:38
barryinfinity: ok, no worries, i'll figure something out19:39
infinitybarry: Huh.  That's fishy.  We had a delta, so the sync would have been forced, but I see no mail to -changes telling me who did it. :/19:39
infinitybarry: If it was mvo, I'd expect he plans to do apt as well.19:40
barryinfinity: probably/hopefully so19:40
infinitybarry: Oh, the delta might be tiny anyway.19:41
infinitybarry: Lemme look at it after I (finally) eat breakfast.19:41
barryinfinity: ack, thx19:41
infinitybarry: Based on David's changelog, 1.0.10 might just be the C++ transition, no scary.  Unless his changelog is a lie.19:42
barryinfinity: and there's a changelog in pyapt for the gcc transition too19:42
infinitybarry: Right.  I'll poke this bear with a stick in ~1h.19:43
infinityWhen my stomach stops with the hate.19:43
barryinfinity: i'll wait for the tonal change from stomach roar to bear roar19:43
dokorbasak, arges: accepted libecap. please schedule building the rdepends once the package is published19:45
dokoinfinity, mvo comes back next week. this should have time19:47
argesdoko: just to confirm, I need to no-change rebuild on any libecap rdepends19:49
dokoarges, yes, but only once you see/can install the package in your own chroot19:52
barryinfinity: fwiw, i bump the bd's down to 1.0.9 and python-apt built locally just fine19:54
infinitybarry: Yeah, I assumed it would, but may as well keep the sync if merging apt isn't too painful.19:56
barryinfinity: +119:56
infinitybarry: If apt thwarts my efforts, I'll just introduce a python-apt delta.19:56
infinityypwong: You around?20:51
infinityypwong: cyphermox and I are considering respinning ubuntukylin 14.04.3 ISOs to fix https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntukylin/+bug/1380981 but only if you guys are happy with another build.20:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1380981 in Ubuntu Kylin "In UEFI mode, default langauge in Ubiquity language chooser is not Simplified Chinese" [Critical,New]20:53
Laneydoko: didn't look at opencv21:01
dokoLaney, I did =) openexr wasn't rebuilt. took the new upstream from experimental21:02
rbasakinfinity: logrotate postrotate script: silently ignore failure on sending reload signal? Logic: if daemon isn't running, failure to send re-open signal isn't a problem.21:29
rbasakinfinity: some logrotate scripts do this, but the logrotate manpage examples don't seem to.21:29
infinityrbasak: Been a while since I wrote logrotate stuff, but it really depends on what cron spam you think is justified.21:34
infinityrbasak: If a failed reload could actually be a failure, the admin might like to know that his daemon died overnight.21:34
infinityrbasak: So, sort of depends on the init setup and what you do or don't know about state.21:35
rbasakinfinity: for freeradius then, I think the answer is to not fail silently. Though if the sysadmin deliberately wants the service to remain stopped, then he'll get spam. I think that's OK.21:35
infinityrbasak: The canonical example of this from my years in the trenches was fighting with apache logrotate scripts that had to stop/start because of $reasons (reload/graceful didn't DTRT and close all the logs), but because it can take several months to stop a heavily-loaded apache, it might fail to start again.21:38
infinityrbasak: In that case, having the cron spam was invaluable, both to frustrated sysadmins who needed to fix it, and to us because we got notified that our packages sucked. :P21:38
LaneyLocutusOfBorg1: You want to use your new powers to transition lucene++ for GCC5? :)21:42
* Laney cooks up a diff anyways21:43
hallyndannf: fwiw on my system all tests passed with your debdiff23:05
hallynsomething funky going on with your vm probably23:05

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