OerHekswhy .. does a chicken cross the internet .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dst_ra-AgH001:46
wileeefunny fozziebear, heh, saw it before loosing conection02:13
wileeegeez moron user espousing garbage04:39
wafflejockwileee, http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/original/0/3133/113128-163181-bart-simpson.jpg good thing no one has invented an RPC strangulation bot06:58
wafflejockhah nice07:02
cfhowlettworking of the Force Choke bot now ...07:02
tintedwindowsdos anyone play Illarion here?07:33
tintedwindowsor quake 2?07:33
lordievaderGood morning.07:55
ObrienDaveblah blah blah08:06
EriC^^hey TJ-10:07
EriC^^i just installed win1010:07
EriC^^it's running super hot though fan is on full speed10:07
TJ-Was it a joy ?10:07
EriC^^well not really, it is supposed to pick up the key from the bios, it asked for it during the install and it wouldn't accept it10:07
EriC^^it looks decent enough though, but i can't use it, the fan turns on all the way and temps are 90+10:08
TJ-Does the PC use non-standard interfaces to the thermal monitor and fan control? If so, the OS likely requires system/mobo specific driver intelligence10:08
EriC^^i think it was actually heating up10:08
EriC^^not just the fan, cause i got into ubuntu and the temps were 90+ then it started coolign down and fans turned off10:09
TJ-That sounds like an ACPI issue, with the CPU not being put into temporary sleep C3 mode when idle10:09
EriC^^cpu usage is normal though in task manager, but it said the disk usage was 99% even though there wasn't much below10:09
TJ-I was about about to say run powertop on it... silly me, it's Windows :D10:10
TJ-I'd think the requirement is for the mobo/system specific drivers... maybe there are some for Win 8.x or even win 7 that might work10:10
TJ-I know AMD used to provide their own chipset specific packages too, that's another possibility10:11
EriC^^i see10:11
wileeeupgraded to W10 couple of days ago runs cool and well.10:12
TJ-It certainly sounds like the CPU isn't going into C3 sleep when idle10:12
EriC^^hp site says it should upgrade to win10 fine *shrug*10:12
TJ-It could also be that it isn't frequency-scaling too10:12
EriC^^it started during the install TJ- , in case that matters10:14
EriC^^half way through the install the fan went bazerk and stayed that way10:14
wileeetime for water cooling, heh10:14
EriC^^it's an i7 btw10:15
TJ-EriC^^: According to superuser.com the system might have this tool: "powercfg -energy"10:15
EriC^^bought in 201410:15
wileeeI read earlier that setting up a water cooler is half way between running linux and speaking klingon10:15
TJ-See https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc748940%28v=ws.10%29.aspx10:16
TJ-Water coolers are fine if there are no leaks... I'd rather use mineral oil in it though10:16
wileeeI was just curious how it's done, to much slack time here10:17
EriC^^ill brb10:17
TJ-wileee: coolers are great in principle but the problem is often the bulkiness of the fittings and pipework. For many mobos and cases there isn't a lot of room to begin with and the radius of turns of the pipes makes for difficulties in finding a comfortable fit10:23
EriC^^_hey TJ-10:43
EriC^^_i was setting up the tethering thing for the internet10:43
EriC^^hi TJ- i had to boot into ubuntu, temps were reaching 102'c10:49
EriC^^TJ-: http://explosive.bshellz.net/energy-report.html10:52
EriC^^that's the report the command gave10:52
EriC^^it mentions some acpi and driver errors10:52
EriC^^i really like win10, this sucks10:55
EriC^^could it be i need to download the amd graphics driver?10:56
EriC^^hey daftykins20:34
EriC^^did you get win10 activated?20:35
daftykinsyeah it was fine when i powered on on the 30th, their activation servers were just getting hammered on release day :D20:35
EriC^^oh ok cool20:36
EriC^^i installed it, but it didn't accept my key20:36
wileeemine was a couple days later with no key issues20:36
daftykinsEriC^^: which key was that?20:36
EriC^^i read that you have to upgrade for it to work20:36
daftykinsyou have to do an upgrade atop 7 or 8 to convert your existing sadly20:36
EriC^^the key i pulled out from the bios for win820:36
daftykinsah yes that won't go in, you'll have to install 8 then upgrade20:37
EriC^^there's a rumor that if you upgrade you can then fresh install, dunno though20:37
daftykinsyep i did clean installs immediately after20:37
EriC^^anyways it was overheating like crazy, temps at 100'c20:37
daftykinsworks a treat :) just skip the key entry pages and it works out fine20:37
daftykinso0 CPU?20:38
wileeeyou can with a double install and the correct key, looks like an upgrade, or in W7 and 8 you could do a config tweak20:38
OerHekslike this EriC^^ ? http://imgur.com/gallery/PbiZ6ok20:38
EriC^^i tried setting the amd driver to battery saving, it lowered the temps to 80-9020:40
EriC^^ TJ- had me run a command for energy it gave this report http://explosive.bshellz.net/energy-report.html20:41
EriC^^most of them went away after upgrading drivers except for the last 3 or so20:41
wileeeEriC^^, just as a reference,  http://winsupersite.com/article/windows-7/clean-install-windows-7-with-upgrade-media-12851220:41
EriC^^anyways i reinstalled win8 cause you can't customize it without activating it and stuff so i'll try upgrading this time20:42
TJ-EriC^^: Impressive! "Average Utilization (%) 4572646.00"20:42
wileeeI did use a W10 iso for my upgrade, had to do some cleanup to get there, downloaded it while scrubbing the os20:44
TJ-I found out today from Nvidia engineers that the typical operating temperature at idle for the Quadro NVS420 is 45C ... it's been running at 70C+ for a while and needing manual fan-control intervention.20:44
EriC^^learned some dos commands today :>20:44
daftykinsnot just bad TIM or blocked fans?20:45
TJ-So the workbench now has the RasPi+LCD+RF signal detector, laptop + mini-PCIe SSD testbed, the PCBs out of the failed CDU, the NVS420 with heatsink stripped off ... anyone want to take on some of my projects!?20:46
TJ-daftykins: No... I'd previously replaced the thermal pastes with no improvement. The problem I had was Nvidia didn't publish the typical/max operating temps so I had to chase them down with their engineers20:47
TJ-I've got some copper shims arriving tomorrow, which should help. The heatsinks don't have great mating with the heat sources, especially for the RAM ICs20:50
OerHekspom pom pom21:43

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