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octoquaddarkxst, could you make this bug public? https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/147337707:28
ubot5Error: ubuntu bug 1473377 not found07:28
darkxstoctoquad, don't you have bug privs on ubuntu-gnome?07:29
octoquador is it deleted?07:29
octoquadHow would I check?07:29
darkxstI will check, your access07:29
darkxstoctoquad, wierd you are a member of ubuntu-gnome-bugs and that team is set as bug supervisor for ubuntu-gnome project07:34
darkxstmade that bug public for now07:35
darkxstoctoquad, can you file a launchpad bug for access issues?, you definately have access07:36
darkxstand certain it worked when I set it up07:37
darkxstubuntu-gnome-bugs team that is07:38
darkxstcan you change milestones?07:39
octoquadyes, I can change milestones07:50
octoquadbbl, off to work07:51
darkxstoctoquad, ok later ask on #launchpad if bug supervisors should be able to view private bugs (I am pretty certain they should be able to though)07:52
darkxstoctoquad, or maybe I will ask07:59
darkxstNoskcaj, ricotz, I'm sure you will see on the list, but I now have ubuntu-desktop ;), if you need stuff sponsored08:31
NoskcajWell done08:31
NoskcajNow how can i get upload rights that easily?08:32
darkxstNoskcaj, upload rights don08:34
darkxst't just come easily08:34
darkxstbut ubuntu-desktop is not via DMB, do the actual process is easier08:35
ricotzdarkxst, congrats!08:44
darkxstricotz, thanks08:45
mgedmin1st login after a reboot always gives me a blank black screen (15.10 + staging ppa)09:06
mgedminI have to ctrl-alt-f1, ctrl-alt-f7 and then I get the gdm screen again and then I can login just fine09:07
mgedminanyone else see this?09:07
darkxstmgedmin, no, never and I have laptop, desktop and a bunch of VM's running09:08
darkxstset debug=true in /etc/gdm/custom.conf and get logs09:08
Noskcajdarkxst, Easily being people actually respond with information10:06
darkxstNoskcaj, for desktop team, you just need 3 endorsements from existing members10:08
darkxstbut the fact that those endorsements are essentially a 'vote' make them harder to come by10:08
NoskcajI really wish other packagesets were like that10:08
darkxstNoskcaj, don't worry about it too much, I got rejected from MOTU, purely that my contributions are too GNOME-ish related10:11
darkxstfwiw I would support you for ubuntu-gnome packageset. most likely now. in fact I reckon you could get that10:13
darkxstand desktop-extra should be easy pickings10:13
darkxstI know attending meetings at 5am in the morning sucks, but that is the best way to do it10:14
darkxst(for DMB apps)10:15
darkxstNoskcaj, it too me 3 years? to get into ubuntu-desktop, and I have worked with them a lot and on many of the difficult things. I can imagine there would be concern that you don't have the dev skills to follow up on those pesky crashes that follow some package updates10:19
darkxstprobably MOTU is a better aim for purely packaging10:20
ricotzdarkxst, https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=728464 -- https://bug728464.bugzilla-attachments.gnome.org/attachment.cgi?id=30875610:47
ubot5Gnome bug 728464 in general "Screen update/flickering problems with nvidia drivers" [Critical,New]10:47
darkxstricotz, I've not hit that myself, but wait, do I see nvidia devs contributing patches to mutter!10:54
ricotzdarkxst, just keep an eye on it since it is pretty annoying and happening since nvidia 340+10:57
darkxstricotz, k cc'ed to it10:58
darkxstI used to get flickering on my old card, but only after VT switches11:12
darkxstthat was a year ago though11:13
darkxstoctoquad, should be sorted now, most spastic UI on the planet though12:09
LinDolhi all12:51
darkxstLinDol, hi13:02
LinDoldarkxst, thank you :)13:03
darkxsthow are your translations going?13:03
LinDolI am still translating :)13:03
darkxstLinDol, good!13:04
LinDolI am translating https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGNOME/Installation/Korean page now :)13:04
LinDoland sorry for late, because i am still learnning english13:04
darkxstLinDol, you know I can't read that ;)13:04
LinDoland I worked hard on these days T)T13:05
LinDolThat is OK.13:05
LinDoloh If you are ok.13:05
LinDolCould i translate ubi-slideshow package on 15.10 again? :)13:05
darkxstLinDol, not ready yet, but sure later13:06
darkxstthere are plans to completely redo slideshow13:06
LinDolThank you :)13:08
LinDolby the way, when i your video for feedback time, I think you was tired.13:09
LinDolAre you OK? :)13:09
darkxstLinDol, I never made a video13:12
darkxstthat could be ali?13:12
LinDolsorry :)13:13
LinDolI think you are Ali :)13:13
LinDolSorry for my missing.13:13
darkxstLinDol, ali is amjjawad here13:13
darkxstLinDol, am tired though, I should sleep13:16
LinDoldarkxst, have a great night :)13:17
darkxstLinDol, thanks, all the best with your translating !13:19
LinDolThank you :-)13:20
octoquaddarkxst, sorted. Thanks15:46
SonikkuAmerica'gratz darkxst18:14
davmor2Hello Ubuntu Gnome people.  Are you guys participating in the testing of Ubuntu Gnome for 14.04.3 release?18:24
SonikkuAmericadavmor2: We don't test a release once it's released... but we're testing for 15.1018:30
octoquaddavmor2, yes we are.18:43
octoquadWould you like to help?18:43
davmor2octoquad: no if I see another iso at this stage I'll cry ;)  I've been asked to chase the isos that had no tests on them18:43
octoquaddavmor2, I see, I did one last night, I see there are new builds available today. lbsolost normally does some testing and I help out wherever I can.18:45
davmor2octoquad: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/344/builds yeah the real 14.04.3 release is ready for testing now :)18:46
davmor2awesome thanks octoquad18:46
octoquaddavmor2, I'll start testing now. Thanks for the reminder :)18:47
octoquadoh davmor2, zsync doesn't seem to work. Is there a known problem at the moment? I also had this last night.18:51
davmor2octoquad: not that I know to let me ask around18:53
octoquadcdimage.ubuntu.com: Connection timed out18:54
octoquadcould not read control file from URL http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-gnome/trusty/daily-live/20150805/trusty-desktop-amd64.iso.zsync18:55
octoquadah ok, I can get zsync file with wget but zsync can grab it at all, maybe it's a bug in wily18:56
davmor2octoquad: looks like one of the cdimage servers is down if you get that one you time out get the other it works :(  we have informed IS so hopefully fixed soonish19:35
Dave07747darkxst: how did you say that you make the live build modifiable for GNOME?19:44
Dave07747Or if anyone else knows, I'd appreciate the help19:44
octoquaddavmor2, thanks for confirming. I'll send a quick workaround on our mailing list.19:45
octoquadHi Dave0774719:45
Dave07747Hi octoquad!!19:45
octoquadDave07747, I'm not sure if there is anybody active at the moment to answer your question. Hang around, darkxst should be on soon.19:46
Dave07747Okay, thank you very much octoquad19:46
Noskcajdarkxst, Would you mind syncing gnome-photos?22:06
Noskcajfrom exp22:06
darkxstNoskcaj, done22:18
darkxstDave07747, to modify the installed packages?22:18
darkxstthere are a few steps22:20
darkxstfirst you want to fork our seed22:20
darkxstcreate a new branch with the relevant Task-* keys renamed22:22
darkxstthen take ubuntu-gnome-meta, rename it also and point it at your new seed branch22:23
Dave07747Ah okay22:23
darkxstrun update in the meta package, which generates the meta packages and upload to a ppa22:24
darkxstfinally you need make live-build use your ppa, there is a EXTRA_PPAS env for that, and make the config point at your new meta package22:25
darkxstbest way to do the latter, would be to modify auto/config22:27
darkxstit would be similar to the ubuntu-gnome config, but something like22:28
darkxstadd_task install minimal standard22:28
darkxstadd_package your-meta-desktop22:29
Dave07747Ahhh yes, modify auto/config. I didn't know there were so many steps ahead of that22:30
darkxstDave07747, its also possible to directly modify live-build config in config/, but if you do that, never run lb config again or it will wipe your changes!22:35
Dave07747Ahhh okay, I see. So it would simply be better to do as you described darkxst?22:36
darkxstthat is the right way to do it, and you end up with basically a single text file describing what packages to install on your ISO22:45
darkxstand you need the meta package if you want people to be able to install from existing installation22:46
Dave07747Ah I see, perfect22:47
darkxstDave07747, and you will almost certainly need to fork ubuntu-gnome-default-settings package22:54
Dave07747Is that in the link you provided?22:55
darkxstDave07747, no, that is https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-gnome-default-settings/23:17
Dave07747Okay thank you23:23

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