infinitycyphermox: Oh man, I really want that take that new ubiquity, but it's not worth making everyone retest.20:39
infinitycyphermox: Oh well.  It'll be fixed in .4, I guess.20:39
infinitycyphermox: Speaking of "oops, we forgot until it was too late", did you ever land those chinese debian-cd fixes?20:43
cyphermoxerr, wait20:44
infinityI'll take that as a no. ;)20:44
cyphermoxthose were broken for vivid, not trusty, no?20:44
cyphermoxeh, well it would be broken for both I guess20:44
cyphermoxit was merged in fact, according to this branch20:45
cyphermoxinfinity: ^20:47
infinitycyphermox: r1911 only touches wily.20:47
infinitycyphermox: So, if trusty was broken, it still is.20:47
infinityDid you test wily dailies after that landed to make sure it all worked right?20:48
cyphermoxI figure it was, given this was about the UEFI menu20:48
cyphermoxI don't recall20:48
infinityCause I'm not against backporting and respinning kylin (if they're okay with it), if we're sure it works.20:48
cyphermoxI can try it now20:48
infinityLemme see if I can dig up a kylin person to ask about this.  Was there a bug ref for this?20:49
infinitybzr doesn't have one in the commit logs.20:49
cyphermoxstupid vpn20:50
cyphermoxinfinity: ubuntukylin daily boots correctly in zh_CN in UEFI.21:25
infinitycyphermox: wily, you mean?21:32
infinitycyphermox: Can you verify that it doesn't in trusty (and thus, the bug needs fixing)?21:32
cyphermoxit's going to take forever to download the iso though21:33
cyphermoxwell, 12 minutes21:34
infinitycyphermox: "forever". :P21:36
cyphermoxwell, it's slow ;)21:40
cyphermoxI need to start mirroring the images again :)21:40
cyphermoxinfinity: I confirm, trusty daily kylin in UEFI boots with english as default lang in ubiquity22:23
infinitycyphermox: Fun.  Kay.  Prep an MP for trusty, and if the kylin guys agree to a respin and re-test, we'll slam it in?22:36
infinitycyphermox: If not, we'll do it post-release and it'll be fixed for .422:37
cyphermoxinfinity: https://code.launchpad.net/~mathieu-tl/debian-cd/kylin-default-cn-uefi/+merge/26711322:53
cyphermox^ vivid too, because we'll need it eventually.22:54
infinitycyphermox: We will?22:54
infinitycyphermox: I have no intention of ever building another vivid ISO.22:55
cyphermoxam I on crack?22:55
cyphermoxwhy was I under the wrong impression vivid was lts?22:56
infinityIt doesn't really do any harm to fix vivid, but it's a no-op, the only vivid images that get built are phone images, and they don't use debian-cd, nor are they kylin.22:56
cyphermoxmaybe because I spent the whole day doing things in wily, vivid, trusty22:57

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