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columbobaasAnyone a perfect tuturial for compiling to the latest kernel? Always black screen after reboot now. 09:59
columbobaas(after compiling)10:00
apwcolumbobaas, what do you mean by the latest kernel, and what are you compiling for10:41
columbobaasThe latest kernel has a good AMD support10:42
columbobaasapw: so I want to try it. 10:42
apwyes but where are you getting it, which latest kernel source are you referring to10:42
apwand what h/w platform is it10:43
ohsix'perfect' 'tutorial'10:44
ohsixa tutorial is a list of things to do, and that falls short of documentation which still isn't perfect10:44
columbobaasohsix, well documentation about fixing x then10:44
columbobaasafter compiling10:44
apwcolumbobaas, i am trying to find out where the source you are trying to compile when you say "latest"10:45
apwis this latest ubuntu kernel, latest upstream, latest random vendor kernel, what10:45
apwwhat level of that are you trying to find, as we have kernels at different levels10:45
apwwhat release are you trying to make it work on, etc etc10:45
apw"how make latest work" isn't enough to help really10:45
ohsixnor is 'black screen'10:46
columbobaasohsix, x not loading10:46
ohsixliterally hundreds of kconfig options can lead to that, you should probably figure out how to build the ubuntu kernel first and diverge slowly10:46
apwcolumbobaas, for example is what you really want is a 4.2 based kernel, there is a 4.2 based ubuntu modified and configured kernel in the CKT PPA10:47
apwif you want a pure upstream kerenl, we produce builds of those in the mainline build archive10:47
apwwhich are configured with the ubuntu config10:47
columbobaasthank you for the ckt ppa tip10:47
apwcolumbobaas, that is an early preview of the next wily kernel10:48
apwwhich if you are after the very latest support might be an option, trying a wily daily CD and seeing if it works10:48
apwif so upgrading there might help10:48
apwbut ... without knowing more about what you are referring to, its all guess work10:48
columbobaasyes, but I learn10:49
columbobaasI tried a lot of distros, but ubuntu is the most solid. I compiled the kernel in Debian and now i want to try it in Ubuntu10:50
apwthe most important thing is to make sure you have installed linux-image-* and linux-image-extra-* if you are building ubuntu kernels10:52
apwelse you have only half the kernel (the bit a virtual machine needs) not the bit a machine with displays etc need10:52
columbobaasbut is it really with .deb files? I found it really strange. 10:52
apwcolumbobaas, "it" ?  debian builds produce .deb's, ubuntu is a debian/apt based distro so our builds produce debs11:03
columbobaasapw: on Debian i downloaded the latest kernel from kernel.org and used to make command11:04
columbobaasthe make command*11:04
apwyou can do that, but it dumps files into your system that you cannot easily find to remove11:05
apwwhich is why you normally use .debs to contain them11:05
apwmost likely your issue is configuration then, and i'd use the one in /boot for the nearest version of an ubuntu-kernel11:05
columbobaasThanks for that explenation11:06
apwor you could use the mainline builds which do the same thing for you11:06
tseliotapw: problem solved (with flush_workqueue): https://lkml.org/lkml/2015/8/4/77513:19
rtgtseliot, not until 4.3 - in the meantime I've committed it as a SAUCE patch on Wily master-next13:34
tseliotrtg: thanks13:34
tseliotthat will make my life much easier13:34
rtgtseliot, I've verified that linux 4.2-3.3 fixes build problems with bcmwl. I also uploaded bcmwl yesterday to fix a different FTBS13:36
tseliotrtg: nice, I hadn't noticed the failure13:37
tseliotI still have to fix one more thing for fglrx I think, but I'm busy with other work. I promise to do that soon though13:38
apwtseliot, heh yeah, that was tim :)14:13
ricotzapw, hi, is 4.2.0-3 already scheduled to land in the archive?14:17
apwricotz, we're working on getting it to feature paritity with 4.1 before so14:18
ricotzapw, alright, got a bit scared ;)14:18
apwricotz, heh why ?14:18
ricotzapw, seems a bit early for my taste even it is rc5 already14:19
apwricotz, oh devel is always the wild west14:21
apwwe've got gcc5, what could be more wild than that14:21
ricotzof course but the kernel is another thing14:21
apwricotz, the kernel is a unique snowflake in the sense you get to keep older ones :)14:22
apwso one could claim that being more caviliere is ok, but anyhow its pending some DKMS fixes for sure14:23
apwand likley by the time those kinks are worked out we'll be at a much later rc or even release upstream14:23
ricotzyeah, although while the filesystem gets crumbled into pieces there is no older kernel anymore ;)14:23
ricotzof course still looking forward for a new shiny kernel14:26
apwit passes some pretty hard filesystem testing before it gets out of our PPA, and most of us run it for some time before as well14:27
argessforshee: hey bug 1476900, did this get uploaded into wily15:11
ubot5bug 1476900 in linux-firmware (Ubuntu) "Backport Intel 8260 Wifi/BT firmwares" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/147690015:11
sforsheearges: I think so, let me double check15:16
argessforshee: just not marked in the bug, wanted to verify before accepting into proposed15:17
sforsheearges: yeah, the last upload did include it, I didn't think to add the bug number15:17
argessforshee: ok i'll mark it fix release then. thakns15:19
sforsheearges: already did it15:20
argessforshee: cool15:20

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