RAOFOk. *That* was a race in my code :)00:32
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* RAOF heads due luncheon02:38
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RAOFThat *should* fix all the races in https://code.launchpad.net/~raof/mir/fix-deadlock-in-glib-alarm/+merge/26668207:40
ogra_poor duflu ... seems i actually stirred up something with my input delay bu10:21
dufluogra_: The earlier we know about them the better. You're doing us a great service :)10:22
ogra_(looks like you are getting from one rabbithole into the next all the time)10:22
dufluogra_: Yeah sometimes you just need to stop looking10:22
* duflu -> EOD10:22
alan_ggreyback: When you have a moment, could you have a look. (I can't imagine my qtmir changes caused it but it is worrying). https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/qtmir-wily-amd64-ci/73/console11:50
greybackalan_g: doubt it's your fault, looks like the dbus test harness is failing11:51
greybackpete-woods: hey, any ideas how we can debug that ^^11:53
greybackit's using dbusmock, and failing with C++ exception with description "Process [python3] for service [com.canonical.powerd] failed to appear on bus" thrown in the test fixture's constructor.11:53
alan_ggreyback: thanks11:55
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pete-woodsgreyback: looking12:49
pete-woods(sorry, was having lunch)12:49
pete-woodsgreyback: does this happen if you do a debuild locally?12:50
pete-woodsthis can happen if the build server is super heavily loaded12:51
pete-woodsit waits 5 seconds for the python process to start12:52
pete-woodsthat's probably not enough, actually12:52
greybackpete-woods: not happening locally for me anyway12:52
pete-woods(it uses QSignalSpy::wait)12:52
pete-woodswhich has a default timeout of 5 seconds12:52
pete-woodsthis should maybe be upped to 30 seconds12:53
greybackyou'd think 5 secondsis enough to bring up python. But if you've seen it randomly on servers, it'll do no harm to bump it12:53
pete-woodsas starting a new python process can take quite a while on a low memory / loaded system12:53
greybackalan_g|lunch: could you retry the build, just to see12:53
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alan_ggreyback: ack13:02
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