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balloonshowdy pitti.11:46
balloonsI'm curious if you think it's possible for autopkgtest to support getting it's dependencies from a tarball, rather than the archive? I'd like to be able to craft a testing payload (from remote or local source) and have it unpack and use the debs found within rather than looking elsewhere11:47
pittihey balloons12:05
pittiballoons: i. e. reinventing archives :)12:06
balloonspitti, :-)12:06
pittiballoons: well, if/once we have such a thing like an archive-which-isn't-an-archive, we can of course add support for it12:07
balloonspitti, it would also be nice for testing behind firewalls / in offline situations12:07
pittiit just seems easier to me to actually use archives, and use PPAs, or even archives on p.u.c.12:07
balloonsahh.. you would rather see us make a proper mini-archive than use a tarball?12:07
pittimy point is, it's not the archive format (apt-ftpindex and Packages.gz) which is the problem, it's that we don't have an archive for the things that we need12:08
pittiso why not just collect the debs and run apt-ftparchive on those, and use that as a proper apt sources?12:08
pittior use PPAs, which already do all that?12:08
pittiseems muuuuch easier to me TBH12:08
balloonswe would have to edit the apt sources list12:08
balloonsbut otherwise, yea, I guess it would be easier12:08
pittior we could even use a temporary apt root12:09
pittithat bit isn't very hard12:09
balloonswell, yea, I was thinking for keeping it temporary12:09
pittiI think we want to do that anyway in case the image is out of date and we can't run apt-get update on the r/o image12:09
balloonsyes, exactly12:09
balloonspitti, so, in summary you would suggest pushing all the debs I want / need into a ppa. Then ?12:24
pittiballoons: PPA, or some other archive, maybe on people.u.c.; that's more flexible wrt. keeping multiple package versions around, or there's one PPA per image or so12:25
pittiballoons: then we can add that PPA on an image and set apt pinning to prefer versions from it, and stuff should just work12:25
balloonsright.. I was wondering how to support multiple images inside a ppa12:26
balloonsok, but the setup to add the ppa and apt-pin it. Is this something we expect autpkgtest to do or no?12:26
pittiright now you can do it with a --setup-command (apt-add-repository and echo foo > /etc/apt/preferences), but we can certainly make this easier if we need it12:27
pittiwe don't currently run autopkgtests on PPAs, but that's something I was planning to do anyway12:27
pittiso right now it's possible, but verbose12:28
balloonspitti, ok makes sense. I may go ahead and try to do it. I'm more curious about setting up an archive on p.u.c to do this over a ppa, since you think it might be saner12:32
balloonsthat said, I've little idea how to do that12:32
balloonsI could attempt to lay things out so the mirror what is expected of an archive. presumably there's a tool to help or ?12:32
pittiballoons: it's not much more than throwing a bunch of debs somewhere, running apt-ftparchive packages | gzip -9 > Packages.gz12:32
pittiwell, if you want to do it properly you need a Release and Release.gpg file too, that's a bit more involved12:33
pittiPPAs are secure, but don't support multiple versions12:33
pittibut then again, apt doesn't get along very well with that either12:33
pittiso I guess in the end we need one archive per image that we care about anyway12:33
pittior do the tarball thing, and change tests to download/unpack the tarball instead of having test Depends: on stuff12:34
pittibut TBH, that's rather crazy (and totally unauth'ed too) :)12:35
pittiso for simplicity I'd recommend starting with PPAs12:35
balloonspiti, presumably the same packages would go across several versions12:35
balloonsI wonder for instance if just having the versions in ppa would do enough (aka, all vivid images can use the same set, all wily the same, etc)12:36
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svijdkessel: balloons: running the iso tests on a bigger ec2 instance results in this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12008253/17:17
svijI'm not sure if this is the current state, or if theres more broken here17:17
balloonssvij, interesting17:22
balloonswhat artifcats did you get?17:23
svijoh, I should read…17:24
svijballoons: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12008303/ which files do you want to see?17:25
balloonswell, hehe, there's the crash file.  But the autopilot logs would be most intersting17:25
svij(that was the wily iso btw)17:25
balloonsthat should hint at how far the tests got17:26
svijballoons: in /var/local/autopilot there are only those empty directories17:27
balloonsoh.. so syslog and the crash file is all you got?17:28
svijopenssh-server crash log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12008347/17:33
svijsyslog: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12008350/17:34
balloonssvij, so it fails branching? Aug  5 17:00:59 ubuntu gnome-session[1785]: bzr: ERROR: [SSL: SSLV3_ALERT_BAD_RECORD_MAC] sslv3 alert bad record mac (_ssl.c:590)17:40
svijseems so17:41
svijssl error? any ideas?17:41
DanChapmansvij looks like it needs ca-certificates package, there's also an option to disable bzr's ca-cert check not sure if that's wise though17:55
svijisn't that preinstalled?17:57
DanChapmanI would have thought so... it's just weird it's complaining about it. What's the output of apt-cache policy ca-certificates?17:58
svijoh that was from my ec2 instance…18:00
DanChapmansvij, might be worth testing with an older iso as well. Maybe a vivid one? to rule out it possibly being a broken image all together18:13
svijDanChapman: good idea… trying that now18:14
balloonssure.. I guess disable the cert checking as well to see. But it is odd to see bzr complaining about it18:15
balloonsI wonder what's in /etc/ssl/certs/18:16
balloonshow old is bzr?18:16
svijI think the instance is gone18:17
balloonsI guess this is running on wily, with the current version of bzr18:17
balloonsI was merely wanting to make sure you don't have an old version of bzr doing the checkout18:17
svijyes it was running the wily iso18:18
svijnow I just wonder, why the script is stuck after "I:local ssh port"18:19
balloonsdo we have a log from running in jenkins, but on a real box to compare?18:21
balloonsI guess we can have a look at the old builds18:22
balloonsthat's the actual AP bits18:25
bladernr_Hey, anyone around with triage rights on bugs filed against "linux"?18:26
davmor2bladernr_: what bug18:27
bladernr_davmor2: https://bugs.launchpad.net/linux/+bug/1464667 just need it set to "incomplete" so it'll expire if the OP doesn't bother coming back18:27
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1464667 in Linux "HP Dynamic Smart Array fails with 14.04" [Undecided,New]18:27
davmor2bladernr_: done18:28
bladernr_davmor2: cool, thanks!18:29
bladernr_maybe I'll even buy you pie one day18:29
bladernr_or let you buy ME pie18:29
svijballoons: DanChapman: okay… tried vivid iso… it seems that it did try to run autopilot: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12008986/19:14
svijthat is autopilot.log19:14
balloonsthat looks nice19:15
svij"nice" :)19:16
* svij tries wily again19:18
balloonssvij, did you get any other artifacts from that?19:23
balloonsand does it seem that indeed we are good with cloud?19:23
svijyes seems good with cloud for me19:24
svijhm… same bzr/ssl error on wily again.19:57
svijanyway… good night.19:58
balloonsgood night19:58
flocculantballoons: where do you suggest reporting this issue - http://postimg.org/image/laa0plmdt/20:22
flocculantno crypt on this machine - this is trying to use recovery mode in up to date wily20:23
flocculantand excuse the flash ...20:24
bdmurrayubuntu-qa who do I talk to about this test failure? http://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/packages/a/apport/vivid/amd64/20:24
bdmurrayits a failure in the setup of the system on which the tests are run20:24
bdmurraySystemError: E:You must put some 'source' URIs in your sources.list20:25
bdmurraythere are no deb-src lines in /etc/apt/sources.list20:25
balloonsI actually don't know what packages provide for resuce mode20:25
* flocculant neither 20:26
balloonsbdmurray, pitti is still an excellent bet. Or the package maintainer. Since it's apport, I guess that still makes pitti and you :-)20:26
bdmurrayrescue mode == friendly-recovery20:27
flocculantand you said that just before I asked you :)20:27
flocculantthanks - I'll report that now then20:27
bdmurrayprecognition is one of my superpowers ;-)20:28
flocculantha ha20:28
* balloons adds that to the cheatsheet on isotracker20:28
flocculantballoons: good plan :)20:28
bdmurrayballoons: its an infrastructure change as the test was working and then failed with no change in the package20:28
balloonsbdmurray, ahh..20:30
balloonsI was going to say, it's a bit odd to ask as presumably you can fix the test20:30
flocculantbug 148190420:33
ubot5bug 1481904 in friendly-recovery (Ubuntu) "Recovery mode wants root password" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148190420:33
flocculantmust have turned up *recently* - didn't get that a few weeks ago iirc20:34
flocculantballoons: that was quick :D20:35
balloonsno, or else I forget20:35
flocculantha ha20:36
flocculantnot sure I'll report it on tracker - not really anywhere to do so20:36
balloonsyea.. the bug is the important part20:44
flocculantI'll try and remember tomorrow morning to check the older kernel's recovery mode20:46
flocculantballoons: or now - so older kernel no different, but then I expected that as still the same recovery package - but better to be sure I suppose20:58
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