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user___1Hi, I need help with setting up openvpn on ubuntu server. I've tried alot, getting help from others is my one last hope... can anybody help me?04:09
sarnolduser___1: have you seen this yet? https://help.ubuntu.com/14.04/serverguide/openvpn.html04:41
user___1I've googled ALOT. I still have a problem that I cant solve04:47
sarnolddo you get any error messages?04:49
sarnoldcheck both endpoints04:49
user___1openvpn itself doesn't have an accounting system, I used a software called softether that supports openvpn too, I can create an account, and connect to it, no problem here, but I want to limit connections of an account to 1, so user can't user his/her account to use openvpn from more than one place at a time04:52
user___1softether has an opetion for it, but it doesn't work for openvpn, its reported, several times, but no answer04:53
user___1I want to use openvpn to bypass internet censorship, because it can't be blocked easily by government04:55
user___1I know I should talk to someone from sofether support, but they're not so active, my problem was asked on their froum by other people. but they got no answer from them04:58
sarnolddo they have an irc channel? forums are my absolute last choice..04:59
user___1I don't think so... they are not so active, and im not limited to use their software if I can reach what I want by an other way05:00
sarnoldcan you specify a specific IP address for each client? that might be sufficient to limit them to one connection at a time05:01
user___1user IPs here are dynamic, they always change05:01
sarnolddon't you have to create an rfc1918 network for the clients once they've connected?05:02
user___1what is it...?05:02
sarnoldone of the 10.x.x.x or 192.168.x.x or .. 176something?05:02
Starcraftmazterhow would i upgrade from ubuntu server 12.0406:30
Starcraftmazterto latest06:30
Starcraftmaztercan i skip everything in between?06:30
sarnoldStarcraftmazter: yes, you should be able to upgrade with do-release-upgrade06:33
Lurchyanyone awake?07:48
lordievaderGood morning.07:54
arcskyhello all, does anyone know how i can do my ssh login to use the windows 2008 radius/nps ?08:19
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samba35how do i fix the banner name on server  for postfix10:28
samba35when i run telnet my public ip 25 it show mail.abcd.com is that is my banner name ?10:28
samba35then when i run mxtoolbox.com its same as the my rdns still its say banner is not correct10:38
samba35Reverse DNS does not match SMTP Banner10:40
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JaguarDownHi all, newbie here. I have a home server on a LAN connected to ther outer via cat5 cable. Is there a quick answer as to why my router doesn't know the "device name" (host name) of my server? In other words is this a usual ubuntu server problem or is it my router's problem?13:45
JaguarDownther outer= the router***13:45
RoyKJaguarDown: hostnames are usually looked up with DNS. If you don't have your own DNS server and haven't added the hostname, it won't understand it as a hostname. Linux doesn't use broadcasts of hostnames the way windows/netbios does it13:47
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Tazmainhi all, is it acceptable to place a environment varaible in /etc/environment? Doesn't see that when I sudo su I can echo that variable, but as a normal user I can14:39
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jvwjgamesHi I need help17:22
jvwjgamesMy server has unstable networking17:22
jvwjgamesPingdom the remote server monitoring station keeps on emailing me every few minutes saying your server is down no wait it is back up no it's down no wait it is backup17:24
jvwjgamesAnd if you want you can do a continuous ping on its static IP if you want17:26
Slingif you want hundreds of people pinging you, sure :P17:26
Slingbut give some details, what kind of server, how is it hooked to the internet17:26
Slingare you also noticing packetloss or is it just pingdom?17:26
jvwjgamesHere is the public static page17:32
tewardI.. don't think that was what's asked...?17:32
tewardyou pinged out17:32
teward[2015-08-05 13:26:33] <Sling> if you want hundreds of people pinging you, sure :P17:32
teward[2015-08-05 13:26:47] <Sling> but give some details, what kind of server, how is it hooked to the internet17:32
teward[2015-08-05 13:26:55] <Sling> are you also noticing packetloss or is it just pingdom?17:32
tewardjvwjgames: ^17:32
jvwjgamesPacket loss17:33
tewardwhat about the other requested data, such as what kind of server (VPS, virtual, physical box, etc.), and how it's connected to the 'net17:34
tewardor do you not know that17:34
jvwjgamesI do17:35
Slingjvwjgames: feel free to query me the IP and I could run some mtr from a few spots on the internet17:36
Slingalso, how long has this been an issue?17:36
jvwjgamesIt is a poweredge 1950 with 2 GB NIC's I have a block of 13 statics witch two are allocated to the server17:37
adityai'm not able to run my sh script through cron17:55
Slingaditya: is it chmod +x'ed ?17:55
adityascript is working fine manually17:56
Slingso how did you add it to cron and what is happening?17:56
adityai added it to run every 15 min to backup my gitlab repos17:56
adityabut its not working17:56
Slingadded it where17:56
Sling[ moar details plz ]17:56
adityai added it via crontab -e17:57
Slingas root?17:57
Slingokay and what does your crontab -l look like now/17:57
adityalike this17:57
aditya153***cd /root/; ./backup.sh > /tmp/repobackup17:57
Slinguse /root/backup.sh > /tmp/repobackup instead17:58
adityai used that also but not worked17:58
adityain my other server its working fine17:59
adityain same pattern17:59
Slingit looks a bit weird, you can just use the full path :)18:00
Slingbut anyway, what do you mean with 'not working'18:00
Slingdo you know if its trying to run it?18:00
Slingie. did you check the logs18:00
adityayes i checked18:01
adityathere is noting in logs18:01
Slingso its not trying to run it18:01
Slingis crond or another cron daemon running?18:01
adityano there is only one c18:02
Slingso is it running? what is the output of ps faux | grep cron ?18:02
adityayes running18:02
Slingthen it should be logging, what logs did you check?18:03
adityaps -aux | grep cron18:03
adityaroot     13273  0.0  0.0  23652   940 ?        Ss   Aug03   0:00 cron18:03
adityaif i want to run it daily18:03
adityacan i put it in cron.daily folder18:04
Slingstop trying to randomly change things when you still don't know what the issue is18:04
Slingthats not how you learn or troubleshoot18:04
Slingalso, are there any mails for root on your account? cron will generate mails when something goes wrong18:10
Sling(check with 'mail')18:10
Slingthe > /tmp/repobackup will just redirect stdout but not stderr18:11
jvwjgamesI pm'd you sling18:13
Slingyeah I noticed ;)18:13
jvwjgamesBy now you are experiencing packet loss on last hop18:15
jvwjgamesReally the 21018:16
jvwjgamesNo packet loss18:16
Slingwell i cant ping your own router, doesn't respond to icmp it seems18:16
Slingbut the last hop before it, still no loss since our pm18:17
jvwjgamesThe 210 is the server it is directly connected to the modem18:17
jvwjgamesThe reason that you can't ping it is cause I accidently unplugged the power to the server18:18
jvwjgamesSo it is rebooting18:18
jvwjgamesI am surprised that there is no packet loss18:19
Slingagain, I was seeing packet loss to the comcast router18:19
Slingnot to your own router or server18:19
jvwjgamesSorry i misunderstood you18:19
jvwjgamesThis is good news18:21
jvwjgamesWhen I logged in to my server18:21
jvwjgamesIt is now showing the ip's of the interfaces18:21
jvwjgamesBefore it didnt18:22
Slingthat doesn't really make sense :)18:23
jvwjgamesTold you unstable networking18:23
Slingyou lack some understanding of networking, sorry to say :)18:24
jvwjgamesWhat I mean to say about unstable networking is sometimes I can't reach my server18:24
Slingif your interface would be unconfigured, without an IP, it would not have packet loss, it would simply have no connection at all18:24
Slingand IP's don't just disappear from your server18:25
jvwjgamesAnd during that time it also doesn't let me ping18:25
Slinganyway, enough said about your issue18:25
jvwjgamesAlso if they are static ip's doesn't it need gateways for both interfaces18:27
jvwjgamesCause when I put in the gateways for both ip's it freaks out18:27
Slingstop changing stuff you don't understand :(18:27
sarnoldstrictly speaking, you don't need gateways at all.. that's just if you want it to talk to machines beyond the subnets that it's on..18:28
Slingall you need are the proper routes in your routing table18:28
Slingagain, this is not related to your issue18:28
jvwjgamesAnd I didn't change anything18:29
jvwjgamesThat's what happened in the past18:30
jvwjgamesAnyway past that18:30
jvwjgamesPingdom just reported my server is offline again18:30
jvwjgamesOK sling I found the problem18:37
jvwjgames2OK this is just odd18:48
jvwjgames2210 is no longer reachable18:48
jvwjgames2But 211 is it is like my server is rotating the ips18:49
jvwjgames2Sling: any idea18:50
jvwjgames2210 is no longer reachable but 211 is it is like my server is rotating the two ips18:51
jvwjgames2So it is causing Pingdom to think my server is down18:52
sarnoldi haven't got a clue what you're doing here..18:52
sarnold.. but it sounds kind of like you've got two ips on one NIC?18:52
Slingwhich should work perfectly fine if configured properly18:52
Slingjvwjgames2: how is your networking configured on your server|18:52
Slingjvwjgames2: and are both eth1 and eth0 physically connected to your router?18:57
Slingwhat does 'ip a' show18:57
sarnoldjvwjgames2: probably only one of those interfaces should have a gateway line18:57
Slingand 'ip r' finally, for the routes19:02
Slingthen we have sort of a complete picture19:02
jvwjgames2Sorry I didn't provide this earlier19:06
Slingwell this is not related to the packetloss to comcast's router, but there might be multiple issues19:06
Slingyou also seem to have split routing on your own server19:06
Slingremove one of the gateway lines in your interfaces file19:06
jvwjgames2Did that19:07
jvwjgames2Anything else you need me to provide19:09
Slingare you still experiencing network issues?19:10
jvwjgames2210 still unreachable19:11
Slingyou might need to reset your server and router, or manually clear some arp tables19:11
Slingso the new routing is in effect19:11
Slinganyway, i gotta go, good luck19:12
jvwjgames2Now 211 is unreachable19:21
jvwjgames2I want to get this issue resolved19:24
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jvwjgamesCan anyone help20:16
patdk-lapyou have two nics, it won't work20:18
patdk-lapyou cannot put two nics on the same l2 network and expect it to work, without a LOT of pain and knowledge20:19
jvwjgamesSo how do I configure my two statics from Comcast to work then20:23
patdk-lapon one interface20:23
patdk-lapwhy would you use two?20:23
jvwjgamesFor dns load balancing and for failover20:24
patdk-lapI have 12 statics on one interface20:24
jvwjgamesHow did you do that20:24
patdk-lapwhat do you mean dns load balancing?20:24
patdk-lapyour doing >1gigabit of dns?20:24
patdk-lapnot sure how failover will help, your issue is spof of the modem itself20:24
patdk-lapdon't see how two tables will help, vs one20:25
patdk-laptwo cables20:25
jvwjgamesWhat do you mean by that20:26
patdk-lapmodem going down, is atleast 50x more likely than a nic or cable having an issue20:26
jvwjgamesHow did you do the 12 statics on one line20:26
patdk-lapthe normal way in ubuntu using the interfaces file20:27
jvwjgamesOh ok20:27
patdk-lapone such method20:27
jvwjgamesAlso is it possible to have multiple statics on a different network20:27
patdk-lapI use this method, up ip addr add fff.fff.fff.fff/prefixlen dev eth020:27
patdk-lapthat question makes no sense20:28
jvwjgamesSo basically so I can have a traceroute like 1. 2. 3. trace route complete20:29
jvwjgamesBasically have multiple static IP across multiple routers20:31
patdk-lapok, everything your doing is wrong20:31
patdk-lapscrape it20:31
patdk-lapthis is pointless to start from the ground up, like your doing20:32
patdk-lapwhen you doin't know where your going20:32
patdk-lapif you use all your ip's on *routers*, sure, but then you won't have any usable ip's20:32
patdk-lapand they won't chain together ever to produce a traceroute result like that20:32
jvwjgamesI am not going to use all my 13 just 320:33
patdk-lapwhy use any?20:33
patdk-lapnone of this makes so since, with no goal20:33
patdk-laphow do you even think a traceroute like that could exist?20:34
patdk-lapand why would you want it to exist at all?20:34
jvwjgamesCause right now my server is directly connected to the modem20:34
patdk-lapthere is a problem with that?20:34
jvwjgamesiSP do it20:34
patdk-lapwhat security?20:34
patdk-laprouters don't provide security20:34
patdk-lapisp's don't provide ANY security20:35
patdk-lapok, just saying random words doesn't mean anything20:35
jvwjgamesISP does traceroute like that20:35
jvwjgamesSorry I am typing on a phone20:36
patdk-lapso me ONE isp that does? and I will believe you20:36
patdk-lapeven one ISP that is clueless and has no idea what they are doing, couldn't even do that if they wanted to20:36
patdk-lapjust think about what you said some20:37
patdk-lap1. 2. 3.
patdk-lapif you had a traceroute result like that20:37
patdk-lapthat means ANY one of those systems failed, OR your modem, your offline20:38
patdk-lapno one, not even isp's would dream of doing that20:38
jvwjgamesHow 8 9 10 and 1120:39
patdk-lapthat doesn't match what you requested20:39
patdk-lapI don't see any ip's that are in a row at all20:39
jvwjgamesSorry let me rephrase20:39
patdk-lapyou see 3+ ip's in the same subnet?20:39
patdk-lapI don't20:39
jvwjgamesHop 8 and 9 are20:40
jvwjgamesseeDed you see the pic20:40
patdk-lapyes, and you will ahve that too20:40
patdk-lapyour modem + your static20:40
patdk-lapI don't seewhy you want a 3rd and 4th20:40
patdk-lapthat is just extreemly hard to do, and will give you lots of problems20:40
jvwjgamesOK I won't do it20:41
jvwjgamesI am just wanting it cause that will tell me where the issue is in the network20:42
jvwjgamesIf any20:42
shaunoit won't tell you anymore than you already have; it'll just add more things to go wrong20:42
jvwjgamesOK thanks for the info20:43
jvwjgamesBack to the other issue at hand20:43
jvwjgamesFixed my other network issue thanks to your post21:01
jvwjgamespatdk-lap: thanks21:02
jvwjgamesI can confirm that all networking is backup and working correctly21:17
holmsanybody got problem with upstart, that it never daemonize an application, it just stucks in there..?21:27
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bitcoinassassinUbuntu headless server 14 upon log in states: "=> / is using 95.4% of 47.57GB" where the install takes less than 2 GB at most. $df-h yields a line that says "/dev/mapper/mediamagnate--vg-root   [size]48G  [used] 46G     0 100% /"21:53
bitcoinassassinAm trying to find what is occupying the hard drive .... because it's not the OS -- at least not as configured21:55
bekksbitcoinassassin: Narrow it down using du -sh on every directory besides dev, sys, proc, etc. in your /22:00
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