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dholbachgood morning06:57
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JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Work Like A Dog Day! 😃08:31
Hawk_orga_ , after changing console=tty0, it just hung on boot logo08:53
jgdxmandel, ping09:07
ogra_HaoLi, awesome ... so you got over the hump :)09:22
ogra_your next prob is that adbd wont let you in ... (it checks for the screen lock state and only starts after the android container is fully up, which i guess is the bit failing for you now)09:26
morphissome one here cross-building packages for touch too?10:07
morphisalways getting problems with python3.4 in vivid with sbuild (see http://paste.ubuntu.com/12005895/)10:08
morphisogra_: any idea?10:09
ogra_nope, i either build natively on a chromebook in a chroot or i use qemu-user-static (which i think sbuild uses too)10:11
ogra_or i just use a native PPA ;)10:11
morphisogra_: yeah, if you have upload access on one :)10:12
anpok_morphis: yes doing that10:12
anpok_but not for all packages..10:12
ogra_morphis, i can get you access, one sec10:12
anpok_and hm havent stumbled over that issue yet..10:12
ogra_morphis, check your mail :)10:13
morphisogra_: thanks10:13
morphisanpok_: I basicaly set it up with an : mk-sbuild --target armhf vivid10:13
ogra_(and see PM)10:13
anpok_morphis: there are a lot of packages not working with cross building schroot.10:14
anpok_morphis: .. hm you can try to manually install it .. maybe you see why it refuses to install python10:16
morphisI did but there seem to be problems betwne python3.4 and python3.4-minimal10:16
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jgdxfaenil, hi, what build-dep do I need?11:09
jgdxfaenil, qtdeclarative5-ubuntu-ui-toolkit I guess :)11:13
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hifidoes ubuntu touch use the android kernel drivers when ported to a new phone?11:20
hifiif it's an android phone11:20
k1lhifi: it uses the android drivers in containers.11:26
ogra_hifi, yes, it has to11:27
ogra_(if you want fully functional hardware at least :) )11:27
hifiok, yeah, I'm probably a bit off-topic, but I'm trying to figure out how I can enable stuff like usb tethering and such from /sys interface but I seem to be at loss how it's supposed to work11:29
Hawk_orga_,  stuck at boot after changing to console=tty011:29
hifiI figured if ubuntu touch is sharing very little code with android userspace you guys would probably know how I can do such things11:29
Hawk_this is the last_kmsg before11:29
hifibeen booting this old zte blade with stock kernel into busybox and tinkering around11:30
Hawk_is the mounting error on usrdata something I need to work on?11:30
hifiI can't directly use ubuntu touch binaries as they are for newer arm hardware though11:30
Hawk_orga_ , any pointer will be much appreciated11:31
ogra_Hawk_, looks like upstart (init) iself doesnt get along with your kernel, try to find out if you have all kernel options enabled that upstart needs11:37
ogra_you are definitely in the rootfs already when it dies though, so the progress doesnt look bad :)11:38
Hawk_yes. it didnt mount the android system.img properly though11:38
Hawk_i use the script to add the kernel config11:38
* ogra_ would google for "used greatest stack depth"11:39
ogra_seems the kernel is not allowing something that the binaries expect there11:39
ogra_or some such (wildly guessing here)11:39
Hawk_i see. its the kernel that i need to focus on then?11:40
ogra_well, that might not be complete or not turn off interfering options11:40
ogra_yeah,, thats where i would start at least11:40
Hawk_ok, would have to check those previous successful xperia port then. thanks11:41
ogra_hifi, the usb tethering is al done in userspace by setting options via setprop in  the android container alongside with adjusting network config in the ubuntu userspace for it11:42
Hawk_doing this xperia l is driving me nut. have to take out the battery every single time it hang11:42
hifiogra_: if setprop is used, does it mean it requires non-free userspace utilities to do that switch?11:43
ogra_whats nonfree about setprop ? :)11:43
hifiwell, why do you need to use setprop in the first place?11:44
hifiwhat's magical about it11:44
ogra_the android container manages the usb gadget11:44
hifithe kernel exposes /sys and /dev interfaces, right?11:44
ogra_to tell the android container we want something changed we use setprop,  the container notices the change and applies te config it has for this case in init.rc11:44
ogra_we leave all HW handling to the container where possible and only interact with it11:45
ogra_else you end up with a mess11:45
ogra_we could definitely just do it from sysfs if wanted11:45
ogra_but then yoou have to maintain hw config in two places and need to keep them in sync11:45
hifimakes sense I guess11:46
hifimy goal here actually is to try to just get debian armel to run with as little changes as possible on the hardware as it's binary compatible11:46
ogra_(if you check your inir.rc for your device wou will likely see that it only writes to sysfs to make the actual change too)11:46
hifiit doesn't actually11:47
ogra_well, init.usb.rc or some such usually11:47
hifiI tried looking for it but I can't find the sysfs interface anywhere11:47
ogra_tere are sub-files of init.rc11:47
hifieverywhere I look it's supposed to be at /sys/class/android_usb/android0/11:47
hifibut I don't have /sys/class/android_usb11:47
ogra_well,, then your kernel doesnt have the android gadget enabled i guess11:47
hifinot even when I adb in the running android system11:47
hifiwhich definitely can switch it on11:48
ogra_so check how it is switched on ;)11:48
hifiif I only knew where to look, right? :p11:48
ogra_usually it is either directly talking to the gadget via sysfs or it uses a functionfs on top to modify the setup11:49
hifiit's weird I can't find any references that don't use android_usb sysfs class11:49
ogra_at least in android 4.x (i never looked deeply into older versions)11:49
hifithis is way old, 2.2 with 2.6.32 kernel11:49
ogra_yeah, that might be different then11:49
hifiso it's very likely it changed11:49
hifiat least I could compile the kernel still to get debug output without adb, so that's something11:50
hifiI thought I could see from the actual kernel source how the mode switch is done11:50
ogra_(mind you, you wont be able to usea recent debian on it then ... systemd requites 3. kernels)11:50
hifiin the end I could run a newer kernel if the drivers are portable11:51
ogra_heh, thats surely quite some effort11:54
ogra_(do you thinnk that is actually worth it ? )11:54
hifiI'm on vacation, all bets are off11:54
hifiit's an interesting concept to reuse old phones as small wireless enabled servers, don't you think?11:55
hifiold android phones are starting to accumulate and the hardware is fairly usable11:55
ogra_oh, yeah, for server stuff for sure ... if you dont mind wlan speed :)11:56
ogra_the first thing from the community when we released the first nexus4 image for ubuntu was that they made tomcat work on it :)11:58
hifiwith usb tethering you could have a host system that a bunch of phones connect to and you get lower latency11:58
ogra_(including a whole java IDE that ran on it)11:58
hifiI also hope I can built this without actually much coding, it's all about gathering the pieces together11:59
hifiunfortunately ubuntu touch binaries weren't compatible11:59
ogra_we inly use armel inside the container ;)11:59
ogra_(or rather: we let android use what it wants in there)12:00
ogra_kind of a requirement if you have to use binary drifers12:00
hifihow is the wifi? I see the kernel only exposes rmnet interfaces along with usb0 and tunl/sit12:02
hifiafaik rmnet is used for gsm networking etc.?12:02
ogra_for wifi you likelly have a wlan0 device after the driver was initialized properly12:04
hifiI likely require some sort of sysfs magic or rfkill magic to enable it12:05
hifias I don't see any wireless interfaces12:05
ogra_you likely require firmware to be uploaded to the chip12:06
ogra_check your init.rc files (once again) :)12:06
hifiinit.athwlan.sh only does setprop magic again, damn it12:07
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hifiah, found the firmware12:07
ogra_well, the setprop usually triggers something ...12:07
hifiand a .ko kernel module12:07
ogra_(something that gets picked up by some init.rc service)12:08
hificool, got wlan0 up12:12
hifiso that's something12:12
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hifiI guess the next thing I should try is getting a newer kernel to run then if I plan to run systemd enabled debian on it12:19
hifithanks a lot ogra_12:19
hectortropeGuys it's very urgent canm some tell me how I install ubtunu oin my android>12:35
jgdxhectortrope, what device do you have?12:38
hectortropemicromax a31112:38
hectortropeits having octacore processor12:38
jgdx!devices | hectortrope12:38
ubot5hectortrope: You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices12:38
hectortrope2gb ram12:38
jgdxhectortrope, there are some lg devices, but not your it seems. If it's not there, you can't install ubuntu on your device.12:40
hectortropemay be no one tried I think so12:43
ogra_hectortrope, you mean noone tried to port to the device ? yeah, thats a pretty hard task12:44
ogra_you need to know a lot about both systems to do that12:44
ogra_(and about build systems too)12:44
hectortropeogra_:  But after rooting my android I removed some pre-apps and now phone not working12:45
hectortropeso better tinme to install ubunru12:46
ogra_well, you first have to do a port ... thats a month or more of work for an experienced person i'd say12:46
hectortropeso impossible for me?12:49
hectortropewhy one month?12:49
hectortropeogra_:  any tutorials?12:49
ogra_well, one month for someone who knows about compiling android and the internals about how ubuntu operates with the android container12:50
ogra_for someone inexperienced it will take way linger12:50
ogra_there is a link to the portin guide in the channel topic12:50
hectortropebut why one month?12:52
hectortropeif I foloow step by step one in one day etc?12:52
k1l_hectortrope: if you work 24h a day on that port you will be faster than one month :) but it is a lot of work. its not "click here and everything works"12:55
hectortropek1l_:  :-(12:55
hectortropelol shit12:55
hectortropevery very tough?12:55
hectortropeI need some phone and will it stop existing android?12:56
k1l_you need to have some knowledge about the underlying systems. and that is more than the average user got.12:56
ogra_hectortrope, one bit of porting means to know the android tree and remove *everything* thats not needed for minimal HW bits ... that alone will take you days12:58
ogra_(unless you know the source tree for your device in and out already)12:58
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k1l_there seem to be some guys on xda fiddeling with that device. but its not a big hacking community like on the famous devices like nexus etc.13:00
faeniljgdx: apt-get build-deps ubuntu-ui-toolkit should be okay13:04
gvs77Will making my phone writable break OTA updates?13:04
faeniljgdx: sorry I'm currenty talking via login shell, I upgraded my system to be able to build unity and it doesn't boot anymore13:04
gvs77just that action I mean, not modifying the base system13:04
ogra_gvs77, no13:04
ogra_OTA will parf on changes ... but not just because you made the system writable13:05
jgdxfaenil, what did you do? That just happened to me.13:05
faenil jgdx I did apt-get update and upgrade13:06
gvs77Thanks ogra_, that makes sense13:07
jgdxfaenil, using the overlay ppa by any chance?13:09
faeniljgdx: yup13:12
jgdxfaenil, :) check if you have a 52-ubuntu-touch.conf in your lightdm conf.d13:12
faeniljgdx: see #unity to read more about the error I have13:12
hectortropeok ogra_  Thanks13:17
tsdgeosthe stable-phone-overlay has a new xserver-xorg-core that breaks the intel driver which renders some people's machine unbootable14:38
tsdgeosany idea who to ask to either rever that  xserver-xorg-core or upload the new driver that doesn't break?14:38
ogra_why in the world would anyone enable the phone overlay PPA on a PC ?14:38
tsdgeosogra_: because it's the only way to develop14:39
ogra_huh ?14:39
tsdgeosogra_: huh what?14:39
tsdgeosthe only way to build unity8 is to use the stable-phone-overlay14:39
ogra_you are running ubuntu touch on your PC to devlop ?14:39
tsdgeosor wily (which is obiously stupid)14:40
ogra_yes, in a chroot or other build env14:40
tsdgeosor compile 100 packages by hand14:40
tsdgeosso yes, i run stable-phone-overlay and that's what we've been recommending to people to do in unity814:40
ogra_oh man14:40
tsdgeosogra_: no i'm not running ubuntu touch to develop14:40
tsdgeosbut i need the libraries14:40
ogra_well, there are other packages with newer versions that will completely bust your install14:41
ogra_lightdm for example14:41
tsdgeosit's all working fine and dandy14:41
tsdgeosexcept xorg-server-core14:41
tsdgeosand has been like that for months14:41
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ogra_well, i doubt anyone expects that you enable that PPA on your desktop install14:42
ogra_and its a super dangerous thing to do14:42
tsdgeosogra_: well that's interesting because everyone on the unity8 team does14:43
tsdgeosand as i said it's what we officially recommend14:43
ogra_so i doubt anyone every cared how old or new the xserver is14:43
tsdgeosso it's funny that someone has such a different opinion14:43
ogra_yes, and i say thats mildly insane to recommend to people without warning them that it has the otential to trash their install14:43
tsdgeosso basically you're saying we can't develop14:44
tsdgeosunless we use the stupid chroot14:44
tsdgeosgood stuff14:44
ogra_(like i think it is massively (not mildly) instne to ask endusers to test wireless AP and make their phones writable)14:44
ogra_sure you can develop14:44
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tsdgeosenlighten me14:45
ogra_i would just not recommend that method to people14:45
tsdgeoswhich method would you recommend?14:45
ogra_develop in a chroot, test on a test system, in a VM or on an actual phone ... seemingly you are building x86 for testing so a VM should do fine14:46
ogra_just dont make people use that PPA for desktop installs14:46
ogra_many packages in there have phone specific patches or hacks ... a dist-upgrade might get you whatnot instlled ...14:47
tsdgeosdevelop in a chroot is not an option14:47
ogra_not sure i uhnderstand14:47
ogra_you mean you cant edit code inside a chroot like you can edit it on your PC filesystem ?14:48
tsdgeosdon't worry, i'm not going to convince you and neither the other way around :)14:48
tsdgeoslet's just continue working14:48
ogra_seems like ... i just find that pretty irresponsible to recommend to externals (at least without a big fat warning<)14:49
ogra_but i guess you will deal with unbootable developer machines then ... :P14:50
tsdgeosi totally agree it's irresponsible to break people machines14:50
tsdgeosthat's what i'm exactly complaining about14:50
tsdgeosbut you are the righteous chroot developer and need to force everyone onto your workflow14:51
tsdgeosit'd be much easier just not breaking people's machines14:51
mcphailperhaps there needs to be a separate PPA to suit the different use case?14:52
tsdgeosthere's no different usecase, that ppa has worked fine since it's inception, and it's very easy to fix14:52
tsdgeosif i knew who to talk, that is obviously not ogra_14:52
ogra_mcphail, a separate PPA wouldnt solve the issue that you end up with a hybrid desktop-phone install that is full of phone specific patches to packages the noirmal archive doesnt have14:54
ogra_tsdgeos, try sil210014:54
NymeriaFrhello guys15:21
NymeriaFrThere is my application : http://www.jeodrive.com/download/qfacts-tar/15:21
NymeriaFrI can lunch it very well on desktop but impossible to start it into my aquaris E4.515:22
NymeriaFrSdk-Launcher> Received a failed event15:24
NymeriaFrthere is my error15:24
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mete_hiya guys15:44
mete_I need help15:44
mete_mete@Animus:~$ ubuntu-device-flash touch --channel=ubuntu-touch/stable/ubuntu15:44
mete_2015/08/05 16:42:54 Expecting the device to expose an adb interface...15:44
mete_2015/08/05 16:42:54 Device is |shieldtablet|15:44
mete_Device shieldtablet not found on server https://system-image.ubuntu.com channel ubuntu-touch/stable/ubuntu15:44
mete_what should I do or how should I load15:44
mete_mete@Animus:~$ ubuntu-device-flash touch --channel=ubuntu-touch/stable/ubuntu15:44
mete_2015/08/05 16:42:54 Expecting the device to expose an adb interface...15:44
mete_2015/08/05 16:42:54 Device is |shieldtablet|15:44
mete_Device shieldtablet not found on server https://system-image.ubuntu.com channel ubuntu-touch/stable/ubuntu15:44
mete_any ideas/15:44
popeywe don't have an image for the nvidia shield tablet15:45
mete_so I cant install ?15:47
mete_Is there any other os I can load ?15:47
popeyNo idea15:49
popeyYou certainly can't install Ubuntu.15:49
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ogra_heh, perhaps you can ... if jumping through some fiery hoops :) but we are surely the wrong people to ask about that15:50
ogra_if you want to port the ubuntu touch images to the shield people in here will surely answer questions ... weather there are other OSes you have to ask nvidia15:51
mete_ask to who?15:51
ogra_no idea15:52
mete_how can I port then ?15:52
ogra_you need the android source for the device ... do you have that ?15:52
ogra_then there is a porting guide in the channel topic15:52
ogra_note that this isnt an easy task and requires a lot of work15:53
mete_oh god ....15:53
mete_okay then what if I can change the device name and serials15:53
mete_andmake it I dont know15:53
mete_and then15:53
mete_install nexus image?15:54
popeydifferent hardware inside15:54
kalikianawtf my phone in my pocket went so hot, it went to gastboot mode on its won, and I can't reboot it anymore15:54
mete_okay so15:54
kalikianaif anyone has ideas....15:54
popeylike putting a ford engine in a toyota only harder15:54
popeykalikiana: hold power down for longer than you think you need to15:54
kalikianahmmm okay15:54
mete_okay what about How can I change the serial and product Id?15:54
ogra_kalikiana, plus 5 seconds ...15:54
popeymete_: for what purpose?15:55
ogra_mete_, why would you want that ?15:55
k1l_mete_: http://forum.xda-developers.com/shield-tablet/general/request-porting-ubuntu-touch-t286916915:55
popeygood find k1l_15:55
k1l_mete_: you could ask there if there is a new effort to do it now.15:56
mete_will read that15:56
popeyit wont take long15:56
mete_oh yes my porpuse is clear15:56
mete_because recently thers a giant recall on devices15:56
mete_fire hazardous15:56
mete_and I will recevie another one15:56
popeyyay, free stuff15:56
mete_but with this one Ill like to see linux ubuntu touch15:57
popeyyeah, not gonna happen till someone does the port15:57
k1l_had someone in here had the "red light of death" on his n4? my n4 died on a night on the QI charger and doesnt boot anymore15:57
popeycharge from wall charger15:57
popeyand maybe disconnect battery if it really wont charge15:57
ogra_yeah disconnectin the battery always helps with that15:58
k1l_did charge from wallplug, open it, disconnect battery etc. nothing did the trick so far :(15:58
ogra_though usually charging suffices15:58
popeyis it a nice high capacity charger?15:58
ogra_yeah, you want something with 2A or more15:59
k1l_maybe its a late fallback from the swimming-with-my-n4 form one month ago. i did dry it and it worked afterwards, i thought at least15:59
kalikianamy finger is starting to hurt, I wonder how long I need to hold....15:59
ogra_yeah, probably your battery catched a cold that only developed slowly15:59
k1l_2A or more? i will look out for a powerfull charger. but i got a n6 now for 350euro. so i could run ubuntu on the n4 full time as spare device.16:00
kalikianapopey: ogra_ I had to do power+up :-P16:11
popeythat too16:11
kalikianaI figured it might be wrong when my hands hurt :-D16:11
kalikianacuriously it booted super fast16:12
kalikianawell, not complaining now16:12
Paddy_NII wonder where "Podbird" gets its database of podcasts from?16:15
Paddy_NIUbuntu Podcast is not there oddly, nor is BadVoltage16:15
Paddy_NII must have a proper look at the source later16:16
popeyyeah they are16:16
Paddy_NIpopey, Ha16:18
Paddy_NIMust be a picnic error16:18
Paddy_NIIt only gave me very few results earlier16:18
Paddy_NIPossibly could have timed out or something16:18
Paddy_NITwo versions of the MP3 feed and one that does not specify what it is16:19
Paddy_NII'll assume that is the OGG16:19
ElleoPaddy_NI: it uses the itunes database16:20
Paddy_NIElleo, Ah I see, I wonder why not gPodder16:20
Paddy_NIElleo, I guess the iTunes one has a larger database16:21
Paddy_NIAnd is more likely to contain valid links etc16:21
ElleoPaddy_NI: yeah, much larger16:22
Paddy_NILove the app btw16:22
Paddy_NINice and simple16:22
ElleoPaddy_NI: we might add support for gPodder as well at some point, but it's not a priority right now16:22
ElleoPaddy_NI: thanks :)16:22
Paddy_NII guess you are perhaps waiting to see how "Online Accounts" will be implemented in a more integrated manner16:23
ElleoPaddy_NI: main focus at the moment is developing our own webservices backend16:23
ElleoPaddy_NI: so we can have our server sync podcast location between devices and provide push notifications when new episodes appear16:23
Paddy_NIExcellent now that is something I would love to see16:24
Elleo(plus a bunch of other cool stuff, like recommendations, etc.)16:24
ElleoPaddy_NI: http://mikeasoft.com/~mike/symbolic-notification.png <-- a WIP screenshot from a little while back16:24
ElleoI just need a chunk of free time in which to get it all finished off really16:25
Elleobut that doesn't look like it'll happen any time soon16:25
Paddy_NIThat looks really nice16:26
Paddy_NIIt's really weird having an Ubuntu Phone in hand16:26
Paddy_NII have been forcing myself to use it as a primary device since either Sunday or Monday16:27
Paddy_NIMy Xperia Z2 has become a glorified TV/media remote16:27
Paddy_NIDLNA compatibility would make my frickin day16:28
Paddy_NIDinner time :-)16:28
Paddy_NIWill the Ubuntu Phone be more akin to iPhone than Android when it comes to obtaining applications?16:52
Paddy_NIEventually I mean16:52
ogra_whats the difference ?16:53
* ogra_ has never owned an iphone16:53
Paddy_NII quite like that I can install apps from various sources on Android. iPhone has a more "Orwellian" feel to it16:54
ogra_you can sideload anything you want on your ubuntu phone16:54
Paddy_NIogra_, I have yet to play with that16:54
ogra_i dont think we'll support external stores in the default images ever though ...16:54
Paddy_NII guess I mean I can download APKs on android and install them16:55
ogra_but the source is out there ... you could set up your own store and provide your own images ;)16:55
ogra_right, thats what i meant by sideloading16:55
ogra_you can just install a click package via adb or the terminal16:55
Paddy_NIogra_, Awesome16:56
Paddy_NII wonder if this option will permeate as time goes on16:57
dobeyubuntu will remain ubuntu16:58
ogra_it will persist ...16:58
dobeywhich means if you decide to install stuff from other places, you get to keep the broekn pieces :)16:58
Paddy_NIdobey, Nice one :-)16:58
ogra_well, there might be vendors in the future that disallow adb or prevent the terminal from being installable or some such16:58
ogra_you never know :)16:58
Paddy_NIogra_, I guess that is understandable16:58
ogra_but on the distro level we definitely wont drop that feature16:59
dobeyogra_: well, not unless they provide their own app store instead of ours, i guess16:59
dobeyogra_: i don't think we'll ever blacklist our own terminal app :P16:59
ogra_dobey, i guess that depends on $$$ involved ;)16:59
Paddy_NIIs the new Plasma Mobile built on Ubuntu Touch?17:00
ogra_it uses the basic image, yes17:00
ogra_and replaces Mir and unity817:00
Paddy_NII guess if they are not using Mir that will sort of break any sharing between the two with regards code17:02
Paddy_NIKDE Connect would be very welcome on Ubuntu Touch17:03
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Paddy_NIogra_, Do you use a Nexus 4 for development?17:06
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Paddy_NIThey should totally include a link to Canonical/Ubuntus swag store on the phone, might be a good way to get some revenue...17:18
Paddy_NIA scope would be better17:18
Paddy_NIOr possibly have a Swag category in the existing appstore17:19
ogra_ha !17:19
ogra_thats a great idea :)17:19
cwaynei can see the article on phoronix now17:22
Paddy_NII know that's Precisely why it should be done!17:23
Paddy_NIYou need to feed them something17:23
ogra_better: "canonical introduces digital coupons"17:23
Paddy_NII quite like the Ubuntu Regatta Fleece although I have no idea what size I should get.  I really should purchase some measuring tape...17:34
mariogripondra: what's the status for "phablet-5.0.2_r3"?17:38
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kalikianawow, the "fastboot mode" happened again, in my pocket18:57
kalikianaI'm starting to be a bit conerned here18:57
Paddy_NION which handset?18:58
kalikianahad it in my backpocket18:59
kalikianalocked as usual18:59
kalikianait's happened the second time today18:59
Paddy_NII can't say I have experienced this yet18:59
k1l_kalikiana: fastboot mode?18:59
kalikianayeah. I have had it "try to unlock itself" before18:59
Paddy_NII would never put a phone in my back pocket18:59
kalikianabut fastboot is new18:59
kalikianak1l_: that's what usually I would use for emergency un-bricking after a bad update19:00
kalikianait requires holding volume up and power for 10 secs19:00
kalikianaso... I don't even get how it does it19:00
k1l_i know fastboot mode. that is when you press power and vol- on most devices on boot19:00
Paddy_NITry putting it in a less "tight" pocket and seeing if it does it again19:01
kalikianavol- or vol+ depnds on the device19:01
Paddy_NIIt would not be difficult to activate really19:01
k1l_sounds like the buttons get pressed in your pocket. and after the shutdown the buttons are still pressed and it gets to fastboot mode.19:01
kalikianawell, I don't know.. it certainly is concerning me because it makes me totally unavailable silently...19:01
Paddy_NIAvoid using your back pocket for a day and see if that remedies the issue19:02
kalikianathat'll be tricky, my other pockets can't take two phones and other stuff :-D19:02
Paddy_NIYou could invest in one of those kickstarter travel jackets19:03
Paddy_NIkalikiana, https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/597538543/the-worlds-best-travel-jacket-with-15-features-bau19:04
Paddy_NIkalikiana, Do you have the gel case on or off?19:05
Paddy_NIThe case makes the buttons a little tougher to push, maybe that is an option for you19:05
Paddy_NIFirst determine whether or not it is a pocket related issue19:05
kalikianaPaddy_NI: I never got around to getting one because of not being in spain... and then I forgot to try again. did they improve the store meanwhile?19:06
kalikianathe last time I tried it required a spanish postal code19:06
kalikianaI'd like to get one indeed19:07
Paddy_NIkalikiana, I'm not sure, my E4.5 was give to me my a man called Seamus in the Pub19:09
kalikianathat sounds shady :-D19:09
Paddy_NIThe really funny thing is it's true19:09
Paddy_NIActually it's a mate who receives loads of things like that through his work19:09
Paddy_NIHe primarily uses an MS stack so the phone was switched on once and never really used19:10
Paddy_NII think he toyed with the sdk briefly but just does not have the time19:10
Paddy_NILucky me19:10
Paddy_NII have a big bright yellow gel case for it19:11
Paddy_NII took it off19:11
kalikianaPaddy_NI: so... not happy with the case?19:12
kalikianaI was wondering if the gel case was any good19:12
Paddy_NIIt's actually a good case, fits very snuggly19:13
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Paddy_NIEdge gestures however become a little more awkward19:13
Paddy_NII don't tend to use cases very much19:13
cwayne\o/, just tested my runtracker app, and it was actually more accurate than my fitbit's gps :D19:15
Paddy_NIcwayne, That's pretty neat19:16
Paddy_NII might give your "scopecreator" a try shortly19:19
Paddy_NIcwayne, ^19:19
cwaynePaddy_NI: cool :) lemme know if you get any questions19:19
Paddy_NIcwayne, Certainly Sir :-)19:19
Paddy_NIcwayne, Would it be possible to use scopecreator to create a Scope that points to transmission-daemon?19:32
cwaynePaddy_NI: if there's an RSS feed for it perhaps19:36
cwayneit's really just a templaste for RSS, twitter accounts/lists, and youtube channels19:36
hectortropehi cant I do https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/ubuntu-for-devices/installing-ubuntu-for-devices/  from debian?19:37
Paddy_NII guess I could have it point to a list of linux distro torrents19:37
cwaynesure, i mean you could write a scope for transmission-daemon probably, but scopecreator is really kinda limited19:38
cwayneit's more for like, news sites and stuff, so people that aren't necessarily devs can make scopes in 5 minutes19:38
plmHi all19:38
plmubuntu phone use just snap instead apt-get?19:38
Paddy_NIcwayne, That's cool I can think of a number of sites that I would like to see news from that easily19:39
cwaynePaddy_NI, yeah, and you can add keywords now so they automagically show up in the news aggregator scope too :)19:41
Paddy_NIcwayne, really?19:42
Paddy_NIHas that update been pushed out yet?19:42
davmor2plm: no it is click it will become snap in the future though19:54
plmdavmor2: what is difference between click and snap?20:10
davmor2plm: not a lot, snaps are based off of the work that went into click20:12
plmdavmor2: so a click is a snap? :)20:16
davmor2plm: https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/tutorials/build-snaps/   https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/publish/packaging-click-apps/  that might help you20:17
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leptonewhats the best way to refer to this project: Ubuntu Touch? Ubuntu for Phones?22:24
k1l_the plan was ubuntu for phones. but ubuntu touch somewhat got the hype :)22:25

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